New Survey Proves Trump’s Vile Rhetoric is Leading to Bullying, Harassment of School Children

We’re living in a new day and age of information where young children are exposed to stuff they probably shouldn’t be simply because it’s nearly impossible to shield them from a lot of it with today’s technology.

So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that many young children today are being exposed to political rhetoric that’s clearly not suitable for them to hear. Especially when it’s the hateful, bigoted, racist and vile drivel that often spews from the mouth of Donald Trump.

“They said things like ‘you’ll get deported’, ‘you weren’t born here’ and ‘you were born in a Taco Bell’,” Tracy Iglehart, a teacher at Rosa Parks elementary school in Berkley California said. “They may not know exactly what it means, but they know it’s powerful language.”

“Berkeley is not an area where there are Trump supporters. This is not the land of Trump,” she added.

Ms. Iglehart said these comments following an unexpected visit by Trump to the school prior to the California primary.

Sadly, this wasn’t just an isolated incident. According to a new survey done by the Southern Poverty Law Center, bullying, fear and anxiety are up among many students ages K-12.

“We mapped it out. There was no state or region that jumped out. It was everywhere,” said Maureen Costello, the study’s author. “Marginalized students are feeling very frightened, especially Muslims and Mexicans. Many teachers use the word ‘terrified.’ The children who did the taunting were echoing Trump’s rhetoric. Bad behavior has been normalized. They think it’s OK.”

As reported by The Guardian:

More than two-thirds of the teachers in the survey reported that students – especially immigrants, children of immigrants and Muslims – have expressed worries about what might happen to them or their families after the November election. More than half reported an increase in uncivil political discourse, and more than a third observed an increase in anti-Muslim or anti-immigrant sentiment.

Yeah, all of that’s a huge problem. It proves that Trump’s hateful propaganda is actually leading children, especially minorities, to be anxious, fearful and get bullied in school. Other children hear what he says and believe it’s okay – since, you know, a presidential candidate for a major political party is saying it all the time.

Even if these children are too young to fully grasp what it is they’re saying and doing, they’re still old enough to mimic and follow things they see and hear. When their parents are huge Trump supporters, and they see the person their parents support for president attacking minorities, they think it’s okay for them to do the same to their minority classmates.

I think Hillary Clinton put it best during her speech on Tuesday when she said that this election isn’t really about Democrats or Republicans, but what kind of country do we want to be going forward. Do we want to be the United States of America with a president like Trump who belittles women; vilifies minorities; mocks war veterans; throws embarrassing temper-tantrums on Twitter; and has built an entire “movement” on racism, hate and bigotry? That’s what will happen if we let Trump win.

Now we have actual evidence from this survey, as well as firsthand accounts from teachers, that Donald Trump’s bigotry has been impacting how minority children are being treated by their peers.

The bottom line is this: We cannot allow Trump to win this November. Not only is there far too much at stake to let that happen, but the damage he will do to this country I’m not sure could ever be undone.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Edward Krebbs

    Kids naturally look to so-called adults as role models. So no surprise that seeing the hateful nature of adults plastered all over the screen (and seeing it played out in their homes) they pick up the cue.

    OTOH – good to have the studies to prove it so they can be pulled out as evidence.

  • Brian

    No word on Trump supporters being beaten in the streets of California by angry mobs of illegal immigrants and communists? Just gonna talk about namecalling in schools?

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    • noah vail

      how about teeny weeny supporters taking cheap shots at his rally and then telling them he’ll support them and pay their bail…or to go after those that he doesn’t like…he’s nothing but a coward….

      • Brian

        There’s been one instance of a Trump supporter being violent. Meanwhile numerous angry mobs from the opposition and dozens of instances of assault against Trump supporters, condoned by a police chief who has admitted to being a Mexican supremacist. The left is trying to play Bolshevik. Your only problen is that instead of attacking a weak Tsar, you’re going after a strong leader of men.

      • noah vail

        where is this strong leader of men?…i see nothing but a cowardly piece of shit bullshit artist that all you “men” have fallen for…taking a whiner as a leader doesn’t speak too well for your intelligence or values, unless of course you are a racist bigot that applauds his sick rhetoric….he has lied to you and even called you stupid and still you follow him? hahahahaha

      • Brian

        Ad hominem is the last resort of a man who knows he’s lost.