Ohio Kidnapper Ariel Castro Found Dead in Prison Cell

castroAround 9:20 pm Ariel Castro, the man convicted of kidnapping and raping Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus and holding them captive in his Cleveland home for more than a decade, was found dead in his prison cell.

While this doesn’t strike the chord of “politics” for a site like Forward Progressives, I feel this situation does address a few serious issues we face in this nation.

Once upon a time a few Republicans tried to downplay rape.  Someone even said that a woman’s body “shuts down,” preventing pregnancy.  Well, if you listen to the horror stories coming from these women, that’s not the case.  Pregnancies did occur, and often the events following their revelation were completely disgusting.  The bottom line is, rape is rape—and those who rape anyone are absolute monsters.  Something Ariel Castro was.

Castro’s actions were some of the most horrific events this country has ever seen as it relates to kidnapping, rape, physical and mental abuse.

Yet, there are still some in this country who see law enforcement officers as overpaid public employees and women’s rights as something that’s still up for debate.

Upon agreeing to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty, Castro was sentenced to 1,000 years in prison—but even that isn’t enough of a punishment for the lifelong impact his crimes will have on the women he abused.

I hate the fact that this man took a coward’s way out.  He deserved to face his crimes, face his punishment and rot away for the rest of his life in a prison where even some of the worst criminals would have seen him as a horrific monster they wished to make an example out of.

This man will be remembered as one of the most despicable creatures that’s ever walked this earth.

While the actions taken by Castro were some of the most extreme this country has ever been witness to, there are still many more women who face all levels of abuse and sexual assault.  And while many might not experience these horrific levels, it’s still important this country provides the necessary means and resources to help those who need assistance following a rape or to get out of an abusive relationship.

So the next time some politician talks about cutting funding to Planned Parenthood, voting against the Violence Against Women Act, downplaying rape or showing any kind of ignorance against women’s rights and protection for women—just remind them of animals like Ariel Castro.

Because while he might be dead, and his actions were extreme, there are still thousands more out there who seek to abuse, rape and sexually assault women.

And in this country we should do everything we can to prevent that from happening.  However, at least now, one less monster walks this planet.

I can only hope his absence from the living brings the slightest bit of peace to the women he brutally abused.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Pipercat

    Good riddance and thanks for saving millions of taxpayer’s money. Probably the only good he ever did during his miserable and insidious existence…

  • Jeff

    What is meant by “overpaid public employees”? Is that a reference to….what exactly? Like the fiscal attitude of some politicians like the governor of Wisconson? Or is that a criticism of a broader philosophical position of some about the nature of state police power in a society? Or is it a critic of a critic of our criminal justice system? Or something else? That statement just made me curious and seemed to come from no where particular, and struck me as an unusual thing to say in a comment about a notorious criminal.

  • Estella L G

    Ok…. So that castro dude killed himself… well boo hoo…. He terrorized those 3 young women and decided to take the easy way out by doing what he did… The caring part of me is kinda sorry of the loss of life , but what about those 3 young ladies.. they will live with it for the rest of their lives.. I know only GOD can judge him and he doesn’t deserve to go to him, unless he prayed for forgiveness but since in court he said it was those girls fault he did what he did GOD will be the one he has to answer to now!! It’s sickening to see all the news organization posting about his sorry life… What about those 2 babies that were gunned down for nothing… Pray for them and their families and just let castro go down to the place he deserves to be!!

    • Mercedes Marton

      no sorry felt here whatsoever. Pardon me, but what loss of human life are you talking about?

      • Estella L G

        FIRST OF ALL: My opinion is my opinion if YOU dont like it DONT read it… I DONT have to explain myself to YOU or anyone…. WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE WHAT I HAVE TO SAY!!!!!!! ONLY GOD CAN DO THATTTTT!!!!! BE GONE!! ME VALE VERGA!

