Obama Slams Republicans: “Anything even remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose.”

Barack ObamaTalking with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, President Obama spoke candidly about many aspects of his presidency.  And while I’m not going to break down the entire transcript (it’s worthy of 5-6 articles by itself), he had one line I absolutely loved because it’s something almost every liberal knows, but you won’t usually hear a sitting president actually say it.

President Obama took a direct shot at Republican obstructionism and what seems to be the only GOP strategy since he became president—to simply oppose anything he supports.

Obama went on to say, “The problem we have is we have a faction of the Republican Party, in the House of Representatives in particular, that view “compromise” as a dirty word, and anything that is even remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose.”

And he’s absolutely right.

Since he became president, Republicans have done nothing but simply oppose anything and everything he’s supported.  Even when the idea is something once supported by conservatives, when he supports it, it suddenly becomes some “radical liberal agenda.”

Let’s not forget that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act is a Republican idea, and the law itself is copied from the health care law passed in Massachusetts by former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney while he was governor.

An example Obama used in his discussion with Stephanopoulos was gun control, and the expansion of background checks for all gun purchases.  An issue supported by 80-90% of Americans regardless of political affiliation—that didn’t get passed.

Heck, let’s look at immigration reform.  The Senate worked together to pass a bill that Obama said he would sign, but there’s just one problem—House Republicans won’t take the bill up for a vote.  They know it would pass if they allowed a vote on it, so instead of listening to the will of the American people (a majority supports sensible immigration reform) a small few in the House have decided that they’d rather play politics and do what Republicans do best—absolutely nothing.

Oh, but they have found time to hold 41 pointless votes to repeal “Obamacare.”  Something that’s cost taxpayers over $50 million.

And this is why I just don’t get why anyone would blame the president for any kind of stalemate in our government.  How is it his fault?  The only options Republicans present to Obama are options he’s clearly stated he won’t do under any circumstances.  They “negotiate” for compromise from such a far right position that even their “moderate” proposals are only supported by the far right.

Then when you factor in how much of their agenda has been to sabotage our economy for their political gain, it’s asinine to believe Obama would ever support anything Republicans have pushed for.

It’s not up to the President to bend to the will of Congress, it’s up to Congress to work with the president.  Which is something many Republicans in Congress simply refuse to do.

There are too many Republicans like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz who are using their position in Congress to launch 2016 presidential campaigns rather than actually taking governing seriously.

Republicans have created an environment where it’s almost acceptable to use any means necessary to get their way, even if it’s harmful to the nation.  Many of them seem to really believe that opposing the “Obama initiative” is more important than helping Americans.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, for many Republicans, shutting down our government or defaulting on our credit is worth it if it is done simply to oppose Obama.

The fact is they hate Obama more than they love America—that’s if they even love America.  Judging them based on their policies, they love about 1-2% of Americans, if that.

So when President Obama sits on national television and says Republicans will oppose something simply because he supports it—he’s absolutely right.

And Republicans know it—they simply don’t care.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • liberal and proud of it

    Republicans are following false prophets. It’s gets more sickening every day how willing they are to see the whole country fail just because they lost the presidency. Bullying is their tactic and so what if the whole country crashes because of them. I am so ashamed I am speechless.

    • Pat

      I think a lot of it is because they are racists, not just because Romney lost. To think that they are behaving this way in the year 2013, is so unbelievable. They need to get with it and realize that America has many races living here, lots of women living here, lots of gay and lesbian people living here, different religions are being practiced here, etc. It is not a country run by exclusively white men anymore. They need to change their thinking dramatically or they are done!

      • TickleMuch777


      • BURNTFUR

        I’m sure race has something to do with it, but I think the biggest factor is herd mentality. In the south for example, it’s completely against the common persons interest to vote GOP, but the majority do anyway. From what I can tell, this is because the GOP successfully branded all politics as if it were a football game. They are the home team. You don’t want to root against the home team do you!? So regardless of facts, atrocities or any behavior, there is a large group of Americans that will vote GOP no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT. Their ears and minds are completely shut to any other possibility, and they teach their kids to think the same way and all neighbors reinforce the stance. It’s just what you DO, it’s not at all what you think. This I believe is the actual downfall of the country, and until this herd mentality is not only fully exposed but rejected we’re going nowhere fast and if anywhere we’re in decline.

      • Pat

        I have never heard of this “herd mentality” term before. This sounds something like “voting robots”, who are programmed, or should I say brainwashed, to only vote Republican. I cannot believe intelligent people could be quite this naive and not educate themselves on the truth. I hope you are wrong. I don’t remember if the Southern states voted by majority for President Obama or Mitt Romney last November. Anybody else know this, and/or do you agree with BURNTFUR regarding this “herd mentality”?

      • crimsonjewel

        I have to chime in here. I live in SC and can attest to this “herd mentality.” My parents raised me Republican and it drove them absolutely nuts when I questioned everything and pointed out the glaring inaccuracies in their beliefs. To this day, i still fight constantly with my family over politics because they are so uninformed and absolutely refuse to see the truth that is right before their eyes. They surround themselves with other like-minded people and stick their fingers in their ears and scream “la la la la” when you try to have an intelligent conversation with them. My dad often calls me his “liberal daughter” and questions where he went wrong. You didn’t go wrong Dad, you taught me to think for myself. Too bad you can’t take your own advice.

      • Pat

        Love your last 2 sentences. If only! I argue with some of my family members who are still staunch conservatives, and they drive me nuts. We are from the Midwest, so maybe there is “herd mentality” up here too. Damn shame the blinders they have on.

      • Marie

        in your boat.

