North Carolina Democrat Says Republicans Should Be Feared Far More Than Sharia Law

josh-steinNorth Carolina Republicans have apparently decided to one-up Texas when it comes to ridiculous laws that seek to infringe on a woman’s right to choose what to do with her own body—by sneaking abortion provisions into an “anti-Sharia law” bill introduced to the state Senate.

Yes, in a state with a struggling economy, the worry that Sharia law might break out at any moment and engulf North Carolina is of utmost concern—if you’re paranoid, insane and delusional.  Which many Republicans unfortunately have proven themselves to be.

But the real irony here is that Republicans are using their religious beliefs to define life and restrict abortions, while trying to prevent “Islamic religious law” that might possibly (and by “possibly” I mean not a chance in hell) impact our laws here in the United States.

Nothing quite like being fearful that Muslims might try to force their religious ideology on Americans, writing a bill to try to prevent it, and then using that same bill to try to force religious ideology on Americans.

Democratic State Senator Josh Stein called them out on the hypocrisy of it all, making it clear that we should definitely worry about religious law overriding Constitutional rights—but it’s not Sharia law we should worry about, it’s the Republicans perversion of Christianity.  Here’s a video of some of his remarks during the debate:

Stein said in part,”We had this anti-Sharia bill on the calendar this morning, it was a one or two page bill. Then that meeting gets canceled. Alright, fine. Then we get notice immediately before, that bill’s coming back up. We’ve seen that bill before, we’re ready to go in there and debate it. We go in there and (now) it has 5 or 6 new provisions on abortion. What is the relationship between Sharia law and abortion? The irony is, if you look at the anti-Sharia law provision, what it says is, “The general assembly hereby declares it to be the public policy of this state to protect its citizens from the application of law that would result in the violation of the fundamental Constitutional rights of a natural person.” That’s rich… The reason I am opposing this legislation is because its intent is to eliminate a woman’s Constitutional right to have access to healthcare procedures for her pregnancy.”

Stein went on to describe how the ridiculously strict abortion provisions Republicans added to the bill would close down all but one of the abortion providers in the state, effectively coming as close to outlawing safe access to abortion as humanly possible.

In his closing comments during the debate, Stein laid into Republicans with a scathing commentary on their hypocrisy. “When we don’t have anything to fear from the Sharia types,” Stein said, “what we have to fear is from the North Carolina General Assembly Republican Senate impinging on people’s fundamental Constitutional rights.”

I just find it truly ironic that Republicans are so fearful of Islamic radicals, terrorists and this “threat of Sharia law” (and by threat I mean it has zero chance at ever happening, and is completely made up by right-wing propaganda and insanity).  They’re the same people who sit here as American citizens constantly trying to attack the Constitutional rights they disagree with, and force their religious views on millions of Americans who don’t share their faith.

It’s the Christian version of “Sharia law.”

So what’s the real threat?  How many women’s lives might be put in harms way because of these sweeping anti-abortion bills Republicans all across this country seem determined to pass?

It’s easy to prey on ignorance and paint all Muslims as some group of radicals who want to destroy this country, but who’s really trying to trample our Constitution?  Muslims and “Sharia law,” or Republicans who feel it’s perfectly acceptable to violate Constitutionally upheld rights just because they happen to disagree with them?

Because last time I checked, I haven’t seen Muslims elected to any federal or state office scolding me on television as to why their religious beliefs force them to support or oppose a certain law.

In fact, Congressman Keith Ellison out of Minnesota was the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, and he has called the U.S. Constitution the “bedrock of American law.”  His voting record proves he puts his money where his mouth is.  Sweet irony is when a Muslim elected to Congress is the one protecting Constitutional rights while Republicans around him continue to legislate their religious beliefs.

I think that State Senator Stein in North Carolina hit the nail on the head.  Don’t fear some fabricated version of Sharia law that has never and will never exist in our country—fear the Republicans who are trying to impose their Christian version of it state by state across our nation.  They’re the ones truly waging a war on our Constitutional rights as Americans.

