Pastor on The O’Reilly Factor Claims Obama is Setting Stage for Anti-Christ by Supporting Constitutional Rights

1062108_10152176624122489_1520607021_nI love how these religious “leaders” act as if there’s only two things we do on earth that God cares about:

  • Homosexuals getting married
  • Abortion

That’s it.

They seem to constantly insinuate that if we allow these two things to continue happening, “God will surely strike us down as a nation.”

But of course God will.  Slavery, genocide, public lynchings of African-Americans – that’s okay with God, right?  But allowing women to have control over their own body and letting two people who love each other get married – that is the downfall of humanity.

It’s absolutely preposterous.

Well, Bill O’Reilly hosted one of these religious “leaders” on his show who said President Obama might not be the anti-Christ, but he’s laying the foundation for the anti-Christ.

Pastor Robert Jeffress said there will be a, “future world dictator before Christ returns who’s going to usurp people’s personal rights, and ‘change God’s laws without any opposition’ so people will have been conditioned long before the anti-Christ comes to accept government overreach, and that’s what you’re seeing with President Obama.”

Oh, and he says “Obamacare” is also a catalyst for this by creating dependency on the government.

He also took a political shot at President Obama when he said, “I’m not saying President Obama is the anti-Christ. In fact, I’m sure he’s not, because the anti-Christ is going to have higher poll numbers.”

Ha. Ha.

Then he went on to the usual shtick people like this go off on by saying that Obama is helping set the stage for the anti-Christ by supporting “abortion-inducing drugs” and trying to redefine marriage, calling gay marriage a “counterfeit” marriage.

So divorce, something I would say well over 90% of Americans (and over 90% of Christians) support, doesn’t ruin “traditional marriage” – but same-sex marriage does?

I’m sorry, but that’s just stupid.

Imagine for a moment if these pastors like this clown spent more time worrying about ending poverty, child hunger, violence – you know, real problems within our society.

Then again, devoting your life to combating those issues doesn’t quite make the headlines, or strike fear into the hearts and minds of the ignorant, like opposing abortion or gay marriage does.

I’ll give conservatives this – they are masters at manipulating the ignorant.  I often wonder how much less support conservatives would have if you took “abortion” and “gay marriage” out of the equation.  Because I know a lot of conservatives who vote for Republicans basically because of those two issues.  Hell, I’ve had many of them tell me they don’t care about economic issues, it’s about these social issues.

And that’s the truth as to why Republicans push them so heavily.  It’s the easiest way to manipulate tens of millions of Americans into voting against their own interests.  Millions of Republican voters vote Republican because they oppose abortion and same-sex marriage.  They have little or no interest in facts about economic policies.  You can show them all the facts proving trickle-down economics is a failure – they don’t care.  They don’t wanna see the “gays marry” or “people murder babies” so they’re going to vote Republican.

Republicans are masters at pandering to ignorance based on social issues.

Which is exactly the kind of trash individuals like this Pastor Jeffress are peddling.  That President Obama might not be the anti-Christ, he’s just setting things up for the anti-Christ by – well, basically by being Constitutional.

After all, “Obamacare” was deemed Constitutional, abortion has been Constitutionally-protected for decades and bans on same-sex marriage continue to get struck down for being unconstitutional.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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