Pat Robertson Tells Viewer Her Daughter Is No Better Than A Serial Killer And Is Going To Hell (Video)

pat-robertson-3While I’m open about the fact that I am indeed a Christian, I’m also very vocal about my belief that those who look upon the Bible as a word-for-word depiction of true events are ridiculous. I’ve always believed that unless someone lives by every single rule written in the Bible (which would be impossible), then they have no right to tell anyone else what is or isn’t right about the way they choose to live their lives. To me, if there’s judgement to be made about what kind of people we are while we’re on this Earth, then that’s up to God to make that judgement – not another human being.

Sadly, far too many people feel the need to try to force their views on others. That’s a practice that I’ve never quite understood. Imagine how much better this planet would be if people stopped trying to force their religious views into government and on others.

A pattern that we also often see time and time again is that the more religious people claim to be – the more judgmental, hateful, intolerant and radical they are as well. It’s ironic considering these religions are supposed to be all about some variation of a “loving God.” It’s also amusing that the people who often claim to be the most religious are also the ones who often try their hardest to force their views on others. Considering that force is pretty much the opposite of faith, making people abide by your religious ideology pretty much defeats the purpose of having faith to begin with.

It’s a safe assumption that if someone is ultra religious, such as an evangelical Christian, the more absurd they’re going to be. A great example of this is Pat Robertson. Recently he told a caller that her daughter was going to go to hell because she dared to live with man who was separated from his wife. But not only that, he compared her daughter living with this man to a serial killer.

No, I’m not joking.

“My daughter is a Christian and a good person,” a viewer said. “She lives with her boyfriend and plans on marriage, but he has to get a divorce first. Will they go to hell for this sin?”

“The answer is yes!” Robertson said. “She’s a good person, but she’s living in adultery. That’s Hollywood. ‘Oh, he’s a good person, but he just killed five people, and he threw his mother down the steps. But he’s a good person.’”

Yes, because living with a boyfriend who just happens to be going through a divorce is exactly like someone murdering five people and throwing their mother down the stairs.

“Nonsense!” he continued. “It is adultery! She’s living with a married man who is still married, and she’s a good person? Baloney.”

Apparently Robertson isn’t aware that sometimes divorces can take quite a long time to complete. And I would be amiss if I didn’t point out the fact that the legal divorce on which this guy is waiting has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the legal process established by government. The moment marriage became a legally binding contract between two people, that pretty much took religion out of it. Sure, millions of people get married in churches and see it as a religious experience – but divorce has nothing to do with religion. You don’t go to a priest or a preacher to get a divorce – you typically hire a lawyer and often go to court. And a church doesn’t declare you divorced, the law does.

But for Robertson to tell this mother that her daughter is a bad person, a sinner, that she’s going to hell and that she’s essentially no better than a serial killer is appalling. How anyone can take this fool seriously absolutely blows my mind.

Watch his comments below via The 700 Club:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • deedee2die4

    Until the masses of Xians start to speak out against this type of insanity, I will continue to classify the ‘faithful’ as the Tea-liban.

    • rockmansolidvi

      In other words, you’re going to label over a billion people one thing over the rantings of the few unless we speak out against some things that we already have? Is that logical?

      • deedee2die4

        That’s right, “In His name”. If Thee Word, Thee Way is important enough, speak up or be part of what is mainstream! I have never seen on FOX, any Religious TV show, nor any movement to discredit this type of hate: Including the passive condoning of Planned Parenthood bombings and other overt acts of Tea-liban terrorism.

      • rockmansolidvi

        Just because someone says that they’re doing something in “His name” doesn’t make it so. There are plenty of people giving pushback, too bad you haven’t noticed.

        I debate people all the time. Your initial post and answer is very familiar. Allow me to repeat the same things I’ve read/heard.

        “Until moderate Muslims speak out against violence, then I’m going to believe that Muslims are violent.”

        “Until the protestors speak out against the cop killings, I’m going to believe that they called for it.”

        “When will the black leaders speak out against black on black violence instead of the criminals getting shot by police?”

        What I’ve learned from them is this; no matter how much evidence I’ve shown them, they continued to believe what they wanted to believe.

      • deedee2die4

        Since you want to change the subject (we don’t CHOOSE our skin color), name me a black leader that had own their own broadcasting network for over 30 years.

      • deedee2die4

        “Have a nice night :)”
        God bless you -Snarky PoS

      • deedee2die4

        BTW; Rupert’s co-owner of FOX is a Muslim.

        May Allah bless them.

  • Guest

    He will the the one that goes to HELL

    • deedee2die4

      Hell is no more believable than any other of Robertson’s flying spittle when he rants.

      • Nicole Selchert

        But spittle is real and believable. I think you meant his rants not necessarily the spit when he does.

    • James Cumberland

      unfortunately, there’s no “hell.” So he’ll die, and transition into nothingness believing that he’s about to go to heaven. This is the only part of the evangelical belief set that I’m jealous of. I wish I could embrace death with optimism and be happy or even excited about it. For me, it’s just the ultimate off-switch… it’s miserable, but it’s part of life. I guess I’m just willing to be an adult about it and accept it.

