Nobody Owes Sarah or Bristol Palin Any Kind of Apology

palin-family-brawlBy now it’s no secret that the Palin family was involved in some kind of drunk party brawl a few weeks ago, which is something that I only found interesting because of the sheer hypocrisy of it all. A family, most notably Sarah Palin herself, who’s often seen telling millions of Americans the importance of “Christian family values” – involved in a drunken brawl at some Saturday night house party in Alaska.

Well, recently Bristol Palin’s comments to the police following these events were released and she tells a tale of male on female violence and assault that indeed does sound alarming. And following the release of these comments, CNN’s Carol Costello cynically mocked Bristol and what she had to say. Which many found offensive, especially her mother, considering the details of what Bristol claimed were accounts of fairly severe male on female violence, including her stating that she had been dragged on the ground by her feet by a male at the party.

Of course, nobody should ever mock any kind of domestic violence. Though it’s clear from the official police reports that it was Bristol who was one of the most aggressive and violent of the bunch.

But since Costello made these comments, she issued a statement to Politico apologizing for the candor in which she went about reporting on this story. Which I think is more than enough.

Though apparently that hasn’t been enough. Some are calling for a full on-air apology, with even others within the media that I’ve seen floating around the internet suggesting that she be fired.

It’s all ridiculous.

She shouldn’t apologize to anyone. Was what she said a bit tacky? I could see how some could see it that way. But Bristol Palin’s comments in that audio don’t at all go along with official police reports and the vast majority of witness testimony from what happened that night. Which by official police accounts from witness testimony, paints her as someone who was out of control, aggressively and violently attacking the homeowner where the party was being held.

In fact, if you read the official police report it seems most of the entire Palin family was completely out of control.

Remember, Sarah Palin validates much of her core ideology on the premise that she’s “fighting for good, wholesome Christian values.” So I don’t think anyone should apologize for being a bit cynical when official police reports depict the Palin family as a drunken, aggressive group of lunatics attacking people at a party to which they were not invited.

And in all of this talk about Bristol’s comments to the police, it seems as if nobody has pointed out the fact that in the midst of a drunken brawl at nearly midnight, she states that her 5-year-old was with her. Why was a 5-year-old out with a bunch of drunk family members cruising around in a limo at nearly midnight? You’re telling me that’s the place for a 5-year-old child?

Let’s also not forget that Sarah Palin has built a career of her own out of bashing and attacking those with which she disagrees. She has put her family into the national spotlight and made them public figures. She could have faded away in 2008, but she didn’t want to. And now any time she or her family faces public scrutiny, she’s one of the first to publicly whine and complain about those being critical toward them.

Again, this is Sarah Palin, who herself seemed appalled at Costello’s comments, yet is someone who’s called Rush Limbaugh one of her heroes (a man who’s openly a racist and a sexist) and has sung the praises of draft-dodging pedophile Ted Nugent. Two men who have made countless disgusting and slanderous remarks against President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Then let’s not forget we’ve already seen one on-air personality, Martin Bashir, get fired resign because of some less than flattering comments he made about Palin’s ignorance.

Look, Costello probably should have stuck with a straight-line reporting of Bristol’s comments and left it at that. But I don’t blame anyone for being cynical when it comes to this family. And had the official police report actually supported Bristol’s account of what happened, I would be one of the first ones condemning Costello’s mocking of what she had to say. But it didn’t. Instead, the reports and most witness accounts painted Bristol (and much of the Palin family) as a group of out of control drunks who showed up somewhere that they weren’t invited. With Bristol being one of the people who the majority of witnesses said was the most aggressive and out of control of the bunch. Aggressively, and repeatedly, attacking the homeowner.

So while I’m sure Costello will almost certainly have to issue some kind of on-air apology to the Palin family, I don’t think anyone owes them an apology. Not unless the queen of this family, Sarah Palin, starts issuing formal apologies for all the lies, propaganda and borderline slanderous comments she’s made (like mocking a diabetic pregnant woman) about people over the years.

