Pat Robertson Tells Viewer Her Daughter Is No Better Than A Serial Killer And Is Going To Hell (Video)

pat-robertson-3While I’m open about the fact that I am indeed a Christian, I’m also very vocal about my belief that those who look upon the Bible as a word-for-word depiction of true events are ridiculous. I’ve always believed that unless someone lives by every single rule written in the Bible (which would be impossible), then they have no right to tell anyone else what is or isn’t right about the way they choose to live their lives. To me, if there’s judgement to be made about what kind of people we are while we’re on this Earth, then that’s up to God to make that judgement – not another human being.

Sadly, far too many people feel the need to try to force their views on others. That’s a practice that I’ve never quite understood. Imagine how much better this planet would be if people stopped trying to force their religious views into government and on others.

A pattern that we also often see time and time again is that the more religious people claim to be – the more judgmental, hateful, intolerant and radical they are as well. It’s ironic considering these religions are supposed to be all about some variation of a “loving God.” It’s also amusing that the people who often claim to be the most religious are also the ones who often try their hardest to force their views on others. Considering that force is pretty much the opposite of faith, making people abide by your religious ideology pretty much defeats the purpose of having faith to begin with.

It’s a safe assumption that if someone is ultra religious, such as an evangelical Christian, the more absurd they’re going to be. A great example of this is Pat Robertson. Recently he told a caller that her daughter was going to go to hell because she dared to live with man who was separated from his wife. But not only that, he compared her daughter living with this man to a serial killer.

No, I’m not joking.

“My daughter is a Christian and a good person,” a viewer said. “She lives with her boyfriend and plans on marriage, but he has to get a divorce first. Will they go to hell for this sin?”

“The answer is yes!” Robertson said. “She’s a good person, but she’s living in adultery. That’s Hollywood. ‘Oh, he’s a good person, but he just killed five people, and he threw his mother down the steps. But he’s a good person.’”

Yes, because living with a boyfriend who just happens to be going through a divorce is exactly like someone murdering five people and throwing their mother down the stairs.

“Nonsense!” he continued. “It is adultery! She’s living with a married man who is still married, and she’s a good person? Baloney.”

Apparently Robertson isn’t aware that sometimes divorces can take quite a long time to complete. And I would be amiss if I didn’t point out the fact that the legal divorce on which this guy is waiting has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the legal process established by government. The moment marriage became a legally binding contract between two people, that pretty much took religion out of it. Sure, millions of people get married in churches and see it as a religious experience – but divorce has nothing to do with religion. You don’t go to a priest or a preacher to get a divorce – you typically hire a lawyer and often go to court. And a church doesn’t declare you divorced, the law does.

But for Robertson to tell this mother that her daughter is a bad person, a sinner, that she’s going to hell and that she’s essentially no better than a serial killer is appalling. How anyone can take this fool seriously absolutely blows my mind.

Watch his comments below via The 700 Club:

Allen Clifton

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