The Only Way to Fix Our Government is if Conservatives Stop Watching Fox News

fox-news-lies-1Every once in a while I’ll force myself to watch several consecutive hours of Fox News.  When I do this I try to envision myself as someone who doesn’t follow politics, doesn’t have a party affiliation and is just looking for information.

I try to do this just to get some kind of grasp on what it would be like for someone if all they knew was what Fox News told them.

And every time I do this I walk away with the same thought – Fox News is what’s wrong with our government.

The blatant misinformation and propaganda that’s pushed on that network is appalling.  It’s not news.  Not even close.  It’s nothing more than a bunch of conservatives sitting in front of cameras telling other conservatives what they want to hear.

That’s it.  

They don’t report news, they push propaganda.

I always go back to the weeks leading up to the 2012 elections where Fox News was the only channel claiming that the presidential race would be close, or even go to Mitt Romney.  Then when President Obama absolutely hammered Romney, quite a few conservatives believed the election was rigged.

The reason they believed that is because for weeks Fox News had been lying to them about how the election was going to turn out.  After all, if the “truthful” Fox News said the election would be close, or go to Romney, how in the world did Obama win so easily?  It had to be rigged, right?


It’s because Fox News had been lying to conservatives the entire time.  They were telling them what they wanted to hear.

Even on this current immigration crisis, do you think Fox News reported on the statement John Boehner made admitting that the cause for this situation is linked to a law signed by George W. Bush in 2008 and President Obama was actually trying to fix the law?

Of course not.

With all this talk of amnesty, do you think you’ll ever see Fox News report that “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan passed an amnesty bill in 1986?

That would be a negative on that one as well.

Hell, depending on which poll you find, around 30-40 percent of conservatives still don’t believe President Obama is an American citizen.

It’s why some polls have found that people who watch no news at all are more likely to be accurate about basic factual information than someone who cites Fox News as their main source for information.

Fox News is why nothing can get done in Washington.  They’ve spent the last 5+ years doing everything they can to slander President Obama to such a point that even if Republicans in Congress wanted to work with him, they couldn’t.  It would be the end of their careers.

Just ask Eric Cantor.  The House Majority Leader lost his primary election to a nobody because he dared to support immigration reform.  Had he come out with anti-immigration guns blazing, he’d be headed toward an easy victory this November.

If you want a great example of just how ridiculous Fox News is, check out this segment.  Nothing like watching conservatives try to use two conflicting right-wing talking points against each other – while simultaneously trying to still push both of them.

Even when it comes to immigration, the narrative has become absurd.  Literally after years of claiming President Obama should be impeached for any number of asinine reasons, Republicans are now trying to claim that it’s Democrats who are the ones who’ve been keeping talk of impeachment in the news.

They’re doing this because polls are showing that it’s backfiring on them and is threatening to alienate independent voters heading into this year’s elections.  And it’s really ticking them off that Democrats have benefited greatly financially from their ridiculous impeachment propaganda.

And behind all this absurdity is Fox News.

A channel that’s put together consisting of right-wing morning shows, mid-afternoon gossip groups and a primetime line up of conservative pundits that are eager to tell conservatives exactly what they want to hear.

It’s why you really only hear about the IRS “scandal,” Benghazi and other right-wing conspiracy theories on Fox News – because they’re the ones trying to create the story.  Then they get outraged that the “lamestream media” won’t “report the truth.”

They want to blatantly lie, then get upset because other media entities won’t help them perpetuate their lies.  And, of course, this means that everyone else is “refusing to report the truth.”

Tell me, what makes more sense:

  • Every other major media outlet in this country is liberally biased – or –
  • Fox News creates, then perpetuates, right-wing propaganda that nobody else will report on because it’s completely made up by them.

But it goes back to what I said earlier – even if many Republicans in Congress wanted to work with the president to get something done, they couldn’t.  Because Fox News wouldn’t let them.

And that’s at the root of what’s wrong in this country.

