On Fox & Friends, Kellyanne Conway Gives Bonkers Defense for Trump’s Possible Crimes (Video)

Kellyanne Conway has proven that you don’t need intellect, good judgement, or a whole lot of common sense to become a significant player and make a lot of money working with the GOP. All you need is the willingness to get in front of a camera and say, with a straight face, completely preposterous things while trying to defend the indefensible, and you can be quite “successful” working as a Republican.

Such as Monday morning when she tried to claim that the guilty plea by Michael Flynn somehow proves that there was no collusion between Donald Trump and Russia because that’s not what he pleaded guilty to.

“I went back and reviewed the whole testimony of [former acting Attorney General Sally Yates],” Conway said. “She makes very clear in sworn testimony what she did say and what she didn’t say [about Flynn] to the White House counsel.”

“Remember, we were promised collusion from the campaign, we were promised that those 70,000 votes in those three states were all because of Russia, Russia, Russia. And now, they are going in other directions,” she added.

There’s so much stupid here, where to begin.

Let’s begin with the fact that the FBI wouldn’t have offered Flynn a plea deal unless he had information to give them which they deemed valuable. While it saves them time and money for him to admit that he lied to the FBI last year, they pretty much already had enough evidence to prove those charges.

In instances such as this, plea deals are usually offered as part of a much larger case against “bigger fish.” If anything, based upon the litany of crimes Flynn was possibly facing, the fact they made this deal with him actually seems to indicate that there’s a much bigger case, involving a much more high-profile individual, that they’re currently building.

I can almost guarantee that they’re doing the same thing right now with Paul Manafort. They’re pushing charges that carry fairly significant prison sentences for crimes that are mostly unrelated to a bigger case hoping to use that leverage to “flip him” as a witness for the FBI.

Conway’s acting as if proving collusion with Russia would be some clear-cut gotcha moment when that’s not how it works. Common sense tells us that Robert Mueller and the FBI are trying to piece together a very complex puzzle that might go much deeper than any of us even realize. We already know of many meetings and communications with Russian individuals that people associated with Trump — including his eldest son and son-in-law — have been caught lying about. Then there’s all the meta-data linked to Russian propaganda that was pushed on social media, comments made by Trump during the campaign, and posts from campaign associates.

Plus there’s Trump’s bizarre refusal to say anything negative about Russia, while even going as far as to repeatedly praise Vladimir Putin.

We also can’t forget about factors such as Trump’s close ally Roger Stone admitting he had contact with Wikileaks and the infamous Steele dossier that’s already proven to have contained quite a bit of factual information. Though there are still plenty of other significant allegations contained inside of it that, at least to our knowledge, have yet to be verified.

For Conway to claim they’re “going in another direction” is absurd.

Sure, the plea deal with Flynn involved him lying to the FBI. That’s true. But what did he lie about again? That’s right — his contact with Russians.

We’re not discovering that these individuals directly associated with Trump hid private meetings, emails, or phone calls with officials from Germany, Japan, England, or any other country — it’s always Russia.

It’s obvious from their behavior and comments since Friday that Donald Trump and his administration are rattled by Michael Flynn’s plea deal with the FBI.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s not really a matter of if Trump’s guilty of crime(s), just what, how many, and if congressional Republicans will ever have the courage to put country over party and uphold their Constitutional duty to hold this “president” accountable.

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Watch her comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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