New Rule: You Can’t Call Yourself a Christian and Support Donald Trump

While the rise of Donald Trump within the Republican party has proven many things liberals have been saying about conservatives for decades, the fact that the so-called “party for Christian values” nominated him has undoubtedly proven the hypocrisy and ignorance of the “religious right.”

In my opinion, you simply cannot call yourself both a Donald Trump supporter and a Christian. That’s like someone saying they’re a vegetarian who loves a nice big ribeye steak.

During the Republican primary, conservative voters actually had three legitimate hardcore religious candidates in Ben Carson, Mike Huckabee and Sen. Ted Cruz — yet they nominated the least Christian candidate of the entire GOP field. Furthermore, when it came to the coveted “evangelical vote,” Trump won that as well. So, even the supposedly “most Christian” conservatives chose an adulterer who’s been divorced twice and has five children from three different women.

Just think about this for a moment. Donald Trump has:

  • Had at least one affair.
  • Been divorced twice.
  • Is on his third marriage.
  • Called women fat pigs.
  • Had a company that was busted discriminating against minorities.
  • Tweeted anti-African American propaganda made by a white nationalist group.
  • Spent much of his campaign calling his opponents childish names like “Little” Marco, “Crooked” Hillary, “Lyin'” Ted, and “Crazy” Bernie.
  • Belittled Gold Star parents of a fallen American hero.
  • Mocked a man with disabilities.
  • Degraded the war record of Sen. John McCain and all POWs.
  • Called most Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals.
  • Exploited the tragic death of an African American woman in Chicago to claim that’s why black voters will support him.
  • Advocated his belief that men have the right to sexually assault women by grabbing them “by the p—y.”
  • Admitted attempting to have at least one other affair the same year he married his current wife Melania.
  • Tried slandering and attacking cable news morning talk show host by alleging that she had a face-lift.
  • Settled a fraud lawsuit for $25 million that accused him of creating a fake university aimed at defrauding Americans out of tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Rejects refugees, most of whom are women and children, desperately fleeing for their lives from war-torn Syria.
  • Pushed for the passage of a health care bill that would strip away insurance from 22 million Americans, especially from the sick, poor, and elderly.
  • Said there some “fine people” among the white nationalists, the KKK, and Nazis who marched on Charlottesville after initially refusing to condemn these groups by name.
  • Pardoned a blatant racist who was found guilty of ignoring a judge’s order to stop violating the Constitutional rights of Americans.
  • Signed an order banning transgender Americans from having the right to defend their country — something he was too much of a coward to do.

He’s done all of that — and plenty more — yet millions of people who call themselves “followers of Jesus Christ” support him.

It’s disgusting.

You simply cannot call yourself a Christian who’s supposedly someone who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ while supporting a lowlife like Donald Trump.

The Republican Party had a massive selection of candidates from which to choose during the GOP’s primary, and the most vile, disgusting and non Christ-like candidate ran away with the party’s nomination in record-setting fashion

The most deplorable presidential candidate in modern political history broke a record for number of votes received running as the candidate for the party that proclaims itself a beacon “for true Christian values.”

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Trump’s rise has proven, once and for all, that there’s almost nothing Christian about the GOP. When these self-proclaimed supporters of “Christian values” had a chance to rebuke one of the most non-Christian candidates we’ve ever seen run for president, not only did they not soundly reject him — they overwhelmingly and enthusiastically embraced him.

I’m not going to say that there aren’t any actual Christians who support the Republican party, but I will say that there’s no way you can support someone like Donald Trump while calling yourself a Christian — because there’s absolutely nothing Christian about him.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Ken Monroe

    Hypochristians ! !

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  • Judy Jackson

    Sure you can. No True Scotsman Fallacy, simply substitute the wo
    Rd Christian for Scotsman.

  • She cried for Moe Moe Moe

    America has been devoured by Satan and it will never crawl out of the abyss regardless of who is at her helm. The whore of Babylon is under your feet and there is no escape. America has put God on a shelf. You can throw stones at Mr Trump and equally volley the same stones as Mrs Clinton. They each think they are wealthy, but without faith in our Lord they each have zero worth, such as our nation. This country needs spiritual help. God gave you eyes, yet you cannot see. God gave you ears, yet you cannot hear. God gave you a life, in which you selfishly ignore it’s value. The meek will inherit the earth…by being placed in a grave. So point your fingers and throw your stones now. There’s only one judge and your soul will not escape His justice.