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Josy

    This is the kind of politician we need. These are not “abortion” clinics they are trying to close. These clinics provide health care to those with no insurance. Not only do they provide birth control and healthy women exams, they provide routine health care and health care to men as well. The thing they do the least of is abortions, but since it does exist, everyone is an evil baby killer. Once that kid is born, they aren’t going to provide health care, food assistance or education/preschool. No sex education when they get older so they can fall in the same path. I can not believe this is what “Christians” want. They need to stop using this as their excuse. We need more politicians like Josh Stein to stand up and call out these miscreants that call themselves “Christians” or “for the people” or whatever tag line they are using now. America is starting to wake up and pay attention, but I’m afraid it’s not happening fast enough

    • Actually…people without insurance that have children that have low income have many optioons for care in many states. And food. So the issue of taking care of the children has been solved in many cases. Maybe the problem is the glut of people gaming the system instead of the disadvantaged who need it. You know anyone who lives together with children and/or chooses to go unmarried because it benefits them to do so ? What’s more realistic….a republican religious war or a preemptive strike against facilities that will be obsolete next year when the Health Care takes effect?

      • Anne2

        Please remove you head from your anal sphincter. If this were anything other than Republicans attempting to force their beliefs down everyone else’s throat, they could just wait for the day Obamacare makes it obsolete as you think will happen. The problem with republicans seems to be that they haven’t had sex in so long their thoughts are revolving around female reproductive organs rather than passing bills that might serve a purpose for their constituents

      • musclebusted

        The problem with your argument is the amount of opinion you inject into it. I don’t believe in abortion but I suppose that since you do it is okay for my tax dollars to fund it?Who wants to fund something when they believe it is killing an innocent being (in their beliefs) there was a time when the value of all human life was a good thing and not some backwards obstruction of a female right to kill.
        Do we allow our animal control to go willy nilly and perform abortions on what they believe to be stray animals because the population numbers are fine? Or would we have to hear a bunch of bleeding heart types ranting about animal cruelty?
        What I notice…with my head removed from my sphincter is inconsistency with this whole what is/what isn’t a life. I notice a lot of abortion believers who also seem to be all for charging criminals with murder when an unborn child is killed. Those same conservatives hold consistent with wanting laws protecting unborn children…I NEVER see a pro abortion person rally against a murder charge for an unborn fetus when some assailant is to blame.

        At least the Westboro Baptists are consistent with their sick beliefs. You get a real sense of where they come from.

        Now….onto the sex issue…I remember a time when your sexuality was an in private thing. That being said…people need to wake up to the fact that the States and Nation are in a crisis of money. Everyone wants the government to cut the fat….but boy oh boy if it affects personal choices….like having unprotected sex and then taking a internal shot from someone. Democrats seem to want a government to shield them from the liability of their bad choices, but not actually try to prevent those bad choices from happening…especially if it denies them something as simple as being responsible enough to trust the person you are having sex with so that the well known results of unprotected sex don’t occur before you are ready. Family planning that includes abortions based on inconvenience (not rape, incest, or medical crisis) is sick. See how I can generalize too Anne?

        The government needs to cut costs….abortions are unnecessary 99% of the time. It is a simple thing to allow provisions for the horrendous crimes of rape or incest, or in the cases of major medical complications, to protect the poor women and families that have to suffer. Heck, given testing advances, I would even support allowing fetuses that test possible for mental and/or physical defects to be terminated…if only because I have seen personally how the struggle with special needs children consumes a families lives. And while I know two great parents who love and adore their child and are wonderful with his condition…..I have also seen how it ages them. It is 24/7 alert because you can hardly know the mind of a normal child but you hope they understand certain given base things.

      • kasper

        I agree with most of what you have said …However even though you are clear thinking you are not looking at the big picture. I disagree with abortion too but It is the conservatives that have done everything in their power to remove sex ed from schools. They also appose free contraceptive devices. This means that they are trying and in some cases the cause of the lack of education that then causes the problem at hand. You have to understand that if you cannot afford condoms or if you do not know how to use them …you will not use them. Also the pill I would meet you half way on this … Take away taxpayers dollars for abortion but guarantee free contraception devices.and sex ed .Other than that . Well said.

      • Nicolas Edwards

        tax dollars have never funded abortions.

      • Marie

        Since 1976, the Hyde Amendment has been used to ban the federal government from spending money on abortion.

      • Robyn Ryan

        Which is the same as a poll tax. It prevents women from exercising their Constitutional right not to be pregnant. This is especially onerous for military women, who can be trapped in a region with no civilian gyn access.

      • Robyn Ryan

        Women are citizens, not stray animals. We pay taxes, vote and lead our own lives. I am a human being, not a sperm locker. Your screed assumes my life is secondary to my fertilized egg, an assumption usually drawn from Western monotheistic sperm worship.
        You cannot force women to be pregnant against their will. That is slavery.

