Pathetic Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn Says Cuts Must Be Made Before He’ll Support Tornado Relief

coburnBefore the final body count has even come in (which currently stands at 51, with officials telling the medical examiner’s office to expect at least 40 more) a pathetic excuse for a human being, GOP Senator Tom Coburn, will apparently require offsets to spending before he votes in favor of disaster relief for the areas of Oklahoma devastated by tornadoes on Monday.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly.  Even with 20 children confirmed dead, along with 31 others (as of 12:30 am CDT), and countless others with their lives destroyed, this sorry excuse for a human is already playing politics with the lives of Americans who are in desperate need of help.

When did this country become one that only helps its citizens when the “proper budget cuts” have been made?


When lives are lost, ruined and Americans need help because of a natural disaster—we help.  PERIOD.  I don’t give a crap how much it costs.

We don’t leave our citizens stranded, relying on the charity of others (which is always great, and more than anyone could ask for, but more is always needed), just because you want to push some kind of bullshit political agenda.

And this isn’t a new thing for this piece of crap Senator Coburn.  Apparently, this is just his policy.  Anytime there’s a disaster, he has pushed for offsets in spending to cover disaster relief. His most recent attempt to block disaster relief came last fall when he voted against funding for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Even after the Oklahoma City bombing he pushed for offsets in spending.  I’ll say it again..

After a domestic terrorist blew up a federal building in Oklahoma City, killing hundreds, this man pushed for offsets in spending before he would support funding for the victims.

How the hell can anyone vote for someone like Tom Coburn?

After seeing the destruction and devastation that’s fallen upon Oklahoma tonight, anyone who would continue to support this guy should be ashamed of themselves.

Coburn epitomizes everything that Americans should strive not to be.  When people are in desperate need of help, instead of putting politics aside to help people try to put their lives back together—they decide to try and score political points.

Which begs my question, “What kind of sick and sad human beings are you catering to when you score political points by playing politics with people lives?”

I’d encourage every one who reads this to contact Senator Tom Coburn and let him know exactly what you think of his pathetic attempt to play politics with disaster relief for Americans. You can also visit his Facebook page to let him know what you think.

I’m utterly ashamed to call this man an American, and anyone who supports this man should be ashamed of themselves.

Updated death toll as of 4:30 pm CDT 5/21, the medical examiner’s office has said that earlier reports were erroneous.  The current death toll stands at 24 confirmed, including 9 children. 

To view and consider donation options through the American Red Cross, please read their statement here. Thank you.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • This man is sick! He certainly does not care about his constituents, playing games like this. My hearts goes out to OK, because of this awful tragedy and because you have this man as one of your senators.

  • ksue

    This is disgusting. I do not know how this person sleeps at night…

    • John Gavel

      Only quote in the article was cliftons? How do you know his position? Cant always believe what you read

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Far more than I can believe you.

      • Bine646

        Im not asking you to believe me buddy

  • People of Oklahoma… Please remember his words and actions next year… Remember how Coburn and Inohofe put tax cuts for the rich over disaster relief… How they’re more interested in their wealthy friends and Billionaires who backed them with millions in campaign contributions. Vote them out…
    If you’re not in Oklahoma pay attention because the next tornado or natural disaster could be in your state and Billionaire backed scum like these two don’t care about you. They care about their rich friends and Billionaire backers. They care more about tax cuts for the rich than people like you and me and your neighbors.

  • How many times are you going to vote this useless piece of pond scum into office.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      He’s a Republican. See Laura Morphis’ insane comments.

  • People keep voting GOP because their ideology is more valuable than human life; their hatred of Obama is stronger than their love for fellow Americans. Even children. We all can die, as long as their cause goes on. Children can die, as long as Obama can be hurt.

    • Exactly right, David. Anything to hurt The Black Guy.

      • sunnyjane

        The interesting thing is, while they try to hurt him, his ratings keep going up. Can you imagine the hue and cry that would be raging if the President said something along the lines if: “I’m not funding disaster relief until the House passes gun reform laws.”

        Oh man, THAT would make headlines!

      • John Gavel

        There are three types of lies- lies, damn lies and statistics. I wouldnt believe these “polls” unless ofcourse you agree with unprecedented hijacking of phones records (freedom of press) or IRS targeting groups (puts everyone at risk, administration will change u know) or getting told a youtube video caused a terrorist attack- which you wpuld still believe if it wasnt shown that was a flat out lie

      • Ah! A perfect example of the type of person who cannot raise his eyes from the talking points to see what is going on.

      • Shidank

        Wait, are you claiming Bush did a better job than Obama is doing?

        Sir, that is not only ignorant…but just plain incorrect.

      • Casterok

        Why is it that whenever someone says something critical of Obama… everyone piles on with “well he’s doing better than Bush?”

        Who mentioned Bush? NO ONE. NO ONE mentioned Bush. Obama is a POS all by himself… a lying, corrupt, thuggish, socialist Chicago community organizer who was both a failure at business and a failure as a professor… but with the right connections and the right speeches, the media decided they liked him better than Hillary and got him elected.

        I like how Eddie Bronston says “anything to hurt the Black Guy.” Really? How come anyone who disagrees with Obama is only doing it to hurt “the black guy?” Take it from someone who voted for him in 2008 and now freaking hates him with a passion… it ain’t about “the black guy.” It’s about him being the “lying corrupt thuggish socialist Chicago politician” guy.

        And… oh yea… this guy Coburn… yeah he’s a POS as well. Shame on him.

        I’m for voting them ALL out. Except maybe all the freshmen. New blood all around.

      • He was a “lying corrupt thuggish socialist Chicago politician” when you supposedly voted for him. You never voted for him, cut the crap.
        And the next group of people you “vote” for, you will complain about them too. Sure…


      • Guess We Felt The Same The Second Time Around To, You MORON!!

      • You forgot “Muslim, kenyan socialist” !

      • Because the POS IDIOT BUSH and his band of thieves were the fools that help proliferate and expand the stupid mindsets of a majority of the Republicans in Congress while lining their and their rich buddies pockets … and their party played on the minds of racists, bigots and mysoginists to beware the “black” boogeyman…You do realize that under that fool (Bush), the collective IQ of this Country and the level of educational opportunitystarted to spiral down..We now have a generation that is statistically less educated than their parents!!..That was NEVER the goal of this Country!!

      • Miguel

        Interesting that you pegged the election as between Barack and Hillary. At least you’re smart enough to acknowledge that the Republican candidate wasn’t a factor.

      • Payten LaBrier

        you do realize that 12 of the richest 15 current politicians are Democrats right? Look it up! I guess they got all their money by earning it right. I’m sure no lobbiest lined any of their pockets!

