One of Trump’s Ideas to ‘Make Mexico Pay for the Wall’ is a Massive Tax Hike for Everyone

Even though it’s been quite a while since he launched his campaign, it’s still mind-boggling to think that tens of millions of people actually support and trust Donald Trump. I’ve never seen a con man – especially one this transparent – who people seemingly go out of their way to avoid realizing the truth about. It’s like I’ve said before, in my opinion, a person almost needs to be willfully ignorant or flat-out brainwashed to support Trump. At this point he’s not even trying to hide the fact that he’s a con artist, yet his supporters still don’t see it.

For instance, his new “plan” to “make Mexico” pay for his stupid border wall amounts to a massive tax increase for every American.

As reported by NBC News:

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday afternoon that President Donald Trump was not formally proposing a 20 percent tax on Mexican imports to pay for his controversial border wall, but rather considering it among a menu of options.

Later in the day Spicer seemed to backtrack on this proposal some, but it seems clear that Trump’s way of thinking to “make Mexico pay” for his wall is to levy some sort of tax increase on goods imported from the country. And no matter how you want to spin that, if Trump increases the import tax on goods coming in from Mexico, that cost is going to be passed on to consumers as the price we pay for those goods would likely increase by the same level as Trump’s tax increase.

Considering almost every person in this country buys products imported from Mexico, that means Trump’s “plan” is nothing more than a massive tax hike on almost every American. That means Mexico wouldn’t be paying for a damn thing — United States taxpayers would.  

Last I checked, he didn’t run for president saying he was going to build this idiotic wall by increasing taxes on every American. Except that’s exactly what any increase on imports from Mexico would do.

All of this would almost certainly prompt Mexico to respond by doing the same thing to our exports, probably matching Trump’s tax increase dollar-for-dollar as a way to show him how stupid his “plan” is. That means, after all is said and done, Americans would be paying much more for a long-list of goods we all buy, our economy would suffer as the tax Mexico would almost certainly respond with would hurt U.S. business exports, and consumer spending would drop as every American adjusted to the massive increase in prices for common items they purchase.

A tax increase on imports from Mexico would impact practically every industry in the country.

Meanwhile, knowing the type of mental infant Trump is, he’d likely respond by suggesting he’d raise taxes even more — which would then lead to Mexico responding — and that’s how you start a trade war.

This is all ridiculous.

There’s absolutely no way Trump can make Mexico pay for his moronic wall — period. It’s not going to happen and any attempt he tries to make it happen is going to end in the same exact results: Americans are going to be hit with a massive tax increase as many goods every single one of us buys will likely see huge price increases.

And at the end of the day, no matter how Donald Trump or those foolish enough to support him try to spin it, if this wall is built, the American taxpayers are going to be the ones who foot the tens of billions of dollars it’ll take to construct it, and the billions more it will take to maintain it.

Mexico will never pay for this wall — we will

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • strayaway

    “if Trump increases the import tax on goods coming in from Mexico, that cost is going to be passed on to consumers as the price we pay for those goods”

    Only to the extent we buy Mexican goods. Would you rather raise government revenue by taxing import corporations or by taxing the middle class? Come on Democrats, that should be an easy one. To the extent that Mexico chooses to retaliate it will lose because Mexico presently exports much more to us.

    • Xards

      Actually it is nearly a 1:1 ratio plus many of those “imports” are component parts used within US manufacturies which produce goods in America by American workers for the export market it will hit US trade and US consumers hard, Mexico is the largest consumer of US trade goods hitting Mexico will hit the US if they ever retaliate.

      • strayaway

        The US Census 2016 figures show balance of trade was $58B in Mexico’s favor. I have no reason to believe it is 1:1. Some of those components could be made in the United States too. It would slightly raise prices for finished products made in the US but what a small price for hiring more unemployed Americans or Americans on welfare who would once again be paying taxes with a job. Tell me why Democrat who care about the $15/hr. minimum wage are so horrified that more Americans would have better paying jobs and prefer shuttered factories to paying a little more for lettuce or cars made by employed Americans who would be able to demand higher wages if there was a demand for their labor.

    • Tina Mull

      How do you figure that. I bet you support min. wage to $15 Hr but in the same breath that would not have any affect on the cost of anything it would just be a nickel increase in the cost of a burger that’s what all the left wingers keep telling us. Well $15 and hr is over 65% increase in many places and here in Colorado I’m told it won’t have any affect on the price of a burger so why would a 20% increase even be felt.

      • strayaway

        I’m ok with raising the minimum wage to $15 but as long as we ship our jobs abroad and bring in cheap foreign labor to compete for remaining jobs, $15/hr. minimum jobs will also flee overseas or be automated out of existence. In other words, raising the minimum wage to $15/hr. won’t help many people for very long as long as government policy is to put downward pressure on US wages by exporting jobs and bringing in cheap labor.

  • Carolyn Webb

    Crazy Donald and his equally insane Tea Party buddies should pay for his Mexican Border wall out of their own pockets, those filthy rich billionaires at the top can afford to waste their OWN money on such an insane project.

    I say it’s an insane project because it will not stop either undocumented immigrants or drug smugglers from coming across the border, they can buy airline tickets or bus tickets to come in and overstay their tourist visas or they can dig tunnels under the wall. The wall would just waste our taxpayer money and serve no good purpose at all.

