Open Carry Advocate Wearing Bulletproof Vest Paces Near TN High School Armed with Assault Rifle (Video)

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A Tennessee open carry advocate who’s been arrested numerous times for parading around town carrying guns, scaring the hell out of residents, took things to another level when he picked his latest place to “advocate for guns” – a local high school.

Yes local Nashville resident Leonard Embody decided to strap on a bulletproof vest and march around near a local high school with an assault rifle strapped to his back.

Oh, but it was perfectly legal because he never stepped on school grounds.

A move that apparently had 911 filled with concerned residents calling in about some armed “weirdo” marching around a school openly flashing a gun.

“He had a rifle across his back, and a Go Pro attached to his chest. I just thought that was kind of peculiar,” one caller said.

“That man may not be worried about the epidemic of school shootings in our country, but moms and dads are, and we won’t tolerate this behavior,” local mother Telisha Cobb said.

And if some armed open carry fanatic marching around a school wearing a bulletproof vest wasn’t idiotic enough, his reason for doing it is even more absurd.

“A school is a prime place to be able to hand out my leaflets and educate children that guns aren’t dangerous as people think they are. Certainly a man carrying a gun doesn’t mean they’re going to get shot,” Embody said.

So, this jackass thinks it’s his responsibility to hang out near a school filled with minor children to hand out “information on guns”? To put it bluntly, that’s none of his damn business.

Oh, but his idiocy gets even better.

“I don’t think I look terrifying. Other people may think I look terrifying, but that’s in their own minds and that’s something they should deal with – with maybe a psychologist,” he continued.

The funny thing about insane people is that usually they never think they’re insane. He thinks his behavior is okay because he doesn’t think he looks terrifying. He’s out of his damn mind.

And if this was “all about guns,” then why the hell was he wearing a bulletproof vest? 

If he doesn’t understand why he might look terrifying marching around a school, wearing a bulletproof vest with an assault rifle strapped to his back, then he’s too damn mentally unstable to own guns.


And I would absolutely love for this fool to explain to me how people can tell the difference between an “innocent gun advocate” like himself and someone who’s plotting to shoot up a school as soon as class lets out. Oh, I mean, before they decide to open fire on students.

Please, enlighten me. 

Because I’ve yet to have a single one of these gun lunatics explain to me how to tell the difference between an open carry advocate and a “bad guy with a gun” – before the “bad guy” starts shooting at innocent people. Because up until that point, they look the same to me.

Watch the segment below via WSMV-TV

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Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Larry S.

    If he’d been black he would have not been able to do that interview because he would have been shot in the head by the police.

    • Sam Brosenberg

      Don’t worry, though, we live in a Post-Racial America and Racism isn’t a problem anymore. I know it’s true, ’cause the Supreme Court said so…

    • cade

      I think that’s about the only thing that’s going to make these lunatics stop… Having groups of minorities enjoying their right to open carry all over the place as well. I know this sounds racist on the surface, but have a look at these groups doing this kind of crap, and tell me they won’t get worried when they realize that other people get the same rights too.

      • Agreed. The moment you start seeing groups brown people in Arab dress carrying assault rifles in white neighborhoods or around schools and shopping malls and the white folk start to freak out, politicians will have to rethink open carry laws.

      • Dee Edwards

        No they won’t re-think that law, because the group of people you describe are usually shot dead. You didn’t know the invisible written law is written as, “open carry advocate as long as he is white, others are shot and killed” Don”t worry, you will get a paid vacation, the grand jury will stretch the investigation and they won’t indict you,UNLESS you are a non white cop!

      • BamPow

        I’d like to see open carry advocates shot dead too.

      • You have a point. Another one I suppose, is that law-abiding African Americans or Arabs or other visible minorities are not stupid enough to go carrying assault rifles through white neighborhoods etc. Perhaps I should have stated that if ever they did, the National Guard would be called out in 10 seconds flat.