      • Payten LaBrier, Would you please provide a link?

      • Mr.Awesome

        Actually 9 of the top 16 richest politicians are Democrats. 1 is an Independent, and 6 are Republican. BUT, when compare their worth, those 6 Republicans add up to more than those 9 Democrats. And just in case you decide to say “That’s not true”, or “look again”… The link will be provided below. And yes almost all politicians get lobbyists. But the difference is that the Republicans are always out to supposedly save what they have, and continue to prosper. But what they forget is that the people of America are WHY they are in the position they are. Sure they own the businesses, but the real question is, who makes it possible for them to sit home while the businesses run themselves? We the middle class are the backbone of this country.

      • kman

        ok so some one brought Bush but you have to admit Bush made Jimmy Carter look like a Rock Star!!!

      • r_dale

        I for one will not admit that for a second. Carter was a good man and has done great good since he’s been out of office. What has your hero Bush done? The only decent thing he has done in his whole sorry misbegotten life is keep his stupid yap shut since 2008.

      • tiredofhatefulidiots

        Simple: Bush messed-up the country so badly with his stupid decisions. People like you blame all the country’s problems on Obama, and many people need to be reminded of this on a regular basis. In the case of Mr. Coburn and his statements regarding this disaster, well, this reminds us of Bush’s obtuse, insensitive and incompetent response to Hurricane Catrina. The way to remind people how bad Bush was is to contrast Bush’s overwhelmingly poor decisions with the better ones Obama has made and is trying to make while being blocked by a stubborn, selfish, bigoted and obstructionist Republican congress. People like you are the ones who turn everything into a “black and white” issue. Grow up, and stop thinking in those lame terms! We are all Americans! People like you are also the reason Bush and Coburn got voted in in the first place.

      • Bine646

        Bush messed up this country so badly? Bc of untimely tax breaks which you havnt given back yet- irs would let you pay more- and a terrorist attack on the world trade center? Look at bushs approval rating then come talk, high percentage agreed with his positions. As for the state of the economy, lets go back to clinton n look at subprime mortgages and such- the housing crisis was not bushs doing

      • But see, that’s the thing–people WOULDN’T pay more. Yet people like you continue to argue that wealth will trickle down. How is that any different? Everyone is going to keep hold of what they have with both hands, and damn the rest, because that’s the American Way.

      • Bine646

        If we wouldnt pay more why is obama arguining that middle class americans cannot afford for the bushtax cut to expire?

      • Bine646

        What about the 10% income tax bracket he created- that goes too?

      • Ron

        your absolutely right,,remember who you are talking to obamaclones, they don’t watch the news or read from multiple sources, they just qoute bullshit…Bush did great with what he had,,,war is tough.,,,,,these assclowns who say Obama is makig great decisions….? good decisions don’t make trillions in debt…good decisions lead us away from socialism not toward it…..reading these posts burns a hole in my soul makes me cry for the country I love….being destroyed by the mass of stupid..non responsible give me rats

      • idiot!

      • Wake up! Do a little research other than your right wing propaganda machines. The deficit has been reduced. The only reason the debt hasn’t been toched is there are still too many people out of work.
        Remenber your teabagger friends and Cry Baby Boehner chanting JOBS, JOBS, JOBS? They have done nothing.
        2010 was the worst thing to happen to America after the disaster of the “Great Recession”. All those idiots came into congress with ONE thing on their minds, and that was the destruction of Obama.
        NOT what they should have been working on, rebuilding this country.
        You people are “SEDITIONIST” and “TRAITORS”.
        WE WILL REMEMBER IN 2014!!!
        CLEAN HOUSE!!!

      • Bine646

        We are in a trillion dollar deficit this yr and economy shrank first time since recession, sooooooo

      • Bine646

        Its insane, they cannot admit when they are wrong- crazy they just play the blame game

      • plums

        Here’s what you Republicons have to look forward to; 8 years of Hilary Clinton. Just keep talking. The more you say the stupider you sound and closer to the demise of your entire racist, elitist party. People aren’t as stupid as you think.

      • plums

        Don’t call me an assclown you dickhead! Bush started the war in Iraq on false pretense. (remember WMD?) It’s about oil and rich elitist racist pricks like you.

      • It was the republicon Congress u dumb F*cking tea-billy…SHEESH!

      • Bine646

        Clinton homeownership strategy my man- he had his name on it. Just like he did doma, he was in power my man, dont forget that

      • Smarter than you

        The housing crisis was absolutely the fault of the republicans. Do some homework of your own, dumbass.

      • Bine646

        Clintons administration went thru crazy lengths to put people in homes- ever here of clintons homeownership strategy, nugget?

      • deh3

        The housing bubble is more a result of government intervention in land use, through zoning, impact fees, property taxes and land transfer taxes, making it more profitable for builders to build outward rather than upward, which incentives speculation in housing.

      • plums

        OMG deh3!! Are you kidding? Ever heard of default swaps? Do you know how to read? Government intervention in land use? LOL! Read your history. Heard of Goldman Sachs? Henry Paulson? What are you smoking? Or maybe you should smoke something….pull your head out of George Bush’s ass and smell the coffee instead of the Republicons BS.

      • JanusMc

        Clinton did take the restrictions off on lenders like Fanny and Freddy that was definitely one of the main culprits of the housing crisis. HOWEVER, it did lead to home ownership increases, and was actually a good thing at first until people got greedy and started overselling on the housing market creating a superheated housing market. That happened under Bush, but the breaks could have been applied at any time. Restrictions could have been reapplied when the housing market first started signs of overheating in 2004-5, which was well into the Bush years.

      • Right, b/c Bush didn’t absolutely piss away a budget surplus by giving tax breaks to those who let their employees go on food stamps, and send jobs over seas. THIS is why we call you racists; because your reasons aren’t real.

      • Bine646

        Think you need to look up the definition of racism jess

      • WTFover

        hey tiredofthehatefulidiots – maybe you should go back and figure out exactly who played the “race” card first….it wasn’t the person you are ranting at with this comment…….

      • Wow, do you LIVE at Fox News? Someone needs to explain to me how the words “community” and “organizer” take on a sinister connotation when paired. That’s one of Fox News’ neater tricks, pulling that one off.

      • whateva

        yeah right you voted for Obama lmao. noone that voted for obama would go around parroting Fox news name calling. And thuggish???? Really???? Obama is like a black Mr. Rogers. Sorry he doesnt fit the profile of a scary black man. Nice try tho.

      • vorten

        @casterok No you did not vote for Obama in 2008. You were a racist in 2008 and are a racist now. You learned how to be a racist at your mother’s teat and will raise your children to be racist.