      • Reta Lane

        Same thing in my family. I barely speak to some of them because of their extreme hate for our president. It doesn’t matter what you tell them or show them, they don’t care because they hate him so much. It really is sickening how racist they are. My sister calls him a socialist because the Affordable healthcare Act and when I asked why he is a socialist and Romney isn’t even though his program he mandated in MA is almost the same, she didn’t even know about it and that is what is wrong with them. They don’t know anything and they don’t care to know anything.

      • 1956cyndi

        Rcare is just statewide, 100 bipartisan pages of limited coverage, which doesn’t sound much like the 2000 pork pages or 8000 regulation pages that mandated coverage NOW would have to include what the policy holder could not possibly use (although warned by many gov’t agencies that would cost the coverage of up to 94M)

      • Rachel Garber

        I was working on his first campaign and watched the returns as far as the South was concerned, I couldn’t help noticing, only two former slave states went for Obama. And,,,LBJ on signing the Civil Rights Act in ’64 and ’65 predicted that the South would become Republican.

      • 1956cyndi

        logic was that as the south was socially conservative, changing the democrat platform to be socially liberal WOULD drive them away. But, then, he is also thought to (after voting against these type bills all along) have said about the civil rights legislation, to ‘pass this bill to get the ni**er vote’. A higher % repubs voted for it that dems like George Wallace or Bull Connor

      • 1956cyndi

        he had no experience, yet you sound like that shouldn’t matter, just vote for the guy with more melanin!

      • Anthony Buzzin

        awesome comment.

      • Suzanne Longo

        I have always been a Democrat and four of my five kids are Democrat. My youngest leans toward being a Libertarian. At first I kept wondering where I went wrong with him, but then I realized he knew what he was talking about (not that I agreed) and he also is as passionate about his political beliefs as I am. He fits right into the age group of the Ron/Rand Paul followers. These kids have grown up in a post 9/11 world and cannot remember anytime that this country was not at war. I doubt very much that the Libertarian mode of thinking will survive in the future, but at least they care enough to listen and form their own opinions. In the meantime, I sneak out and put Obama stickers on their cars.

      • Daddycool67

        First let me say that I’m very sorry for your loss.

        Libertarian = brainwashed conservative who wants to be able to smoke pot … might have a few gay friends … and is just smart enough to have thought about it .. And so, is ashamed to vote for a republican.

        (But they’ll vote for the republican anyway most of the time. That’s where the brainwashing comes in)

        Ask your kids to name one country with a Libertarian system of government.
        Or one that has a Libertarian leader.
        Or that has Libertarian lawmakers.
        That should keep them busy from now until … forever.

        When election time rolls around, tell them that most everybody votes on Tuesday …. but Libertarians don’t vote until Wednesday.

      • Reta Lane

        What you are saying is so true. I know some poor people that live off the government. They don’t work at all and live off the money the state pays them for adopting 4 children. The father or mother doesn’t work and they are druggies but they hate democrats and especially Obama. It is insane because if the republicans had their way they wouldn’t be getting a penny which in this case they don’t deserve anything.

      • 21st Cman

        I can’t believe the majority of ‘hard core’ republicans in America have such a “Hill Billie” mentality. . .

      • 1956cyndi

        ‘common persons interest’ is exactly what common law (only enough gov’t to give protection and freedom so people can do what they say they will do and not take away the inalienable rights of life/liberty from others- here that is repub) supports, whereas civil law (the gov’t decides who has what, ie. dem, and leading to the Marxist socialist… ideals of 2 tier big gov’t) can lead to far more dangers due to corruption gained as give away other peoples money and rights.

      • gailillly

        Pat I agree with everything you said, but this is 2013, not the 19th century any longer. Just the way that all the repukes in Congress treat the President of the Free World IS A TOATAL DISGRACE. In all my years and I am 69 and my husband is 72, we have NEVER seen a president so abused, used and DISRESPECTED the way this one is. I have been voting since John Kennedy ran for president and NO PRESIDENT has seen the abuse this one has. Every dam bill, every nominee, every issue they REFUSE to work with him. He has had a jobs bill sitting in Congress for 3 yrs. now and they just won’t pass it as they couldln’t make him a one term president is what they wanted but when he got voted in the 2nd time, their agenda now is to see his 2nd term and his legacy ruined. And why??? It isn’t that he is a Dem, and it isn’t that he is not capable of the job for he is, there is ONLY ONE reason and we all know what it is. It is that he is black and it eats at them like a cancer that the black guy won twice and lives in “their” white house. They are talking impeachment, impeachment for what??? For trying to do his job, for trying to reach across the isle and work with these scumbags??? For he has done nothing wrong. They are a GOD DAM DISGRACE AND THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES BUT THEY ARE TOO DAM IGNORANT. Makes me sick.

      • Pat

        I agree, Gailillly! Makes me sick, too! I also think they are super self-righteous, and think they have to “win” all the time. That “win mentality” is a big problem in this country also, along with the racism and bigotry .

      • jwald1

        I have liked very few republicans, I have hated a few, but these teapublicans, I detest. I think they are vile, evil, backwards, gun toting yahoos, that need to be purged from our government, and crawl back into the hell holes from whence they came. I just hope it is not to late to shut this pandora’s box.

      • Daddycool67

        This is America.
        We have a long colorful history of vile, evil, backward, gun toting yahoos in this country. They’re actually one part of what makes America ,,, America.

        However, I agree that they have absolutely no business in our government. We can’t let them make important decisions that affect all of us. The job is too important to hand it over to irresponsible people who are incapable of problem solving.

        As I’ve been saying for some time now.
        21st century America really doesn’t seem like it will include hardcore conservatives. There isn’t a place for them in this country anymore.

        Thankfully …The conservative era is OVER.

