With One Absurd Comment, Donald Trump Proved How Ignorant His Supporters Are

In politics, you can often gauge the type of people who support a candidate based upon the things that particular candidate says — which is why it should shock absolutely nobody that Donald Trump’s most consistent and enthusiastic group of supporters is the uneducated. Stats overwhelmingly show that the more educated someone is, the less likely they’re going to support Trump.

That’s not to say that a person’s level of education is the only metric on which intelligence is measured — but it’s still a pretty darn good one.

However, even if you go beyond the statistical proof that the less educated a person is, the more likely they’re going to support Donald Trump, all you really need to do is listen to the outrageous lies he tells his supporters to see that even he realizes those backing him are idiots.

A person can’t blatantly lie as often as Trump does, the way Trump does, and actually have respect for those supporting them.

This is someone who — with a straight face — has literally said that nobody has more respect for women than he does. A statement that actually elicited laughter from the audience during the third presidential debate.

Well, in another glaring example where Trump proved how ignorant someone has to be to believe anything he says, the GOP presidential candidate said that, if elected, Hillary Clinton’s support for open borders (which isn’t remotely true, by the way) could triple the U.S. population in one week.

“She wants to let people just pour in. You could have 650 million people pour in, and we do nothing about it. Think of it. That’s what could happen. You triple the size of our country in one week,” Trump said.

Politifact called this claim “ridiculous” and something that should be “discarded immediately.”

First, the U.S. population is around 324 million people. If we added another 650 million as Trump claimed could pour into this country — within a week — the U.S. population would grow to around 1 billion people — or 1/7th of the entire world’s population.

For the record, 650 million people is 227 million more than the entire population of South America.

Even if you factored in the entire population of Mexico (122 million), you’d still be 105 million short of Trump’s preposterous statement.

Which means, even after the entire country of Mexico and continent of South America came into our borders, based on Trump’s comment, we could still take in every human being from:

  • Syria (23 million)
  • Iraq (33 million)
  • Libya (6 million)
  • Saudi Arabia (29 million)

And we’d still be 14 million people short of his idiotic claim.

Keep in mind, he said this could all happen in a matter of one week.

What that breaks down to is 3.87 million people would have to enter the United States every single hour — for 168 straight hours.

That’s basically the equivalent of adding the city of Los Angeles to the country every single hour.

This is why I continually ask: How stupid does a person have to be in order to support Donald Trump?

Even when Politifact contacted Trump’s campaign for clarification, they defended his statement.

For a presidential candidate to make a claim such as this — then actually defend it — is unprecedented.

But the saddest part is that there are millions of people who actually believed him when he said this. You have to be woefully gullible, completely incompetent or flat-out crazy to believe that Hillary Clinton would bring 650 million people into this country in the first place — let alone in one week. It’s no wonder Trump considers con artists like Alex Jones to be credible sources of information; both men clearly prey on the ignorant and mentally ill.

I just hope that on November 8th, this country doesn’t make possibly the biggest mistake in modern history by electing this dangerous and unhinged pathological liar as our next president.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • 三天不来手痒痒!

  • Bonta-kun

    Come on then Solar, or Jim, or Cathi, or whatever your name is this week – how you going to make this about Hillary and the emails that weren’t even hers in the first place, you witless fuck…?

  • cruisersailor

    The real scary thing is that there are a lot of ignorant, misinformed, and gullible voters out there.

    • strayaway

      The real scary thing is that some people who pretend to be ‘green’ support present immigration rates. If present immigration rates, legal and otherwise, continue, US population will be 438M in 2050 with 80% of the population growth from immigrants and their children. That requires more parking lots, lanes, sewage, trains, parks, fuel, more intensive farming, and water shortages to accommodate 119M more people. That’s what advocates of our present out of control immigration policy effectively advocate besides suppressing labor rates.

      • Carol Lynn

        Oh right – because no immigrant EVER has paid taxes, made good, or owned a business once they got here. I’ll bet you are ‘pro-life’ too.

      • strayaway

        Two large classes of immigrants are illegal aliens (~11M) and legal H-2B workers. In either case, they depress the wage scale for US workers. H-2B workers are today’s corporate indentured servants.. Ask the Disney workers who had to train their lower paid H-2B replacement workers. Lower wages corresponds with lower taxes. The Law of Supply and Demand also plays into this. More workers applying for the same job results in lower wages whether more foreign workers are brought in or our jobs are sent out to Korean or Mexican factories which you support if you support Hillary and her 1% donors. Exceptions to the rule, and there are many, do not make your point.

        I’m not pro-life. You lost your bet. I think women should have the freedom to kill their babies. Sorry, I didn’t sugar coat it for you. Time for you to go back to your safe spot.