      • trigger

        Nothing wrong with socialism if Coburn is anything to go by.

      • What really scares US Americans…is that idiot tea-billies like ya’ll will re-elect these scurvy knaves…

      • There is nothing wrong with community organizers you twit. It just shows your ignorance that you try and use propaganda gleaned from Fox to prop up your ignorant rants. And that new blood that came into the House in 2010 that is gumming up the machine? They haven’t done anything. They charged in there chanting JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, and have not done anything. And we can say anything we want about that dumber than dumb, Dubya. The master LIAR, who talked a nation into sending their sons to die for a LIE.

      • A lot smarter than you.

        It’s not “anyone who disagrees”. Nothing this President has said, proposed or done justifies the way your party has treated him. You are obviously a gullible fool who has been suckered by your party. Here’s the part you don’t get. Karl Rove, Mitt Romney, Boehner, McConnell etc. None of them really believe the BS you are spouting about President Obama. They just said that stuff so stupid people like you would vote for republicans. It didn’t work. You lost. They have moved on. They don’t really care but you are the moron standing there spouting pure BULLSHIT that anyone with half a brain knows is nonsense. The leaders of your fucking party belong in prison for treason. Get a clue, dumbass.

      • I’m right there with you!!!

      • plums

        George Bush has been proven to be a treasonous shifty eyed GD liar. That’s why it doesn’t even need to be said that Obama is doing better than Bush. Any moron could do better than Bush. It will take longer than two terms to straighten out the mess he made. He’s the worst president we’ve ever endured. Way worse than Nixon and Herbert Hoover combined. Look at the numbers, disappearing budget surpluses, gas prices tripled on his watch. Two wars, both premptive strikes that didn’t do anything but serve the rich in this nation. Thousands of American kids dead behind big oil and the gas prices just keep rising and rising under a system he put in place. Shut the hell up would you? I’m sick of you racist elitist jerks who think that someday you’ll be in the club. Guess what? All you’re good for is to pay the taxes the real rich evade.

      • tiredoflazyassholes

        show the statistics???? oh wait – it’s media based – “everything on the Internet is true”

      • Bine646

        What happened to that transparent govt we were promised lars?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        60 dead in Embassy attacks under Bush.
        The understaffed IRS looking at Tea Party groups applying for tax-exempt status available only to “social welfare” groups.
        Someone in AP leaks information about an anti-terror operation, which the GOP would be all over if the Prez were Republican.

        You need to STFU. Obama is doing a better job than that clown Bush.

      • Fox news reporter that leaked the story. Traitors. They are all traitors. Anti-American to the bone. Vote them out and take back the House.

      • You would be fine with all the stuff you are complaining about if it was a “republican” doing it. You poser patriots have already proven that to be true, so no point denying it. Listening to you cry about it now after silently approving of it in the past is frustrating and funny at the same time.

      • exactly right John Gavel…!

      • betsy44

        Lies , damn lies and Republican talking points, and you believe thm all apparently. Spin, spin, spin you need to get some facts.

      • Bine646

        Republicans arent in control now betsy- these are obama administration talking points now- catch up

      • Miguel

        Right, John. The election polls were wrong, too. Oh, wait …

      • Bine646

        You are getting what you voted for miguel- enjoy and be proud

      • Miguel

        I am, Bine. I am. Especially considering the alternative we were faced with.

      • Bine646

        Says alot about you miguel…

      • Jo

        You can count on me, I will never again vote Republican. Coburn and Inhoff and the other Rep. here in Okla. have never represented me! Not even our Gov. She is so Anti Obama she embarrasses me.

      • I noticed in her announcement today that she didn’t even mention Obama’s call to her or his sending aid.

      • those are ALL allegations, that have NOT been proven, so your commentary is not from knowledge, but hate

      • Just Wondering

        the targeting as you put it was in the form of a questioner that was sent to many different groups …. sorry for the paper cuts they received filling it out and mailing it…. such discrimination… Tea Party Ignorance as usual

      • Or the weapons of mass destruction to start a war that kill over 4,000 Americans oh sorry that was Pres Bush and DICK Cheney who former company Halliburton was award the contract to rebuild Iraq 2 years before the war was started and made over 39 billion. I wonder how much kick back these 2 war criminals receive.

      • holy cow!!!! you really and truly need to watch more than fox and that one other channel for some recent updates!!!

      • The RIGHT=TRASH republicons and their CORPORATE COMMUNIST MASTERS haven’t realized that the more they attack OBAMA the stronger He becomes…5 years and they still don’t get it! SHEESH!

      • C. Terry Ross

        But, he wouldn’t do that because he cares!

      • racist

      • Huh??? What does “The Black Guy” have to do with anything? Way to play the race card.

      • Most of the GOP’s rhetoric against Obama either boils down to passionate hatred of policies they supported under Bush, or “he’s not one of us” rhetoric, which is obvious dog-whistle racism.

      • Look, this Senator is a shithead no doubt about it. But what the hell is with all this “Black Guy” bullshit? You sound like Chris Matthews – as if the only way somebody could disagree with Obama is if they are racist. Let me ask you: if Allen West was in the White House and he was increasing military spending, cuting taxes, deporting immigrants, deregulating industry, and scaling back LGBT rights and you criticized him and people called you racist I would you like that? Clearly its the policies that matter, not ethnicity!

      • Yeah, except that the president’s critics were actually in FAVOUR of a lot of the things he’s doing, back when it was white guys pushing them. Social spending? It was A-OK when Bush pushed the prescription drug benefit for old people. Economic stimulus? It was A-OK when Bush did it. Obamacare? It was a great idea when Romney did it.

      • Miguel

        Get real! If Allen West were in the White House, he’d be arrested for breaking and entering.

    • alan

      I am going to use something like this, if it’s ok with you. I think this is totally what is happening.

    • Mike

      Notice there are no quotes in this article? That’s because the author completely spun it knowing that his readers will just follow along without seeking out the truth of what was said. He never said he would not vote for the bill, but rather would seek to offset the expenses with federal budget cuts.

      From the article the author linked to:
      Coburn spokesman John Hart on Monday evening confirmed that the senator will seek to ensure that any additional funding for tornado disaster relief in Oklahoma be offset by cuts to federal spending elsewhere in the budget. “That’s always been his position [to offset disaster aid],” Hart said. “He supported offsets to the bill funding the OKC bombing recovery effort.” Those offsets were achieved in 1995 by tapping federal funds that had not yet been appropriated.

      • movefoward

        great maybe he will offset the funding with a portion of his salary and his colleagues. they are overpaid as it is.