Fox News has no interest in reporting facts, truth or even using common sense.  They exist to push the conservative agenda – and that’s it.  And Fox News can’t do that when reality often contradicts what conservatives want to be real, but isn’t.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Nancy B

    Agree. I often will switch on Fox to see where my rightie friends are coming from. Can anyone give me a decent cable news channel, though, that reports the news without a lot of bias? Fox is too right, MSNBC is too left, and CNN is only able to handle one news item, ad nauseum, at a time. I get my news online. But sometimes like to sit down and watch it on tv. Are those days gone for good?

    • Joe

      Al Jazeera America actually does a pretty good job being straight news from what many of my friends have told me. I haven’t personally watched much of it though. But it’s saying something when fix news and al quaida hate it. Most reviews I’ve heard about it is it’s not as flashy or entertaining as others but they aren’t trying to be either. I’m sure some bias comes out at some points, as it always will as long as people are involved, but I’ve heard for the most part it stays away from that

      • Nancy B

        Thank you Joe. Al Jazeera. Who’d have thought?

      • Fred

        Why not Nancy? Not all Muslim TV reporters are terrorists.

      • Nancy B

        Did I say I thought they were? I simply wasn’t aware they were on cable here. And, as it turned out, I don’t get their channel.

      • William

        Suggest you give you cable provider a call as you are, arguably, missing the most objective international news coverage available, plus excellent documentaries, and panel discussions that generally feature persons with radically opposing viewpoints.

      • chief_warrant

        I consider it one of the best

    • Joe

      Also as far as individual shows go, I usually enjoy MSDNCs Up w/ Steve Kornacki on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Yes he’s liberal and it’s on a liberal leaning channel but they tend to do a much better job than others of trying to bring a diverse panel for discussion, regularly getting right leaning and left leaning guests at the same time. I also like that since it’s a 2 hour show they can devote more than 5-10 minutes to a subject and actually get past the initial talking points most of the time and actually bring some new points you don’t hear other places.

      One possible flaw in him is he does, or did, not as much anymore but when new things come out, focus a lot on the bridgegate scandal, but in his defense he grew up there, that’s where he got his start in reporting covering NJ/NY/port authority politics, and actually used to work directly for one of the central figures involved in the story so he actually does have a good bit of insight and experience with the people involved. He’s also started covering the Cuomo scandal popping up now and honestly seems to want to present unbiased information on both stories and provide history and context for both.

    • that_smell_is_me


  • Tony Smith

    China uses the same style of median control to brain wash their masses, Fox is a lot more drama based, they deliverlibly play with peoples emotional senses, example. 23 dead American s killed on air flight fox news confirmed, people still believe that, so sad, we deserve better

    • Robert Paige

      I admit that i do watch fox but when i do it seems there is always a negative response to the government,especially to the President. I really think they just do that just for ratings. They are always attacking the us government and always criticizing everything that the President does or don’t.Sometimes they seem that president is not Obama but house speaker bohner(probably misspelled his name but you know who i am talking about)is.It’s not that i watch it all the time just every once in while. Another thing pay attention to all the women that are working there,all of them look like professional models.

      • William Fite

        Are you scared of pretty women who are also smart? That is what you are communicating with your post. Why are you so scared and have to put women down just because you don’t agree with them?

      • kissyface

        none of the women are smart

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        some are pretty
        NONE are macromastial
        ( which is the ONLY way to fly!!)
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,and I have already shown U my girlfriends photo to prove)

      • Nathan Frigerio

        Scared? No, the point is, if you can’t keep an idiot’s interest for long, show ’em hot chicks that are absolutely outraged. Really, they are probably actresses. How else could they be so convinced that liberals, dems, the POTUS, and anyone that thinks for themselves must hate America?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Actually, Gretchen Carlson is very intelligent; she just plays a bozo for the money.

    • chaserblue

      Except on FAUX they deliver their “news” with a healthy dose of big tits. Seriously…next time you can stomach it, count the number of times they show breasts, not during the “talk” shows, in an hour. At least 50 times more than the other channels. It’s the “visuals” that keep them coming back and the constant hammering of lies that wear people down to believing their claptrap.

      • William Fite

        So a woman with big tits scares you? That is funny. Do you have titophobia?

