One Month Later: Here’s a List of Embarrassing Crap Trump Has Already Done

Being that it’s December 8th, we’re now officially one month removed from Donald Trump’s electoral college win over Hillary Clinton. I want to make sure to emphasize electoral college, because Trump’s going to lose the overall popular vote by around 3-4 million votes. So, while he won — this whole talk of him winning some sort of “overwhelming mandate” is completely absurd.

I’m not going to lie, it seems like it’s been much longer than just a month since that nauseating evening where this country proved that we should never underestimate the power of ignorant people in large numbers.  The reason for that is, in just one month, Trump has already compiled a long list of things he’s said or done that prove how incredibly incompetent and unhinged he actually is.

He’s not even officially president, yet he’s already managed to prove that he’s nothing but a con man who has absolutely no idea what he’s doing, who fueled a presidential campaign off empty promises, propaganda and outright conspiracies.

Here’s a list of most (though not all) of the stupid things he’s said and done — in just one month: 

  • Backtracked on his promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton.
  • Walked back his promise to repeal Obamacare on his first day in office.
  • Has said that his infamous “wall” might not even be a wall along many parts of our border, just a fence. You know — like we already have.
  • Filled his transition team and many of his cabinet appointees with lobbyists, Wall Street executives, Washington insiders and top donors — despite running a campaign vilifying lobbyists, Wall Street executives, Washington insiders and politicians who sell out to top donors.
  • Already embarrassed the country internationally with a ridiculous call to the president of Pakistan.
  • Was caught lying about working out a deal to keep Ford from outsourcing jobs that were never going to be outsourced in the first place.
  • Pushed the completely unfounded conspiracy that “millions” of people illegally voted in the election that he won.
  • Flipped out on the New York Times because, as president, he feels that he should have the right to dictate what the media reports.
  • Has repeatedly attacked SNL for mocking him like they have every other president over the last few decades.
  • Provoked China, which could bring us closer to WWIII, by making a very stupid call to the president of Taiwan – a country in which his business just happens to want to build luxury hotels.
  • Has asked about giving his children top security clearance – the same children he says are going to run his businesses that he swears won’t represent a conflict of interest for him.
  • Threw a hissy fit on Twitter because Mike Pence was booed.
  • Bragged about a deal with Carrier that was nothing more than a PR stunt that handed the blueprint to every corporation in the country on just how to blackmail him into giving them what they want. A move that could actually put thousands of American jobs at risk that wouldn’t have been otherwise.
  • Appointed Ben Carson to lead HUD, a surgeon without a shred of government experience or qualifications to oversee a housing department.
  • Foolishly called for the canceling of a Boeing defense contract, claiming a $4 billion price tag was for one plane — when that money actually deals with a 12-year contract covering the cost of building two (not one), with a good portion of the expenses being linked to national security requirements to which the company must adhere.
  • Went off on several top media executives in a closed-door meeting where he allegedly threw a tantrum over unflattering photos of him being used.
  • Settled the “Trump U” case for $25 million after insisting that he doesn’t settle lawsuits.
  • Accused legitimate protesters sickened at his victory of being paid, unfair and incited by the media.
  • Allegedly whined about having to live in Washington and has asked if it was possible to live 3 days a week in New York City.
  • Had his daughter sit-in on calls with other heads of state.
  • Was photographed with Indian businessmen who bragged about how much money they were going to make by essentially exploiting his presidency.
  • Appointed a legitimate alt-right/white nationalist icon as his chief strategist.
  • Picked a woman to be secretary of education who basically wants to privatize all public schools so that it’s easier to push a “conservative Christian” view of the world.
  • Chose as his attorney general Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), someone who was blocked by Republicans in the 80’s from being a federal judge over accusations that he was a racist and a bigot.

Let me be sure to emphasize, that this is stuff he’s done in just one month — weeks before he’s even officially our president.

And if the first four weeks were this much of an embarrassment, I don’t even want to think about the absolute nightmare that his official 208 weeks as president are going to be.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Ray_ping

    The focus now should be on representatives. If you’re are a democrat, write your states reps, even if the are republicans. The best way is to call of course. It keeps the staffers busy.

    Trump is still in campaign mode, while on his victory/thank you tour. Add to the list, costing millions as he drags secret service all over, shutting downs roads and airports as he goes.
    We need to come out of campaign mode while we commiserate together over this loathsome example of a president.
    Let your reps know, tell them the list above is just the beginning, and that we want answers for each of item, and for each one he adds daily.
    What else can we do. Stay active.

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    • Karendjenkins

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  • Brian

    Obama added over ten trillion to the national debt, lost America over 300,000 manufacturing jobs, and started or participated in six wars while refusing to acknowledge the threat of Islamic terrorism and simultaneously dismantling our military. I don’t think Trump will come close to that level of embarrassment. He could murder someone and it will be less humiliating.

    • Bill

      What world have you been living in? When he took office the country was losing 700K jobs per month, the auto industry and the banking industry were in collapse, the stock market at its lowest in history adjusted for inflation, a deficit that amounted to 1.3 trillion $ a year. * years later we are adding an average of 150K jobs per month, foreclosures are at 10% of what they were, banks are healthy the auto industry and the 1.5 million jobs that support them are healthy, we have 2-3% growth in GDP and the deficit will only be about 300 billion this year. Compared to Bush I or II, I’ll take that kind of improvement any day. Plus he did it with the republicans obstructing every jobs or infrastructure bill he proposed.

      • howlin_wolf

        Obama was one of the most effective Presidents America has ever had, even with Republicans in Congress blocking him at every turn.

      • ladyalice11

        You’re joking, right? He is the worst president ever to steal the White House. Good Riddance to him!!!!!

      • joe

        Please explain how he stole the White House. Much appreciated

      • jonjstrine42

        “He is the worst president ever to steal the White House.”
        No, that guy left office eight years ago. The one leaving now is the one that cleaned up his God-awful mess.

      • Odd Jørgensen

        Nice “he`s black so of course hes a stealin good fer nuthin” eh? Fucking moron.

      • DrJon

        That’s right! Those Blacks are always stealing something. His opponent got millions more votes and Russia interfered in the election so that they could install a puppet and make the US look ridiculous. Oh, wait a minute, I was thinking of someone else.