      • LateNightLarry

        Reduce ALL Congress critters to minimum wage and no benefits, just like their friends, the Koch(roach) brothers want for everybody except the one percent… No health benefits, no paid trips home, only get paid when they’re on the job in the Capitol building working… maybe they’d get something done then.

      • No, LateNightLarry, they’d be too busy standing in line for food stamps and other entitlements to get anything done then either. You have to remember their first priority in office is not getting anything meaningful accomplished; the first objective is to secure funding for the next election cycle, and the second objective is to build a personal power base. Voter concerns are a distant third, and only if not paying them atteniton might hurt your next elecion. 😛

      • Stuart Bogue

        Thanks for confirming the substance and content of the article….

      • I’m sorry????? What’s your point?

      • John Gavel

        Try rereading his first paragraph again- pretty clear what his point is

      • Halli

        It’s fine and necessary to offset emergency spending – but do it AFTER at least some aid is given. In emergency situations, those suffering should NOT have to wait for the snail’s pace of government budgets to crawl along before receiving much-needed assistance.

      • While demanding offsets before approving funds for disaster relief is unconscionable (and certainly NOT what happened here) I don’t trust our government to cut funding from anything afterwards, no matter how trivial the pet project is. Once the money is marked for relief, they wont be unable to agree on any cuts, ensuring that we and our children will have to cough up more taxes without having one word to say about it..

      • movefoward

        Wow, at a time like this all you can think about is your pocketbook! Bet if it was you or your family you’d be singing a different tune. You sound like a typical GOP supporter. God bless you all!

      • Actually I’m an independent. and No thats not all I can think about… But I am thinking that if I cant make my car payment I surely cant go and send money to the folks in Oklahoma. I truly hope they get plenty of funding for their needs, but when you have a set amount of money, and its all alloted for certain things, you cant just go and add more money for another project without either taking it from somerhing … or in this case SOMEONE else…. or in simpler terms: DO THE MATH.

      • alan Sabath

        why dont you go tell that S–T to all those suffering in OK while you sit on your comfortable fat arse typing crap about whatever your pathetic mind comes up with!

      • Really alan… personal attack? on someone that you know nothing about? do you feel better now?

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        If we had MORE government spending, unemployment would be 6.5%

      • LateNightLarry

        I don’t trust Coburn and other RepubliCLOWNS to approve disaster aid for the victims EVEN AFTER BUDGET CUTS ARE APPROVED!

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Why offset the spending? I don’t ever hear anyone wanting to offset bloated defense spending for tanks the Pentagon doesn’t want.

      • Then you need to clean your ears out, because this same Tom Coburn does exactly that. How uninformed are you, seriously?

      • CaseyO

        Do you really think first responders were waiting for someone in Washington to tell them to go?

        This isn’t about EMERGENCY spending. It is about RECOVERY spending.

      • wodaji

        The link in the article takes you to another article, with yet more links to other articles with the quotes. Admittedly its a lazy style of quoting, but its there none-the-less and seems to be the norm in web page reporting/op-ed.

        The author assumed too much of its conservative audience and didnt break it down for you.

      • LadyeCatte

        I see no aberrations. The man is definitely already demanding a bean-count of any assistance sent to families of a horrible disaster.

        This is TRULY what separates the heroes from the hacks. Why does it always seem that a Republican/conservative’s first thought upon hearing that children have perished in tragedy is “Oh, God, what’s this going to cost ME??”

      • Shaun Chapman

        What wrong with keeping track of tax money. OK will get plenty of help just like the Waco explosion. They had to turn help away days after as they didn’t have facilities to store all the food and supplies. Articles are already reporting people are getting supplies together to transport to OK…why does it always have to come from the Gov.

      • It’s called being a human with a heart. If you’re in a position to help someone who’s suffering (like the wealthiest nation on the planet, to tornado victims) you help and don’t waste time counting the cost. Human life is more important than financial resource. That said, I know there are many who don’t agree, and I’d really like to hear them just admit it, instead of pretending they’re serving some higher purpose. Serving the almighty dollar at the expense of human life is not a higher purpose. it’s douchebaggery.

      • Shaun Chapman

        Who’s waste time? The Red Cross is their now with 3 shelter ready for survivors. They have 25 “emergency response vehicles are positioned to move at first light Tuesday,” That just the red cross..people are there and helping

      • LateNightLarry

        And the Red Cross doesn’t wait for “offsetting funds” before they respond. The National Disaster Fund of the Red Cross has been out of money several times over the last few years, but the leadership borrows money to keep going until the donations come in to pay back the loan and the costs of disaster assistance.

      • Hey Gina Fawkes, We (the USA fedgov) are “in a position” as you say, to give 100% of our collected revenues to all 181 other countries in the world to minimize the suffering of their peoples – so with you your logic, no line should be drawn – we shouldn’t have an iota of fiscal responsibility and just give it all away – solely because we “are in a position to” do so – in fact we could give away are entire GDP several dozen times over and still not alleviate all the suffering, so obviously we should give all of our revenue and let the gov’t collapse into anarchy, to use your “logic”… do you see now how retarded you are?

      • What a long and lovely leap you have made, DS. Roughly half of your thesis on my logic or my intention is completely false, which scares the sh*t out of me. I can only guess you make such assumptions because Fox News tells you to translate basic human decency to… whatever the hell you just described up there. (By the way, what ARE you going on about? “Give away our entire tax collection” and such? What is that??) Do you possess any measurable notion of how mis-aligned this nation’s wealth and resources truly are? Helping those in need is far less costly than continuing to give the rich and powerful what they want.

        (I’m a scumbag because I think tornado victims should get aid resources without strings attached. Okay. Got it.)

      • In fact, Gina, YOU are in a position to help, no? You do have access to money and goods, don’t you? Do NOT “count” your financial resource – just GIVE it all away! Or are you some kind of scumbag who is only interested in the almighty dollar and not helping people? Oh wait, I think I get it…. when it’s YOUR money, you do “count the financial resource” (i.e. be prudent and exercise judgment in allocating your resources). But when it’s OTHER people’s money (we the taxpayers), you don’t…. right? Lemme guess, you’re one of those who don’t pay federal income taxes.

      • So. Many Factual. Errors.

      • Kaiser Edmond

        So while people are suffering you hold up relief by insisting on offsets? And if there are no offsets meaning you can’t get someone to go along with taking funding from a program he doesn’t like then what? I am sure we can offset it out of the bloated defense budget or taking some of those tax deals to big oil. Will Coburn agree to that?