      The maddeningly stupid argument I run into is the whole “Admit it! You know there’s a god! You’re just afraid of that god!!” I WISH THERE WAS. If I really believed there was a heaven, why wouldn’t I WANT to go there?! The fear I have would be comforted by the idea that there’s a god. It would eliminate that fear. Why would I reject a comforting concept if I didn’t find it preposterous?

  • Ismael Gonzales

    He will be the one that will go to HELL make all that MONEY in GOD’S name.

    • deedee2die4

      Keep believing in make believe Bronze Age superstitions … You’re going nowhere!

  • Rod Prather

    hahaha.. Those crazy Christian, what will they think of next. The guy’s wife probably left him for a Minister.

  • Gabe Davis

    Hahaha. Robertson will be the ass hole who will open the doors to hell to welcome everybody.

  • msaxie

    Mr. Robertson. Sir, of you own admission one must obey every word from the Bible. Then why sir do you not obey the commandment, “Judge not that you be not judged?”

    • You’re quite confused, msaxie. The command to judge not that you be not judged is no more a command not to judge than the command to not jump into a puddle lest you get wet is a command not to jump into a puddle. If you are willing to get wet, then you’re free to jump into a puddle without violating that command. Likewise, if you are willing to be judged, then you are free to judge without violating the Scriptural command to which you refer. Your command of Scripture is abysmal.

      • msaxie

        No sir, my command of the Bible is not lacking. Having been raised in a fundamentalist Christian Home and never missed church when the doors were open for anything. I attended a Christian college of the associated with the church I attended. I sir, just can’t take the Bible literally anymore. My interpretation of the Bible is just as valid as yours, sir. The reason I can say that my interpretation of the Bible is as good as yours is based on the fact that there is one Bible and hundreds of denominations along with the Jews and the Muslims. Each of which has a differing opinion about what the Bible means. So, we differ in opinion but I will fight for your right to practice and believe your religion the way you want. I hope that you would do the same for me. Good Blessings to you.

      • msaxie, you’re seriously confused. i proved that your command of Scripture is abysmal. You cannot refute, as you are trying to, something which has been proven. Your interpretation of Scripture is most definitely not as valid as mine for a very simple reason, mine is Scriptural, yours is not. Your logic is abysmal. Your premise does not imply your conclusion. The fact that there are many contradictory views of Scripture in no way, shape, or form implies that any of them are valid. The fact that you think that it does demonstrates that you are seriously confused.

  • GenerallyConfused

    He who is without sin cast the first stone. – Jesus

    They forget that when convenient.

    • rainey13

      They forget a LOT of things when convenient. The bible can say anything you want it to – just cherry pick your verses.

      • GenerallyConfused

        I’m not Christian for that very reason. It’s far too…hypocritical.

      • Omar Spence

        Guys like this and his adherents are a horrible measure of Christianity, just for the record.

      • GenerallyConfused

        Oh, I know and completely understand. I’ve met quite a few Christians that accept my beliefs the way they are: mine. The vast majority I’ve met, however, did not actually practice the teachings of Jesus.

  • You say that judgment is to be left up to God, not us. Then what do you do with Jesus’ command to us: “Judge righteously.”?

    • Cemetery Girl

      “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye” (Matthew 7:3)

      • You did not answer my question. What do you do with John 7:24?

      • Cemetery Girl

        With what you typed, nothing. You only quoted part of John 7:24. “Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement.” From that I take a call to dig deeper, not always is the opinion of the masses or even religious leaders the right opinion. (Remember, this quote comes from the Pharisees objecting to Jesus healing someone on the sabbath.) Jesus was altering the Orthodox Jewish teachings and traditions. I don’t think He would have endorsed blindly following religious leaders that preach hate and plead for donations so they can make their Lexus payment that month. I don’t believe that a pastor is required to be impoverished, but I also do not believe that a pastor should make a fortune promoting division and hate. It is the business of those that do so, and if there is indeed a something after this which involves judgement then those that earn their riches telling others that they are terrible people then it will be interesting how that goes for them.

      • It matters not a hill of beans whether I quoted all of John 7:24. What I quoted stands alone as quoted, without any danger of quoting out of context. Again, you have not answered my question. What do you do with John 7:24? It directly contradicts the earlier statement that we are not supposed to judge.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Context matters. Context helps us understand meaning. Context is always valuable. So no, I will not ignore the context of your incomplete verse. In this case, context is very important. Yes, it does advocate judging, making judgements on actions and not about people. This verse is in regards to Jesus getting into trouble for healing a man on the Sabbath, something that was against the law. Based on this, we are instructed to look beyond what we are told by authority.

      • Like I said, what I quoted stands alone as quoted, without any danger of quoting out of context. Your assertion to the contrary is just a bald, unsubstantiated assertion, accomplishing nothing. Again, you have not answered my question. What I quoted from John 7:24 directly contradicts the previous assertion that we are not supposed to judge others.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Your quote purposely leaves out part of the verse, which impacts the message. Only those that are trying to misrepresent will tell you that you don’t need to read the words yourself. It is a basic matter of comprehension to look at the quote in its context. You said John 7:24 and I gave my view of ALL of John 7:24, not the edited for your use version.

