The NYPD Demonstrates The Very Real Problem With Law Enforcement

I’ve been a supporter both of law enforcement and legitimate police accountability groups since the police brutality issue began. Recently, I marched in a #BlackLivesMatter protest and met the family of Victor White III who allegedly died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest while in the back of a New Iberia Parish deputy’s vehicle, despite being handcuffed behind his back when the fatal shot was fired.

I’ve also worked in the past with various federal law enforcement agencies combating international fraud rings that include the notorious Nigerian “419 scams” and until recently, I was also interested in a career in law enforcement. I even went so far as to take the civil service exam before accepting a position with my current employer.

In addition to this, as a writer for Forward Progressives and on my page, I’ve defended an honest member of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol who was unfairly smeared as part of an anti-cop campaign by a Cop Block group.

Keep this in mind going forward in this article, I am not in any way dropping my defense of police officers who are the targets of unwarranted, slanderous accusations by folks who would like nothing more than to see law enforcement agencies disbanded and local communities policed by whatever group has the most guns. Cop Block, Open Carry Texas and others like them are anti-government entities appealing to and duping well-meaning folks across the political spectrum who rightfully believe there is a problem with the overreach of what they see as a police state.

The problem also doesn’t reside with these groups alone as the conservative media (along with some liberal groups) has happily jumped on the issue of police brutality and the responses to it in order to cater to their audiences. They’ve pushed the story that accountability groups are calling for the murder of law enforcement officers and have even blatantly manipulated news footage in order to further that lie.

However, the recent actions of the NYPD and the police union are utterly inexcusable. Not once, but twice, they have turned their backs on Mayor Bill DeBlasio during funerals for two officers gunned down by an individual with mental problems who should have never been able to get his hands on a gun.

Police officers turned their backs on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on Sunday during the funeral for Wenjian Liu, one of two NYPD officers killed in a Dec. 20 ambush, exposing the ongoing rift between the department and City Hall.

The officers were seen turning away from an outdoor screen showing de Blasio’s eulogy at the service in Brooklyn, defying a request by New York Police Commissioner William Bratton not to protest at the funeral.

“A hero’s funeral is about grieving, not grievance,” Bratton wrote in a memo to officers on Friday, less than a week after officers turned their backs on de Blasio at the funeral of Rafael Ramos, the other NYPD slain officer. “I remind you that when you don the uniform of this department, you are bound by the tradition, honor, and decency that go with it.” (Source)

The honor and decency that go with wearing a police uniform, this is what the officers of the NYPD have forgotten recently. More than that, some members of law enforcement have bought into the conservative media lie that the majority of people who are upset about what seems to be racial profiling also hate police officers and would love to see them abolished or dead.

We the public have given a huge amount of trust to law enforcement agencies like the NYPD, and while many of them continue to honor their pledge to protect and serve, others have fallen well short. If they want to renew their trust and respect with the citizens of New York and throughout the country, actions like turning their backs on Mayor DeBlasio are a horrible way to start.


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  • Citizen Zero

    I think that people are misunderstanding or not aware that DeBlasio and previous NYC mayors made it a specific point to go after people selling loose cigarettes so that the city could try to recoup money lost from not collecting taxes on them. This means that the directive to go after people selling loosies came from the very top of the department from the mayor’s office and wasn’t simply a few jerk cops hassling people for non-violent and victimless crimes.

    The NYPD people on the street were doing what they were told to do. When DeBlasio tried to act like he never would have sanctioned such aggressive policing of a minor crime and that doing so possibly contributed to the murder of two of their fellow officers, the majority of the NYPD was pissed and rightfully so. Don’t advocate aggressive policing of minor crimes that make you look good by saving the city money (in the form of less untaxed merchandise on the street) but then cry that you never told anyone to do that.

    In the case of Erin Garner, that cop was wrong. He used a chokehold that was expressly forbidden by the department. He didn’t intend to kill Garner, but he was negligent and should have not only been fired by faced jail time for his mistake. This case is why most agencies in the country don’t teach chokeholds and expressly forbid them unless your life is in danger (in which case, deadly force would be authorized).

    • Erik Hansen

      Where they asked to use lethal force to enforce the cigarette ban?

      • Citizen Zero

        No, and that’s why I made a specific statement on that incident. The death of Eric Garner is not why police turned their backs on the mayor. The did it because he generalized that all of their actions, not specifically the wrong actions in the Garner case or previous incidents in completely different cities, of aggressively policing non violent crimes contributed to the mentality that lead to the murder of two of their coworkers.

      • BobLaw2

        Citation needed

      • Citizen Zero

        Would you actually like the citation or is this Reddit-esque snark because you have nothing else to add and want to pick apart some citation sources?

      • Erik Hansen

        Not according to the police union, they site the Mayor’s comments on racial profiling and the Garner case as the reason for the protest. Face it, the police union wants officers to be able to act with impunity. What you to refer to would have been true before DeBlasio took office.

  • roccolore

    Liberal hypocrites: “We hate cops and those two deserved to be killed because of RACISM…But our group got a threat, so can we have police protection for our anti-police rally?”

    • Sam Brosenberg

      Conservative hypocrites: “Cliven Bundy is a hero for threatening Law Enforcement Officers with murder because they dared to try and collect on the millions of dollars he legally owes to the state. The Protestors in New York and Ferguson are terrorists, for suggesting that a police officer could ever be guilty of misconduct.”

      • roccolore

        Liberals have a history of defending copkillers: Wesley Cook, Joanne Chesimard, Lovell Mixon, Leonard Peltier, Bill Ayers, Dzokhar Tsarnaev, Ismail Brindley. Liberals hold rallies and fundraisers for copkillers. Liberals have streets and buildings named after copkillers. Liberals even make copkillers honorary citizens.