No, Hillary Clinton Does Not Work For Monsanto

Hillary Clinton has had a long career of service both in charity, law, and government. Starting in the 1960s, she became involved with politics, starting as a Republican, but soon becoming a Democrat in 1968. For any politician, male or female, she has a very impressive resume. Now she wants to be the next president of the United States – but members of both the left and the GOP are spreading lies to stop that.

It’s no secret that I am an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter. However, I feel it is necessary to address a rumor that some of his supporters on the far left continue to circulate. That rumor is that Hillary Clinton is a sworn ally of the much-maligned biotech company, Monsanto. Some people even go so far to claim that she sits on the board of directors, despite presenting absolutely no evidence to back up their statements. In fact, there are many other people alleged by conspiracy enthusiasts to be employed by the corporation, with the same glaring lack of evidence.

All mis-informed hyperbole and debunked conspiracy stories about the company aside, the fact remains that her alleged relationship with the company doesn’t exist. She does not sit on their board of directors, and her ties with the company are confined to one lobbyist that her campaign brought on to be a political adviser for the Iowa caucuses.

So why do people continue to push this myth? Why would liberals who call themselves smarter and more informed than the conservatives they oppose repeat something that simply is not true?

First, because the far left views anything corporate as evil. Couple that with years of the organic industry’s PR campaign against a technology they can’t compete with, and you have the anti-GMO activist left which often can only name one company that is in the biotech business – Monsanto.

Second, the vast right-wing, decades-long campaign against Hillary Clinton is well aware of this, and certainly would love nothing better than to turn the anti-science left against her. After all, it is a lot less costly to get your enemies to fight each other, and why wouldn’t the GOP be content to allow the Luddite Left to destroy her from within?

It pains me as a progressive and Bernie Sanders supporter to see people who are supposed to be united against the Republican Party perpetuating falsehoods that weaken our cause. Even if you cling to the belief that Monsanto is some evil corporation intent on monopolizing the food supply, why would you repeat claims that can only be found on right-wing websites like Washington Times and conspiracy blogs like the rabidly conservative Natural News?

The only tie Clinton’s campaign has to the biotech company is campaign adviser Jerry Crawford, who was brought on to help her win Iowa. If you are a presidential candidate, and you want to win in Iowa, you hire lobbyist Jerry Crawford who has a lot of political clout in the state. According to, his lobbying firm has represented┬áMonsanto, as well as the Humane Society. This shouldn’t be a surprise, considering the fact that Iowa is a major state for agriculture, and a number of seed companies do business with farmers there.

This would be no different than her campaign hiring a lobbyist who has also worked with the oil industry in Louisiana, or an organic industry lobbyist who has pushed for GMO labeling laws in Vermont. Like it or not, political campaigns have to hire influential lobbyists and people who have political influence in states that they want to win.

Fellow Bernie Sanders supporters, please stop feeding into the anti-science and anti-Hillary Clinton hysteria pushed by the far left, and the conspiracy nut right. If we want to say that we understand science and politics better than the right, we need to act like it.


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