Open Carry Texas Plans Armed Demonstration In Black Neighborhood

reaganWhile tear gas and riot police fill the streets of Ferguson, another showdown is brewing in Houston, TX. I’m sure most of you are already familiar with Open Carry Texas, a group on a mission to allow the open carry and display of handguns in Texas. The way that the law there is currently written allows for people to carry a long gun such as a shotgun or rifle in public, but does not allow for the same when it comes to a handgun. If for some reason you wanted to go to the grocery store with an AR-15 strapped over your shoulder, you could do that – but you can’t do the same thing with a 9mm Glock strapped to your hip.

Granted, the law in Texas makes little sense, at least on the surface. 44 states currently allow the open carry of handguns, many with some restrictions according to a pro-open carry website. Texas, South Carolina and Florida are the only the only southern states that prohibit open carry. Predictably, Illinois, California and New York do as well along with their other prohibitions when it comes to firearms.

What’s the big deal with Texas? Well, out of these states, Texas has the funky law that allows you to carry a long gun but not a handgun out for all to see. The law was probably intended to protect hunters or ranchers when it was originally issued but as it is interpreted now, groups like Open Carry Texas (who’ve banned me from their Facebook page, imagine that?) have used it to carry assault rifles into places like Chipotle, Starbucks or Target. Since then, these businesses have asked the gun protesters to take their marches elsewhere, and now it seems that they have – in a black neighborhood in Houston.

Open Carry Texas and community members verbally clashed Wednesday over plans for a demonstration by open carry advocates in Houston’s 5th ward this Saturday.

The meeting was organized to discuss Open Carry’s plans for the upcoming demonstration. In the past, participants have openly displayed their shotguns in protest over current state laws that prohibit Texans from openly carrying handguns. And even though the gathering began with handshakes, emotions rapidly boiled over as opponents questioned the group’s motives and accused them of being racist.

“We have a bad history with white men who would come into the 5th ward with guns in the name of a lynch mob,” said activist Quanell X. (Source)

This is for real. Armed, mostly white protesters will carry guns through a black neighborhood in Houston, against the wishes of the residents, just because they can. Now just imagine if these were armed, black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri protesting the killing of a young member of the community, not the assumed right to openly carry a handgun in public?

Would we see the NRA and the backers of groups like Open Carry Texas come out to loudly announce their support for that? Would we see armed groups like those who showed up to point weapons at law enforcement during the Cliven Bundy standoff now show up in the streets of Ferguson to protect the crowd? Of course not, because these aren’t white conservatives in the streets demanding a change.

Just to summarize, peaceful and unarmed black protesters asking for answers and justice are considered a threat and must be driven off by riot squads with tear gas and rubber bullets. However, white protesters are given permits to march with weapons through a minority neighborhood, and nobody seems to see a problem with this? Seriously?

This is why we shouldn’t take seriously the claims of those like Open Carry Texas and others who tell us that they need guns to protect themselves from a tyrannical government and the freedom to openly display their weapons. If they really believed in that, they would be standing between the unarmed crowds in Ferguson and the heavily armed police, because that is an actual example of tyrannical government played out on a local level. The silence is very telling, and totally not unexpected.

Watch the video from KHOU below.


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  • Eg Kbbs

    As for carrying through Ferguson, MO just voted a change to the state constitution that makes gun ownership (including clips, etc.) as inalienable. So apparently that is what MO would like to happen.

    As for choosing a black neighborhood, wonder if that is like the KKK chose Skokie, IL for their demonstration ? Nothing like a lot of well armed whites walking through a black neighborhood to keep them in their place.

    • Betty Eyer

      That’s obviously the message they want to convey.

  • hiroshisumida

    Speaking as an NRA member, this is a stupid move.

    • Stephen Barlow

      YOu are one of the few good ones left.

      • dawidowi

        I don’t know about that, I think there are a lot of good ones, the dumb ones just seem to be more vocal & colorful (and thus get more media attention).

      • JazzyJerome


      • Stephen Barlow

        That IS business as usual. but the NRA seems to have spawned “dumb ones by the dozens, assholes by the score..”

      • dawidowi

        I agree that there are a lot of assholes out there, and the NRA does not do a good job (hell, not really a job at all) of condemning these actions. I would venture to guess that the vast majority of NRA members do not condone these types of actions, but the media wants to show them and they want to be shown. They are definitely a shining example of idiocy at its finest, but not a shining example of NRA members as a whole.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Numerically YES. but the 3,999,500 individual members have as much power as ONE of the 500 gun manufacturer’s or gun dealer’s.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Then WHY are they STILL members? Can’t they handle being a ‘sportsman’ without paying $25/yr?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        I’m also an NRA member and I think this is idiotic. The NRA rank and file has more sense than the NRA leadership. This is just looking for trouble.

      • Stephen Barlow

        then WHY are you so proud of being a member of an organization you have contempt for?

        WHAT exactly do they do FOR YOU?

      • why must all y’all be assholes when you comment? That is part of the problem.

      • Gail Wilkie

        Then why aren’t you all stepping up and being vocal?

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        I’m guessing you and hiro have been NRA members for a while. From what I understand, they used to be more level headed.

      • misfit

        They used to be much more level headed. With their actions centered around gun education and training instead of political/corporate cronyism. They used to try to make guns safer for all involved, now the condone and encourage this type of action, they fight to get gun rights for those who ave been convicted of violent felonies and they want to arm stalkers and domestic violence perps. They are nothing more than the republican parties armed guard now.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        I’m not sure how it works in the NRA, but they need new, sane, leadership again.

      • Third_Party_Now

        The NRA doesn’t exist to protect or help individual gun owners. It exists to help and protect gun manufacturers. More “trouble” means more gun sales.

      • canucanoe2

        Sorry, but anyone who supports the NRA is NOT a “good one”. Even though 90% of the population in the US is for universal background checks, the NRA stated that they would “primary” any republicans in the house that voted for background checks. That is why it didn’t pass in the house. There are NO good NRA supporters, period.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I understand the policies, but the idiot “lifetime members” just get a hardon seeing that round sticker in their window.

      • misfit

        Are you seriously that bigoted I don’t like guns but support others second amendment rights to own. However, by saying all NRA supporters are garbage because of a few members actions is like saying all liberals are nothing by hairy hippie women and feminized limp wristed pansy men. Neither statement is true.Seriously, every time one of you liberals make a blanket statement like this it makes me grateful i dont fall into the liberal category And for the record im not a conservative either, im a moderate with too much common sense to be liberal or conservative.

      • Christopher Quiroga

        How was canucanoe2’s point bigoted? He wasn’t making an erroneous blanket generalization about a group, he is making a quite logical and factual point that if you are an NRA member, you are, for all intents and purposes, supporting an extremist group that is devoting huge resources into inexplicably ridiculous things like preventing background checks even though the VAST majority of Americans supports it. And you can’t seriously think blanket statements are somehow just a liberal thing. That seems an awful lot like the baseless statements you claim to condemn. I get insulted on pretty much a daily basis by conservatives doing the same thing, just as I see liberals insulting others.

      • misfit

        “Sorry, but anyone who supports the NRA is NOT a “good one” So, for simply supporting the NRA your a bad person? This is the bigoted part of that. There are no “good ones” supporting the NRA. Decent folks are mislead and fall for shit all of the time. Supporting the NRA does not make you a bad person. I know good folks who are NRA members. This is just more of the typical us against them mentality that has given american politics the smell of a rotting corpse.

      • Christopher Quiroga

        It still appeared that the point was that there is no good NRA membership, that being a member is bad as it lends support to extremists, not that they are bad people.

      • Stephen Barlow

        MOST of these members
        are too stupid
        to know
        they are buying into..

      • Christopher Quiroga

        For the record, I would say the same thing about extremist left-wing groups like PETA. Supporting them with a membership is also supporting the ridiculous parts of their agenda and actions.

      • Stephen Barlow

        4 REAAL!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????

        EX TREME?

        Like with “Sasquatch quashing”

        Furrrball missles?

        THE NRA SELLS MURDER TOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



      • nomis

        Umm… yeah. Two people chimed in to say something along the lines of “I’m an nra member, but this is a bad move”.

        Well… its a bad move being done on THEIR behalf. People keep saying its just the NRA leadership that’s a problem, most members are quite reasonable, etc. If that’s the case, most members need to make a choice; either get involved and take back your club before it becomes a full fledged terrorist group… or resign. Because as it stands now, that decal on your bumper marks you as a wing nut.

      • canucanoe2

        Are you seriously that illiterate?

      • Tim K

        That’s a ridiculous statement. The 90% statistic has been debunked. We have universal background checks for all new weapons and any weapon purchase from any gun store in this country already. I’m glad millions of Americans can join groups like the NRA to protect us from the faulty logic of gun grabbers.

      • The world isn’t simple black and white, chief. Your morals may be, but not every day real life. PERIOD.

      • DavidD

        People don’t have to think exactly like you to be people of worth.
        I’m a Social Democrat and have meet a lot of nice regular people who identify as GOP,NRA member or even Tea Party.
        The trick in politics is getting diverse groups to work together for the common good.
        We shouldn’t be burning bridges but building them.

    • OldCowboy

      I am a Life Member of the NRA and believe the NRA has been co-opted by the gun manufacturers. Common sense actions are not against the 2nd Amendment.

      • hiroshisumida

        The question begs to be asked, do you view Open Carry Texas plans as a common sense action?

      • OldCowboy

        Absolutely not. I see open carry laws as a way to keep hunters in the field from being harassed by local cops. I can conceive of no rational reason to open carry inside city limits. If you open carry to protect yourself, you are just advertising to criminals they need to shoot first. If you open carry with the long gun at your front, you just might be perceived as a threat to concealed carry citizens who might then proceed to stand their ground and shoot you.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        I’m with you on that one Cowboy. I’m not saying I want it to happen (As I’ve been accused of), but I think it’s inevitable that open carry and stand your ground are going to clash at some point in time. Possibly in the 5th ward.

      • hiroshisumida

        Therein lies the source of the problem. You can’t legislate common sense, and law and common sense are separate, mutually exclusive concepts.

        Good example is the McDonald’s Hot Coffee case.

      • Stephen Barlow

        That was simply CLEVER lawyering and a jury of people who have been late for work and blamed the part timer behind the counter for it.

        The lawyer never asked for money. Just “two days coffee profits. Just to make them acknowledge they need to train better.”

        Which was $2 million. I was kinda impressed actually.

      • Stephen Barlow

        THANKS! For making My argument AGAINST AMBUSH CARRY.

      • Stephen Barlow

        BOIL it down.

        Open carry as a PARADE

        is a THREAT.

      • Stephanie

        I agree. More importantly, why the hell does this website need to shove advertisement down my throat every time I reply?!

      • Stephen Barlow

        Ever notice it is almost ALL from “Newsmax” affiliates and targets Democrats with lies or misrepresentations?

      • Third_Party_Now

        It’s how they make money. I hope you don’t think this site exists for your enjoyment.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I am glad you see it too.

      • Third_Party_Now

        Listen to the Old Cowboy – he’s making sense. The NRA doesn’t really care about the individual members, except cosmetically. Plus they need your votes. That’s the American way. Trick the voter, bribe the politician.

      • Tim K

        I’m a life member and I do not think it has been co-opted by gun manufacturers. I support almost all of the NRAs stances on gun laws. And the NRA is not the most extreme gun rights group….not by a long shot. But they are the largest and most powerful. By the way murder rates and violent crime has been on a downward trend for several years.

      • OldCowboy

        By the way, the reduction in murder and violent crime rates has nothing to do with the NRA or an other gun group. It is down just as much in states with strict gun laws as it is in states with lax gun laws. It’s due to demographics. The baby boomers are getting older and thus less inclined to violence.

