In One Line Mitt Romney Destroys Key Piece of Republican Propaganda, Proves the Party is Out of Touch

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 3.57.08 AMWhile it’s easy to bash George W. Bush (and rightfully so), today’s new breed of Republicans – most notably the tea party affiliated ones) make Bush seem like a moderate by comparison.  Heck, even ideas Republicans supported not too long ago have suddenly become “radical liberal socialism.”  Nowadays with conservatives we’re having debates over proven science and fighting battles over whether or not businesses should be allowed to discriminate simply because someone is gay.

It’s ridiculous.

But a constant within the Republican party has been their opposition to hikes in the minimum wage.  Hell, for many conservatives they oppose the minimum wage altogether.

Well, former 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a few words to say about the minimum wage, and I don’t think many Republicans are going to like what he said.

Romney kept it simple when he said, “I part company with many of the conservatives in my party on the issue of minimum wage.  I think we ought to raise it.”

Interesting.  Didn’t the GOP largely run Mitt Romney as their candidate for his vast knowledge of what it takes to run a successful business?  In fact, wasn’t that essentially his entire platform as a candidate?

Yet here he is, just over two years later, essentially saying that the Republican party is wrong when it comes to the minimum wage.  So not only are Republicans ignoring over 70 percent of Americans who want a hike in the minimum wage, but their most recent candidate for president has come out in favor of raising it.

You know, the guy they said knew how to run this country because he was such a “brilliant” businessman.

Alright, so now what’s their excuse?  An overwhelming percentage of Americans want to see the minimum wage go up, and their most recent presidential candidate (a person they claimed really knew how to run a business) has now come out and said there needs to be an increase.

So for those keeping score the majority of the American people want an increase in the minimum wage, the current president does, Democrats in Congress do and the man Republicans had hoped would be president right now does – it seems the only people who don’t are congressional Republicans.

And these are the people who say they’re representing the American people?  Yeah, as long as they’re incorporated.

Watch below via MSNBC:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Denise Steiner Lickly

    This worries me. He says ONE thing that makes sense and oh boy… he’s a “genius”. LOL While I completely agree the minimum wage should be raised…significantly, even a broken clock is correct twice a day. Or is he just saying what he thinks we want to hear…..searching for redemption in the public eye?

    • katherine norton malek

      I agree with Denise. MR spent so much time on his campaign trail speaking out of both sides of his mouth, saying whatever he felt his present audience wanted to hear – who can trust why he’s speaking out in favor of raising the minimum wage now. However, he stated it publicly and Dems should take that & run w/it. You know, play it over & over again, to ad nauseum like the right wingnuts do. Whether he really means ot or not, I’m glad he said it.

      • The point is not to trust him; the point is that repubs are being hypocrites for ignoring him NOW, regardless of how genuine his statements are.

      • shutterbunny

        lol,they aren’t ignoring him. haha Polls say if the 2012 election was held today, Romney would win! People see how wrong they were about O.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        and if the queen had balls she would be king
        polls– especially the FOX “news” garbage u adhere to– are like bikinis;
        they show SOME stuff

      • Yeah, but that’s irrelevant because what they don’t say is where Romney would be polling today if he had won.

      • Stephen Barlow

        It’s a talent to LIE out of both sides of you mouth!

      • shutterbunny

        Like ” If you want to keep your Dr you can” ??

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        did U get your BENGHAZI Tshirt yet?
        ,,,,,,,, don’t 4 get the “spending” lie U regressives spew

      • Smarie62

        I kept my doctor, so what do you mean? Even though I changed my insurance, I still kept the same doctor.

    • Brian

      You took the article the wrong way, I think. The author’s point was that Republicans raised him up as some kind of genius businessman, and now they’re ignoring him.

      • They’ll put him right back up on the platform as soon as they realize that he’s still the least unelectable GOPer for 2016. Suppose he’s elected (sort a nightmare, I know) but then what? It takes Congress to raise the minimum wage and as long as the GOPers in Congress refuse to raise it, especially if they win back the senate in 2014, then what? NO MINIMUM WAGE INCREASE is what.

