Not The Onion: Rand Paul’s Appallingly Ridiculous Claim about Science and Abortion

rand_paulWhen it comes to Republican politicians I absolutely can’t stand, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is right near the top of that list.  And let’s be honest here, the only reason he’s even a senator is because of who his dad is.  Rand tries to piggy back off the “Paul-bot” cult-like following his dad built, while still trying to pander enough to the other radicals in the Republican party in hopes that all of it will someday culminate in a successful presidential bid.

Well, while speaking at a “Christian” school founded by the late Jerry Falwell, Rand “tea party darling” Paul took his pandering to the far right fanatics to a whole new level.

Paul spoke out and suggested that scientific advances in technology and medicine, combined with abortion, may one day lead to the return of eugenics.

What’s eugenics, you ask?  It’s the process by which the human race might try to “perfect” itself by eliminating less than desirable traits.

Paul said:

“In your lifetime, much of your potential, or lack thereof, can be known simply by swabbing the inside of your cheek.  Are we prepared to select out the imperfect among us?”

Yes, he actually said this.

Apparently he implied to those in attendance that the “imperfect among us” would be eliminated through advances in the science behind abortion.

Essentially he’s saying that if we continue to accept abortion, combined with advanced scientific breakthroughs, we’re surely headed for a time in humanity where those who are seen as “imperfect” will be seen as outcasts or completely eliminated from society altogether.  A time that did exist in our past — you know, back before all of the scientific advances we’ve made in the decades since.  Who cares about scientific advances leading to the curing of illnesses and better lives for people, right?  Apparently to Paul, these are evil and leading us back down a path to forced sterilization and elimination of those deemed unfit.

Who knew abortion would lead us to rejecting proven advances in science and reverting back to something that hasn’t functionally existed in this country in several decades?

This is the kind of right-wing rhetoric that is absolutely insane.  It’s such blatant fear mongering, based on nothing more than a desire to feed off the paranoia and ignorance of those you’re speaking to, that I’m embarrassed this man is a United States Senator.

To actually try to perpetuate this idea that somehow giving women the right to choose what to do with their own body, and have control over their own health, might possibly lead to the return of eugenics is absolutely absurd.  No, it’s beyond absurd — it’s pretty much Onion-like in its absurdity.  But he really said it. 

And the worst part is, I’m almost certain millions of Republicans actually believe this kind of nonsense.  But then again, that’s what the Republican party is really all about.  They’ve built a party based off voters who seem to live in a constant state of fear and paranoia.  Then these people seem to live in what seems like an endless supply of hatred, anger and are often very easily manipulated.

Which are traits Rand Paul is well aware of and something he was clearly trying to utilize with his ridiculous comments.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim

    If there is a revival of eugenics, it won’t be because of abortion per se. It will be because of hate and greed.

    • strayaway

      China is experimenting with the idea of allowing people who have some sort of brilliance or talent to have more than one child and bribing people of low intelligence to have none. What has that policy to do with hate or greed?

      • Nemesis_Nexus

        The greedy will accept the bribe.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        And the haters will claim the right to decide who has “low intelligence”….just as they did in Nazi Germany.

      • Wayne Bassett


      • Brooke Sennott

        Yes! Remember that Albert Einstein’s teachers called him stupid and said he would not amount to anything. It is impossible to tell a persons capability.

  • jfletch

    This man went to medical school. Seriously.

    • dylan

      Rand is an optometrist…not quite doing rotations through the ER.

      • Kevin Michael Shelton

        and writes his own license.

      • jfletch

        Ophthalmologist, so he did go through regular medical school and all of those rotations.

  • atcg

    He’s been watching a little too much Gattaca this weekend

    • Pipercat


  • Matthew Reece

    “But then again, that’s what the Republican party is really all about.
    They’ve built a party based off voters who seem to live in a constant
    state of fear and paranoia. Then these people seem to live in what
    seems like an endless supply of hatred, anger and are often very easily

    The Democratic establishment has also done something similar, but in different ways and for different reasons.

    • Scott Sourile

      Agreed. Neither side minds scaring the other aginst the other party… It’s what happens in a two party system too… :/

    • JoeBS

      A very vague statement. Please elaborate and cite actual incidents and sources.

      • Matthew Reece

        The Democratic establishment has created a permanent dependent underclass who survive on entitlement and welfare programs. These people are easily manipulated into voting Democratic by scaring them into believing that they could not survive in a free market without such programs, and then telling them that all Republicans want to put them in that position.

