Obama Blasts Republicans as They Continue to Simply Make Absolutely No Sense

obama-republicansIt’s apparent what President Obama’s strategy is when it comes to a possible government shutdown and, in the next few weeks, a possible first ever default on our credit—-it’s up to Republicans to actually do their jobs, because he’s not going to allow either to be used as political tools for blackmail.

And he’s absolutely right.  I don’t care which side of the political spectrum you consider yourself a part of, President Obama is 100 percent correct on his stance in refusing to negotiate with Republicans.

Why the hell should he?  The Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”) isn’t a bill—it’s the law.  He shouldn’t have to negotiate the funding of a law simply because Republicans see this as a last-ditch effort to try to get their way.

And he sure as hell shouldn’t allow them to use shutting down the government or defaulting on $17 trillion in debt as mechanisms to try to blackmail the President of the United States into getting something they want.

Obama simply, and directly, called out Republican propaganda by telling it exactly how it is:

“My message to Congress is this: Do not shut down the government.  Do not shut down the economy. Pass a budget on time.”

A simple but clear message to this radical faction of the Republican party which almost seems eager to embrace a government shutdown which would devastate the lives of millions of Americans.

He went on to slam Republicans on their continued use of the debt ceiling vote as another tool in their blackmail scheme:

“I don’t know how I can be more clear about this: Nobody gets to threaten the full faith and credit of the United States just to extract political concessions.”

What Republicans simply don’t get is this — Obamacare isn’t up for negotiation.  It’s the law.  Period, end of story.

They can continue on with this rhetoric all they want, and they’ll end up being the party the vast majority of Americans blame for any negative events that follow.  It sure won’t be Democrats or President Obama.

But the dumbest part about this whole thing is that none of it will work.  So they shutdown the government for a few weeks — they’ll have to eventually approve funding.  And when they do, guess what?  Obamacare will get its funding.

Refuse to raise our debt ceiling and default on our debt?  Go ahead.  It’ll crash our economy, devastate our financial sector, and after that backlash begins to mount (and they eventually raise the debt ceiling), guess what?  Obamacare will get its funding.

Because in both of these instances it isn’t Congress passing measures the president is refusing to sign — it’s a small block of Republicans in Congress causing all of these problems, and the majority of the American people are at least smart enough to see that much.

Sure, the radical right-wing Republicans absolutely love the thought of “sticking” it to President Obama by shutting down our government or defaulting on out debt—because they’re idiots.  And I don’t say that with a partisan tone, they really are morons.  These are the people that think shutting down our government is some defiant act against tyranny and think our debt ceiling is about new spending (it’s not).

These are also many of the same people that still believe Obamacare requires microchips, has death panels and is a government takeover of the health care industry.

Like I said, they’re idiots.

And these right-wing radicals are the ones the tea party Republicans in Congress are winning over as they threaten to ruin the lives of millions of Americans and sink our economy.

Meanwhile, the vast majority of Americans will put the blame solely on Republican antics.  And at the end of the day, they will have accomplished nothing.  

President Obama is not going to negotiate with Republicans on the funding of Obamacare—period.  Ted Cruz can stand there till he’s blue in the face for all I care — at the end of the day, Obamacare will still be the law of the land and will end up being fully funded.

So if Republicans want to completely break our government and crash our economy, go right ahead.  Because when push comes to shove, the blame from most Americans won’t be put on Democrats or President Obama — it’s going to rest solely with Congressional Republicans and their reckless radical antics.

I just hope Americans remember this next fall.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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