No, Facebook, I will not pay to promote this post when you’re censoring the wrong people.

Mark-ZuckerbergI’ve been running “Whiskey and the Morning After Blog” on Facebook for over two years now, during which time I have spent a lot of time dealing with complaints and reports for the most ridiculous things. For example, I once received a temporary suspension for an image mocking the KKK, even as reports that I filed against some blatant Neo-Nazi pages were returned to me by the powers that be as “not removed,” since Facebook did not consider their content offensive.

Recently, I filed a report against a page with Trayvon Martin’s name merged with a racial slur, and the page’s profile image was his body photoshopped onto a cross with an iced tea can in one hand and a bag of Skittles in the other. Within minutes Facebook replied:

“Thank you for taking the time to report something that you feel may violate our Community Standards. Reports like yours are an important part of making Facebook a safe and welcoming environment. We reviewed the photo you reported for containing hate speech or symbols and found it doesn’t violate our community standard on hate speech.”

This is just one example out of many pages that Facebook allows to remain while actively censoring others that support breast cancer survivors or even an anti-Monsanto image. While I fully understand that Facebook is a private entity and has no legal duty to observe the First Amendment, the glaring inconsistencies in the enforcement of their own rules lead me to believe that either Mark Zuckerberg has a secret conservative agenda, or his company allows individual moderators to disregard their own guidelines on what is and is not OK for people to post. In addition to that, Facebook outsources a lot of the censorship work to people outside of the United States who have little knowledge of the nuances or satire within cultures outside their own. Have you ever tried calling your cell phone company and ended up connected with someone who you could barely understand, even though it seemed like it they meant well? Same thing. Just like cell phones, many of us rely on Facebook to “connect with friends and the world.” Yet all it takes is for one rogue or untrained moderator with a grudge or a lack of comprehension and people lose their cause pages or profiles.

The errors in moderation are even more egregious considering that Facebook just recently promised to “step up” censorship on the site. When they’re “stepping up censorship” while at the same time they can’t even get a handle on their own moderators and terms of service, it’s bound to lead to disaster. On top of that, Facebook continues to roll out more money-making “features” on the site, like asking people to pay for the content they post to reach more fans of their page. It’s probably not a coincidence that a text-only post from a page is usually seen by far more people than a post which includes a link to somewhere outside of Facebook. They want you to “promote” these types of posts. You know, because your page fans don’t really want to see your posts unless you’re paying Facebook first, I guess.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Facebook allows “like-whoring” through pages that post a picture of a sick child or injured soldier with a statement like “1 like=1 prayer,” in order to manipulate their EdgeRank standings and then sell the page to someone else. On top of being a disgusting exploitation of people’s emotions, this is obviously a violation of Facebook’s terms and conditions — but it happens on a daily basis with apparently little to nothing being done to address the issue. So what gives? Facebook really is a great tool that can be used to stay connected and spread knowledge — in fact, many of you are probably reading this article right now after finding it posted on Facebook. But the blatant inconsistencies in enforcement of terms of use, sometimes leading to outright censorship of the wrong people, have got to end. Somebody tell Mr. Zuckerberg it’s time to stop worrying about what the next new “timeline” is going to look like, and start worrying about fixing the broken system before it’s too late. And stop asking me to “pay to promote” my content — it’s not happening.


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  • Cis

    They rarely enforce their TOS. They might as well remove it. Hate speech is not removed when reported.

    • Val Maylone

      This is what they referred me to after they banned me:

      Hate Speech
      Facebook does not permit hate speech, but distinguishes between serious and humorous speech. While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.

      This is what I posted that was deleted and which caused me to be banned:

      “Women should be in the kitchen or in the maternity ward. N*ggers should be in the woodpile trying to catch some Z’s instead of trying to vote. Mexican Americans should be picking avocados and lettuce. Let’s all go back to Paula Deen’s 1950’s where life is a dream shaboom.”

      I don’t see that as hate speech on a thread where the lawsuit against Deen et al for creating an hostile bigoted misogynistic workplace is being discussed. It is obviously NOT intended as hate speech but to delineate the kind of thinking that belongs to people who DO use hate speech.

