Pat Robertson Says Atheists Might Not Believe in God Because they Were Raped, Abused

pat-robertson-crazyBeing in this business as long as I have been, it’s become really hard to shock me.  I’ve read so many articles, and comments from people on my articles, that are so utterly ridiculous it’s terrifying that those who wrote or said them actually exist in this world outside of a mental hospital.

Pat Robertson is one of those people.  For him to really believe some of the things he’s said in his life can’t be mistaken for anything but severe mental instability.

Take for instance his most recent comments where he said that atheists might not believe in God because they were raped, physically abused by their father or some other kind of horrific tragedy fell upon them.

A caller told Robertson of a coworker who was an atheist and was very hostile towards her when she tried to “bring her to Jesus.”  She then asked Robertson, “Should I abandon the idea of being a positive influence on her and just let her perish?”

First, maybe she was hostile because she didn’t want her to “bring her to Jesus”?  I can only imagine this woman trying to force her views on this coworker, the coworker being polite at first, but then eventually snapping when she continued to persist.

Well, Robertson offered several disgusting possibilities as to why this coworker might have been hostile towards those who believe in God, “But to be that openly hostile to the word ‘God,’ it’s something beyond the normal human experience.  Something has happened.  Maybe she had an abusing father, somebody who raped her and acted like he was preaching to her from the Bible.  You just never know what’s going on in somebody’s childhood.”

So, this coworker doesn’t believe in God not because she simply doesn’t agree with that set of beliefs, but because she was possibly abused by her father or raped by someone who used God to justify their actions.

I have a thought – maybe she doesn’t believe in God because of ignorant jackasses like Pat Robertson who would say something such as this?  It’s like I’ve said before, these evangelicals are driving people from Christianity with their ignorance.

Or maybe she just doesn’t believe in God and doesn’t want other people trying to ram their beliefs into her life.  It really doesn’t have to be any more complicated than that. 

But these comments are just more in a seemingly endless stream of disgusting nonsense that has been spewed by Pat Robertson for decades, so we really shouldn’t be surprised.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • freethinker666

    Pat has spent wayyyyyyyyy too much time whacking his dummy.

  • Jaina

    Maybe the assault came from someone “representing” God? Maybe everyone has free will and choice? Maybe the bible says preach the word, spread the word… but I never read SHOVE the word down people’s throats.

    • LindsayCA

      BIG THANK YOU!!!

  • Joan Shaver

    surprisingly I am not even shocked at his comments–I have come to expect that kind of garbage from him–but he gives those of us who are loving faithful believers a bad name.

  • Kerry Norton

    “…somebody who raped her and acted like he was preaching to her from the Bible.”
    Like a priest? Oh wait, it was a female atheist, I think priest leave them alone.

    • John Spriggs

      It could have been ol Pat that did it . He sure do like ta talk about it

  • SalubriousET

    It says something to me about the folks who run the network that Pat Robertson is an employee of….Isn’t it time for Pat to ride into the sunset with Jesus? Not die, just retire. Is he still drawing enough ratings and advertising money to keep him around? Just wondering….

    • John of Indiana

      Pat *OWNS* his network. His sandbox, his ball.

  • Melania Gulley

    I am a rape/ incest survivor and an atheist. Even had I not been abused myself I still would not be likely to believe because of the things that happen in the world and Because I would never be able follow a deity who just sat back and allowed torture, rape, murder, poverty and then somehow said well I loved you. Loved me enough not to be there to stop the atrocities. Sorry. It makes no damn sense to me what so ever. Never has and never will

  • Sunny Ray

    What makes no sense to me is that such idiot is still getting some attention, even a 3 yo kid has more common sense than him.

  • Sandy Greer

    I know a former Catholic altar boy who is now an atheist. He couldn’t believe God would allow the priest to do what he did to the boys.

    ^^^Pat Robertson is correct: People can/do lose faith because of life experiences. When we see Evil flourish in the world, it’s hard to rectify with God: Disbelief, compounded.

    Methinks the author doth protest too much. The Bible says Seek, and ye shall find: If we premise Pat Robertson is a ‘bad guy’ then any/everything he says is wrong. Even when he is correct.

    Just like the Obama Haters: They hate Obama, so any/everything he says/does/doesn’t say/doesn’t do…is wrong. Because they want it so.

    ^^^Seek, and ye shall find. Whether one is/isn’t Christian, seek and ye shall find covers an awful lot of bases. 😉

    • Gary Menten

      I don’t think Robertson is talking about Catholic altar boys or the scandals within that church, of which he is not a member. I just think it simply doesn’t occur to him that some people (like me for instance) are going to reject any and all theological arguments for our presence in the universe simply because they don’t find them plausible.

