The “Outrage” Over President Obama Not Going to France is Absurd

obama-concernedWhile I work in the media, I really don’t like the direction in which it’s going. Quality writing and journalism is being replaced with whatever will drive the most ratings or website views. I certainly understand that it’s important to lure viewers or readers to your content, but that content is still supposed to be credible and possess quality information.

But that’s not a lot of what I’m seeing.

And this “outrage” over President Obama not going to France alongside other world leaders during their unity rally is a prime example.

Should he have gone? Probably. Though it’s like Jimmy Carter said on The Daily Show, everything that goes along with the President of the United States attending an event such as that would have been nearly impossible to accomplish in less than 36 hours. But be that as it may, perception often trumps reality and the perception was “President Obama refuses to stand alongside other world leaders following terror attack in France.”

But honestly, does anyone really care? Not really.

This is a prime example of the media pushing some sort of nonsense, or politicians using it to try to earn political points, on an issue about which nobody really cares. Well, except when they’re being told how “outraged” they should be that he didn’t go.

And let’s be honest here, shall we? No matter what President Obama ultimately decided to do, his critics were going to bash him.

Since he didn’t go, Republicans have been basically saying:

How dare he not go!? He’s disgusting! See, he supports radical Islam! He’s an embarrassment to the country!

But had President gone, then Republicans would be saying:

President Obama just had to fly to France for a photo-op. He just had to make this about him, didn’t he? Way to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to score political points!

It’s just all ridiculous. But because anger, hate, fear, paranoia and “outrage” sell best – that’s what the media pushes most often. Which is why this “story” has been making headlines the last few days.

Now, to be fair, liberals would probably be up in arms if Bush was still in the White House and he didn’t go. Don’t take this as me trying to say the left isn’t guilty of doing this too. But the conservative media is far worse. Hell, Fox News is a network primarily built on pushing propaganda, sensationalized headlines and stoking anger amongst its viewers. That’s why their ratings are so high. They’re not a news network, they’re a conservative entertainment channel.

But this “story” is just absurd. The truth is, no matter what President Obama had done, he was going to be bashed for doing it. And not because what he did was newsworthy, or even mattered in the grand scheme of things, but because creating that anti-Obama narrative and criticizing him for practically anything and everything he does has become really good for business.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Eg Kbbs

    Or my local TV Station (which just happens to be part of Sinclair Broadcasting (with a history of engaging in dirty tricks to push a conservative agenda) had a Facebook page question for people to comment on was Obama right for not going. (as if the people here in rural Missouri had some knowledge which the rest of the nation lacked.

    For that matter, as if the people had even read the reasons for him not going before posting comments. Because ‘Benghazi’, Obama didn’t want to dishonor his Muslim brothers, etc.)

  • teriobrien

    Where was Obama during the Paris march? His spokes imbecile, the inaptly named Mr. Earnest, didn’t want to answer that question. He already told us that he spends every morning watching ESPN. Can’t he just admit he was watching NFL playoffs and be done with it?

    • Tony

      This article is about idiots like you 🙂

      • teriobrien

        That’s funny. I thought it was about Obama not going to Paris to stand up to radical Islamofacists. Even the White House can’t defend this boneheaded move. So do you know what he was doing? There was nothing in his official schedule.

      • Tony

        That’s why I called you an idiot. Re-read the story, it’s about idiots like you who are crying about the president not attending, but had he attended, you guys would be crying about that too. Does it really mean that much to you that he be there or are you just looking for another reason to piss on him?

      • Jim Bean

        One never needs to look far.

      • Bonta-kun

        Because the band of Republitard Teabagger douche-hoses have nothing better to do, right Jim?

      • strayaway

        Here’s another lamenting idiot crying about the president not attending, ““It’s fair to say that we should have sent someone with a higher profile to be there.” -Josh Earnest

        There was a practical reason for the president staying home. “The security requirements around a presidential visit, or even a vice-presidential visit, are onerous.” “It would have been very difficult to do so without significantly impacting the ability of common citizens to participate.” -Josh Earnest

        Meanwhile, Attorney General Holder had made a speech in Paris just hours before but said that the decision to to send him to the march was not made by the president.

    • Creeayshun Sighuntist

      “His spokes imbecile, the inaptly named Mr. Earnest, didn’t want to answer that question.”
      Please elaborate on this thought….Are we being “punked” here?

  • teriobrien

    What an embarrassment the jug-eared, braying jackass Barack Hussein Obama is!

    • crabjack

      you’re an idiot, teriobrien…

    • Richard Sakowski

      You are just a Fox News Host wannabe. You are an embarrassment to Northwestern University.

    • TeeDee

      Insulting a person’s appearance is the domain of the lowest, most ignorant, bullying type. You were probably the insecure kid in school who could only feel better when you put someone’s appearance down. We all know your type and it’s pathetic and obvious.

  • Thomas Barnidge

    He could have sent Holder, while Sports groupie Obama prepared for his San Antonio Spurs photo-op. Who knows, Holder could maybe make some gun sales while in France. But of course he would have to fake that he cares about some dead White people, so maybe it’s best that Obama and his comrades stayed home…

  • david h

    where’s the Republicans march against Islamic terrorism any where ,, O I forgot only on internet threads, and corporate right wing media outlets do they engage,to lazy to get out themselves and be counted with their leadership of psychopaths,,

    • Jim Bean

      Well, isn’t that still a more substantial effort than the Left can muster?

