Official Police Report About Palin Brawl Exposes Their Hypocrisy and Embarrasses Family

palin-family-brawlBefore I even start I know what many of you are going to say, “Who cares about the Palins?” While many people feel that way (and I completely understand that sentiment), there’s no denying that the family, particularly Sarah Palin, still has a lot of influence over conservatives.

Whether or not liberals like her really doesn’t matter, because conservatives (especially “the base”) still do listen to what she has to say. Which is why I’ve found this whole “drunken brawl” situation so interesting. Because, as most of us know, a big “calling card” to Palin’s propaganda is this idea that she’s a representative for “good, wholesome, Christian values.”

Which makes me curious how a late night drunken brawl at a party in Alaska, along with her daughter Bristol (who famously had a baby as a teenager out of wedlock and was apparently the most violent person at this party) qualifies the Palins as representatives of “good Christian values.” Not that am judging them. But it’s interesting that she’s rallied against several issues (such as abortion and same-sex marriage) based on her belief in “good Christian values,” yet this is how her family behaves.

Well, according to the newly released official police reports, this little brawl was quite the scene.

Here are a few details reported by the Alaska Dispatch News

  • Officer Justin Blake described arriving to find a group of people heading toward a long white limousine parked in the street. Blake noted a strong smell of alcohol coming from the group. Track Palin, shirtless and bloodied, was being led into the limousine by several others, who appeared “intent on keeping him away from me,” the officer wrote.

  • Korey Klingenmeyer [the homeowner where this event took place] told police that a fight had broken out in the cul-de-sac in front of the home, and he had asked guests not to get involved. A few minutes later, Bristol and Willow Palin came around the back of the house, and Bristol looked like she wanted to start a fight, Klingenmeyer said.Klingenmeyer asked her to leave, he told police. “Who the fuck are you?” she responded. He told her he was the homeowner, and she responded that he didn’t own the house and she would “kick his ass.”“He says then that she hits him in the face. He says he then tells her to hit him again if it makes her feel better and she does. He says he lets her hit him 5-6 times in the face and that she was hitting pretty hard. After about the sixth punch he grabbed her fist as she punched again and he pushed back and she falls down. He says she gets up and tries to punch him again and he grabs her fist again and pushes her away and she falls down again.”

  • The fight escalated as Track and another man began swinging punches at Klingenmeyer, the homeowner told officer Benjamin Nelson. At that point several men stepped in to help him, Klingenmeyer told Daily.“A fight broke out and the Palins ended up losing. (Klingenmeyer) said after it was over that Bristol came up and tried to hit him again but he didn’t let her.”

  • Matthew McKenna told police that during the fight he picked Bristol up, carried her into the street and put her down. “At that point, Todd and Sarah Palin were there asking what happened and he told them to leave. Nobody listened and yet another fight started,” officer Adolf wrote.Officer John Daily described Bristol Palin as “heavily intoxicated and upset.” She told Daily that Klingenmeyer had pushed her to the ground and dragged her across the lawn after she had attempted to confront a woman about hitting her younger sister, Willow Palin.

  • At least two fights appear to have broken out during the party, according to witness statements: a fight involving Track and Todd Palin, and one involving Bristol Palin. Seven witnesses verified Klingenmeyer’s account of being punched in the face repeatedly by Bristol Palin.

Mind you, this all happened around midnight. Again, am not judging this behavior. But then again I’m not part of a family where the mother is often seen on television telling Americans what is or isn’t “morally acceptable.”

And I’m not exactly sure where I see “wholesome Christian values” in a drunken brawl where parents and children are out together until around midnight, and the adults are so intoxicated that police reported “a strong smell of alcohol coming from the group.”

Not slight, or moderate – strong. Meaning that this family wasn’t out late at night just having a few adult beverages. They were out cruising in a limo fairly intoxicated.

My gosh, what would Jesus think?

But, by all means, I would love to see Palin show up on my television screen here soon to tell me how Americans need to follow “good, Christian family values.” Please. 

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Sandy Greer

    Crazy Ladies and Sexist Pigs – Methinks they’re the very best kind;
    They like to dance to their very own drums; they really know how to unwind.

    Those Crazy Ladies really know what they want & they want what they want
    right now.
    Their Savin’ Grace is they’re a whole lotta fun & they always leave a man sayin’ “Wow!”

    Those Sexist Pigs – Well, they like their skirts, & they really don’t care who knows it!
    They ain’t gonna change; they are what they are; There’s just no other way they can fit.

    When Crazy Ladies get with Sexist Pigs there’s no tellin’ what will occur!
    It may not be nice; it may be excitin’; But it sure won’t be dull – That’s for

    I’m gonna argue that Crazy Ladies should hold out for Sexist Pigs;
    Anything less than that, I think, they ain’t gonna like their new digs.

    And Sexist Pigs shouldn’t settle for less than the few Crazy Ladies we know.
    They need a woman who can hold their gaze; Anything less just don’t show.

    When Crazy Ladies get with Sexist Pigs their world will erupt in flames;
    The fires will burn so fast and so hot – Lord help those poor guys and dames!

    Yes, Crazy Ladies and Sexist Pigs – Methinks they’re the very best kind –
    Almost – clear to Truckee.

  • Jim Bean

    It is true that conservatives listen to what Palin has to say. But that is not necessarily remarkable since they listen to what everyone has to say.

    The selection of the flattering photo certainly speaks to the civility and extent of the ‘Christian values’ of the author.

    • jonjstrine42

      “But that is not necessarily remarkable since they listen to what everyone has to say.”
      I’m sure you meant to say they listen to everyone that agrees with them. If you didn’t, then what you actually did say was laughably false.

    • Jim Valley

      ” they listen to what everyone has to say”

      This is wildly false. Conservatives listen to NO ONE except themselves.

      • Jim Bean

        To me, ‘listen to’ means to hear what is said. To you, ‘listen to’ means to agree with. My definition is the correct one.

      • jonjstrine42

        No, you aren’t quite correct. Anyone can “hear”, but to listen means to take into account what is being said. It is on that point that Conservatives fail miserably. If it doesn’t sound exactly like the echo in their little bubble, then it is to be ignored.

      • Jim Valley

        Don’t tell me what I mean by “listen to”. I mean “to hear what is said”, just like you. Conservatives go around with their hands over their ears shouting “LA LA LA LA” specifically to AVOID hearing things they don’t want to listen to, like about global climate change for example.

      • Jim Bean

        The Left strives valiantly to shut Fox News up. Obama strives to the greatest extent possible to shut Fox News up. Conservatives make no effort whatsoever to shut anyone up.

      • Jim Valley

        “Conservatives make no effort whatsoever to shut anyone up.”


        Tell you what. Right now, go to a right-wing website like Cowboy Bytes or the American Thinker or Weasel Zippers. Post a comment that says “Sarah Palin is an overrated airhead who has fooled millions of conservatives into parting with their money supporting a truly lost cause”. Now count the minutes before your account is cancelled and you are banned from the site.

        I am no longer allowed to comment on ANY of those Disqus-powered sites. Why? Because the conservatives there made an effort to shut me up, and succeeded.