      • Jason Matthew Born

        And there is the real crux of the matter. Open responsible carry advocates are predominantly Americans with light skin. I don’t have anything against Americans arming themselves. However, when an American with darker colored skin open carries, even a toy gun, then everyone immediately jumps to hostile intent. This fact alone demonstrates that majority of people are not trained sufficiently to act against instinct and should not be trusted, much less legally allowed, to carry period. The intent of the 2nd amendment is for defense of the rights of citizens, not for the defense (or offense as it often turns out) of individuals, against anyone they view as a threat. Were that Americans with darker skin open carried, the argument would be over, and the laws changed (Not that I personally like the idea or agree with the obvious prejudice there). Unfortunately, the idea of Americans of darker colored skin practicing their open carry right might be good for fixing some really bad gun policies and all to common bad behavior on the part of individuals, I would expect it is certainly a dangerous suggestion, as most police and open carry advocates might behave in contrast to their claim of responsible gun practice and get legally carrying Americans killed. The open carry laws need to be changed to fit the circumstance and those are that a few bad apples spoil the basket. A large portion of the population risks being alive, because of their skin color, and I don’t like the idea of people dying, because of something so idiotic as people being scared by skin color.

      • Dee Edwards

        The minorities will get shot, there is a rule that says only whites can open carry, remember the guy shot in Walmart?

      • Tara IslandGirl Gordon

        Sad but true. Ronald Reagan freaked out when the Black Panthers did the same thing when he was Gov. of California. How can a black man in open carry Ohio get killed by cops holding a toy gun pointed towards the ground?

    • veronica Alleyne

      sad but, true

    • Crystal Beth Peery Longdon

      Exactly what I was thinking….ask John Crawford’s family in Ohio.

    • Michelle Wells


    • Tillmann Puschka

      damn you, Larry S! lol you stole my thoughts and words. Spot on with your point.

  • Joe Randazzo

    Portrait of a complete a-hole

  • Cindy King Roberts

    If someone has the intent of shooting in a public place those who open carry would be the first target, concealed weapons are much more affective when using for protection, a gunman can’t for see retaliation if they can’t see your weapons

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      I absolutely agree with you, but I’m also a self proclaimed grammar cop. It’s effective. Captain Grammar….AWAY!!!!!!

      • Cindy King Roberts

        Thank you for bringing my spelling error to my attention

  • Bill Grant

    I wonder how he would have felt if some wanna-be “good guy with a gun” just decided that he was a “bad guy with a gun” and shot him in the head? I would suppose that he’d be ok with it…you know, more guns make our neighborhoods safer.

    • Star Apple

      Well I am not ‘terrified’ by him at all, even though he would like me to be. He is obviously not very bright, because all he is doing is fueling the anti-gun lobby’s case.
      Anyway he is holding the gun all wrong. Anybody, even with a ‘midnight special’, could take him out before he even seen them drawing.
      Sure, ‘Guns don’t kill people’, but ‘people with guns kill people’. So don’t ban guns, just ban people with guns. Rant Over

  • crabjack

    I think this guy could use some exploratory brain surgery.

    • Teddy Allen

      you’re making the generous assumption that he has a brain in the first place.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        Hence the need for the exploratory surgery, to determine whether or not he’s cerebrum positive.

    • mikerush

      He would need a proctologist to perform that surgery.

  • Karen

    in a “good guy/bad guy” gun scenario, nobody knows who’s who till the shooting starts . . .

  • Rick Snow

    And yet, a black man carrying a BB gun in a non-threatening manner gets gunned down. Why wasn’t this lunatic gunned down? Oh, my bad, the second amendment, carrying military style weapons and walking around making people nervous (if not fearful) is a right only reserved for white people. This shit is beyond getting out of hand.

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      Shot in the back with barely any warning even.

    • Debra Baker

      Im white and I don’t think any person regardless of color should be allowed to do this

  • Greg Van Ho

    Shoot him in the head with a hollow tip bullet

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      I was thinking another open carry nut with an AR-15 would make that bullet proof vest a moot point.