      • FortunateProfessor

        Not true. That’s the silly belief started by Reagan with the funky notion of the welfare queens. Who if not a Democrat was the first one to reform the welfare system making it temporary, and only approved on the conditino that the beneficiary would get a job at a certain point? And where are jobs coming from when they are all exported elsewhere? The notion of the dependent classes is a myth. And the idea that the Democrats are scaring people into voting Democrat is not true: the Republicans are sending some people to vote Democrat because of their willingness to destroy social assistance programs. So much for being Christian and what not…

      • GuinnessWoman

        Yes their are a lot of entitlement programs. But you fail to mention all the entitlement programs for the rich. What about the oil subsidies and farm subsidies that are paid out to profitable farms and refineries?

      • Matthew Reece

        This is how the Republican establishment has done something similar.

  • Dale Mulkey

    what do you expect from republican trash? and dont give me that he is a libertairian bs. they are the same thing

    • Kurt Depner

      Since every libertarian I know or have ever known is pro choice, pro immigration, pro gay marriage, pro legalization et al, Rand Paul is most definitely not one. And they are NOT the same thing as Republicans. Do your homework.

      • ginjaninjaavenja

        Thats funny, most Libertarians I know are strictly anti-abortion rights, want to close the borders, and are against hate crime laws or anything other protection of specific groups. Do YOUR homework.

      • Mr Smith

        Then they are not libertarians.
        Lets forego the whole do your homework thing due to the fact that, fact checking and gaining a basic understanding of the topic at hand is far beyond your intellectual capacity and give you a very basic understanding of what a libertarian is defined as.

        1. One who advocates maximizing individual rights and minimizing the role of the state.
        2. One who believes in free will.

        So long story short, don’t waste our time trolling with lazy ignorance. Your only proving to the world how happily uneducated you are.

      • Katie B

        The second half of your definition is specious; everyone barring a handful of philosophers and religious calvinists believes in free will. The first half is disingenuous because while libertarians talk a good game where individual rights are concerned, they tend to enact “individual rights” as “the right of a small number of individuals to make a whole lot of money by stepping on everyone else, by reducing the state to a nub and assuming that the wealthiest individuals will do the right thing of their own volition,” which demonstrates shocking naïvete.

      • disqus_aWrmdC4wOy

        lol…take Mr Smith down… I will take your reasoned and cogent statement…….over the simplistic and patronising Mr Smith!!

      • GuinnessWoman

        The Libertarians are another name for the republican party. I met a guy who claimed to be Libertarian. He is a big fan of Paul Ryan saying Paul Ryan knows about the working class because he worked in his father’s construction business. Paul Ryan was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never worked a hard day in his life. I also got literature on the Libertarian party because I was interested in learning about them. Their is little difference between them and the Republican party.

      • gemma liar

        gonna haf2 agree here w you

      • GLT777

        Maybe you are the grand enforcer of libertarian dogma, but you are incorrect. Ron Paul is foaming at the mouth anti-abortion, but somehow that didn’t prevent him from being chosen as the nominee for president of the Libertarian Party.

      • David Whapham

        Then the one’s you know are not Libertarians. While they may not personally like abortion, to be a Libertarian they must acknowledge than it’s not their place to tell somebody else what to believe. The “tea party” and Libertarians are not the same thing. The media likes to label anyone who is not either a Republican or Democrat a “Tea Bagger”.

      • BadKitty

        It appears that politicians who call themselves “Libertarian” do not come anywhere near the actual definition of political Libertarianism — hence the confusion.

      • strayaway

        Your are correct to a point. A `100% libertarian would be an anarchist. Everyone can be placed on a libertarian-authoritarian spectrum. Anarchists, at the extreme libertarian end, probably spend much or their time in jails. In contrast, Ron Paul as an example, defines himself as a constitutional libertarian. Having to support all the federal and potential state government powers allocated by the Constitution keeps him a long way from being an anarchistic libertarian although he is probably equally far spaced from the more authoritarian leaders of both parties.

      • GLT777

        Rand and his father are both libertarians and are fiercely anti-abortion. And according to the 2013 PRRI American Values Survey, only 57% of self identified libertarians were opposed to further restrictions on abortion. This is the same as the general population. So apparently your personal experience with libertarians is not at all representative. Do your homework.