      • christianh

        The moderation i scrap or non-existent.. FB’s biggest problem was they should heave started charging people at first for new features… Now they have to “connive…”

      • Nancy Hall

        Actually, your failed attempt at sarcasm does sound like hate speech. You’ve offered enough background information to suggest that you meant to parody hate speech, but I would not have picked that up just reading it without your elaboration. You appear to think you’re being humorous, but that may not be apparent to your audience.

      • Val Maylone

        Whether or not it was funny (it was a snarky sarcastic parody of the actual charges filed against Deen in the complaint) isn’t the issue, the last sentence should have been the tip off that Deen’s behaviour and attitude was what was being discussed in the prior sentences, NOT a personal attack on a specific race or person as the TOS forbid.

        The issue was: did it qualify for hate speech under facebooks terms of use, and in the context and usage, according to my reading of their terms, it did NOT. Yet it was redacted, AND I was banned for posting it. I assume the censors at facebook have enough command of the English language to know what constitutes hate speech vs. commentary on people who use hate speech. They had plenty of time to review the material and the context.

        Another poster has noted that facebook rarely enforces their TOS, and in this context and in this case and on that thread where people were making similar comments, their enforcement was capricious.

        It may interest you to know that in my response to facebook, I pointed out that I had also posted the famous SNL sketch featuring Richard Pryor which contained the same type of hate speech parody in re: Deen et al. That was not censored, nor was I banned for posting that. I also posted a Warner Bros. cartoon featuring some pretty blatant and unflattering stereotypes including cannibals putting whities into the cooking pot, saying that this is what Paula Deen means when she talks about bringing more soul into the kitchen. That was not censored.

        I think I was censored because Paula Deen fans are outspoken and complained about the unfavourable comparison, not because it was actually hate speech. That really makes them all look like hypocrites for forgiving Deen for saying the “N” word and writing that off as a non issue while holding my feet to the fire for (in their minds) doing the same thing. What they were really upset about was my reposting of the original complaint wherein the plaintiff describes in detail Dean et al’s behaviour which I mimicked in my post.

      • Guest

        Val, I know people who would say what you said in total seriousness. Even the final line, and some of them are women. Looking purely at the text, and not knowing you at all, I would have assumed you were just another rasict/sexist bigot who daydreams of a simpler time back when undesirables knew their place.

      • Val Maylone

        Yeah, I know people like that also! LOL!!! In context on that thread I was calling Deen et al out for their bigotry, and I was responding to people who said “she only said the N word thirty years ago, why can’t she be forgiven”. Then they all go and get me banned for doing what they think it’s ok for her to do. I guess if I had more fat, bigger hair, and a twang I could get away with it! They just wanted me off the thread because I was posting the text of the plaintiff’s original filing whenever they talked about “poor Paula, she ONLY said the N word, we ALL have done that at one time or another!”

        Then they should also have removed the blatantly racist bad taste video I posted (especially after I pointed it out to the moderator myself asking why that stood without being censored), but apparently it agreed with the sympathies of the people who were complaining about my denigration of Paula Deen. Or the people who pay Facebook to promote Deens products.

      • goose

        you completely missed the bulls eye on that one. and do you REALLY think that someone should be “held responsible” now for something that they said 30yrs ago? are you going to say that you never said anything in your life that thinking back you shouldn’t have? before you pass judgement on others make sure your glass windows are spotless and unbreakable. you don’t want anyone thinking you are a hypocrite do you?

      • SCOTT


      • SCOTT

        VAL….Humor about racism is a no no…. it is not funny and it keeps the racism going. I am glad that I misunderstood your comment….. and that You are not a rscist.

      • shogun768

        lol “humor about racism is a no-no.”

        False. Ridiculing racism and racists is one of the greater weapons against said racism that humans possess.