    • Gm RA

      God certainly was watching over them for those 10 years…

  • Crash

    Taking a Cowardly or easy way out or what ever some call it… I dont care… I am clad he is gone and many are safe that’s all that matters to me…. Saving tax money and being able to make the victim feel safer is just a bonus… I believe in capital punishment and believe we should see and allow more of it… I would have preferred to have him killed by another hand than his own… This way he receives proper punishment by not getting it on his own terms as he did with the victims…. Call me barbaric or what ever but it will make an example and I already know I am better than this beast… I don’t need to prove it by feeling sorry for him…. Monster Human life is not worth anything if you are a evil beast…. There is no use for you and you give nothing back to the human race…. I don’t need to study him either… Finally good news for a change……

  • Mike

    This has to be one of the worst written articles I’ve ever read. It’s all over the map trying to tell the story and add politics into. Terrible… Just terrible. You should give up journalism. Or maybe write your articles with a crayon so people don’t take you for a serious journalist.

    • RC999

      This only makes you look like you support everything this article is against, there is nothing to dislike about this article other than calling suicide a “coward’s way out.” What the hell should be so different? The point is made clear, and it is a perfect wake up all for idiotic politicians thinking rape isn’t a big deal. You’re the only child here, so get your fingerpaints and try to create for us an explanation as to why this article is so bad for what it is. I probably won’t hang it on the fridge, though.

    • Beverly

      You are totally wrong. He said what needed to be said and he said it very well. When did you graduate from. journalism ?

    • Pipercat

      Oh I beg to differ, it does push awfully close to creating false equivalencies, but does not quite cross the line. The purpose of the provocateur is to push the envelope and to beg some questions. This, in fact, is one of his better nuanced pieces.

  • Deborah Lawrence Hale

    How was it possible that this “man” killed himself? I thought he was in a high security prison, away from the population. I thought he was confined to one of those cells he never left and with no possible way to get himself out of his just punishment. Someone is cheating justice! I’m angry.

    • RC999

      I’m pretty sure everyone can agree that this man deserved no form of “justice.” Whether he was in the “justice” system or not, they probably couldn’t care less if he died. It’s pretty gross how you’re angry by this. Be glad this scum is off the planet, don’t be pissed because he’s gone and should’ve been prevented. What the fuck.

  • RC999

    Let us not view this as a loss of a human’s life but let us not also ignore it for the beast he was. His death will remind people that he existed, and hopefully make sure people are a bit more educated on the things that happen to women that can be prevented, while certain politicians try to sit around and say things like what he did are NOT BAD. This is a perfect example of what everything they are saying is WRONG. They are so ignorant of the true effects of rape, that they actually thought a woman’s body shut down and prevented pregnancy, that is the most absurd lie ever conceived about rape, just above “they asked for it for how they dress.” This has everything to do with how politicians view rape and abuse, don’t let them get away with thinking what people like Ariel Castro do isn’t bad enough to prevent while they try so hard to ignore it! This article is a very balanced wake-up call, and hopefully a reminder that yes, this man existed, yes, this man did horrible things to women, and yes, politicians will continue trying to let this shit slide! Don’t let them, or you have no right in chastising this man for his crimes if you’re just going to sit on the sidelines and watch what plays out in society.

    • Pipercat

      “Yet, there are still some in this country who see law enforcement
      officers as overpaid public employees and women’s rights as something
      that’s still up for debate.”

      I wasn’t quite sure where he was going until I re-read the piece again and this small paragraph stuck out. The trick is not to read it and take it literally, but as a metaphoric example of the underlying dilemma.

      All the other examples, questions and conclusions become more pertinent if you can understand the meaning of this paragraph.