        If you don’t think the NRA plays the tune called by the manufacturers, why were they absolutely for universal background checks before they were against them?? The answer is simple. More guns are sold when people can buy guns at a gun show without a background check.

      • Tim K

        Cause and effect of reductions in crime rate may or may not be due to gun law changes. But in general gun laws are more relaxed everywhere in the US. But what it clearly proves is more guns doesn’t mean more crime. So why the necessity to make gun laws more strict?

      • Stephen Barlow

        What it means is more guns do NOT improve safety in public. That’s what lying about the law that was defeated in the Senate in February failed to reach you.

      • Tim K

        Wrong again Steven you are making up things again.

      • Stephen Barlow

        FLuctuations in crime stats by a point or two are not wholesale changes in reality Mr Timbuffoon.

      • Tim K

        A point or two. You don’t know much. Let me give a point or two. First name calling makes you look like a fool and ruins your credibility. Second …name calling is usually a sign you’ve lost a debate because you have nothing substantial to add to the conversation. Third if you really want crime stats go to the FBI uniform crime statistic Web site and do some research. Then come back and tell me how much the murder rate and violent crime rates have dropped over the last twenty years. Until then stop making dumb statements.

      • Stephen Barlow

        BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH Timfoolery. Why would an antigovernment goofball like you trust the BOL or the DOJ?

      • Tim K

        More important why would you want to look at some facts when you can create any sort of “reality” you want in your own mind.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I keep waiting for answers to the questions you are too much of a coward to admit you are wrong about…

      • Stephen Barlow

        And on the issue of you being a coward and wetting you pants if you actually had to drawn and fire on another human being. (not mentioning that you might even be under fire as well) …

        Thanks for voiding on that one for the 4th time in a month.

      • Tim K

        I never mentioned any defeated gun law. You’re a riot. But I’ll go on record that new more restrictive gun laws will not add to safety.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Ghee! HOW kind of u.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Tim K

        Wrong OldCowboy. You theory: Gun manufactures run NRA because the NRA doesn’t support universal background checks and that helps gun manufactures sell more guns. Lets look at the facts. Gun manufactures make NEW guns. All NEW guns are sold through FFL dealers. Background checks are required to buy ALL new guns, at guns shows or gun stores. Back ground checks are not required for gun sales between individual within the same state. So gun manufactures would actually be better off if ALL gun sales required background checks because that would make it harder and more expensive to sell or transfer a used gun. There goes your theory.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Uh…….. humn…………. The tail wags the dog?

        SOMEBODY PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • Stephen Barlow

        FACTS? SHOW THEM!!!!!!

        i am calling you right out in the middle of your street!

        Pony up mushmouth!!!!!!!!

      • Tim K

        I just laid out the laws and how universal background checks have no effect on new gun sales (what manufacturers are concerned with) Back ground checks are required for all new gun sales…even at gun shows. But it figures that you wouldn’t recognize a fact if you saw one. Your comments are becoming less and less of value. No one wants to read name calling and insults.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Sorry you got caught LYING again fool.

      • Tim K

        WTF are you talking about. There are no lies. You have lost it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I don’t see ANY facts or references. I showed what they look like the last time I destroyed your reputation with some truth.

      • Tim K

        The law is the law. Are you one of the gun control nuts that thinks all guns sold at gun shows don’t require background checks. The law and facts are ALL gun manufacturers must sell there guns through a FFL. NO FFL can sell a gun without doing a background check. So it was not true that gun dealers are against universal background checks because they want to sell more guns. Which is the point I made to someone else’s comment. To which you accused me of lying. What is the lie ? Do you not know the law?

      • Stephen Barlow

        But private sales at gun shows are NOT tracked without a backround check and made up as much as 40% of gun show sales since 2004.

      • Tim K

        Correct private gun sales do not require background checks. Very curious were you got the 40% of gun sales at gun shows where private sales. I’ve been to a few gun shows. It’s a huge room with rented booths. All the rented booths are rented by FFL dealers and they do background checks for all there sales by law. My guess would be 95 to 99 % of all sales at gun shows go through background checks.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Kinda like drunk driving deaths ========== sober driving deaths.

      • Manuel Deschambault

        Wouldn’t it be a solution for another gun owner association to be created? I am anti-gun, but a bunch of my friends own firearms and they are the most uptight folks I know when it comes to gun security. I do think the NRA has lost its marbles and believe a great many gun owners are very responsible people. Would it not make sense to start a new gun owner group that focuses on smart ideas instead of the NRA crazy talk. I am sure a bunch of my gun owning friends would join such an organisation

      • Stephen Barlow

        THANKS! For being real and saying so.

    • rudeness

      Well I guess you lot know everything about stupid moves 😀

      • hiroshisumida

        ….I guess you couldn’t resist that.

      • Third_Party_Now

        We all do. It’s called being human.

  • oneortheother

    Just like all the Bikers that were going into Mexico to take out the marine Dude ?? STUPID. they Just like making trouble !!

  • Cemetery Girl

    Have they given any sort of reason what so ever for why they need to protest in a neighborhood other than their own? Maybe I’m just being a nitpicky liberal, but it strikes me as a racial motivation. Personally, if I had a bunch of people protesting on my street and none of them lived there and it was over a matter that had nothing to do with my neighborhood, I’d drag the sprinkler out on the lawn and turn it on. (What can I say? It’s been two days since it rained and the devil’s strip could use some water! We aren’t under a water ban so it’s ok!)

    • hiroshisumida

      Agreed. I haven’t heard what the official purpose is behind the group’s decision to march through this community. Clearly this article is biased and claims their intent and motivation is suspect. So I have to maintain my objectivity until I know their reasoning.

      If this was an educational 2-way dialogue about the importance of preparedness and promoting everyone’s 2nd Amendment right to own a fire arm and protect their homes and families, even those in the community they plan to demonstrate in….then that’s one thing. That is something I would support.

      But to walk in to another community unwelcome just to brandish weapons out in the open, suggests this is purely an intimidation and a fear tactic, which I am against.

      If the true purpose is the latter, then It is groups like these fug-wits who will ruin everything for the legitimate and law abiding gun owners who do cherish community values across the country.

      • Cemetery Girl

        I’m sure that they will argue that, as in the past, their motive is to raise awareness. In a way, selecting this neighborhood is achieving that because it is being discussed, but not to any ends that they would claim they’re trying to achieve. When trying to win people over to your point of view the old more flies with honey adage is true. I don’t oppose gun ownership (my husband owns several, gunsmiths as a hobby, and I was raised around guns) and I firmly believe in gun safety (anyone that owns a gun should be required to take a gun safety course, in my opinion). Going into another neighborhood to protest is a horrible tactic though. If you’re a Hollywood starlet then you can go by “any publicity is good publicity”, but that’s about it.

      • hiroshisumida

        We are in agreement.

      • Luis R. Valle

        I object to guns, as it has work in other countrys. Guns, death penalty, long tern sentences for minor crimes and even religion have fail this country and for that matter Man Kind. But the sensibility express by you goes a long way, towards the fact that they are a part of this country self image.

      • hiroshisumida

        Thank for your acknowledgement.

      • Luis R. Valle

        My Pleasure!

      • David Gordon

        I agree mostly… but religion is used much more negatively in some other western countries. In many European countries, you can go to jail for offending a religion or a church. That is ridiculous. In many countries, just being offensive toward all religions in general is illegal. This country may have a lot of idiotic religious types, but at least we attempt to make it fair, even if it doesnt work out that way all the time.

      • Luis R. Valle

        While I agree that some religions have being applied more successfully in some places and times then others. Sometimes, I enjoy a religious story as much as I do a good History read or a good Science & Fact base episode of say Cosmos. Religions are fundamentally tales & stories loosely base on some observation, history and myth with the purpose of influencing, shaping and to controlling & exploiting Man’s fears. Some stories are beautiful, some are ridiculous. Religions “are not necessary” for Man Kind to have character, discipline and most important empathy toward one another and planet Earth. But there are sick, unbalance and dangerous specimens amongst us, to which Man or Society’s rules are of no consequence. For then ????

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOU’RE one of THEM aren’t you?

      • hiroshisumida

        Can you please define who “THEM” are?

      • Stephen Barlow

        A gun NUT, even if only a mildly dosed one. You most like enter any FOR MORE GUNS argument you can.

        I am an UNgun NUT, in the sense that, just as I saw another Vietnam when Bush BUSHITTED AMERICA into an UNWINNABLE WAR, I saw the NRA’s lobbying defeat of a comprehensive Brady Bill in the 80’s as a DEFEAT for the safety of American’s. I lived in DC in the 80’s and it WAS the murder capitol of America. It NEEDED a gun ban.

        When ANY gun is a crime, only outlaws will have guns. That means you HAVE a gun, you go to jail. Honestly, GUN PROLIFERATION is what has caused all the extra murders. GUNS EVERYWHERE is the REASON so many unarmed people are dying in streets.

        I would own a gun if I needed one. But, like those little old ladies whose houses are FILLED with cow figurines or pigs or ducks… there is something mentally unbalanced about a person who needs 147 weapons.

        David Koresh was like that (only he collected idiots) and his delusions turned him into a child molester and murderer. The Ruby Ridge guy and the “Sovereign Citizen” Criminals, CLiven Bundy and his gang of cop killers…those people are no doubt mentally ill.

        The severe gun nuts are the ones that answer the DOOR with a loaded gun, intent on shooting anyone they don’t like. Seriously, in Nevada this summer, the only people the police protected, gun nut would have EVER needed to kill were cops coming to enforce the law.

        And when they never came, they were hunted down eating lunch while they were sitting in a diner.

      • hiroshisumida


      • Stephen Barlow

        it’s hot button with Me. BEcause you see, in 1981 when Reagan was shot and the Brady Bill was written, NO ONE would carry a gun in a bar, a church, a toy store, a grocery or even not in a case on the street, you needed a GENUINE NEED REASON for a concealed carry permit and no one EVER got shot for having their music too loud in a parking lot.

      • hiroshisumida

        So for clarity, your position on 2nd Amendment rights is?

      • Stephen Barlow

        you CAN’T be that foolish can you?

      • hiroshisumida

        I just want to make sure I am interpreting your posts correctly. I had to re-read them just to be sure. You are an Un-gun nut, which implies being against the 2nd Amendment…or at least how the NRA currently interprets the 2nd Amendment.


      • Stephen Barlow

        I am AGAINST:
        the NRA in part an parcel
        I believe it is too late to ‘regulate’ guns
        I believe if the original Brady was still in effect, Ferguson,MO wouldn’t have been possible
        I believe the fear mongering and race hate PROMOTED by the NRA and most Republicans in their pocket.. is most of what has caused the 30K gun deaths in America.
        I believe in making it LESS easy to kill.

        I ALSO believe ALL of the 2nd Amendment MUST BE READ AS A WHOLE. I think “A well regulated militia is necessary for the security of the free state, …” is more important than an individual right because without that free state, no individual matters.

        If the first three words of 2A were applied to the NRA half assedness pounded into the skulls of ignorant GUN NUTS by SCOTUS… 100,000 dead children might be voting in November.

        By UNgunnut… I mean I VOLUNTEERED to give up My EXCESS firearms. I have a.358 and a .270. A 12/20 over under shotgun and a pair of My father’s matched original issue, 1911 .45’s.

        When I stop dropping deer, elk, pheasant and duck…
        I’ll sell the rifles.

        I sold the one in My glove box, the one in the shoulder holster and the one I put in a friend’s mouth when I THOUGHT he was sleeping with My wife.

        We are still friends and My ex is working truckstops on I-95. LOL

        I am an UN gun nut.

      • hiroshisumida

        You give up what…two…maybe three firearms, but keep the rifles until you are done hunting?