    • midwstgirl

      They have combined the Libertarian type (Ayn Rand) with the Religious Right (Jerry Farwell) for votes. They have to combined these two to have enough votes. Problem is they are ideologically different and in conflicting.

  • carolgardner

    If he were a true libertarian, while the May not approve abortion he would be neutral on government’s role.

    • Matthew Reece

      A philosophical libertarian would want government completely uninvolved with abortion and would probably have a personal view close to that of Walter Block’s evictionist position.

  • Scott Sourile

    I hope it leads to removing the genes in future generations of kids that have the inability to think of new solutions to the problems of the future. Maybe we can genetically remove what makes a backwards thinking individual…

    • Jake Criss

      Who decides who is backwards? Be careful that bullseye is aimed at you.

  • Scumbags

    Wouldn’t the right wing love this. Then they could just get rid of all the poor working class people of this country. Hell they are already trying to do that.

    • Scaramongus

      On the contrary they are doing away with the middle class to make everyone part of a poor working class. This has been there goal for decades. Almost all of there policies have revolved around creating a class of low wage earners.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        “Atlas Shrugged”–the holy book for people like Paul–is the story of a man who invents a new alloy that he wants to use for railroad tracks, and how the “establishment” keeps preventing him from doing so. Somehow, the “peons” who are also necessary for building railroads are rarely mentioned: the men who would mine that ore, smelt it, cast it; the people who grade the right of way; those who lay the tracks; those who build the locomotives; those who drill for the oil to power the locomotives… know, all the thousands of other people who are essential to making trains run. There’s a certain contempt for those people in the Ayn Rand universe….and among those who, like Paul, think America should be based on the Ayn Rand model.

      • Norseman75

        The Ayn Rand & reverse Robinhood Syndrome….take from the poor to make the rich richer….then when they’re richer they can buy more politicians to also make them richer 1ith their wages being paid for by the poor taxpayer….this all started with Ronald Regan, their IDOL…it started with him firing the air traffic controllers and with changing to the health care/insurance industry to help ins. companys pay less, ppl pay more…being able to not pay for preexisiting diseases …but they fail to mention also how much this man raised taxes….but their BIBLE is AYN RAND….a bunch selfish A$$H013$….

  • ikesambobby


  • BDW

    Libertarianism is a belief system for those people that think adolescence is the epitome of human achievement.

    • gemma liar

      im stealing and using that!

      • Wayne Bassett

        me too lol


    I emailed his father admonishing him for screwing his sister because now he has a retarded son.

    • Aaron Childers

      Thank you

    • strayaway

      Ron Paul, an OB, has four brothers and no sisters. His four brothers include two ministers, a CPA, and a math professor. Three of his five children are also doctors. Please tell us about your family, for comparison, since this thread is very loosely linked to eugenics.


        First let’s talk a little bit more about randy. His speech was plagiarized from wikipedia, second, his so called medical license is a complete fraud. The state board doesn’t recognize him the only board certification is from his made up certification in which he is the president, his wife is the v.p. and his son/s are the treasurers. So if you choose to follow this fraud knock yourself out.

      • strayaway

        Didn’t you previously claim something about Rand’s sister even though he doesn’t have sisters? I guess you didn’t want to compare your family with the Pauls.

        Rand is licensed to practice medicine in the State of Kentucky. You are confusing some organization he set up with actual State licensing.

      • Kevin Michael Shelton

        I believe it is called ‘sarcasm’, strayaway…look it up before Obamacare takes away your internet rights.

      • strayaway

        Naw, it was too crude to be sarcasm in most circles outside of your own. Obamacare does take away some medical and financial privacy rights it that’s what you mean. Or maybe you are confusing internet privacy rights with Obama’s NSA snooping on US citizens and world leaders.

      • Bob Dabilina

        Blah blah blah right wing talking point, blah blah blah Obama = HItler, blah blah blah mah mamma was a troll and mah dadda was a troll, so what am I. Ding ding ding you’s a troll……’s a troll………I said dat you’s a troll.

      • gemma liar

        bob is drinking beer and eating frozen pizza again. that’s what white trash regressive crybabies do in between commercial breaks on hannity

      • Cathryn Sykes

        I believe the President is in favor of “net neutrality.” The Koch brothers and their like, on the other hand, would be thrilled with an internet that mostly belongs to the rich…..

