There’s One Issue That Undoubtedly Proves The Ethical Differences Between Democrats And Republicans

joint-session-of-congressAt least once a day I’ll come across a comment from someone proclaiming that it doesn’t matter if we vote for Democrats or Republicans because “both parties are the same.” That’s a statement which only goes to show how little that person actually knows about politics. I’ll admit that claiming that “both parties are the same” makes for a fantastic sounding talking point for anyone who’s trying to make themselves feel superior to others politically, but it just doesn’t make any sense.

Sure, both parties are similar on some levels. Then again, so are humpback whales and poodles, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same animal or similar overall.

But while there are many issues where Democrats and Republicans are very different (women’s rights, abortions, gay rights, the minimum wage, social programs to help the poor, tax rates, immigration, voting rights), there’s one issue above all else that I feel really showcases the ethical differences between the two parties: Overturning Citizens United, passing campaign finance reform and getting money out of politics.

Most Republicans vehemently oppose overturning Citizens United, laughably proclaiming (as our Supreme Court did) that money somehow equals free speech. Our First Amendment gives us the right to say almost anything without the fear of prosecution, it has absolutely nothing to do with giving access to seemingly unlimited amounts of money to be poured into our political campaigns, effectively allowing the richest among us to buy our government.

But this is a situation that honestly baffles me because I meet just about as many conservatives who claim our government doesn’t represent “the people” as I do liberals. Both are claiming that our politicians are corrupt – a corruption that’s clearly linked to money in politics – so you would think that an issue such as getting money out of politics would be something on which both sides would agree.

Sadly, that’s not the case.

No matter what “side” of the political aisle you’re on, we should all be able to agree that money is easily the most corrupting factor in politics. If you don’t think that it is, you’re either naive or an idiot.

It goes back to a rule I always say people should follow: If you have a choice between two candidates – one who wants to get money out of politics and the other who’s trying to get more money in – you should always vote for the one trying to get money out.

And I already know what many Republicans will say to this, “But Democrats like Hillary Clinton are set to raise enormous sums of money!”

What are they supposed to do, not compete with Republicans during elections? One of the most consistent “rules” of politics is that the person who raises the most money stands the best chance at winning. So, as long as Republicans continue to fight against campaign finance reform, Democrats are going to have to continue “playing the game” of raising obscene amounts of money to keep up with their right-wing counterparts.

The bottom line is, most Democrats would love to see campaign finance reform passed. But we’ll never see that happen because Republicans continue to blatantly prove that they’re nothing more than a party auctioning itself off to the highest bidders.

When you get right down to it, it all boils down to:

  • Democrats want to overturn Citizens United, pass campaign finance reform and try to get a lot of the money that’s infecting our government out of our political process.
  • Republicans literally oppose doing all of that.

And that alone speaks volumes for the true values of each party.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Snartfarfle

    Then why won’t Bernie Sanders become a Democratic? Could it be that both parties get their money from the same corporations?

    • Albert8184

      Yes. They do.

  • Albert8184

    Na…. Both parties are the same. They tell different lies to different voters. But in the the post-election everyday, they support the same objectives.

    • Shinjo Dun

      If you’re saying both parties are the same, you need to look at the last 100 years of economic results.

      • Albert8184

        I bet I’ve looked at the last 100 years more intensively over the past 5 years than you will in your entire life. History is almost my full time job. How about you?

        And looking at the past 100 years is about the only thing that convinces any reasonable person that both parties are the same. Wake up.

      • Shinjo Dun

        Ok, if you’ve looked so intensively, then tell me when in the last 100 years has a Democrat left the presidency with the unemployment rate being worse than when they took office (as I recall there have been 8 Democratic presidents during that time)?

        If you’ve looked so hard, how many Republicans during the last 100 years have left with the unemployment rate being worse (as I recall, there have been 9 Republicans during that time)?

        Again, since you’re the expert on history, how many Democratic presidents didn’t have higher GDP growth than their predecessor?

        When was the last time a Republican had higher GDP growth than his predecessor?

        If both parties are the same, then why have 9 of the last 10 recessions started under Republicans (and all 10 have their roots in Republican policy decisions)?