  • Stephen Polasky

    It takes seconds to got from open carrying a weapon to firing weapon. Why on Earth should I trust my life, my wife’s and those of my kids that any of these nuts are not going to do that? Carrying a firearm in public should be illegal period unless you are law enforcement, a valid legal need to (such as a security guard, etc.) or are engaging in hunting – which does not take place in public places. Someone’s fetish does not override my right to be safe and free of fear, a very reasonable emotion when encountering these nuts.

    • Debra Baker

      well said Stephen Polasky

    • Charles Vincent

      “my right to be safe and free of fear,”

      That has never been a right, Freedom isn’t free and it damn sure isn’t safe.

      Self defense is however an inalienable right, and carrying a firearm or any form of weapon is part an parcel to the right of self defense.

      “or are engaging in hunting – which does not take place in public places.”

      Where do people hunt???? Oh that’s right on public land I.E. BLM, or US forest service land if they draw a particular area.

      “It takes seconds to got from open carrying a weapon to firing weapon.”

      And the police have a response time measured in minutes. This link is a logical break down of why action is faster than reaction in this case the action of the person defending against an assailant(whoim has to react).

      http://www DOT povn DOT com/4n6/RctnTm DOT pdf

      • Jim

        “Self defense is however an inalienable right” I am not sure when an individual became a militia but according to the second amendment you have the right to bare arms in a militia setting. Sadly right wingers pro gunners love to forget this part of the second amendment because well it is easier to defend their side if they don’t use all the facts. But yeah we forget technical points for the broad statement. It is easy when millions of dollars gets funneled from the NRA to right wing judges in the supreme court. You have the right to bare arms ONLY. Self defense is no longer self defense it is shoot first and ask questions later. It is legal murder no more no less. The amount of Americans that actually have to use self defense is so minimal your argument is invalid. The truth of the matter is it is whack jobs like this guy that shoot up a school because his message is not heard. It is whack jobs like this that get drunk grab that same rifle and shoot the mother of their child at close range because he was mad. It is interesting but all the big talk about self defense and truthfully the majority of the talkers wouldn’t have the nutsack to actually pull the trigger when it came time. It is a whole different ball game when you are a civilian trying to shoot a gun in a stressful situation. WHOLE different picture. Lets simply require real training for a minimum of one year prior to being able to purchase a gun. We actually treat driving more seriously with regards to training and responsibility than we do guns. Seriously we have idiots shooting their nuts off with their own gun yet we do not require real training and real thorough background checks for psych and criminal. Lets make purchasing and owning a gun a responsibility and not simply an option. Just like your right to vote is a responsibility of course last time I checked unless a republican was in office we didn’t have to worry about our kids being sent off to die for bullshit wars.

        Notice in all of that I did not say one thing about taking guns away I just want people to be required to learn how to use and handle a gun safely.

      • Charles Vincent

        “I am not sure when an individual became a militia but according to the
        second amendment you have the right to bare arms in a militia setting.

        DC v Heller and Palmer v DC both confirm the right to bare arms as an individual right unconnected with and not dependent on service in a militia.

        The rest of your post is your uninformed opinion and nothing more.

      • William Dinwiddie

        militia refers to all able bodied males between the age of 18 to 55 that can be conscripted for military service. militia does not refer to the national guard or regular army which I have served in both. to quote the 2nd amendment “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed. So your interpretation of the 2nd amendment of the bill of rights is wrong. Several recent scotus decisions have said the same thing that self defence is an inalienable right. and the bill of rights are rights not privledges

      • Sandra Mason

        a “WELL-REGULATED” militia doesn’t sound to me like any “ablebodied male (why male?) walking the streets!

      • Jim


        Where do people hunt???? Oh that’s right on public land I.E. BLM, or US forest service land if they draw a particular area.

        Really are simply dumb?lol Public land in a forest away from other people and not in civilization. Hunting is not in the middle of Manhattan park again your argument is invalid for lack on intelligence.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Actually, in some areas they do have hunting in parks in populated areas. The deer population is horrible in Ohio. There are deer, large groups, in even urban areas. Deer can be seen in some of the downtown cities. This time of year you see them frequently dead on the side of the expressways. Because of the huge population and nearly no natural predators (although the black bear is making a comeback), some communities have started organizing hunts on public land. Now, that still doesn’t mean openly carrying a rifle at a fast food place or in front of a school makes sense.