      • david h

        Your Obama all ready sent the seals to kill Osama bin laden, he doesn’t need to go to no stinkin march or listen to conservitives crying about what they hate everyday

      • Jim Bean

        But that’s what we pay him to do. Not golf. Not fund raise. But represent our nation in issues of national and international importance. David.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        what makes you think you have any idea about what he does on a daily basis? Or any of the secret service implications of a trip like this and guaranteeing his safety? You, Jim are a first class idiot who does nothing but regurgitate Rush Limbaugh’s and Fox “news” whine-du jour.

      • Creeayshun Sighuntist

        did you whine this much when Dumbya Bush played golf or do you just reserve your fake outrage for President Obama?

      • FBI_van_six

        Yeah, like Little Georgie never spent taxpayers money on any vacations!

      • Jim Bean

        Yeah, but this issue what he IS doing (golf) its what he WASN’T doing in this instance – his job.

      • Bonta-kun

        …and once again, a TOTAL intentional swingandamiss on the point of this piece from FP’s troll infestation. You and your kin would have pissed, bitched, moaned and whinged about what Obama did WHATEVER he did, because Obama.

        Nobody cares what the smeg you think, Jim, because it’s a pile of wrong-headed wank as per usual.

        Back under your bridge now, there’s a chap.

      • TeeDee

        President Obama has had 1/4 of the vacation days that Bush took, Even less than Clinton and far less than Reagan, as well, so give it a rest on the golf thing; it makes you sound very uninformed.

      • Jim Bean

        I can’t sound uniformed because I never commented on how many vacation days he takes. I commented on his faux pas of missing Paris and you, determined to shield him from deserved criticism, want to talk about Bush’s vacation days.

      • Rob Bailey

        Not really, Bean. We hired him twice to clean up the mess Cheney and sidekick Dubya made, and I thinke we owe him a hefty bonus. Obama gets more done by the third hole than the entire House got done since tricking the under-informed to make it a GOP joke.

      • Jim Bean

        You’re obviously one of those desperate guys who give him credit for positive things that happen that he had nothing do with just because he was in the vicinity. Like lower gas prices.

      • Bonta-kun

        What did you fund Shrubya to do on his (WAY more than Obama’s) holidays, then?

      • Jim Bean

        Bush would have been in Paris with the other free world leaders participating in the unity march.

      • TeeDee

        The other world leaders did not participate in the unity march. It was a photo op that took place on a deserted and secured street. They were no where near the unity march. I’ve already mentioned this once, so why do you persist in misleading comments? And you have no idea what Bush would have been advised to do in this regard. He never liked the French, so it’s more than likely he would have stayed home, but none of us know for sure.

  • Jim Bean

    The POTUS not showing up to join with other free world leaders in a rally in support of what is the First Amendment of our Constitution and the cornerstone of freedom. THAT’s what absurd.

  • Richard Sakowski

    Where were all the conservatives when the 9/11 memorial? Besides at least Obama can travel overseas without worrying he will be arrested for war crimes like the former president.

  • John McMullen

    Our imbecile occupant of the White House admittedly doesn’t really like the work of being President and can hardly stand to be “dealing with big decisions,” so why are we surprised that he chose to hunker down in front of the big screen and watch the football playoffs? He never really ” hears” about happenings anyway, so how could he do anything about them? How pitiful that our once great country has an inept and unengaged dictator lying around the West Wing or out on the golf course just counting the days when he’s an ex-President celebrity and pulling in the big bucks alongside Beyonce and big football players.

    • FD Brian

      I think you know not of which you speak. I would suggest you read more to educate yourself in the ways of the world.

  • Creeayshun Sighuntist

    Idiots like teriobrien, Jim Bean and 99% of Fox “news” viewers will be outraged at exactly what they are told to be outraged about that day at that exact time. They are incapable of thinking for themselves but are easy to lead. teriobrien is probably still beside herself with anger about the phony Benghazi scandal, fast and furious, and every other made-up scandal. Non-issues like this that make morons angry are good for Fox ratings but you have to know that they would have spun it the other way had the President gone. It would have been something like, “he’s a global collectivist-marxist-Islamo-fascist-Nazi-Socialist. Be afraid!”

  • Bill Kangas

    If he had gone, RepubliCANTs would have bitched too.

  • FBI_van_six

    You do know that the shooters in Paris had RPGS in their possession. Those are awfully hard to protect yourself from out on the street. If The president did show up all the crazies would be scrambling to try to kill him.

  • TeeDee

    Those criticizing President Obama for not going, do realize that the 40 or so leaders who went there, were with staff and security detail on a deserted, secured street which was nowhere near the Unity March, right? It was merely a photo op with zero ‘heroism’. I tried to post the link to the entire photo, but I guess links aren’t allowed here. The pictures shown in the media show the leaders all arm in arm as if they are leading the demonstrators, but when you see the panned-out version, you see that it’s only them on the street with no unity marchers at all.