  • Ann_W

    Ok, TWO stupid Republicans said stupid things about rape. If they define the whole party, then the whole democratic party should be defined by Whoopie Goldberg saying that when a 14 yr old was drugged and sodomized by Roman Polanski, it wasn’t “rape rape”. Or maybe all Democrats are guilty of Ed Rendell’s statement that, “The good thing about Newtown is, it was so horrific that I think it galvanized Americans to a point where the intensity on our side is going to match the intensity on their side.” (Speaking about gun control advocacy.) Don’t blame me (a Republican woman) for the stupid comments that those idiot Republicans made or you have to take responsibility for all the stupid comments from liberals. Heck, you’re responsible for sexual harrassing the Filner women, too. Or, here’s a thought… we could just discuss issues.

    On the issue, how does Ariel Castro have anything to do with defunding Planned Parenthood or the Violence Against Women act. Ariel Castro was a Democrat and approved of abortion, he even performed his own violent abortion on Michelle Knight. Whether abortion is allowable for victims of rape (which many pro-life people support), that doesn’t change that we all think that the rapists are evil. The Violence Against Women Act had been approved many times, it just got hung up this time because the Democrats put a tricky Native American sovereignty issue (approving double jeopardy) in there that they knew Republicans couldn’t approve to make Republicans look bad. Just like the author of this article, it’s all about politics for them. Let’s just join together and decry evil, as we saw in Mr. Castro instead of trying to make everything a way to slam the other political party unfairly.

    • Pam_L

      Here’s another ‘thought’: there is obviously NOTHING a tea party Republican won’t do to advance their narrow, bigoted point of view.

      • Ann_W

        Explain to me what I said that was narrow and bigoted in that comment. I made a thoughtful comment that addressed the blog post and you said the equivalent of “I know you are, but what am I”. I would hope that you could address the issue.

      • Pam_L

        Your entire post conflated every issue in order to make Democrats sound responsible for that man’s disgusting actions. You made the bogus claim that “Ariel Castro was a DEMOCRAT and approved of abortion…”, something you could not possibly know since no mention of his political affiliation has ever been discussed. You brought the VAWA into it and once again, accused the DEMOCRATS of trying to trick the Republicans with a provision they couldn’t approve of (for some strange reason) just “…to make Republicans look bad”.

        You even brought up an obscure quote from Whoopi Goldberg on a rape that happened decades ago, the gun control issue, and a quote from Ed Rendell on the Newtown massacre as some bizarre proof that the DEMOCRATS are a bunch of conniving wrongdoers whose only purpose in life is to make the Republicans (who are nothing anymore except the so-called ‘tea party’) look bad. You then accuse the DEMOCRATS, and the author of this article, of politicizing this horriffic crime to push their agenda. That, madam, is your narrow and bigoted view.

      • Ann_W

        See the second paragraph of the post and see if you can see why I thought this post was trying to use Ariel Castro to make Republicans look bad. And he was a registered Democrat, you can Google it.

        Also, Mr. Clifton used two stupid quotes from Republicans to smear the whole party on rape, so I was just demonstrated that it could go both ways, with the RECENT quotes that I used.

        Double jeopardy is against the Constitution, look it up. It’s kind of a big deal.

        I guess I always think that if I talk logically we can discuss issues because the original post was offensive saying Republican beliefs are bad because some man raped and murdered. Mr. Clifton’s post does not make any sense, but I guess you can’t see that. This conversation is a waste of my time.

  • Jessica

    Perfect. Thank you for saving us some money, Castro.

  • gemma liar

    im willing to wager a dollar that castro voted republican,,,,,,,

    • Gelliant Gutfright

      Well…he WAS a X-Chin…

  • Gelliant Gutfright

    Now in Hell…Maggie Thatcher is chewing his Dick off, and Adolf Hitler is inserting a pineapple up his arse every afternoon at 2 PM….for eternity!

    • Pipercat

      Actually, Harvey Keitel is reinserting after Hitler!!!


    The Republican Party Hates American Women…. excuse Me…. The GOP HATES ALL WOMEN!

  • cj

    everyone who is convicted of a major crime should just be tied up, shot in the gut, and left there intil they are finally dead, save all tax payers money