Obama Blasts GOP on Budget, Spending Cuts: “I Don’t Want to Hear the Same Old Stuff”

pres-obama-1I’m sure most everyone is aware of the saying that goes something like, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Well, I’m sure most everyone who isn’t a Republican has heard that saying.  Conservatives seem unable to learn from history and often seem eager to repeat it.

After over thirty years of trickle down economic failures, massive tax breaks and deep spending cuts on social programs all we’ve see happen is:

  • The rich have gotten richer.
  • The middle class has shrunk.
  • The income gap between the “haves” and “have nots” has drastically grown.
  • Our national debt has skyrocketed out of control.
  • Outsourcing American jobs has become an epidemic.

Just to name a few of the negatives that have plagued our country the last 3+ decades.

Hell, let’s just look at recent history and what top-down economics brought us.  After 8 years of George W. Bush, where we were promised tax cuts would take us to unheard of prosperity and a balanced budget, the exact opposite actually happened.  Our economy crashed and our national debt doubled.  Yet Republicans continue to insist the best way to grow our economy is more of the same policies that led us head-on into the worst recession in nearly a century.

Then, since 2008 and the election of President Obama, Republicans have doubled down on pursuing more tax cuts and more spending cuts with the same old promise that they’ll bring us to economic prosperity.

But let’s just be real.  The rich are not hurting in this country.  The top 1-2% of Americans are doing better than at any time in our nation’s history.  It’s everyone else that’s suffered.  You’d think this would be more than enough evidence to change the minds of conservatives about their economic ideology, but sadly it hasn’t.  I guess that’s what happens when you support a political party that resembles a cult more than something political.

Well, it seems President Obama has had enough, and it’s about damn time. While speaking about the coming budget debate, he’s taken to telling Republicans that he doesn’t want to hear the “same old stuff.”

But he didn’t stop there.  He also called out the GOP for purposely shutting down our government for a political stunt, which cost our economy billions, while saying we don’t have the money to invest in programs like education:

“I don’t want to hear the same old stuff about how America can’t afford to invest in the things that have always made us strong.  Don’t tell me we can afford to shut down the government, which costs our economy billions of dollars, but we can’t afford to invest in our education systems, because there’s nothing more important than this.”

And he’s right.

It’s what has always driven me crazy about the worn out line Republicans seem to endlessly repeat about being the party for “fiscal responsibility.”  No they’re not.  There hasn’t been a Republican president who’s balanced the budget since Eisenhower in the 1950s, so spare me this talk about Republicans and their drive for “fiscal conservatism.”

Time and time again Republicans have shown that they have no problem wasting tons of money, as long as that spending benefits the rich, big oil or their attempts to turn the United States into a theocracy.

It’s only when money needs to be spent on the poor or middle class, then Republicans suddenly say we can’t afford that.  Offer a tax cut for the rich, which would drastically increase our deficits, and Republicans wouldn’t blink and eye to support that bill.  But try to remove billions in subsidies for big oil companies earning record profits, and you’ll be hard pressed to find more than a handful of conservatives who would support such an idea.

I just hope that heading into the next budget showdown in January, we see more of the President Obama who calls out Republicans on their ridiculous rhetoric.  I hope he continues to press them for being the party that’s out of touch, trying to balance our budgets on the backs of the poor for the benefit of the rich.

I guess time will tell, but so far I like the tone I’m hearing from the president.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Jim Wetherell

    I am glad to see him remind the GOPters who won the election.

  • Gary Menten

    Republicans don’t like investing in public education. Well-educated people know how to think critically and will ask their leaders to answer tough questions. They will seek well-reasoned arguments for domestic and foreign policies. They will not be fooled easily.

    This sort of electorate is essential for any democracy to remain a democracy but what the Republicans really want is nothing like democracy. What they want and have been working at least 40 years to create is a plutocracy where the wealthiest few call all the shots and everyone just votes as they are tricked into voting and do as they are told to.

    • Mr Smith

      Its called fascism. Ask Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini how well it works out… The ironic thing is the Republicans are working very hard to create a fascist government but are the first ones to point the finger at president Obama accusing him of the same. This is what they do. If you want to get a bead on the republicans listen closely to the bad things they say about democrats and odds are that is exactly what they are up to.

