Open Carry Advocate Wearing Bulletproof Vest Paces Near TN High School Armed with Assault Rifle (Video)

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A Tennessee open carry advocate who’s been arrested numerous times for parading around town carrying guns, scaring the hell out of residents, took things to another level when he picked his latest place to “advocate for guns” – a local high school.

Yes local Nashville resident Leonard Embody decided to strap on a bulletproof vest and march around near a local high school with an assault rifle strapped to his back.

Oh, but it was perfectly legal because he never stepped on school grounds.

A move that apparently had 911 filled with concerned residents calling in about some armed “weirdo” marching around a school openly flashing a gun.

“He had a rifle across his back, and a Go Pro attached to his chest. I just thought that was kind of peculiar,” one caller said.

“That man may not be worried about the epidemic of school shootings in our country, but moms and dads are, and we won’t tolerate this behavior,” local mother Telisha Cobb said.

And if some armed open carry fanatic marching around a school wearing a bulletproof vest wasn’t idiotic enough, his reason for doing it is even more absurd.

“A school is a prime place to be able to hand out my leaflets and educate children that guns aren’t dangerous as people think they are. Certainly a man carrying a gun doesn’t mean they’re going to get shot,” Embody said.

So, this jackass thinks it’s his responsibility to hang out near a school filled with minor children to hand out “information on guns”? To put it bluntly, that’s none of his damn business.

Oh, but his idiocy gets even better.

“I don’t think I look terrifying. Other people may think I look terrifying, but that’s in their own minds and that’s something they should deal with – with maybe a psychologist,” he continued.

The funny thing about insane people is that usually they never think they’re insane. He thinks his behavior is okay because he doesn’t think he looks terrifying. He’s out of his damn mind.

And if this was “all about guns,” then why the hell was he wearing a bulletproof vest? 

If he doesn’t understand why he might look terrifying marching around a school, wearing a bulletproof vest with an assault rifle strapped to his back, then he’s too damn mentally unstable to own guns.


And I would absolutely love for this fool to explain to me how people can tell the difference between an “innocent gun advocate” like himself and someone who’s plotting to shoot up a school as soon as class lets out. Oh, I mean, before they decide to open fire on students.

Please, enlighten me. 

Because I’ve yet to have a single one of these gun lunatics explain to me how to tell the difference between an open carry advocate and a “bad guy with a gun” – before the “bad guy” starts shooting at innocent people. Because up until that point, they look the same to me.

Watch the segment below via WSMV-TV

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