        You are either an UN gun nut or a gun Nut. Seems like you conveniently have one foot in each tub there until you are ready to convert completely.

        I don’t buy it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        i think you missed the point if WHY.
        WHY is this black and white to you? ONLY left / right or up/down?

        WHY is My friend still My friend?

        WHY do I only keep guns I use for a specific purpose and have NONE because I am paranoid?

        WHY do seem to NEED to paint me in a corner or force me to fit one or the other of YOUR boxes?


      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        I didn’t see hiroshi’s remarks making him a gun nut. They were rather thoughtful.

      • Stephen Barlow

        They were, which I WHY I clarified My thoughts when he asked.

        Cool dead sticker theft.

      • hiroshisumida

        Sir….or Sergeant…(shrug) I do not know what rank you were in Nam.

        I agree with you. There are nut jobs out there, living amongst us. The way the legal and health system works, usually we will not know in advance who they are. We can only wait until they do something unspeakably horrible, then react/respond appropriately and legally when they do.

        Those nut jobs will still be out there, even if by some miracle, all guns are taken off the streets. They will still do harm to others, but with something else, like a car, a hammer, or a knife. Ask England and China about that. Some will argue taking guns away is justifiable if it means less fatalities, but no one can say there will no longer will be any fatalities. Because we all know, fatalities will still occur.

        I ask for your thoughts.

      • Stephen Barlow

        You can’t eliminate crime or personality defects. But SELLING MORE GUNS can not POSSIBLE BE any kind of positive answer. Militarising the police has NOT cut back on crime, all it really did was use taxpayer dollars to enrich military contractors.

        Did you know that since 2006, the Pentagon has GIFTED 98,000+ .50 and .30 MACHINE GUNS to police forces all over America? 500+ aircraft, $360,000 Armored VEhicles to little suburban, 65 cop police forces like Ferguson, MO. $4.3 bilion. Which would fund TANF for a month, unemployment for 2 and buy 40 million school kids 1000 lunches EACH!!!!

        Per capita gun deaths are greatest in America and least in countries with fewest guns. DUH!!! But I found this much more interesting. Gun deaths per # of guns per capita is practically a flat line.

        I have to hunt the page but, with 400 million guns in America, we have 30,000+ a year. With 40 million guns, you would find about 3000. 4 million guns and you get less than 300. (Remember murders and fun deaths are very different statistics.)

        With less guns you have fewer suicides. It takes guts to jump off a building or bridge, real guts to hang yourself. Pills and slitting your wrists is a little easier i’d think. But 2 seconds from picking a gun up and DEAD is not enough to have a second thought.

        YES you get all other kinds of murders. But it takes serious balls to filet the guy who kissed your girl in a bar. Whipping out an AMBUSH KILLING TOOL and pulling the trigger in a 3 second fit of anger is just something NO society should allow to happen.

        So I think it’s fraudulent to even make that argument about other methods when the PROBLEM is the simplicity and overwhelming power of firearms compared to any other weapon.

        You can take a knife, rock, hammer, club away from someone close enough to use it, but there was NEVER an opportunity for Micheal Brown to take Death Officer Wilson’s Death Tool away from him in self defense. NEVER.

        But at least the cop had his on his hip, where it can be seen. CONCEALED MURDER MACHINES just facilitate AMBUSH killings, like that guy who was “terrified” of the kids in a car playing loud music who went to his car, got in the driver’s seat, reached over to get his gun from the glovbox…

        At THIS POINT, why didn’t he drive away? From THIS POINT ON, I think he committed premeditated murder. he didn’t go to his car in fear, he went determined to kill. But the boy is still dead because almost ANY moron can buy a gun in America anytime he wants.
        Even if he IS a member of a well regulated militia, which today is the national Guard.

        Which is why backround checks and registration of ALL firearms in a necessity. Because it makes the owner responsible and it makes sure the owner has NEVER had violent tendencies. I think breaking into juvie records would disqualify 30% of purchasers because it would show an innate violence in the buyer.

      • hiroshisumida

        At this point, knowing what I know now about the Ferguson incident, I see very little differences between the Brown shooting and the Martin shooting in Sanford Florida. The situation is almost identical with the exception of the shooter being a cop and not a neighborhood watch volunteer.

        What they have in common are physical altercations between the two parties and the party shot were teen black kids who were unarmed and not exactly as innocent as their parent wants to admit.

        I will not comment on the whole gun control back ground check issue, since it has nothing to do with the Ferguson incident involving a cop and not an armed civilian.

        What I will say is if this ever goes go to court, if Sanford Florida was any indication, the cop may get acquitted and Ferguson will most likely go ape doo-doo again.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Friend? the protesters WERE the citizen’s the militarized police were SUPPOSED to protect, NOT ATTACK!

        Did you know that since 2006, the Pentagon has ‘gifted for free’ 98,000+ .30 and .50 cal MACHINE GUNS for use on who? CITIZENS!!

        Lemme ask you, IF the purpose of the NINTY-EIGHT THOUSAND machine guns were to combat the drug cartels, then WHY have they NEVER ONCE been used against the cops greatest source of income?

      • reikimama2013

        “liberal news media” ?? Freedom of the Press – that 1st Amendment “thingy” (as important as the 2nd !!! hello!) was infringed upon not once, twice, but several times..on the ground (reporters were intimidated, arrested, their equipment was turned over /an attempt to render useless(the journalists, sound and cameramen were running away because of the tear gas ( tear gas against the Geneva Convention on the battlefield, btw!), and, because of a sniper w/ finger on trigger of a fully automatic reporters , had them in his scope/line of fire! Illegal intimidation of journalists/ media – another reporter was assaulted, as well as the air space over Ferguson , MO being needlessly shut down to air traffic (they actually set a dangerous precedent there – we’ll see how that plays out in court!) …. Your lack of understanding of the First Amendment (oh, yeah – btw – that 1st Amendment does also include right to peaceably assemble, which people were doing !!- the history, the importance of, etc is showing….. Media is not to be used for population control instead of freely exercising their Constitutional rights…. and any inference by you, that it (media) should be used in such a manner…. makes me wonder… exactly WHAT country, and what political ideology you prescribe to…. does fascism ring any bells?

      • hiroshisumida

        So you are saying, fascism is any attempt by police to use any means possible to clear the streets of protestors and agitating elements to restore peace and order to the community?

        So LA’s Rodney King riots and lootings were merely citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights?

        The violence and looting following the Zimmerman acquittal were merely citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights?

        Are you kidding me? You agree with riots, looting and willful destruction of private property as acceptable conduct while exercising 1st Amendment rights, and any attempt by police to suppress the rioting, looting and destruction is fascism?

        You really expect police to differentiate peaceful protestors from the agitators, and those in the press wearing plain clothes?

        I disagree.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        Be cool Stephen. Hiro’s one of the good ones, based on what I’ve seen in these comments. If we want to start a conversation about gun control, it’s people like hiro who we’re hopefully going to be talking to.

      • Stephen Barlow

        SO I’ve noticed. I write for a living now and tend to let ideas flow freely. This is a complicated issue and one liners just don’t get it done.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        I don’t often find myself defending the comments of a conservative (I’m guessing you are, please correct me if I’m wrong) against far left wing individuals, but even though I’m pretty far left myself, I acknowledge that sometimes conservatives are right and liberals are wrong. I honestly don’t see it often online, but I realize that for the most part, both sides are made up of rational and reasonably intelligent people that just happen to disagree on a number of things. The problem is we have the biased news networks on BOTH sides (not going to argue which side is more biased) and the people who blindly follow their leadership that make the most noise, and make the rest of their side.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Stand corrected. NO ONE who needs to wear an ASSAULT RIFLE to the mall, school, church or even out in public is rational nor reasonably intelligent.

        I make up My own mind, and listen to most networks pretty equally. I also listen to Al Jazzera and BBC when I have it. They tend to be more honest because they are pretty much independently commercial free.

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu are stuttering pal.

      • stephen ramsden

        “law abiding gun owners who do cherish community values across the country.”

        that’s a good one

      • hiroshisumida

        They exist, sir.

        The 2nd Amendment is not only about arguing “my right” to own a gun or to have one in my home…or…”my right” to defend myself or my family.

        Defend against whom? Everyone else within and outside the community?

        The strength of any man and woman comes from family. But all benefit by being a supportive member of the community.

        There may come a day when said community will not want guns around at all. If that day comes, I will wish them well and most likely relocate, rather than appose their will.

      • william wilson

        When i had a business i owned a few guns and gun permit so i kind of understand what you’re saying

      • Stephen Barlow

        “Owner carries loaded weapon, and hits 10/10 targets”
        would be a deterrent too. PARTICULARLY if NOT concealed, but OPENLY carried on his hip, where honest men have carried arms for centuries.

        Until the criminal element overtook the NRA in 1977, only COWARDS HID THIER WEAPONS.

      • hiroshisumida

        Stephen, it’s a different time and rules now.

        There are people who will go so far as to hide their weapons, even though they have been properly registered, because many view registration as a prelude to government confiscation.

      • Stephen Barlow

        A coward is a coward. In 2014 BC or 2014AD, in 1609, 1776, 1918, 1919, ,,, 24/7… and tomorrow as well.

      • hiroshisumida

        As soon as our leaders and law enforcement lead by example and register their personal firearms as well, then we can talk about unconditional gun registration.

        Like you said. A coward is a coward, but that statement applies to all levels of society.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Never said it didn’t.

      • Tim K

        Wonder if this guy even has a clue that open carry is illegal in some states

      • Stephen Barlow

        It’s only legal in 11 states. I listed them for you a month ago in the same discussion. You know, the one you were both a coward and a liar in?

      • Tim K

        First of all I’m not a coward and you don’t know me. Second I have not lied. So stop making stupid accusations.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I just proved you a liar for the third time about the same statement you made.

      • Tim K

        Talking to yourself again ?

      • Stephen Barlow

        You win
        I REFUSE to be

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Stephen Barlow


      • Stephen Barlow

        When My kid was hiding something, he would weasel almost as much as you are to avoid giving a straight answer to Me. The ONLY time I EVER smacked him was for lying. Worse yet, I enrolled him in Catechism on Saturday mornings, Saturday night mass, and daily mass before school for a week. I delivered him My self and boy did he hate THAT torture. Particularly since I sat in the car…

        I finally explained how I knew he was lying and he STOPPED. He also found out that actions have consequences but lying to DAD was the most evil thing he could do.

      • Tim K

        I have no idea what you are talking about. I have not lied and you keep accusing me of lying. I don’t even know what you think I’m lying about.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Then you are seriously ignorant about the NRA, it’s policies and agenda, gun sales and backround checks, gun permitting and whether or not you would actually pull a gun in fear and murder an unarmed black kid on his way to church on a Christmas Eve.

      • Tim K

        First of all if you were actually trained you would know you don’t use a gun unless you have too. See a group or an individual on a dark street that you think could pose a danger you don’t go down that street or you change your course to avoid putting yourself in a dangerous situation. If you would take an NRA self defense course you would realize that awareness of your surrounding is actually your best self defense. Its better to avoid a situation where you might have to use a gun.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I am a 40/40 Army trained sniper.
        What ever danger you conceive…
        YOU can choose to walk out of.

        does shoving 4 #’s of metal


        a MAN?

      • Tim K

        Once again you are tying to insinuate I am saying something I didn’t say. The point is you assume cow holders are trying to ambush people. That is not what legal fie a carriers are trained to do. We are not snipers.

      • Stephen Barlow

        U again!

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu only use bullets if someone else MAKES you.

        WHY are you on a dark street doing unseemly things?

      • Stephen Barlow

        I took the USA, Private soldier course. 40/40 popups between 100 and 300 yards.
        I was invited to the Army Rifle Team.
        NRA My ASS!
        I FINISHED Sniper school.

