Nicolle Wallace Perfectly Mocks Trump: He Goes Through Lawyers Faster Than Wives (Video)

Despite being a Republican, MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace is definitely no fan of Donald Trump. One of the few conservatives who’ve refused to sell out to our country’s biggest national embarrassment, Wallace is one of this “president’s” biggest critics within the media.

So it should come as no surprise that she had some rather choice words for Trump following the news that, once again, his legal team is going through some changes with White House lawyer Ty Cobb retiring.

“The president goes through lawyers faster than he goes through wives,” Wallace quipped.


Common sense dictates if Trump were someone who was truly innocent, he wouldn’t be having such a tough time retaining (or getting) lawyers. Though it seems as if no one credible wants anything to do with defending this “president.” Meanwhile, he doesn’t seem to want any lawyer who’s unwilling to serve as nothing more than another member of his propaganda team.

The heart of the issue here is that Trump believes he’s above the law. I truly feel as if he doesn’t consider himself a criminal — even if he broke laws — because he doesn’t believe that our laws apply to him.

You see evidence of this all the time by the way he talks about the FBI, Robert Mueller, the Department of Justice, our judicial system, and even our own Constitution.

He clearly feels as if being “president” means that he’s not beholden to following our laws or Constitution. Meanwhile, he seems to think that the DOJ is at his disposal to go after his enemies even if there’s no actual proof that they’ve committed a crime.

From James Comey, Barack Obama and, of course, Hillary Clinton, we’ve seen this “president” continually whine about the FBI and DOJ not investigating people he doesn’t like — even if they’ve already investigated them extensively on multiple topics (as in Clinton’s case) and found absolutely no criminal wrongdoing. All because they’re his enemies, he believes they’re guilty of crimes (without proof), and he thinks that the DOJ should waste time and resources investigating anyone he thinks deserves it.

His inability to keep lawyers is more proof of this “above the law” attitude, as well.

Most lawyers, even those who are extremely unethical, know that there are certain legal barriers that simply cannot be broken or even breached. They know that unhinged delusions don’t replace the realities of Constitutional law.

Donald Trump doesn’t seem to understand this.

So when his lawyers tell him that these fictional things he wants to make happen aren’t possible, Trump does what he always does — he gets rid of them and tries to find someone who will appease his bullshit.

Except, of course, that’s not how the law works — and these lawyers realize that.

For me this all goes back to Trump’s constant claims of “innocence” and how his behavior is a textbook example of how I’d expect a guilty person to behave.

But I will say I loved Wallace’s comment. It struck to the core of how terrible Donald Trump is. A vile, bottom-feeding multiple adulterer who’s such an awful person that even most lawyers want nothing to do with him.

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Watch her comments below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

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