      • Josh

        Far be it from me to stand up for anything gop or democrat, by it didn’t say they wouldn’t get funding. It said that he would offset the aid with cuts elsewhere. The implIcation that he would stall any funding until he got his way was singularly implied by the writer of this article. No where does it currently say that, and maybe this person is playing just as much politics with these peoples’ lives. Just a thought

      • Kaiser Edmond

        Because he has stalled funding before. He voted against Sandy aid and even funding for victims of the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma. The Sandy vote eventually went forward in spite of Coburn and 35 other Republican Senators. Now he has to demonstrate his “impeccable” intergrity less he be called a hypocrit.

      • crafty

        Please check facts. According to his spokesman, that if precisely what he intends to do. Not sign the bill for relief until other cuts are made.

      • Excuse me Mike, but what you have in quotes here is exactly the same as the author of this piece said Coburn said. It certainly implied that Coburn would not vote for the bill unless he got what he wanted. So why the dig? You just tried to spin it.

      • This man is an asswipe of the highest order. There need be no facts listed. All you need to do is live in OKC to see how he operates. E-NUFF SAID.

      • steve

        So how come, under W, he was quick to approve spending?

        – 2005: The “Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act” (H.R. 1268) provided $82 billion to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Coburn voted for the measure.

        – 2006: The Defense Appropriations Bill (H.R.2863) provided approximately $40 billion for the war in Iraq. Coburn voted for the measure.

        – 2006: “Emergency Supplemental Appropriations Act,” (H.R. 4939 ) provided $72 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Coburn voted for the measure.

        – 2005: After Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005, Congress passed two relief bills, allocating more than $50 billion and allowing the National Flood Insurance Program to borrow more money. One of the measures was adopted by unanimous consent and Coburn voted for the other.

        – 2006: Congress approved a Department of Defense appropriations bill (H.R. 5631), including approximately $70 billion for the war in Iraq. Coburn voted for the measure.

        – 2008: In October 2008, the Bush Administration and Congress enacted a rescue package to stabilize the financial system by creating the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Coburn voted in favor of the measure.

        But now, when it is a Democrat president, he votes against? Does he have good, sound reasons? Did his constituency change? or is he just playing politics, voting for his party alone?

      • karma is watching

        His comments were oh so ill- timed and in very bad taste. Hopefully his fellow Oklahomans will remember this in the voting booth.

      • Bine646

        Had the same stance during 1994 terrorist attack….

      • Coburn is only one vote in 100. If the majority does not agree with him then there will be no offsets. Also, aid is not being held up! The state of Oklahoma is not holding up their aid, the American Red Cross is not holding up their aid, and for crying out loud, NOTHING IS STOPPING ANY OF US FROM PERSONALLY SENDING THEM SOME OF OUR MONEY!!!

        Some of the commenters here must be under the impression that if the Federal government doesn’t pass an aid bill

    • Yeah, whatever. You idiots who are liberals are quick to scream foul when someone questions how we’re going to pay for things. Why is that? I don’t mind helping people at all but if I only have $50 bucks then I only have $50 bucks. I for damn sure don’t want you to up my taxes then spend $10,000 of my money (of which only $50 will go to those in need anyway) then have a ga spend it for me. I think that may be the problem. You all actually trust your idiot politicians. We don’t trust any of them. Next time you want to bash conservatives, make sure your ass is down here on the line helping, and have your facts straight.

      A conservative,Okie, ag teacher, on the way out the door to coordinate disaster relief effort of his own three children and 50 FFA members.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        I don’t trust conservatives not to screw people they don’t like. If you voted for that clown, you deserve what you get from him.

        Bottom line, you don’t like money going to people you don’t think deserve it, irrespective of whether or not they do.

      • betsy44

        I think you and all OK people will be very thankful for the help with no strings attached. And conservatives don’t need us to bash them, they do a good job of bashing themselves by their actions. Why do you think most welfare states are red states? Just keep voting that way and you will always be a welfare state, they care nothing about you people.

      • May God lend You and all of those in need a Helping hand. It’s People helping Other People that will help to rebuild the great state of Oklahoma. And tell Washington to send the money. And to leave FEMA out of it. GOD BLESS EVERYONE in these terrible times…..

      • It’s puzzling to me that conservatives think it’s okay for the wealthiest nation on earth to squander resources on almost valueless expendables, instead of being prudently frugal and squirreling money away for emergencies such as this. Wouldn’t you advise your children when they get out on their own to save money for a rainy day? Then why elect Republicans who throw pallets of money down the defense and deregulated banking rabbit holes? So your children’s hard-earned savings can be evaporated by predictably bad conservative economic policies? I don’t get it. Can someone conservative explain it to me without slinging mud?

    • hate to break it to you…oklahomans are conservative….we don’t need your federal aid or fema…we care for our own…we are the butt of your jokes…so don’t bother pretending to care now

    • Tim

      O’ come on David. This guy is a fool. But he doesn’t speak for the entire GOP. Not that I am any longer Republican, as many are doing, I no longer support either party. But, I certainly support the ideology of the GOP over the Dems. And Obama is Hated because he is ruining this country. It is his socilist agenda. But don’t worry, you will have all the welfare you want. And your supreme leader will take his official role as dictator soon. Open your dam eyes!

      • Obama’s a pretty bad socialist, extending the Bush tax cuts indefinitely, having cut the deficit massively, and with a projection that it’ll have more than halved in his 5 years, while more unemployed are out there, and more employed are on SNAP and TANF. What is nicely termed “Obamacare” (or alternatively the ACA) was mostly a Republican right-wing system – the original actual socialist version was scrapped in favour of that. If you really want to criticise Obama, there are lots of things to criticise, but being a Socialist really isn’t one of them. There are, however, lots of things to praise too, and you shouldn’t forget those.

        Most Republican Senators (this one included, are more than a slight waste of space and oxygen).

    • You can think what you want about the GOP . BUT that statement came from ONE Senator NOT all of them . Obama is DESTROYING this Country from the inside . I am 59years old and can not think of one other President that has done 1 10th the dammage to the United States. Those of you obama lovers that have parents in thier 80s ,I hope you enjoy obamacare next year. Your obama can not even talk without his teleprotor ua um ua oh .

      • Al Cleverdon

        Ok. Now back all this up with facts please? How is covering 30 million people who previously had no medical coverage a bad thing?..People that can afford it have the option to continue with their private coverage “or” opt out.People who would have to watch loved ones die before Obamacare are now getting help.For the life of me I can’t understand knocking a medical plan that actually helps people who had no coverage before.The cost of Obamacare could easily be covered with reduced defence spending I would assume but then the Republican military lobby groups would go ballistic.