Which is something I’m positive she’ll never do.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Steve Zakszewski

    Remember Chris Rock’s routine about a mother out at a club on a Wednesday night? Costello was right for mocking Little Miss Family Values. Not sure where in the Bible it mentions getting hammered and crying about beer on your face. The Palins must have a special Bible for that.

    • Steve Brains

      The on air apology should be as follows:

      ” Recently CNN has been criticized for comments i made in the accurate reporting of the Great Palin Family Party Crashing Drunken Brawl. I am sorry.
      I am sorry that Bristol LIED to the Police.
      About who started the fight.
      About who threw the punches.
      About who watched approvingly.
      About who abused power to have no charges levied.
      About who was NOT “dragged across the lawn”.
      About WHY this is such a disgusting chapter in American history!

      A Former Governor, who QUIT her job mid term rather than deny corruption charges. A former MAYOR of this town watching her daughter attacking citizens. A potential PRESIDENT, out of control on a binge…

      YES I am most sorry that I EVER respected John McCain because he would have croaked under the pressure that he Gave President Obama and LEFT AMERICA with THIS NASTY MESS as the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD and Commander in Chief of the most humongous military the world will EVER SEE.”

      YES!, I am soo so soo sorry!”

  • katherine norton malek

    Apologize ??? Are they kidding? Every other word out of Bristol Palin’s mouth was prefaced with F-Bombs. Drunk & partying @ midnight with a 5 yr. old in a limo. What was that little guy doung out @ that hour when he should have been home in his bed? Was he entertaining himself with Legos in the limo whilst his Christian famiky was drinking & brawling? And what was momma Sarah doing @ a party of young ppl? And where was he downs syndrome little guy? SPalin’s vitriolic rants personally insulting everyone except her pedophile buddy Ted Nugent & racist mysogenist cohort RLimbaugh – no one’s ever demanded an apology from her or questioned her recent slurred incoherent video rants. Please … this only one who should issue a formal apology is John McCain – for letting this animal (and her herd) out of their Alaskan cage. Bristol whining about how Chelsea Clinton wouldn’t be treated this way? That’s the icing on the rum cake. Little twit from ‘close to Russia’ is not wualified to shine Chelsea’s shoes. Class, grace, poise, intelligence .. NOT in Wasilla.

    • Steve Brains

      LMAO !!! “And her HERD!!!” GUFFFFF FAAAAAWWWWW!!!!

      • Julie Wickstrom

        Don’t let the hunters know the herd is loose. It might be hunting season in Wasilla.

      • Steve Brains

        TY but I Don’t have a helicopter

      • Steve Brains

        When is it NOT?
        OOPS, when it is cloudly and the choppers are grounded.

  • Mainah

    Oh for f*ck’s sake! If she’s got the balls to say it, she (Bristol) should have the balls to say “Yeah, I acted totally inappropriately.” and leave it at that. Why do these people think it’s ok to trash other people, on a constant basis, but think that any amount of criticism for something that is documented is beyond the pale?
    Or … is this just a way to try to get more traffic to subscribe to the Palin channel?

    • GenerallyConfused

      Because they are people that love to dish it out but never learned how to take it.

      • Steve Brains

        They ignore it.

    • Steve Brains

      That’s ALMOST like suggesting the ‘loudmouthed C*NT’ should PUBLICLY apologize to the home owner.

  • oldngrumpy

    America is owed an apology from the GOP for inflicting this embarrassment on us as Presidential material. It doesn’t take too much scratching of the surface of many of the right’s heroes to uncover ugliness that doesn’t match the “family values” claims made by the party. It wasn’t Costello that wrote those speeches for the Tundra Twit where she touted her own version of those values, and it isn’t Costello that drags half her family around as props on speaking tours where those values are very much front and center.