    Heaven forbid DAFFY DONALD use our taxpayer money for something constructive such as creating new manufacturing jobs here in the US or helping medical research find cures for Cancer and Alzheiner’s disease.

    • strayaway

      You are correct. Trump’s vision of a wall will fail. China once built a pretty good wall to impede invaders but Chinese traitors opened its gates for a price. It is likely that some future president like W. Bush or Obama will some day do the same. Then we will be looking at Trump’s white elephant. Trump would do far better to get legislation to imprison and severely fine cheating employers who profit from hiring cheaper imported illegal labor. If illegal alien job opportunities dry up, not as many will come here. Beyond that, learn what combination of fences, walls, and surveillance Israel has decided works best. It would be much cheaper.

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  • I had this same thought, namely that the 20% import tax would be passed on directly to us consumers, the other day and that Mexico would never pay a dime. We will. You just phrased it better. Thank you.

    I would add that we import a lot of food. That means that the low and middle class would suffer more. Phrased another way, the work class bible/rust belt, many of whom are the opposite of rich, who vote for Republicans century after century, will pay for the wall and be hit by a massive tax. I will too, as California gets a lot of produce from south of the border.

    By the way, that “20%” will find a way to be more than 20%. That will be enough to send us into another recession. Jobs will disappear and the rust belt, which will be unable to export their wears, will suffer more. Yet, these same people will buy the Republican spin, even if for 2-years they vote Democratic, they will be right back inline buying the Republican line.

    Let us not forget the cost to tear down the wall once the regime changes. That will take billions of dollars. Republicans will blame Democrats for wasting tax payer dollars to tear down the wall, even though it will save money.

    It is time to decultify the rust belt and make them once and for all realize the truth.

    By the way, Republicans gave us the huge debt we have.

    Maybe someone can answer me this question. I honestly would like to know.

    1. What causes the people outside the cost (the red area on the map) to buy the transparent bullshit that the right offers? Is it a lack of education in Kansas and Utah? Are people outside the coast simply have a lesser of a brain that scientists can measure? Could it be brainwashing since childhood?

    2. When Republican ideology backfires and reality exposes the lies for what they are (not just Trump and Paul Ryan), why do the rust belt keep going back for more punishment.

    (I am reminded of movies and episodes, where a woman gets beaten and raped, nearly killed, and she will stay right there in that situation going back for more.)

    3. What will it take to break the cycle of addiction that the right sees?

    • Tina Mull

      I bet you support min. wage to $15 Hr but in the same breath that would not have any affect on the cost of anything it would just be a nickel increase in the cost of a burger that’s what all the left wingers keep telling us. Well $15 and hr is over 65% increase in many places and here in Colorado I’m told it won’t have any affect on the price of a burger so why would a 20% increase even be felt.

      • I do not know you or your finances, but for 1-year using nothing from your savings, family, or any other source of income try living on $7.25 per hour. I allow you to work 60 hours a week.

        Equating the wall and an increase in minimum wage are two vastly different things. The economy suffering or prices “rising” because of the minimum wage increases has already been seen. I leave it to Mr. Clifton to write a brilliant article on this topic.

        As to Fox News dead people, I do not listen to trash. If you would truly know what is best for you, you would not either.

      • Tina Mull

        That’s just classic isn’t it? Mommy liberal knows best, I mean all us deplorable, homophobe racist flyover hill-billy types we just a bit dumb. It has always been amazing to watch liberals in action. Lets talk about mr brilliant and the type of information he regurgitates in an effort to make his liberal argument. Every article I have researched talks about how the min. wage has had no affect on job loss but not one single article talks about how their hours are reduced or how other benefits are eliminated when employers scramble to make the budget work. This is why I say mr brilliant needs to get off his lazy ass and go out into the real world not the liberal utopia that you all think exists. Same thing with the current tears being shed for Muslims. Are any of you aware there are Muslim communities in this country teaching sharia law and do you even care. One day you will care but it will be to late.

    • Tina Mull

      Oh and by the way you have no clue what you are talking about. And you would do well to keep quite until like Paul Harvey would say ” you know the rest of the story”.


    Trump seems to struggle with that whole cause-and-effect thingy. Evidently, magic stuff is supposed to happen if he just waves his tiny hands and throws a Twitter tantrum. He appears oblivious to what he would be doing to all the American companies, and in turn their workers, engaged in cross border trade.

  • Brian

    Ok now I’m angry. You are lying through your teeth, you Jewed, bribed, democrat shill. Trump just asked Congress to approve a 20% tarriff against Mexico, not a tax hike. Your brand of yellow journalism is dying, you degenerate, leftist scum.

  • Tina Mull

    Really “you never seen a con man like who” For 8 years we have been lied to nearly every day by Obama the list is so long it reads like a novel about the most prolific liar to ever breath american air. You sir must drink a few gallons of liberal kool-aid every day to make statements like you do without even a hint that you actually do any research at all before write. My dad told me once it’s one thing to have people thinking you have no clue but it’s a whole other thing when you open your mouth and remove all doubt. You have just removed all doubt!