      • I think you can totally knock Obamacare – for not actually managing to get rid of the scam that the private insurance companies along with complicit “healthcare providers” (aka hospital administrators, for the most part) and drugs companies perpetrate on the health of the American public. The single-payer option would have been the proper one to go for, but instead, in the name of “compromise” they ended up going for the Republican idea. Republicans just chose to conveniently forget this little bit of fact.

      • You do realize that every president (or anyone delivering a public address) since the advent of the technology has used a teleprompter, right? Not only that, Obama is a naturally eloquent person. It was one of the first things conservatives were whining about when he got the nomination, that he was too glib. So which is it, you can’t have both. Either he’s Svengali’d us all with his moving oratory, or he’s so poorly-spoken that he has to use a ubiquitous technology. Ya’ gotta pick one.

    • Balancing the Budget is so important to them now that the Bush Adm. Destroyed it … They are ready to kill Americans now on Medicare and S.S.A. TO BALANCE IT , money will always be more important than human lives to the Ultra-Right-Wing .

    • Mr. Smith

      I have a solution, suspend Senate pay and take away their senate retirement fund to pay for it. Then, take the funding Mr. Coburn sponsored and take that away from his constituents to pay for it. That should about cover it. Do you think he would go for it then?

    • CaseyO

      NOTHING is more valuable than human life. Federal funding isn’t going to save any lives. Local and state emergency response programs do that. Federal monies will increase quality of life for survivors. When we are talking about quality of life, rather than about existence of life, NOW it becomes a balancing act.

    • Just Wondering

      Racism is alive and well in America…. Especially when used as a tool as it is by the Repuglicon Party… Where the end justify s the means as long as they get what they want…. Welcome to the American Fascist Party in the flesh

    • BlueCornmoon

      Right! People are starting to notice this,too. Remember how the GOP pounced on Gov Christie for PUTTING POLITICS ASIDE, shaking Obama’s hand, thanking & praising him for his immediate response to the Sandy disaster? Apparently hating Obama was far more important to them than the hundreds of people whose homes & businesses were destroyed & lives disrupted. As far as the GOP was concerned, they could all have been washed out to sea & drowned. If Obama came out in favor of oxygen, the GOP would choose suffocation !!!


    Perhaps I should pull a card from the left-wing-liberal-nutjob playbook and say “Don’t Politicize this!”

    • People Tpaine here is a prime example of just how stupid the these pathetic Rednecks really are….

      Hey Tpaine who is politicizing what?
      The Scumbag from Oklahoma is using blackmail.
      He is politicising the tragedy not us.

      Oh and by the way,,, seeing as how you are obviously unable to rationalize reality, I felt it my duty to point out that your party is evaporating. The more rich corporate hacks take over your leadership the more of your brothers are jumping ship.

      How does it feel to be the slowest and dumbest of the dumb?

      Just saying.

      • Don

        Jeff the fact you can’t make it through a post without name calling just shows that your opinion really means nothing to an adult. Maybe when you grow up your posts will have meaning.

    • You seem to be missing the point and that is that Coburn has politicized this tragedy.

      Try pulling a card from the liberal playbook and behave like a mature adult.

      • prigsby2

        The way all the liberals were calling for NRA members and their families to be murdered by gunfire before the Sandy Hook bodies were even buried?

      • “All liberals”, prigsby2?
        Your lies are not impressive…

      • prigsby2

        “All the liberals” does not have the same meaning as “All liberals”. Your understanding of the English language is not impressive, however your ability to dodge salient points and avoid answering them is quite impressive.

      • Frostiken

        Don’t be a hypocrite. He’s just as within his rights to say ‘all the liberals’ as you people think you are to say ‘all the conservatives’ anytime anything political happens that *YOU* don’t like.

      • gillfish

        citation needed.

      • prigsby2

        Dozens of these posts need citations. Start with the ones who posted before me and I will be glad to. Or just do a google search.

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        Uh, when did that happen, if it actually did? I recall “NRA members might feel differently if it were their families”, not that they should be gunned down.

      • Frostiken

        The fact remains that anti-gun groups were thrilled that Sandy Hook occurred. Bloomberg had mobilized his anti-gun agenda before the bodies had even been removed from the school. If you don’t think Sandy Hook was a massive Democrat party power play, you’re just as naive as these “stupid rednecks” in Oklahoma.

        Democrats are not above using tragedy to advance party agenda.


  • Karen

    And yet, he keeps getting re-elected

  • Clearly he didn’t hear Bobby Jindal’s suggestion: Stop saying stupid things! In this case he’s saying he won’t even help his own people…the very people elected him. Time to take out the garbage.

  • Laurie Shreffler

    Why does scum like this get elected? Peoples’ lives are in the balance. The trauma of going through a disaster like this is bad enough but someone who is supposed to representing your interests telling you that you should not get the help you desperately need until he advances his own political agenda is pathetic and disgusting. Tell him how disgusted you are with the power of your vote. People like this do not belong anywhere near leadership.

    • crafty


  • Well, at least he’s consistent. Consistently disgusting.

    • Andrew

      That’s what I’m saying. I can’t at all agree with the position, but I have a shred of respect for his consistency. It’s better than those who fight tooth and nail against disaster relief funding, but change their tune when their own state is hurt.

      • John Gavel

        Hes old school, he believes there is only so much money to go around- therefore when disasters happen cuts must be made elsewhere to pay for the unforeseen event- hahaha hes crazzzzzy

      • suburbancuurmudgeon

        So cut it somewhere else. Get rid of farm subsidies, oil and gas subsidies, tax breaks for corporations with record profits, cut the defense budget and we’ll have plenty of money. But you want to cut from people who need help.

      • LaLaDo

        And that is what he wants to do. Per the linked article… “Coburn spokesman John Hart on Monday evening confirmed that the senator will seek to ensure that any additional funding for tornado disaster relief in Oklahoma be offset by cuts to federal spending elsewhere in the budget.” And that is what he is being blasted for.

      • LaLaDo

        Ummm, last time I checked, there is only so much money to go around. Unless you have some magic beans? When I have a vacation planned, and my air conditioner goes out, I have to scale back my vacation to pay for my a/c. I know, I know, terrible, horrible analogy – but it is just an analogy. There are groups on the ground now starting to help people – this man is looking longer term and trying to be somewhat fiscally responsible. I can see how it can look reprehensible, but I can also appreciate what he is trying to do.

      • John Gavel

        It was sarcasm lalado

      • It was also wrong. Governments cannot be treated economically like households, as they have the option of printing money and devaluing their currency to pay their debts. It all sounds nice and simple – “you can’t pay more than you can take in”, but it’s not actually nearly as clear-cut as that.