    I remember that similar lambasting of the media was the order of the day
    after Couric’s interview in which Palin displayed her complete lack of
    qualification. This is, after all, what we should be expecting of our
    media, and one only has to peruse the archives of any number of
    conservative media outlets to find much worse ridicule for far less
    egregious actions on the left, much of it contrived from whole cloth.

    The Palins are simply the latest examples of the incongruity that results whenever politicians feel they can polish a turd sufficiently for public consumption. This little fiasco could have occurred in the Vice President’s mansion, or worse, the White House, had the deception of the GOP been successful in ’08.

    No, the apology should be coming from John McCain, the conservative media spin machine, and the entire GOP leadership for their failure to control this family of loose cannons, or retire them from the spotlight. They should be hoisted on this dull petard at every opportunity by our national media.

    • Steve Brains

      GODALMIGHTY!!! “The TUNDRA TWIT!!!” I thought Caribou Barbie was the mostest!

    • Steve Brains

      Damn MAN!! “Polish a turd?” you have magnificent prose skills.

      • Stan Ubeki

        Have you never heard that before? My dad used to say that in the 50’s.

  • AV

    more hypocrisy from these creeps… What happened to all their screaming about free speech??

  • GenerallyConfused

    Why don’t they apologize for acting lik they were, crashing a party they weren’t invited to and trying to keep making themselves relevant?

    Not sure it would be very sincere though.

  • RSW

    Why is it that hard core ignorant conservatives NEVER have to make any apologies? Some of the rudest most uniformed, biased, down-right mean and ignorant comments I have ever heard have been on Fox News

    • Steve Brains

      Not even for 10,000 MORE graves!!!!!! Worse still, 50,000 wounded and a thrice defunded VA to handle them.

  • GeeJaybytheBay

    I want to know where the youngest Palin son is. Wasn’t Mama Palin going on about her great support of Down’s children? What exactly has she done for that cause, I’d love to know? And yes, why was Bristol’s son out in a limo at midnight? And when will Bristol grow up and stop living off mommy’s dime? She sure doesn’t seem very independent or self-sufficient.

    • Paul

      Levi is sure going to have a grand old time at the custody hearing…

  • Candy813

    I am just hoping after this display of disgrace, Sarah would disappear from the headlines for good.

    • Ralf T. Dog

      I hope she does not. She provides a great deal material for standup comedians. She is also one of the best recruiters for the Democratic Party. She provides a wonderful example that parents can use for their children, “If you smoke meth, you will grow up to be just like her.”

      • Steve Brains

        How many times has Sarah hit a stem, and SPREAD for another hit?

  • Nemisis

    Well put.

  • lindylou

    Ha ha … I didn’t know the part about they were not invited to this party!

  • Richard Mcgee

    It is the Palins that owe America the apology

  • derpderp

    Palins: If you’re going to spend your lives “dishing it out”, perhaps you should also learn how to “take it”, as they say.

  • Jim Trebowski

    I get what the author of the article is saying, but personally, I’d like us to take the higher road when it comes to situations like this. Costello should apologize.

    • “I’m sorry for what I said, but I simply could not take it any more. The lies, the deceit, the hypocrisy of this family and their spouting of American Family Values had finally pushed me over the edge. I’m sorry I lost my cool.” Ms. Costello.

  • Roger Ewing

    Bristol needs to be charged with assault and lying to the police, drunk and disorderly conduct…

    • Cambel

      And possibly child endangerment

      • Steve Brains


        Damn, the Driver as diddling (DOHH!) watching her.

  • Feb thirteen

    The last time Palin got drunk didn’t she end up pregnant? And as I remember it she blamed everything and everyone but herself?

    • Ralf T. Dog

      Close but not correct. The last time she got pregnant, she was drunk. I am quite sure, she gets drunk every morning. I am almost as sure, she gets pregnant less often.

      • Feb thirteen

        LMAO, well you got me there!

    • Frank DiCuffman

      You don’t remember it.