      • goose

        i am all for satire and dealing with the ridiculous in a sarcastic way but you weren’t funny. i wouldn’t label it snarky sarcastic either. chalk this one up to bad taste and spend more time on your next one. there really wasn’t anything in there to show any sarcasm, just the thoughts of an inbred who can’t come up with anything intelligent to say.

      • SCOTT

        IT IS RACIST.

      • CherMoe

        I don’t think this was a “failed attempt” and the sarcasm highlights the ridiculous stance the rich, old, “good ole boy” network takes and imposes on America. It is what it is, and it was not “hate speech.” It was a perfect depiction of what Republicans think America should remain.

      • SCOTT


      • SCOTT


      • Val Maylone

        Of course they are racist SCOTT, I was IMITATING PAULA DEEN. If you read the last line of my statement you would understood that if you had a high school English class in your lifetime.

      • Kirby

        Val, the point is that you failed in your presentation. If you don’t word things properly, especially in print where nuance can be lost, it’s normal for people to take your words at face value. Successful parody makes it obvious. Your “parody” did the opposite. Word things better, and you won’t be banned.

  • Val Maylone

    I got censored and suspended for 12 hours from facebook for posting a parody of Paula Deen’s bigoted attitude, of course that was on a largely pro Dean thread. I read their definition of hate speech, and parody is allowed. IMO, their censors are bigots and want to quash certain kinds of speech while promoting others.

    • Thomas A Ochodnicky Jr

      P. “CRACKER” DEAN πŸ˜‰

    • AZComicGeek

      The N-word is all over facebook and doesn’t violate their TOS apparently.

      • christianh

        I was blocked for saying I would never call myself a nigger, but some people call themselves rednecks…

      • rrosettastone

        we’ve been calling ourselves rednecks from the get go. I remember the “colored” water fountains, remember being pulled off of one my my mother, and remember being disapointed that the water was just water, and not a rainbow. I didn’t use that word in my life, and if you don’t remember what it was you don’t have the right to use it any more than i do. Redneck or cracker, though, that’s just fine.

      • goose

        part of the problem is that people are more upset with the word itself than the feelings behind the word. people don’t understand that and by saying “oh, its the word itself that is bad or has a negative connotation to it” we are only fooling ourselves. nigger, faggot, cunt. they are only words and the rapture did not start because i wrote them. i think people are a little misguided on what to be upset over.

      • Sam Edwards

        People who do not have to experience racism think racism is reducible to a case of petty name-calling. They are embarrassing and they should feel embarrassed.

      • Steve Rosenberger

        I recently reported someone who had this to say about our President: “KILL THAT NIGGER!” FB let me know that they were not removing the comment. (!!!) I used their response link to ask “Why not?!”… and never got a response. I’m thisclose to Google+.

  • Penn Name

    I reported a page that promotes illegal violence against wolves and got the same bullshit response. Zuckerberg and his pro-hunting, anti-animal agenda is dreadful. Personally, I love hunting accidents.

    • Jon Doe

      I’m assuming you are a PETA or HSUS fan. Although I have to agree that illegal hunting and illegal violence against wild animals is wrong, at the same time, I feel as if you don’t understand how important animals have been to civilization.

      • William Dean Luke

        PETA fans should be shot.

      • uranidiot

        non peta fans shld be shot!

      • dylan

        P.E.T.A. – People Eating Tasty Animals

      • christianh

        What makes you say that…? Would it be fair to say you should have your face beat in…?

        Michelle Malkin woudl be with me…

      • rrosettastone

        Peta’s stand seems to be that they should have exclusive rights to killing animals. Their headquarters is one town over from me. Google their activities.

      • William Dean Luke

        WHy? Let’s see…they patrol neighborhoods in their death vans, picking up what they think are strays but are often people’s pets, collars and all, and kill them in the back of these vans. So9metimes, not 20 minutes after an animal is taken into a PETA “Shelter”, the animal is euthanized, even if it’s healthy. ~VERY FEW~ animals make it out of PETA’s clutches alive.

        Look it up. I can’t make this shit up.

