“Operation: American Spring” is Crazier Than Anybody Could Have Possibly Thought

operation-american-spring-conspiracyBy now most of you have heard about the “historic, groundbreaking event” that’s being held in Washington D.C. by right-wing lunatics patriots demanding the removal from office of President Obama, Eric Holder, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Millions upon millions (30 million by most of their estimates – or 10% of the entire country) were set to descend on our nation’s capital in a unified stance against tyranny.

The reality is a few dozen whackos showed up to prove just how crazy many conservatives really are.

They’re blaming the low turnout on rain, of course.  Apparently these people are so devoted to their cause to oust these tyrannical elected officials that up to 10 million were supposed to stay “for as long as it takes” to see the removal of those they want out of office – but a little bit of rain kept 99.9999% of them at home?


So these are some of the same people who claim that their guns are meant to “keep the government afraid of its citizens” and prepare Americans for a possible second revolution.  I guess as long as it’s not raining?

Then some of these conspiracy theorists were actually claiming that this event wasn’t staged by anti-government activists.  Oh, no.  Some actually said that it was an elaborate plan by the government to lure these people to Washington D.C. so they could be rounded up by FEMA concentration camps.  Others hinted that the reason for the low turnout was because it was possible that millions of “patriots” had already been rounded up by FEMA.

Think about that for a moment.  These people are so unhinged that some of them believed conspiracies theories about an event organized by – their fellow conspiracy theorists.  That is paranoia on a level I can’t even comprehend.

Some claimed that others had gone to Nevada to defend welfare rancher Cliven Bundy.

Again, these are people who claimed that almost 10% of the population of the United States was going to be at this event, and these are the pathetic excuses they give for the ridiculously low turnout?

Let’s say 10 million people were going to show up, which would be on the low end of their “estimates.”  That’s roughly 3% of our population.  So according to some of these crazies, FEMA possibly rounded up nearly 3% of the population of the United States (considering less than 1,000 showed up) and nobody noticed?

Conservative broadcaster Mark Connors , who was the main one pushing the idea of FEMA camps on the live feed, fielded calls from some of these crazies with one man saying he sold his jet ski because he was tired of tyranny.

“I’m so fed up with the tyranny I sold my jet ski,” the caller said. “I’m so fed up with the way the government is manipulating the water with the chemtrails, I’m afraid I can’t even use my jet ski.”

One woman at the event said, “I didn’t see the Civil War.  But I’m from the South, and we’re still fighting it.”

I’ll give her this, at least she was brazen enough to admit that racism is alive and well in the South.

Anyone who actually believed 10-30 million people were going to turn out for this thing is nuts.  Hell, anyone who even believed ten thousand would show up is clearly living in some kind of state of mind where the reality most of us experience everyday doesn’t exist.

Anyone with even the slightest bit of common sense knew this was going to be a catastrophic failure.

But when all is said and done, “Operation: American Spring” will just be looked at as another example of how insane these right-wing conservatives are becoming.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Preachr son

    These rednecks are very entertaining, a (10 – 30) million laughs.

  • Ed

    To me the larger issue is “those people” are out there, they have guns and plenty of ammo, they are angry and most important they don’t have any skills in logic.

    • Jim Bean

      I have enough skill to know that Holder is guilty of obstruction of justice making him unfit to serve as the chief law enforcement of even Boogerville, much less the USA. Harry’s senile, so there’s that. Obama has committed a number of impeachable offenses – refusal to uphold immigration laws just one of many. I don’t think we have enough on the others though to justify removal by force.

      • skiyes69

        Your brain must be pickled. Sounds like tooooo much J B. Get your head examined.

      • Jim Bean

        What part didn’t make sense to you?

      • Jean Oltvedt

        All of it.

      • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

        That you were absolutely silent while George Bush and his cabal wiped their asses with the Constitution. You only got outraged when there was a n*gger in the White House.

      • Jim Bean

        Was not. And neither were you. Why you OK with it now? Because there’s a what-you-said in the WH? And if you’re really concerned about racism, why no do what Morgan Freeman says and stop talking about it so it goes away?

      • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

        That’s where you’re wrong, junior. I ran a very successful website and later blog during the Bush years tallying the crimes against the country and the dead soldiers who gave their lives for CheneyCo. I am far more involved in politics now at the local and national level than you could ever dream about. I do FAR MORE politically than waste my time on this blog. I will support Obama’s impeachment when every criminal from the Bush administration is behind bars.

      • Jim Bean

        The crimes of others absolve the crimes of yours. Two wrongs make a right. Ok, then. What you do politically is strive to be part of the problems rather than part of the solutions.

  • Herve Villechaize

    Over-privileged citizens storming DC and rioting by the million for even more privileges? Clearly, not all political movements have even the most basic coherence.

  • Asher Frost

    Seriously, read the comments on the Blaze (they have an article up about the low turnout) It’s almost comical seeing the nutjobs in two camps.