      • Tim K

        I know understand. You define lie as anyone who disagrees with you regardless of facts.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I define LIE
        as an untruth
        ASK YOUR SELF!!!

        WHEN you carry an ambushBOOMER

        Do you even THINK about HIS kids?
        WHEN you double tap him?

      • Tim K

        No I think this is a real and present threat to my life and this person must be stopped. But that’s hypothetical because I have never had to use a gun. In your fantasy world concealed carry holders are out there just looking to kill people. THIS IS A LIE.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Sadly, When a guy is SO concealed carrynoid enough to reach ACROSS his wife’s lap to open a glove box in his car 75′ AWAY from a car where the radio is ” too loud ‘ AND run 75″ BACK to MURDER a CHILD…………………….

        I think we have somehow crossed a VERY BAD boundary.

        And of the 30,000 DEAD Americans EACH YEAR…………..


        Cousins, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers… CHILDREN you would like to see surVIVE.

        CHOOSE Mr GUN NUT!

      • Stephen Barlow

        I define LIE as contrary to the TRUTH.

        WHAT does a witness SWEAR TO?
        The truth
        AND NOTHING BUT the truth.

      • Stephen Barlow

        And to the VERY bitter end of their breath.

      • Stephen Barlow

        If knowledge of the gun owner’s in a community is a deterrent, then their NAMES on a REGISTRATION would surely ADVERTISE that deterrent.

        So NO gun owner should be a coward about filing a document and paying a license fee. Just like with a car. These guys are just as proud of their Glock as they are of their truck, RIGHT?

      • hiroshisumida

        Does your state have gun registration or no? Are you saying if they did, you would register ALL your firearms, without exception?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Without hesitation. They are just property, DANGEROUS property. Just like the car I register and pay taxes on.

      • hiroshisumida

        Mainly, because there are those in the pro-gun camp who own or possess a gun, but do so unlawfully in some way, shape or form.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Don’t waste My time with commentary please. i welcome conversation or discussion, but it you refuse to reply be cause you would have to admit you are wrong or not quite right… that’s not ADULT conversation.

      • hiroshisumida

        Sir, with all due respect, simply because you do not agree with my replies does not mean we are not having an adult conversation or a discussion. That being said, if you feel your time is being wasted by engaging me, then that is your free choice to make.

      • Stephen Barlow

        THEN answer the question about your claim that knowing guns are owned and in the home or maybe on a person is a deterrent to crime.

        If so, then why are so many terrified of having their names on a public record of gun registration?

        Isn’t that public knowledge of ‘who and how many’ EXACTLY the deterrnt you clamor about?

        When you man up, I’ll consider you an adult.

      • hiroshisumida

        You have an in-your-face, military-ish way of asking. I’m not sure if I should drop and give you 50. LOL!

        To answer your question, knowing gun owners live in the area is a deterrent to crime does not imply full registration of gun ownership. I’m only saying if a would be bad-guy is thinking of breaking in to a home, they are taking a chance with their lives. Odds are 50-50 they will get their faces blown off.

        Full registration with public online access only means the would be bad guy can check first before hitting a home. If the address is not in the database, it means it’s a gun-free zone and chances are they can break in, rob it, and walk away from it.

      • Stephen Barlow

        AND I asked you three times and you bailed.

        Think of yourself sitting naked on the stand, under oath and a jury of women with tape measures waiting for you to answer the question.

        I see your Gun NUT logic in the last paragraph.

        I didn’t ask you if you agreed with gun registration, I already had that answer. With all the felons who have been stockpiling firearms through the gunshow exemption to backround checks, your conclusion about ‘gunfree zones’ is very wrong.

        I really hate to pressure people, but My son learned @ 4 years old that I will NOT let him evade or deceive me. I never raised my hand to him, and maybe once a year raised My voice. I actually confront people more like Spock than Bones.

      • hiroshisumida

        Let me ask for more clarity from you, since you want gun registration.

        What is gun registration to you? Does it include unconditionally registering all guns with the state? Does it also include a public access web site mapping the addresses of all gun owners as well as what weapons they own, like the criminal and pedophile web sites popping up everywhere?

        Why not have a public access web site with addresses of everyone with diagnosed bi-polarity, postpartum depression, schizophrenia and PTSD while we’re at it?

        I wonder how many are truly cowards for not registering or disclosing themselves to the state.

      • Stephen Barlow

        The genie was out of the bottle forever as soon as a convicted murderer was elected head of the NRA in 1977.

        BECAUSE selling as many KILLING TOOLS as possible to paranoid and malicious Americans was NOT thwarted by intelligent legislation after TWO of THREE Presidents were attacked by insane people with handguns. (Ford, Reagan) within 5 YEARS, the genie had bee irretrievably out of the bottle.

        There is no amount of gun control legislation that will stop another Sandy Hook. But too many GUN NUTS are addicts, like My aunt Kate. She was told countless times by doctors, family pleaded with her… to no avail. She was candy addict.

        She would hoard candy in drawers, little cat statues, under furniture… and no amount of passing out in public, watching what she used to enjoy doing or even amputations because of diabetes could get her to STOP!!!

        This woman has broken 3 commodes flinging her obese, legless carcass off her wheelchair and onto the toilet. The last time, she also fractured her skull when it hit the wall. This woman raised me but there is nothing left to help her until she dies in her 20th diabetic coma. She STILL keeps ‘fun size’ candy all over her house.

        You ask me “What is gun registration to me?” It would be like candy registration would be to My Aunt Kate. YOu would have to gather each and ever weapon in your possession, load then up in a vehicle and transport them all to the high school football field with every other GUN NUT NEIGHBOR you have been so proud to talk about your 3rd new Sig Sauer 17 shot 9MM with, and wait in line as a police officer checked each and every serial #, took you fingerprints and a sample bullet casing from each and every Death Machine and logged them all into a National Database.

        It will finally a be a huge help in solving all those “stolen gun” murders of pesky wives. I may even cut back on the “Gun Show Proliferation” of weapons in big cities from the parasites in the country who buy them by the dozen in Georgia and make $100K a year selling them so Chicago kids can use them as MURDER TOOLS.

        But, like at an intervention with My Aunt Kate… With 7.5 #’s of 3 Musketeers on the kitchen table piled up be tween BOTH her prosthesis’…
        she once again cried and admitted her addiction, tears washing the chocolate from her face from the ‘wake up smoke’ Milky Way she had before she came out of her room…

        A whole stadium full of GUN ADDICTS, with their whole stash out in public piled up next their GUIN NUT NEIGHBOR’s stash all up and down the yard lines like they were waiting in line for a roller coaster ride on the 4th of July, one after another after another… all of you so proud of you addiction, preening like a boy with his first adult erection…
        … that just might do the trick at educating YOU about the ridiculousness of Gun prolifration and the recognition of the monsterous amount or mental gymnastics you have used to justify having more guns than you can shoot and more often than not having no purpose to owning them than just to own them.

        Seeing that pile of candy didn’t stop My Aunt Kate for more than a week as the sugar runs too strong in her veins. There is one sure fire way to wean a GUN NUT off his fix.

        It’s having to sell his house because he can’t stand the mental image of his 5 year old son’s FACE splattered across his bedroom wall when the curious toddler was looking down the barrel of a .38 you THOUGHT you had cleared and…
        “IT JUST WENT OFF!!!”

        Even that is not 100%.

        Gun registration is, to me, the only resort left after the $100’s of million spent by arms dealers and Death Tool Manufacturers through the NRA has eliminated legislation that 90% of Americans WANTED PASSED into law.

        Just this January in fact. Even 60% of gun dealing PAWN SHOP OWNERS wanted this common sense, universal backround check LAW passed, and Congress balked. Even though the NRA was not successful ONCE in unseating any one whose seat they tried to BUY with propaganda money in the last three elections.

        Did you even pause to burp when you heard about Sandy Hook? I am sure you did. But if your child lost his life because of a firearm, would you END your ADDICTION? Or just buy a bigger gun safe with a child proof lock?

      • Tim K

        again the fake 90% stat is used.

      • hiroshisumida

        You seem to be on some obsessed crusade to get guns off the streets, in the belief once you do, all violence will be gone. The world will be a better place, with doves flying and rainbows shining…or something like that.

        How different would a father’s life be if his child was killed by his trigger finger, versus the violent a brutal death by another man’s hands?

        I will tell you. The death of his child by his own hands will definitely cause him to renounce guns. The death of his child be the violent hands of another will definitely cause him to appreciate the guns for giving him the means to seek vengeance.

        You have unshakeable conviction. You are convinced you are in the right. The very idea that you may be wrong or perhaps mistaken is literally unthinkable to you. You have the ethical and morally superior position. How can you possible be wrong?

        Death is a tricky entity. There are many ways he can take life away from someone. Quiet and peacefully, painfully, violently, or lonely. Take your pick. I doubt he cares which. I know this much. Death will probably make his quota regardless what you or I do this night, or any other night. The only question, sir….is from who and how?

        On that night, everything you and I have been talking about….means absolutely d-i-c-k.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I NEVER cared how many Death Toys an insecure guy needs to feel like a man.

        I thought I had been clear about that all along. Tim K is under the same delusion as you, but at least you are using your intelligence and I appreciate it.

        Apparently you have bought into the Sarah Palin claim that “Obama is coming! Obama is coming! Obama is coming to take away your guns!!!”

        If you are sTILL being fooled by your own people after 6 years, then I guess you will NEVER learn how little integrity the Right really has.

        As I said countless times to countless closed minds who may even have READ WHAT I WROTE and still believe what the NRA told them to believe…

        “If you are a genuinely responsible gun owner, you would have nothing to hide and thus, registering your guns (as a deterrent to crime of course ~wink~) as a public SERVICE should be ZERO burden up you and thus IS by definition NOT ANY INFRINGEMENT upon your tight to keep and bear arms.

        But your rights to PURCHASE and SELL/TRAFE firearms is NOT covered under the Constitution. LMAO!

        Except by the first part which begins, ” A well REGULATED …”

        And thus, despite Scalia’s not really legal somersaults through Heller v DC (2008) COMMERCE in firearms can be regulated to the hilt and taxed as well according to the ACTUAL ARTICLES of the Constitution. None of which have been amended EVER, save the part about a negro being 3/5ths of a person and women getting to vote.

      • Tim K

        People in the pro 2nd amendment camp are not criminals. Criminals love tough gun laws. They don’t follow laws only law abiding citizens do.

      • Stephen Barlow

        THAT is exactly what a national Gun Registry would weed out. The 50% of guns owned by criminals, those who have no rights to owning guns.

        You say “shall not be infringed’ 24/7. Does that mean you WANT felons , wife beaters, child abusers, robbers, burglars, killers and rapists to own guns UNFETTERED by REGULATION?

        NOw you say no. So a national Gun Registry not only tracks criminals with guns, it tracks guns so we can catch the criminals.

        By proxy, your 2A stance is aiding and abetting violent fugitives in their escape of justice. You are obstructing police (all law enforcement) investigations every time you squeek about ‘shoall not be infringed’ WITH reading the FIRST part of 2A out loud “A WELL REGULATED…”

      • Tim K

        Gun ownership is a right .Car ownership is not. Do you want to pay a registration fee to vote?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Has nothing to do with any fee. It has to do with a claim that public knowledge of gun possession is a deterrent to crime. THAT was the claim.
        Read the question above and try and keep up Tim.

