No, The Left Really Doesn’t Hate Ben Carson

ben-carson-fox-news-wallaceDennis Prager recently wrote an article for National Review claiming that liberals really hate Ben Carson. He also defends the bizarre comments that Ben Carson made regarding the Holocaust when he claimed that Hitler might not have been as successful in his goals had people been armed.

First, let me address the claims regarding the Holocaust, especially considering the fact that many members of my father’s family died in Hitler’s concentration camps. No matter how heavily armed the Jews in Germany and elsewhere could have been, they still wouldn’t have stood a chance against the German army. They accounted for such a small percentage of the population, and so many were elderly, all the guns in Germany wouldn’t have saved them.

From the Holocaust Encyclopedia:

By September 1939, approximately 282,000 Jews had left Germany and 117,000 from annexed Austria. Of these, some 95,000 emigrated to the United States, 60,000 to Palestine, 40,000 to Great Britain, and about 75,000 to Central and South America, with the largest numbers entering Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Bolivia. More than 18,000 Jews from the German Reich were also able to find refuge in Shanghai, in Japanese-occupied China.

At the end of 1939, about 202,000 Jews remained in Germany and 57,000 in annexed Austria, many of them elderly. By October 1941, when Jewish emigration was officially forbidden, the number of Jews in Germany had declined to 163,000. The vast majority of those Jews still in Germany were murdered in Nazi camps and ghettos during the Holocaust. (Source)

Germany invaded Poland on September 1st and Warsaw held out until September 27th, 1939. France fared slightly better, lasting about seven weeks from the time of invasion until the government surrendered and Allied troops were evacuated at Dunkirk.

The United Kingdom had one of the greatest fighting forces in modern history, but had they not been protected by the English Channel and a powerful Navy, Hitler would have likely conquered them as well – but somehow a few thousand able-bodied Jews with no military training could have posed any kind of legitimate threat to Hitler’s juggernaut? Come on, Dennis Prager, get real.

Now let’s talk about his following accusation that Ben Carson is the left’s “worse nightmare.”

The Left is in full-blown smear-Carson mode. He is, after all, the Left’s worst nightmare — a black Republican who is brilliant, kind, and widely admired, including by many blacks.

It is a rule of left-wing life that black Republicans must have their names and reputations destroyed. The Left knows that if blacks do not vote overwhelmingly Democrat, Democrats cannot win a national election. (Source)

I’m not one to rely on anecdotal evidence to make a point, but Dennis Prager uses zero sources to back up his claim that black Americans admire Dr. Ben Carson. So I’m going to call bullshit on this one, especially considering the fact that I have quite a few black coworkers, and not once have I heard a single one of them speak of him in a positive manner. I have no doubt though that many Republicans love Ben Carson, especially since he is willing to say the things that they can’t without being labeled as racists.

The left doesn’t hate Ben Carson; why would we? Let’s consider the fact that the two leading Republican presidential contenders right now are a neurosurgeon who doesn’t believe in evolution, and a billionaire TV entertainer who’s managed to insult the entirety of one of the fastest-growing voting demographics in the United States. Ben Carson’s own statements have gotten progressively more bizarre as the race goes on, and Republican primary voters absolutely love him for it – as evidenced by the poll numbers.

Dennis Prager doth protest too much; the left loves Ben Carson because he actually comes across as being more of a buffoon than Donald Trump, with none of Trump’s TV skills or energy. If I had to pick any Republican candidate to be the eventual nominee, it would be Ben Carson since it would hand the general election to anyone Democrats nominate. I’m sure that some conservatives will lap up these false claims of racism from the left, but it’s nothing other than more deflection from a political party that is rapidly heading for political extinction.


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  • katerant

    While I don’t agree with Ben Carson on anything at all, your numbers made me look up again how many were killed in the Holocaust. It was 6 million Jews and 5 more million others – gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses, etc. So 11 million were killed by the Third Reich. Not saying arming anybody would have helped, but we must get the numbers right.

    • Chadlius

      Most of the Jews killed by the Nazis were from Poland, Russia and Hungary along with many from Holland and France and smaller numbers from Czechoslovakia, Italy and Belgium, the Danes saved 90% of theirs though the total number was not many. This Authors numbers are pretty close Katerant. Hilter also killed over 100,000 Germans who resisted him or were suspect in his paranoid mind.

      • katerant

        But those numbers cited in the article I replied to were off by MILLIONS, not thousands. So get it right before posting, for Pete’s sake.

      • FD Brian

        I think he’s referring to Jews in Germany, the ones who could have fought.

      • katerant

        Yes. Six Million Jews in Germany were murdered.

      • This is incorrect. The number of ‘Jews in Germany’ in 1939 was projected by the nazi’s themselves (during the Wannsee Conference) as 131.800 (‘Altreich’). You might want to include the number of Austrian Jews (‘Ostmark’, 43.700) since that country had sought to connect itself with Germany before the war (‘Anschluss’). But even then the number of ‘Jews in Germany’ was nowhere near the ‘six million’ you mention.

        After the war, bona fide counts by historians demonstrate that the number of ‘Jews in Germany’ killed was about 200.000, including refugees and Jews transported to concentration camps in Germany.

        The largest number of Jews killed by the Germans are from countries *occupied* or *overrun* by Germany, such as Poland (2.900.000), the Soviet Union and Ukraine (1.000.000), Romania (400.000), Czecho-Slowakia (300.000) etc.

        So your conclusion should be that about six million Jews *were* murdered by Germany, but certainly not *in* Germany.

      • Sorry, but the number of Jews killed in Czecho-Slovakia was *much* larger than the number of ‘Holland’ (you mean: The Netherlands) and it at least equals, but probably surpasses the number of Hungarian Jews killed by the Germans.

  • packrat

    I have lost all respect for Ben Carson. It’s obvious to me this guy does not have any critical thinking skills. Mr. Carson being a doctor you would think he would understand human nature. Once we learn about death and not knowing what’s on the other side, we become afraid. Our instinct is to survive. But when we are faced with a person with a gun that says he would kill us ,we do not act like a hero instead we become terrified. We tell ourselves that if we just giving him the money or if we just follow and do what he says he’ll let us go and we will be all right. Under these circumstances we all have choices, but when the choices run out we either die or become a hero. This is what happen to Mr Carson the day a man stuck a gun in his ribs in a store. He was terrified probably Peed his pants. he made a choice to save himself and pointed toward the clerk.
    What Mr Carson said about the Jews in Germany is out rages. These people were terrified. They were trying to survive. The soldiers didn’t tell them that they were going to be gassed and burned. They lied. These people wanted so hard to believe even in the face of evil.

  • Tony Thompson

    I’m not one to rely on anecdotal evidence to make a point, but Dennis Prager uses zero sources to back up his claim that black Americans admire Dr. Ben Carson.

    Black person here, and while I appreciate that Dr. Carson had a difficult childhood and was able to overcome that to become a successful and prominent neurosurgeon (no mean feat, that), I do not admire the man. I find him a repulsive asshole.
    I’ve heard from some other black people that Dr. Carson’s accomplishments and his success in overcoming the difficulties of his childhood are held up as examples of what blacks can achieve, so perhaps that’s what Prager was referring to.