      • gemma liar

        just like he is taking your guns; giving buckets of cash to unemployed negroes ( for votes) and making the muslim faith Americas only choice. Kevin: he be biiiiig chowderhead


        No, it is you who is comfused I am correct. Paul is a self licensed fraud and it is you that is wrong. And he definitely plagerized his eugeniics speech from wikipedia. To call you a lemming is an insult to lemmings. Paul is a racist to the hilt and he hides behind libertarianism when in fact he tosses chum in the water dangling things like legalized drugs and other crap hoping to attract young people to his cause when in fact taken as a whole he is a charlatan of the highest order and not to be trusted. And in so far as him being the result of inbreeding was merely an observation because I cannot believe how ignorant this political hack is and anyone with a brain can see rigjt through him. Reference a few years ago when he appeared on Racbel Maddow and tap danced around his racist views until finally pressed was forced to admit it. In so far as mh family they have all served this country with honor and distinction my father-in-law is a retired federal judge in D.C. and although my parents have passed away both held security clearances for the D.O.D. and as for specifcs it is really none of your fucking business.

      • disqus_aWrmdC4wOy

        game….. set …..and match to Mr Richeivilin!!!!! In England we would call Rand a total ‘ anglo saxon woman’s front bottom’!!

      • Cathryn Sykes

        Please don’t insult women this way!

      • disqus_aWrmdC4wOy

        apologies! i stand corrected…my appalling manners have led me to compare Rand to a part of a woman’s anatomy….obviously no self respecting woman would want that…. how about a ‘bachman/palin woman’s front bottom’ as they are the ‘spawn of beealzibub’ so officially don’t count as women??

      • Cathryn Sykes

        How about…..jerk, jackass, ass, dirtbag, idiot, twit, etc.?

      • strayaway

        Do explain how someone self licenses themselves as an eye doctor in Kentucky. You have quite an imagination.

        What eugenics speech? He made a comment in one speech expressing his concern about what was scientifically possible and it’s labelled “a eugenics speech”? That’s ludicrous, or worse, because sometimes it’s better to get concerns on to the floor to head off problems down the road. If someone would have voiced a concern, for instance, that the (un)ACA website needed to be further tested before rolling it out they would probably be living in Russia today. Criticism, independent thinking, and creative thinking is not always appreciated by this administration.

        Similarly, when Rand questioned one provision in a civil rights bill passed two years before he was born in answer to Rachel’s question, he was pilloried. When black incomes, savings, and home ownership have all declined relative to those of whites and race relations have plummeted all under Obama, that is somehow excused. Note the double standard. I’m surprised that real white racists don’t encourage voting for Obama to hasten the demise of blacks.

        I am suitably impressed about your father-in-law’s personal accomplishment although technically that is not relevant to your own family’s eugenic comparison with the Paul family you disparaged with an incest comment. I suppose even dish washers get security clearances at the DOD.

      • gemma liar

        he appeared on rachels show and showed the typical eschewing of facts that ALL regressive rightwing trash plays as he DID tap dance and obfuscate. I saw it; I loved it as it showed the cowardice he has. I say again: Vote republican!!! we need the comedy

      • gemma liar

        granny on Beverly hillbillies

      • gardoglee

        If you read carefully, I think he was referring to Ron Paul’s sister. Rand Paul has two siblings named Lori and Joy, who do seem to be his sisters. Ron Paul doesn’t have a sister, so I guess when you said “Rand’s sister”, perhaps you were referring to “Ron’s sister”. Overall, your comment seems a bit confused. Which Paul were you talking about, again?

      • strayaway

        Thank you for the correction. I was responding about Ron but wrote Rand. Ron has no sisters. Rand does.

      • gemma liar

        2 ministers? Im running away,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,religious loons

      • strayaway

        One was a Lutheran minister. I didn’t find information about the other. But, as I understand you, Lutheran seminarians are loons relative to Rev. Wright or the Rev. Jesse Jackson.

      • gemma liar

        all “pastors” are loon as they believe in ghosts. white or black or Asian: all religions are superstitious crap. GOD is NOT religion….GOD is GOD only

    • David Whapham

      I’m pretty sure something very similar happened with your parents…

      • Scaramongus

        omg, lol

    • gemma liar

      it wasn’t his sister,,,,,it was his niece

  • Kevin Michael Shelton

    What you neglect to mention is that he took MOST of his speech points from Wikipedia about the movie Gattaca…word for word, mostly. Not only unoriginal but unethical as well. How utterly t.partiesque.