      • Ivan Renko

        OMG. You’re such the victim. And so well-intentioned, too. It makes me angry knowing your voice of reason has been suppressed like that, Jim.

      • Jim Valley

        You miss the point. Jim Bean said that “conservatives make no effort whatsoever to shut anyone up.” I have been shut up by conservatives numerous times and said so. Now you are, I think, trying to be sarcastic about this contradiction while totally ignoring it. What’s the point?

      • Ivan Renko

        I’ve been banned from liberal sites, Jim. I understand their policies. I’ve never bitched about being ‘shut up’. Some prefer the echo chamber but none want someone coming in with the attitude you describe going in with. When you go in guns blazing like you do, it’s obvious what your intentions are, and it’s not for honest debate. People can tell that easily about you. It’s not ‘shutting you up’, it’s telling you to take a hike.

        Seriously, knock off the victim persona. You’re easy to see through.

      • Jim Valley

        I didn’t “bitch” about being “shut up” until someone claimed it doesn’t happen. Meanwhile, I never claimed that it doesn’t happen on liberal sites and yet here you are bitching about it. You mention “honest debate” as you throw logic and balance out the window and toss out personal insults in every sentence. Come ON.

        When the moderators of a public forum cancel your account and do not allow you to post there any more, it’s not “telling you to take a hike”, it’s shutting you up.

        The bit of projection with the “victim persona” business (conservatives are well known for their proud victimhood) was unnecessary.

      • Ivan Renko

        People are people, dude. It matter which way your politics lean. Those sites weren’t shutting you up as much as telling you to just go agitate somewhere else.

        And you do bitch about your treatment by conservatives. I’ve seen your posts about it. I called you on it once before and told me to leave you alone. You just as thick-headed about your politics as the folks are that you complain about.

      • Jim Valley

        No, “thick-headed” is stubbornly refusing to acknowledge that when you have been “tombstoned” by a website, you have been silenced on that site.

      • Ivan Renko

        You got tombstoned because you acted arrogant and superior. You checked your intelligence at the door, along with your sincerity about wanting to find anything out other than taking stabs at the people there. It doesn’t take Inspector Javert to figure out why you were there.

      • Jim Valley


      • Sandy Greer

        He’s not a victim. He’s a liar.

        Jim Valley Cowboy Bytes – 18 posts in three different threads within the last seven hours.

        You were right about him. He’s antagonistic – and worse, a liar.

      • Ivan Renko

        Wow. Hardly surprising, but it makes you wonder who he thinks he’s fooling.

      • Jim Bean

        Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Raw Story. No Jim Bean allowed there. Shut down by Liberals. But I will retract my original statement and take it on faith that it happens on those sites.

        However, I was speaking more to the Lefts (and the President’s) desire to squelch Fox News. I don’t see Conservatives mobilized to such intensity to squelch Left wing main stream media.

      • Jim Valley

        “Mother Jones, Huffington Post, Raw Story. No Jim Bean allowed there. Shut down by Liberals.”

        I don’t believe you.

      • Sandy Greer

        Amazing. You don’t believe Jim Bean has been shut out of Mother Jones, HuffPo, and Raw Story. But you want us to believe you’ve been shut out of Cowboy Bytes, Amer Thinker, and Weasel Zippers. Amazing.

        I click Jim Bean’s avatar – I don’t find any posts in Mother Jones, HuffPo, Raw Story. I click your
        avatar – I see you’ve posted Cowboy Bytes within the day:

        1) Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: “We’re Swimming in a Cesspool of Politically Correct Crap” (14 posts in the last 6 hrs)

        2) Survey: 1 in 3 Seniors Went Without Medical Care Due to High Energy Prices (3 posts in the last 6 hrs)

        3) Two years after Benghazi, are US missions unsafe? (1 post, 7 hrs ago)

        ^^^No wonder you don’t believe others. You are not to be believed yourself. Amazing. Ivan had you pegged from the start.

      • Jim Bean

        On my fathers grave. And not for violating any of their guidelines. Simply for bucking the narrative.

      • Jim Valley

        You say. I would be interested in seeing the specific comment that had that result. Some right-wing comments can get pretty offensive.

      • Sandy Greer

        And so can left-wing lies be ‘offensive’ You, for instance. Your assertion you were ‘tombstoned’ by
        Cowboy Bytes. When your avatar shows you posted there 18 times, 3 different threads, in 7 hrs:

        1) Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson: “We’re Swimming in a Cesspool of Politically Correct Crap” (14 posts in 6 hrs)

        2) Survey: 1 in 3 Seniors Went Without Medical Care Due to High Energy Prices (3 posts in 6 hrs)

        3) Two years after Benghazi, are US missions unsafe? (1 post)

        Lies are offensive. Telling Jim Bean you don’t believe him – when you lie yourself – is offensive. We need look no further than you to find ‘offensive’.

      • Sandy Greer

        Don’t retract your original statement just yet. Jim Valley is a liar.

        Jim Valley posted Cowboy Bytes – 18 posts in three different threads within the last seven hours.

        ^^^The very site he said he can’t post. He’s a liar.

      • Jim Bean

        Thanks for the heads up. I’d never heard of it or one of the other’s he’s mentioned.

      • Sandy Greer

        Me neither. I only looked at his posts – and yours – because he said he didn’t believe you. I got curious.

        He didn’t believe you because he’s a liar. He lies – and he expects everybody else does too.

      • nette

        Conservatives make no effort because facts will win if they try every time. Fox news needs to shut up.

      • Jim Bean

        Like that fact that Obama never lies? The fact that Obama had every reason to believe it was spontaneous uprising? The fact that Lerner took the fifth because she had nothing to hide?

      • FactoryGuy

        Sure they do Jim, it’s called “voter suppression” and “gerrymandering congressional districts”.

      • Jim Bean

        You make is sound like you think Democrats don’t gerrymander. Google John Murtha’s district.

      • Lumpy

        Just ask the Dixie Chicks

      • Jim Bean

        Hank, Jr.

      • Lumpy

        So that’s your defense? Bocephus? seriously? Rather than acknowledge that the right DOES shout down dissent with the fervency of book burning, you shoot back with Hank Jr?

        Here’s what the Dixie Chicks said to draw the ire of the right wing:”Just so you know, we’re on the good side with y’all. We do not want this war, this violence, and we’re ashamed that the President of the United States is from Texas.”

        From that statement, conservatives started burning CD and boycotting concerts.

        Hank payed a price for his statements in the form of ESPN ceasing to use his “All my rowdy friends” song as part of Monday night football coverage. It cost him money, but let’s face facts here, Jim: He didn’t lose many fans.

        What did he say?
        This is in response to John Boehner and Barack Obama played golf against Joe Biden and John Kasick: “Come on. That’d be like Hitler playing golf with Netanyahu … in the shape this country is in?” He also stated the President and Vice President are “the enemy” and compared them to “theThree Stooges”

        Even Gretchen Carlson (hardly a liberal) went on to try to clarify this statement: “You used the name of one of the most hated people in all of the world to describe, I think, the president.”

        That versus “I’m ashamed he’s from Texas” is totally the same thing as comparing Obama to Hitler”

        Do you realize how unhinged you are?

      • Jim Bean

        I don’t deny they do it. But I’m convinced Liberals do it to a much greater extent. Chick a filet, Rush, WalMart, Hobby Lobby, etc.