      • dwb1957

        The person making the claim should provide the proof, since many people will simply accept the assertion without actually looking it up to verify it, and then repeat it, thus perpetuating what may very well be a chain of misinformation. Which may be your insidious plan in the first place. Mwahahah!

      • William Dean Luke

        not my fault you’re too lazy to ask questions or use google to find answers for yourself.

      • dwb1957

        You’re a big old baby!

      • William Dean Luke

        annnd you’re a douchebag. Your point? Or are you just out to failtroll people? πŸ˜€

      • Dale Mulkey

        you cant make up intelligence either. your posts prove that greatly

      • William Dean Luke

        You don’t even know the meaning of the word intelligence. It’s sure as fuck not “follow blindly and don’t ask questions”.

      • William Dean Luke

        YOUR post proves you don’t know what contractions are, nor that you’re supposed to capitalize the first letter of a word after a period. I suppose you got your diploma from George W. Bush, too?

      • William Dean Luke

        Because people who don’t do their fucking research send animals to PETA, where they are almost instantly euthanized the moment you leave the facility. You can lead a cow to water, but you can’t make it drink.

      • SCOTT

        Willie Dean Puke……If you do not care about politics…get the hell off this page…you stupid moron.

      • William Dean Luke

        SCROTE: GO FUCK YOURSELF. K thanks.

      • Dale Mulkey

        your pathetic. really you should try to find a brain before you comment again

      • William Dean Luke

        “You’re” pathetic…I guess you were absent during all of 3rd grade, though, huh, smart guy?

      • SCOTT


      • William Dean Luke

        Wow, another fucking dickfart who thinks I’m a republican. News for you…I’m not a Democrat or independent, either. I just don’t give a fuck about politics.

      • christianh

        Is that why fascist righties treat them so bad…? One of the idiots ENDORSES dog-fighting…

      • Bobbi

        I am actively against animal violence/abuse of all kinds. I am also anti PETA, an organization that executes more dogs and cats than anyone else while claiming they adopt them out. And I do understand how animals have been important to us. But your post is ridiculous. Where do you get off assuming that someone who is against animal abuse is pro-PETA and doesn’t understand about animals. You are missing the whole point here.

      • Val Maylone

        Right on Bobbi. I have noticed that fb has never taken action on any animal abuse or paedophile content I have complained about. Yet they ban me for being “off colour”.

    • drrichardpaul

      Illegal being the key word, right?

    • Michael Nosal

      I had reported a picture of a dog “holding” various assault weapons. At first,. I asked or the person to remove it because I, as well as others, found it offensive. The poor animal looked pathetic and terrified. I thought it was in poor taste and showed a total lack of responsibility to the gun and dog owner. The site did nothing and when I reported it, they said they saw no harm. If it was a toy gun, I would not have had an issue, but as a dog owner and a person that believes in responsible gun ownership, I felt using actual assault weapons was beyond that of ‘good taste’

  • bsbfankaren

    I’ve been suspended twice. Once for quoting what someone else said who was NOT suspended, and once because some folks simply didn’t like what I was posting in a pro Donald Trump group. Yet, when I reported a page that was denigrating a photo of black women and told the OP I was doing it, the OP not only told me nothing would happen to his page (and he was correct) but he then developed racially derogatory cartoons about me with my name attached for public viewing. When I reported this as well, I got the same tired message from FB complained about in this story. There are people with pages that know they will not be removed or censored, and therefore post whatever they want.

    • christianh

      It’s a common thing when dealing with ScumBaggers… Can’t win fairly, cheat…

  • jimhall909er


    • FastMovingCloud

      Uh oh! Sounds like someone will be given a Facebook ‘time-out’! πŸ˜‰

  • Flo_C

    Maybe if you “pay to promote” your content on facebook , then facebook lets you post anything that you want even if it violates their own policy?

  • kimhusseinbrunelle

    I once got a 3 day suspension for these two words…”projecting much?” I kid you not. This was in response to a hate filled, racist rant which remained up; go figure! After receiving the same response as you did after reporting that despicable page dedicated to demeaning Treyvon Martin today (in less than 5 minutes) I’m now convinced that FB HAS no standards, or at least any that pertain to decency.