      • Howard Sands

        Actually, with your cynical comment, you proved that, while you supposedly aren’t Pro Life, you sure ARE Pro Ignorant. A comment like “women should have the freedom to kill their babies” is evidence that you have no idea what reasons might lead to an abortion. Its just a simple decision “to kill their babies”. This is the PRIME reason that people support Trump. Simple answers for the Simple Minded.

      • strayaway

        Actually, I am enough of a libertarian to support the right of women to choose even though I think some choices are disgusting. You confuse my support for freedom with PC attitudes that you suggest are more important. Go back to your safe place and practice saying “Baaaa”.

      • Howard Sands

        Nothing PC about understanding other peoples’ lives. And nobody is forcing you to. I just made an observation.
        What is this “safe place” you’ve mentioned more than once?
        Is it some kind of obligatory end to a conversation? Do you belong to a cult of some type that requires you to say this at the end of your posts?

      • strayaway

        Liberals, as exemplified by your posts, seem to want more than having their way e.g. available abortions which I support although for the sake of freedom rather than some sort of smiley faced PC groupthink. Liberals, I am generalizing here, also need affirmation and validation even if they need to use force to obtain them. So when perspectives other than their own whether about (e.g) how benign immigration and Syrian refugees are, how wonderful it is for men who think they are women (transubstantiation?) to change their clothes in front of little girls, or regarding the liberal sacrament of abortion isn’t put in the best light, liberals persecute, prosecute, and sometimes fire the offender. “Safe places” are a recently defined liberal concept offering “A place where anyone can relax and be fully self-expressed, without fear of being made to feel uncomfortable, unwelcome or challenged”. It must have been ok though, in your liberal mindset, for Carol Lynn to take this thread off track by making the “obligatory end to a conversation” “I’ll bet you are ‘pro-life’ too” to which I responded. I would have preferred to keep this conversation related to Trump’s correct although hyperbolic concern about the damage excessive immigration is to doing to this Country. You have earned your PC halo though for the different standards you applied to Carol Lynn’s and my own ‘obligatory end to a conversation’ statements.

      • Howard Sands

        Thank you. With your permission, I’d like to share your comment above so I could demonstrate by example how one dimensional thinking looks. I would point to your use of “liberal” as if its a BAD thing, as well as your twisting of facts and over the top explanations. Oh, I would also indicate your use of ohhhh sooo bad liberal ideas – without so much as an example to back these up. If you want, I can provide you with a few examples of how liberal ideas help YOU, and how conservative ideas help – conservatives.

      • strayaway

        I consider certain liberal ideas like flooding the country with lower paid foreign labor a BAD thing because, unlike liberals, I side with US workers instead of foreign interests and international oligarchs. There was a day when liberals did too. Trump’s hyperbole is what this thread is about. Meanwhile the Bush family, Kristol, Krauthammer, and other prominent neocons have found a new home in the Democratic Party with Hillary’s sterling record as a warmonger, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Egypt have all suffered from Hillary’s neocon like policies. Her votes and policies have created death, destruction, poverty, refugees, and a rekindled cold war. Liberals don’t care. Most will vote for Hillary.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        Those Liberals you continue to refer to, are people like Bernie Sanders.
        The majority of people left of the middle line are NOT liberals, they are Democrats.
        Take the other side of the line. The exact opposite of Liberals is FARRT, which stands for far right, like Ted Cruz.
        The majority of people right of the middle line are Republicans.
        The Democrats and Republicans can get along, can work things out, and get things done. It is the two FAR’s that keep things stagnated. They are way too far apart to even recognize a middle ground.
        So you should stop referring to everyone over to the left side, as Liberals, because we are not. Most of us believe if you draw a check from your town or city, you should go do work for them. You can pick up stuff people have thrown out their car windows, you can weed eat under the guard rails, be a GO FOR, etc. Most of us have NOT had things given to us, we had to earn it.
        We do however, believe laws should be fair. WE have to pay taxes on everything we earn, so the rich need to be required to do the same. The country would work perfectly fine, if that were to happen. I’m pretty tired of this ‘let the middle class pick up the tab’ kind of thinking. We all live here, we need to all pay the share that is ours.