        As for the Dixie Chicks, I never quite understood that. That were very talented and I really liked them. I just don’t understand how they never were able to bounce back.

      • Ivan Renko

        I don’t think you’re listening to Jim Bean. I don’t think you came here to listen to anyone. In fact, you come here looking to confirm your own biases. You’re really not one but different in that regard from the folks you’re complaining about.

      • Jim Valley

        When some right-winger tells me that Oblahblah is a Socialist Communist Marxist terrorist who was born in Kenya and hates whites, blacks, and indeed every form of life, how exactly would you have me respond?

        I DO listen to these people, every day, but what they are saying is stupid, as is the way they express their views. Am I supposed to pretend it’s not?

      • Ivan Renko

        You’ve lived enough years and been on these boards enough to know how to communicate, but either you don’t want to, or find instigating a lot more fun. You’re not a sincere person. You’d rather look for an excuse to tell someone they’re an idiot, so you can complain that you’ve tried but you can’t reason with idiots. It’s a game you play. It’s phony.

        Jim Bean didn’t say anything like that. He was polite to you. And this us how you came in here this morning:

        This family is total, complete trash. The fact that right-wingers idolize Palin tells us all we need to know about THEM.

        How do you expect people to react to that?


      • Jim Valley

        I don’t care how they react to it. That’s my opinion. It’s a trashy family. Many conservatives idolize them. You expect me not to comment?

      • Ivan Renko

        I didn’t say you shouldn’t comment. I said you’re every bit as close-minded as they are. And far more the phony.

      • DavidD

        Jim Bean is a troll and a waste of time.You perhaps are not and I will give you a fair hearing.if you don’t disespect me by peddling lies and half truths.
        I may or may not agree with you after that but that’s my right as you have the right to have your opinion.
        I like facts and if you have some to share not canned talking points then I will listen.

      • Ellen H.

        Listen also means to take notice and act on what is said. So, Mr. Webster, perhaps you are not as correct as you think you are. Of course I realize ignoring what is said is also an action, so I guess conservatives do listen but only act if it fits in their little bubble world.

      • Jim Bean

        They act only when it make sense from an intellectual perspective.

      • Ellen H.

        No, not from what I’ve seen. Going to Kroger or any other shopping area armed to the teeth doesn’t strike me as sensible nor do many of the other things I see my conservative friends do in actual life.

      • Jim Valley

        I haven’t understood ANYTHING conservatives do or say for YEARS now.

      • DavidD

        I can.
        Things are changing very fast and sociopaths exploit thier fears using hate and lies.They don’t seek rational examination of the facts but pander to fears and bully.
        It is difficult to deal with because most people right and left react to politics on an emotional level not an intellectual one.
        Eventually all that hate and fear form contradictions within that ideology and it falls apart or is acted on by an outside force and it loses strength but never completely goes away.
        It always causes great harm though before it runs its course.
        We need to learn to talk to people who are different from us whether it’s race,or class or ideology and seek truth from facts.
        A lot conservatives are good people and while we can’t win over alt of them we can win over some on some issues.

      • Jim Valley

        I’m especially interested in that last sentence. Just about every conservative I’ve run across has been super-nice in person – generous, friendly, salt of the earth types. UNLESS! Unless the subject turns to politics and government policies. HOLY FRACK!! Hulk-like, they suddenly morph into the exact same angry, uneducated, insolent, vulgar throwbacks we encounter every day online, muttering about Obamacare and Benghazi and shouting about socialism. If you can manage to get the subject back to, say, gardening, they get all nice again.

        It’s very weird.

      • DavidD

        They know in thier gut that thier world view is brittle and has no real foundation but subjective memes and if one thing gets proven wrong then the whole unstable facade will crack and fall apart.
        As you noted thier politics are based on emotion not reason
        When you engage them on a rational level it frighens them and they see you as a real threat to thier wellbeing.That’s were the anger comes from.
        If that worldview crumbles then every thing they need will go away
        A lot of time thier family,thier social and spirtual life ,thier very livelihoodis bound up with thier political beliefs.
        We have to figure out how to engage them to think for themseles without engaginging this fear response or provide an alterative more benficial social network.

      • Charles Vincent

        “They know in thier gut that thier world view is brittle and has no real
        foundation but subjective memes and if one thing gets proven wrong then
        the whole unstable facade will crack and fall apart.”

        Gross generalization much?

        I thought you didn’t like stereotyping?
        At least that is what I gathered from your post to DOC on this thread. Then low and behold you turn right around and stereotype conservatives, that’s brilliant.
        You really want to know what frightens people on the right? That’s easy its arrogant know it alls on the left who consistently pass feel good legislation that more often than not doesn’t do what they said it would and causes more problems in the process all because most of them can’t see past the pie in the sky to the unintended consequences.

      • Responder18

        “Intellectual” conservative – – hahahahahah you’re funny.

      • Cemetery Girl

        In between hearing and agreeing is paying attention to what is said, taking it in, and processing it. I think anyone that has a teenager can agree that hearing doesn’t always equal listening.

      • Excellent reply and totally on point!
        I find it interesting that the Conservative, ( and most likely Republican) powers-that-be, who are the same ones behind Faux News, are winning with their Divide And Conquer strategies. Some people here, from what I’m reading, essentially have the the same feelings (i.e. total disgust and disdain for the Palins), are at each other’s throats arguing over what they think is the defining meaning of “listen”. SMH.
        Keep squabbling amongst yourselves, humans, and stay focused on the minutia. They have you right where they want you- distracted, and against each other, not paying attention to what’s REALLY going on

    • Ellen H.

      Really? Conservatives listen to everyone? Where have you been living lately? I don’t know that the author said he was a Christian nor was he trying to push “Christian Values:. However, a person who does proclaim to be Christian and tries to tell everyone how he or she should live really shouldn’t be out getting in brawls, drunken or otherwise. What happened to turn the other cheek? What about doing things in moderation as Christ commanded? What about treating others as you would like to be treated?

      • Oh, but those things are what WE are supposed to do; turn the other cheek and forgive them for this reprehensible behavior, because hey- *everyone* “makes mistakes”, and the Palins are “only human”. We should all be more understanding and forgiving, especially toward media whores and hypocrites like them.
        You too, are on point, Ellen, and as far as *MY* excusing and rationalizing the glaring Palin hypocrisy….Nope, not gonna do it, not in this or any other lifetime.

      • Jim Valley

        We should tolerate their intolerance, as we give them the “freedom” to deny freedom to others.

      • DavidD

        Toleration of evil just ensures injustice.We all have to make a choice by our actons to either do the right thing or do the easy thing based on our subjective desires.
        It is not easy

      • DavidD

        I believe Mr.Cifton is a Christian as my father was.Dad always said the church was a hospital for sinners not a throne for the elect.
        I don’t believe the Palins subscribe to that doctrine and just say they are Christians for political gain.
        Sarah is a not too bright sociopath and the rest of them are just ignorant bullies who will someday meet up with someone just like them and get hurt.

  • Jim Valley

    This family is total, complete trash. The fact that right-wingers idolize Palin tells us all we need to know about THEM.