      • Tim K

        We don’t trust the government knowing who has guns or not. Because of gun grabbers like you. Why not make everyone that gets a drivers license go through a background check. If you pass you get a symbol on your drivers license that says you passed. With this license you can go to any gun dealer and purchase a gun with your pre-approved background check. If you don’t want to purchase a gun you don’t have too. You don’t have to be a genius to know that if the risk of you getting shot is higher you are less likely to commit a crime. Knowing that people can carry concealed firearms not only make that person safer it also makes those that don’t carry safer because the criminal doesn’t know who is carrying. Concealed carry had two big advantages. First it does not give the bad guy a tactical advantage of knowing who is carrying. Second it does not disturb those that are scared of guns.

      • Stephen Barlow

        WHY NOT? Are you one of those fools who thinks his personal armory is going to sTOP the Ferguson Police Militia? You Ruby Ridge Idiot? A Waco Wacko?

        1st off, I don’t care HOW MANY killing tools your paranoia tells you you need or want. The very fact that you are paranoid means you should be LIFETIME BANNED from firearms possession.
        I NEVER EVER said I wanted to collect any of your property. NO WHERE EVER!!!

        NO I do NOT forgive you for misrepresenting or flat out lying about Me in public.

        But thanks for proving YOUR mental stability today. I DO believe that random, 3 day, inpatient psych evaluations should be a 1/100 requirement under the law though. Because when GUN NUTs like you claim that you agree mentally unstable individuals shouldn’t carry weapons… but fight like hell to NOY be discovered… WE KNOW WANNA WHO YOU ARE!

        I DO like the idea of a symbol, like a Donor Heart, on the driver’s license. I explained this to hirosishumida on a different post in this thread. If you wanna know My answer, there it is.

      • Tim K

        You accuse others of not having adult conversations. You get mad when others make accusation but you make plenty ….read your posts. If any body is childish and a name caller its you. Stick to facts. Gun registration is for gun grabbers. I like guns. I like different designs I like different types. It doesn’t make me paranoid…..oh wait aren’t you disparaging me in public….oh yes you did.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Gun grabber! Gun grabber! Gun grabber! Gun grabber!

        Thanks again for making My point. You angry enough to KILL YET? If I start talking about your mother’s talent’s, you gonna draw down on Me?

        Tim, YOU are exactly the kind of ‘bigshot’ who kills an innocent by accident and then cries in court as your families life savings goes into the pocket of the best lawyer you can afford to keep your ass from spending the rest of your life in a CAGE with the very people you were terrified enough of to KILL.

        Do you really think you can drop the hammer on Me an not miss before I take it from you? Before some pumped up, just out of prison, drugged up meth junkie needing a fix could snap your wrist and stuff the muzzle down your throat?

        YOU are more likely to get killed than they are.

        I know carrying makes you feel ll manly and powerful, but unless you can feel blood spatter your face and NOT flinch, you should keep it in the safe Tim. Trained COPS beg suspects to put down their weapons 5 -6 -7 times, and even as the armed criminal is approaching them weapon up, they hesitate to kill.

        What chance does a little accounting clerk kinda guy like Tim K. have of hitting and advancing target when IT’S SHOOTING BACK?

        Paper @ the range is one thing, and platoon missions in the Army is another but ask ANY combat Vet…

        … it’s frigging hard to kill a stranger under fire. Much harder than is looks like in the movies Tim. But mano Y mano in a dark alley when you are emptying you bladder and your colon at the same time?

        YOu would NEVER stand a chance. I bet you can’t even ask you wife for one’s to go to the strip club.

      • Tim K

        You have that maturity of a 5 year old. A post of incoherent name calling. Your the angry one not me. Yes you have to have the ability to shoot to use a gun defensively. Its not easy and there are legal consequences even if you are justified. But if you carry you have options. I don’t carry very often because of where I work makes it impractical. But if I feel I need to when I travel I can. I’ll stay on the high road.

      • Stephen Barlow

        I only asked 5 different ways if you were man enough to KILL with all those weapons you claim the right to have.

        Still don’t see you posting a YES or NO answer.

        Truth Tim? You do need passable 3/5 on the paper markmanship (I am a 40/40 expert with an M16), but you also need to keep your wits even if you take a round. VERY FEW (1/1000?) have that much self awareness and mental discipline. Me? I doubt it, but then again, I’ve only taken fire twice. But NOT in a confined space against a methed out robber in under 50 feet.

        But @ 50 feet, I would only touch his iris with the round if it was bigger than his pupil.

        What about you?

        Could Tim stand his ground FACING his opponent?
        (Ambushing a sitting victim doesn’t count there Mr. Tim Carries da Big Iron)

        How far would Mr Tim Bravado flinch if he felt the breeze of a slug by his ear?

        Could Mr Tim put three in the chest of a living breathing human being?

        Or are you just a hero on the paper? hehehe

        Puppies do it on the paper. Big dogs play in the woods.

      • Stephen Barlow

        A tactical advantage? Do you live in Harlem? East LA or South Central?

        Or do you just ‘wanna be prepared’ in case that 1 in 310,000,000,000,000 top one chance happens to walk up to you in a Dubuque, IA porn store parking lot and ask you for a light and you wallet?

        You are prepared to KILL for a little insured leather and paper and a picture of your grand kid?

        That makes you a threat to ANYONE whom you fear
        MIGHT be a threat. And when you kill and run in fear and hide, Gun registration will catch you when you pawn the evidence.

      • Tim K

        You live in a dream world…..can you talk facts instead of your fantasy world. Ambush is a offensive term……legal conceal carry people carry for legal defensive purposes. Gun registration is for gun grabbers.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Of the 92% of Americans that WANT Universal Backround Checks for every gun sale, how many would have no problem whatsoever with a National Gun registry, annual licensing fees to cover the COSTS of guns (about $32 per gun) and mandatory firearms liability insurance.

        Even if you car is in the driveway, you pay insurance on it. So if you keep them in a case, you pay. if you wave them around in a black neighborhood, you pay more.

      • Tim K

        Site your statistical reference. Its not true. National Gun registry would be supported by about 30%. All the ultra liberal democrats. Fees to own guns is discriminatory to the poor. You only want the rich to be able to defend themselves. Some of the worst crime areas are in the poor neighborhoods. Again you prove your a racist. You see color everywhere don’t you.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Cite your source.

        I want to limit personal arsenals.
        I want to make sure that those who have guns are legally allowed to have them
        I want gun owners to be less casual about letting their kids take them to SCHOOL.
        I want KILLING TOOL owners held accountable the way we hold driver’s accountable for the damage done by their property.
        I wanna cut crime (which is down in countries that make gun ownership hard.)

        Why do you NEED to have a gun in church?
        You afraid of God? What’s a Desert Eagle .50 gonna do against GOD?

      • Stephen Barlow

        AMBUSH is EXACTLY what you do to someone when you whip out your HIDDEN KILLING TOOL and Rambo some kid to DEATH!

      • Tim K

        You are irrational. Defending your life is not an ambush its defense. An ambush is the person who attempts to rob you. You must be one of those types that believes people who carry are looking for trouble or an excuse to use there gun or play cop. Those fables just aren’t true.

      • Stephen Barlow

        It IS when you whip out a GLock and empty the clip into a lost kid hoping a decent person will give them directions.

        It is when you don’t like someone’s music and you shoot @ their car as they are leaving.

        It is when you talk crap and are shamed in public because you are really a wuss to the core. Then come back in blasting your anger at the room.

        You never did man up an answer the key question.
        “Could you keep your nerve once you draw down on you victim and make you shots KILL!???”

        Answer that and I could respect you. BEcause the headlines are FULL of ‘fables’ you claim aren’t true.

      • Tim K

        Those examples are not ambush it’s murder. You have to responsible to carry a gun and know when you should or shouldn’t use it. Also glocks don’t have clips they have magazines.

      • tariq

        Your post doesn’t make any sense, that 45 minutes was a waste of time.

    • Luis R. Valle

      Lack of neurons, confidence and easy to manipulate.

    • Stephen Barlow

      What is worse is that they got a PERMIT to gather in public space!!!!

    • Rio

      What if a group of black people decides to do it. Would you assume gang activity.

      • Cemetery Girl

        No, I would not start panicking that some gang has taken over my neighborhood. I live on a quiet side street that leads to a park. Unless it’s a protest over lack of parking in the park, there really is no need for a protest of any sort to be on my street.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Until a drug cartel opens up shop there and white cops decides it’s a TARGET RICH ENVIRONMENT!!!

      • Rio

        Lol you think you’re safe where you just wait and see. Those who turn the blind eyes to victims end up becoming a victim that the public turns a blind eye to just wait watch God can’t protect those that don’t serve him and all of his children.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Because I wouldn’t be alarmed if someone that isn’t white is outside my house, that’s a problem? I would be unhappy with any armed group protesting in my neighborhood, but no it would not cause me to panic if they weren’t white. Not sure why that means I’m going to be a victim of crime, but whatever…

      • Amanda Russo

        This is getting to the heart of the problem. If a black man walked around with a gun like that he’d be shot dead. Hell, two weeks ago John Crawford was murdered by police for picking up a toy gun.

        If these guys truly believed in the first amendment they would be protesting these unfair, unwritten laws. The Constitution should apply to everyone.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        “But we live in postracial America!”
        Yeah, right.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • hiroshisumida

        I agree with Amanda. However I would also add ALL of the Constitution, without exceptions and unconditionally, needs to be observed and recognized. We can’t conveniently cherry-pick which provisions to observe simply because we like it, while ignoring other provisions because we do not agree with it.

        All provisions of the Constitution must be observed until there is a Constitutional Amendment agreeing to the removal of any article(s) therein.

      • william wilson

        Having owned many guns in the past at this stage of my life as long as i have faith in law inforcment and feel safe, more or less,i won’t lose sleep .But this is
        My opinion and you know what they say about that 🙂

      • Stephen Barlow

        Tell SCOTUS!!!! Hobby Lobby dehumanizes humans and personalizes pieces of paper. No one seems to realize that no person in a corporation is as important as the Articles of incorporation. Otherwise, US Steel would have been CLOSED when Carnegie sold it. (in principle)

        The ONLY thing that makes a corporation is a document. SCOTUS says a piece of paper can control a woman’s medical care. Not her Doctor nor herself.

        TELL SCOTUS to obey the Constitution.

      • hiroshisumida

        Stephen, that’s a whole different dialogue. I’m not about to go there.

      • Stephen Barlow

        It’s a response to you point about COMPLETELY OBEYING the Constitution.

      • hiroshisumida

        How SCOTUS interprets the Constitution is a pain in the ass to everyone.

      • Tim K

        you obviously didn’r read the court decision and don’t understand it at all. Nothing in the decision would apply to US steel or any corporation that is not closely held

      • Stephen Barlow

        Please read all the words Tim, not just the 1 & 2 syllable ones. What I wrote has NOTHING to do with the unconstitutionally partisan SCOTUS Decision in the Hobby Lobby case.

        Please read EVERY word, have your grandkids help you (they would feel so proud)

        Lemme shorten it an hone a REALLY FINE POINT on it for you.

        “No one seems to realize that no person in a corporation is as important as the Articles of Incorporation.” Referring to the documents, printed on paper, that establish the Corporation as a LEGAL entity.

        “The ONLY thing that makes a corporation is a document.”

        A corporation is NOT a human.

      • Tim K

        No you statement has nothing to do with Hobby Lobby you only sited it in you post. How could I come to such a conclusion. And maybe you should look up the legal definition of a Corporation. I’m tired of Libs saying a corporation is not a Human. If you know the definition of a corporation you will see that is like trying to argue that black is not black. “Despite not being human beings, corporations, as far as the law is concerned, are legal persons, and have many of the same rights and responsibilities as natural people do. Corporations can exercise human rights against real individuals and the state,[5][6] and they can themselves be responsible for human rights violations.[7]” from wikipedia

      • Stephen Barlow

        I am TIRED of making you look ignorant.