  • carol

    I got booted for 12 hrs for commenting on a Christian site saying bad things against Obama, I only told them their attitude was in no way Christian and it was not…I went back and found things they said a lot worse and turned them in…they said their comments were not offensive and mine was…makes no sense..i have made worse comments than that one thinking I probably would get booted..

    • SCOTT

      SCREW ALL THESE REPUBLICAN SO CALLED christians….who hate the world.

  • Altaira Hatton

    There is no consistency in TOS enforcement. I simply stopped reporting anything, as I never saw a result.

    • DaltonOriginal

      Agree, it is a waste of time to report. It would seem that the people reviewing the information may not be able to read. Indeed!

      • PopArt

        I actually have to wonder how often they even have an actual person there reviewing complaints. It sounds like they just have some auto-response that gets sent out if a staffer hasn’t gotten around to reviewing a complaint after 3 minutes or something to that effect.

  • katherine norton malek

    FB went from be a “social” network, social in the literal sense, sharing photos, fun and madcap antics … to being a political battleground, quite awhile ago. Agendas are all over the place. Pro-life vs pro-choice, battles for women’s rights vs religiosos and on & on. No doubt, with a policy as loose as theirs, monitors are human beings with their own agendas. The only way to keep your own space ‘clean’ is by doing your own filtering. There’s adequate tools for that. You can even hide your friends whose stances on issues differ from yours, and stay away from pgs. you find offensive, It’s unreasonable to expect them to take something down you don’t like when there are others who do. It’s all free speech & expression regardless of how offensive it is. And a lot of it is very offensive. The up side is that the haters, bigots, racists, mysogenists & the like – expose themselves for who they are. Know your enemy. πŸ™‚

    • SCOTT


  • Mskatana83

    I have been band twice from facebook once was less than 24 hours after posting a photo on my photography page. The photo that got me band was not the worst photo either it was artistic and she was full body paint and couldn’t see nipples. Yet I have seen some really explicit photos that are in bad taste and degrades women yet mine empowered the artist and she even loved the picture.

    The second time was for tagging a friend in a post yet again less than 24 hours. I only tagged friends I thought would be interested. Maybe because I have been band once I have a mark on my back and they watch everything I do. Seriously I have seen a lot worse on facebook leave me alone Facebook!!!!!

    • Jolie Adams

      Good comment. (Btw, band should be spelled ‘banned’ in this context.)

  • Daniel Kalban

    Even on DC Comics’ page, when I called out the bigoted remarks of other commentators, *I* was the one banned because those little twits got a claque to report me.

    And I have reported several pages etc too; and they’re not removed when they obviously violate the TOS (not to mention probably several hate crime laws….)

  • Galley_Queen

    I also complained to FB about the Trayvon Martin meme and got exactly the same message. I’m about done with FB and I’m sick to death of all the ads, promotions, Likes, etc. They sure are working on ruining what was once a good thing.

    • Nancy Hall


  • Latinoguy1966

    I was constantly harassed by a person on Facebook and they did nothing to stop it

  • Kathy Drew

    I reported a page that was soliciting prostitution,lots of nasty pics,etc and the guys texting trying to find out when the whore was available and what was her cost. Facebook said it didn’t violate any of their perhaps I’ll start to promote an escort service with hot guys and put them up for sale and let’s see how long they allow me to leave that page up..

  • Wow – censorship must be a crazy job at Facebook! Would love to know how they select people for these positions, how these employees are supervised and disciplined/rewarded? How many of them are there? Do they get suspended for ‘bad calls?’ Do they know that they are following in the giant footsteps of the AWFUL Anthony Comstock, the zealot who put thousands of people in prison for violating his BAN on free speech regarding birth control? I am a women’s history novelist and my historical “Freud’s Mistress and the Battle for Birth-Control” spotlights the tragic consequences of Comstock’s 40 year censorship crusade and how a brave young nurse named Margaret Sanger opposed and eventually toppled his anti-vice empire nearly one hundred years ago.