      • Charles Vincent

        Pro tip when calling someone else stupid be sure your post doesn’t make you look even more stupid.

        Pro tip learn to distinguish the difference between sarcasm and seriousness.

      • Doug Gross

        I think you’ll find that no where in the Constitution or the Declaration is gun ownership listed as an inalienable right. You will find, “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

    • Mickey Sticks

      You can trust your life to the cops. Some people prefer to be in charge of their own safety. That way the job gets done.

  • Curtis Scarbrough

    Before I even read it, I’m going to venture a guess that he did it to make the people in the school feel safe.

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      ok, I was slightly off. He’s there to indoctrinate…excuse me, educate children into thinking guns are harmless. Also, he’s not even wearing his 3 point sling correctly.

      • Star Apple

        Just like i said below (or above)

      • Doy Bowers

        Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t have any “TEABAGS” hanging off of his costume. Seriously what kind of self respecting “Sovereign Citizen” goes out of the house without at least 3-Teabags hanging off of his “Flak Jacket”??? The mans a disgrace to “GOOBER MOVEMENT”!!!

  • Debra Baker

    In the past I have worked with 2 guys that had this mentality and I can tell you at lunch while listening to them I felt my IQ drop a few points

  • FD Brian

    The only point this guy is proving is that he is an idiot. He is going to end up being an asterisk in a stand your ground lawsuit .

  • Logical

    I’m all for gun ownership and open/concealed carry, but this dude is just flaunting his idiocy. America — where everyone has the right to be a fucking moron.

  • Eg Kbbs

    So the police have to waste their time investigating this goof demonstrating provocative behavior. Wouldn’t it be better for him to put the gun away so the police can devote more of their time to other activities ?

    And carrying a BB gun gets you killed in Walmart. How come you can dress like him across from a school ?

  • Cemetery Girl

    I don’t oppose guns, but I would be highly uncomfortable with some guy pacing across the street from the school my kids go to. Better believe that I would call the police. Fortunately, we live across the street from the school and he’d have to pace in my yard.

  • Sumer54

    This cretin forgot something that many 3-year old’s already know; just because you can do something doesn’t really mean that you really should.

  • Crapola

    Good for him. Fuck all u haters. This article was single minded and didn’t cover his side of things. U people are fucking retarded.

    • jim

      Hey crapola your a moron for even posting. He does not have the right to intimidate and fear monger. OH WAIT A second he is a republican and that is all they do is fear monger my bad. your a dipshit

    • Cemetery Girl

      What was his side of things? His right to pace in front of a school wearing a bullet proof vest and carrying a rifle to try to show kids guns aren’t scary? How exactly is that supposed to work? Look kids, I know that you’re growing up in a time when school shootings are common enough that many schools have drills for what to do if a shooter enters, so I’m going to pace outside to show that not everyone that lurks outside of a school wants to go in and kill people (or just wait outside and pick people off as they come out.) I’m sure that every one of those kids came home and thought “gee, that liberal media was so wrong! That guy pacing outside my school could have shot at us, but he didn’t so obviously my feeling nervous about the situation was unwarranted and I was just brainwashed into thinking that someone lurking around with a gun might want to cause harm!”

    • Sandra Mason

      nice, well-thought-out debate points there, Crapola.

  • Gale Gibbons

    An innocent gun advocate, wearing an assault rifle and bullet proof vest walks into a bar and stands as if deciding where to sit. A second innocent gun advocate wearing an assault rifle and bullet proof vest enters the same bar. They see each other, and shoot.

  • yaz reggae

    I would rather people like those do that kind of stuff in front of their homes. Leave it out of the schools!

  • Jay B

    Just curious, what is that same rifle called when a officer has it over his shoulder. Oh that’s right it’s a defensive weapon or rife or just weapon. A civil has one and it’s always an assault rifle. Although I think his standing around a school is a bad choice.