    Those that believe that the whole thing was a set up by the government from the start to get “real Patriots” out of hiding, and that it was the Government Agents that were trying to get such large numbers to justify killing citizens,

    And those that believe the Government is the reason so many people didn’t show up, and that they were fighting behind the scenes the whole time to get fewer people to show, and therefore show that “Resistance is futile”

    The best part? It hasn’t seemed to occur to any of them that those two conspiracy’s kind of cancel each other out.

    • Pipercat

      I love the ones where they insinuated that many couldn’t get time off from work…

      • Asher Frost

        Well you know, when your cousin is marrying your sister, that you take the day off for, (Heartbreak and all) but for the Revolution? No way man, that’s just what a hippie would do!

        Of course, as I have never called in sick to an imaginary job, maybe it’s a more difficult process.

    • Edward Krebbs

      Dumb question re: the articles in the Blaze about it being a govt trap – Were those published BEFORE or AFTER the event ?????

  • Billbow

    The other 29 million racist TeaKlanGelicals were “raptured” to that nut-house in the great beyond. That’s why the numbers were so low.

    • Jerry Bierens

      LOL. The great gig in the sky [my apologies to Pink Floyd].

  • MaryAnn

    and I laughed and laughed….

  • earl wilson

    Can we just round all these people up and take them to a small island and let them do what ever they want. That way we can move this country forward.

    • Jean Oltvedt

      Let’s put them on an island off of Siberia. Then Sarah Palin can watch them from her house.

  • RBurton

    I can’t for the life of me figure out just what Obama is doing with the constitution that is so wrong. They claim that he’s destroying it, yet they go around with just as much freedom and liberty as they’ve ever had. If you want to see a real totalitarian government, check out some of the other countries in the world. When I was in Indonesia, it was considered perfectly okay for the police to come in and search your house without any PC. These people walk around with all the freedoms that they have ever had according to the constitution. They simply cannot see that they’ve become pawns of the right wing media, which are themselves pawns of big corporations. They try to make out that the people are the bad guys but it’s really the oligarchs that keep the U.S.A. down. If we could get the 4.3 Trillion dollars in tax dollars that are being hidden overseas, that would be a great start to taking care of our national debt. Sadly these fat, white, ignorant, gun toting lunatics don’t see the logic in that.

    • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

      Well said!! I’ve even asked people what it IS in their lives that has changed so drastically and they have no answer! It’s the “sheeple” mentality I think—they want to be part of a group. Even a nutty group!

    • chief_warrant

      Well I think they want the prosperity they had during the 50’s and 60’s you know before repub trickle down economics and free trade

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        No, what they want is a WHITE man in the WHITE house.

    • Sean Jones

      They claim he is destroying the Constitution, yet states like Arkansas, Texas and Arizona are constantly having new laws overturned for being unconstitutional. The hypocrisy is staggering

      • King Coal Ash

        I’m embarrassed to say you can add North Carolina to that list.

    • Jerry Bierens

      Very well said. My saddest thing is that I still have family members that, although they aren’t quite that crazy, still hold on to the false stereotypes promoted by the RWNJ’s. They will once again vote this fall to get screwed by the retards that the GOP has become. My 88 year old mother and my son, at least partly, are the only straight thinkers I have. No bringing up anything political at these family gatherings.

    • PitoDaddy

      “I can’t for the life of me figure out just what Obama is doing with the constitution that is so wrong. They claim that he’s destroying it, yet they go around with just as much freedom and liberty as they’ve ever had.”

      This is a very poignant point. They right wing politicians and brainwash media vermin (Faux News crew, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin etc.) likely know that the president, being a constitutional lawyer, has not violated the constitution. However, they also know that their brainwashed base will believe EVERY DAMN THING THE RIGHT WING TELLS THEM, and will not research or verify anything. Verifiable facts don’t matter to them. I’ve had some encounter with some of these brainwashed parrots and was able to see it in person.

      “Sadly these fat, white, ignorant, gun toting lunatics don’t see the logic in that.” They see it…they’re just selfish greedy bastards. In my view, based on some research that I’ve done over the past 10 years, the Koch brothers’ plan for America is some form of feudalism. They have had our country on this path for more than 30 years now. It was during the Reagan years that the Libertarians began to commandeer the GOP. David Koch ran for VP on the Libertarian ticket against Reagan in 1980. After Reagan won the election, I guess the Libertarians figured that the GOP was closest to the Libertarian Party with regard to tax and economic policy, so they latched onto the GOP and started to pull them further to the right. This explains their attempt to undo all social programs for the middle class and poor. Their goal is an unfettered, capitalistic oligarchy with a society of low-wage, powerless, and vote-less society.

    • Edward Krebbs

      Along that line, what fascist dictator would put up with the antics of the House for the past 5 years ?

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    Me thinks these people also believe the WWE is real. Obviously, they watched too much of Jesse “the body” Ventura….

    • Asher Frost

      Nah, I’m a wrestling fan myself, most of us are sitting back and laughing, because even the best gimmick the WWE can come up with (Zeb Coulter) isn’t half as crazy as the real thing.