      • chaserblue

        You don’t know much about brainwashing, do you. What am I saying? To know anything about it, you’d have to actually have one instead of that drooling stew you’ve let FAUX instill in your tiny mind.

      • William Fite

        I must have hit your button that makes you insult people. That takes a brain to find it. So I guess you are wrong in your analysis.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        hey gerbil droppings:
        Ive caught you insulting me and others with ” name calling”
        ,,,,,,,,,,,which means U are a typical sh*tbag regressive who bitches when the ‘strategy’ U employ is strafed upon you
        ergo– shut up

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        william fite obviously suffers from cranial rectalasia. (head up the ass syndrome.)

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        other than the sexy and moderate Guilfoyle,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        ………NO women on FOX “news” have any breasts. NONE– Kelly? coulter? greta? tantaros??? perino?????? JUDGE PIRRO??????????????? Ingraham? MICHELLE (uggh) MALKIN??/

  • Marc de Groot

    Check the ratings… Less than 1% of the US population watches that freak channel..

  • William Fite

    What I find interesting is that people believe our government is broken. Our government is working exactly as planned. That is why we live in the best country in the world.

    • Nathan Frigerio

      I guess.

    • Matthew Reece

      No, that is why we live in the nicest cell on a prison planet.

      • The Reader

        You sound like you have your bag packed and are ready to leave the country. Maybe you should and there would be one less negative, “the sky is falling” voter to contend with.

      • Matthew Reece

        You sound like you fail to understand my position. I am an anarchist. I do not want to go to any country. I want to abolish all countries.

      • The Reader

        Ah yes. You are one of those guys who doesn’t understand that without leaders, preferably good ones, people will destroy civilization including themselves. What drives your brain waves is beyond me, but I believe there is a better way.

      • Matthew Reece

        Anarchy means “without rulers,” not “without leaders.” To quote Bakunin, “Does it follow that I reject all authority? Perish the thought. In the matter of boots, I defer to the authority of the boot-maker.” Leaders are acceptable if they are followed voluntarily and may be dissociated from voluntarily.

  • MovingToNevada

    The real freak show is Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz and Chrissy Matthews. Please…MSNBC is much worse on the other side. Talk about lying…

    • RINOVirus

      Maddow is about the only good thing on MSNBC really other than maybe Chris Hayes.

      MSNBC could not possibly be worse that the constant puddle of drool that is Fox and Friends….

      Lets see you have the blonde, empty headed former beauty queen who’s clock is ticking (just like Megan Kelly but she has TWO brain cells). Then you have the older guy who’s so far in the closed that he found the hidden portal to Narnia. And Brian Kilmeade…I wonder if his parents fed him lead paint chips as a child.

      • William Fite

        Let’s see over at MSNBC you have Al Sharpton who for the third time, at least, has been caught lying to promote racial tensions. You have Chris Matthews that gets a tingling up his leg every time he sees Obama. You have sgt schultz, I mean Ed Schultz, who is an outright liar. Maddow can’t tell the truth for the life of her.

      • RINOVirus

        When has anyone on Fox News ever issued a correction for something they got wrong?

      • William Fite

        They do it all the time.

      • RINOVirus

        Then why did Fox sue for the right to lie?

      • jonjstrine42

        Name one time Fox “News” has issued a correction for their lies… oops, sorry… mistakes.
        Take your time. We’ll wait. I’m sure you’ll be a while.

      • BackItUp

        When has Maddow lied?

      • William Fite

        Rachel Maddow lies

        1. Mandate opposite of what Maddow claims
        Says Ohio budget item later signed into law by Gov. John Kasich requires women seeking an abortion to undergo a “mandatory vaginal probe.” PANTS ON FIRE

        2. http://www DOT politifact DOT com/wisconsin/statements/2011/feb/18/rachel-maddow/rachel-maddow-says-wisconsin-track-have-budget-sur/

        3. http://www DOT politifact DOT com/truth-o-meter/statements/2011/feb/09/rachel-maddow/rachel-maddow-says-fox-news-said-new-black-panther/

        do you need more examples

      • pm1

        Maddow has exposed the idiocy of politi’fact’ ‘rulings’ numerous times. She has demonstrated how their so called facts are laughable nonsensical stupidity. She has mocked and laughed at glenny kessler, (R)-Hack, on air, many times. I’m “shocked” he would post more of his imbecilic opinion, that has nothing in common with fact or reality, against R.M. Shocked!