      • 1956cyndi

        good thing you are tolerant, instead

      • Kelli Hernandez

        I have not either and I’m younger than you…I agree with everything you said…but they are not ignorant…they know exactly what they’re doing, they just don’t care and that’s what makes them so dangerous. They’re disordered, mentally disordered. It’s called psychopathy…read a bit about it. You’ll learn a lot…

      • 1956cyndi

        The MSM was far worse on Bush, and the number of jobs and/or health and/or budget bills that passed the house and set on Reid’s desk not allowed a vote are in the scores. Could care less his color, but lying about the fact that told back in 2010 by more than one gov’t agency that tens of millions would lose their policies as a result of mandating that all policies had to include things the policy holder could never possibly use WAS wrong.

      • Robin

        Pat, delete ‘I think a lot of’ from your post and I’ll agree with you 100%.

      • Kirk welch

        Robin, Pat hit it on the nail. It’s not “all”, nothing is ever “all”. Yes there is a huge amount of racism especailly from the southern States and to a large degree the Mid West. but the “herd mentality” spoken of here is every bit as much to blame. Think of Lemmings following one after the other off the cliff and that is herd mentality.
        I read an interesting article the other day. I can’t quote it verbatim but the message is that once a person has developed a core belief they are very unlikely to ever change their mind no matter what information is placed in front of them to contradict that belief. Thus, Republicans will continue to vote against their own self interests no matter how much truth, facts or information you place in front of them.
        Look at it like this. Your driving home one night from work. you pull up to a intersection and you begin to feel your car shudder, the lights begin to blink on and off and finally the motor dies. All of the sudden you see bright flashing lights in your mirroe and think “thank God” cops, I can get help but as the lights get closer you realize they are hovering about 50′ above ground. What you witness next is indescribable, It is otherworldly, there is no explanation for it but yet you go home thinking “that never happened”, I refuse to believe that I just saw a UFO even though you did see it.
        It’s the same principal for these people. No matter how they are affected by their own elected reps they refuse to believe what is in front of their eyes.

      • Daddycool67

        It’s too late for them.
        They ARE done.

        And they know full well that they’re done.
        That’s why we’ve been watching them panic for 4 solid years.

        21st century America doesn’t have any place for hardcore conservatives.

      • 1956cyndi

        I don’t know, back in 2010 the number of seats going repub was unprecedented

      • 1974sensei

        I hear ya Pat. . .They’re gonna look up one day and find themselves extinct.

    • Tina Hamilton

      I could not agree more, they are doing the American people dirty and they all deserve to be fired. They don’t care about the country and are proving it daily.

    • Bob Moench

      To be a prophet, you must say something prophetic….Saying ‘I’m gonna screw America’, and then doing it, isn’t prophecy. It’s Treason.

      • raggedcompany

        Except in their minds, they’re not screwing America – they’re saving it.
        (Not saying I agree, just saying that’s what they’re thinking.)

      • Chap Ganjoo

        They are saving it for the vultures and the scavengers, maybe themselves….

      • raggedcompany

        Well, yeah. There’s not likely to be much left once they’re done “saving” it. But in their heads, they’re BIg Damn Heroes.

    • Daddycool67

      Apparently their ‘prophets’ … the Koch bros.have now also seen/heard enough and are publicly telling the tea party to knock off the stupid.

      The tea party’s response is to give the Koch bros. the middle finger !!!

  • MrWereman

    Reason alone to NEVER vote for a Republican on ANY government level. Vote Lib, Dem or Independent… Don’t let these bigots ruin our society for their gain.

    • 6RID8U6

      Lib is in too many ways Republican-lite, and Dem is pretty much progressive lip service with little to back it up. Greens are the only ones who have all the right answers and the determination to apply them. They just need a superstar candidate to bring forth the message to the masses.

      • Nate

        You are out of your mind if you think the Green Party has amazing ideas or will ever do anything in politics. They have secured what 1 single state level congressional spot and 0 national ones? They will never amount to anything. A superstar candidate will never change that. Get real.

      • 6RID8U6

        The only reason the Greens haven’t gotten any traction is because they don’t have any star power to push them forward. As far as their ideals go, everything they stand for is geared toward improving the human experience, which is something that no other party can offer. I respect your opinion, but it’s kind of hard to argue with their platform, especially with so much at stake in this country AND the world. What are your complaints?

      • BURNTFUR

        sorry but no. the reason the green party has no traction is because if you don’t like how things are, you have to fix them from the inside. the green party refuses to see this. I don’t know if it’s ego or not, but it looks like ego is the reason they won’t even contemplate this. If the green party would infiltrate the democrats a lot more could get done on the green party agenda, and I think everyone in the green party knows it. So the green party leaves everyone else scratching their heads wondering why they continue their failed approach.

      • 6RID8U6

        That’s actually a good point, but the problem is the long long road to progress that is involved for Greens to slowly infiltrate an established corporate political party. It’s a great theory, but would humanity last long enough to see it come to fruition?

      • Rachel Garber

        I have to agree with you on the ego thing, I remember when Ralph Nader was running, and to me after a while it started to seem like it was all about him, not the country. And as far as working together, I don’t know if it’s their party platform but it kind of seems like it’s our way or the highway, if things aren’t exactly to their liking they don’t want to work with whoever is the nominee from the Democrats.

      • TickleMuch777


      • Elizabeth Liming

        Pardon me for being so blunt but I LOVE YOU! Absolutely correct. Jill Stein pushed the Green Party further than ever (with the help of Rose Ann Barr who only threw her hat in the ring to bring attention to the Green Party). I always vote green because I support their beliefs and I hope I see in my lifetime a three party system and a green candidate in the White House!