        [kawr-puh-rey-shuh n] Spell Syllables


        Word Origin



        an association of individuals, created by law or under authority of law,having a continuous existence independent of the existences of itsmembers, and powers and liabilities distinct from those of its members.”

        And the obligation to be drafted in time of war….

        The legal right to drink alcohol @ age 21


        The board may conduct business AS IF:

        their business were a person.

        They have NO HUMAN RIGHTS.

        Except those granted by law.

        Bill, Ed, George, Mitt… may ACT ……………… AS IF…
        But on paper, they can NEVER be people.

        Or they would have the right to VOTE, MARRY, and fart in an elevator with IMPUNITY.

      • Tim K

        “The law treats a corporation as a legal “person” that has standing to
        sue and be sued, distinct from its stockholders. The legal independence
        of a corporation prevents shareholders from being personally liable for
        corporate debts. It also allows stockholders to sue the corporation
        through a derivative suit and makes ownership in the company (shares)
        easily transferable. The legal “person” status of corporations gives the
        business perpetual life; deaths of officials or stockholders do not
        alter the corporation’s structure.” – Cornell University Law school

        “a large business or organization that under the law has the rights and duties of an individual and follows a specific purpose” – Mirriam- Webster

        “How can a corporation a piece of paper be treated as a person” – Clueless Liberal

        By the way you cannot possibly make me look ignorant…..just look at your rambling rant in this thread.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Exactly. A DOCUMENT that assigns legal rights to selected management officials. NOT a PERSON.

      • Tim K

        A corporation of course is not a person but it has the Rights of an Individual by definition. So stop complaining when a corporation is given rights afforded to individuals. Then take a course in reading comprehension.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Has limited rights of an individual to enter into contracts and legal actions in pursuit of it’s business objectives.

        By that definition, Hobby Lobby had no standing to bring a religious suit into any court. But the REDS run the courts because the Dems negotiated with terrorists.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Aren’t you ashamed of showing your masturbation rashes to your Mom?

      • Tim K

        Another intelligent comment brought to you by Stephen Barlow. It disturbs me that you have sexual fantasies about strangers on the internet. Get some help man.

      • Stephen Barlow

        YOu still don’t have enough courage to answer a simple question honestly, do you Timbuffoon?

      • Tim K

        Once again you are name calling. Let me lay this out simple for you. I have a conceal carry permit. Don’t carry often. I would not have a permit and I would not carry a gun for self defense if I wasn’t willing to use it if absolutely necessary. Why you are obsessed about that I have no idea.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Because it took you a moth to muster the courage to answer a simple honest question. So I highly doubt you have the courage to even take the safety off a pistol when confronted by a mugger or a rapist. I bet you would just lay in the street bleeding while you wife was being gang raped against a brick wall or kneeling in front of a dumpster. Because unlike the attackers, you would chicken out and piss yourself before you could FIND the safety under duress.

      • Tim K

        Once again you went off the track in some fantasy world of yours.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Stephen Barlow

        WHY did you think you needed an AMBUSH KILLING TOOL?

      • Stephen Barlow

        “”Despite not being human beings, corporations, as far as the law is concerned, are legal persons, and have many of the same rights and responsibilities as natural people do. ”

        Then Y do they NOT clean up their messes?”

        TMI, Alaska Coast Gulf Coast!

      • Stephen Barlow

        I did! AND I showed it to you.
        Thou art either incredibly ignorant or incredibly stupid.

        pick BOTH.

      • Tim K

        Take your meds

      • Stephen Barlow

        I WANNA SEE THIS IN TEXAS!!!!! 200 AR-15 armed negroes in Target shopping for bullets!!!!!

        Think they would be locked out and the national Guard called in by Perry?

        I mean he DID activate and order 1000 ARMY TROOPS IN FUL BATTLE GEAR to hunt 9 year old kids like rabbits.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        That’s ridiculous. Target doesn’t sell ammo.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Don’t be impertinent in an attempt to appear intelligent.

        I chose “Target” because that is where these armed weenies we published in photos giggling about scaring women and children in National publications.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        And I chose to make the comment about Target not selling ammo because I thought it would be funny. Because I have a sense of humor, and think if you try to be too serious all the time you’re going to drive yourself crazy. And I don’t feel the need to do anything to appear intelligent.

    • micah stephenson

      Its just white people wanting to rub it in the face of blacks. “Look at us, we can walk around with our guns out in the open, while you will get shot to death just for looking at the police wrong, ha ha ha”

      • Stephen Barlow

        Sad but true. Although the crittercops doing this abuse of power could NEVER have enough therapy to understand their own real motives.

    • Newticle

      Yep. It’s racism. The cops NEED to say no to this.

      • Stephen Barlow

        nO!!! They need to ADMIT IT!!

    • misfit

      It is absolutely race motivated. No reason they can not march in a white neighborhood. Unless, of course, the whites dont want them in their areas either. Hmmmm,,,,,, Imagine that.

  • Haskell Cherry

    Maybe the Blacks should schedule a “Counter Protest” in one of Houston’s White Neighborhoods. Play by GOOBERS Rules. What’s good for the GOOBER is good for the Brother!!!

    • Dana J.

      If black people did this, they’d all be jailed or shot by the police

      • MiketheHuman

        They’d be jailed, then shot by police…

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        No they’d be shot. No jail.

      • Stephen Barlow

        THAT’s more like it.

      • tariq

        Or shot then jailed.

      • Haskell Cherry

        Sad but True!!!

      • Tim K

        “Two dozen protesters from a gun club named for the founder of the
        Black Panther Party marched through the streets of South Dallas on

        The open-carry rally was organized by the Huey P. Newton Gun Club to
        promote self-defense and community policing in response to recent police

        “We think that all black people have the right to self defense and
        self determination,” said Huey Freeman, an organizer. “We believe that
        we can police ourselves and bring security to our own communities.”

        Police monitored the black-clad demonstrators, some of whom had
        rifles slung over their shoulders. As they walked down MLK Boulevard,
        many chanted “black power” and “justice for Michael Brown,” the black
        teenager shot by police in suburban St. Louis.

        At one point, the group stopped at Elaine’s Kitchen, and one of the
        organizers told those who were armed to display their weapons in a
        “safe, disciplined manner.”

        Freeman said they planned to patronize several South Dallas
        businesses to keep their money in the community and teach their
        neighbors about their “right to self-defense.”

        The march came to a peaceful end about 90 minutes after it began at a car wash at Malcolm X Boulevard and Marburg Street. ” 20 Aug 2014 Dallas news OOPS guess you’re all wrong.

    • Betty Eyer

      Playing by the goobers rules gets black men jailed and dead.

    • william wilson

      Everyone knows how that would play out


    “Peaceful, unarmed black protestors” HA! What part of Ferguson are you watching?!? All I’ve been seeing is black vandals looting and burning down the city! Get out of your fantasy land

    • seekthetruth

      Things didn’t turn violent until after the peaceful march to the police department to get answers & they were turned away. Follow the story from the beginning, not what the media chooses to glorify to appease racially charged persons such as yourself.

    • sharon

      Well it started as a peaceful protest and taunting from the police is what caused the outrage that led to the burning and looting, which is wrong by all means. Of course the news is gonna only show what they are allowed to so people like you can sit back and pass judgement on a situation you have no clue about!!!

      • THE TRUTH

        HAHA! Right! Police ate at fault for a bunch of thieving idiots. Why not make some MORE EXCUSES for them!

      • Jillz

        What did Mike Brown steal that deserved being shot to death by police while he had his hands up?

      • Jerry Doyle

        As of this morning it would appear to be cigars… 8-/

      • canj

        So the 2nd Amendment is ok, but a jury trial for a box of cigars is not? Just kill him for being a SUSPECT.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        Last I heard, the cop i question didn’t even know he was suspected of anything more heinous than jay walking.

      • Jillz

        Capital punishment for stealing some cigars (if that’s even true), and without benefit of charges, a trial, jury or judge. What’s next I wonder? Cut people’s hands off for stealing a loaf of bread?

    • Luis R. Valle

      “All I’ve been seeing is black vandals looting and burning down the city” if you look and read you would soon learn, that is what they “the 6 conglomerates that control media” have chosen for you, most of the protestors are ordinary orderly people, enrage by the use of excessive force and NOT ALL are African Americans.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        And most of them are condemning said looting.

    • Moses

      Stop watching Fox News, start watching real news that doesn’t have a racist slant, and you might start understanding. Then again, you’d also have to extract your skull from your rectum; I’d work on that first.

      • THE TRUTH

        Actually I saw it in tweets from those black people who are looting, they made videos of all the stuff they’ve stolen and are proudly showing it off online. so now what’s the excuse?

      • canj

        Wall street does it all the time and they don’t get shot, or go to jail…..

    • Ignatz

      [All I’ve been seeing is black vandals looting and burning down the city!]

      That’s because it’s all you WANT to see, because it confirms your biases.

  • MojaveMoon

    Those gun toting pussies won’t do it lol. Most of them live in their mom’s basement and eat Pizza Pockets while playing WOW. Idiots.

    • Pipercat

      F2P, no less!

  • William Greeson

    Why aren’t militias and groups like this marching to ferguson? Why aren’t they protecting people being beat down by the “corrupt governments” they want to discuss? I don’t get it.

    • Adam Smith

      Because they’re mostly racist hypocrites.

      • stephen ramsden

        BINGO! Adam Smith

    • Kyle Strong

      I agree William! In my state of Nevada, when the Cliven Bundy issue was going on, these groups and militias were flocking from all OVER the country (armed to the teeth) to come and protest/protect one rancher from the “corrupt government/BLM” over the rounding up of his cows; but now with actual excessive force from a local government/law enforcement group being shown in Ferguson you won’t hear a peep from any of them! Instead they want to march in a neighborhood where they are obviously not welcome! Black neighborhood or not, if this was my neighborhood I would perceive this as a threat (no matter the skin color), and someone(s
      ) just looking to pick a fight….. just like in Nevada. In the end, all these type of groups are doing is just making it worse for the rest of us whom responsibly own and enjoy our guns…..

      • Stephen Barlow

        WHICH is what NATIONAL gun purchase control and total registration would have diminished.

        THINK. This is a US Constitutional ‘right’. So WHY do states have a say in it at all? And NO!!! the 10th Amendment does NOT apply here.

    • Ignatz

      That would actually be risky, and they’re cowards.

    • Stephen Barlow

      BEcause in NEVADA, they are safe from criminal prosecution. On national tv, not so much.

      BEsides, with 200 SWAT RIOT SQUAD ARMY RESERVES armed by the PENTAGON with fraudulently purchased weaponry…. who needs them?

    • Stephen Barlow

      As they did in Nevada for a tax thief?

    • Tim K

      because they are a Texas group trying to change Texas law .

  • SpaceCadet Williams

    Stupid people.

  • Ellen H.

    If Texas is a stand your ground state, things could get messy.

    • Pipercat

      Stand your ground, castle and homestead state.

    • Jamey Philipp

      So Florida precedent shows that all you need to do is “feel threatened” and that’s enough for you to open fire, and get acquitted, right? The neighborhood should have 1000 barrels pointed in the street and light them up and claim STG, castle, and homestead all in one….because I’d feel threatened if racists of the opposite color of mine gathered in my street bearing loaded weapons….

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        I’d feel threatened by any large group of any color marching armed down my street.

    • canj

      When will Texas succeed ? Soon I hope.

      • Ellen H.

        I think you mean secede. It’s an easy mistake to make. Autocorrect probably doesn’t help.

  • erik thorne

    I am trying to figure out the difference between these people and the perverts who flash women and children? They are both doing it for the shock value and sexual gratification.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      I think the term is “ammosexuals.”

      • Stephen Barlow

        LMAO!!!!! Clever.