      • Like I said, what I quoted stands alone as quoted, without any danger of quoting out of context. You are just mindlessly asserting that this is false, which accomplishes absolutely nothing. Again, you have not answered my question. What I quoted from John 7:24 directly contradicts the previous assertion that we are not supposed to judge others.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Typically when one quotes a Bible verse they do the WHOLE verse. Analyzing writing in context really is an element of basic reading comprehension. Anyone that insists on ignoring the source material usually is just trying to deceive. That being said, I gave my view of the VERSE. Sorry if it bugs you that I actually pulled the book out and looked up the verse. You misrepresented the verse, I looked it up, I fail to agree that it should be interpreted as go around punish people, whatever it is you want it to mean. Have a nice life.

      • As I said, what I quoted
        stands alone, without any danger of quoting out of context. Your
        assertion to the contrary is just a bald, unsubstantiated assertion,
        accomplishing absolutely nothing. You are, on the other hand, correct,
        except for underestimating the quote. Jesus does not merely advocate
        judging here. On the contrary, he commands it. You made up the part
        about judging actions, not people. There is absolutely nothing in this
        quote which limits judgement to actions, not people. You made this up
        out of thin air.

      • Cemetery Girl

        Look up the word context. Have a nice life.

      • Cemetery Girl, you are hopelessly confused. I know full well what the word context means. As I said, what I quoted stands alone, without any danger of quoting out of context. You are just mindlessly claiming that this is false. You’ve got absolutely nothing. That’s why you never substantiate your assertions.

    • msaxie

      I would call that a contridiction, sir.

      • You would call what a contradiction? By the way, there is no such thing as a “contridiction”.

  • Cemetery Girl

    I honestly didn’t expect how this went from Robertson. I figured the daughter was homosexual, so it’s nice to see over the top judgment over other things. He’s over looked that from a Christian point of view, marriage doesn’t end with divorce. Even if the daughter married this guy (who would be divorced), based on the Bible they’re still committing adultery.

  • Nick Wride

    Senile old bastard. You would think his oh so Christian hatred would have killed him by now.

  • Sandra Phillips

    The show is good but his advice is unwarranted.

    • rainey13

      There is nothing “good” about watching this hateful old man.

    • James Cumberland

      the show isn’t good. It’s a line for infecting gullible people with bigotry.

  • Nicole Selchert

    I was totally expecting something way more than because she’s living with her bf.

  • Al Johnson

    Mr. Robertson , you tell us , one must obey every word from the Bible. Then why do you not pay attention to Matthew… Instead you bilk money out of your followers…

    Matthew 19 :21 ” If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

  • avoicecrying33

    I agree completely but for one thing. You called him an Evangelical Christian. This bugs me. An Evangelical Means sharing the good news that there is a loving God who through His son helps us to be the humans we were meant to be before the fall. You are an evangelical Christian. Please this white-washed tomb does not deserve the honor. None of the religious right does. I call them for what they are apostates.

  • mjw1952

    If you believe the Bible then that is what it says. Those who think adultry is Ok but being gay isn’t deny that the Bible equates those tho acts. These man-made rules with no room for thinking people is why I’m not a Christian.

  • Omar Spence

    Conservatism is exactly counter tothetea

  • Mike Rapert

    Couldn’t agree more. One of the great evils in this world, are those who try to force their views and practices onto others by law.

  • Harris Maslowe

    The author used the word “amiss” in error, when instead the correct word in the context of the sentence in which it’s used is “remiss”.
    Sorry author, you’re going to hell for that!

  • Sharon Rose

    Pat Robertson continues to be crazy. He doesn’t speak for God and it would be great if he would cease speaking.

  • George Raybin

    Still a better love story than “Twilight”.

  • Robert Stewart

    The thing is, if you call into this kind of program, and you’ve been watching, unless you have some kind of brain damage or brain disorder, you KNOW the kind of vile words will spew from Pat and his ilk. I really think many of these folks are their staff calling in with scripted questions, to stir controversy.

  • if u want to abide by ALL the rules of the bible and are a Christian. u WAIT until the divorce is final !!!

  • Jensen Deller

    I can remember being in 7th grade when the 700 Club was just getting their ball of bigotry and unChristianness rolling, Pat would tell people to put their hands on the TV to be cured. Seeing as I lived in Norfolk and Pat in Portsmouth I kept a close eye on Patty-boys doings, send $$$ get real holy water from Jerusalem via Pat’s bathroom sink and other shady doings. The man gave me the heebie jeebies then (1970) and still does as he is a money grubbing, fake haven for the poor in Africa, I mean what better way to bring in your Blood Diamonds back in the “empty” planes returning from bribing the Overlord with the food for the starving kids? He is an embarrassment to people of all faiths and even Satan doesn’t quarrel with Pat.