      • strayaway

        I had Hillary supporters more in mind than Sanders’ supporters who at least had some idealism and opposed corruption before Bernie sold out. Those in the middle, of either party, have lined their pockets and those of their banker friends for decades. I have an uninterrupted history of voting in support of school millage referendums however I staunchly oppose most of these wars and foreign interventions Bush and Obama most recently have been conducting. I don’t pay anyone to go to Washington to overthrow foreign governments or at least I don’t vote for those who do such things. Hillary is the war monger in this election cycle.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        Bernie has been in Congress longer than he was out of it. He could not get his ‘give away for free’ things passed while being a member. A President is a step away from the law making process, as that is Congress that does that. Nothing he suggested would ever get passed. Why should America elect someone like that, when they have the choice of someone that can work with people to get things done. Bernie screamed and hollered, similar to Donald when he did not get his way. You have to be more even tempered than that, because people in Congress don’t even like him. He did say that he really wasn’t there to become President, but to draw attention to what the poor had to deal with. Most of us know that already. I know I would surely like my tax money to go to help them, than I would want it to go to bribe a rich CEO.
        Obama did not get us into these wars. That was handed to him by George Bush. When George made the date with Iraq as to when America would get out of their country, he made sure the date was on the next Presidents term. Now uninformed people think Obama just jerked our people out too soon. When they tell you they will not protect anyone you leave behind, you are the smart one that brings our kids and Gkids home. He is now using SMART warfare, and it keeps our kids safe. I think the world of him for being our first SMART President in awhile.
        You are wrong about Hillary. She would continue the SMART warfare where needed. It is your buddy Donald that can be set off by a tweet, and would go nuclear, and he would have the codes. That cannot happen. If it does, because of you, our country is doomed, because it will not survive Donald. Bush was bad enough, we were tanking. Obama brought us back, even if it took him and a Dem Congress two years. We need to continue on the forward path, not go back to the 50’s and 60’s. This is almost 2017. Advance, not go crazy. Oops, I forgot, Donald is already there.

      • strayaway

        Hillary is not even tempered according to people who work for her. She tends to be foul mouthed and violent. People die around her although that might be coincidence. Governments are overthrown because of her policies and people die, become impoverished, and become refugees. That’s what Hillary does. Why on earth would anyone want that? It would be better to not kill so many people. I voted for Bernie in the primary not expecting much from him but at least he wasn’t a lying, corporatist crook and warmonger like Hillary. No doubt Sanders could have done better if he too had a pay to play foundation funded by Wahhabi billionaires

        Obama did get us into these wars. He is the first Peace Prize winner to bomb seven countries. We are still in Iraq although he promised that taking the troops out was the first thing he would do if elected in 2008. He overthrew Khaddafi without the consent of Congress. He is still supplying “rebels” to overthrow Assad. He helped fascist oligarchs replace the government of Ukraine prompting Putin to respond. His “Arab Spring” initiative helped put the Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt for a while. Although these might have been Hillary’s policies as Secretary of State, the buck stops with Obama. His SMART warfare is apt to create more angry Arabs seeking revenge against the US just like Bin Laden. It won’t seem so ‘SMART’ when they deploy WMD’s in the US. It’s been my observation that when anyone uses “smart’ to describe something, that there is often something very wrong with it kind of like putting perfume on a pig to cover the smell.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        Not true. Did you know that Bush had 16 Embassy’s attacked with 60 dead. Three were attacked twice. You would have thought they would have investigated them, wouldn’t you? Nope, didn’t happen. Guess who Congress, and Republican candidates go after? The WOMAN who had one Outpost attacked with 4 dead. I think in all they investigated her 10 times, all came back with the same conclusion NO WRONGDOING FROM THE WH, OR SOS. Thing is, she would not have had even ONE attacked if Boehner and McConnell had released the funds to hire more protection. The Ambassador, the President, and the SOS all asked them for the money, and they said NO. Do you think it was just by chance that Boehner retired. The bottle was not working to numb the pain of knowing he caused those 4 deaths, so he got out from in front of the public’s eye. McConnell and Ryan are still there, and they too had a hand in this.
        One thing I will not forgive Boehner of, is that he NEVER apologized to Hillary for letting her take all the blame for that.
        Yes Bernie was a liar. He knew he could not deliver on all that free stuff, and yet he continued to put it out there anyway. To me, that is a YUUGE lie, as Donald would say.
        Have you taken a good look into what Donald does with the Trump Foundation? That is his own personal slush fund. NO, that is donor money and supposed to go to HELP the cause it was collected for. He also used donor money from his campaign to pay his business’ bills.
        Hillary has been an advocate for good causes for a good long time. People want her to talk about them, and when she has the time for that, they pay her a big amount of money. No different than anyone else that I have seen. So that is a non starter.
        No Obama was NOT. He inherited those wars. Bush’s Dad told him NOT to go into Iraq and take out Saddam. That it would leave a big hole that someone much worse would fill. The exact reason HE had left Saddam alone when he was over there close. Sure enough, ISIS has formed. They need to be dealt with, and Obama has no choice about that. I applaud him for keeping the biggest share of our people safe from the bullets and bombs. As I said before, HE had no choice about when we left. Bush and Iraq set up that date. Bush just made sure it was on the next Presidents term of office. They asked us to come back. We are not the world police, so the nations that are affected by these wars need to learn to do most of their protection, themselves. We can teach them, we can help them along with allies, but getting the boots on the ground is THEIR JOB. Assad it the problem, and he needs to be overthrown. Putin went into Ukraine BEFORE we responded to one country taking another country over against their will. Again they asked us to help.
        I think they remember over there, WHO it was that started it in the first place. A Son trying to impress his Father, against the only smart BUSH’s wishes.
        Not true, but you take it anyway you want. Keeping our kids out of someone else’s war is SMART, no matter how you look at it. So if we can use the air to help, rather than our kids in the front line getting those bullets and bombs, that is what we should do. The comparison is ridiculously insane.

