New PPP Poll Shows How Wildly Unpopular The Republican Party Has Become

louie gohmert republican partyIn 2010, voter apathy and conservative anger allowed Republicans to retake the House of Representatives. In the nearly 5 years since then, the GOP has shut down the government, launched one politically-motivated investigation after another, and has done everything except for actually govern. Last year, voters unconscionably gave them the Senate as well, and things haven’t gotten any better.

In fact, Congress has become so dysfunctional under Republican leadership that a small band of right-wing conservatives pushed House Speaker John Boehner to resign – and then promptly torpedoed his assumed successor, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy. At this time, it looks like becoming the next Speaker of the House is a job that nobody in their right mind would want, potentially leaving the position open for a lunatic like Louie Gohmert or something much, much worse.

This is a Republican Congress that has become so extreme, former vice presidential candidate and Ayn Rand worshiper Paul Ryan is considered to be too liberal for the ideological purists who will try to dictate the choice for Speaker. Not to mention Ryan wants nothing to do with the position; even if he could get the votes needed, he knows that it would be completely toxic to his future aspirations for higher office.

It’s no wonder that a recent poll by Public Policy Polling found that the GOP has gone so far to the fringes, Mitch McConnell is now slightly more popular with Democrats than he is with his own Republican base. Yes, really.

The departing John Boehner has a 21/64 approval rating and that actually makes him popular compared to Mitch McConnell who comes in at 14/64. McConnell’s become so toxic to the Republican base that he’s actually a little bit more popular with Democrats (17/59) than he is among voters in his own party (14/67).

One thing Congressional Republicans haven’t helped themselves with recently is their war on Planned Parenthood. By a 12 point margin, 49/37, voters say they have a higher opinion of Planned Parenthood than the Republicans in Congress. That includes a 45/35 edge with independents.

Congress on the whole has its requisite atrocious approval rating at 11/82. (Source)

It’s not just the war on Planned Parenthood that has hurt Republicans, the whole Benghazi witch hunt has backfired horribly on them as well. To moderates and independents, they’ve proven that they’re incapable of governing, and to the Republican base – they’ve proven that they’re incapable of delivering on promises.

Republicans in Congress have promised their base that they would repeal and replace Obamacare. They’ve tried over 50 times to defund it, only to have their attempts fail every single time. They promised the rabid Hillary Clinton haters that they would get to the bottom of what happened in Benghazi, and all they’ve done is give her ammunition for her presidential campaign while finding themselves looking at a potential ethics investigation for all their time and trouble.

The GOP was absolutely giddy over the doctored Planned Parenthood videos and launched an investigation that they’ve been forced to admit found nothing. The only thing that resulted from the investigation is that Planned Parenthood will no longer accept reimbursement for costs on fetal tissue donations, along with presidential candidate Carly Fiorina revealing herself as a liar for claiming to have watched video footage that did not exist.

For all of their faults, Democrats have managed not to let the lunatic fringe of the party take over like Republicans have. Currently, a billionaire who believes vaccines cause autism and a former neurosurgeon who believes evolution is a lie and claims Jews could have prevented the Holocaust by owning guns are the leading presidential candidates in their primary polls.

There’s no need to make up stories about the GOP or be needlessly hyperbolic here; this is exactly how far the Republican Party has divorced itself from reality while trying to stay politically viable in the United States. As I’ve said before, they have to choose between continuing to appease an angry and aging base, or trying to shift back to the center – even if it costs them a few elections in the process.


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