“Obamacare” and the Perpetual Republican Temper Tantrum

Who’s ever dealt with a child throwing a temper tantrum?  The screaming, crying, stubbornness, irrationality—just so the child can try and force an adult to do what they want.

Well that seems to be exactly what Republicans are doing over the Affordable Care Act (aka “Obamacare”).  They’ve decided that since they haven’t gotten their way so far, they should just throw a tantrum.

The law was passed by both the House of Representatives and Senate, signed by the President and then deemed Constitutional by the Supreme Court.  Outside of a full-on Constitutional Amendment (which in today’s political environment would be nearly impossible to pass), “Obamacare” is about as definitive a law as you can get.

Yet, since even before the law was passed, Republicans have done anything they could to defeat it.  They’ve distorted facts, tried to sabotage its implementation, perpetuated outlandish stories and have sought every possible loophole in existence to try and do whatever they can to prevent this law from working.

From “death panels” to the lie about it being a government takeover of health care, telling Americans they won’t be able to choose their doctors (as if current health insurance plans gave people unlimited selection for any doctor they wanted) all the way to the lie that it’s a “job destroyer.”  Republicans have built an opposition to “Obamacare” that’s based on complete fiction.

Which always prompts me to ask the question, “If the truth about the Affordable Care Act is so terrible, why do Republicans always seem to be lying about it?  Shouldn’t the truth be enough?”

But despite their best efforts, the law continues to move forward.  And as the law continues to do so, millions of Americans have enjoyed access to health care which they were previously denied due to the fact they were born with a pre-existing condition.

And as we continue to see reports from states showing that “Obamacare” is actually driving down the cost of health insurance premiums, Republicans are becoming more desperate than ever.

A great example of Republican desperation was just a few days back when House Speaker Boehner shared a link on Twitter proclaiming “rate shock,” and implying that people living in Ohio would see rate hikes as high as forty-one percent.

That is if you only read the first paragraph of the article he linked to.  If Boehner had read all the way down to the third paragraph (and everything past it) he would have seen that the majority of the article actually praised “Obamacare,” and exposed how the “41%” number Republicans like him were using was highly distorted.

Now there’s more and more talk that some Congressional Republicans are pushing for a government shutdown to attempt to force President Obama to defund “Obamacare.”

Luckily some Republicans are standing up to the idiocy being displayed by a few within their own party.  Such as the comments by North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, who said it was the “dumbest idea he’s ever heard of” when told about some conservatives pushing for a government shutdown.

But what this irrational behavior by Republicans towards “Obamacare” really stems from is their absolute fear that the law might actually—work.

Much like a child throwing a tempter tantrum, the child’s actions usually don’t start out with them rolling around on the ground, kicking and screaming incoherently.  No, they often begin more mildly and work their way up to the full-blown tantrum.

As the child begins to realize that their battle with the adult isn’t going the way they want it to, they then become more desperate, and that’s when you see the rolling around on the ground, kicking and screaming.

Which is the point Republicans are approaching.  State exchanges are beginning to rollout, with rates lower than expected.  Then with near full-on implementation of the law expected next year, Republicans are throwing themselves on the ground, kicking and screaming, doing anything they can to prevent the law from working.

“Since our 40 attempts to repeal a law didn’t work, and our fear mongering hasn’t stopped it from being implemented, we’ll just shutdown the government until you defund the law!”

It’s their last ditch effort to try and get their way.  Because the last thing Republicans want is for the law to be implemented, work, and then they’re left trying to explain to their constituents why they so fiercely opposed the law when it’s benefiting millions of Americans and doing what President Obama said it would do.

And even though Obama easily won re-election and Democrats gained seats in the House and the Senate—Republicans still seem to feel that they have some “mandate” given to them in this country to act like petulant children who aren’t getting their way.

Which is exactly what it seems they plan on doing.

But at the end of the day, more Republicans need to listen to Senators from their own party like Richard Burr who said it best.