    • Laurie

      Do you know the Palins personally?

      • TaxPaying American Voter

        Actions speak for themselves.

      • Jerry Callender

        They have made certain we cannot be free of their images or antics.
        Yes. Unfortunately. I DO know the Wicked Witch of Wasilla, and only wish I’d never heard of her, or seen her evil image.

      • Ellen H.

        Thanks to the fact they put themselves “out there” in a seeming quest for fame, I feel I know what image they want to project. Personally, it’s not an image I would want to have.

      • Mainah

        That’s convenient now, isn’t it? And quite frankly, a rather immature reply. That doesn’t stop people from trashing the President and his wife.

        *unless that was snark. If it was snark, I apologize.

      • Terry Evdokimoff

        Laurie, Do you?

      • AlengGiam

        Is that still a question at this point? Really?

      • Fernando

        With all the exposer she has had and her famous remarks, and her family values, except for an unmarried daughter that made her a grandmother, what do you need to know?

      • Phoebe Moody

        It’s interesting that Bristol Palin is still, at this point, unmarried. Even the trash that impregnated her refused to become legally-entangled [ie., “married”] to her and her low-life family. That fact, in itself, speaks VOLUMES about the Palins.

      • GemineyeSF

        Well, considering at least two of them have claimed to be speaking for like minded individuals (I’m assuming among others they mean their family members) condemning me and my husband and not only have they never met us, they have never even heard of us…

        I’d say meeting them has nothing to do with judging them.

        Live by the sword…die by the sword.

        These people are crass trash acting Christian claiming their live for their fictional being gives them cart blanc to act like a$$holes! So… It don’t matter how well anybody “knows”… We know them enough!

      • Jim Valley

        Don’t need to. Do you know Obama personally? I’ll bet you hate him.

      • RMP

        Good reply Jim.

      • greg

        I’ve met one of ’em…. Todd’s uncle… he does not like Sarah … as in ” I’M A PALIN… SHE JUST MARRIED ONE” …. lol

      • Daniel Moore

        Nothing like facts to spice up the story though.

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        Don’t have to know them personally..They put themselves out there in all their

      • jerry

        Yeah…I do…do you know me personally? Shut the fuck up.

      • thomasbone63

        Alaskans know them and they hate the Palins.

      • John Michael Hutton

        who would want to?

  • Cooper

    Yes it’s true Mr. Clifton’s bias shines through with the selection of the photo appearing as if Palin is about to drop an angry F-bomb. But she needs to just go away to Siberia, which she can probably see from her house, and perhaps leave her husband and take Mr. Limbaugh with her. And on an unrelated note, how about someone (Mr. Clifton?) starting a petition to get Fox News to stop showing an ISIS member standing next to the poor soul he is about to behead? That’s exactly what they want and Fox is only too happy to indulge them with their fear mongering ways, yet they also report ISIS is using those photos and videos as a recruiting tool. So who might be the #1 recruiter for ISIS? Step forward, Fox News and take a bow.

    • kristin

      Yes, let’s derail this topic onto something Completely unrelated because.. well… HOW DARE THEY.

      • Cooper


    • Stephen Barlow

      She IS an angry F Bomb!

  • Stephen Barlow

    They were most likely drunk for more than 10 hours. It’s one thing to have beer on your breath. But a group of people doesn’t STINK of alcohol until after 8 hours, or when they are over 2.0 and the live can’t detoxify the blood fast enough so that they “sweat” it out literally. The other thing, when a drunk is WRONG, they REALLY go out of their way to magnify the event and expand the intensity of it when they BLAME the innocent person they attacked.

    To wit: Bristol, with no grass stains on her from DRAGGING ACROSS THE LAWN.

    The BIG question is, did the Palin gang bribe the cops, pay off the homeowner, or, in other words…. WHY ARE NO CHARGES ON RECORD or COURT DATES FILED. WHY were NONE OF THEM JAILED for public drunkenness.

    BEcause for DAMN SURE any drunken BLACK single mom out after midnight would have lost her KIDS for this.

    • Eg Kbbs

      And why weren’t there charges ?

      If I did that, I’d be in jail.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I thought I asked the same question, but not as directly.

      • JeffMc2000

        If a black family did it at least two of them would be dead.

    • lindylou

      I like your comment about the grass stains.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Thanks. The obvious evades most people with a narrow minded agenda.

    • KH05

      Seriously? Why does everything have to turn into a race thing?

      • Stephen Barlow

        BEcause Bristol WHITEY Palin gets to keep her kid when a Black Single Mom would have LOST hers for the same incident.

        Why do people who CAN’T READ get on blogs or even bother to speak?

    • Ha

      I really don’t agree with either side, but I do always wonder why people who post annoying political things on pretty much any social media platform capitalize random words throughout their entire post.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The 1st amendment.

  • cravin moorehead

    Did all of these events occur within the confines of a “double-wide?”

    • Stephen Barlow

      NO, on the lawn.

      • cravin moorehead

        On the lawn of a “double-wide?”

      • Stephen Barlow

        A five year old of the last call “date” you picked up in the biker bar at closing is called a ‘Butler” in polite Trailer society…

      • Michelle Rhoades

        No, it was a nice house, but the Palins did arrive in a stretch Hummer Limo. Classy, huh?

      • cravin moorehead

        That’s a “double-long” to match their “double-wide!”

    • Ivan Renko

      What does that mean? Do you think less of people who live in trailer parks?

      What is it about Allen Clifford’s headlines that attracts ‘progressives’ who come here saying things not at all progressive just because the slur is made toward Sarah Palin and they’re given complete sanctuary here?

      • cravin moorehead

        @Ivan – I apologize to you and your entire trailer park community. Better?

      • Ivan Renko

        In a bigger house than I need or actually want at this point. I don’t look down on people who live in trailers, though. I don’t associate drinking and fighting with people who live in them, either. The whole trailer park trash aspersion for this incident is ridiculous. It’s more harmful to trailer residents than it is to the Palins.

      • iowasteve

        I think the association is completely wrong as the Palins do not live in a trailer anyway. However, I have seen both kinds in trailer parks – so it isn’t completely wrong. I also would note that although the term white trash is not limited to trailer parks, it certainly fits in the case of the Palin family, now doesn’t it? It is, however, unfortunate that this does seem to be a way of life for conservatives. Most of whom, are rednecks who live in the southern states. This only proves, the term redneck and southern residence does not necessarily go together as the Palins live in the most northern state. Too bad, it’s a state related to such a moronic idiot – even the residents of Alaska are not too fond of this family anymore.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Then put some trailers on the lawn and you’ll feel better.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Bill Marshall

        The trailer-park stereotype is unfortunate, and certainly not all-encompassing truth. I’ve seen good and bad in trailers, just like everything else. My own grandfather lived in one in FLA for retirement. Sorry this is personal for many of you.

      • Disgusted with GOP

        Thank you for mentioning the trailer park comment without being a jerk or an a-hole about it. But I use this phrase myself on occasion. I’m sorry, but funny is funny.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I kind of agree. You will definitely find a different sort of person in a Mobile home than in a condo/apartment or a single family house or a commune. There are even different kind of HOMELESS people.