    • Steve Brains

      NO, her daughter did. EXPALIN these?

      NOT pregnant @ the time of her selection?

      Birth WHEN?


      “Sen. John McCain announced Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate Friday, calling her “the running mate who can best help me shake up Washington.”

      “She’s exactly who this country needs to help me fight the same old Washington politics of me first and country second,” the presumptive Republican nominee said at a Dayton, Ohio, rally of about 15,000 supporters, who welcomed the surprise pick of the relatively unknown politician with cheers and flags.

      “She’s got the grit, integrity, good sense and fierce devotion to the common good that is exactly what we need in Washington today,” McCain said.

      Palin, 44, described herself as a fighter against corruption and a bipartisan reformer in her first appearance as a candidate for vice president, an office she said she never expected to seek.

      “I was just your average hockey mom in Alaska” before getting involved in politics, she said. “When I found corruption there, I fought it hard and brought the offenders to account.”

      Palin told the crowd, “To have been chosen brings a great challenge. I know that it will demand the best that I have to give, and I promise nothing less.” Watch Palin say she’s honored to be picked »

      Palin is a first-term governor who unseated incumbent Gov. Frank Murkowski in the Republican primary in 2006 and went on to defeat former Gov. Tony Knowles, a Democrat, in the general election.”

  • Fernando

    The Palins, a Poster Family for the family values crowd! Wannabe queen, Sarah, has embraced and called four time divorcee, Rash Limp-bough her “hero”! enough said!

  • Ralf T. Dog

    We are holding the Palins to culturally inappropriate standards. For humans, bashing a chick on the head and dragging her off is wrong. In Cro-Magnon and neanderthal culture, this is normal and accepted behavior. We need to understand, they come from a different culture and have different values. We must respect their genetic and evolutionary disadvantage.

    • Steve Brains

      hehehee I GET you!

  • Cambel

    Awwww, is Sarah playing the victim again? Remember when she was unable to answer the simple question of “Where do you get your news?” and then she spent the next month or two crying that Katie Courick was a big meanie for asking her “Gotcha” questions? How about Palin stops for a minute and just realizes that she should be grateful that her daughter wasn’t arrested for assault.

    • Steve Brains

      “What do you READ?”

      WORLD CLASS “Gotcha” journalism!!!

  • Erma

    I heard Todd got a bloody nose. lmao.

    • Steve Brains

      And he didn’t do ANY of the Palin women that night!! Think Sarah Mystery pregnancy was really TODD’s and Bristol’s? or Trig’s?

  • Steve Brains

    WOW! “And in all of this talk about Bristol’s comments to the police, it seems as if nobody has pointed out the fact that in the midst of a drunken brawl at nearly midnight, she states that her 5-year-old was with her. Why was a 5-year-old out with a bunch of drunk family members cruising around in a limo at nearly midnight? You’re telling me that’s the place for a 5-year-old child? ”

    ANY other woman in ANY other place would have IMMEDIATELY had her CHILD taken by Child Protective Services and put in a FOSTER home until the details were completely out in the open. There would have been hearing, evaluations. court appearances and a JUDICIAL RECORD OF ARREST for CHILD ENDANGERMENT, NEGLECT, or ABUSE or all three if she was BLACK/LATINO and on Medicaid because she was working 2 Minimum wage jobs.

    This is NOT the Royal American Family! This is Semi Presidential Trailer Trash living on Reality TV money!! How Jerry Springer does this country have to get?

  • Ed Flieger

    Fuck the Palin’s especially that nobody couldn’t hack is a governor Sarah. This bitch and her family need to go away!

  • So now reporters are being fired for reporting the news without the use of kid’s gloves, because it’s the redneck palins? Screw that. This is news. The filter should be applied to children; not an entire family of belligerent and violent drunkards.

  • Steve Brains

    hehehee HAHAHA! The days of “Source” protection are GONE!