      • BURNTFUR

        the GOP is well aware that people like you fracture the democrat vote. The GOP stands together then your vote denies democrat seats. The green party has very valid ideas, however starting a third party will only serve the GOP. It’s unfortunate that most green party supporters I talk to refuse to do anything any way other than how they want to. It doesn’t get the prefered result you’re looking for.

  • mencik

    What is amazing is how many people in the Christian Right in particular, absolutely believe that Obama is some kind of anti-Christ. Discussions with people in my own church leave me shaking my head wondering what happened to previously reasonable people. I really do not understand it.


      Maybe you should leave that church. Become an Atheist or at least a Freethinker.

      • mencik

        I’ve considered leaving that church, but I am not an Atheist. I am quite comfortable being a liberal Christian. I don’t think that they are incompatible. Just don’t read into Bible passages what you want to see, read what is there. Right now, I’d rather stay and try to re-educate some folks. However, beating my head against the wall does hurt and it feels good to stop.

      • TickleMuch777

        And Ur doing the rite thg! Ppl need 2B educated. Most of what’s going on is a learned behavior. Some Ppl learn the wrong stuff about Ppl and believe it if mom or dad said it…instead of getting 2 know about Ppl of different nationalities cultural differences!

      • heretohelp

        *you’re *right *thing *people *to *be

      • Anthony Buzzin

        another awesome comment.

      • Marie

        I am Catholic and have never felt in conflict with how I vote bc I a pretty moderate. However, I do have one side of family that is Protestant and they just cannot even listen to anything that they feel ‘could’ be against ‘conservative’ beliefs. I finally spoke and said that I will vote for what I feel is more ethical. Lying and spreading hatred for top 1 percent profit is the worst ethical choice I can think of. They are convinced I am brainwashed. Thankful my church does not have this fear driven ideology. It is where all fear, judgment and hate stem from. Maybe find another church? Pretty sure even the Pope would vote as I do. It’s not about party, it’s about what is right.

    • TickleMuch777

      They want Y’all 2 believe that! They R satan’s children not Obama! They want U2 think it’s him when really it’s them! Satan is not 4 the good of the ppl. Don’t that sounds more like the Republicans?

  • Matthew Reece

    Shutting down the government (it is not our government; that idea is nothing but collectivist propaganda) and performing a sovereign default should not be done simply to oppose Obama. They should be done because they are morally correct courses of action.

    • 1956cyndi

      all the funding bills were to fund all but something to do with ACA. The first was against it entirely- which all knew would fail. The second for all to wait till those getting the extension start (which Obama is now for it, so long as it is not involving repubs), which was unsigned. The last to fund all but the perks illegally added to the bill by Obama, like giving senate 75% subsidy on their Ocare- which of course the senate wanted. Sorry, can’t say that was just antiObama actions. Valid compromises the MSM ignores.

  • ottofromdurham

    Something they are very cooperative about is the stealing away of due process. Neither party is our friend when it comes to protecting the Bill of Rights (NDAA 2013, Patriot Act–signed by last 2 presidents, felony penalties if peacefully protesting within a mile of someone protected by secret service–even if their presence is hidden, etc.). The real political issues are being ignored. Oh and let’s not forget how cooperative they are about bombing countries for profit.

    • TickleMuch777

      All the time! 4Real!

    • Ron Enos

      Actually, the Republicans proved how intractable they are in opposing ANYTHING this President supports. They were quite likely going to vote against any action against Syria, and the only possible reason for a lot of them is because President Obama proposed it. Just compare their rhetoric the week before, when they thought he was going to go around them, and then how they reversed themselves because he had stated that he wanted to do a limited attack.

      • Rachel Garber

        Ron, you caught that? If it wasn’t so pathetic, I would have laughed myself silly, he took one position and they had a fit about that, you were supposed to come and discuss it with us, so he did and then they were like, you are wasting time, why don’t you send troops over there. Sleazy skanky scumbags imho

      • 1956cyndi

        And opposition had nothing to do with the fact Obama had NO proof who had used the WMD and NO support either here OR abroad, and that bombing would help no one but the AlQaeda rebels?

  • Brooster

    “Then when you factor in how much of their agenda has been to sabotage
    our economy for their political gain, it’s asinine to believe Obama
    would ever support anything Republicans have pushed for.” – If this is so, then you’re saying it’s not a case of assessing each issue on it’s merit, but whether your political opposition still feels chummy in the senate or not….?

  • Patricia Dauenheimer

    Nope,they can’t see past his skin color.let’s be truthful.bunch of little boys holding out. They should be ashamed of what their doing to our Country. All these people want is to give him Respect he is our President.

    • Katie Runion

      Our country was founded by Freemasons and continues to have their influence. One of the biggest issues for them is their lean toward white supremacy. Until we get people in government without that mindset, we will always be doomed. Either a government that opposes any president that is not a “pure white male”, or a president that is well supported BECAUSE he is a “pure white male”.

  • TickleMuch777

    It’s 2 bad many people don’t realize lots going on is becuz the Republicans GOD is satan! Anything wrong is right 2 them! Anyone who hates that much is satan’s child! Satan is the author of HATE! We R living N the last days…Believe it or not! Men will B lover’s of themselves! Wow! The prophecies N the Bible is coming 2 pass right B4 your eyes evryday! Wars and rumors of wars, Climax change? In Revelations it says…sumthg bout volcano, earth quakes, etc…is not that happening now! Sumthg that was predicted centuries ago! WAKE UP people!

    • mmhmm

      …..I am deeply confused by you.

    • Chomper Lomper Tawee

      Qué ????

    • raggedcompany

      Climax change sounds pretty interesting…

  • Leticia Uribe

    Very simple YOUR PRESIDENT and they’re NOT!!!