      • strayaway

        Please don’t think I am a Bush supporter. He lied about Iraq, let in an additional 15,000 Saudi (male) students after 9/11, and allowed an open border among his other faults. Obama was as bad or worse. Hillary promises to be even more of a corporatist war monger based on her record. Obama broke his campaign promise to get out immediately. Then he inadvertently grew ISIS by weakening Assad so he had to bring back the troops although, unlike Bush, without congressional authorization. Bush, at least, got fools like Hillary to support his war. Berne did not go along with Bush. I refuse to reward Hillary for her stupidity which cost American lives.

        I regard your willingness to impose involuntary servitude on our young people and to kill foreigners as long as we can get away with it without suffering our own casualties as arrogance. You criticized me for bluntness but I think that the willingness to kill people as long as you can get away with it is much worse.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        WRONG. Hillary promises no such thing. She will be the greatest American President in your lifetime. She does not like war any better than Obama or the rest of us do. The Republicans have always LOVED war. There was never a one that they did not like. WE are not the world police, telling other nations what they can and cannot do. We need to help train, so they know how to fight people that cut off your head.
        Assad needs to be brought down. Obama did not GROW ISIS, Bush did that by taking Saddam out. He was what kept the middle east stable, and yes he was not a very nice person, but he was better than what replaced him, just like Daddy Bush told his Son. You do know the Military are under the EXECUTIVE Branch of Government, do you not? A President IS the Executive Branch. They still have to get the permission of Congress before putting our troops anywhere. Obama did that, because Republicans love sending our kids and Gkids to foreign lands to fight their wars for them. Obama just wants to train them, and let them fight their own wars.
        IF only Hillary had voted for the war, it would not have happened. The majority of Congress voted for it. She was just one of almost 600. Obama did NOT vote for it, but he inherited it, none the less. Even your boy Donnie said he was FOR the war, until recently when it is not convenient for him. However, his comments were in the archives, and they have went back and retrieved them to show Americans just what he said and when he said it. I can see why most of Congress voted for it. 9/11 had just happened, and we lost a lot of Americans. Bush stood in front of Congress and said he had on good authority that Iraq had WMD’s pointed directly at the US. My blood would have been boiling too. Little did ANYONE know that there were none, and Bush was lying. Emotions were running pretty high at that time, for payback. Bush had the wrong country, and a liar supplying him with information.
        That last paragraph I do not know what you are talking about. I, Hillary, and Obama do not want to kill foreigners as long as we can get away with it. We just think we are not the boss of the whole world, and that the people affected by civil wars should be the ones doing the fighting. I do, however, go along with us training them how to fight these type of wars.

      • strayaway

        I wrote that Obama, not Hillary promised to end the Iraq war “immediately”. Hillary, however, is almost as much of a hawk and war monger as McCain. Bush liked war too but Republicans dod not always “love war” In fact Democrats took us into WWI, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. Republicans ended all those wars. ISIS was Hillary and Obama’s doing pursuing their idiotic war against Assad. ISIS was unknown under Bush although Bush did build up Al Queda. ISIS is Hillary’s baby. Only Congress can declare war. Presidents are Commanders in Chief but break their oath of office if they wage their own wars like Obama did in Libya. As Commanders in Chief, Presidents can also bring the troops home without congressional approval. Ron Paul once mentioned that it would have taken about six months to conduct an orderly withdrawal from Iraq but Obama kept them there until one month before he had to take them out then reintroduced them without congressional approval.

        Your excuses for Hillary having voted to giver her congressional power away to Bush to decide whether or not to wage war on Iraq fall flat. Others in Congress including Bernie Sanders saw through Bush and Powell’s lies but Hillary was a cheerleader for that war.

        “I believe the facts that have brought us to this fateful vote are not in doubt.””Saddam Hussein is a tyrant who has tortured and killed his own people … [I]ntelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort and sanctuary to terrorists including Al Qaeda members.” -Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), October 10, 2002.