    • Nancy Hall

      Somehow, I don’t think that FB has recruited an army of latter day Anthony Comstocks. I suspect that there are probably too many people handling complaints to supervise. That’s why there’s inconsistency. They’re also human. They’re being asked to make judgement calls and they may not always get it right.

  • James

    Having experience with similar systems, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

    Part of this system is automated. If you don’t meet the criteria for immediate censorship, then the system flags won’t occur and nothing will happen in the interim.

    Often this leads to human oversight of any reports, at a later time, at which case it’s often left to the discretion of the person overseeing the report, and their interpretation of internal policy. You’ll see people get fired for this a lot.

    These things aren’t done with a bias of any kind. It’s usually just flaws or loopholes in the overall system. Overseeing large communities has to be reactive, as the resources required to be proactive can’t be realistically expected. As such, most online communities, such as games and social networks employ hybrid redundant systems of automated backend flagged and human review to curb the majority of the problem and clean up the mistakes in it’s flaws at a later time.

    You should never be alarmed when reporting a policy violation in a community and the result isn’t what you expected. Just pursue a point of contact to ensure it’s properly addressed, and remember that Policies are made to meet the needs of the business, not yours, and results may not always be ideal.

    • Val Maylone

      Yeah, it’s the businesses that have the clout and control the bandwidth.

  • christianh

    At least you’re using Disqus comments since when you use Facebook comments, people who are blocked can’t comment on your site either…

  • Leon

    Am sick of this. For real.

  • joybuzzard

    Okay, here’s the problem. Would this be a problem to you if facebook was not a valuable communication tool? No. You wouldn’t bother going through all this rigamarole or even complaining about it if facebook didn’t serve a very valuable role in our society. This service is not government funded, or it would be even more censored. It needs advertisers to survive. As a pot activist, the facebook and myspace accounts for my cannabis work always have ads for ‘join the DEA’ or ‘Marijuana Addiction Recovery’, and you’ll notice more right wing corporate ads than paid ads for causes you or I would support. Because they have no problem paying to promote in order to get their information to as many people as possible. I suggest to you that facebooks fees are pretty cheap compared to offline advertising that reaches less potentially interested viewers, because facebook ads let you target your advertising. They have to have a right wing bias right now because the right wing and mainstream political establishment is noticing that it’s paying the bills for a service that has played a major role in building populist movements agains the mainstream political establishment and, sorry, they’re not that stupid and Facebook can’t exist without advertising revenue from someone. If more users paid the small fees, it would give facebook more profit than large advertising contracts from a smaller numbe of large companies, and facebook’s bias would swing the other way. Sorry it works that way, but it just does.

  • Takeitish

    I want them to stop sending me messages to “Label” my albums and “Where was this Photo taken”. I know the only reason you want me to label my pictures is so people can search through them using your new “Graph” crap! Well where I was, What I did, where those photo’s were taken and who is in them is None of your dam business! And please nothing is removed from FB when asked their moderation is arbitrary at best. it’s based on the Moderators personal feeling not any rules FB set up. They only remove stuff when they feel it personally insulted and or offended and then they descend upon you like sharks in a feeding frenzy ripping your page apart by removing content and when they’re done they ban you.

  • Natalie Yassin

    i reported a page for having pictures of underage girls (identified as minors on the page) in bras and g-strings and was told it did not violate the ToS but then I got my acct deactivated because someone reported me as a minor even though I am 38 and sent them a photo of my ID to get my acct back. Facebook is so messed up I wish someone would create a new version I would ditch off this one so quickly. As it is I am rarely on it now.

  • Mainah

    Let me guess, Rupert Murdoch got a side job as a moderator on Facebook?

  • DC Martin

    Probably wouldn’t take too long for FB’s algorithms to catch on, but be a work-around of the “promoting” feature is to make a text only staus, then add your photo/link as the first comment?

    The whole promotion/page censoring problem is a thorn in it’s side that FB needs to get a grip on, quickly.