“I think it’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of.  Listen, as long as Barack Obama is president, the Affordable Care Act is going to be law.  I think some of these guys need to understand that if you shut down the federal government, you better have a specific reason to do it that’s achievable.  Defunding the Affordable Care Act is not achievable through shutting down the federal government.  At some point you’re going to open the federal government back up, and Barack Obama’s going to be president, and he won’t have signed this illusion of the Affordable Care Act.”

In other words, “Obamacare” is the law of the land—get over it.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Eric Bell

    “Kim” of North Korea
    seems to use the same tactics to receive provisions from the UN to support his
    regime to stay in power. Every time they need “provisions” from the rest of the
    international community, they start saber rattling and making threats.
    time the GOP does not get what they want they seem to do the same thing with the
    current administration and the DNC while the government as a whole is not
    functioning as well as it should be with various social changes trying to be
    made, but they (like you said) are acting like a stubborn child. Eventually
    someone needs to smack them on the hand and tell them NO, give them a lengthy time
    out, send them to their room etc, etc. Various other tactics that are
    being used on the GOP’s side of the problems we are having are still becoming
    very self defeating and it seems that they do not realize it or they do realize it and they have no clue what to do about it. I think it is
    going to become a “money” from superpak’s vs. realistic loyalty and trust type
    of battle in 2014 and 2016. Whomever wins the realistic loyalty and trust
    battle is going to win. Reason, real loyalty cannot be bought, it HAS TO be
    proven and the GOP is not doing a very good job at proving theirs.

    • arthur smithee

      yeh. does it seem like the GOP is acting out for the benefit of one specific group of people? this law helps everyone and the doom and gloom they keep bringing up doesn’t interest anyone who is waiting for the benefits to kick in.

      • Jim Kaye

        The benefits have already kicked in!!! We just haven’t been forced to purchase insurance yet. The only problem is that it’s not any cheaper. The out of pocket expenses are still the same. So this is only going to increase the profit margins of the health care industry!!!!

      • Shari D

        The profit margins of the Insurance companies have been significantly slashed since the ACA ALSO requires that insurance companies spend 80% of their premiums on actual health care for their subscribers. That does not leave them 60% or more to fund outrageous bonuses and salary packages and “Golden Parachute” clauses and other “pocket liners” for their CEO’s. COO’s. and all the other “top of the heap” executives who have been living high on the hog at the expense of the people who pay them the premiums they have demanded in the past, and hiked without cause every time they decided they wanted more money to play with.

  • mike_in_ohio

    funny how it is such a great program that the government has decided their employees do not have to participate in it. funny how the unions now oppose it. funny how all the new jobs being created are part time jobs so the employers no longer have to provide insurance. funny how they say the insurance provided by the exchanges cost less then what individuals would pay now but fail to mention that the reason it is cheaper is because the government is using tax dollars (taken from the working people) to subsidize it and how the governments contribution will be less and less each year, meaning your taxes will go up and up to continue to pay for it. funny how insurance premiums continue to rise along with hospital bills. funny how the democrats are not smart enough to feed themselves so they have to be fed the lies and half-truths by the government.
    I do like how the person who wrote the article said “but what this irrational behavior by Republicans towards “Obamacare” really stems from is their absolute fear that the law ‘might’ actually – work. it the writer had an education he would realize that the word ‘might’ indicates a less then 50% probability of success where the word ‘may’ indicates more then 50% probability of success.
    sounds to me this article was written by a democrat and paid for by the democrats working for the government.

    • Aaron Levesque

      ‘Might’ is simply the conditional form of the modal verb ‘may.’ In this instance either usage means precisely the same thing and indicates uncertainty. There is no level of probability attached to either word.

    • charlesvincentisFINE

      1 october 2013 — a couple of months from now. SIGN UP FOR IT BEFORE SOMETHING BAD MIGHT HAPPEN TO YOU — accidents do happen. i am happy to pay for it. you are so sure of yourself that it won’t work. join charles vincent and his monkeys at his next party, bro. you guys can hate and be irrational all you want. just remember to use a towel to wipe yourselves and try not to slip on the wet floor.