  • Gabriel Gentile

    How can I reconcile being both Pro-Second Amendment AND support background checks? Let me put it this way;

    When the Constitutional Congress, some of the most educated and intellectual men of their time, met in late 18th-century Philadelphia to write;

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Do you think they meant for that statement to INCLUDE the Village Idiot?

    • jim

      Hmm notice that part about a well regulated militia? That part always gets lost when people discuss the second amendment because it makes many arguments invalid. Thank you for posting the real statement about the right to bear arms. The truth is the second amendment was written during war time and not meant for peace time. I have no issue with people owning guns but seriously whackjobs like this give us so many reasons to try and change the laws. Scaring parents of children that go to a school for what to corrupt children into believing his propaganda. Truth is he only proved he is an idiot and as you said the village idiot at
      We actually require more training and education to drive a car than own a gun? Does that make sense to anyone? The same requirements to get a drivers license should be required for a gun license. A year of training and then a test to ensure you understand the safe use and care of a weapon. Thorough background checks Psych and criminal as well as a signed affidavit from the gun instructor to your abilities and whether they believe you are responsible to won a gun. At this point then you get to buy a gun. This would teach Kids the real safe approach to owning and using a gun. We also get to filter out some of the nutjobs that own guns and shoot innocent people.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I disagree that it wasn’t meant for peace time. They had relied on militias in the Revolution and later the War of 1812. They could not financially support a large regular army. After the Revolution our country was hustling just to compensate those that had fought, let alone come up with funds for an adequate sized army for defense. (That whole issue of taxation and states didn’t really want to financially support it, so there was a lot of uncertainty about the power of the federal government and such.) It made perfect sense to write in the right to have firearms for a militia. If something happened you could enlist the help of civilians. You didn’t have to feed, cloth, and house them during times of peace, and they would bring their personal weapons. A much cheaper option. The men were likely to already have guns (being an agricultural and frontier society), so clearly stating that people could have guns because they would be part of a militia made sense.

      • Charles Vincent

        “The truth is the second amendment was written during war time and not meant for peace time.”

        Umm the bill of rights was written during peace time(1791).

        The American Revolutionary War (1775–1783).
        Just saying…

    • Charles Vincent

      “Do you think they meant for that statement to INCLUDE the Village Idiot?”
      Yes. At least until; the “village Idiot” breaks the law. You also forgo the fact that there were something like nine iterations of the second amendment written by Madison. Those iterations can be seen here;
      http://en DOT wikipedia DOT org/wiki/Second_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution
      Under the heading “Conflict and compromise in Congress produce the Bill of Rights”.

  • Doy Bowers

    First off the Corporate Media needs to stop saying he’s “Dressed Like A Soldier” because he certainly is not. He’s dressed like the Fascist Moron that he is. He’s not wearing any Uniform. He has no Military Stripes/Medals/Insignia’s. Just a GOOBER in jeans a t-shirt a bullet proof vest and an Assault Rifle/Shotgun strapped to his Ignorant Ass. Calling that “Dressed like a Soldier” is an insult to our brave Military Personnel that actually wore a uniform fought & died in that uniform. This Clown is parading around like the idiot he is waving his guns around just praying somebody will say something to him so he’ll have a chance to shoot and kill an unarmed individual. Like any other spoiled child he’s just begging somebody to tell him “No, You Can’t do that” so he can throw a fit. Where’s all of these trigger happy Cops when you need one???

    • Cemetery Girl

      He isn’t dressed like a soldier at all. He’s dressed like a moron ready to get into a police stand-off. He is dressed like someone that is planning on doing something that will result in being surrounded by police and him taking down as many people as possible along the way.

  • Larry Williams

    If he stepped on campus he’d been arrested..WTF? Did you see that rifle he could have been picking kids off at 600 yards…Seriously morons are taking this shit to far..Of course you don’t look crazy in your own mind CAUSE CRAZY CAN’T SEE CRAZY! No tolerance anywhere near schools..if a kid can’t carry a freaking toe nail clipper then why the hell is it ok for a nut to be anywhere near kids with a fucking assault rifle? I barely trust the police these days so you know damn well I don’t trust this fool!