      • strayaway

        Hitler and Mussolini spied on their own people, attacked other nations, and substituted executive orders for parliamentary law. Sound familiar?

      • Sherri G

        All started most recently by a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT…..but been happening since men decided that they need more control based on their insufficiencies in “other” areas….the more aggressive, the more incompetence….seems like Obama has actually been the LEAST aggressive considering he chose peace over war….
        And what substituting for the Constitution has he actually supposedly done? Proof requires nonpartisan, real and reputable sources (ie FAUX and other Repug/Tealiban sites don’t count).

      • Charles Vincent

        Wrong Clinton spied on us as well;

        “Then without batting an eye, Clinton told viewers yet another whopper and was given yet another pass by the media. He said that when he was president, he always tried to work within the constraints of the law.

        In arguably the most secretive and far reaching electronic surveillance program ever created, the Clinton Administration and the National Security Agency employed a global spy system, code named Echelon, which monitored just about every phone call, fax, email and telex message sent anywhere in the world.

        The Echelon system was fairly simple in design: position intercept stations all over the world to capture all satellite, microwave, cellular and fiber-optic communications traffic, and then process this information through the massive computer capabilities of the NSA, including advanced voice recognition and optical character recognition programs. The system would look for code words or phrases (known as the Echelon Dictionary) that would prompt the computers to flag the message
        for recording and transcribing for future analysis.

        And then there is the FISA court that was started under the Carter administration;

        http://www DOT monitor DOT net/monitor/10-30-95/fisa DOT html

        “And what substituting for the Constitution has he actually supposedly done?”

        The executive orders to allow exemptions for groups under THE ACA are unconstitutional because only congress can vote to make those changes and its also unconstitutional to exempt parts of the citizenry from a law.

      • Sherri G

        Right but NSA and Patriot Act was Bush and that’s when it became technology spying multiplied by a million. In other words, President Obama DIDNT start this and continuing a set of programs that have been in ace for centuries but more intense now with technology advances.

      • Charles Vincent

        The NSA didn’t start under bush it started in the 1950’s see the attached;

        http://en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/National_Security_Agency

        Yes Obama is continuing those programs and has expanded and endorsed them contrary to having railed the bush administration for using them and promising to “investigate” and shut them down both as a senator and presidential candidate.

    • Veteran

      republican states don’t pay for their state education. When quality educated employee’s are needed, they import them from states that do provide quality education. You can NOT explain this to a southern educated citizen. They won’t hear it, they just hate people that are not “born here” .. Hate is their answer for everything.

  • Kathy Mayo

    Amen, Mr. President!

  • Barbara Harrison


  • CherMoe

    I don’t like when I hear him or one of his “economic advisers” or a Democrat even MENTIONING that they think they’ll have to give in on the Chained CPI CUTS to Social Security along with the other cuts to Medicare and Medicaid. I don’t give to sh*ts about cuts having to match some “imagined” revenues they think they’re going to get from Republicans. Republicans will offer NOTHING and they should be GIVEN NOTHING. They need to get rid of this Sequester thing and put a stop to government shutdowns. They also need to get RID OF the filibuster that only seems to work to Republican’s benefit in ruling the country by their minority party.

  • mahilena

    To put it simply, conservatism (political) is a vile disease…

    • gemma liar

      what are they conserving? superstition? ( SEE: religion) ,,,,, UN equal rights>? plutocracial income gaps?? they are NOT conservatives: they are regressives

