Now More Than Ever, Republicans Have Become The Party Of Hatred And Fear

republicans trump jindal palinWhile Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are running campaigns on a message of moving America forward, Republicans are mostly preaching a message of taking this country back to the days of white Christian conservatism. Even as America becomes increasingly diverse and secular, frontrunners like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are talking about reestablishing a bigoted, conservative course for America.

Our younger, more progressive generation has realized that gay rights is not a threat to heterosexuals and that the separation of church and state isn’t a threat to religious freedom. We’ve rejected the idea that trickle-down economics works, or that immigrants are a mortal danger to the American Dream.

For many of us, the American Dream is out of reach. Some of us are working two or three jobs just to make ends meet, but Republicans are telling us that we aren’t working hard enough – or that we should blame our economic situation on immigrants.

David Brooks wrote in an opinion piece for The New York Times that the GOP is at a crossroads on the immigration issue, and that they have to decide whether or not to play this for short-term gain or abandon the issue to remain viable as a political party.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the next six months will determine the viability of the Republican Party. The demographics of this country are changing. This will be the last presidential election cycle in which the G.O.P., in its current form, has even a shot at winning the White House. And so the large question Republicans must ask themselves is: Are we as a party willing to champion the new America that is inexorably rising around us, or are we the receding roar of an old America that is never coming back? (Source)

The problem for Republicans is that despite all of the minority figureheads they prop up to pretend they’re a diverse party – the GOP is absolutely not a party that has the best interests of a changing America at heart.

Rather than present us with solutions for the future, Republicans are telling us that we should blame liberals, immigrants and even ourselves for the fact that the rich are getting richer, while the poor keep getting poorer.

The only reason why they continue to consolidate power in state governments and in Congress is the fact that we simply do not get out to vote – in every election. Simply voting for a Democrat for president every four years is not enough, and that lack of political understanding is what has allowed Tea Party Republicans to roll back worker’s rights in state after state across the country.

We can’t believe in unreliable claims of voter fraud when people simply can’t be bothered to take an hour or two out of an entire year to stand in line to vote. When Democrats show up to vote, they usually win, which is exactly why shadow groups promote the message that your vote doesn’t matter – or that both parties are the same.

The older, more conservative generation is beginning to fade away. If we want a better country, we need to get off our couch and get directly involved – there’s no other way to take America forward.


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