  • Excelerater

    These guys with the rifles, with the OC agenda …I am betting they are more law abiding then anyone at that table.

    • Brian

      I’m betting they were so law-abiding, they and their parents fought to keep segregation.

  • sherry06053

    How would they feel if, next week or month, a group of armed black people decided to protest in their community for no reason other than to say that they are not afraid. But the problem is, it’s the guns, no matter who has them, is what is making people afraid.

  • Stephen Barlow

    All this PROVES is HOW racist this and most open carry groups are.

    • Tim K

      just what about this is racist……… some research…..don’t be stupid

      • Stephen Barlow

        How would you feel if you Mayor granted a permit to 200 uniformed and heavily armed Black People for an all day celebration in YOU lily white trailer park?

      • Tim K

        First of all this group cancelled their protest because they wanted the community to be involved. This is not a group like the KKK that wants to intimidate the community. They are fighting for every ones rights. First of all you are the racist. You are the one discriminating this group by making distinctions on where a group can demonstrate based on their race. Thank God Dr. King didn’t think the only place he could demonstrate was a black neighborhood.

      • Stephen Barlow

        HAHAAHAHAHAAHAAAAAA! you REALLY believe THAT was the reason?

        A black community cheerfully greeting a horde of moderately armed GUN NUTS marching past their houses and these WAHITE GUYS from 50 miles away expected to be invited in for Chicken, Grits and Watermelon supper?

        Dr King was SPEAKING peace to the non negroes. he didn’t need THEM to understand his message, they SHARED it with him!!!

        What message do 250 gun toting WHITES have for any black man, group or community?

        Tim… please don’t annoy me with your disturbed posts anymore. I will not respond any more because I can’t laugh this hard and type at the same time.

      • Tim K

        You need to quit stereotyping people.

      • Stephen Barlow


        Says the boy who still has the mold flashing on his ears and eyes…

      • Stephen Barlow

        Answer up?

        “What message do 250 gun toting WHITES have for any black man, group or community?”

        YOu avoid any reality, and think you are witty or some crap with lame oneliners.

        YOu have yet to give up ONE honest answer to ANY of the myriad of questions I posed to you.

      • Tim K

        all have a right to self protection. The group postponed the march because the community wants the neighborhood involved in the demonstration. So says their website if you look. I like to do a little research. But I’m sure you don’t need to. You like to speak for everyone.

      • Stephen Barlow

        So did Trayvon Martin. SO did Micheal Brown.

        If Micheal Brown knew that Officer Wilson was going to murder him from behind a badge, did he have the right to pull an AMBUSH KILLING TOOL and kill the cops shooting @ him?

        The community wants to CONTROL the tone and theme of the gun parade. BEcause we BOTH know that in that horde of gun wielding fanatics, swastika’s and Rebel flags are ready to come out of pockets faster than a .45 if a kids music is too loud.

        Is Open Carry still interested? I haven’t heard. I somehow doubt it. You should do all the research you can, not ‘just a little’.

      • Tim K

        Actually trayvon Martin didn’t have the right to carry he was too young ….I think minimum age for cc is 21. Trayvon was shot in self defense. Brown probably couldn’t carry legally either…not sure of his age but he used illegal drugs and may have had a felony record. Brown may have also been shot in self defense to….Facts are not all out yet.

      • Tim K

        an ambush killing tool = a tool that stops ambushes (your dream world and made up terms are failing you) Don’t speak for me, you can barely put together coherent thoughts for your self and I don’t claim any thoughts you have by what you have posted.

      • Stephen Barlow

        You DELUDED condom drainage mistake!

      • Stephen Barlow

        YES? no?

        Could your draw and shove your precious AMBUSH pistol??

        SHOVE it in a man’s face and splatter his brain’s?

        SPEAK 4 yur self…

        MAN UP 4 ONCE!

        Could you LOOK me in the eyes, and then ….

        yank out your megafauxpenis and shoot Me?

      • Stephen Barlow

        HOW loud would you beg if I TOOK it from you and gave you 14 9MM enema’s?

      • Stephen Barlow

        Truth be told, I’d give you uno and let you bleed out.

      • Tim K


      • Stephen Barlow


      • Stephen Barlow


      • Stephen Barlow

        Did your Pastor teach you to ONLY lie to people you don’t know, who don’t go to your militia group or find it offensive for white paramilitary GUN NUTS to wanna “spread their message’ in nonwhite communities?

        Pretty soon you will be calling Me a Republican and telling people I watch Fox news with you.

      • Tim K

        You lost it.

      • Stephen Barlow


      • Stephen Barlow

        WHITE GUYS with megarifles… on YOUR FRONT lawn.


        250 BLACK guys with Assault Weapons….

        waving flags, marching, shouting

        DARING you to die as you SYG.

  • Debbie Lusignan


  • Brian

    This is bullying, plain and simple, and almost certainly racially motivated.

  • oneortheother

    Pleased publish the Open Carry Texas marchers’ neighborhoods so while they are marching uninvited in “black” neighborhoods, others can get a permit to marched armed in their neighborhood. Shouldn’t be a problem for Houston since I’m sure they consulted with those in the neighborhood before permitting any march. But you show up armed, uninvited in my neighborhood….

  • Serenity

    This Open and Carry Group that actually wants to march in 5th Ward,their President is some Nut Job Ex Military Man with PTSD? also IS very much A racist I commented on his blog once and was blatantly called the N Word he never said A Word.He’s still bitching about an Arrest in Temple Texas and as of right now I don’t think he’s even allowed to carry A Gun so why 5th Ward?I think we all know the answer to that why is it that not one person of Color other than Caucasian seems to be in their Open And Carry group?

  • daisychick

    I am white… and female…. from Texas…and I’ve seriously been considering going to Missouri to protect civilians.

    • ichabod cray

      What are you waiting for!? Feel free to stay there.

    • Stephen Barlow

      What good would YOU DO if the COPS can’t keep ’em safe?

  • Dave Shan

    heres an idea, charter a cropduster and fill it with urine. Then fly over their armed march and drop the piss all over them,


    HAHA! You’re all a bunch of pussy liberal sheep. How about YOU go to st Louise and control the “peaceful blacks”

    • Ignatz

      Funny how the whole situation calmed down as soon as they change the cops, and they started acting like community police instead of occupying troops, isn’t it?

      The problem must have been the citizens. COULDN’T have been the cops.

  • Matthew Reece

    The best way to solve problems like this is to privatize all property. If the people of this community privately owned their roads, then there would be nowhere for these protesters to march, as doing this on the private property of people who do not want them there would constitute trespassing, and the trespassers could be removed by whatever means necessary.

  • ShootOwnFoot

    They just don’t realize that what they are doing will harm their supposed right much more than help it. They’re going to rant and rave when laws are passed to prevent them from being morons due to them… being morons.

  • Matt

    NRA members do not back this group so stop reporting that they do. This group is considered irresponsible and shunned by NRA Members. By the way the NRA has plenty of black members so maybe educate yourself before playing the race card. It’s a hard habit to break but you can do it!

    • Hey guys! They have some black friends! It’s cool, now.
      First, the article goes out of its way to distinguish between “the NRA and backers of groups like Open Carry Texas,” so nobody reported that. It only mentions them in the same sentence to show that neither ideological group is out supporting the protesters in MO. It’s something they currently have in common.
      Second, the “race card,” as you put it, is being played because a group composed primarily of white folk is planning their brandishing rally in a black neighborhood, for reasons it is alright to speculate about, because why? Also, where ARE all the open carry nuts when their fears are being realized in actuality in MO? Why did they fly in from all over the country to support a rich white dude who was breaking the law in NV, when the government WASN’T using excessive force, but when they are in MO, nobody’s down to help? It might not be a race thing, it might be a small cowardly testicles thing, but doesn’t it beg the question?

      The point is, don’t be so quick to whip out the “race card” trump card when it has been played legitimately.

    • ichabod cray

      And by plenty you mean 4.

  • surfjac

    What’s gonna’ happen when people in the neighborhood step on to their porches with rifles? Does “open carry” mean only crazy white mother-fuckers should carry rifles? They may be in for some surprises; they would be if they marched in our neighborhood.

    • Gary Menten

      Q. Does “open carry” mean only crazy white mother-fuckers should carry rifles?

      A. I think that was pretty much the intention.

      • Charles Vincent

        You thought wrong sorry

      • Gary Menten

        Naw…as soon as gangs of armed black people, or better still Muslims in Arab dress start exercising their 2nd Amendment rights by openly carrying AK47’s in shopping malls in white suburban neighborhoods the white-bread fucktards who were arguing for these ridiculous open carry laws will freak out plenty.

      • Charles Vincent

        Wow so much hyperbole in such a small paragraph. Never did you consider these marches might just be multi-cultural.

  • Greg

    As a matter of fact, I am part of Open Carry Texas and this march was never discussed nor planned. I would like to know where you got your sources because this entire story is fabricated.

    • Jillz

      Reported by KHOU (Houston); KPRC (Houston); ABC13 (Houston); Raw Story; KTRH News Radio.

      These were all found with one quick Google search; there are most likely more stories about it available should you care to check.

    • Judy Jackson

      This march has been discussed for quite some time now. I have seen it on several news sites across the state. Maybe you aren’t as important a part of Open Carry Texas as you think you are.

  • Jan P

    Did they give a reason for not choosing a predominately white neighborhood? If so, I missed that.

  • Rooster McChrist

    I can’t wait to see this backfire.

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      While it is very likely that it will backfire, I don’t wish for it. As backfiring will result in a lot of innocent people dying.

  • Phil DaPill

    Deputize every resident of that neighborhood and put them in charge of crowd control with full riot gear, assault rifles, tear gas, etc. #ReverseFerguson

  • Sandra Quinn

    Having the right to arm yourself, should not suspend all common sense.

  • Rio

    I would bring a gun too if u was a coward going through a black neighborhood with my friends.

  • Robert Radcliffe

    And you wonder why the rest of the world see’s the US as a bunch of Gun toting lunatics. Holy shit man. I LOVE my American friends. Great hang outs, awesome people, even the gun loving ones. The difference is, these people that I am friends with, aren’t stupid about their guns. This is ridiculous. Just utterly ridiculous.

  • Nemisis

    Texas Stand Your Ground, versus open carry zealots…Self-fulfilling prophecy.

  • Leyron Jackson

    They are not targeting “Black Neighborhoods” they are targeting high crime zones. This is not a racially charged show of power, it’s a presentation to criminal element that the citizens are armed and will defend themselves. People need to stop seeing things in black and white… there’s plenty of grey out there too that many of the left and right media doesn’t want you to know about. Stop making things racially charged, stop fueling the fire! Free your mind of ignorance and listen to reason. Geezus!

    • Judy Jackson

      These idiots need to stay in THEIR OWN neighborhoods. I work at the Target where these cretins held their rally earlier this summer. The Las Colinas area of Irving, Texas is NOT a high crime area. I live in that area, I work in that area. I guarantee that NONE of the open carry cretins who were acting like dumb shits live or work in Las Colinas. All they did was scare people. My store lost thousands of dollars in business that day & the phones rang off the hook because people were afraid to enter the parking lot with those idiots waving their guns around. IF these idiots want to wave their guns around, they need to do it IN THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS & stay of mine. We don’t want their kind in Las Colinas.

      • Curtis Scarbrough

        Not “The Las Colinas” Just “Las Colinas”. Sorry. Nothing personal. Just a pet peeve of mine. Captain Grammar, AWAY!!!

  • Austin Reggae

    Instigating a race war….condoned by the government.

  • Mr. Black

    Bunch of babies.

  • bill

    You can’t fix stupid.

  • Can someone explain to me how being obnoxious with big guns is going to help change the laws about being allowed to brandish little guns?