      • Charles Vincent

        Except it isn’t just you that is paying for it it’s all tax payers. Who do you think will be financing those government block grants to each state to subsidize those that can’t afford the mandatory insurance? Do you also understand that those block grants to each state are new unfunded liabilities and that in 2011 those unfunded liabilities spent all but about 100 billion of the total revenue the government took in during that fiscal year?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Which is a fine idea and the first step to a single-payor, the only rational solution. Like the rest of the world…

      • Charles Vincent

        Contact me via a popular social media site so I can post links that show you how absurd an idea the ACA is both economically and as a supposed fix for our malfunctioning healthcare system. You’re smart so you can probably find me in no time.

    • Jay Brandt

      What’s funny is that your ‘facts’are all wrong. It will take too much time to educate you, but you’ll find out as you begin benefiting from Obamacare…just as you will benefit from Social Security and Medicare which the GOP also opposed when they were created.

      • Charles Vincent

        Do you realize that congress has taken money from social security, Medicare, and Medicaid since the 80’s and has not paid that money back and that the amount they have taken is ~5 trillion dollars right?

      • Sherri G

        No they didn’t. The money was SAVINGS based on coming down harder on fraud and streamlining services…..do your research (I did BECAUSE I’m on MEDICARE).

      • Charles Vincent

        Argue with the congressional budget office then because that’s where I got that information on how congress borrows money from Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid and what the amount they have borrowed is.

        http://www DOT forbes DOT com/sites/merrillmatthews/2012/08/21/think-social-securitys-trust-fund-is-a-scam-medicare-has-one-too/

        And here is the information on Social Security;

        http://www DOT factcheck DOT org/2011/02/democrats-deny-social-securitys-red-ink/

    • CarolO

      Think again. Obama has said from day one that if you do NOT want to be part of that insurance, you do not need to be. Some already have an insurance plan and want no part of ObamaCare. That’s just fine. So stay out of that plan but don’t deny others insurance that need it or have pre-existing conditions.

      • Charles Vincent

        “Try doing your own research for a change.”
        I suggest that you heed this advice yourself.

      • Greg Weaver

        Okay, so I read it in its entirety. All 900 pages. Congress and Federal employees aren’t trying to “opt-out” of Obamacare, they’re fully compliant with the Mandate (we have health insurance already). What various government agencies are pissed about, is that a Republican congressman tried to pass a bill stating that federal employees will be forced to buy their insurance from the exchanges. The rub is, the exchanges aren’t offering plans as robust as what we already have, that are part of the the contract we negotiated.

        The exchanges offer low-end plans for people who wouldn’t be able to afford coverage otherwise. They’re nothing more than a non-profit insurer, designed to create competition in the individual and *small* group market.

        For us, it would be like getting rid of my Blue cross/Blue Shield plan and switch to an Alliance plan–which would cost me more and provide less coverage. And that’s got people upset, because we fought for our good coverage–it’s a key part of our compensation packages (we get paid less for what we do; I could be making double in my line of work), but the benefits make up for some of that.

        And that, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story.

        I suggest reading the PPACA yourself, Mr. Vincent. You may be surprised.

      • Charles Vincent

        I call bull on your reading it cause its 2500 pages not 900. And I am reading it and in fact I am about 750 pages in and quite honestly I would rather reap plates republic or Aristotle.
        ” The rub is, the exchanges aren’t offering plans as robust as what we already have, that are part of the the contract we negotiated.”
        So you’re saying that what the rest of us have is an inferior product?

      • Charles Vincent

        They don’t allow links so here is a repost of your post with out the link. I have the bill in my drop box so I don’t need the link. I am currently at about 850 pages.