        If both are the same, why is long term GDP growth 71% higher under Democrats than Republicans?

        If you’ve correctly answered the above and still think that both parties are the same economically, then you, Albert8184, are the one who needs to wake up.

        And, for the record, my degrees are in Accounting and Management.

      • Albert8184

        Of course. You want to be in charge of posing the questions you want to pick – and I’m supposed to be awed and overwhelmed with your indestructible argument. Of course, that’s assuming that I assign validity to your implied logic that the identity of the president has everything to do with everything. And nothing else matters.

        Your degrees are in accounting and management. So, stick to accounting and management.

      • Shinjo Dun

        Every piece of economic data shows that there’s a huge gap between the parties in handling of the economy – to deny such is to deny reality.

        If you want to be that level of stupid, that’s up to you.

        When was the last time a Republican put into place a economic policy change the helped the economy? You can’t find one. Even the growth under Reagan was due to changes in monetary supply controls that were planned and began to be implemented under Carter – and Reagan’s top economic adviser’s later research confirmed that.

        You have no answer or real response other than to shove your fingers in your ear and yell “lalalala” (or the online equivalent of it) because facts disagree with your opinion.

      • Albert8184

        To put it mildly, your assertion is nonsense.
        Don’t speak in generalities or MSNBC talking points. You’re wrong about the data, and your totally out in left field, like most liberals, when it comes to understanding how economic policy is made and managed in this country. You keep talking about presidents for some reason. Why?

        Don’t tell me what I do. I look at history, the economic data, the congressional voting records and various other points of data that basically don’t line up with your populist assertions. You’re dealing with Illuminati conspiracies and generalities. I’m dealing with the economic data and history. You worry about what you do. Whatever it is you rely on for information, it sure isn’t anything relevant to truth.

      • Shinjo Dun

        If I’m wrong, feel free to introduce some evidence to show that Republicans have instituted a policy that caused positive economic growth.

    • Fartrell Cluggins

      To quote the article: ““both parties are the same.” That’s a statement which only goes to show how little that person actually knows about politics.

      Try again…

      • Albert8184

        Sure. I’ll try again. Maybe you’ll listen this time….

        Both parties are the same. And any reasonable, sane person who studies the history and voting records and executive actions and all the other indices of action of government officials will see quite clearly that both parties are the same. And only muddle-headed sheep who follow every whimsical talking point on television believe otherwise.

      • Michelle Franklyn Davis

        nah…i don’t buy it either albert. but don’t bother to answer me. it would be a waste of your breath and i have notifications turned off. i don’t like to waste my time either

      • Albert8184

        You need to quit listening to what the party’s say, and start listening to what they DO. If you choose to listen to what they say… then think about the contradictions of their words versus their election year campaign rhetoric. Reagan claimed to be a tax CUTTER and liberals castigate him for that. But Reagan was a tax RAISER too, contrary to his promises. Obama runs for office talking about how corporate profits are so sky high, while the rest of us stagnate. Now he’s bragging that corporate profits have never been higher under his “brilliant policies” (which aren’t his to begin with) but you don’t see anybody rejoicing about the record amounts of taxes they’re paying.

        Keep drinking the Kool Aid if you want, but all these guys are swindlers.

      • Steven Morris

        Leeches and whores, thieves and liars. They all look the same to me

  • suziel813

    HILLARY 2016

    • Fartrell Cluggins

      I really hope she starts to get what she’s all about and running for this time, unlike all the pansy democrats in 2014, running from everything instead of owning up to all the good they’ve done. Own it, and people will get behind you!

      • v2787

        Exactly. The Dems have a lot to be proud of, including the ACA and recovery from the Bush/Cheney recession. They should own their successes gladly and trumpet them to the voters every day. The GOP has nothing but obstruction and regression, and the Dems should point that out as well.

  • wendy

    The perception that both parties ‘are the same’ I think pertains to the whole system. A gridlock govt. makes it seem that they’re all the same ole shit.
    Until we have a congress doing their jobs, it will always be the same ole…same ole resulting in idealology on right or left stagnant. Like a real lousy marriage without opportunity for divorce.. Yikes