      • jrieves

        Yes, people are gaming the system because living on SNAP and TANF is such a wonderful life. Why don’t you try eating on $4 dollars a day and living in Section 8 housing and see if that’s the life you’d want for your family.

      • musclebusted

        Those are the people that need the help. I’m not talking about that segment. And this is me…I’m having problem with getting my profile linked in

        I’m talking about all the not poor people who take advantage of government programs and tax breaks because they CAN, not because they NEED it.

        Benefits designed to help the poor or single parent should not be applicable to couples who are together but unmarried…that is where I believe a lot of the increase in participation comes from. We should all be outraged at anyone who steals benefits because they are trying to take advantage of their poor planning. Some of these benefits programs do exactly that because there is enforcement based only upon income they see.

        Would you believe that when I took custody of my son and canceled his medicaid his mother carried.. the review officer told me that if I figured out a way to eliminate a certain percentage of my income my son would remain on the program? I called to cancel and send them my court documents like I was required too and they tried to instruct me how to stay on the programs….NOW…she was being very kind and well intentioned to me…but she is lucky I have scruples and told her I did not need to have those benefits because others needed them.

      • kasper

        What you did was noble but if the people are acting within the law you need to change the law . The problem with changing the law is enforcement would cost just as much/or more than the system currently in place. When a system is corrupt you have to throw it out in favor of a new and better one but then you have the problem of lapse . (people will fall through the cracks .) In addition that costs money too. So having said that the problem then shifts to cost versus making money. trimming the fat does not work has not worked and will not work. We need to find new revenues not make cuts . This is something the USA has not and will not look into this . Hell they have not even brought it up.

      • Anne2

        Scruples, really? Scruples would have been carrying insurance, so your son’s mother would have never had to apply for Medicaid to begin with. That’s called owning up and being a father-taking care of your child REGARDLESS of who had custody Musclehead.

  • MarkBousquet

    Paranoid, insane and delusional describes all fascists. They won’t be happy and feel “safe and secure” until they have total control over people’s lives while enforcing strict conformity.

    • Reminds me of New York City

      • MES

        Apparently you have never been to NYC, the safest big city on the planet. Imagine it scares the feces out of you, after which there’s very little left. As for control over people’s lives, we have lots of laughs at the mayor’s expense.

      • quest 45

        MES…..Well it seems a very beautiful place….not scared of that one bit. In fact would love to tour Central Park and the multitude of bridges. Truly love architecture and that place if rife with it. BUT….I was more referring to the fact that the city have any entire community that exists to serve well to do New Yorkers, and they cannot afford to live there. Hell….just listening to your transit authority screwing it’s citizens with rate increases while they operate like fossils is sick.

        But it doesn’t stop there….park passes to pay to walk in a park…gun restriction so severe that you have random pat downs….having to pay a fee to use your bicycle….to me it sounds like the home of greed.

        Not a citizen thing per se… the way…this is the guy you replied to

      • Dee

        What is with the Labia in your name. Do you wish so much to have one?

      • Nicolas Edwards

        No, your scared of nyc because of all the brown, yellow, black, white, purple, and green mixing. don’t you know jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world.

  • chair jackson

    Have they gone mad in NC?? The people there can’t be that conservative. [Obama carried the state in 2008]. very strange…

    • ricosmom

      We aren’t all… many areas of NC are sane. But we have to get out and vote and show them that they can’t get away with this BS.

      • Do those facalities have relevance when universal health care for all starts in 6 months….I am wondering about that? I’m anti abortion but pro choice I figure its ur pain to have to deal with. I just have a hard time believing in this war on vaginas as much as I see people tired of paying for them

      • Kathy Ruth

        Do you know how many people will still NOT have healthcare when this law takes effect? These same states are not participating in Medicaid so there will still be no healthcare for these people.
        And I’m not sure what you are paying for, but it isn’t anyone’s abortion! (Unless it is YOURS!)

      • quest45

        Posting as a guest….but this is muscle…my discuss was not syncing…..Kathy….do you research things before you form opinions? Just so you know….not only does North Carolina provide medicaid, the have a nifty website which makes the application process so easy. Just a simple internet query and BINGO. Now some states did opt out of Medicare expansion….but that is a horse of a different color.