        “Dr_MJ Charles Vincent • an hour ago −
        actually it is about 980 pages lol , they are counting added footnotes and other items the link is below check for yourself. And government emplyoyees and people who receive government subsidies are the ONLY people who are required to use the exchanges…there is no one plan, the online exchanges are where any health insurance company that is licensed to insurance someone in your area can advertise their plans that meet a certain minimum. It will allow you to compare the plans and chose the one that you want. If you company pays for your insurance you will not need to use the exchange. And if you buy your own you can use the exchange or any insurance agent as long as it covers the 10 required items at least 60%. however you can buy better coverage. the plans must be ranked at bronze (60% or higher), silver (70% or higher), gold (80% or higher)or platiumum(90% or higher) levels to make it easy to compare. Read for yourself…”

    • Dr_MJ

      mike…. that was one of the lies…. first there is no one insurance plan…. and federal employees will choose a plan from the exchanges. And the premiums are not cheaper because of subsidies.. they are cheaper because they are now force to compete with other companies for peoples business. the subsidies are for low income people (people with jobs) and those are applied after the premiums listed on the exchanges. and the nonsense at the end is simply wrong. As somewho has taught stats at the college level for many years there is not might or may standard. Each and every comment is lies you have been fed by the republicans. for example the jobs part, over 2 million small businesses have actually added health care because of their new tax breaks. and less than 2 % of the business say that they will or have cut back on hiring due to Obamacare. You should really check the facts before you post. Try Reading the bill, I have, It is only a little longer than a textbook.

    • Caitlin Heard

      U voted for Boehner..ur opinion is pretty much null and void. The guys is an idiot, and a hypocritical corporate crony. But whatever, ur entitled to ur own opinion. Let me know how the cyanide in that Koolaid tastes!!

      • mike_in_ohio

        The Koolaid I pay for tastes much better then the free Foolaid you have been swallowing. Anyone who can not think for themselves and believes the lie after lie coming the current president is not smart enough to even form an independent opinion. I guess that makes YOU the one that is null and void, Caitlin Heard.

  • Charles Vincent

    It’s like watching two Down’s syndrome monkeys fling poo at one another… Quite entertaining to watch, but highly unconstructive. The author of this article hasn’t read the ACA, the congress that passed it didn’t read it the people that comment on how awesome it is haven’t read it and they all regurgitate what ever their party line is. Truth be told its a bad piece of legislation that was passed by idiots that didn’t read it who then exempted themselves from having to use it and they were elected by we the people, and seeing the government hand off the administration of it to the crooks at the IRS just adds insult to injury in my opinion.

    • charlesvincentisFINE

      okay, bro. i guess you won’t be signing up for Obamacare, then. you and your monkeys can have a party when you break your fucking neck at your next men’s only orgy (nothing wrong with that…btw…you’re quite a hunk yourself). you have no fucking idea what you are talking about and tossing in all kinds of hateful shit on your post. fuck you. i want obamacare. my family wants obamacare and you will probably need it someday and I WILL PAY FOR IT FOR YOU. happy now?

      • CarolO

        Just who do you think pays for the emergency room every time someone who doesn’t have insurance walks in one? You do. Republicans are simply going down kicking just like they did when Social Security and Medicare was implemented. And 75 years later, still go after Social Security every time they can.

      • Charles Vincent

        What would make me happy is for you and people like you would wake up and smell the coffee and then grow up and step off the elementary school playground. Hateful…. Perhaps you should reread your own post. My comments were and are accurate again grow up because the truth is seldom nice.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        So, what is wrong with the ACA (he asked yet again)?

      • Matthew

        Did you read the law? Clearly, no.

      • Charles Vincent

        Yes I am reading it about half way through as of this reply. Perhaps you should read all my post before you say something else as stupid as your comment here again.

      • BadKitty

        I read all of your post. You make a lot of assertions, but nowhere does it say that YOU read the Act.

      • Charles Vincent

        Here is my post below to Greg weaver

        Charles Vincent Greg Weaver • 12 days ago −
        I call bull on your reading it cause its 2500 pages not 900. And I am reading it and in fact I am about 750 pages in and quite honestly I would rather read Plato’s republic or Aristotle.
        ” The rub is, the exchanges aren’t offering plans as robust as what we already have, that are part of the the contract we negotiated.”
        So you’re saying that what the rest of us have is an inferior product?