  • Jeff

    You can vote for him but to put your faith in any person is misguided. For those who are on here supporting abortion while calling themselves Christian I feel really really sorry for you. Both are sinful people, which we call are. But God is in control and can use even the wicked for his purpose.

  • Brick

    way to go with name labelling. Bravo.
    This is such an easy tool to use to fool the brainless and those who lacks of sound judgement.
    I can write a same list easily by finding faults here and there of someone and say that if you support Bush then you are not a Christian. if you support Obama then you are not a Christian. If you support Clinton then you are not a Christian.
    Also, way too go with the idea of “Christian values”. Whose values? Your idea of Christian values? or someone’s idea of Christian values? Or the Protestant idea of Christian values? Or the Catholic or Orthodox idea of Christian values?

    How dumb can all you be, and some of you are even in ministry. You need to make your argument consistent. Not picking here and there like a bad plagiarists. If you want to argue from secular point, stay there. If you want to argue from religious point, stay there. If you allow the media’s view enter into your “Christian values”, then your value is not “entirely Christian”. Many of you should check your “value” and see whether it align with the Christian values over the last two thousand of years before you speak someone’s “Christian values”.

  • frank

    Mr. Allen, you may want to take a remedial class in basic logic. Your statement that “there’s no way you can support someone like Donald Trump while calling yourself a Christian—because there’s nothing Christian about him” is profoundly simplistic.

    I am a Christian and I support Donald Trump—not because he’s a Christian, but because there are only two viable candidates: one who is decidedly anti-Christian (Hillary), and one who is not Christian (Donald). I support Trump instead of Hillary for the same reason I think it was proper for America to support Stalin in the fight to defeat Hitler. Hillary is the greater evil in this election. If you need a comparable list of reasons why Hillary is not a Christian, then you are either hopelessly propagandized (i.e. a useful idiot), or you are a propagandist (insincere).

    Best of luck

    • Scadaboy

      What a perfect response!!

    • Kendra Konkler

      Do you understand logical fallacies? Did you actually read the whole article? His argument had nothing to do with Hillary, whatsoever. If you cared about Christian values why then, in the primaries weren’t you voting for Sen. Ted Cruz? Sen. Rand Paul? Dr. Ben Carson? Which is what this whole point was about. There were other Republican candidates that were better examples of Christianity than Trump.

      • frank

        Kendra, Let me help you out by answering your questions. Yes, I understand logical fallacies. Yes, I read the whole article. Yes, I supported Ted Cruz and preferred him in the primaries (you assumed incorrectly). Nonetheless, in the end Trump was a better candidate than Hillary.

      • Pete Levesque

        You will learn soon enough Trump puppet

      • frank

        Aw, Pete, did someone pee in your cereal?

    • Pete Levesque

      You will learn the error of your ways soon enough because Trump is worse than Hillary could ever be for this country or our core values

      • frank

        I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that we don’t share the same values. For example, I don’t recall people on my side rioting in the streets, vandalizing the nation’s capitol, or publicly calling for Obama’s assassination like people on your side have recently done with Trump.

      • Dennis Smathers

        “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that we don’t share the same core values.” No Frank, we dont. There can be no common ground when your only “core value” is Obama bad, therefore Hillary bad.

      • Dennis, can you show me where I ever said I have “Obama bad, therefore Hillary bad” as a core value? Take your time, scroll up. Read my posts twice if necessary. No? Couldn’t find it? That’s because it’s not there. Apparently, I don’t share your core value of misrepresenting other people.

      • Dennis Smathers

        “I am a Christian and I support Donald Trump—not because he’s a Christian, but because there are only two viable candidates: one who is decidedly anti-Christian (Hillary),” Thats close enough for me. No “misrepresentation” and my statement stands. There can be no common ground with people who think like you and legitimate Americans.

      • Then you obviously have reading comprehension issues. Moreover, you are a fool for inferring that someone is not a legitimate American because he disagrees with you. I suggest two points of remedy:

        1) Grow up

        2) Take remedial classes in reading comprehension and logic

      • Dennis Smathers

        Like you did? Did you finish high school Frank? It is a pattern with those that think like you didnt.

      • Re-read that last sentence of yours, Dennis. Now that’s a public education you can be proud of!