        Why vote for a murderess fool who has the “wrong instincts” and the wrong solutions”. You keep bringing up Bush even after the Bush family has sided with Hillary in this election. That ought to tell you something. You do want to keep killing foreigners as long as you can get away with it. Reread your last paragraph of your previous post.

      • Howard Sands

        You’re using facts in the GOP world of lies. That’s like oil and water.

      • Howard Sands

        Imagine me rolling me eyes and sighing at the old GOP standard of smear campaigns against Clinton. Do you think I don’t see and hear daily the talking points and constant whining of how Clinton is oh so corrupt? The fact is that the Good ol’ boys of the GOP (which consists mostly of far right conspiracy theorist alt-right paranoids) has had nothing on Clinton for the 30 plus years she’s been in politics. So what do they do – they make it up. And the gullible sheep (like you) pounce on it, with nary a fact.

      • strayaway

        Maybe that’s why CNN fired Donna Brazille. Maybe she didn’t actually give Hillary at least two questions she was to be asked in a debate. Otherwise, its a case of fraud certainly involving Brazille, and perhaps CNN and Hillary. Perhaps Hillary didn’t vote for the Iraq or promulgate policies that led to the disasters in Libya, Egypt, Ukraine, and Syria. Perhaps, Hillary will also get along with Putin. Yeah, maybe its “the Good ol’ boys of the GOP” who made up all that stuff – the most neocon of whom, including the Bush family are now supporting Hillary. Neocons and flies for some reason have been recently attracted to Hillary.

      • Howard Sands

        The Brazille thing is bad. No denying that. If Clinton accepted the info then that’s bad too. She voted for the Iraq war. Also a bad thing. But I thought it was a good thing to Republicans. I guess it “was”. That is, until they decided to use Clinton;s vote in favor of it against her. Neocons and flies are better than Nazis and Klansman. In fact, even flies won’t go near Trump.

      • strayaway

        Ron Paul is the only Republican I can think of who didn’t vote for the Iraq war. Russ Feingold may have been the only Democratic Senator to vote against it. So Republicans as a whole supported that war. Bernie, Kucinich and other Democratic representatives, unlike Hillary, did see through Bush’s lies. I wouldn’t say that neocons are better than contemporary Klansmen. Neocon policies kill thousands of times more people. Neocons abandoned Trump and went to Hillary like the two flies did. Don’t forget Hillary’s endorsement by the Communist Party USA.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        One thing I do agree with you on is A WOMAN’S RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Any person with brains wants to have total control over their own body. No one should ever think that just because YOU would not do it, doesn’t mean that someone that makes that decision doesn’t have to the right to. It is a perfectly legal law, and women fought long and hard for it.

      • strayaway

        If “Any person with brains wants to have total control over their own body”, do you agree with Hillary in her support of the military draft for men and women?

      • americanswhoarehonest

        Yes, I do. My wife was in the military, and she did alright for herself, even before I met her.
        Kids now know nothing about the world. They need to have something between getting out of high school, where they just harassed other people, and going to college or getting some kind of job. The Military teaches discipline (sorely lacking in American kids), respect for other people, shows you there are different people in different parts of this country, as well as the world. That is an education all by itself, because when you are all in the same unit, doing the same things, you see that other people, different from yourself in some way, are just as worthy as you are. Not someone to hold you head up in the air about. WOW, should all peoples of America learn that fact, there would be less of this ‘holier than thou’ attitudes.

      • strayaway

        Was she forced into the military or did she volunteer? I wasn’t asking about the military. I was asking about whether you support involuntary servitude. Before you claimed that “Any person with brains wants to have total control over their own body” yet you seem to approve of the government forcing young people to serve involuntarily and use their bodies as the rulers see fit. That’s a very autocratic holier than thou position to take.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        Typical answer from a MAN who has never carried a baby in his life. When you can do that, get back with us. The fetus is not a baby UNTIL it can live outside the Mother’s body. Gosh, please learn a little something, so you don’t seem so misinformed.

      • Carol Lynn

        If there are “many exceptions”, it’s more likely your “rule” is um… incomplete.

        And you missed my point about being “pro-life” on several levels. So – shrug –

      • strayaway

        Besides being not able to comprehend supply and demand, Democrats have trouble with proportions. For Democrats, Christians killing abortionists, for instance, is the equivalent of 9/11. However, something like 14 abortionists have been killed-ever compared with 2,996 people on 9/11. By definition, exceptions are just that. Immigration, particularly current record levels of immigration, depresses US wages, run Americans out of their jobs, stresses our national environment, and creates a perhaps intentional cultural Babble preventing labor from organizing and allowing the 1% to increase their take.
        I’m puzzled as to why Democrats have turned on US working people and become the neocon’s party.

