North Carolina Democrat Says Republicans Should Be Feared Far More Than Sharia Law

josh-steinNorth Carolina Republicans have apparently decided to one-up Texas when it comes to ridiculous laws that seek to infringe on a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body—by sneaking abortion provisions into an “anti-Sharia law” bill introduced to the state Senate.

Yes, in a state with a struggling economy, the worry that Sharia law might break out at any moment and engulf North Carolina is of utmost concern—if you’re paranoid, insane and delusional.  Which many Republicans unfortunately have proven themselves to be.

But the real irony here is that Republicans are using their religious beliefs to define life and restrict abortions, while trying to prevent “Islamic religious law” that might possibly (and by “possibly” I mean not a chance in hell) impact our laws here in the United States.

Nothing quite like being fearful that Muslims might try to force their religious ideology on Americans, writing a bill to try to prevent it, and then using that same bill to try to force religious ideology on Americans.

Democratic State Senator Josh Stein called them out on the hypocrisy of it all, making it clear that we should definitely worry about religious law overriding Constitutional rights—but it’s not Sharia law we should worry about, it’s the Republicans perversion of Christianity.  Here’s a video of some of his remarks during the debate:

Stein said in part,”We had this anti-Sharia bill on the calendar this morning, it was a one or two page bill. Then that meeting gets canceled. Alright, fine. Then we get notice immediately before, that bill’s coming back up. We’ve seen that bill before, we’re ready to go in there and debate it. We go in there and (now) it has 5 or 6 new provisions on abortion. What is the relationship between Sharia law and abortion? The irony is, if you look at the anti-Sharia law provision, what it says is, “The general assembly hereby declares it to be the public policy of this state to protect its citizens from the application of law that would result in the violation of the fundamental Constitutional rights of a natural person.” That’s rich… The reason I am opposing this legislation is because its intent is to eliminate a woman’s Constitutional right to have access to healthcare procedures for her pregnancy.”

Stein went on to describe how the ridiculously strict abortion provisions Republicans added to the bill would close down all but one of the abortion providers in the state, effectively coming as close to outlawing safe access to abortion as humanly possible.

In his closing comments during the debate, Stein laid into Republicans with a scathing commentary on their hypocrisy. “When we don’t have anything to fear from the Sharia types,” Stein said, “what we have to fear is from the North Carolina General Assembly Republican Senate impinging on people’s fundamental Constitutional rights.”

I just find it truly ironic that Republicans are so fearful of Islamic radicals, terrorists and this “threat of Sharia law” (and by threat I mean it has zero chance at ever happening, and is completely made up by right-wing propaganda and insanity).  They’re the same people who sit here as American citizens constantly trying to attack the Constitutional rights they disagree with, and force their religious views on millions of Americans who don’t share their faith.

It’s the Christian version of “Sharia law.”

So what’s the real threat?  How many women’s lives might be put in harms way because of these sweeping anti-abortion bills Republicans all across this country seem determined to pass?

It’s easy to prey on ignorance and paint all Muslims as some group of radicals who want to destroy this country, but who’s really trying to trample our Constitution?  Muslims and “Sharia law,” or Republicans who feel it’s perfectly acceptable to violate Constitutionally upheld rights just because they happen to disagree with them?

Because last time I checked, I haven’t seen Muslims elected to any federal or state office scolding me on television as to why their religious beliefs force them to support or oppose a certain law.

In fact, Congressman Keith Ellison out of Minnesota was the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, and he has called the U.S. Constitution the “bedrock of American law.”  His voting record proves he puts his money where his mouth is.  Sweet irony is when a Muslim elected to Congress is the one protecting Constitutional rights while Republicans around him continue to legislate their religious beliefs.

I think that State Senator Stein in North Carolina hit the nail on the head.  Don’t fear some fabricated version of Sharia law that has never and will never exist in our country—fear the Republicans who are trying to impose their Christian version of it state by state across our nation.  They’re the ones truly waging a war on our Constitutional rights as Americans.

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