      • Dennis Smathers

        I asked you a simple question Frank and I am sorry you didnt understand it. So, I will ask the same question in a simpler version. Again, the question is, did you finish high school? It is a pattern that those that think like you invariably didn’t. (finish high school.) Why do I ask this? Maybe you didnt hear it, or Rush didnt tell you, but Trump told us himself in his own words that he loves the uneducated. It is not unreasonable to conclude that may be why he appeals to you, and where your opinions are coming from. A simple question, really. Do you think you can answer it without deflecting to grammar or some other topic such as Hillary bad, or Jehovah good? Let’s see if you can do that…

  • pammyk

    Jesus died for me and for DJT. I know where I was when He found me. Do you? Salvation isn’t just the lessons from the New Testament and a few verses you can pick out of Scripture to make your point. It’s about the whole Word of God and how He can take a murderer, an adulterer, a liar, etc. and make a difference. Get over yourselves. God is greater.

  • John A. Cancienne

    Jesus advocated feeding the hungry, and healing the sick. There are also scriptures which dictates how to treat the sojourner in your lands. Instead, these so called Christians in the Republican Party call the poor, (mostly elderly and children), leaches, and cut government funded food programs (which wasn’t even a passing thought to leaders in Jesus’ era), and use fear and bigotry against immigrants. frank might want to take a remedial in Christianity 101.

    • frank

      John, I don’t know Christian who have called the elderly or children leaches. I certainly haven’t. In fact, I feed the hungry as Jesus advocated. I also treat visitors kindly – even those visitors who don’t share my beliefs or are here illegally. As far as using fear and bigotry against immigrants, if you think that requiring immigrants to come here legally is a form of bigotry, then I think you’re wrong. If you think that people who break the law shouldn’t fear being treated like lawbreakers, then I’m glad you’re not in law enforcement.

      Also, as a committed Christian I regularly revisit the basics of my faith – but thanks for the encouragement!

      • John A. Cancienne

        Well, Frank, you could start with he likes of Pat Robertson, or Franklin Graham, and the other televised evangelical preachers with their mega churches and lavish homes. YOU may be one of a very few who act with a semblance of decency, but there are more who don’t, and what’s more, they do it in front of television cameras. So either you don’t watch that sort of programming, or simply choose to ignore it. I share your concern over undocumented aliens. But tell me, if you were seeking asylum, and you witnessed the treatment of other undocumented aliens, how fast would you be to trust those same politicians who lie to their constituency about YOU coming in to steal their jobs, all while corporations ship jobs overseas, and still qualify for tax breaks? So before you go to knocking undocumented workers, perhaps you ought to get your head out of the sand.

      • frank


        You’re right, I don’t watch televangelists; I find them to be pretty thin soup (at best). To be fair, however, could you share an example of when Franklin Graham called the elderly or children leaches?

        Regarding illegal aliens and crooked politicians, my head is not in the sand. Both are issues to be addressed. People seeking asylum are a separate matter, and they need to be vetted properly and compassionately. Your rank illegal alien, however, should be sent back to where he came. We are not obligated to have an open door to everyone. I assume you don’t just allow anyone to come in your house.

        Of course, crooked politicians who pander, enthrall, and then feed on their constituency should be driven out of office. Fortunately, enough people recognized Hillary for what she was before that problem began.

  • Linda Neighborgall

    I want to know where are the Christian ministers who should be teaching their followers what Christianity and the Commandments mean in practice and inveighing against the kind of bigotry and hate tRump and Pence are spewing? They can’t all be charlatans. I see that the Pope, at least, has called tRump out for his terribly unChristian behavior.

    • frank

      My guess is that they’re no longer busy inveighing against the bigotry and hate that Hillary & Co. we’re spewing, so they are now free to inveigh against Trump.

      But then again, all of the vagina hat-wearing feminists and Democrat party rioters and vandals could have them tied up for the next four years.

      Just a guess.

  • Stacy Lee

    Carol, yes He used flawed men after they had turned their lives around for the good. They changed for the better and started following Christ’s teachings. Donald is still doing horrible things everyday and has even stated he does not ask God for forgiveness. Donald is no Christian.

  • Gwen

    He thinks because he visited the Vatican and Pope, that he automatically joined the Christian club! Totally a Trump mindset!

  • It was more than a simple question, Dennis. Or perhaps more accurately, it was less than a simple question: it was simplistic. But I’ll address your simpleton’s ruse. I did graduate from high school. Would it also help you to know that I have a degree, that I am a published author, and that I make a six-figure salary? All of which is fantastically irrelevant, except to show that your premise is utter bs.

    If a pattern exists, it is that rabid anti-Trump leftists are incredibly myopic in their view of the world and terribly intolerant of people who disagree with them.

    And yes, your grammar sucks.