Pam Geller and Islamophobes Attack Children Over School Lunches

pamela-geller-1Pam Geller is the Freakout Master of Islamophobia and anti-Muslim fear tactics. Any assertion of basic human rights and humanity by Muslims in the US becomes a chance for her to turn on the ALL-CAPS AND EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!11ty!! (Thanks to Sadly, No for the reference). No school-aged Muslim child or her eating habits is safe from her unrelenting hatred and lack of logic. This time, a group of New York City students asking for lunch food options they can eat is enough to convince Pamelama Ding-Dong that Sharia Law will be enacted through the presence of Halal chicken sandwiches. Once again, Islamophobes attack children because that’s what culture warriors do.

I tend to look at these stories, these freak-outs, and ask if they matter. After all, Muslim school children shouldn’t have to center their lives around some middle aged asshole RWNJ who gets paid by the exclamation point. What Geller says doesn’t directly affect them, and I expect that they laugh at her. But then, these kind of extremist pushes tend to have a ripple effect on society – unfortunately someone in power is listening. I doubt Pam Geller herself had the ear of former New York City Mayor Bloomberg, but I also don’t discount the anti-Muslim Noize Machine in allowing him to send police to infiltrate Muslim student groups. This racist profiling is legitimized and supported by rhetoric that Ms. Geller and her hate warriors spread in the public sphere.

The relentless push to islamicize the public square, and in this case the public school, escalates in New York City.

By “islamicize” (sic. And sick), Geller means, “Allow Muslim students to be seen in broad daylight doing Muslim-y things like being seen in broad daylight and eating their weird foods!”

Fresh on the heels of Muslim school holidays comes this demand for halal food in the New York City public schools.

Would Geller freak out if Jewish kids asked for kosher lunch options? By the way, that’s all these students are asking for – options. Halal just means the food is prepared according to their religious and cultural traditions and laws. It doesn’t give the chicken super powers to turn every eater into a Secret Mooslim. For someone who calls herself “Atlas Shrugs,” after Ayn Rand, Geller’s Rationality Department is sorely empty.

According to these well-coached children…

Phil Jackson? Who coaches so well because I seriously don’t know good coaches I’m from Chicago! Van Gundy? No, but seriously, high school children are able to have wills and consciences all their own.

The vegetarian option is not sufficient because “we don’t get the protein that we need.” These kids look hardly undernourished

You can tell who’s hungry by looking at them? Let them eat cake holes! Also, screw you so very much for attacking hungry children and for promoting unhealthy body images.

and frankly, if protein is your thing, then why not bring hard-boiled eggs to school, or beef jerky?

Where are they gonna put these eggs? In their pockets?

Because it’s not about the food, it’s about Islamic supremacism.

Nah. It’s about the food. Asshole.

The fact is that the NYC school system is 10% Muslim (if that).

Sounds like you’re not sure, so perhaps you shouldn’t preface your argument with “The fact is…” But if it were ten percent, that’s a significant percentage of the population. Face it, if the Republicans in NYC high schools numbered at ten percent and didn’t get to punch minorities in the face, Pam Geller would shout about persecution. In the US, we have freedom of religion and speech to protect minority populations. From people like you.

If food choice is so important to them, why not bring their own food?


The Muslima

Pam Geller: Asshola.

claims that not having halal food and having to eat peanut butter and jelly makes her “feel different.”

High school isn’t difficult enough without you picking on her, Ms. Geller?

But the fact is that she is choosing to be different. And her community is forcing the general population to conform to their ideology.

But she’s not choosing to be an asshole. And that’s important.

But seriously, I ask how a high school student chooses her culture? Children born into Christian families tend to be Christian; children born in atheist families, atheist. Hindu families tend to raise Hindu children. That’s kind of how it goes – our religious identity tends to be, like our language, tied to our cultural and family backgrounds. The student – who is a Muslim – chooses to be respectful of her background. Maybe later she decides to abandon Islam, to continue in it, to convert, or to reconvert. It’s really none of Geller’s business. None whatsoever. The only personal choices of strangers we need worry about is whether or not that person chooses to be harmful towards others. Umamah and her friends are asking for appropriate meals in a public setting, meals in public schools that they are entitled to. It’s Geller and her colleagues who are harmful.

Please consider signing this to let these students know that we are on their side. Every student should have balanced, decent and appropriate meals so they can concentrate on being scholars.


*Halal is merely the process of preparing food according to Muslim practices, not that dissimilar from making food Kosher.


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