        I mean you have the bridge and tunnel crowd. The squatters who repurpose old buildings, the drifters and bench riders, and guys with CARS!! What a nice girl won’t do to a sick man with a CAR, just to get out of the rain.

      • Sandy Greer

        It’s snobbery. And Hypocrisy, that claims the moral high ground of feigned outrage against all things on The Right – simply because they are on The Right. It’s our negative ‘message’ to Middle America – and the price will be costly, come November.

      • Ivan Renko

        Agree with you. The political pendulum swings back and forth for that very reason.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Morality has nothing to DO with it! It’s the economic high ground. Plain and simple.

      • Stephen Barlow

        WE are HER all the time Ivan the Foolish. What is it that draws you out of the sewers of Republicanism to defile out sanitary retreat?
        I know a woman who orgasms from being stripped and bound @ the wrists, hung by them from a rafter and pummeled, flailed and flogged and other fun stuff that you are not adult enough to understand, but WHY are YOU here? THAT is the Question!

      • Ivan Renko

        Heh. You ‘know’ her from her name below her picture on pornhub.

    • Pete Barbis

      do you wipe with that finger
      i know it is the one you voted with

      • cravin moorehead

        I’m not sure…….sniff it for me and then give it a lick. Let me know, moron.

        BTW – Never bring a knife to a gun fight, you ass hole.

  • Spencer

    You guys just don’t get it… It’s okay for the *Palins* to act this way because God™ will forgive them!

    After all, the only way to stop a bad drunken guy with a fist is a good drunken guy with a fist, amirite?

    • Pete Barbis

      yes you are the only one

    • Stephen Barlow


  • What needs to happen is a return to “good ol’ colonial American values”, and each time this witch or any of her family shows their ugly little primate faces in public, they’re pelted with rotten eggs, tomatoes, and other assorted garbage (soiled baby diapers, for example). A hefty rock or two would be good additions too.

    • wildwitchy

      Palin is not a witch, and I’ll thank you for not insulting witches. Most of us have far better manners that Sarah Palin. We dance naked in the middle of the night, not start drunken brawls. Sheesh!

      • The world is a magical place, filled with people just *waiting* to be offended by something. I have nothing against witches, even have a couple as friends, and thought about using “bitch”, but I was scared I might offend some female canines out there somewhere.
        This wonderful thing primates have about controlling what others say and do seems to extend even to to naked dancers in the moonlight, and is why I generally avoid interacting with any of them online or in the real world. It sometimes gets lonely, but I’d rather be that than constantly annoyed by humans that want to script my every thought and word.
        Have a nice life. I guess.

  • DOCS

    As they say, you can take the trash out of the trailer park but you can’t take the trailer park out of the trash.

    Can you imagine this family could’ve been an old man’s heartbeat away from the White House?

    • DavidD

      No wonder the conservatives get away with labeling liberals as an arrogant elite with attitues like yours.
      Some of the finest people youever want to meet live in trailers and I don’t have to point out that there are some real evil trash like the Palins who live in the big house.
      A lot of Liberals think thier class status and education make them special and spea pretty bad about the low class proles

      • wildwitchy

        Who are the ones doing the job shipping overseas? Oh, yeah, people like GA Repubican candidate David Perdue. He’s proud of his record of outsourcing. Just ask him. So, if you’re going to complain about how your trailer park is the greatest place ever, and some are, actually… Don’t complain about the people you voted for putting you there. You want people to listen to you? Start actually listening to the people you vote for. You’ll realize that your vote for them, and your faith in them, is misplaced.

      • DavidD

        I’m a Social Democrat and my critique is fom the left based on forty years of living in the rural south. Your quick assumptions are based on a simplistic blue vs red meme that is incorrect in oh so many ways

      • Stephen Barlow

        I escaped what you call hillbilly paradise because the guys at the mill used to haze me because i didn’t have any girl cousins or sisters and that I would DIE a bachelor living the Stanton Arms Hotel like Jake.

      • DOCS


        I’m not an absolutist but anyone who has studied sociology knows that stereotypes happen for a reason. The stereotype of the trailer park is very similar to the ghetto or the barrio and the only big difference is the way they look and they way they talk.

        The point here is about this proven intellectually challenged idiot called Sarah Palin and her hypocritical “family values”. McCain was down in the polls and took a chance on someone he didn’t know as a presidential running mate and she turned out to be a disaster. Effin’ John Edwards ended up being an @$$#0LE too so this is NOT about liberal vs. conservative as I am neither.

      • DavidD

        Stereotypes often have some basis in fact but a half truth is still not accurate.
        I’m a Social Democrat but I’m also a pragmitist who likes to get things done.
        I’m sure we share many of the same beliefs.
        I want to share those beliefs in the most effective way possible to advance positive social change as i’m sure you do. .
        Using stereotypes based on class is counterproductive to that process.
        I think that it is an error and only helps the other side.
        Like you I make many mistakes.That is a funcion of our common humanity and does not make us bad people.
        We are finite mortals living in an infinite world after all.
        Please consider my critisism as a friendly act of a comrade and consider what I said. .

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu seems to be over educated for your alleged environment but hell, I am a Stanford Grad lawyer without a bar license in a corn hole town in Colorado.

        I do like it but I so do miss civilization.

      • SMHart

        I grew up in a trailer, as lots of the working poor in this country do – I thought “liberals” represented this demographic of folks? . . . . but I agree, seems like there’s a lot of snarking against poor people around here . . .

      • Stephen Barlow

        Thank Jeff Foxworthy for making such a HUGE point of Southern folk and trailers.

      • Leaning Blue

        Yeah exactly! Why don’t I hear criticism for good ole Jeff Foxworthy for his “redneck” jokes? Or is it ok because he’s republican? Because heaven forbid they’d think he was funny if he happened to be a liberal.

      • Sandy Greer

        Nobody should mistake you for ‘low class’ DavidD. Did my heart good to see your post.

        I agree with you about the Elitism and snobbery. It’s what is most despised about Lefties. Self-defeating in the worst way.

        You don’t grace us as often as I’d like. Methinks this is why:

        A wise old owl sat on an oak.
        The more he saw, the less he spoke;
        The less he spoke, the more he heard.
        Why aren’t we all like that wise old bird?

        You be sure to have a good day. And thanks again.

      • DavidD

        Thank you for your kind reply
        .I am a high school drop out and have had to work more with my back.than my mind.
        Only recently have I been told thatI have severe learning disabilities.
        I don’t allow it to stop me from doing what needs to be done I just take other paths.
        It is good to hear from you .

      • Sandy Greer

        I’d never have guessed. You are an Intellectual to me, David.

        There’s not much better than plain speak from the heart. That is where you excel.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I DO love your honesty David. I apologize.

        Oops, wrong hole.

      • DavidD

        No harm done Buds.It is always good to hear from you.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Me too. @ 16. Family issues. Took the GED to get in the Army, to the ASVAB and maxed 6/12 and 98th percentile in the other 6. I did My friggin’ homework in school and I CLEPed a year of college on a German Kaserne when I didn’t wanna tromp through the mud in the motor pool.

