Nicolle Wallace Perfectly Mocks Stupidity of Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Defense of Trump’s Racism (Video)

One of my favorite anti-Trump conservatives out there right now is MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. She’s been one of a handful of prominent conservatives in the media who’ve refused to sell their soul to back someone who they know is unfit to be “president.”

Such as Thursday when, with just one line, she perfectly mocked Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ defense of Trump retweeting propaganda from the leader of a radical anti-Muslim group in Britain.

Before Wallace’s remark, they played a clip of what Sanders said to reporters when asked about Trump’s retweets:

I think what he’s done is to elevate the conversation to talk about a real issue and a real threat and that’s extreme violence and extreme terrorism, something that we know to be very real and something the president feels strongly about.

“Oh, Sarah. Your boss doesn’t ‘elevate’ anything,” Wallace quipped.


It wasn’t that Wallace said anything that would normally stick out. For me what I found great about this simple statement is you could tell it was a natural reaction from Wallace. She heard Sanders’ ridiculous defense of Trump’s bigotry and racism, then said exactly how she felt.

Though I think Wallace’s remark is something with which many of us agree, as well.

For me, nothing Trump does stuns or shocks me anymore. Long ago I gave up the idea that anything he says or does would be what “finally brings him down.” I wouldn’t say I’ve become numb to the insanity we’re all witnessing right now, I’ve just gone past anger to pure disgust.

What we’re all seeing now is what happens when a “president” gets elected who’s not held accountable by either Congress or his own supporters for anything that he says or does. Whether it’s endorsing an alleged child molester, bragging about sexually assaulting women, sharing propaganda from anti-Muslim groups, or defending Nazis — neither Trump’s supporters nor the Republican Party hold him accountable for anything.

But it shows just how full of crap this current administration is when the official defense of Trump retweeting propaganda from a racist, bigoted fringe anti-Muslim group is that he’s trying to “elevate the conversation” as opposed to what this really was — this “president” blatantly pushing bigotry, fear, and hate against Muslims.

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Watch Wallace’s comments below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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