        As those places… you really think abortions are not being done on the taxpayer dime? I know many states say that legally they are not…but it’s all in the paperwork now isn’t it? Our government is ridiculously inept so if you want to believe they can actually track that stuff then fine…just explain for me how their own oversight bodies miss government employee corruption.

        Abortion is such an UGLY thing for something that 99% of the time is avoidable. Birth Control is sold all over the place. Contraceptives are plentiful. Except for rape and incest and those rare medical emergencies….why should irresponsibility come with a government safety net? Do you know how you get pregnant? I know how babies are formed. And now adays most kids in fourth grade know

      • barbdant

        Evidently, you have not applied for state Medicaid. If you are an adult, male or female, you do not qualify for state Medicaid, regardless of your health issues. If you apply and actually get a hearing, you are humiliated and questioned like you are a criminal because you have health issues. Adults between the ages of 18 and 64 are not automatically eligible for Medicaid in NC regardless of their income or circumstance. And it is a travesty that the Governor signed away any chance of 500,000 NC citizens being eligible for those benefits. I recently turned 65 and now have Medicare. I will continue to fight for health care for all NC citizens even if I have mine because it is the right thing to do and I know firsthand how hard it was for me not to be able to afford going to the doctor. Do you homework before you assume that all who need it can get it, here in NC they cannot.

      • musclebusted

        Well…..let me say it simply…its because if you do not have children that have to suffer along with your hardships because they have no ability to help change things when they are young and there is no medical reason for you to be unemployed…then you are at the bottom of the list of government Aid.

        At 65….do you remember the working stiffs who had multiple jobs to make ends meet and try to improve your lives? Do you think that sense of “Get Er Done” exists in todays society where the desire to have it all fast and young helped lead to a crushing debt crisis?
        If you have every complained that the people of today just don’t have your generations moxy then we should be agreeing because I see a lot of irresponsibility that people don’t want to have to deal with because they want the government to protect them.

        But the government sucks anyways…not supporting the politicians….they need to be removed…both sides spin their lies and keep this country divided while they loot our future with impunity

      • Kathy Ruth

        I guess YOU, Guest, don’t research much! Or READ for that matter! I never said these services were not available NOW! The bills BEING INTRODUCED in these states will gut the social services safety net so that they will no longer be available to those who need the help.
        NO abortions are paid for from taxpayer money, and, yes, our governments do, indeed tack these things very carefully because of process line you who very all your news from right-wing talking head.
        I don’t like the idea of abortion but I also doing think someone else’s decision is for her and her doctor to make, not mine, not yours, and certainly not some politicians pushing their OWN version of Sharia Law!

      • musclebusted

        Sharia Law?

        Do you see what you do again……tell me oh research queen…..just how does this equate to Sharia Law except for you decision to dramatize your argument?

      • musclebusted

        By the way dear….I do my research….and I also read. Now..if you forgot to include the word EXPANSION in your initial argument to me that is fine but that was your mistake, not my lack of research since I responded to your comment. Notice I included the word expansion for you in pointing out that the state MAY have opted against it.

        you sound like someone who has passing knowledge of the issues but is consumed with some female empowerment thing which clouds judgement. I don’t go around applying white male power to everything that happens in my life…I try to realize and understand when I am wrong and when I am right. It really seems like you operate from a position of protecting the unfortunates…which is a good trait EXCEPT when it is blindly applied. Look around at everyone you know in your life and then take a moment to think about all the hardships they have had and how many of them stem from bad decisions. If you want government to protect you from bad decisions this country goes broker than a bad joke in no time flat.

        Do you really think women are being denied care? That impoverished women are being denied treatments? Or is it just harder for them to have care because in a country of 350 plus million industries tend to prioritize people?

    • Crysta

      Its called gerrymandering… Thats how they can control 3/4 of the state legislators, with only 45-50% of the vote…

      They shove all the Democrats into a few big districts, then proceed to spread out every other district as much as possible among the Republicans. You end up with a few Democratic districts with 6 digit populations, and 3 times as many Republican districts with small 5 digit populations…

  • Mister_Mean

    The Tea Party-the American Taliban.

    • I keep forgetting how many people they slaughtered this year…how many women they forced into the shadows of a man….how many icons they destroyed of non believers faith.
      Its called context there Mean

      • Melanie Baker Majikas

        Sorry, how many Iraqi and Afghan civilians have our “Christian” Republican leaders slaughtered in their wars for the past 12 years?