      • kissyface

        1. she is absolutely correct. women in Ohio seeking abortions do have to get a mandatory vaginal ultrasound. it is true and i know it from personal experience. the rest i’m not even going to look into since your first point was an outright lie

    • chaserblue

      You really should put the crack pipe down…that stuff is really bad for you and your grasp on reality. Did you know FAUX News actually went to court claiming they were not a news channel, but an *ENTERTAINMENT* channel, and therefore did not have to tell the truth, that they were allowed to tell people anything at all on their channel, even if they made it up, that it was their right under the first amendment of the Constitution. They won that court battle, they legally do not have to tell you one iota of the truth.


      • William Fite

        I think it is you who needs to put down the crack pipe. Let’s put a huge fact into your argument. It was NOT Fox News, it was Fox broadcasting or it was a local TV station WTVT IN Tampa. And numerous left leaning news organizations filed briefs in favor of it.

      • chaserblue

        You really are just a simple creature, aren’t you? It’s an arm of FAUX, they sent their lawyers down to fight that case, they backed their station. Just because it was not fought from their headquarters does not mean they were not involved.

      • William Fite

        You do know the difference between Fox News Channel and WVTV. The owner of the two may have sent their lawyers down there because they are owned by the same company, but the two are different entities. And also it was not Fox News Channel that sent their lawyers.

      • The Reader

        If you want to be affiliated with Fox, you follow the Murdoch-Ailes format. Everything is driven from above. If someone doesn’t follow the format, they are reprimanded and put on the path to “entertain” the individuals who think they are hearing from patriotic Americans. Haven’t you noticed that even when they’re proven wrong, they deny it with flip-flop reasoning that should make even a presidential candidate squirm (unless he/she is a Republican, of course). The “Foxies” eat it up. Sad but true.

      • William Fite

        Let me rephrase my comment for you to understand. WTVT was saying they were the entertainment channel, NOT Fox News Channel. Do you understand now?

      • Nathan Frigerio

        So share your wisdom, is fox news, the cable channel, registered as a news source, entertainment channel, or something else? No name calling, just share the truth. If you dare.

      • The Reader

        At the peak of all related to Fox is Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. Who did what and where they did it still filters back to the Murdoch theology. If it creates more money and more power, Murdoch will spend billions to make it happen.

    • rossbro

      The LIARS are on Fox. Period.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      freaky scary to the white trash regressive scum who “think” FOX “news” is truthful

    • The Reader

      You poor dear. One day when maturity sets in, you will wonder how you could have ever come to the conclusion that MSNBC is worse than Fox “News”.

    • The Reader

      I’m sure you’ve earned your Fox badge and are sworn to find everything that isn’t Republican bad. If you don’t like MSNBC, find another source to get your news, but do yourself a favor and tear yourself away from the Foxies. It’s mean and divisive brainwashing they claim as entertainment, and we can all do better.

  • 2Smart2bGOP

    William Fite and MovingtoNevada are such sad little trolls; don’t know why they bother, unless they are part of the idiots paid to troll leftwing sites. Too bad they have drunk/injected/swam in the koolaid for so long, that they don’t realize that all they are doing here is providing us with someone to laugh at.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      ive torn apart fite so much he has vanished — at least from replying to me ( and sandy)
      I love asking regressive trolls such questions as:
      ” shall we compare democrat VS repub federal policies over past 25 yrs and their effects upon ALL americans “?
      they spin faster than sean Hannity and michelle bachmann

      • Nathan Frigerio

        No kidding, most fed policies are too boring to report to folks with low I.Q.s or no attention span. Carl Hiaasen takes them apart in his book, Dancing With Reptiles. He shows all the wildlife, air, water, and civil rights issues that ‘pubes are dismantling. All in the name of big business profit. The only points they can push are the bullshit, wedge, social issues. Those and the lying and name calling. When are enough of us centrists (liberals, according to far righties) going to scream loud enough at these assholes? Present company excluded, of course. Every piece of legislation a ‘pube introduces is meant to further divide the American people, or to make even more obscene profits for their puppet masters. Rubio is a great example. Fiscal conservative, my ass, ask him about the $35 million Taj Mahal courthouse they built in Florida while he was just a local loon.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        amen Nathan,,,im a southeast florida resident

      • buricco

        “Fiscal conservative” means “tight with the wallet when the money is going to something I don’t want”.