  • WeAreAllAmericans

    So, I go to Republican pages and see them slam Democrats. Then I go to Democrat pages and see them slam Republicans. I am one of the independent voters who really get sick of hearing about what party is or isn’t doing anything. It would be a lot more interesting to have people who actually write articles on constructive subjects like how gun control laws should be passed and what these laws even entail. How about we educate the public instead of putting on slam fests? Anyone?

  • GGaia

    Thanks Allan, great article. I agree 100 %.

    I feel President Obama is one of the best Presidents America has had in many years. Its a shame Republicans are sorry losers, and can’t agree on anything Obama supports.

    Keep up the great writing Allan. 🙂

    • strayaway

      Obama keeps reinstating the Patriot Act. Senator Obama left the campaign trail, as did McCain, to lobby for the Wall Street bailout. So there are things Republicans have worked together with Obama on. Also, this isn’t political, I’ve never heard Republicans criticize President Obama as not being a good father. The Obama’s pay over $31,000/year tuition for each of their daughters at a private school. Many Republicans are probably jealous of the Obamas’ ability to afford such quality education for their daughters. No Common core, crime ridden schools for those girls. Republicans just have to respect that.

      • GuestfromOhio

        Then why don’t they?

  • Scotty

    It’s the truth! If Obama were to say that parents should love their children, Republicans would be dumping kids in every river, stream, and lake the very next day.

    • Victoria Gutshall

      Mrs. O said something about drinking water being healthy for you, and people got outraged about that!

      • Rachel Garber

        Did you get that, someone had a fit because she talked about people eating nutritious food, some woman once said to me, said Americans are fat, yeah, hello, have you looked around you lately. She wanted to go to an elementary school in AZ or NM to talk about nutrition, she was refused on the grounds that they couldn’t have any political stuff at their school. This was during the campaign. Bet if Mrs. Romney wanted to talk about nutrition to students they would send a limo for her

  • Incensed American

    While I agree with this article for the most part, I sat here wondering if we would use the following to describe other men who’ve sat in the The Round Room: Adams, Kennedy, Ford, Bush (the elder), Reagan, Taft, Washington… you get the idea. Is there no decorum in the country? What happened to calling the President “Mr. Obama”, or (hopefully some day, Ms./Mrs.)? Show a little respect, or I won’t wish good tidings the next time bushie goes into the hospital for being six thousand years old (and responsible for one son whose name sounds like a part on a sailboat, and the other has a fake Texas accent).

  • trk387

    “The problem we have is we have a faction of the Republican Party, in the House of Representatives in particular, that view “compromise” as a dirty word, and anything that is even remotely associated with me, they feel obliged to oppose.”

    Then you know what Mr. President? You OPPOSE everything they bring to the table! They will have NO choice but to play ball or lose. It is called Quid Pro Quo! trk387


      they’d have to bring something to the table first. Also, Quid Pro Quo means I give a little, you give a little–not you oppose everything so I oppose everything.

    • 1956cyndi

      my apologies, I didn’t initially read this correctly. Agree, Obama opposeds all repubs ideas, even his own (like the putting off ACA signups a year wants but will veto if the house passes bipartisanly)

      • trk387

        ts ok dude or dudett’e no problem. WE all have our own opinions. How boring the world would be and especially these forums if every said the same thing. lol Have a nice Thanksgiving and holiday. trk387

  • estfar

    They (the racist teapublicans) fear the President – what he represents – using him as an example to remind other folks of Color who dream too big – of what will happen. When I saw our President take the stage in Chicago that first time after he had won, what I saw was the shield protecting him from a possible assassin’s bullet and I feared the worst. There are many in this country whose hatred has polarized the country – like McCarthy , they will lie, twist the truth, obstruct and accuse to get their way. No one wants to call it what it is in Washington, a bunch of angry, immoral White Men and a few clueless White Women and a couple of Hispanics who forgot themselves. And then you have the rest of the inmates who more belong in a nut house than Congress or the Senate, trying to hold back change, deny the new world, holding on to the last vestige of White supremacy even if it means toppling the government they claim fealty to . Well I am an American, not White, not male and I despise what these cowards are doing to this country. This is not a land of values and exceptionalism anymore- not when we choose to sink to the bottom out of fear, ignorance and a sense of entitlement.

  • reeblite

    not to worry president obama, their days are numbered. we’re voting them all out!!

  • Victoria Gutshall

    It has gotten to the point that voting for a Republican is tantamount to an act of treason against this country. Wonder what they’re going to do when they have totally destroyed their own party? Are they really so stupid that they can’t see the handwriting on the wall, ie: that the American people are getting sick of them and the damage they have done to our country? We are plunging headfirst into become a third world country and the Republicans are leading the charge. They are counting on the voters being too stupid to see it, but instead more and more people are waking up to their agenda and saying “hell no!”

    • 1956cyndi

      damage? like the slowing down the debt? Obama stopped the debt clock all summer and it STILL shows over 7M in under 5 years. The stimulus package under Obama (as the one under Bush was paid in full with interest) was even panned as a failure by Barney Frank!

  • wendy hawkes

    This article is a fact as far as most ‘reasonable’ people know…not an opinion…it’s been proven several times as mentioned in the article

  • wendy hawkes

    Since Obama has to deal with stubborn children, he should use reverse psychology: propose the opposite (ridiculous) ideas, then Reps. will vote for the right ones…

  • Truth makes you mad

    Leadership has always overcomes opposition. Ineptness points the finger of blame.

    • Pipercat

      … and myopia inserts the thumb of obstruction!