        I fixed come plaster in the JAG office and after 2 weeks of small conversations with Major Cassidy, he wrangled Me from the Combat Engineers (Carpenter) and I was made a clerk for the rest of My tour. I discharged and got a full ride to Georgetown. Then earned it at Stanford too. Then I helped My brother out and in an impossible to write in a blog reality, I lost My bar license in a bar fight. NO SHIT!

        I was lucky David. But I also did the work to make My luck pay off. I am sorry you didn’t get My luck, but My brother might have been a step up from the South.

      • Sandy Greer

        I hope I don’t regret asking. But can’t you get another license to practice law?

        And, you misread David, in your post below (full of shit) He’s on your side of the fence.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Yes, but WHY? I shorted the EURO in 2009 after Bush tanked it to $0.60. The EURO was $1.65 and I bought 8000 contracts to SHORT it @ nickel intervals.

        A conservative application of how George Soros BROKE the Bank of England in 1992.

        I batted .875 over the year that Obama POPPED the stock market back SEVENTY PERCENT of what Dubya SQUANDERED.

        WHY should I put up with cops, lawyers, judges and drug dealers when I can pay $100/hr to have any part of me I want licked and worshipped 24/7 for 700 years and not touch the principle?

      • Sandy Greer

        Nouveau riche can’t buy Brains.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The weren’t an option on My model. They were Factory installed Standard Equipment. Although My Dad did go for the upgrade that burns premium.

      • Sandy Greer

        Well, now, lemme think about that. You could live a grand life – for 700 years – and not touch principle. Instead:

        You’re a Stanford grad lawyer without a bar license, living in a one stop light corn hole town in Colorado (on land you inherited) missing civilization.

        Who likes his own posts. 😀

        Tell me again about those Barlow Brains? Before the snows come, and you gotta go fire up the generator.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I am on the grid. This was Dad’s retirement Ranch. He hunted here and we spent a couple summers up here. But it he passed in 2007 and I came up to settle the sale. But Bush crushed the economy by sleeping on the job and ranchland is now only 25,000 an acre or $1mil6 for 100.

        Mostly you are buying the water rights this far out.

        thank you for being so acutely interested in My deets!

      • Sandy Greer

        Well, somebody said I should be nice… 😉

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Cassandra

        I once taught a mature man to read and was happy to find out how smart he actually was, especially when it came to learning about things before making decisions. He was always busy “doing his research” as he used to say. The reason he couldn’t read was some undiagnosed learning disability that had been treated as retardation wherever it was he went to school, so they had given up on teaching him early in his life.

        Once he learned to read he started a campaign to get other non-readers into the volunteer literacy program I was working with. He was a real go-getter, as it turned out!

      • DavidD

        I’m glad they are catching such things earlier now.Thank you for your reply.
        My parents were teachers.It’s as much an art form as an avocation.

      • Cassandra

        Yes, good observation!

      • Stephen Barlow

        With an unimpeded Education budget carved out of the waste and more waste Defense budget, we could END that kind of oversight and STILL be the largest and most failed military on earth. ( we have only WON in Granada, We have lost in Korea, Vietnam, Angola, Somalia, Iraq (twice!!! we have had to go back TWICE!!!) Panama, Honduras, Venezuela and Columbia.

        We stalemated in Afghanistan and Bosnia.

        Granda is the ONLY ‘victory’ by the John Wayne Standard.

        At a total Cost of almost $20 TRILLION DOLLARS.

        100,000 DEAD, 400,000 WOUNDED.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That is just REVERSE stereopathy. Look at the tax brackets. In the city a tenement is the Trailer, and a Co-op is a Plantation.

        And it it lunacy to compare the 60% in the FAT part of the bell curve with either end. So how much more of a lunatic behavior is comparing Republicans oligarchs and Democratic welfare Moms or Hollywood Orphan Moms and environmentalists with meth head Reds in a trailer park?/??/ ?????

        I have to admit, there are few people who live in one for more than a couple months who have My vocabulary and prosaic finesse, Sandy’s looks and charm or David’s apparent skills at selling manure to a Bull as FEED.

      • DavidD

        My fortune in advertising is calling me.

      • Cassandra

        I guess I’m what you’d call a Leftie. I’m sad to see you go into stereotyping in your comment, but I’m going to click like on it for all the parts except for the second, third, and fourth sentences. I’m not perfect either, so I don’t expect anyone else to be. 🙂

      • Stephen Barlow

        yeah yeah yeah. SHE’s the one who pointed out that she can put lipstick on a pig….

      • RCPoland

        I can promise you that the vast majority of “liberals” don’t think they’re more special or gifted or entitled. We’re too busy earning a paycheck and getting by. There’s a very large segment of “liberals” who are busy trying to level the playing field for people who can’t take the time off from their menial and/or low-paying job to get down in the trenches.

      • Fernando

        some of my best friends are trailer trash! Some have thin skins!

      • Jim Valley

        “Some of the finest people you ever want to meet live in trailers ”

        I’m sure this is true. But on the average, people who have their act together generally prefer to live somewhere other than a trailer park.

      • DavidD

        Just because someone is not you doesn’t make them bad.
        People need to be judged as individual by thier actions.
        Not on average , not stereotypes, not by sex ,class race but as the individual they are.
        Life would be so much simpler and easy for everyone if we could get this concept across.

      • Stephen Barlow

        But someone NOT being ME makes them understandably jealous! LOL

      • Sandy Greer

        Is that why you like your own post? 😀

      • Stephen Barlow

        OH honey, If you could just see and feel WHY I love My post… you would be nice to me again. LOL

      • Sandy Greer

        Nice? Who’s not nice? Nice enough to make Barlow laugh,and like my post… 😉

      • Lynn-Marie Papi Nilson

        What a ridiculous comment “people who have their act together” also live in trailer parks..I live in a beautiful park and made that choice because a house was too much upkeep..I am a nurse and my husband owns a body shop..My neighbor is a fire chief..We have our “act together” just don’t want the responsibility of a big home for me and my husband…

      • Stephen Barlow

        In FLorida, I have seen Sixfigure triple wides on a canal.

        but that is VERY MUCH NOT the norm.

      • Cassandra

        My husband and I lived on a boat by choice for years, and when we both had professional careers it allowed us to spend our time and money on our hobbies, travel, and savings, instead of a mortgage and interest.

      • Leaning Blue

        I love mobile homes! I don’t know where all this criticism is coming from about trailer parks. I’ve seen beautiful mobile homes and very nice trailer parks. I’m a liberal who don’t mind them at all! Es mas, I prefer them to a regular home.

      • Jim Valley

        I’m sure this is true.

      • schwarherz

        Hi, I’m a Liberal who doesn’t have class status or a college degree (thus, “education”). And I still consider the Palins (well…Sarah’s husband and children anyway) to be trailer trash. So you can shove your faux outrage where the sun don’t shine.

      • Rob

        Use spell check.

      • DavidD

        I’m sorry I never have figured out how to do that.I keep a dictionary handy and i apoligize for any inconvience

      • Stephen Barlow

        Good for you. Spell check is a mystery in this format.

      • Michelle Rhoades

        On the rare occasion that I don’t know exactly how to spell something, I just open another tab and let Google spell check my approximation of the word for me.

    • Pete Barbis

      oh ya
      it is real great now

    • Stephen Barlow

      That was GREAT!!!