        Otherwise they’re fine with spending all that money, which mostly comes out of the pockets of liberals, not fellow conservatives who either exploit every loophole in the book, or are just too damn broke to owe much in taxes.

      • 2Smart2bGOP

        Well done; my hat is off to you.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        thank u; but it is a hollow ‘victory’ as these creeps don’t have the ability to see clearly; and better? they claim WE don’t have the ability to see ( their way) clearly
        ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,now; about JIM BEAN and CHARLES VINCENT–

  • Airon

    Lets not forget that fox news is also the one who started the whole thing allowing news orginizations the right to lie as they won this in a lawsuit against two of their investigative reporters years ago. Our “news shows” have the right to lie!!!!! Now thats something we as a society should be opposing in the judicial or supreme courts!!!!

  • Vicki Johnson

    Fox News is licensed as an entertainment show. They have gone to court and won their right to lie to their viewers because they are an entertainment show. However, they portray themselves as real news, which makes them very dangerous, especially when the entertainment is to create chaos, divisions, and promote hatred in our society.

    • Guest

      They need to be legally forced to notify viewers that the shows they display as real and newsworthy are nothing more than a sideshow. Their viewers are nearly beyond hope because of the intentional mind-games.

    • Dually

      Fox News

      With 50 straight quarters of wins in its rearview mirror, Fox News shows no signs of losing its dominant edge. In total viewers, Fox beat CNN and MSNBC combined in both total day and primetime. While Fox is the #6 most-watched cable channel overall in primetime and #7 in total day, CNN and MSNBC are down in the high twenties/low thirties. On top of that, in Q2 Fox claimed the top 14 spots in the list of most-watched cable news shows in total viewers and nine of the top 10 most-watched shows in the 25-54 demo.

      The O’Reilly Factor remained the top show for Fox (and cable news as a whole), averaging 2.361M total viewers and 365K in the demo at 8 p.m. The Kelly File, which has been beating Bill O’Reilly’s show in the 9 p.m. slot on occasion, came in second overall, averaging 1.998M total viewers and 332K total.

      If there’s any bad news for Fox, it’s that, like the rest of cable news, their numbers continue to fall compared to the previous year. In total viewers, the network was down 20% in total day and 16% in primetime compared to Q2 2013. That’s not as precipitous as CNN’s fall over the same period, but it’s far worse than MSNBC’s. In the demo, the network had its lowest quarterly performance since Q2 2001.


      Good news for CNN: It’s beating MSNBC (just barely) in total day. Bad news for CNN: It’s still in third place in primetime. With a 105K average in the demo for total day, CNN tied sister network HLN for second place, putting MSNBC in fourth place in that category last quarter. But MSNBC’s 159K in the primetime demo beat CNN’s 156K by 3,000 viewers. But while MSNBC dropped from 217K in the primetime demo in Q1 2014, CNN was had a smaller drop from 169K. In other words, they are closing the gap.

      With an average 499K total viewers, Anderson Cooper 360 was the most-watched show on CNN in primetime for the quarter. Anderson Cooper’s 8 p.m. show was the second-highest rated hour on CNN in the demo with 158K behind CNN Special Report’s 170K.

      Another bright spot for CNN came in the form of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown, which was the #1 show across all of cable news in the 25-54 demo, averaging 402K over its eight Sunday night episodes. That show helped make CNN #1 in the the weekend primetime demo for Q2 with an average 189K viewers and #2 among total viewers with 483K.