  • sky yellow – sun blue

    dumb hicks, we might have anticipated this.

  • Peter

    Ask yourself this question: If it had been one of Obama girls, how would FOX and Friends have handles it?

    • Libby123

      I suppose the difference is this: Unlike the political parent of Track and Bristol Palin, the political parent of the Obama girls WON the election so they have Secret Service protection and the carefully-planned schedules that go along with such a thing. They simply don’t show up uninvited to private parties and start fights when told to leave.

  • Tom Gonza

    Did the palins give apology to homeowners…well then why do they think they deserve one? They should move into a trailer park bc they would fit right in.

  • Jim Bean

    Interesting. A few weeks ago the Left was advertising itself as champions in the fight to eradicate violence against women. Now, it turns out, they’re willing to make some exceptions if its a woman they don’t like. I like the phrase ‘selectively virtuous.’

    • DAV

      The Palin gang got drunk, cruised around town until they found a party, crashed the party and started a drunken brawl when the owner of the house tried to throw them out. That isn’t violence against women, that is drunken trash acting like drunken trash. So, I’m wondering if you even bothered to read the article Mr. Troll?

      • Jim Bean

        Women being knocked down and dragged around has always been ‘violence against women’ from my perspective. If it had been Chelsea Clinton, we’d find it still is from your perspective too, at least some of the time.

      • DAV

        Palin was not knocked down and dragged. Witness statements do not match her claims.

      • EaDiot

        Facts… schmacts who cares if Mama Palin says it is so then it must be. This is all a lefteyes, commie, socialist, facist liburail plot to make sure Sarah can’t run for any orifice in the future!!

    • Libby123

      So, you couldn’t be bothered to read the story, eh? Really, it wasn’t that long and shouldn’t pain you too much. Your lips could probably use the exercise.
      Bristol lied to the police. Not one single witness account supports her story. Don’t you find it interesting that hers is the ONLY account that says any of this? That EVERYONE else who was there says something different and that those other accounts corroborate each other? She got caught lying and did what she and her parents always do when criticized. She not only lied about what happened, but piled on with whiny name-calling against anyone who calls her to account.

      She and all the rest of you right-wingers pretend to believe that Sarah Palin should never be criticized for anything, because that is the same as beating the living crap out of one’s wife. That’s insane! If I commit a murder and somebody sees me do it and tries to stop me from escaping by tackling me or by some other means of physical restraint, would anyone on the right wing wail and cry about that person beating up on a woman? No, you all would whip out your guns and start shooting and imagining yourselves to be some kind of hero for stopping a criminal.

      But it was a nice try, though. You certainly followed your marching orders and came out swinging with a lame argument, just like Fox News tells you to do.

      • Jim Bean

        The photos support her story. EVERY piece of evidence that exposes the Lefts hypocrisy is a ‘lie.’ Just like EVERY white person who criticizes Obama for anything is a racist.

      • Dude, do you even TROLL?

      • Libby123

        Which photos are those, please? You’ve seen photos, perhaps stills from some amateur video of the brawl taken by someone who was there? Were any of these photos published anywhere? I’d sure like to see them.

        Do they show some big burly mean guy decking Bristol and dragging her around by her feet as you and she claim? Or do they show what everyone at the party saw—Bristol repeatedly punching someone? Do they show mobs of enemy liberals rushing at poor helpless Sarah in a wedge formation bent on harming this hero of real American womanhood? Or do they show what everyone else at the party saw–Sarah screeching, “Do you know who I am?” at the homeowner and host of the party who asked her to leave because she and the rest of her cabal of ill-begotten hicks were neither invited nor welcome?

