Newsweek Exposes Trump Either Committed Perjury or Lied About Trying to Bribe Jeb Bush

Without a doubt, Donald Trump is the biggest con man to ever run for president. When we’re discussing the dishonesty of politicians, very few score exceptionally well in that regard. However, there’s lying the way most politicians lie — then there’s lying the Trump way.

Most political lies are based upon a twisting of the truth, skewing of statistics or ignoring context when making a statement. All of these are forms of dishonesty, but that’s a lot different than making up pure fiction like Trump often does. This is someone who denies saying things where there’s video or audio evidence of him saying the exact thing he denies he ever said. He will literally stand there and deny making a comment about something as someone is reading his own words right back to him. Even as the first debate draws closer he and his campaign have been pushing the idea that moderators shouldn’t fact check the candidates.

Yes, a presidential candidate is advocating that he should be able to blatantly lie during a presidential debate.

It’s all so ridiculous.

Well, in a new report by Newsweek, they’ve found that he either committed perjury in 2007 or lied during a GOP presidential debate about trying to bribe Jeb Bush.

After Bush accused Trump of trying to bribe him when he was governor of Florida to allow casino gambling in the state — something Jeb opposed — Trump denied ever doing any such thing:

Trump: I didn’t—

Bush: Yes, you did.

Trump: Totally false.

Bush: You wanted it, and you didn’t get it, because I was opposed to—

Trump: I would have gotten it.

Bush: Casino gambling before—

Trump: I promise, I would have gotten it.

Bush: During and after. I’m not going to be bought by anybody.

Trump: I promise, if I wanted it, I would have gotten it.

Bush: No way. Believe me.

Trump: I know my people.

Bush: Not even possible.

Trump: I know my people.

That is classic Trump.  Not only does he accuse Bush of lying (which seems unlikely considering I can’t see Jeb making up something like this), but Trump still tried to portray himself as “stronger” than the former Florida governor by suggesting that if he wanted to get Bush to allow him to build a casino there — it would have happened.

However, in 2007, Trump testified under oath that he did, in fact, try to get casino gambling in Florida and held fundraisers for Bush.

Lawyer: Did you yourself do anything to obtain any of the details with respect to the Florida gaming environment, what approvals were needed and so forth?”

Trump: A little bit.

Lawyer: What did you do?

Trump: I actually spoke with Governor-Elect Bush; I had a big fundraiser for Governor-Elect Bush…and I think it was his most successful fundraiser, the most successful that he had had up until that point, that was in Trump Tower in New York on Fifth Avenue.

Lawyer: When was that?

Trump: Sometime prior to his election.

Lawyer: You knew that Governor Bush, Jeb Bush at that time, was opposed to expansion of gaming in Florida, didn’t you?

Trump: I thought that he could be convinced otherwise.

Lawyer: But you didn’t change his mind about his anti-gaming stance, did you?

Trump: Well, I never really had that much of an opportunity because Fields resigned, telling me you could never get what we wanted done, only to do it for another company.

So, which is it?

In 2007, Trump admitted that he held a very “successful fundraiser” for Bush hoping “he could be convinced” to support casino gambling in Florida. However, when Bush called him out on doing this just a few months ago during a GOP presidential debate, Trump denied ever doing this.

But this is what Trump does all the time. Even when, as Newsweek points out in their article, he testified under oath that he tried to bribe Bush hoping it would convince the anti-gambling governor to change his views, he stood there on that debate stage and flat-out denied ever doing this.

If you brought this up to Trump, I’m certain he’d claim that’s not what he said or the person reading his own words back to him was misquoting him. His go-to move when he’s confronted by someone debunking hie lies is to claim that what they’re accusing him of isn’t true, then he often heads to Twitter or some other friendly media outlet to bash the person who called him out.

But it’s undeniable that one of two things happened here:

  • He either lied under oath in 2007. — or —
  • He stood on the debate stage during the GOP primary and lied about Jeb Bush denying his blatant attempt to bribe the former Florida governor.

While I would love to see Donald Trump answer for this, the truth is, I’m sure his response would just be another lie — because that’s exactly what he’s done throughout his entire campaign.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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