  • GimmeSomeTruth

    That photo of Sarah is quite appropriate. It does represents the true personality and attitudes of Conservatism. Psychologists and Neuroscientists discovered a link between high levels of anxiety, depression, uncontrollable anger, intolerance, antipathy, racism and hatred in the brains of those with Conservative ideologies present. It appears that that pesky little gland that controls our feelings and emotions call the amygdala is abnormally enlarged in the brain of Conservatives while it appears to be a normal size in the brain of those with Liberal ideologies. This could explain why Conservatives appear defiant and angry most of the times. McCain, Cheney, Cruz, Boehner, Palin, Bachmann, McConnell, and many other Conservative politicians all appear to have the same facial expression. Frankly, I prefer to see the true “them” than a plastic, fake. Don’t believe me? Research it ..

    • Well, we pretty much know how Conservatives feel about science, facts, and research… 😉

    • Jim Valley

      You left out the corresponding research showing that liberals have enlarged anterior cingulates. This is the part of the brain responsible for weighing alternatives and making the best decision. Conservatives tend to have enlarged amygdalas, as you say. This is a more primitive part of the brain responsible for identifying threats and generating fear.

      None of this should surprise anyone who has observed the very different behavior of conservatives and liberals.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Is THAT why their knuckles are always scraped?

    • TeeDee

      Well said, and I also have no problem with Allen Clifton pointing out the hypocrisy of those who claim to live by Christian standards. I was a “born-again” Christian for 4+ decades until I decided to really study the Bible and finally solve the contradiction problem I’d felt for quite a while. I was very devout in the meantime until I could study everything I could get my hands on. I would pray for our government leader(s) whether I thought they were the best choice or not. (1Timothy 2:2). I highly doubt–in fact I know from Palin’s own words and behavior–that she does not pray for President Obama. She and her family are extremely hypocritical and I think she should be called out on it until she stops preaching to everyone about how they should behave and stops pretending that she lives as Christians are commanded to.
      I’ve never felt so free and clear-minded as I have since realizing the Bible’s teachings are just stories passed down to keep people in line for political and monetary purposes, among others.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That’s a great point I would like to ask them ALL under oath. Have you been praying for the failure of America? I have heard Lindsay Graham say almost exactly that.

        But look who is REALLY REALLY adamant against Obama. Can’t you see them in robes in some secret basement candlelit meeting like Skull&Bones critters or a Coven or Kabal… making incantations to bring Obama plagues and pestilence….

        Then getting on Fox Fixtion and blaming Obama for what they “prayed” into being.

        Sounds like a 70’s TV movie, but DUDE!!!! Grassley, McConnell, Cole and Cornyn THAT WAS WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG!!!!

        THey are still children.

        But you are right, Saint Sarah has NEVER prayed for the President.

      • Fernando

        Sarah may not pray for Mr.Obama, she prayed to Mitch McConnell! the prayers did not work!

  • ChiMeng Chang

    Palins = the quintessential white trash! And hypocrites!

  • Jakeflyby

    Sarah Palin’s 15 minutes were up 15 hours ago. Time for her to go away already.

    • Ivan Renko

      You’d need a replacement. You don’t have one. It’s Akaska. Why anyone obsesses over a ‘he said-she said/she was drinking’ late night party and argument is mind-boggling.

      • Jakeflyby

        I don’t need anything, and I could care less about a white trash late night party or the Palin’s. I’m just sick of hearing her stupid, shrill, voice and her ignorant colloquial phrases. It was too much six years ago, and now I want to vomit every time I hear her speak.

      • Ivan Renko

        You know that you don’t have to make yourself sick over hearing about her, right? You have control over not only what you read and hear, but also how you want to react.

      • Jakeflyby

        I don’t want to vomit when I hear ‘about’ her, I want to vomit when I actually hear her speak. I have no control over that reaction. I wish I did have the ability to tune her out, but once in awhile when I’m flipping around the TV, her ugly mug pops up and that shrill voice of hers can be heard spoutin’ some kind of dumb dribble. It instantly turns me into Alex Delarge listening to Beethoven’s 9th. The media has put me through the “Ludovico” treatment these past six years with Sarah Palin.

      • Ivan Renko

        Pretty easy when flipping through channels to just keep going, you know. It sounds like she sparks your curiosity, almost like wondering what it is about Kim Khardashian that gets her so much publicity. Why is it so hard to admit you probably just love to hate her, but that you do watch her and listen to her often?

      • Jakeflyby

        Oh, I freely admit that I do love to hate Sarah Palin. But I’m not kidding, even one second of listening to her is nothing less than torture. I have no answers for you about Kim Kardashian. That one I don’t get at all.

  • larry beshears

    This heathen has been absolutely one of the most hateful celebrities I have seen. Can anybody show me a post where this heathen talked about love? There is absolutely positively one guarantee I can tell you about the Bible. If your speech or your actions do not promote, support, foster, encourage, justify, fortify, or defend love; you are not a follower of Jesus Christ our Savior. PERIOD! No debate.

    • Rebekah Derickson

      In general heathens have more self respect than the Palin family.

  • Steve Zakszewski

    White trash behaving badly. Meanwhile, BabyMomma’s Baby was left in the limo with the driver while Momma got her drink on and got into drunken fisticuffs. A fine example of family values. If the Palins weren’t who they were, Child & Family Services would take that baby away from Bristle.

  • Bendy Bentley

    Enough trash in the Palin family to fill up TWO dumps.

  • Pete Barbis

    i had a progressive movement this morning

    • Sarah

      Well, that’s better than being constipated from your shit failing to progress!

  • magnet0r

    Sarah Palin has already come out in defense of Bristol in this event.

  • Scott Sims

    Can we just pause a moment and ponder the names of the Palin children? “Willow” “Bristol” “Track” WTH? Sounds like the white trash book of baby names.

  • Angel

    “Christian values” are like Value Meals!!! Cheap talk always!!! That is for children as well the “God Bless America”, “Patriots”, “The Real America”…, just BS to drag ignorance out of the mobile homes to rally! While a third of America has no teeth, decent jobs and wages Sarah Palin’s family cruises in a limo causing altercations, disturbing the peace and cursing and punching people! I guess that is the America Sarah “Barracuda” expects to have not around Alaska but in the rest of the country behind her. I’m also sure Sarah is the “Pittbull with lipstick” that would instigate the children saying “don’t retreat, reload”… I don’t think it is her mistake, the mistake was made first by Senator McCain and whoever follows the BS this group of “Patriots” have to say.

  • Ann Burridge

    Rachel; once again, this is all very entertaining; but it’s not going to affect votes, human beings and their brains and all. How are you going to deal with this, and ratings? Inquiring minds want to know.

  • Is McCain still happy about his choice for VP? So thankful she is not in office. What an embarrassment to our country—regardless of the party.

  • SMHart

    nope, you’re totally not judging her . . . . though I do have to say, most conservatives I know think she’s ridiculous, and doesnt represent “good christian morals” so not sure why people think she’s such a big deal

  • lon

    We should be seeing the Palin family on the Alaska State Trooper show sometime in the near future.