  • Joy

    Apparently he’s recently watched his copy of Gattica.

  • mkm

    No problem with the article except for the use of “reverting back” where “reverting” would mean the same thing.

  • Jeremy Noyes

    Now the question is did he say this to instill fear into the Republican base? From the looks of some of the Tea Party rally’s… eugenics might be a good idea…

  • Suzanne Lehman

    In all these comments I didn’t see any about the science behind this “irrational fear”. The science behind mapping the human genome and gene tinkering has achieved amazing things. Some think they are all good, some think they are evil for trying to “play God”. The truth is likely somewhere in between but we should all be wary because fanatics on either end could easily win out. I don’t have time at the moment to look up the articles but the recent scientific advance regarding invitro gene splicing has made it possible to remove a gene from a woman’s egg, replace it with a a healthy version of the same gene, join the resulting egg with sperm and create a female child who does not carry the genetic defect of her mother therby breaking that chain of transmission. Is it really such a leap to wonder if we’ll be selecting other traits soon? What mother carrying the BRCA breast cancer gene would not want to ensure that her child does not? And yet, when do we stop? Is is ok to splice to remove defects but not to select for intelligence? If we COULD guarantee athleticism and intellect and good looks for our kids, would we? And if several people contribute genetic material to the resulting human child, whocthen are legally the parents of said child, especially with surrogacy as an option? It is for the medical ethicists to debate and also perhaps the lawyers. Is it any wonder that our government is looking toward the day when they will have to legislate about these things?

    • Leo Wright

      Suzanne Lehman – And therein lies the rub. If you could eliminate known genetic defects, it would seem cruel not to. If you could pre-select for desirable traits like physical strength, high intelligence or musical ability ethics start to apply.

      The ethical high road seems to be “‘l take them the way nature made them”, but that is illusory. Is it really the ethical thing to intentionally create children that are unable to compete with their contemporaries?

      Is the law even a viable method to control this? If the US makes selecting for high intelligence illegal, is there a lab in Switzerland (China, Korea?) that will handle it for you.

      And why not? If the technology is available, I would kind of like my children to be healthy, talented and strong super-children.

  • polliwogg

    Is he saying that eliminating Tay Sachs, Downs Syndrome, ALS and Sickle Cell Anemia would be a BAD thing?

  • Political Chaos

    Allen, you are missing the tid bit that Randy boy plageurized a good chunk of his speech, literally word for word, from the Wikipedia page for the movie Gattaca. Second only to the “Cruz Missile” this man is the worst actor in Washington.

  • JKomar

    I would think Republicans would be all for this. They could get rid of gays, dictate the number of females born even get rid of whole races they don’t like. Sounds like a Republican dream come true.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    I’m surprised that a disciple of Ayn Rand–who thought that the only true “morality” was a total focus on what you want to the detriment of anyone else’s needs–would have a problem with eugenics. Her supermen always seemed to have a total contempt for “lesser beings.”

  • Mike Minyen

    If eugenics were to ever becomes a reality, it will be the wealthy ruling elate convincing the shrinking middle class its the way to reverse their decline.

  • Phil the observer

    Well, all I can say is, should he get some dreaded disease (Cancer comes to mind) I hope he goes to a church to get healed versus a hospital, with doctors and other such scientific types…would not want him to be accidentally cloned

  • gemma liar

    of COURSE he doesn’t want the imperfect eliminated!!! no one would be left 2 vote for cretins such as he and ted cruz

  • Rubyzoot

    oh lord..please vote this idiot out of office. I cannot believe he said this. What the hell is wrong with him?

  • chichora

    This sort of thing is already done in India and China. Although they don’t need “DNA analysis” to figure out if the baby is male or not. But yeah…using abortion as a means to filter out what you don’t want…. it’s a common practice actually. Just pointing it out.

  • chichora

    The best way to avoid addressing a message is to attack the messenger.

  • Michael DeWald

    Of course he’s saying this. It’s to deflect criticism of his social Darwinist policies.

  • Kat Rogers

    For a guy who idolizes Ayn Rand so much, he sure doesn’t pay attention to her. She believed in STAYING OUT of the life of the people. This includes staying out of abortion. She was pro-choice, and wrote a lot of literature saying as much.