  • Jerome Morton

    The fact is, Washington in itself is dis-functional. There is reason to believe that adding 11 million illegals to the work force does destroy overall job availability to legal Americans. There are currently, when you figure in the number of people who have left the job market because they cannot find a job, anywhere from 15 to 21 percent unemployment. The unemployment numbers that are reported in the media do not take into account the overall loss of good paying jobs and the number that have left the labor force or were forced out because of no jobs available. It is also obviously, that current job creation has been limited in scope. You have a lot of jobs that are not full time. Many corporations have said that they cannot hire full time because of Obamacare mandates. So this shows there is a problem with the Affordable Healthcare Act. This isn’t a Republican issue or necessarily a Democratic issue. The fact is even Unions are expressing concern. The AFL-CIO has recently even expressed grave concern over the mandates of the Affordable Care Act. Realistically, so much has been pushed through under Obama’s Administration that is significant, that we may need to just simply take a step back and re-evaluate those items that are obviously having an effect on the economy and not for the better. Obama said he would not sign a healthcare law when the Affordable Care Act was originally voted on, but even the Office of Managment and Budget is stating we are looking at up to 6 Trillion Dollars of additional debt. Plus, the law in itself depends on young people signing up for Obamacare, but most young people are not in a position to afford it. In addition, there are multiple states that have reported significant increases in insurance premiums. So this is of concern. If a person gets a 100 dollar rebate, but their insurance premiums go up over 1000 dollars per year, then there is significant issue with the premiums. So there are problems that the Administration and the Legislature must deal with. Unfortunately, if we as Americans don’t push for compromise and a political sphere that works with each other, then we are just as guilty as the Dems and the GOP that do not work well with each other. I would suggest we all call, write, and communicate with politicans the desires of the American people. We need to tell them to fix the issues, or they will lose their jobs.

    • 1956cyndi

      well written, Jerome

  • FacingFacts

    I agree with all the comments that identify the hate factor, the racist factor and the income factor that defines the outrageous actions of right wing Republicans. But, I also think that the American people are the problem. The right wing Republicans are able to hold Congress hostage because “we the people” are silent and because we allow them to throw a finger up at our President. We have not shown the outrage that would embolden our elected officials to move forward with confidence that they have our support. We are cowards, spineless in the face of the Republican right wing bullies.

    • 1956cyndi

      bullies? Sorry, The only hate I keep hearing has been more from progressives (particularly to women/minorities daring to think differently and be conservative) and the MSM insisting that no matter what comes out of a conservative they surely MEAN something racist by it


    Even worse than everything mentioned in this article is the GOP refusal to read any of this whenever it is stated by the media. They have no answer to these claims other than to change the subject and go on the attack, or their over-used, typical response to say in any manner possible “No, YOU do that, not me.” It amazes me how people defend the GOP when they bold faced do NOTHING but stall everything. It does nothing to help anyone, ever, regardless of political affiliation. If they were posing feasible ideas I wouldn’t think this way, but from what I can see, for the past decade or more the GOP has lined its pockets first then increasingly done nothing else but appeal to bully mentality and mob rule for votes. At least democrats are trying–and even in face of this fact they will claim democrats don’t do anything which is patently false. It’s a stalemate they create then they do anything they can to pass the responsibilty to anyone that doesn’t support their power grab. I’m fully willing to listen to them if they start WORKING, but they haven’t. Remember jobs jobs jobs? I do too. Where are the job proposals? All we get is social politics instead. I want a lively debate about facts and proposals to bring good to the nation, not just petulant children on one side and democrats on the other.

    • 1956cyndi

      there have been 30 jobs bills passed by the house, a dozen or more health proposals (like HR 2300) and yearly budgets since getting majority there, ALL resting on Reid’s desk where he refuses to allow it to come to a vote.

  • SomaSailor9

    I vowed years ago that I would NEVER vote for a Republican. Their behavior today only confirms and reinforces that decision.

  • greg desmith

    he should have responded sooner to katrina

  • Chap Ganjoo

    Talk about doing right for the people….

  • Robin

    I hope this is not the first time he’s realized this fact. It’s been obvious since the inauguration in 2009.

  • onewhoknows

    What can we do to fix the bottleneck in Congress? Is there a way for citizens to get these clowns kicked out before 2014? Enough of the stalemate BS.

  • GuestfromOhio

    It will be interesting to read – if I live long enough – what history has to say about these obstructionist Republicans. I don’t believe it will be good. They have spent the last 8 years putting our country in jeopardy. It’s shameful.

  • theabby

    Republicans make the whole country look bad.

  • emeraldeyes24

    The very loud, obnoxious American habit of thumping one’s chest all the while screaming ”America, the Best and Most Powerful”, just tipped over into a very comical place. Duly elected Republican lawmakers, presumably smart and reasonable have shown themselves to be fools of the highest order, almost prancing in their brash display of their plumed political feathers. The pathological contempt that they hold for their president is irrational and very unbecoming a Washington politician in the highest political body in the land. It would be too simple to suggest that it is but one or two not-so-bright rabble rousers in the Republican midst who, intoxicated on newly acquired power and seduced by their own high opinion of themselves, are willing to push the entire country over the edge into oblivion to get what they want – a possible coup-like takeover of the government and the very democracy for which it stands.
    The one name that continues to rise to the surface like sludge in a cesspool of toxic waste is Ted Cruz, a young, very conservative fundamentalist ideologue – a 40-something constitutional lawyer. The Republican party has given him so much rope to try to make Obama’s life hell that, unfortunately, they are now seeing the tensor begin to tighten around their entire political party and partisan throats are feeling the brunt of a public that has lost its collective respect for shenanigans unbecoming the long respected party of the elephant. With so many running for re-election in 2014 this does not bode well for them. Interestingly enough, Cruz is a Hispanic, the son of a Cuban exile who escaped Cuba with a rabid hatred for everything Communist and all things Fidel Castro. How much of that rubbed off on an impressionable young Raphael [Ted] remains to be seen.
    To compound their problem, the very person whom Republicans have been intent on ruining has demonstrated magnificently that he is a shrewd and masterful strategist, a meticulous planner and seemingly unbeatable, no matter what the Republicans try to do. Their president has proven that he can be trusted to put the interests of the American people first and he engenders confidence in everything he does, even for centrist Republicans. Yes, these are perilous times for the powerful, the reckless and the imperious, and those who would seek re-election!