        I’m curious as to why you think this is a liberal vs. conservative issue. It isn’t. It is simply about yet another example of Sarah Palin believing she and her family are above the law and that must not be held accountable for despicable behavior. You;ve clearly demonstrated that rational, reasoned discussion won’t work with you, but any idiot can see that the stories about this incident have exactly nothing to do with anyone’s personal political leanings.
        I don’t give a damn what Sarah’s politics are. Her views about foreign relations, domestic spending or tax policy have nothing to do with her belief that it is okay to crash a private party and allow her children to start a violent brawl.
        Why don’t you understand any of this? I suspect that you actually do understand it, but for some perverse reason you think it serves you to pretend otherwise.
        I also suspect that you think Sarah regards you as a knight in shining armor defending her from the mean old liberals and their vicious lies. But Sarah doesn’t care about you. If she thinks of people like you at all, she chuckles that she has yet another fawning sycophant willing to make a public fool of himself squealing your butthurt outrage all over the Internet. Deal with that.

      • Bladewalker56

        The photos do not support her story. The hypocrisy is all yours, Jethro.

    • Bladewalker56

      What’s interesting is your ability to completely ignore the police report which proves Palin’s denial is false; just another plea for relevancy for a family that has no family values at all.

  • timber

    Except for the great hypocrisy of it all, why was it a news story to begin with?

  • Francis Fisher

    Allen, are you familiar with sentence fragments? Please, man, try a little harder next time. This was painful to read.

  • BridgetR

    Please don’t use “draft-dodger” as an insult. The war was wrong, and the draft was wrong. How he dodged the draft, well, that’s nothing to be proud of. And ” draft-dodging” stands as an insult, if the person you are accusing of it also has a history of thinking others should go fight a war. But your everyday pacifist draft-dodgers are welcome at my house.

    • Libby123

      Who are you talking about?

  • Frank DiCuffle

    This post and the comments that follow serve as a reminder of why much of liberslism is such a turn-off, and how should strive not to act.

    • Over It

      So, so true. The author and those who have commented are so gross and off-color. Their comments are sad and desperate.

    • Bladewalker56

      Your clueless reaction is undoubtedly a good part of the reason that no intelligent person is willing to associate themselves with your party and it’s fractured ideology and sub-par political heroes. The only ones turning anyone off here are you and the Tundra Tart, Jethro.

  • revraygreen


  • Paul

    WHY does Bristol still have custody of her kid? !

  • Earlene

    leave the reporter alone no one owes the Palins anything

  • Andy Kinnard

    Not that I disagree that the Palin family is a purulent and festering sore on the American buttocks, but Carol Costello is just awful with her judgemental off-the-cuff remarks, badgering of guests, and generally high level of faux outrage. Last week’s watching was SO much better without her on the air.

  • Over It

    Shut. Up. This article is disgusting and hostile. Liberals are the most whiney and ignorant of the bunch. Yelling about women’s rights and then making fun of a woman who claimed to be beaten. Some piss-ant journalist like you doesn’t even have access to formal reports that had the facts of that night, so for you to openly and IGNORANTLY spew hyperbole and your suspicions as to what really happened that night is insane and down-right ugly. No wonder you lefties are criticized for your narrow and ignorant minds. You only fight for women’s rights when that woman is a liberal. You only speak out on behalf of victims from domestic abuse is the victim is a liberal. Otherwise, “SHUT UP YOU STUPID IDIOT, YOU DESERVED TO BE BEATEN BECAUSE YOU WERE DRINKING!” Y’all are a bunch of idiots.

  • Snaggelpuss

    Oh, just stop it; you’re lowering yourself to an inappropriate level. It’s sad when we allow ourselves to be drawn into bitchy crap. Yes, you can associate with a potential president but, be honest, It was never gonna happen. So stop giving the Palins press. They’re nobodies.

  • Bud359

    “Apologize ??? Are they kidding? Every other word out of Bristol Palin’s mouth was prefaced with F-Bombs.” Sounds like that cunt, Hillary Clinton

    • Bud359

      and every asshole in the DNC – which is every member of the DNC

      • Bud359

        Democrats are feckless idiots

      • Bud359

        and deserve no apology

      • Bud359