  • Me

    I’m glad to see that a lot of pro gun “white” ppl don’t agree with this tactic. Makes me see that I judge ppl too harshly sometimes and that I myself am biased also. But it’s plain to see that this is some type of racist intimidation tactic. Why didn’t they just recruit ppl from that community to join their group instead of just doing a walk thru in a random black neighborhood?

  • suburbancuurmudgeon

    What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

  • vetipie

    Just a bunch of trigger happy, gun toting cowboys.

  • Pincheweyy

    Crazy ass white people.. next then you know there are going to be crazy ass black people openly carrying guns too.. not good.. not good.

  • Tariq

    Race war in T-Minus 24 hrs……

  • GREG


  • hidden 120

    I think the people of Ferguson lost the right to be called peaceful protesters when they, and many imports, destroyed the community the first night. Can you really believe that things won’t boil over again without babysitters? If you were a business owner out peaceful protester that lived in Ferguson, how would you fell if riots, looting, and fires started tonight, and the authorities just turned their backs and said, “they’re just exercising their right to protest.” You’d be pissed for not being protected.

    • William Greeson

      This is a bit old, but it’s funny how the business owners in ferguson posted stories and tried to reach reporters to discuss how the people of their communities protected their businesses from rioters.

      This is god damn ridiculous, protests aren’t all peaceful, especially when aggresive action was already taken from the other side. THE MINUTE a change in police was offered the protests became less violent. THE MINUTE different cops were called in it was less violent.

      So yeah, sit and judge, and may judgment be on you. It is not for a single person to judge because you don’t have the right, the knowledge, or the full image of the situation. Just like MIlitia men going into Nevada didn’t even bother to do full research ont he rancher they protected. A violent man who couldn’t be fucked to share the land with his fellow ranchers.

      Other ranchers in the area were even against him, which is why the issue in Nevada escalated to the point it did. The MIlitias who went to defend him were ready for a battle, they were ready for fucking war with the government over their percieved rights.

      But we get a pretty violent outcry at what started as a peaceful protest and suddenly the MIlitias can’t be fucked. YOu racist pigs. You fucking worthless wastes of human flesh. I feel the world would be better without you.

  • Clayton Timmer

    Its so hard to read these posts. Do many people to respond to…not worth my time. Research both sides y’all! Act intelligently! People open Carry for good reason. Find out why and then understand that side of the debate. Fight confirmation bias!

    • Melinda Hailey

      Please enlighten me……what good reason could a person possibly have for openly carrying a rifle into a Target store? Or Chipotle or Starbucks, etc., etc?

      • Clayton Timmer

        It creates an opportunity for the public to increase knowledge concerning their rights as a citizen.

    • tariq

      I noticed that you conveniently omitted the so called good reason.

  • OldCowboy

    Here’s my take on open carry. If the long gun is carried on the back, then I am not concerned. OTOH, if the long gun is carried in front, I will assume the carrier is a terrorist bent on killing people and I will stand my ground.

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      A fair statement, but even slung on the back, it doesn’t take long to bring a rifle to the ready. Especially with a 3 point sling.

    • Tim K

      Open carry of long gun in a public are is just stupid from a safety prospective. Vary hard to carry a long gun around with out swiping someone in a public area.

  • Rambo

    Dear USA ppl please dont come to Australia or New Zealand with your stupid gun laws we will disarm you and send back to your silly jungle

  • Newticle

    I like how this is basically civilian racial intimidation. The cops aren’t being bullying enough for them, so they plan to come in and stomp around with more lethal weaponry than the police usually carry.

    My country (and my race) embarrasses me. Texas, in particular, should be sold back to Mexico at the earliest possible opportunity. They drag us all down.

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      Would Mexico even want them back? And the we’d have to deal with Texans jumping the border. Totally not worth it. Besides, we should keep Austin.

  • steveB

    They need to protest in their own hoods –where all the child molestors reside

  • Bentley

    What this is is an act of genocide. According to the UN statute, you don’t have to physically hurt folks, just scare them to death or deliberately cause them mental distress.
    Now honestly, if I as an African American male saw a bunch of rangy White men with shotguns, rifles, and a smattering of assault weapons come marching down my street, do you think I’m going to call the wife and kids out so that we could all watch the procession?
    Is that what you’d do if the situation were reversed? Would you still be talking about Second Amendment rights if the demonstrators were Black?

  • Tired of the whining

    First of all anything involving Quanell X is going to be a “racist” issue. That’s what he does. Stirs up people and pulls the race card. Also, Manny do you not remember peaceful (mainly black) protestors walking through River Oaks demonstrating against the verdict in the Travon Martin case? I walked almost the whole way and never saw anyone stop them. So, you’re comment about that is incorrect. Stop blaming whites against blacks. They are not victims and to me its an insult to the black community. Quanell promotes this victim mentality and its disgusting. And walking through a black neighborhood with guns is stupid too. Not going to accomplish anything.

  • Alex

    Difference between Open Carry and the picketers in Ferguson? Oh I don’t know.. Maybe Open Carry is going about it legally and actually applies for permits to do so.. Just maybe? And despite biased beliefs, they won’t be there just for racial reasons like the people in Ferguson are; who do not have a permit to organize there by the way. Many of whom have also very blatantly expressed their interest in bringing harm to others. In Fifth Ward in Houston during this initial meeting, there were plenty black panther there carrying their rifles which should indicate that the main objection to the whole thing isn’t in fact the rifles/shotguns but, rather the color of the people in the march.. So who seems to have brought race into it first??

    • Curtis Scarbrough

      Maybe the people who picked that neighborhood to have their little demonstration?

  • Gia S Sinclair

    I hope Texas seeceeds, because then we can seceed from Texas.

  • ImaMe

    It’d be a different story if it were black people in a white neighborhood….

  • Robert Monroe, Jr.

    Missouri is an open carry state…but, I don’t think the GOP/Teabaggers, NRA, Fox News or the 2nd amendment advocates would support hundreds of Black people in Ferguson arming themselves against a militarized police force.

  • Cara Santiago

    I believe in the right to bare arms but this is just plan stupid.

  • Richard Desjardin

    Yes, you would see them supporting protesters openly carrying in Ferguson.

    Also, these people are FAR less likely to kill an unarmed person than the police.

    “Mostly White” Indicating that contrary to your wishes, support for the second amendment transcends racial boundaries. I’d argue that the reason minorities are less likely to open carry has to do with the fact that cops don’t have a good track record with not shooting them when they’re unarmed, and that they do not want to give further opportunity for cops to think that they are ‘going for a gun’

    I’m not a fan of people who open carry long guns due to the image they present to the public. I’m also not a fan of people who admonish them and lump them in with criminals.

    That said, there’s no reason the open carry law in Texas shouldn’t be extended to handguns.

  • pav

    First of all let’s leave the race card out. There is a black president, attorney General and Oprah Winfrey. So please quit using that as an excuse. Secondly, the people in Missouri are Protesting with violence and looting, not acceptable. They are all complete idiots and deserve to be tear gased. The only way anyone gets any attention in this country is to do something radical, hence the decision to walk through a black neighborhood. Best decision? Probably not but this story is going to get a lot of attention.

  • Alice James

    Why not join then in their march? They have the same rights as everyou one else. Blacks should recognize that they are Americans too.

  • TiredOfYourCrap

    Yes, how can they not go represent such a peaceful riot? lol Peaceful? I’ve never seen a QT be robbed and burned to the ground so “peacefully.” And I’m sure you have no idea how many of these “unarmed” and “peaceful” people are truly UNarmed.

  • 12 Notes

    The leadership of the NRA is not going to speak out against any movement that generates fear = gun sales.

  • charles davenport

    “Any unarmed people are slaves, or are subject to slavery at any given moment.”

    Huey Newton, co-founder of Black Panther Party

  • Hoodie Mike


  • Diddler

    “Now just imagine if these were armed, black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri protesting the killing of a young member of the community, not the assumed right to openly carry a handgun in public?” — I don’t think that’s possible, because you can’t legally own a gun if you’re a felon.

  • Patrick

    Did I read this correctly, when the writer is calling for armed citizens to intervene in Ferguson Mo.? It seemed like the point was made, that because an open carry advocacy group has not showed up there to get in between police and protestors, they are all racist and their arguments are invalid… Did I read that wrong? I’m pretty sure no one wants that to be where the second civil war to starts. Hey, maybe I read that wrong.

  • Robert Mills

    I’m a NRA member and have been one for close to 30 yrs. I also i’m a Black Man and don’t agree with the Nra’s stand on gun rights!!! One thing I notice is that the ones who are making all the noise seem more interested in intimidating people of color and those that disagree with them. Tell me how a bunch of armed white people marching thru a predominantly black neighborhood has any thing to do with open carry laws in Texas!! If they want the law change wouldn’t make more sense to protest where the law makers live?? This is just more of the craziness that been happening in this country since we elected a Black man president. These people are doing the same shit the KKK did years earlier. I’ll bet one of the quickest ways to get these stupid open carry laws revoked is for non-whites to start toting shotguns and Ar-15, and AK’s around town!!!!!

  • Reggie

    From what I have heard the NRA has publicly criticized the actions of Open Carry Texas to the point where leadership of OCT has threatened to have their members leave the NRA.

    • Tim K

      this is true

  • R RS

    And why don’t the Black Panthers get together fully armed and make their own demonstrations? The 2d Amendment applies to all, not just to disaffected whites in the Tea Party and KKK. It’s time to stop turning the other cheek and to swing back.

    • William Greeson

      They did, in ferguson, but great, let’s keep it all seperate…worked in the 60s on water fountains, so I’m sure it works when the cops murder a kid.

      God your dumb.

  • Sideways Thinker

    Speaking on his question about whether the NRA would back black protesters in Ferguson, Missouri protesting the killing of a young member of the community. I doubt it, because isn’t protesting their rights, it’s protesting something completely different. That was a bit of a dumb leading question.

  • NaturallyMade

    This article just proves the racial injustice that continues to go on in 2014 USA. And for those who are claiming to be a NRA member, now that you are aware of this BS are you going to make a report/complaint? OR just continue to be members but “segregate” yourself from the so called “idiots” in your group although they represent NRA as a whole.

  • Cat Trahan

    Same type of guys….redneck racists with guns were at Bundy Ranch…didnt fly with white locals….underlying antagonist goal

  • kikz2

    think.. turn the situation around, would you want armed gangs of blacks marching thru your white neighborhood? i don’t think so. this is ‘not prudent’.

  • As someone who has carried since I was 16, 1977, I’d like to punch these idiots in the face, hand to hand. If there are any Vets among them, they’ll get “special treatment”, for being utter iceholes, like butts of their own rifles. NRA leadership doesn’t care, its become all about the money and careers. We ( modern Whigs) sent LaPierre a very intelligent solution to all this bullcrap, but …crickets…… as now the institution depends on acrimony for growth. Modern Whigs would prefer they help train civilians in proper use, like the old days and that’s it. Ask your local Whig about their Firearms Responsibility Policies…. intelligent solutions fully in line with the 2nd Amendment that tick off both die hard NRA types and gun banners equally. That says it all!

  • Shane Dempsey

    So, ‘An armed society is a polite society’? Like in ‘Please may I shoot you’, or ‘Please stop running, as you present a difficult target’? In England, I like to think we have a polite society, and we have no guns, whatsoever (at least for the general public), to enforce this.

  • J Will

    There is a black gun club (huey p Newton) already doing this. Should be interesting to see what happens if they run into each other..

  • TaxPaying American Voter

    I prefer concealed myself. It’s a personal decision. Most military don’t “flaunt” their right.

  • Michelle Terrell

    The one thing that George HW Bush did was resign his life-long membership in the NRA when they started spewing stupidity. The rank and file need to be more vocal.