  • Kojo Ferguson

    I love you America, but I truly do fear for you. A man like Obama was supposed to help bring about compromise, and teach harmony but it has done just the opposite. The ‘greatest president ever’ has become the worst through no fault of his own. The possibility of not being able to take back the White House after a man like him has stricken the GOP with absolute fear. I doubt it will be any better for Hillary. Its not just racism for them, it will be sexism as well. The party of No and No ideas is also the party of no future and they feel they have nothing to lose if they flush the country and the world economy down the toilet. Farewell to this great experiment called Democracy.

    • 1956cyndi

      No fault of his own? You have read nothing of IRS and HSA and EPA scandals ADMITTED of pointedly being against conservatives/ veterans? All the namecalling from the president himself, particularly when protected by his MSM? The lies on his own record of voting or what has said, plus regarding the fact TOLD by multiple gov’t agencies back in 2010 that would cost up to 94M their coverage if mandate all policies had to now cover things the policy holder could never possibly use?.

  • jwald1

    I am glad he is finally taking off the gloves. Some Americans just might need a little nudge to see the truth. He is right on.

  • Scott Davis

    October 9, 2013:

    Here’s an idea to save this country, to save the Administration,

    and to save the Democratic Party from being Watergated into

    marginal status by 2014:

    Obama resigns, Biden becomes President.

    John Kerry is appointed Vice President;

    Obama is appointed Secretary of State.

    Don Siegelman is appointed US Pardon Attorney by Biden

    after Biden pardons Don Siegelman himself,

    also Don Bailey is appointed US Attorney General

    and Holder is out.

    Justin Amash is appointed head of the NSA,

    Keith Brian Alexander is out.

    After serving for six months, Biden resigns,

    and John Kerry becomes President, appointing

    US Senator Jeff Merkley as Vice President, and

    Robert S Ford becomes US Secretary of State.

    After one year as President, John Kerry resigns,

    Jeff Merkley becomes President, and

    Obama is appointed Vice President.

    Jeff Merkley serves for one year, and resigns,

    whereupon Obama serves out the last nine months

    of the term he was elected to,

    appointing Biden as Vice President,

    to serve out the last few months of the term

    Biden was elected to as Vice-President.

    The Democratic Party would be acting very intelligently

    to study this plan and to implement it right away.

    Thirteen months from now, after they get their hide

    handed to them by the Republicans, they may wonder,

    “WHY didn’t we adopt this plan when we first heard of it?


  • Daddycool67

    “The only options Republicans present to Obama are options he’s clearly stated he won’t do under any circumstances. ”
    Here’s where we get directly at the root of the problem with our government.
    We are allowing this small group of radicals to be the ones “presenting options” to our President!
    They should be forced to choose from the options that WE THE PEOPLE (the ones who elected the President) … present to them!! Not the other way around!

    These people come from a school of thought that offers very few options at all to begin with. And most of those options are 50 – 100 years old …. and DON’T WORK!
    So, WHY do we continue to allow these people to be the trendsetters?
    It looks like that just may end up costing this nation severely

    We have allowed this small group of people to limit our options long enough!
    (They might mean well. … but I seriously doubt that!)
    Their options are all very risky, extreme, and usually not financially sound for the majority of us.
    Their faulty governing strategy is to limit our choices as a country. And that’s pretty much their WHOLE startegy in it’s entirety!
    They have continued to limit America’s choices RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF A DEPRESSION!
    And also WHILE WE ARE AT WAR!
    That’s extremely irresponsible ….and WE are also irresponsible for allowing it to happen!

    I believe It’s time for us to finally write an ending to the tea party chapter of American history … and remove every bit of the nonsense they brought along with them!

  • Daddycool67

    You conservative trolls can just continue to pretend that none of this has anything to do with the President’s race … and everything to do with his “liberal agenda”. If that’s what helps you relax and sleep at night, feel free to believe whatever you want. (I mean … is anything more important than YOUR personal comfort?) Unless you’re an actual real live walking talking rectum … Or extremely childlike … Then you know the truth somewhere deep down.

    Most people …. even people who aren’t liberal … know better.
    Or at least suspect it to be true. They just don’t want to say it out loud.
    Nobody wants to believe that we’re still that tribal and backward here in America in 2013. Even liberals wish it wasn’t true.(Just imagine how much easier things would be if it WASN’T true.)

    I don’t want to believe it either. I WISH it was different. It’s actually still very hard to believe. But it’s undeniable.
    I’ve been around for quite some time.
    I’ve seen plenty. I’m not always good at making predictions.Prior to about Feb. of 2009 … I would have said you were crazy if you told me that nearly half of America was going to lose their minds simply because the President is black. But I usually know exactly what I’m seeing/hearing once it happens. There are plenty of people that would agree with me, who have been around longer and seen more REAL racism than I ever have.

    • Kelli Hernandez

      You are right. You are absolutely right…..and me too….

    • 1956cyndi

      We are a racist country, yet a man with a black father won the presidency? Interesting theory.