    • sandra

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Stephen Barlow

      NO one EVER said THAT!!, He just gave fair credit to the blind squirrel for actually getting that mythical “once in a while” nut.

  • Pipercat

    We’re talking about Willard Romney here, if he decides to run, he’ll just pivot and say he didn’t mean it!

    • nette

      That’s what I was thinking. We shouldn’t believe anything he says. He is telling his fellow teabaggers that he is only saying this to get in.

  • Matthew Reece

    No surprise here. Establishment Republicans are just as economically illiterate as Democrats.

    • Brian

      The only economically illiterate person here is you, apparently.

    • nebby

      Matthew, I am sure you made your hundreds of millionds by knowing all about economics! Freaking insurabce salesman who suddenly knows everything, typical teabagger.

    • Fernaando

      Mathews, you have just defined an “ignorant statement”!

    • Matthew Reece

      Plenty of insults and emotionalism without real substance in response. Also no surprise.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        ok matthew– edify us — in simple terms- what would work economically for ALL americans: not just specific groups- how do we get MILLIONS of americans back 2 work at a wage which they can LIVE; not just pay bills and eat raman noodles?

      • Matthew Reece

        We get the state out of their way.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        specifics matt baby; specifics

      • Matthew Reece

        You are committing a performative contradiction. You ask how a stateless society will work, while simultaneously supporting the state, which uses violence to prevent people from finding out how a stateless society will work.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        sounds to me U have no specifics again. gettng the state outoftheway is akin to saying we should stop eating sugar
        ,,,,,,,it aint happening because of human tendencies

      • Matthew Reece

        Sounds to me like you don’t understand logic.

      • shutterbunny

        For starters, lighten up some regulations that make it almost impossible to start a small business. LOWER taxes! Yes, lower taxes on business so they quit taking their business overseas. With lower taxes on business they will invest some of the stockpiles of money they are sitting on,thus also stimulating the economy. For the rest of us, FLAT TAX of 10% . Abolish the IRS. Approve the pipeline. Become energy independent. PAY down the debt ! Do something to incentivise the private industry to create business in poverty stricken inner cities. ( I challenge people like Gates,Oprah,Trump,etc ) Let the residents run the businesses with a profit sharing program, designed to branch into more businesses. ( Regarding the minimum wage issue: the problem with this is, while people can’t support a family on 7 dollars an hour , but small businesses can’t support 15 dollars an hour. These jobs were never intended to be a career, they were entry level jobs for teenagers, BUT, things have changed,and this is all that is available to some people and some others don’t have the skills needed for the higher paying jobs they need to support a family. ( side note: should not start a family until able to support the,but that is a whole other topic { and I am not talking about those who fall into bad times } ). PS Also must close the border that is draining our resources and bringing disease and criminals and terrorists ( BUT, none of this will matter if ISIS is not stopped HOPE it’s not too late )

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        good reply ( mostly) but Im not sold on pipeline; seems it doesn’t help Americas energy independence as most will be sold overseas and the $$$ goes to Canada and KOCH brothers ( tea party daddies)
        lower taxes on TRUE small business- not slick ones who make a lot of LLCs to look smaller

    • taserian

      And considering you probably voted for him last election, what does that make you?

      • Matthew Reece

        I voted for Gary Johnson. If I knew then what I know now about the morality of voting, I would not have voted for anyone.

    • ozarksgal

      Yes. Romney is clearly an economically illiterate failure. How much thought did you put into that genius statement?

      • shutterbunny

        haha ‘)

  • phdlynn

    Raising it is fine but over $3 an hr at one time! While some want $10.10 per hr, the fast food workers who protested last year wanted $15,
    or more than twice what it was now. Sanity needs to prevail with yearly increases based on inflation and perhaps other factors.