        Not only that, but tax revenue within a country depends on flow of money – mostly because each stage of the flow is where revenues are collected (think sales taxes, income taxes of those getting paid etc). If your economic principle is driving people to save, that flow stagnates, and the economy dries up – roughly what happened in 2008 (on top of which there was large amounts of credit, which suddenly got recalled, so many didn’t have the money at all).

  • DD

    This man is a waste of skin. He is a douchebag, scum. Why is he elected to office? This is how low the Republican party has gone….the world would be a better place without the Republican party.

  • If what these two scumbags say in public make no difference in the amount of aid or whether or not it is covered by any kinds of cuts, which it doesn”t because national disaster relief is gonna happen regardless of what either one of these two say, it’s not their decision, Then why……does it matter to anyone but the people that vote them in over and over, what they spout. It doesn’t matter people. The people of Oklahoma will be getting disaster relief, there will be no cuts to pay it off, their demands are meaningless, unless you put meaning in them.

    • Dianne Cox

      Hypocrites should be called out as a matter of principle.

    • Femfelis

      Well, remember how red state “legislators” delayed relief funds for the area hit so hard by Sandy? This is one of those situations that make you wish the power to set or affect budget matters did NOT rest with Congress.

      • I’m from the NE and I remember all too clearly. They made those poor people affected, suffer needlessly for months, terrible, just terrible.

  • pierider

    “How the hell can anyone vote for someone like Tom Coburn?”

    Simple. Okie mentality. Really. This IS how his constituents think. I bet he gets re-elected.

    The author says he is from the DFW area. He should know!

    • Other articles say that he has promised not to run for a 3rd term in 2016. We shall hope that he fulfills that promise.

  • In other words..”I don’t give a shit about you”.

  • George

    These POS’es that live in these redneck states, will still vote for these clowns. Unbelievable.

    • suburbancuurmudgeon

      Let them secede and go it alone.

  • Coburn: Bitching about money when he shouldn’t be. Raise taxes, make Coburn pay more.

  • People are best supported by charity and local giving, not government handouts. Remember the debit card debacle during the Katrina relief? This man knows what his state, which has frequently been left out in Federal funding, needs: less government intervention, more oil rigs (which means less regulation! and red tape), and some help–which we Texans are generously providing, while cleaning up here, too.

    • You forgot to add:

      This message brought to you by corporate america.
      For a group of people that seem to hate taxes, you sure seem bound and determined to not utilize them when they are needed thus reaping their benefits for the public good.

      And by the way I know that RUsh Limbaugh did not mention this too you but more new oil refineries have been approved under OBAMA than under Bush.

      Texas is a state of unregulated scamary. Every shady rip off company on the planet originates from Texas.

      Oh an another thing. We give more away to profitable corporation in the form of Big Government Handouts every year then all of the so called entitlement programs combined.

      Go crunch the numbers using CBO and STFU neoclown

    • No, I don’t remember the debit card debacle during Katrina relief because it was yet another in a long line of manufactured scandals created by conservatives to demonize minorities.

      • 1mrt1

        You make me laugh. Victim mentality at its best. They used their cards to buy booze and cigarettes.

    • Left out in federal funding? Oklahoma since at least 1981 has received back more from the federal government than it pays in total federal taxes…every single year. Oklahoma is also only behind Texas and California for states that receive the most federal disaster aid…the difference being that Texas and California both pay more in than they receive back.

    • Yeah…the lack of regulations worked out really well with the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion. No requirement to build a blast wall. No requirement for an automatic shutoff switch. No requirements on how much liability insurance the company would have to carry in order to cover costs of damages caused in an industrial accident. Guess what Texas’s lack of regulation in this case means? The American taxpayers (all of them) are going to be footing the bill for that mess and the plant owner will declare bankruptcy to get out of any financial responsibility over and above the pathetic $1 million policy he had.

      • 1mrt1

        Hey moron. Before you lie about that explosion wait for the investigation to finish. could have been a pipe bomb. You know nothing

    • Were you affected? Did you lose everything? I’ll bet not with that attitude.

    • Faux brain rot is sad to see.

  • If he was in office during the OKC bombing, then he has to have been re-elected since. Until the citizens of places like OK, TX and others come so their senses, they’ll keep voting against their own interests.

    • deh3

      Given Texas’ overrepresentation in the senate and electoral college, and Texas being a net contributor to federal coffers, a smaller federal government would benefit Texas.

      • I say let Texas cecide and run their scams on their own people. Bar them from free trade and aid of any type. Declare them a hostile nation, and fence them off with armed guard towers.

        Nothing good comes out of texas. Every ripoff on the planet originates in that god forsaken state.

      • Don

        Your still babbling Jeff. I am guessing nothing good came from your parents.

      • deh3

        The rapidly increasing hispanic population of Texas will have an impact on Texas within a generation.

      • Just to keep things straight, Texas may or may not be over-represented in the House and the electoral college (I’m not sure how they would do that, but I’m not going to waste any of my morning researching it), but they only have two senators, just like every other state.

      • deh3

        I meant to say underrepresentation in the senate and electoral college (being the second most populous state), which more than offsets any overrepresentation in the House of Representatives. The president will have a greater interest in directing more resources, on a per capita basis, to the less populous states due to each electoral college vote from those states containing fewer people.

      • Sorry, but the senate was set up with 2 senators from every state so that all states would be represented equally, while the house, and the electoral college, are set up to represent the people by population and locality. And if the president truly was thinking along those lines, why did he immediately jump in for the Sandy relief in the high population centers of the northeast right before the election? Could it be that, unlike Coburn, he has a heart and enough compassion to understand that people matter more than money? Hmmm…

      • deh3

        Many of the state senates had a similar structure (typically, the same number of senators per county, independent of population), which was ruled unconstitutional in 1964 due to violating one person, one vote. So, it is only a matter of time before the supreme court rules the federal senate to be unconstitutional. The federal expenditures directed toward Sandy relief comprise a small proportion of total federal expenditures, and, based on my knowledge, there were earmarks attached to federal relief which did not seem to have anything to do with Hurricane Sandy, to ensure passage. It is also an effective wedge issue for the president.

  • deh3

    Why is it the responsibility of the federal government, which represents approximately 80 times the population of the state of Oklahoma, to deal with the aftermath of this event? Oklahoma already gets more than its fair share of spending (compared to contributions to federal coffers) and representation (through the senate and electoral college).

    • gwen rothberg

      because we all pay federal taxes and support the only infrastructure large enough to swoop in and handle a disaster of this scale. The State of Oklahoma may have some smaller scale assistance to offer – OKARNG for example. But FEMA is already in full operation mode, handling gas leaks, re routing the power grid to restore power, water contamination issues, sheltering families, arranging logistical efforts…no state is capable of this large of an operation on such short notice. It’s one of the benefits of a centralized government; you know that thing that the constitution created.

