Oklahoma Lawmakers Want To Ban High School AP History Courses

Oklahoma State HouseOh Oklahoma, it seems like there’s a competition going on in red states to see who can come up with the most ridiculous legislation, and you just have to get in on the action. Just recently, lawmakers introduced bills to protect gay “conversion” therapy and allow discrimination against LGBT people in the name of religious freedom. Because Jesus would totally be cool with shunning folks on the basis of gender identity and trying to force them to be someone they’re not in his name, right?

Well now some Oklahoma lawmakers want to ban AP history courses, and the reasoning behind it shows just how backasswards some voters in that state are. Remember, if you live in Oklahoma and you voted, you have the right to complain about this. If you didn’t vote and sat at home and complained about how “both parties are the same” while you filled out useless Moveon.org petitions, you can close out of this article and go back to sharing cat videos.

From News Channel 4 KFOR:

The measure, House Bill 1380, is working its way through the Capitol.  If passed, it would bar the use of state funds for AP U.S. history courses.

The proposal asks the State Department of Education to find a new U.S. history program in lieu of the AP U.S. history course.

AP classes are a nationally recognized series of courses that allow high school students the opportunity to earn college credit.

The classes are not required for graduation, and schools are not required to offer them.

Lawmakers argue that AP courses are similar to Common Core and that they violate legislation since Common Core was repealed last year.

According to the Tulsa Worldthe author of the bill, Representative Dan Fisher, says AP U.S. history courses emphasize “what is bad about America.” (Source)

According to Think Progress, Rep. Dan Fisher is also a member of a religious group called The Black Robe Regiment which warns about the secularization of America and “the danger of this hyper-progressive agenda that so permeates every aspect of our political, legal, and educational systems.”

Gee, I wonder what could be in those pesky AP U.S. history courses that could possibly talk about “what is bad about America”? Let’s go to the website for AP U.S. history and look at course details, shall we? Meh, nothing too interesting. Just looks like a course outline, so maybe we should go to the .pdf file which includes learning objectives instead.

Page 23 covers the learning objective of “peopling” and reads as follows:

“This theme focuses on why and how the various people who moved to, from, and within the United States adapted to their new social and physical environments. Students examine migration across borders and long distances, including the slave trade and internal migration, and how both newcomers and indigenous inhabitants transformed North America. The theme also illustrates how people responded when “borders crossed them.” Students explore the ideas, beliefs, traditions, technologies, religions, and gender roles that migrants/immigrants and annexed peoples brought with them and the impact these factors had on both these peoples and on U.S. society.”

Or how about page 25 covering environment and geography?

“This theme examines the role of environment, geography, and climate in both constraining and shaping human actions. Students should analyze the interaction between the environment and Americans in their efforts to survive and thrive. Students should also explore efforts to interpret, preserve, manage, or exploit natural and man-made environments, as well as the historical contexts within which interactions with the environment have taken place.”

Yup, looks like a whole bunch of commie, atheist, anti-American propaganda that dares to bring up the fact that we perhaps took a bunch of land from people who were already here and killed millions of them to do it. Certainly the white Christian children of Oklahoma should never be faced with the uncomfortable fact that America wasn’t built solely on God, guns, and rugged individualism but also on the blood, sweat and tears of millions of natives of another continent who were kidnapped and spent their entire existence in forced labor. In other words, we took land from one people and built it on the backs of another. Can’t let the kids know that, because that might teach them “what is bad about America.”

This shouldn’t be surprising considering the fact that this is the same state that couldn’t find money for tornado shelters in schools, but had no problem handing out huge tax breaks to energy companies.

Keep the kids ignorant and teach them a right wing Republican-approved, white-washed version of our nation’s history. That’s the real ‘Murican way.


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  • BobJThompson

    I loved my AP US History class in high school. Aside from math it was the only class teaching me something new and interesting. I can also see why it would terrify conservatives. It was the class where I learned just how many half-truths and omissions were in my history education up till that point. I’m sure all for patriotism.

    I say we should do the opposite. Integrate more of the college level information into lower levels of school. It might just keep kids interested in history. History is an interesting and relevant topic. Just knowing the things that have been done in the past should help us decide to do the things that worked and not repeat the things that haven’t. Unfortunately as a society we seem to be more like that dumb kid who keeps on insisting on touching the stove.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Perhaps it is just me, but I see hints of the battle against elitism. That the politician points out that schools are not required to provide AP courses, that seems anti-elitist to me. I have heard that argument repeatedly for why gifted education shouldn’t be offered. So sad that people are afraid of those able to tackle a more challenging education actually getting to do so.

  • Eg Kbbs

    So they object to a bright kid taking a few classes in high school which will let them save money over taking the same classes in college ? As well as the kid demonstrating that they have what it takes to take college level classes ?

    Or is it that the AP classes don’t teach the mythology that they want ?