        “Do you like the way things are, the way they’ve been headed in this country? Do you like to continue the destruction of our manufacturing base, and the jobs that went with it? Do you like the uncontrolled illegal immigration? Do you like the string of stupid wars from Iraq to Libya to Syria?

        If you want to say yes to all of that, you want to keep all this the way it is, vote for Hillary Clinton. If you don’t like the way things have been headed you got a chance to really shake the system to its roots. And if you wake up the day after the election and it’s the same as it is today, if its the same 4 or 5 or 8 years from now, remember you had the chance to change it, but you were to dainty too do it.” –Chris Matthews 11/1/16

      • Carol Lynn

        Nice try but bzzzt – wrong. Context IS everything. Chris Matthews was schooling incompetent Trump on how to do politics correctly not endorsing him. The full quote is – parts you omitted in bold

        “Whatever you think of Donald Trump, I mean, whatever you think of Donald Trump, you have to wonder, why isn’t he doing it? Why isn’t he running for president? Why isn’t he spending every hour asking the voters again and again: ?Do you like the way things are, the way they’ve been headed in this country? Do you like to continue the destruction of our manufacturing base, and the jobs that went with it? Do you like the uncontrolled illegal immigration? Do you like this string of stupid wars from Iraq to Libya to Syria?

        If you want to say yes to all of that, you want to keep all this the way it is, vote for Hillary Clinton. If you don’t like the way things have been headed you got a chance to really shake the system to its roots. And if you wake up the day after the election and it’s the same as it is today, if its the same 4 or 5 or 8 years from now, remember you had the chance to change it, but you were to dainty too do it.

        I say this not because I want Trump to win, but because I can’t stand politics being practiced so pathetically.”

      • strayaway

        Yes, Chris Matthews is schooling Trump on the obvious. Chris Matthew knows what Americans are thinking and he is questioning why Trump isn’t capitalizing on the “destruction of our manufacturing base, the jobs that went with it, uncontrolled illegal immigration, and this string of stupid wars from Iraq to Libya to Syria that Bush and Obama have promulgated and Hillary promises to expand. When Trump does that, instead of saying something outrageous as he is prone to do, his numbers go up.

      • Carol Lynn

        Trump is incapable of staying on message – unless that message is how huge and wonderful and above-the-law Trump is.

      • Bob D

        Just another scared white boy.

      • strayaway

        Just another vacuous clichéd post.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        There were 1.3 million immigrants in 2014. The American birth rate is 59.6 per 1000 women. The birth rate among US born women dropped 6% while the birth rate among immigrants dropped 14%. There were 3,985,924 births in 2014. There were 2,626,418 deaths in 2014. We are still one of the least-densely populated countries in the world, less than France and FAR LESS than the UK.

        I’m not worried; why are you?



      • strayaway

        I already provided three reasons to worry. Americans workers are losing jobs, supply and demand suggests that wages are held down by adding to the labor supply, and the relatively large increase of population created by almost unfettered immigration mines and paves the Country. I side with US workers, and in this case, ecological concerns. Democrats used to do so too. You side with the 1%’s profits and foreign interests.

      • greedierthanyou

        Actually, immigrants take jobs that others won’t do, so the supply/demand myth isn’t true. Sorry.

      • strayaway

        Actually, you are a little wrong. Illegal aliens take jobs that American workers won’t do FOR ILLEGAL ALIEN WAGES. H-2B workers take jobs American workers won’t do FOR H-2B INDENTURED SERVANT WAGES, so the law of supply and demand applies. US workers will do any job if the pay is right. Consider the body fluids and orifices doctors deal with. The easiest way to raise US workers’ share of the economic pie is to create labor shortage. The other half of creating labor shortages would be to replace middle class taxes with tariffs to the extent possible.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        NO, they will not. Only unless the wages start at the top for them. Otherwise, they think they are ‘too good’ for the job.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        Actually NOT. Most of the immigrants do the jobs that Americans think they are ‘above’ doing. Farmers still need those field workers. The rich people still need people willing to clean their house, wash their windows, clean out their swimming pools, mow their grass and rake their leaves. The immigrants demand less money, and they will work any day of the week, and any hour of the day. Try that with the spoiled people that were born here. THAT IS WHY THEY ARE HERE. Rich people like Donald, love them. If you can find younger, Americans that would be willing to work that hard, people would hire them. Parents have spoiled them along the way, and they think they are too good to do manual labor. They think they should start at the top.
        The ones from other countries, have disciplined themselves to be the highest in their class. They can actually teach a lot of the ‘professionals’ of our country. They can also pass drug tests. Something many younger people in America cannot do.
        SO, when you can teach all the Americans that there is no job they are too good to do, and they actually believe you, there would be no need of anyone from anywhere else. Good luck with that.