  • fernando

    Typical reuglycan mind set! The “conservative” mantra is If they, Liberals, women, gays, blacks, Democrats, are for it, we are against it, no matter even if its’ good for the Nation!!!!!!!

  • Edward Krebbs

    Not sure this was such a bombshell of news as the ACA is based largely on Romney’s plan in Mass. And in the election Romney probably got many scars under the moniker of RINO.

  • expunk

    What is really irritating is that 70% of the people want the minimum wage raised, yet the Republicans in congress choose to ignore the majority. For that they should all be put in a leaky boat in the ocean.

    • tom tremaine

      gitmo …

    • I’d torpedo the boat anyway…whether it’s leaky or not.

  • Mark Weldon Johnson

    You can always tell a republican that has enough of his own money and doesn’t need Koch brother money to run for President when he wanders off the script.

    • Stephen Barlow


    • shutterbunny

      Are you aware of how much the Koch brothers help the Democrats?

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        by their stupidity and promoting GOP tea party trash who cannot stay out of political trouble??

      • Turnipblood


      • Andy Baker

        I’m not aware please educate me. In what way do they help Democrats

  • Alierias

    RMoney knows that the 1% can’t possibly spend enough to keep our economy afloat; which fully 75% of GDP comes from We the People spending, whom they label “consumers”, as if our only value is the money we spend. Romney gets virtually ALL of his net worth/income from the stock markets — which gain their values from the quarterly bottom lines of the corporations listed therein. When We the People don’t have any “disposable income” to spend, those corporations don’t hit their profit projections, and their stock goes now, and Romney and his ilk loose money. The best “bailout” for the entire economy was unemployment insurance extensions — every single one of those dollars were cycled right back into the economy at once — unlike the bank bailouts, which are still sitting on trillions of hoarded dollars. And that abortion called the Ryan Budget, is the Road to Revolution, where We the People would be left to starve in the streets, until we smarted up and brought back the guillotines…
    In that one honest fact he admits, that We the People need a raise, he brings down the entire house of Repuglican cards.

  • Stephen Barlow

    I know he is only blowing smoke, but even a blind squirrel gets jeopardy Question right once in a while.

  • Justin

    If Mitt Romney is more in touch than you, you might want to rethink your whole life.

  • Brian Justis

    Supports it NOW, however, he was against it in 2012 after he was for it in 2012. Dude just says what he thinks people want to hear. Flop artist…

    • buck 1933

      He only said it because he would still like to be president. He will say anything to get the job. Remember he still believes in the “White Horse Syndrome” and guess who he thinks is riding the horse.

      • For sure he’s running again in 2016.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        mega cool,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, he is the LAKERS in the 1960’s

      • Or the Harold Stassen of modern times. Take your pick.

      • giankeys loves shemale porn

        excellent and arcane analogy!!

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Please. PLEASE. Two words: ELECTION YEAR! Even the GOPers who aren’t running are desperately tacking towards the center. Don’t believe it, people. All sorts of Republicans are suddenly “softening their positions” on everything from the minimum wage to gay marriage, immigration reform to abortion. Bones thrown to the dogs…and we are the dogs! Remember, promises made now can be trashed one minute after the polls close. Don’t believe anything these people say from now to Election Day…. judge them only on their RECORD for the last five years!

  • Stephen Barlow

    If we have Majority Rule as the lynchpin of Democracy, maybe even the simplest terms definition of Democracy for Dummies… and we have a Representative Democracy where the people elect a spokesman to speak and vote for them in Congress, then WHY are so many Republicans NOT speaking and voting for their citizens?

    • giankeys loves shemale porn

      and staying in a cushy job with utopian benefits

  • SickupandFed

    Sounds like a man that is about to run again. He is a liar, or have you forgotten.

  • cookie

    If welfare mart would pay the workers, the tax payers wouldn’t have to feed them,!!!

  • Ramsey

    tell me again, this guy’s not running for president 2016. to me sounds like an announcement.