  • LM

    what is being said is pretty acceptable from a distance – but what is not being said : the top 1% are exempt from most new taxes as they are the corporations and politicians making the rules for the rest of us. The ones getting the assistance and breaks are the bottom of the income brackets – and leaving all the bills to be paid for by the middle class. Unfortunately the way tax codes are written – when Obama speaks of the “rich” he is referring to those who make 250,000-400,000 or more each year – but what he’s not telling everyone and those who do not own a business don’t know – this number is determined by gross income before taxes and expenses, So according to Democrat Math I’m Rich. My business collected $300,000 last year. But he math doesn’t account for the 245,000 in materials and operating expenses incurred by my business, that only left my family of 5 with 55,000 to pay our mortgage, food and other living expenses…. and yet he admits that a family of 5 at 55,000 should be considered low income and near or under the poverty line ….. I don’t qualify for any assistance programs because i’m rich at 300,000, but I can’t afford to pay the taxes and fees the govt. wants from me because i only have 55,000. It’s time to put more businessmen in office and less lawyers and politicians who’ve never had to choose between paying a bill and serving a meal to their children!! It’s not the republicans, it’s not the democrats it’s ALL politicians – because they are ALL supported and funded by the corporations . Those at the top keep telling their followers only those parts of the story that put themselves in a good light and call the other side crooks, while behind closed doors they sit together and share the cake we paid for, while thinking up the next scandal to distract us from the fact that both parties are run by 1%er’s laughing at the stupidity of the country as a whole. If they keep pointing fingers at each other the sheeple are less likely to realize that they are too busy campaigning and going on free vacations to do what they were put in office to do. Obama and the dems have voting control – and yet no one seems to notice that in the past 5 years the 1%’ers have increased profits and have gotten everything they wanted from the govt. While the rest of us ordinary citizens, Dem and Rep alike are paying the bills.

    • strayaway

      It’s also true that under President Obama:

      The rich have gotten richer.

      The middle class has shrunk.

      The income gap between the “haves” and “have nots” has drastically grown.

      Our national debt has skyrocketed out of control.

      Outsourcing American jobs remains an epidemic.

    • littleblacksnake

      Really? W was a “businessman.” How’d that work out for us?

  • Don’t Tread On Me

    Wake up you Keynesian socialist idiots. It doesn’t matter if your President is is a Democrat or a Republican big government makes you poorer and lowers your quality of life. Our President and his new Chairman of the Janet Yellen will continue to print money and hand it over to the banks until our government will be come completely insolvent. No Doctor or farmer will be willing to trade his service for your worthless dollars or EBT cards. Gary to your comment, its not that conservatives don’t want to educate, they just don’t to throw money at failing education system that leaves students uneducated. That is why there is such a huge movement around home schooling.

    • tired of this crap

      Im sorry… you couldn’t be more wrong. I work in that failing school system you talk about… and after ten years you know what? Ive never seen a kid that wanted an education, not actually get one. Now I do see a lot of people who want to make excuses for kids and parents who don’t want to have to lift a finger to make it happen. Surprisingly these are the people who say our system is failing….. and the system encourages such behavior by penalizing schools and teachers for failing to raise a child when a parent should be doing that. I have two children of my own who do wonderful in school… and they have had the same teachers the rest of the community complains about…the difference…I never let mine make excuses and we actually picked up a book at home to…. imagine that…. party of personal responsibility

      • bmac

        Very true statement. Teachers aren’t failing parents are. A little responsibility goes along way. Thanks for your hard work educating our youth.

      • Sherri G

        “I’ve NEVER seen a kid want an education in 10 years”…..REALLY? I find that truly hard to believe that their wasn’t at least 10-30% of the students who WANTED an education but were shut down because of lack of parental support, poverty, teachers and staff who didn’t provide support, domestic violence, from single parents, and just plain SCARED to try for fear of failure.
        I was a straight A/B student and my parents didn’t help much (mother barely passed high school due to emotional problems and dad grew up in foster care in the 1950’s and was mostly Deaf). Its all about ONE person having FAITH in the child that makes a difference, parent or otherwise.

  • Charles Vincent

    “After over thirty years of trickle down economic failures, massive tax breaks and deep spending cuts on social programs all we’ve see happen is:
    The rich have gotten richer.
    The middle class has shrunk.
    The income gap between the “haves” and “have nots” has drastically grown.
    Our national debt has skyrocketed out of control.
    Outsourcing American jobs has become an epidemic.”
    Well the tarp bailouts for big business and bank that the democrats supported are essentially trickle down economics. The hypocrisy there is comical.

    hmm the rich got richer… why because both democrats and republicans and government subsidies passed by congress have allowed this to happen.

    Middle class is shrinking because of heave taxation and lack of middle income jobs because congress would rather spend money and effort passing subsidies for corporations in return for campaign funding to get re-elected so they can continue the cycle.

    income gap… see the previous two answers above.

    national debt.. well raising the debt ceiling is how the debt has skyrocketed and most of that rocket ride has occurred under the Obama administration to the tune of ~7 trillion dollars.

    outsourcing jobs… well that’s government regulation in play and operating as unintended.