Paralyzed Republican Lawmaker Who Survived Thanks to Medicaid Opposes Medicaid Expansion

hypocrite-josh-miller-arkansasI’ve said on numerous occasions that one of the biggest problems I have with the Republican party is their blatant hypocrisy.  I understand that, at some point in our lives, we’re all hypocrites.  But the way in which Republicans live by (and legislate by) their constant hypocrisy is ridiculous.

Take for instance Arkansas Republican Representative Josh Miller who opposes the continued expansion of Medicaid in Arkansas.

Why, you ask, does this make him a hypocrite?  Well, because Mr. Miller is probably only alive today because of Medicaid and Medicare.

Over a decade ago, Miller was in a horrific car accident which left him paralyzed.  Medicaid and Medicare paid the $1 million tab for his hospitalization and rehabilitation.

At the time of his accident he didn’t have insurance.  An accident which involved a friend and alcohol – though Miller claims he can’t remember who was driving.

When asked about his hypocrisy, Miller talked about how he believes there are too many people on the program who could work, but don’t because they want to abuse the program.

He said, “My problem is two things.  One, we are giving it to able-bodied folks who can work and two, how do we pay for it?”

So, was he unable to work over a decade ago when he didn’t have insurance?  After all, he sucked $1 million out of Medicaid and Medicare to save his life – was he simply abusing the system back then?

And I’m really glad when his life was on the line, someone didn’t ask, “Do we have the money to save this man’s life?  How are we going to pay for this man who doesn’t have insurance?”

There’s no way in this situation that this guy isn’t a total hypocrite.

If he wants to judge those who are on Medicaid as “people who aren’t wanting to work,” is that why he was on it?  It’s indisputable he utilized these programs – so why?

Did he simply work, but couldn’t afford health insurance?  Wouldn’t that then make for a great reason to expand Medicaid so that those who work, but don’t make much, can have access to health insurance?

And the fact that he would bring up the “how do we pay for it,” when $1 million was spent saving his life after a car accident involving alcohol is just flat-out disgusting. I’m certainly glad when his life was on the line, the decision on whether or not to save it wasn’t based off finances.

Miller is the worst, most disgusting, form of hypocrite.  Someone who actually owes his life to a program that he now opposes expanding so others might have their lives saved.

You don’t get much more reprehensible than that.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • TaxPaying American Voter

    I hope this Republican pile of feces gets hit by a bus, while lightning stikes his ass throwing him into a rusty woodchipper.

  • Robin Berss Ross

    Yup, perfect example of the Christian Right. ME ME ME. If it betters my life fine. If someone else needs help, let them go f-ck themselves.

  • Mike Morrissey

    The moderator did not like my Youtube link, so I will say it: He’s either using the citizens of Arkansas as a scapegoat for his bad decisions, or he’s projecting the fact that HE abused prescription drugs and did not work hard enough. In any case, he’s a big, fizzy douche!

  • Guest

    Hey! Tell him to Pay all the Cash Back? $$

  • Kim Wilson-Young

    The old I got mine screw you!

  • Edward Krebbs

    Dumb Question: As he is apparently now financially well off AND as his principles are against govt payments, any chance that he is reimbursing the govt ?

  • James

    And don’t forget the SSI of $640 a month he was paid and then the Social Security Disability he was paid while he was unable to work after age 18 !

  • Sal Paradise .

    There is a cure for cognitive dissonance – it’s called honesty. This guy has no integrity at all.

  • Joseph Miller

    Just like Greg Abbott here in TX- paralyzed from the waist down by a falling tree, sued and won, and now supports “tort reform” making it hard for regular folks to do the same thing he did. Hypocrite.

    • Pipercat

      Yes sir! Personally affected my family. Why I cannot stand Greg Abbott.

  • LisainSC

    Why didn’t he have health insurance at the time of the accident to pay for his medical care? Surely he wasn’t relying on taxpayers to take care of him if he got sick or injured and didn’t take personal responsibility for his own bills?

  • blueeyedwhitedevil

    the article, it states that his main issue is that “able-bodied”
    people, who don’t NEED assistance, are receiving money from it. It’s not
    Medicaid he is against… but, misuse of the funds… as I understood
    it, anyway.

    • Sysiphus55

      then let him legislate against THAT!!! But that’s not the Rethuglican way… time and time again ReTHUGS justify their prejudice but justifying their ‘moral highground’ LOL they SELECTIVELY quote scripture and pontificate about their ‘biblical justification’ HYPOCRITE is too kind a word

      • blueeyedwhitedevil

        I’m a Republican. I’m not like that. Sure, I CAN be as big a dbag as anyone, at times, but not usually. 🙂

        Both parties,’ leadership sucks.

  • Dennis McClune

    Asshat…I hope he suffers every day…..

    • zante

      I would never hope that someone suffers. Hope and pray instead that hie softens his hard heart.

  • disgustedcitizen

    If he’s opposed to the Medicaid, he should dig in his own pockets to repay the million spent on saving his life. Makes me sick to see peoples such as This