        “What various government agencies are pissed about, is that a Republican congressman tried to pass a bill stating that federal employees will be forced to buy their insurance from the exchanges.”
        If the exchanges are good enough for us they are good enough for the government workers. As the saying goes whats good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • iseegreyhounds

        We’re paying for the freight for the uninsured, and it’s costing
        all of us a fortune. Every time an uninsured person someone ends up in the ER, for whatever reason, and they run up a bill they can’t possibly afford to pay, the Federal government reimburses the hospital, doctors, and all of the vendors. And that’s not just people who can’t afford insurance. For example, say a young, healthy 25 year old, with a decent job, but no assets, crashes his motor cycle. An ambulance takes him to the ER where a team of doctors work on putting him back together. He has multiple broken bones, punctured spleen, broken neck, and a cracked open skull. The bills mount up rapidly from day one. Let’s say he survives, and after two years he can return to work. The bills rolling easily total maybe a million? His only asset, his super duper motorcycle, is crushed beyond repair and there is no way he’ll ever be able to pay the bills. He files for bankruptcy and he’s off the hook. But someone has to pay, so our tax dollars pick up the bill. There are a millions of people, like this guy, who walk into ER’s every year who will never pay their bills. It’s far cheaper for us, the taxpayers, to insist he gets at least minimal coverage, which he can afford, and to supplement premiums on a sliding scale for people who cannot afford to pay premiums. For some crazy reason Democrats have never made this clear to the American people. Obamacare is not just about caring for poor people. It’s as much about each of us taking personal responsibility for themselves as it is about anything else. That’s why Republican’s originally came up with the basic principlss of the ACA.. Democrats let the right get way out ahead of them in defining the bill, and the reasons for it. They sold it as a ‘do-gooder’ program, which Republicans HATE. What they love is ‘personal responsibility’ but no one’s even yet tried to sell it to them as such. Go figure.

      • TripleJ

        You get it! I’ve been saying this for years!

      • Shari D

        There’s a reason that so many hospitals have to “write off” millions and millions in bad debts, and some have had to shut down their ER’s or even close entirely because they do NOT get “reimbursed by the government” for all their bills, including the doctors and vendors. That’s a myth, and it’s never been supported by any facts. What has been supported by facts is that hospitals get very little of what they actually “Bill Out” whether the patient is a private pay, insured or totally impoverished, and couldn’t pay a quarter for a phone call.
        As far as “Personal Responsibility” is concerned, then the GOP can all go on “Private Pay” status and be personally responsible for paying all their own medical care in full and out of their own pocket. Lets see how long that lasts…..

    • Justin Tierney

      can you look in the mirror and say that? You realize you are doing exactly what you’re complaining about. This is the epitome of a hypocrisy

      • Charles Vincent

        I think you should get a dictionary and look up the definition of hypocrisy. And you might want to re read my post again, and perhaps look at my other posts on this topic since in them I do put forth ideas even thought they are rudimentary they are still my ideas on the topic.

      • Justin Tierney

        Calling people names because you think they didn’t read a piece of legislation is hardly an idea.

      • Charles Vincent

        It is a fact they didn’t read it and it’s also a fact that people who don’t read what they sign or vote into law etcetera are idiots period. Look at my post history or did you not know you could do that?

      • Paula Alderson Beard

        How do you presume to know that Congress did not read the law? Quite a few members of Congress wrote the law, that involves reading it. You are claiming something as fact that you have no proof or way of knowing the truth. If you are indeed reading the law, you would know that it is simply a mandate to buy health insurance from insurance companies on the free market. The original idea came from the conservative Heritage Foundation in 1987, The same mandate was passed and signed into law by Romney in Mass. So what is your problem with the ACA?

      • Charles Vincent

        It was on tv and there are many media articles covering it not to mention the sound bit of a legislator saying we have to pass it so we can read it and find out what’s in it.

      • Paula Alderson Beard

        Do you really believe everything you hear on tv? Can you imagine that legislation of this importance wasn’t read by members of Congress that voted for it?

      • Charles Vincent

        Google it if you think I am lying. I believe the Washington Post did and article on it. It isn’t just the ACA. It’s other bills as well.

