OK Republican Rep. Kevin Calvey Talks About Setting Himself On Fire Over Abortion

Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Oklahoma City Image courtesy of NewsOk.com

Oklahoma State Rep. Kevin Calvey, R-Oklahoma City
Image courtesy of NewsOk.com

I love when religious extremists lose their minds over abortion, especially when they claim to be “pro-life” while voting against anything that would help a child once they’re born. Oklahoma Republican Kevin Calvey decided to take it one step further by claiming he wanted to set himself on fire over abortion, if only he wasn’t a Christian. Yes, according to Christian doctrine, setting yourself on fire is a no-no – although abortion isn’t mentioned once in that ancient book that folks like Kevin Calvey try to govern the rest of us by, instead of the document our country was founded on.

From KFOR.com:

A threat was made by a state lawmaker, saying if he were not Christian he would light himself on fire.

The words came after a proposed bill that would give a raise to Supreme Court justices.

Representative Calvey says, if given the chance, he’d say it all over again.

He wanted to make it clear; his problem is with the Supreme Court justices who, he says, are not doing enough to prevent Oklahoma women from getting abortions.

“If I were not a Christian, and didn’t have a prohibition against suicide, I’d walk across the street and douse myself in gasoline and set myself on fire!” Rep. Kevin Calvey said during a heated debate at the Capitol. (Source)

Of course, they’re all talk and no action. That’s not to say that I would endorse anyone committing suicide over any issue, regardless of political beliefs, but Kevin Calvey is yet another member of the religious right who has resorted to theatrics and hysterical, hyperbolic rhetoric to make a political point.

No matter what the issue, political grandstanding has become the means through which folks like Kevin Calvey have kept their conservative constituents riled up and loyal to the GOP, but do you know what would be nice for a change? What if Rep. Kevin Calvey and other conservative religious lawmakers started making governing decisions based on some of the things the Bible actually says to do. Granted, we can skip over a lot of the Old Testament and go to the things that Jesus is alleged to have commanded his followers to do in the New Testament. No offense to my fellow Jews, but some of those old laws are just plain awful. Things like rules on women, slaves and such – those are outdated and horrible. Oh, and sorry, shellfish and pork are both freaking delicious and we aren’t going to see too many Christians give those up either.

Seriously, just yesterday here in Louisiana, both the House and Senate voted again to reject Medicaid expansion which would have extended healthcare coverage to nearly 300,000 Louisiana residents. In Kevin Calvey’s state of Oklahoma, conservative lawmakers have also blocked Medicaid expansion and even making sure all schools have storm shelters, claiming these life-saving measures would be too expensive. All across the United States, there are elected officials like Kevin Calvey who rant and rave about being “pro-life” when they’re really nothing more than “pro-birth,” after which they couldn’t give a rat’s ass less about you. Many of them also call themselves Christians, which should have nothing to do with their ability to legislate, but completely ignore their own religious commandments on taking care of the poor, the sick or the elderly.

If Rep. Kevin Calvey was so upset about a pay increase for judges who weren’t “pro-life” enough for him, then maybe he should introduce a bill to block the pay for the entire Oklahoma State Legislature along with Governor Mary Fallin. Maybe he should light himself on fire (figuratively speaking, of course) on the House floor, because there’s nothing “pro-life” about the conservative policies he and his colleagues have stood behind time and time again for political brownie points with the religious right and the Tea Party.


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