    • Edward Krebbs

      For quite some time, I’ve contended that a lot of the 2nd amendment folks watched too many westerns as kids back in the 50s and early 60s.

      Marshall Matt Dillon never shot an innocent person. Never missed. The bad guys were always readily identified by their black hats. etc.

      So now when they look at their lives and find they don’t have the power over even their own lives that they naturally want, the ready answer is get a bigger gun.

      • Veritas vos Liberabit

        I grew up watching westerns such as the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans show, the Gene Autry show, Clayton Moore in the Lone Ranger, Duncan Renaldo and Leo Carrillo in the Cisco Kid, you name it. Back on those days we thought nothing of these shows only that they were entertaining. What I was making reference to is the Conspiracy Theory show hosted by Jesse Ventura. In one of those shows, he showed what’s supposed to be a fenced-in city supposedly for protection from FEMA and the Federal Government. In another section of the show, he showed a supposedly remote field hoarding thousands of “coffins”. Again, for protection against FEMA and the Federal Government. I think these folks has been watching to many reality tv shows and truly believe in them. Call it paranoia if you may. I think it is. This goes to show you that vitriol rhetoric does has an impact on the way we think, if we allow it. Obviously, to these folks. it’s a real threat.

      • Erika Frensley

        Actually, I think you’re on the right track. The Benghazi tripe that the right threw out would work in a mediocre thriller, but not in real life. They really do seem to have a problem in real cause and effect, not fictional cause and effect that’s written for entertainment.

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    It IS a scary thing to think that there are that many easily led people out wandering this country of ours! Some will believe ANYTHING they are told without checking on it’s authenticity at all!! I am not happy with the way “those people” are heading.

  • John Clark

    They made the mistake of relying on organic reach to get the word out. Of what faith is the founder of Facebook? There you go, conspiracy #3 in the books.

    • Edward Krebbs

      Agree. But if I had to label the faith of the facebook founder, I’d have to say solid capitalist.

  • Altreg01

    Bunch of web warriors with no balls, Ive been checking out some right wing sites, these guys are effin nuts and dumber than a box of rocks. These are the “responsible” gun owners I fear the most.

  • Judy Jackson

    Someone on another page brought up the very good point when he said that IF we take the “10 – 3 million” literally, this was a huge success. They did get more than 10 people to show up.

  • Sandy Greer

    >The reality is a few dozen whackos showed up to prove just how crazy many conservatives really are.

    ^^^If the few dozen who showed up are ‘whackos’ then the many who stayed away cannot be ‘crazy’. Does not compute.

    Unless the author is arguing one is damned if they do – and damned if they don’t?

  • Frank Key

    Today I Learned that I share a planet with people in desperate need of a memory wipe of everything they learned from listening to FoxNews and conservative talk radio. Rene Descartes cleared his table of his beliefs and started anew with “I think. Therefore, I am.” Conservatives should do same ASAP.

  • Gregg Taylor

    I like this site, I like the articles, and I am definitely on your side. But why do you expose conspiracy theorists, and at the same time, accept ads from them? I’m referring to the one that says there is a new “Obama” currency law going into effect on July 1, 2014, that will be “devastating.” Dog knows I won’t click on the link to see what it’s really about, so maybe one of the admins here can explain.

    • Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid

      When a website subscribes to an ad service, they dont get to pick what ads show up. It seems illogical but it is what it is.

  • u_go_guys

    I felt embarrassed for them, was amused, and feel kind of sorry for them. A lot of them traveled a long way, because they are committedly so delusional and indoctrinated in their bigotry and paranoia. It must be a horrible thing to be so frightened…frightened of, perhaps in a way, the right things, but putting the reason for the angst in the wrong place. As an example, I can remember so well when Michelle Obama chastised the food industry and started her cause to advocate for healthier choices and exercise for children. The food industry immediately started their campaign, and were successful. in convincing the gullible FauxNews audience that she and the administration were adamantly and dictatorially taking away the freedom to feed their children what they wanted. It was a successful propaganda campaign because the lobbyists are so powerful and the hate and bigotry for the Obamas are so palpable.

  • Edward Krebbs

    Considering the obvious implied violence in Operation Spring, it would be very logical that a couple of feds and/or DC police went undercover as a routine precaution.

    However, if you subtract the number of feds from the dozen people that were counted, it wouldn’t take many feds to move the attendance into negative numbers.

  • Karen Peters

    Excuses for the million and million of “patriots” not attending: “it was raining”, “it was set up by the government to round them all up and put them in FEMA camps”, “millions were put in FEMA camps before the event”, “most were at the Bundy ranch” or “they couldn’t get the day off from work”. (We all know that at least 2 of them were preparing for the Governor debate in Idaho.)
    Jut seems kind of funny to me that such an “organized group of a few dozen people” could come up with so many different excuses why the rest of their millions weren’t in attendance.

  • usorthem3

    I don’t car if it rains or freezes, long as I have my plastic Jesus sitting on the dash board of my car.

    • periwinkelone

      I love that Jack Johnson song.