      • ADTurnbull

        You might be interested to know, Melanie, and if you get your news only from America’s negligent “mainstream” media you could be forgiven for being ignorant of this fact…but the Democrats controlled ALL of Congress from 2006-2010, the Democrats STILL control the Senate, and a Democrat has been in the White House for more than 4 years.

        But go on railing against your straw men “Christian Republican leaders,” and put your abject ignorance on display for all the world to see.

      • Paul WIlson

        What does who controlled what between 2006 and 2010 have to do with anything? The article at the top of this threads is about “Christian” Republicans ramming their own version of Sharia law down the throats of the citizens of their states — in the case of the article, North Carolina, a state which I’m becoming more and more embarrassed to have to admit that I’m from.

      • dittoheadadt

        Really, Paul? You REALLY can’t figure out the context of my comment? Considering the quality of thought, and I use that term loosely, on this website and in this thread, I can’t say I’m surprised you’re incapable of following a bouncing ball.

        You must be as brain-addled as Melanie. I’d explain it to you further, but considering the fact that you apparently cannot comprehend written English nor follow a line of reasoning, my efforts would be wasted.

        But here’s a hint: my original comment was a rebuttal to Melanie. See if that helps you figure things out.


  • sam phelps

    I have begun referring to these people as Christian Taliban This is their version of Sharia and they will not be satisfied until we all are bound by it Time to vote OUT your Republican conservative incumbents before they start insisting that women all wear burkas

    • Crysta

      Yes, Burkas are next, since “we wimminz” need to stop tempting the men with our fleshy bodies… They will push it as “rape prevention”…

      Just you watch!

  • Terry FiveOs

    Can you please print a list of names of all who voted for this ridiculous legislation?

    • Dee

      I have received the list form a face book post. Check your face book.

  • Rusti

    We need more like Senator Stein. I thank him for standing up for women. Hopefully, it will make a difference. Those in North Carolina seem to devalue women, but they are better with white men. So sad that government has come to this. Falwell started this religious incursion. If he were still here I’d kick him to the other side!

  • william Scanlon

    The mere fact that they included religion as part of the legislation just means they are crazy. when you use religion as the basis of a piece of legislation all that is needed to negate the law is that it is based on a religion is to queastion its validity based on constitutional law. When this is challenged and elevated to a specific court it will be declared not valid based upon the intent to persecdute those that follow a certain religion. The state reps and state senators are merely posing for the t party.

  • Mary

    It’s called “Christian Reconstructionism,” and it’s terrifying.

  • jrieves

    One thing you need to understand about NC (and probably all other) Republicans is that they’re not “paranoid, insane and delusional”. Okay, some of them are, making them “useful idiots” for those who have a lot more on the ball. Them and the power behind the throne, groups like ALEC whose policy reccomendations heavily influence the current NC General Assembly. Including abortion in the anti-Sharia law is a prime example of how they operate.They know the proposed abortion policies would stir up an already inflamed populace, so they hide them in a bill that most had previously dismissed as utterly ridiculous and irrelevant. A little political slight of hand, if you will. I just hope these cynical assholes don’t destroy my beloved home state before we can get them out of office.

  • John

    I’m not sure of the full content of the bill but I think to link this to “How many women’s lives might be put in harms way because of these sweeping anti-abortion bills Republicans all across this country seem determined to pass?” Is ridiculous. Women are not dying because of anti abortion laws. We do not have an epidemic of death because of pregnancy. At best women are inconvenienced because of a poor choice. It’s the unborn babies that are put in harms way by the current abortion laws. Who speaks for them?

    • Crysta

      Who speaks for the SEVERAL EXISTING CHILDREN, that many mothers seeking abortions have. And there is also the FUTURE children the other “non parental” women may have in the future, assuming she is allowed to choose when she becomes a mother.

      Family planning, is ESSENTIAL in breaking the poverty cycle, and a MAJORITY of pregnancies are unintentional. And a LOT of those happened when contraception WAS BEING USED!

      Yes, Abortion is a bad thing, but IT NEEDS TO BE THERE! To protect women, and their families, past, present, and future!