      On the other hand, CNN’s ratings dropped more than any other cable news network compared to the same quarter last year. In total day, CNN was down 28% in total viewers and 35% in the demo. In primetime, it was down 31% in total viewers and 32% in the demo. Additionally, following Piers Morgan’s departure, CNN’s still mostly unresolved 9 p.m. hour sunk to an all-time low in total viewers.


      While MSNBC lost ground to CNN in total day this quarter, it managed to hold on to its second place rank in primetime for the 25-54 demo and total viewers. However, the gap between CNN and MSNBC narrowed from Q1 to Q2 of this year.

      • gosadrams

        It’s cable nooz and they have around 3 million viewers. Whoa, stand back. Jon Stewart has 3 times that per show and he’s a satirist making fun of those lying bastards on faux nooz.. Keith Olbermann used to beat Billo the clown continually and still would if MSNBC wasn’t owned by the owner class. Admit it, you’re a paid troll for the reich wing?

  • Nathan Frigerio

    I don’t always watch fox news, but when I do, I take anti nausea medication. But seriously, I do believe the left has used the ‘pubes impeachment BS to their advantage. How outraged can cons get when dems finally start using equivalent lies and distortion. Truth is, I can’t sit through more than 2 minutes of faux and friends without shouting at the tv.

  • Matthew Reece

    Government cannot be fixed. It is inherently immoral and self-contradictory. It should therefore be abolished.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      the same with non-medical procedural BOOOOB–JOBS
      but– as with GOVT: big money keeps the scum afloat

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      That is a philosophical statement and does not reflect reality. Try again.

      • Matthew Reece

        Logic trumps and defines reality. You try again.

    • Dental_FlossTycoon

      isn’t that a baby out with the bathwater approach though?

      • Matthew Reece

        There is no baby and no bathwater. There is only bilge water in this metaphor.

  • T. Woolford

    I consider myself a conservative, but an educated conservative. Fox is soo far out on the right wing the boat is about to tip over. I can stand about 5 minutes of their crap. I’ll make up my own mind. I don’t need them spoon feeding me their ideology. If I want straight news, I’ll go to Al Jazeera.

    • Dental_FlossTycoon

      You know you’re on a Progressive comment board when nobody has posted Ad-Hominem attacks against you yet or called you an idiot.
      ..side note: I too love Al Jazeera but honestly don’t watch it nearly enough.

  • Sandy Greer

    It’s mind-boggling that anybody believes there is only one way to do a thing.

    We cannot change anybody but ourselves.

  • chief_warrant

    we ( the FCC ) should bring back the fairness doctrine

  • xbj


  • Fox poll: 1: do you believe president Obama is from Kenya? 2) is president Obama from some other country and not the US?

  • balashi

    I will never take an article like this seriously until the author cites MSNBC as being equally biased and non-newsworthy in the other direction. I’m one of the only people I know who can admit BOTH networks are harmful… what the article REALLY should be about is that as long as people on BOTH sides believe THEIR station is fair while the others are not, nothing will get done in this country.

  • D.j. Maverick


  • Scott Robinson

    Fox does a great job. And the ratings show it. Like anything, a person should have a few sources for their news. But this administration would be getting away with many more lies if not for Fox news.

    • mre2000

      Conservatives flock to one channel for their ‘news.’ Moderates and liberals have dozens of news sources to choose from, thus the wide disparity in ratings. When a whackadoodle needs his/her daily dose of ridiculous nonsense to back up the preachings of their tin foil hat support group, there truly is only a single source.

      Also of note is that the overwhelming demographic of the typical Fox News viewership is the classic old angry white man.

    • Sylvia d’Entremont

      there ya go!

  • dwerenat

    Fox has been at it since Murdock and company bought the network. A lot longer than 5+ years. They were doing it to Clinton too, but nowhere near as bad.

  • Dave

    Fox “news” is co-owned by a Saudi Prince. Right-wingers also get their information from the Washington Times, founded by Sun Myung Moon (of the moonies cult). The Republican party is nothing more than a dangerous cult.

  • Max Power

    Until you realize it is this way on on all the networks, your point is moot. It’s all propaganda, but you only see it on one side… truly pathetic.