      • Charles Vincent

        Here is the quote I referenced and who said it.
        “But we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it, away from the fog of controversy.” — Nanci Pelosi

      • Charles Vincent

        “The original idea came from the conservative Heritage Foundation in 1987, The same mandate was passed and signed into law by Romney in Mass. So what is your problem with the ACA?”
        Yes it did but the big difference is they realized it was a horrible idea. Romney’s idea is just as bad.
        It’s a mandate that penalizes people who don’t have it to the tune of $2500 a year that the IRS fines a person. Mandates like this are forced contracts I believe it is an infringement on our right to contract freely. Economically it’s another unfunded liability to add to our already extremely large unfunded liabilities. If you don’t understand how those liabilities are bad for our economy just look at the Detroit bankruptcy as unfunded liabilities are the reason they are bankrupt. Not the only one mind you but definitely a big one none the less.

      • Paula Alderson Beard

        They only realized it was a bad idea when the black democrat in the White House decided it was a good idea. It has been working well for Massachusetts. Sorry, your argument fails.

      • Charles Vincent

        Wrong they realized it was a bad idea because it created another unfunded liability.

      • Chico Gonzalez

        Charlie, just shut it, you moron!!

      • Charles Vincent

        Ad hominem much Chico?

      • iseegreyhounds

        Republican congressmen didn’t read the law because it was ‘too long’ for them to comprehend, and they knew they were going to vote against it anyway. Most Dem’s seem to have read it, because they seem better able to explain it accurately.

      • Chico Gonzalez

        Actually, Charles, no one wants to read any of your posts because you are a fricking idiot. STFU.

      • Charles Vincent

        That’s not going to happen ever. Go Internet bully someone else. And judging from all the responses to my post your assertion that “no one wants to read any of your posts” is incorrect.

    • You don’t have all the facts, yourself, Charles…..Congress will be using it and it is actually similar to what they have now. Yes many did not read it whether they signed it or not–I don’t know about you but I believe that that IS THEIR JOB!!! And the IRS does not have any job in the administration of it, unless they are the ones who collect fees for refusing to buy insurance (not because of inability to pay but flat out refusal to submit to the law of the land…) Although It would make more sense to pay it into insurance programs to cover costs. One thing I do agree with is the nonconstructive nature of all the fighting about it! 40 repeal attempts is a little much…..

      • Charles Vincent

        “Yes many did not read it whether they signed it or not–I don’t know about you but I believe that that IS THEIR JOB!!!”
        Their job is to read and understand the bills they pass not just rubber stamp everything that travels across their desk.

      • iseegreyhounds

        Their job is also not to decide to veto it, and use that as an excuse for not reading it.

      • Charles Vincent

        That’s not what I said I said people shouldn’t pass or veto anything they haven’t read or understand. I am also not saying they shouldn’t attempt to amend bills that could be fixed and work well. I just don’t think the ACA can be fixed.

  • DP

    Love it. Let them keep lying. Republicans are self destructing in full view of the voting public. They created the big lie about health care in the 2008 election (remember Grandma death panels?). Since then they had two choices: 1) let their lie quietly fade away, or 2) double down. They chose option 2 so now they are desperate to force Obamacare to fail. As it continues to show success, their best option in 2016 becomes “well, we were wrong”. Since they’ll never say that, they will implode in the next election.

  • Kenneth C. Fingeret

    Hello Everyone,

    I much prefer the hold your breath until you get what you want for these whining bitches. I think that they need assistance to do this properly. First keep their noses closed and sew their mouths shut. Let them protest for at least 24 hours in a large stadium. At the end of 24 hours we should go back into the stadium and look at them to see how their protest is going. Unfortunately they will continue to be the part of the body that wants to be in charge. You know the sphincter opening (aka ASSHOLE). It can and will shut down the opening and the shit produced by the body will poison the body and if not forced open the body will die.