  • Stevo

    First I got banned for 12 hours for saying, “We’re too busy laughing at you.” The minute that 12 hours ended, I got banned for 12 hours for saying, “(Name of another poster), it’s the pot talking.” Still waiting for that 2nd ban to end and then I’ll see what facebook is mad at me for posting now. I’m soo naughty.

  • Lenna Hanna-O’Neill


  • medicvet

    Facebook will never get a fucking penny from me,ever.

  • Zuckerberg: remember a site called MySpace?

  • Andy Kistler

    Facebook is, as you noted, a privately owned company, and in no way required to be unbiased or use an even-handed approach. I’ve reported quite a few things that were blatantly against their terms of service and been told that they’re totally fine, and had things of mine reported that didn’t even come close to being a violation yet were still removed.

    It’s annoying, but it doesn’t really bother me, primarily because I don’t view Facebook as a tool for social change, or a platform for political movements, or a medium in which most anyone should be taken seriously ever. Facebook is literally the unfiltered breadth of the electronic population, with all of the ignorance, hatred, racism, and misogyny that that implies. As such, taking it seriously is sort of laughable.

  • Dawn

    I ran across the same thing several times with FB. I have tried a silent protest against FB, but people still use FB over Google+. I happen to like Google+ more, just because FB does allow such hateful things.

  • Val Maylone

    Manny, I really thought your writings would attract a more literate fanbase.

  • Cassandra Clevenger

    agree entirely

  • Cassandra Clevenger

    also, the amount of child pornography and graphic sexual violence is appalling. it takes hundreds of us reporting these pages for them to do anything

  • Wow…now that is EXTRA lame. πŸ™

  • Nancy Hall

    I just made my first FB complaint. It had to do with someone who created a FB group for the sole purpose of harassing a young man who gives weather reports and who appears to have a developmental disability. That was taken down immediately.

  • Bil Wood

    I hope some of you realize there are not 1000’s and 1000’s of people sitting around sorting through complaint letters. The suspensions and blocking most of the time are done by automation. No human at Facebook ever sees the complaints or the reports. A computer decides what is right and what is wrong based on algorithms and speech patterns. Too many bad words in a speech that gets reported and boom you are suspended by a computer is how it goes. Reply too many times in a thread and boom you are suspended, accept too many friend requests or send too many out boom you are suspended…
    Some of the appeals occasionally probably get read by a human but I would guess not many.
    Just think about the millions and millions of times a day complaints and reports get filed and then realize there are not a million people on facebooks payroll to deal with complaints and reports… they automate most of it…
    So that is why the crap is so random and even something sarcastic can get you in trouble because the autobots cannot detect the sarcasm…
    The also use filters to compare photos reported to check them with automation. If someone reports nudity in a photo even if there is not nudity and a computer compares it to other nude photos and a certain percentage of shapes and colors match then the computer decides it is nudity and it gets removed and you get blocked…
    But there are not rooms and rooms full of people around the world filtering and sorting complaints. Most of the facebook policing is all done by automation…

  • Annie

    My husbands ex made a post that my husband was a pedophile rapist- no joke! Probably about 50 plus of my friends reported the comment (as it was the very definition of LIBEL) and Facebook never removed it. So explain that one to me!? We sent in direct links to the post. It had his name in it and everything! He was involved in a custody dispute w the crazy ex who chose drugs over her kid and in her anger due to feeling slighted she thought it would be fun to post this for their child to see.


  • Christine Peckelis

    Joining ALEC indicates an extreme right wing bias, IMO. I am offended that they cram thinly veiled hate mongering GOP/TP/Libertarian ads into my newsfeed, yet friends have posted things I haven’t seen for 2-3 days. Now they have decided it is too much trouble to accommodate people who do not want to be searchable. The code is already written, how much trouble can it be? I would chuck the whole thing, but I need it for work related content. I’m one unhappy user.



  • Brian

    There are currently two petitions available to sign which address Sedition. Both petition asking the Dept of Justice to prosecute the key Republicans who initiated the shut-down. I really think that Mark Zuckerberg should be included in one or both of these petitions as seditious speech is rampant on Facebook.