      The pure fact, is that the ONLY way that Abortion could be truly eliminated, is if WOMEN REFUSED SEX, unless the man they were involved with was TRYING TO HAVE A BABY, and ONLY THEN could they have sex. Additionally (and this is a scary thought) they would need to get SUPER NASTY on rapists, and REALLY WORK to prosecute them, and depart almost entirely from what our system does right now (which only works to re-victimize the victims)

      And sadly, even with the most extreme policies in place, there will STILL be the occasional pregnancy that endangers the womans life. And there will STILL be the occasional violent offender who doesn’t care if he gets caught, and will rape women regardless…

      Women can AND WILL get abortions, whether it is illegal or not, we will just die much more often with illegal back alley abortions…

      Not that the republicans will care much “we can just make another woman…”

    • Cemetery Girl

      I am a woman, a person, not a living incubator. I am a mother of four children, yet I am firmly pro-choice. I couldn’t possibly agree with someone else dictating if a woman should have a child. Perhaps when birth control is readily available for all and pregnancy isn’t viewed as the punishment for spreading your legs I might change my position. Although probably not. A woman deserves the right to decide if the impact of pregnancy (which trust me, as a healthy woman who spent a pregnancy on bed rest and trips to the hospital to stop premature labor, any pregnancy can turn risky) and the effects on her family will be too much.

  • Dee

    Why can’t the legislature be more open instead of lurking in dark corners. Their minds must be very dark. They seem to see evil every where. Do they have no good within them. They should concentrate on jobs and not a woman’s right to choose.

  • These Dominionists, like Gary North, Pat Robertson, and others…. want to impose a form of Christian nationalism on the United States, a concept that was dismissed as eroding freedom and democracy by the founders of our country.

    Dominionists celebrate Christian nationalism, in that they believe the United States once was, and should again be, a Christian nation. In this way, they deny the Enlightenment roots of American democracy.

    Dominionists promote religious supremacy, insofar as they generally do not respect the equality of other religions, or even other versions of Christianity.

    Dominionists endorse theocratic visions, believing that the Ten Commandments, or “biblical law,” should be the foundation of American law, and that the U.S. Constitution should be seen as a vehicle for implementing Biblical principles.

    Christian Reconstructionism is a “new form of clerical fascist politics,” which echoes the religiously based clerical fascist movements that existed during World War II in countries including Romania and Hungary. Christian Reconstructionists believe that as more Christians adopt Dominion Theology, they will eventually convert the majority of Americans. Then the country will realize that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are merely codicils to Old Testament biblical law. Because they believe this is God’s will, they scoff at criticism that what they plan is a revolutionary overthrow of the existing system of government.

    Christian Reconstructionists are also presuppositionalists in their approach to Christian apologetics as taught in modern Calvinism, and oppose natural law theory as a basis for civil law order. Islamic nationalism aka Sharia Law.. Dominion Theory aka Christian nationalism..same thing.

  • Marie

    My husband and I relied on Planned Parenthood for contraceptives and well-woman exams because as impoverished, non-traditional students, neither of us had health insurance, and we didn’t want to risk a pregnancy when we were so poor, we considered sharing a $1 snow-cone a fancy date. Neither of Oklahoma’s two abortion providers is a Planned Parenthood clinic, but they are routinely targeted by protesters and politicians seeking to strip them of their funding, to the detriment of the people that depend on them for care.

  • ADTurnbull

    So what do y’all think of Kermit Gosnell?

  • Christina McDonald

    I KNOW there are some pro lifers out there who are going to get pissy about it but the bottom line is…a WOMAN is the one who is risking herself to carry and deliver a baby…NOT a man, NOT a church, NOT a doctrine in the world should interfere with what SHE decides to do with her body. At what point do we remind ourselves that a WOMAN is here and breathing and has rights to make a decision whether or not she can or will take that risk? Oh and with the way that the republicans want to mess around with birth control, they better not get rid of the clinics, otherwise their “pure” and “virginal” kids will have nowhere to go for help. (Unless they plan to start yet a new business enterprise selling the children of enSLAVED wombs).

  • Cathy Moore Casper

    Bravo, Mr. Stein! We need more politicians like you. You tell it like it is. The NC legislature of today is shameful. The entire country is laughing at us, pointing their fingers and saying “rednecks”.

  • Adam Ziarnik

    How is it that Sharia Law doesn’t have a chance in hell of impacting law in the United States? It is impacting law in the UK. If it can happen there, it can happen here. These things don’t happen overnight – it’s a gradual process.

  • Robyn Ryan

    They miss being able to own people.