      • strayaway

        That’s baloney. I’ve been a union member most of my working life and still am. I’ve done most of those jobs you mentioned. You must never have been on a farm either. Young people have a more difficult time than they used to finding jobs in part because those landscaping, dishwashing, and McDonalds jobs they used to do to help pay for their college are taken by illegal aliens. So they take loans and complain about the loans. You bring up a societal problem though. Perhaps the best way to address it is to kick out the illegals and cut the loans. My guess is that between pay going up and lack of options, there would be lines of young people for those jobs. It doesn’t make sense, except perhaps to liberals and cheating employers to allow our youth to get fat and lazy and lack practical work experience.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        NO, it is not baloney. Evidently you do not get around the country very much.
        Depends upon what you call a farm. We called it a ranch, because we had horses, but we grew and raised our own food, and we lived 11 miles out from town. We had to make sure we got on that school bus every night, as there was no one coming to town over a rough road to collect us. We also did our school work EVERY night, no excuses.
        I too was a union member most of my adult life. Teenage years were spent in other peoples fields picking up bales of hay for $1 a bale. I bought my own school clothes from a very young age.
        No those jobs are not. My wife and I travel across the US, and we stop by those places you mentioned sometimes. All colors work there for minimum wage of $7+ an hour. No way you can live on that, so us tax payers have to subsidize the employers. That needs to stop. Landscaping businesses, the boss is usually white. HE does nothing but ride around in his air conditioned PU and round up the jobs and collect the pay for them. HE hires the cheapest help he can get, who will work all days and all hours. Hard work, out in the hot sun. Do you really think teens of today would do that? No way, in you know where. Dishwashing, our teens have always run a dishwasher. No way they are going to actually WASH them themselves. I see an older group of people doing a lot of these dishwashing and McDonalds type jobs. Also, single Mom’s, trying to help make a living for their family. Evidently a lot of older Americans cannot find enough to do at home, or they get so little in SS, that they have to have some extra to make ends meet. Remember the GOP wants to do away with SS, altogether. They call it a ‘give me’. Sorry, but I disagree. I paid into that program all those years, and it was deducted before I even got my pay. If they would keep their hands out of it, it would last a good long time after we are gone.
        Work experience. We made our kids work at our place until they were able to drive safely. We were raised that way, so we did not let them just lay around the house. One went to college, the other did not. Guess which is making the most money now. Of course, it could be that it was our girl that went to college, and you know employers don’t like to pay ladies the same pay for the same job, as they do men. Yes, she is paying back student loans.
        Please stop referring to everyone left of the middle line as Liberals. WE ARE NOT. We are mostly Democrats.
        As I said before, the law is on the books. Go after the employers that hire the illegals. They get hit often enough, they will not hire them, and there will be a mass exodus to the border, on their own. The rich CEO’s, have bribed members of Congress not to bother them. As long as they make contributions to their re-election, and put a little extra in their pockets ever once in awhile, our Congress complies with what they want, while turning their backs on WE THE PEOPLE. We need to clear the congress of anyone that has been in there two terms. Even if you have to vote for someone from the other party. It takes the newby’s longer than that to become so corrupt. When we wise up and do this, we will notice the difference.

      • strayaway

        I would love to go after employers who profit from hiring illegal aliens. I’m not interested in walls. They don’t work whenever traitors are in power who leave the gates open. If employers were incarcerated and heavily fined, it would begin making sense to them to start paying more to hire Americans. Round-ups wouldn’t be necessary. When jobs dried up, many illegal aliens would find their own way home to be reunited with their families. Stop providing non-emergency government services for the rest. Unfortunately, I can’t think of one politician who wants to aggressively go after employers. Democrats and half of Republicans don’t even enforce immigration laws. Bush ignored those laws and Obama flaunts them.

        My kids paid for their own tuition although I paid for their room and board. They borrowed nothing except for the one who earned a doctorate. They did a lot of farm work, worked in a small local factory, received jobs at their colleges… They were raised on a beef farm although I also had a union job. I always had a lot of work for them.

        But its not just the entry level jobs that have been hit. Meat packing jobs used to be union jobs but local union workers have been replaced with third world labor receiving no benefits. Many union construction and factory jobs are going the same route. This is the work of Democrats as much as Republicans.