    • Cemetery Girl

      You can’t bring a gun onto school property but you can’t extend the ban beyond that because it would infringe on the rights of the people that live by the school. We live across the street from a school; my husband has several guns. Of course he doesn’t go pacing around the yard with them, but if they extended the ban beyond school property it would violate his right to own them.

  • PRIME79

    Black guy shopping in a store picks up a toy gun, gets shot dead. White guy with body armor and real guns hanging out in front of a school(where mass shootings often happen) gets a news interview. Unfuckingreal.

  • WorthMoreThanMost

    I wasn’t there, but that is in my neighborhood. Tennessee has a Stand Your Ground law in place. If I see a guy carrying a rifle on the street in my neighborhood and I feel threatened, I will run him down.

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to see someone in a bullet-proof vest and carrying a semi-automatic weapon as a threat to my personal safety and well-being. According to Stand Your Ground that’s all I need to use any force I believe necessary to protect myself.

    I think this should be the response in states that are both Open Carry and Stand Your Ground.

  • Gun-FreeandProud

    I think the thing I enjoy about open carry, and gun nuts in general is reading about how guns are safe, then you hear about the “responsible” one who, through personal negligence, winds up shooting himself, some times fatally.

    I recall reading about a guy who kept a loaded .45 auto on his coffee table. He was showing the pistol to a guest, even chambering a round. After a few shots (the booze kind) the guys young Labrador Retriever bounded into the room, knocking the .45 off the table. When the gun hit the floor, it discharged, killing the owner.

    Guns do kill “responsible” gun owners!

    • It was the dog who behaved irresponsibly.

  • William Dinwiddie

    I am a gun owner and I have a concealed handgun license and I think people like this guy is an idiot. I am not a progressive I am a conservative and guys like this make people think all gun owners look like a bunch of crazies and most gunowners I know are not like this guy . I am not against open carry. in eastern Oregon or the farm or ranch areas of the state in smaller towns people open carrying hand guns is not considered an unusual practice but in Eugene salem or Portland people freakout when they see open carrying of firearms. So most gunowners I know of do not open carry in the city but out in the country a different story.

  • William Dinwiddie

    and to the idiot who wrote this article that is a bolt action hunting rifle not an assault rifle but again the guy in the picture doing this near a school he is not only being an idiot but he could be a DANGER TO THE COMMUNITY. people like this need to be seriously evaluated because there are better ways to make a statement about open carry besides a school and by federal law if he is in 1000 feety of a school he can be arrested and jailed for violation of the safe schools act.

  • William Dinwiddie

    I did not see the second pcture of the video where he is carrying a assault rifle so I apologise to the auther of the article however the protester is still an idiot.

  • William Dinwiddie

    well all citizens in the great state of Oregon if they are not convicted felons they can open carry without any kind of permit. Oregon is an open carry state. Oregon is also a shall issue state as far as concealed handgun licences go

  • Felix

    I would be more afraid if I saw the police doing this. I support this guy to fullest. ..

  • John McCready

    How come the school hasn’t called law enforcement about this whack job? Clearly someone walking around with a bullet-proof vest on PROVES that he is NOT planning on being armed for “defensive” purposes! I bet this whack job also thinks that any bullets he fires will “stop” off school grounds too!

  • Goodsmack

    A bullet proof vest and a GoPro camera on his chest? This guy is looking to start something.

  • lindylou

    Why wasn’t he a work?

    • He’s a community organizer.

  • Russell Holtslander

    I think people need to stop and realize that everything he did was legal. If you don’t like it, then fight to get our laws changed, instead of attacking this guy for doing something he is allowed to do by law. He could go out there every day if he wants. He is breaking no laws, and saying people have rights, but shouldn’t be allowed to use them makes no sense. You simply don’t like these rights.

    If we start eliminating rights, we may find that eventually someone eliminates a right, that we do like, such as freedom of speech.

    However, I do think many people would support moving the distance farther back from the school. Making that your goal, might actually accomplish something. Certainly more likely than complaining about someone using the rights they have been given.

    Blame your politicians, not this guy.

  • A true American standing up for his 2nd amendment rights.