  • Kelli Hernandez

    I might actually get booted off this page for laying this out, amongst the intelligent comments I have read here (aside from tea minion voters), all are correct about what has been done to Obama. NEVER in my 50 years have I seen a President so hated, so obstructed in his efforts, so blackmailed, and so set up to to fail by one party that is filled with…..sociopaths. The Tea Party.

    This party has screwed with American politics for a long, long time. …here’s part of why…

    The GOP stands for fiscal conservation. Reagan began all of it by slowly demonizing the poor, removing manufacturing, and unions and ushering a new and more poisonous narcissism into politics that has grown into the green monster of full blown psychopathy.
    Over and over, page to page, the same comments, “Why are they doing this? What is the reason? Who does this?” the answer is so very simple but an important one for people to know because it is VERY, VERY real.

    Psychopathy is a mental health disorder. It was referred to at one time as “moral insanity’. Successful psychopaths can have high IQ’s and yet have no empathy, no conscience. The lack of empathy is the single most telling characteristic of psychopathy, but there are more: callousness, manipulation, exploitation, pathological lying, rewriting history, emotional, financially, sexually and physically abusive. The tea party is all of these.

    What makes them so very dangerous is their ability to manipulate and exploit the hatred of others, particulary their voting minion That is frightening because we have many bigots, religious zealots, hate for the poor, weak, disenfranchised. We have also many wealthy who carry these traits and are invested in power and control. Psychopaths are addicts. They are addicted to power and control, but they are also addicted to the destruction of other human beings. They really do get off on watching people suffer, hence their inability for empathy, or respect, not for the President and not for any of us either, even the voting minion that are being badly used and exploited,…they are simply a vehicle that the tea psychopaths ride on their agenda…

    Once the psychopath cannot keep up the charade and pretend to ‘care’ about whomever it is they are abusing and exploiting, the mask slips and their evil spills out for all to see, particularly their victims who are onto them. These individuals in Congress that make up the tea party are extremely disordered and dangerous individuals as are their corporate backers. They want control of America, all of it. While the ACA is a ‘big deal’ it isn’t as big as what’s coming: The dismantling of social security, medicare and medicaid…a back door to destruction of the ACA. Their strategy is so obvious, yet many don’t pay attention because the focus is put upon one single mode of transporting their agenda, hate of our President. He is being used to progress their agenda as well.

    This is very serious. These people are very, very sick. We need to get them out before they do much more destruction. While i do not agree with all of Obama’s policies, I also do not believe he is incapable of empathy. Most people who gravitate towards the baggers are those with pathological traits of hatred, etc. Those of us who want what’s right for all, tend to be progressives, although there are some moderate Republicans that I think are pretty cool people.

    The problem is this sick extreme. And sick people are attracted to it like flies. It has so much power, because we let it have power. we are the only ones that can stop them.

    Start now. right now. Get a local group going, start an advocacy or community start up in your area for the next election or join one in your state, particularly if you are not full of pathological hatred and live in a red state. You can take it back. It’s by believing that they have more power and allowing ourselves to remain apathetic, or discouraged that lets them get away with all that they have.

    The dems and Obama have given enough. The rich need to pay MORE taxes, corporate subsidies need to stop, tax havens outside the US need to be accounted for or stopped, jobs need to be created, We need to boycott those that finance the tea psychopaths. we need to bleed them dry.

    They are vampires. do not continue to give them your blood When you see the trolls from the voting tea minion, send em off with a prayer of pity…it’s hard but reaction is what they thrive on, chaos, drama….frankly, I think the US has had enough and I think it’s about time we have some respect for our President, that despite his faults and mistakes, really HAS made an effort to try to make our lives better, but is up against a bunch of sociopaths who have targeted him for destruction, not only because he is black and successful, but because they want the power they perceive he has.

    Nect on the agenda for the tea psychopaths, “entitlements”. But it’s time theirs were cut first. I’m sick of these people and I want them out and our country back.

    • 1956cyndi

      you didn’t get out much while Bush was pres, did you?

  • Geno

    I remember when Harold Washington became Chicago’s first African-American mayor. The old guard did the very same thing — They refused to talk with him, they were against anything and everything that Harold was for. And of course, the same as it is today, all of that ridiculous bee-ess had “absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he’s black”. Riiiiiiight.

  • emeraldeyes24

    So, this is the modus operandi of the infantile Republican party then? Every time there’s a Liberal/ Democratic president in the White house, the Republicans will punish the American people for voting for that president by refusing to do anything for them – if there is a Republican House or Senate, is that the message? That’s hardly a Democracy – its a Sham Republic and the American people deserve better than that. Their taxes are paying these guys’ salaries after all! The Rules need to be re-written to ensure that they do their work no matter what party they are in! They tried to detract from Bill Clinton’s Presidency with the whole Impeach business and all sorts of scurrilous accusations! IT MUST STOP! Or they don’t get paid… if it’s in the Constitution, change it!! The majority of the American people will agree to it since it’s them that will suffer! This is UNBELIEVABLE!

  • Omar Spence

    The GOP would rather burn the country to the ground than see a black man in the white house. The tea party, their loudspeakers and their members of the house remind me of the beginnings of the Nazi party in Germany. They blame “libruls”, illegal immigrants and minorities for all the country’s woes and display weapons and make threats in public. It is shocking to believe a group of right wing extremist nuts actually threaten to crash the US economy along with the rest of the world by extension. But then again, right wing extremism was the genesis of WW2.

  • BlueAlliance

    Clifton is spot on…..what he doesn’t say is they oppose Obama because he is black! No president has ever had to endure this kind of disrespect and obstructionism…..it’s disgraceful and muddies America internationally. They will not stop until they gain power – they are ruthless!