  • Tom

    I am all for pointing out the idiocy of the Republican party, but I think this is a stretch. This article takes one pretty ambiguous quote and asserts a lot of meaning behind it, all in the name of showing how crazy Rand Paul is. We all know he is crazy, but articles like this are the kind of word twisting that we all absolutely hate when Republicans do it. You are better than that, Forward Progressive. Don’t stoop to their level.

  • Bradoplata

    Margaret Sanger and eugenics anyone? Also, 90% of downs babies are aborted. It’s already going on, and human nature is such that a certain percentage of people won’t want certain characteristics in their bbies.

  • rick dalton

    He sounds like a man back in the early 40s we will built a nation of a superior race then try to takeover the world. Anyone comes to mind?

  • Jerry

    I thought Libertarians like Rand Paul are suppose to be against big government intrusions into people personal lives?

    There is no bigger form of big government then trying to control what a woman can do with her own body.


  • Steve Boggan

    Reading this gave me more respect for Rand Paul and less for Allen Clifton. Good job there, bud!

  • Steve Boggan

    Politics in 2013 – is it Christian?


    political ideologies are at work:

    Wing – all should be equal in every way – educationally, racially,
    economically, in housing, in health care, in gender (men and women should be
    equal in the workplace, in pay and reproductive rights).

    Wing – there is a natural hierarchy because people are unique, having different
    heritage, gender, strengths, intelligence, talents and abilities, therefore
    arriving in different situations in life.

    – wants to control everyone, everything

    – wants to be left alone to live in freedom

    would think that Right Wing (hierarchy) and Authoritarian would work together,
    and Left Wing (equality) and Libertarian would work together. But the Left Wing
    found out that when people are left alone (Libertarian) there is a natural
    hierarchy (Right Wing), and this is unacceptable.

    in 2013, Left Wing and Authoritarian are working together to enforce a societal
    equality, even if it means knocking some people down and changing their natural
    situation to try to raise others up.

    in 2013, Right Wing and Libertarian are working together so that the natural
    hierarchy is left alone and individuals are free to make or break their own
    lives without Authoritarian interference.

    interesting thing is that Americans have always believed in both freedom and
    equal opportunity. We also do not like authoritarianism nor do we appreciate
    being held down at the bottom of a hierarchy.

    how do you think it’s working out in 2013?

    the Authoritarian Left Wing forcibly takes from the more-successful to give to
    the less-successful, does it really help in the long term, or does it destroy
    the natural motivation of both?

    the Libertarian Right Wing has complete freedom to ascend the hierarchy, do
    they use it honorably, or to take advantage of those already disadvantaged?

    think Jesus is the Answer. God made all people free, and unique, and puts them
    in all different life situations in life so that all of society functions well.

    if a truly Christian person ends up in a good position, he/she will of their
    own free will use it in love and goodwill, not to take advantage of others, but
    to help lift them up and bless their lives as well.

    a Christian person is in a not-so-good position, he/she will not demand to be
    given a handout, but when they are helped, they will deeply appreciate it and
    do all they can to use it to the best advantage so they are less likely to need
    it in the future.

    we see that if we all did things God’s way, none of this political mess would
    be necessary, and everyone would be blessed?

  • grannieannie2

    What makes him so certain that he will not be rooted out?

  • Brian Allan Cobb

    He’s not saying anything Aldous Huxley didn’t.
    Senator Paul’s one of the Republicans I like.

  • Socialmedic

    Republicans are playing God already by privatizing everything and then leaving the matter of who gets a job – and therefore life because you can’t live in their world without a job – at the discretion of the arbitrary whims of some corporate manager.

  • Judson Snell

    I can’t even believe I’m hearing myself say this, but in a small way he’s not wrong. Many expectant parents who experience concerns or signs of trouble early on will do an amnio and choose to terminate if the child has chromosomal issues like Down’s Syndrome, etc. But that’s entirely different and, this part’s for you Rand, the right of the damn parents.

  • Mary Ciulla

    We already have people in Congress who would cheerfully stand behind eugenics and culling the imperfect.

  • John Hess

    Why is this article ringing a bell? Weren’t there some Germans about 70 or so years ago that also came up with the idea of getting rid of the elimination of undesirables and the propagation of a master race? Maybe Sen. Paul can borrow some speech material from back then to plagiarize.