Once Again, Ivanka Trump Embarrasses Her Father while Trying to Defend His Sexism

If there’s one person linked to Donald Trump’s campaign who’s viewed with at least some level respect by even his most ardent critics, it’s his daughter Ivanka. As someone who absolutely detests him, she strikes me as someone who almost seems trapped by her last name. Not that I’m saying she’s embarrassed to be his daughter, but when you look at “The Donald” and the two sons who’ve also been involved in his campaign, Ivanka is clearly the one who doesn’t seem to “fit in” with the rest of the Trump campaign circus.

While I wouldn’t categorize Ivanka as someone who’s been bad for her father’s campaign, she has made him look bad on a couple of occasions. Like a couple of weeks ago when she defended her father against accusations that he’s sexist toward women by claiming that’s not possible because she works for his company.

“He’s absolutely not a sexist,” she said. “There’s no way I could be the person I am today if my father was a sexist. I would not be one of his senior-most executives. I would not be working shoulder-to-shoulder with my brothers. I would be working for my brothers, if at all.”

Meanwhile, here’s a link to several highly offensive quotes about women her father has said throughout the years.

When I heard her say this, all that really did was inadvertently solidify my belief that her father is, in fact, incredibly sexist. Otherwise, she’d have a much better defense against his controversial comments about women other than citing her own employment within his company as “proof” he views women as equals and treats them with respect.

Well, she embarrassed her father once again after basically storming out of an interview with Prachi Gupta of Cosmopolitan concerning his recently revealed plan to provide maternity leave for new mothers.

OK, so when it comes to same-sex—

So it’s meant to benefit, whether it’s in same-sex marriages as well, to benefit the mother who has given birth to the child if they have legal married status under the tax code.

Well, what about gay couples, where both partners are men?

The policy is fleshed out online, so you can go see all the elements of it. But the original intention of the plan is to help mothers in recovery in the immediate aftermath of childbirth.

So I just want to be clear that, for same-sex adoption, where the two parents are both men, they would not be receiving special leave for that because they don’t need to recover or anything?

Well, those are your words, not mine. [Laughs.] Those are your words. The plan, right now, is focusing on mothers, whether they be in same-sex marriages or not.

OK, I just wanted to make sure I understood. In 2004, Donald Trump said that pregnancy is an inconvenient thing for a business. It’s surprising to see this policy from him today. Can you talk a little bit about those comments, and perhaps what has changed?

So I think that you have a lot of negativity in these questions, and I think my father has put forth a very comprehensive and really revolutionary plan to deal with a lot of issues. So I don’t know how useful it is to spend too much time with you on this if you’re going to make a comment like that. My father obviously has a track record of decades of employing women at every level of his company, and supporting women, and supporting them in their professional capacity, and enabling them to thrive outside of the office and within. To imply otherwise is an unfair characterization of his track record and his support of professional women. So the policies at our company reflect that, and the diversity of our workforce, from a gender perspective, and in all perspectives, reflects that. So my father has been a great advocate for the women in the workforce, and that’s part of why he recognized that reform is so necessary.

I would like to say that I’m sorry the questions — you’re finding them negative, but it is relevant that a presidential candidate made those comments, so I’m just following up.

Well, you said he made those comments. I don’t know that he said those comments.

This is quoted from an NBC [interview] from 2004. I definitely did not make that up. I do want to talk to you a little bit beyond the plan, as well—

I think what I was — there’s plenty of time for you to editorialize around this, but I think he put forth a really incredible plan that has pushed the boundaries of what anyone else is talking about. On child care specifically, there are no proposals on the table. He really took ownership of this issue, and I really applaud him for doing that. I hope that, regardless of what your political viewpoint is, this should be celebrated. (Source)

Shortly after that she abruptly cut off the interview.

First, there was nothing out of line for asking that question. When a presidential candidate once called pregnancy an “inconvenience” for businesses, that’s an absolutely valid comment that needs to be defended when talking about a maternity leave plan.

I couldn’t help but laugh at Ms. Trump insinuating that Gupta might have been fabricating a quote her father is on video saying when she almost certainly know that’s exactly what he said. Then again, that’s the go-to move for the Trump family. If something Donald Trump has said in the past is directly quoted and attributed to him, imply that the person bringing up that quote is either lying or trying to attack him — by daring to ask him to defend his own words.

Ivanka also seems unable to understand that someone can still be incredibly sexist while employing women.

Then there’s the fact that his maternity leave “plan” is actually very sexist. It’s basically a maternity leave plan predicated on the idea that women are the only ones who need to stay home with a newborn child and they’re the only ones who want to be stay-at-home parents — because fathers aren’t covered at all in Trump’s plan. The father of the child isn’t covered for paid leave nor are there tax credits for stay-at-home dads — only women.

Once again, Ivanka Trump proved that her father is a blatant sexist. If he wasn’t, she could have taken that question about his past comments pertaining to pregnant women being “inconveniences” to an employer and rationally defended it, as opposed to getting instantly perturbed, somewhat combative, and quickly ending the interview once it was mentioned. All Gupta did was ask her to defend her father against something he’s on the record as saying.

Instead, Ivanka shut down, tried to spin the situation as if Gupta was out of line for asking that question, then essentially “stormed off” because she knew she had no defense for her father’s remarks.

So, until she can come up with better defenses for her father against accusations that he’s a sexist other than she works for him and he’s employed women, she might want to stay away from interviews. All she’s really doing is inadvertently proving that her father is sexist by not being able to provide any sort of rational defense when people ask her to defend him against things he’s said about women.

Allen Clifton

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