    GOP hates OBAMA
    GOP hates UNIONS
    GOP hates WOMEN.
    GOP hates BLACKS
    GOP hates LATINOS
    GOP hates GAYS
    GOP hates the ELDERLY
    GOP hates the POOR
    GOP hates the SICK
    GOP hates the DISABLED
    GOP hates the MIDDLE CLASS
    GOP hates VETERANS
    GOP hates ANYONE UNDER 50
    Did we leave anybody out?
    Now do You believe the Republican Party and the Tea Party

  • EdEKit

    These days about the only way to make voting decisions is based on Attack Ads and “I’m promising to do something good for you.” Seems like the High School Class President race.
    We spend far too much time allowing character to be buried, policy to be ignored and reality to be distorted.
    Apathy and ignorance are the enemies, not government.

  • Laurie

    Speaking as a parent of young adult children, you can instill values and morals in your children but when they reach a certain age it is there choice how they behave. Furthermore, if my daughter were involved in an altercation you can bet my husband and I would step in to contain the situation and if someone were stupid enough to swing on my husband then they deserve what comes next! Stop looking for reasons to drag the Palin name through the mud. They are having enough trouble with their kids acting up.

  • manofthewoods

    They were get [email protected]@faced drunk TOGETHER that is family values. And they even fought for each other. How sweet.

  • Fido

    This is what can happen when parents give dog names to their children.

  • Terry Evdokimoff

    I wonder what Bristol’s gang symbol is. If it’s a capital A does it stand for asshole or Alaska? Oh and didn’t the homeowner have the right to shoot her for trespassing and attacking him?

  • that1dudeFromOC

    they are just as bad as the kardashian family

    • Stephen Barlow

      Christley knows Sh*t

  • KMc

    Someone at that party has video, probably waiting for the right price… it WILL surface 🙂

  • Jo Pantier

    Bristol, honey, you misunderstood. Jesus wants you to TURN the other cheek, not PUNCH the other cheek.

  • Stephen Barlow

    it is NOT from drugs, Sarah’s 5-6 years in 6-7 colleges is it… PROVES they didn’t get that way from ADDICTIONS!!! I don’t think the 2 defective children are like that, People with Downs Syndrome are very lovable and loving.

    Which brings up the Question… “WHO WAS WATCHING THE little ones while the PARENTS were rocking it out with their kids in a PHARM Party?

  • Stephen Barlow

    I’d also like to put a last fine point on the difference between Trailer Trash BEHAVIOR and Trailer TRASH themselves. There isn’t any.

    But trailer park behavior and Trailer Park Residents are usually two different things.

  • Le Cochon

    Considering the general low standards of the American populace, Palin could be just perfect to run the US.

  • Fernando

    Sarah looks so pretty!

  • lausdteacher

    And think about how close they were to the White House. Scary.

  • Rick Snow

    Conservatives are only interested in the morales of everyone other than themselves. That whole cherry picking Bible scriptures allows them to conveniently ignore the whole “remove the log from your own eye before removing the splinter from others eyes” thing.

  • CE Lee

    “The base” won’t care because they will say the liberal media is attacking and lying on her. And of course, Fox won’t report on it unless it benefits them, like getting them out of a lucrative contract with her.

  • Frank Hoffman

    OK, but how many “conservatives” (I think you mean reactionaries) read this page? If you could reach them, it might be worth questioning the Palins’ pose as model family. But, while it’s a fair gambit to say you find their behavior “interesting” and hypocritical (though one wants to be careful in suggesting how self-identified Christians should enact THEIR Christianity), it’s still really much better to ignore Sarah Palin altogether. Her 15 minutes are long over and at this point, she seems to think even bad publicity means she’s important. Let’s move on, folks, nothing left to see here.

  • Nilan25

    It was a classic gypsy grift. While Treif started the fight, Brie and Larch were lifting wallets and searching purses in the confusion. Money Boo Boo (Mama) took her cut at the end.

  • Lisa Sullivan

    This quote I found on CNN from Sarah about what Bristol and Track did
    This is not a joke. She said this: )

    “I love my Bristol!” she wrote. “My straight-shooter is one of the strongest young women you’ll ever meet. I have to say this as a proud mama: right up there with their work ethic and heart for those less fortunate, my kids’ defense of family makes my heart soar!

    “As you can imagine, they and my extended family have experienced so many things (liberal media-driven) that may have crushed others without a strong foundation of faith, and I’m thankful for our friends’ prayer shield that surrounds them, allowing faith to remain their anchor.”

  • annoyed

    Can somebody please explain to me why the fact the family is Christian means that they are perfect? People tend to forget that even Christians are just mere human beings, incapable of perfection. Christian doesn’t mean perfect, in fact claiming to be Christian is admitting that you are not nor can you be perfect in and of yourself, therefor you rely on the one who is, jesus, to make you acceptable. It’s also Rediculous to attack Sarah over this. Bristol is sn adult and responsible for her own actions. This whole article is retarded. Written merely to undermine conservative Christians.

  • GoldyFan

    In the snow or on the grass
    Bristol and Sarah will kick your ass!

  • Leaning Blue

    I feel sorry for true conservatives because the true meaning of the word has been hi-jacked by people who obviously are not. But apparently the only qualification to be considered “conservative” nowadays is to beat up on liberals and say a bunch of incoherent stupidities and you’re in. I have to admit I was never interested in politics until I realized, much to my dismay, that people like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Ted Cruz are taken seriously. And not only are people like that taken seriously, they are getting elected. It was kind of a rude wake up call for me that I better start paying attention.

  • T.j. Thomas

    Maybe they were just arguing over who gets to make the next TV appearance.

  • William Keiser

    That’s the problem with making a career out of pandering to the lowest denominator, eventually, you become it.

  • Susan

    Sarah’s lookin’ a bit rough around the gills these days …

  • Keith Tyler

    Straight shooter? Hell, she’s not even a straight puncher!

  • Mel Thron

    Well they are fist fighting AS A FAMILY. Maybe that’s the family values they mean. You know – like eating dinner together..

  • Proof that white trash occasionally comes wrapped in a white limo….

  • thomasbone63

    Just goes to show you how full of shit she is and John McCain wanted to make her a foot from the White House.

  • randommomster

    Show me where in the bible it says you can’t travel around in a limo plastered out of your mind. HAH! There’s goes your whole anti-values argument up in a puff of alcohol fumes.

  • Phoebe Moody

    Read thru a lot of the comments posted here …. and am glad that a few (like Jim Valley) have stayed on topic with regard to Sarah Palin’s hypocrisy and those individuals who politically support her and her ilk. They’re obviously all cut from the same cloth ….. no matter which neighborhood they come from. (And btw, Jim Valley ….. both your name and your photo remind me of a former guitarist and member of ‘Paul Revere and the Raiders’. Is that an old photo? Are you he?)

  • Sounds like Bristol and her born-again cooter have fallen from the path of righteousness for the umpteenth time.

  • nytw

    Liberals just have to hate.

  • Mark McCauley

    Gee, I haven’t been at a party where there was this kind of “fun” since I was an adolescent. I must not hang in the “right” circles 🙂

  • What’s so hypocritical about the police?

  • Warren Lauzon

    This gives new meaning to the word hypocrite. I guess Jesus told her to get drunk and beat up people.