  • CarolO

    Almost as bad as the “Obama phone” that’s repeated over and over again. The Obama phone should really be the Ronald Reagan phone and the George Bush phone I guess. That program started during the Reagan years and was renewed during the Bush years. Obama hasn’t a thing to do with it.

    • Shari D

      And if you dig a little deeper, the actual origins of the concept of universal access for everyone to communications services goes back to Woodrow Wilson’s administration! “Wilson Phone” anyone?

    • Tom Carpenter

      And ,you also should remember, that those phones do not cost the American tax payers one red cent. It is paid for by the telecommunications companies.
      So much for the GOP talking point…

  • Eric Bell

    (arthur smithee) I agree, instead of acting like a stubborn child constantly and consistently say “No” they should try to work with the administration in understand how it may work and figure out HOW to make it work so that the “doom and gloom” they keep “warning” the American people about won’t happen. It seems with the “chicken little yelling the sky is falling” strategy that they are using may actually ALLOW for “doom and gloom” to happen. This is becoming such a repetitive thing that words like INSANE can legitimately applied to SEVERAL tactics that the GOP has been using ever since there was a democratic majority in the house, senate and the white house back in 2009. I can understand a little knee jerk reaction to keep “tyrannical government” from happening, but it seems like the GOP is ADDICTED to repeating the same thing over and over again ASSUMING that it will work AFTER 40 TIMES? The American people need to bring out the vote and vote people out of office in 2014 and 2016. It appears that the GOP is taking the “stand your ground” idea because allot of them are in the pockets of several corporations, which tells me they are in office for the wrong reasons, not looking out for the American people, but looking out for corporate agenda’s. I could “accidently” write a book about my opinion on this matter, but I don’t want to take up too much time. I’m off of my soap box….;-)

  • Rich

    cant we just begin to string up these enemies of the state and charge them crimes against humanity? the GOP is so freaking evil its disgusting. Anyone that will allow their fellow man to suffer because of a few dollars than turn around and claim to be devout christians are actually supporters of the anti-christ. i hope and cant wait for obamacare to kick in so i can finally get the medical treatment I need. Republicans are all douchebags. Period. I hope they all die painfully, and without medical coverage. Assholes, hey republicans, do you think jesus would support ACA? or would he let people die so they could buy another car, boat, abortion for their mistress? fucking hypocrites.

  • iseegreyhounds

    They’ve been throwing this tantrum since Obama was elected the first time, and it only got worse after he was re-elected. Regressive’s only believe in the two party system when they win. They believe, with every fiber of their being, that no one else is entitled to, or capable of running the country but them. The tantrum knows no bounds. They threw themselves on the floor and started kicking, screaming and pulling hair in Nov. ’08. The tantrum has escalated to biting, scratching, name calling, and making up stories. Unfortunately, remaining in this state for so long has exacerbated a deep psychopathic disorder which Merriam’s defines as “a mental disorder in which an individual manifests amoral and antisocial
    behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity,failure to learn from experience, etc.”

    A comorbid condition, Schizophrenia, has developed as well. This condition is defined as a mental disorder that makes it hard to: Tell the difference between what is real and not real; Think clearly; Have normal emotional responses; Act normally in social situations. As these tantrums continue, and worsen, we’ve begun to see many signs of other mental illnesses emerging, ie, delusions of grandeur, bullying, self injury,
    and other irrational, consistent and inconsistent behaviors. By the 2016 Presidential election they may have to be hospitalized and medicated, long term.

  • Denver Mike

    Good article, but PLEASE tidy up your grammar, if for no reason other than many of us squirm and go elsewhere when confronted with poor writing. Using a noun as a verb is an example. “Shutdown” is a noun. “Shut down” is a verb (verb phrase, actually). “Rollout” is a noun. “Roll out” is a verb (verb phrase, actually).

    These slips don’t affect the thrust of your article, and many who read what you’re writing don’t know or don’t care about spelling and grammar, but some of us find it as hard to get by “rollout” as we do reading they’re, their, and there (among the other commonly mistaken words) used incorrectly.

    Having said that, I must add that I find your writing quite insightful and meaningful. Thanks!