      • Sandy Greer

        Agree, he wasn’t talking about Catholic church, per se. Also agree there can be other reasons for disbelief, as you yourself post.

        But that doesn’t negate the truth of what he said: That some lose faith from life experiences, as posted by others here.

        And doesn’t negate the truth of what *I* said: That where we are predisposed to see ‘bad guys’ (whether Pat Robertson or President Obama or anybody else) we WILL see ‘bad’ in any/everything they do/say.

      • Gary Menten

        Here and there, you may find small slivers of plausibility, or dare I say it truth in the stuff that comes out of Pat Robertson’s mouth but it’s generally awash in an ocean of nonsense. While some lose faith through life’s experience, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the experience is a negative or traumatic one.

        Robertson’s position, on the other hand is that it is “unnatural to be hostile to the word of God.” It never enters his head that it might be natural for some to reject the EXISTENCE of God and therefore strongly resent someone trying foist his or her beliefs on you AFTER you’ve told them “NO THANKS.”

        If someone came to me to try to convert me, I’m sure I’d be polite and say no thanks, but if that person persisted, I could easily lose my temper and I was never abused or sexually assaulted or traumatized by life’s experiences.

      • Sandy Greer

        I, too, had a problem with his saying it’s “unnatural to be hostile to the word of God”. And I BELIEVE in God (spiritual, rather than religious, and don’t go to church save for weddings and funerals). I also dread those visits by Jehovah Witnesses, and avoid them if I see them. 😉

        ^^^So I completely understand, and sympathize with, what you’re saying.

        It just seems to me the author objects to any/everything Pat Robertson. It feels uncharitable to me. And I can’t go there.

        I have to look for the ‘good’ in people. It’s the only thing I know how to do.

      • Gary Menten

        It’s for sure that the author is not a fan of Robertson, who has a long history of saying very stupid things, including a few years ago, advocating the US “taking out” ( a nice way of saying assassinating” Hugo Chavez. Now I was no fan of Chavez, but I am less a fan of illegal actions and even less a fan of so-called clergymen advocating assassination.

        Robertson also claimed that Hurricane Katrina was the wrath of God punishing America for her allowing abortions, that Haitians had sworn a pact with the devil for liberating them from slavery and predicted that the world would end in 1982.

        So frankly, Robertson DOES say a lot of stupid things.

      • Sandy Greer

        I am not here to defend a ‘long history’ of Pat Robertson. I don’t follow him.

        But. I can’t justify disliking a person. I just can’t.

        Whether it be Lefties disliking Pat Robertson, or Righty Tighties disliking Obama (which they also justify, dragging out their own ‘long history’ with great indignation)

        ^^^It’s Negative Energy: Left unchecked, it feeds on a person and saps the ‘good’; makes them all ugly inside. It’s ‘blinding’ in that, when we look at the one we dislike, all we see is the ‘bad’.

        Could be old hippies don’t belong in Forward Progressives.

      • Gary Menten

        Okay…”no negative waves.” I get that. :o)

  • NathanDavis

    No, we don’t believe in the god that Pat Robertson believes in (or any other god) because we aren’t that stupid. There’s no need to look for any deeper reasoning. We just have too much common sense to believe that a magic man casting create universe spells is a valid explanation for anything.

  • Guest

    Actually Pat, we skeptics tend to disbeliever in deities for entirely different reasons. Chief among mine is that rigorously tested scientific inquiry has provided far better answers as to the origins of the universe than any set of religious scriptures.

    But thanks for your concern…..

  • Gary Menten

    Actually Pat, we skeptics (as I like to call myself) disbelieve in deities because religion has yet to provide any scientifically tested evidence for the existence of any deity while science has provided far better, rigorously tested explanations for the origins of the universe and life on Earth.

    But thanks for your concern. We’d really be touched of what you said wasn’t so completely stupid.

  • Gary Menten

    Hey Pat,

    Has it ever entered your mind that it’s NOT the word of a deity we don’t believe exists we are hostile to, but rather the messengers who ignore all warnings from us not to try to induce us into joining them in their delusions?

    I’m guessing probably not.

  • heatherjoyw

    I am an atheist who can honestly say, my dad can be a jerk, however he has NEVER ABUSED ME. My choice to be an atheist came from the realization that I wanted to be morally responsible for my life and not mask my personal decisions with the perceived opinion with a deity. taking responsibility for my own decisions has made me a more proactive person,and in turn has made me a better person. existing to help humanity is so much better than existing to serve someone else’s imaginary friend.

  • Kristinfan413years

    Pat. people are Atheist because of people like you.

  • dbaker

    This guy is a stupid f__k

  • Maybe we don’t believe in god because we see god as just another mythological creature in a long line of mythological creatures we don’t believe in.