Open Carry Nut Marches in Front of High School, Taunts Police Officers (Video)

open-carry-taunts-policeThe truth is, the vast majority of Americans do not want to see a bunch of random idiots walking around openly carrying semi-automatic handguns or AR-15’s strapped to their back. Almost nobody feels safer when they’re eating lunch at a local restaurant and some sketchy-looking stranger strolls in carrying an AK-47. And I can guarantee you if a group of African-American males walked into a mostly white suburban neighborhood openly carrying these types of guns, the residents living there wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief because they suddenly felt more at peace with their safety.

The bottom line is, open carry is stupid idea – period.

Not only that, but many of these open carry advocates aren’t exactly what I would call mentally stable individuals. They’re often combative, arrogant, paranoid, aggressive and anti-authority – not exactly personality traits that scream “stable human being.”

A perfect example of what I’m talking about is a man in Michigan who decided to march near a high school with pistol holstered to his hip and a rifle strapped to his back, prompting a flood of calls to 911 and the school to be locked down for about an hour.

“We had a citizen exercise his right to open carry, and he chose to exercise that right near the high school,” said Officer Carey Spangler.

Yes, because nothing says “sane” and “stable” quite like someone marching near a high school openly carrying firearms. I’m sure all of those calls into 911 were simply citizens bragging about how much safer they felt the school was with this man “demonstrating” nearby.

“While out on an open carry walk, I was followed by the Madison Heights police department,” said the man, calling himself Nunya Beeswax online. “They followed me from a distance, which was troubling, because they could clearly see that no laws were being broken. After initially declining to speak with the police, I decided to approach them and ask why they were essentially stalking a law-abiding citizen. I did not appreciate the fact that one of these trigger happy morons placed his hand on his pistol when he approached me.”

The fact that he doesn’t understand why police officers might be concerned with someone marching around near a high school openly carrying firearms, in my opinion, shows that he’s not exactly a mentally sound individual. Not only that, but these officers were responding to a massive influx of 911 calls concerning his activity, another sign that he was making a lot of people very uncomfortable.

This reminds me of something I wrote a few months back where I talked about the fact that just because someone has the right to do something, doesn’t mean what they’re doing is right. While he might not have been technically breaking any laws, marching near a school brazenly showing off firearms is just idiotic.

This guy is clearly just another one of these anti-government fanatics who enjoy harassing and antagonizing police officers, as made apparent by the comments he made to officers in his video.

“I’m talking now,” he says interrupting the officers. “That shiny little badge he has on his chest doesn’t give him any more rights than I have. Actually, you all work for me and the taxpayers, right?”

“You come over here with your hand on your gun, that’s reason for me to think that you feel ill will towards me,” he continues. “If I were to do the same thing, you’d probably pull your gun out and point it at me, am I right? I’m talking to you, tough guy.”

Again, this is a man who’s openly carrying guns while marching near a high school. Situations such as this always prompt me to ask the question gun nuts never seem able to answer:

How can I spot the difference between a “good guy with a gun” and a “bad guy with a gun” before the “bad guy” opens fire?

Say, for instance, this guy had planned to open fire on students as they walked between classes. Up until he opened fire, wouldn’t he have just been a “law-abiding citizen exercising his rights”?

This is what I mean when I say these radical pro-gun groups have taken gun rights to an entirely irrational level. We can’t even begin to discuss reasonable ways to curb gun violence because we’re dealing with lunatics who don’t understand why some people would have an issue with someone marching around, fully armed, near a high school.

It reminds me of this guy in Georgia a few months ago who went around flaunting his gun at parents and children in a public park.

The next time one of these gun nuts says we need to start addressing mental illness, we need to start suggesting that they look in the mirror. If you ask me, when someone feels the need to flaunt their guns at children, terrorize schools or intimidate people with whom they disagree – something clearly isn’t right upstairs.

Watch this man’s video below:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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