One of Trump’s Favorite Fox News Analysts Crushes Defense of Son’s Russia Meeting (Video)

Let’s be honest, being a supporter of Donald Trump isn’t easy. To continue to defend and support this administration takes willful ignorance and a desire to buy into all sorts of conspiracy theories that have become so outlandish that I’m starting to see conspiracies on top of conspiracies. That’s what happens when you choose to defend someone whose behavior is, for all intents and purposes, indefensible.

At times it’s exhausting calling this insanity out on a daily basis. I couldn’t imagine having to defend it — with a straight face, no less.

While I’ve seen and heard Trump supporters come up with all sorts of outrageous excuses for his behavior, lies, and contradictions, I’ve never seen anything like I have since The New York Times broke the story about the meeting his eldest son had last June with a Kremlin-backed lawyer who promised him damaging information on the Clintons provided by the Russian government as part of their effort to help his father’s campaign.

It hasn’t helped that Trump Jr.’s story has changed several times, while more and more information continues to come out concerning what led to that meeting, who attended, and what happened immediately after it took place.

Nevertheless, I was still a bit stunned to see one of Donald Trump’s favorite people, Fox News’ Andrew Napolitano, publicly state that a criminal investigation needs to be opened up concerning last year’s meeting between Russian officials and members of Trump’s family and campaign.

“Often these non-violent criminal events don’t happen all at once, they happen in stages,” Napolitano stated. “Is this enough to commence a criminal investigation? Answer: Yes. Because it is suspicious that they met with these people, that they didn’t consult a lawyer, that one of these people is former KGB-GRU. That’s the Russian intelligence arm.”

He also called out Trump’s son-in-law’s sketchy behavior concerning communications he had with foreigners during last year’s election.

“Why didn’t Jared Kushner tell the FBI about it unless he was trying to hide something?” he added. “Donald Trump would be better served if he weren’t related to the people serving him.”

Napolitano also pointed out that it’s illegal “to receive something of value when you are a campaign official from a foreign person or foreign government.”

For those of you who might not know, Napolitano was Trump’s “source” for the unfounded conspiracy he pushed against Barack Obama when he accused the former president of illegally wiretapping Trump Tower. So it’s clear Trump’s a fan of the Fox News judicial analyst.

I don’t often agree with Napolitano, but he’s absolutely right in this instance.

While most of the attention has been focused on the meeting itself, it’s the events before and after which I believe actually expose the truth.

Napolitano echoed something I’ve said for a while that if there’s nothing to hide, then why do so many of the people surrounding Trump keep getting caught trying to conceal meetings or communication they’ve had with people who have ties to Russia? Especially as it relates to this particular meeting where the people involved are trying to sell a lot of really tall tales such as it was so insignificant that it simply slipped Trump Jr’s mind or that his father didn’t know anything about it until just a few days ago. To believe either of those things takes a level of naivety that I can’t even comprehend.

Then as with most everything else Russia-related, Trump’s behavior concerning this scandal has been a textbook example of someone with something to hide. Typically, innocent people don’t get hostile, defensive, and try to deflect attention away from their possible crimes — that’s what guilty people usually do. The fact that they’ve changed their story on several occasions, claimed they’ve been transparent, only for more information to be revealed they didn’t disclose, all while actively trying to downplay the significance of this meeting, is proof that they’re in panic mode and desperately trying to conceal the truth.

Something tells me that there’s still more about this meeting that we don’t know, and it’s only a matter of time before the full truth comes out.

Watch his comments below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

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