        I think you underestimate US kids and workers. Given the right incentives, they will work.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        Have you been down to the border? Gates are not being left open, for your information. Those young people can climb right straight up those walls, no matter how tall they are, with two heavy backpacks on them. They have been filmed, and it shown on TV of them doing it. They see the guards, and they are right back over it just as fast, to wait until they are gone. You build it 20′ tall, they will build a 21′ ladder. NO, the solution to that has to be making the employers up here pay every time they are caught with them. When they are not earning those American Dollars, they will go home. Donald hires them, promises them pay, and when they are done with his project, he won’t pay, and threatens to turn them in. Talk about making people mad, he does the same to American workers.
        Actually, every President prior to Obama, chose a group of illegals they wanted to make legal citizens. When it came Obama’s turn to do that, he chose the Dreamers. Those that were brought here as kids and have known no other country but the USA as home. The Republicans put a stop to that, but only until the next Republican gets in, then they will have their choice, and they might just choose the very group Obama chose.
        My wife worked for Farmland Foods. The Plants were union jobs, although the home office where she worked was not. When she retired, they were still union jobs, BUT the CEO had already decided that Mexicans worked any day of the week, any hour of the day, and he had them brought up here, and made little villages for them, near the plant. That is something CEO’s have started to do because that means more money in their pocket. We don’t know now whether those jobs are still union or not, but she told me the VIP’s would have loved getting the union out of there so they could pay minimum to whomever worked. You cannot blame that on the Mexican’s, you have to blame it on the rich CEO’s that want to become even more rich. Romney comes to mind, as well as Donald. I respect the CEO who lowered his pay to raise the pay of his employees, so everyone is equal. THAT is a good CEO. When the people you have hired respect you for respecting them, and you reward them for the money they bring you, that is SMART. Trouble is, they are far and few between.
        I do not know what those right circumstances, of which you speak, are, but I have not seen it. Our teens are LAZY. They have been spoiled by their parents.

      • strayaway

        The gates aren’t open but 11M or more illegal aliens are here anyway? Maybe its the border that’s open. The China Wall stopped working when corrupt government officials took bribes to open the gates to Mongols. Not every president betrays US workers. Eisenhower sent them back. Truman sent even more back. But it isn’t just the Mexican border. One third of illegal aliens simply overstay their visas including many of the 9/11 crew members. Sorry about your wife’s coworkers’ situation. That’s just what I meant when I brought up supply and demand. With more labor options available, employers pay less money for labor.

      • americanswhoarehonest

        You do know that most of them have been here longer than 8 years, don’t you?
        Should you take the time to check it out, Republicans tell us that Obama has sent more back across the border than any other President. Even I know that not ALL Republicans are bad, just the biggest share of them.
        I worked for the Airlines, and I know they are STILL union, because I talk to people that still work there, pretty often. I don’t know about your union, but ours pay a pension each month. Not a huge check, but it helps out and keeps us out of the poverty level. So far, we do pretty much of what we want, like travel. If Donald succeeds though, he, Ryan, and McConnell want to do away with SS, and that would hurt a lot. A big reason why we will not vote that side of the line, as they continue to want to take away from the middle class and reward the rich, who least need it.

      • strayaway

        Are you suggesting that the statute of limitations pertains to invaders too? I’m not sure it does. Obama changed the definition of people turned around to get his numbers up. Formerly, people apprehended and turned around at the point of entry were not included. Obama even violated his oath of office (again) when he changed (his own words) immigration law. The Constitution , Article 1, Section 1, only empowers Congress to legislate. Of course, Congress is at fault for not impeaching or overriding Obama proving that many Republicans are as bad.

        Don’t fall for Democratic fear mongering-
        “I’m not cutting your Social Security” -Trump, April 2, 2016

        It was Bill Clinton who emptied Social Security trust funds to “balance the budget”. He also slashed the Social Security benefits of federal employees. we know, from experience that that is what happens when Clintons are in the White House. When they leave, they steal the furniture. There is a consistency there. Hillary doesn’t have a chance of becoming a great president if her claim that Russia did all that hacking. If Russia did, she might be subject to blackmail to avoid impeachment or treason hearings. when and if Russia unravels more of her emails. Hillary is, after all, claiming Russia has all this dirt on her.

  • ksskidude

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  • fhill123

    Trump’s hyperbole is only one of his many shortcomings. Vote for the only rational choice, HRC.


    Uneducated people are far more likely to embrace simplistic solutions to complex problems, because that’s all they can get their heads around. Thus, building a wall along the Mexican border passes for advanced thinking with Trump supporters.

  • Keith Savage

    The Chrump sheeple love it when he goes batshit clownshow.

  • Andyrall

    Holy shit you guys are stupid. He was talking about the open borders free to move around our country. Hillary in her own words dreams for a 1 hemisphere open border society. Considering how horrible the poverty is in South America it is safe to assume many would enter America dragging our country down. No fuckin thanks

    • americanswhoarehonest

      She believes no such thing. Did you get that from FAUX SNOOZE?

      • Howard Sands

        When people post lies like Andyrall did, I think they know they aren’t true. But they also know that the people who support their candidate won’t bother to fact check. Its just another nail in Clinton’s coffin in their eyes.