      • deh3

        A state would be capable of this large an operation if there were more compact land use, through changes to zoning, impact fees, property taxes and land transfer taxes, to make it more profitable for builders to build upward rather than outward, which would also have the effect of reducing the cost of housing and transportation.

    • I can not believe how blind you people are to the reasons why every right wing radio show impresses the need for states to take over everything. Liabilities shifted to state government will vastly increase state income tax on individuals and away from a balanced individual to corporate liability.

      When are you clowns going to realize that everything that the right wing does is based and grown out of pure greed.

      As it stands the effective tax rate on corporate america is the second lowest on the planet. YES THATS RIGHT not the highest as Bill O’reilly will have you believe. It is the second lowest out of every industrialized country on the entire globe. What Billy boy and Rush fail to mention is that the numbers that they refer to are what is known as MARGINAL tax rates which is before deductions.

      Shifting disaster relief to the states sole responsibility would devastate their piggy banks causing higher taxes ON THE PEOPLE!

      The less money that the PEOPLE have the worse our overall economy becomes.

      here is a clue for you. The category of company that reaps the biggest tax savings in or nation does NOT OPERATE OR CREAT JOBS WITHIN OUR BORDERS!

      Every little penny that can be shifted to the states WILL BE by the GOP. They serve ONE MASTER and brother YOU AIN’T IT!

      • deh3

        The left-right divide does not exist, as each side is authoritarian on certain issues, libertarian on other issues. I suspect there is more “waste” (corporate welfare, tax expenditures, expenditures in items which have a low or negative rate of return on the investment) in Republican dominated legislatures compared to Democratic dominated legislatures. So, in the absence of federal intervention, and given the Republican claims of opposition of taxes, Oklahoma will be forced to be more efficient with how they deploy resources. I do not disagree that American corporations provide comparatively little to American federal coffers compared to other federal governments.

    • Do you realize you’re basically saying, “This didn’t happen to me, so why should I be expected to help?”

      • deh3

        Many Republicans advocate for self-sufficiency, so why not let them?

    • I’m beginning to wonder if you know the difference between the U.S House of Representatives and the electoral college? Just in case you don’t, the republican controlled House is the body that has wasted more than $74 million on 37 useless attempts to repeal Obamacare; money which could have been used for disaster relief. The electoral college does what the voters tell it to do and votes for the president every 4 years. The only thing those two bodies have in common is that their number of representatives per state is based on total population. Perhaps you should sit down and get cozy with a middle school civics textbook?

      • deh3

        Given the total spending of government, it is not surprising that the house of representatives is wasteful in spending. There are studies which have concluded that, with all other variables held constant, the federal government spends more in swing states than non-swing states.

  • Jay Diamond

    And it needs to be emphasized, that this weasel is a DOCTOR !

    A doctor who took the Hippocratic Oath !

  • Well, now hang on people. We can find value out of his sick comment. What’s the def. of cuts? Cuts to the BILLIONS of Corp. welfare subsidies. Cuts to the top 50 Corp. cuts of paying no taxes. Cuts to the worlds tax haven system. Cuts to this sick congressmens lavish donor fed lifestyle. See, just need to find the real def. to the word cuts.

    • cjmarley

      Now if only those are the cuts he would actually support…but we know it’s not.

  • Scott D.

    He has been doing this since the Oklahoma City bombings? And this [email protected]$$ is still in office, that’s telling me that people don’t remember when it comes time for re-elections. Sad!!!

  • Chris Hansen

    My question to Mr. Clifton is, where do you think the money comes from? The money doesn’t grow on trees. Even FEMA has a budget they have to work within. Something has to give to give when more monies are needed. It’s not a simple matter of just throw more money at it. At least Senator Coburn is being responsible in trying to make the government accountable instead of the usual rob Peter to pay Paul strategy.

    • How about stopping subsidies to wealthy corporations and tax them at a higher rate so that they pay like the rest of us.

    • polliwogg

      How about we start with the bloated military? The Navy can give up a carrier and a destroyer. The Air Force can forgo their new jets and the Army can forget about their new tanks.

      • right/onlyconservative

        How about we start with cutting overbloated social programs (including ELIMINATING all “obamaphones”) & while we are cutting them to find money for tornado relief let’s make sure we cut them enough to also pay for 2 more carriers & another destroyer as well as another ten thousand troops to put on our national borders to STOP ALL illegal alien border jumpers no matter their country of origin.

      • right/onlyconservative

        How about we start with cutting the overbloated social programs including a complete elimination of all the “obamaphones”. Then we could afford plenty of tornado damage relief in Oklahoma AND we could do for the military what we should have done several years ago…buy TWO MORE aircraft carriers for the navy as well as a new destroyer…then add ten thousand more troops & station EVERY ONE of those 10,000 troops all along our borders & put a COMPLETE STOP to ALL of the illegal alien border-crossers that cross anywhere outside of a regular checkpoint.

  • a main reason for the increase in the deficit is because of the natural diasters that we have been experiencing for the past year and a half….drought,flood,hurricaane,fire,earthquakes,mudslides,excessive rains. we as human beings respond to such diasters with anything WE can do,but the government spends monies on people,supplies,awater,food,shelter .now if aall of our senators and congressmen would prefer NOT to assist those in desperation they should stop asking for emergency aid for their states .

  • CliffG

    He didn’t call for corresponding cuts when he supported the invasion of Iraq.

  • Dianne

    Ok. This is wrong on so many levels. These are his own people. The very ones that voted for him, and they keep voting idiots like him and Rick Perry in. What a pathetic excuse of a human being.

  • cozumeldeb

    Pause and examine Sen Colburn’s comment..think this the type of person and party we want to reflect American values? I say hell no and will redouble efforts to kick all these haters and evil people out of government. Work hard in 2014 to take this country back..and may the people of OK expell Colburn from their state…What a horrific human being, clothing himself as a conservative at the expense of his own state. Colburn has already announced this is his last term, so assume he has nothing to lose by making this kind of statement, but his state is not possible to be a worse citizen than Tom Colburn..worst of the worst.

  • skinnie

    The saying “He that knows it feels it” he will not have a change of heart till he experienced what those poor and helpless people feels. God does not like ugly and that senator will soon find that his ugly ways will be repaid.

  • Keith Cooper

    Out of fear of being proven a hypocrite , Coburn gets even dumber than ever before. Go ahead Tom..I DARE YA to vote AGAINST help for the good suffering people of Oklahoma..I DOUBLE DAWG DARE YA.

  • Impeach…

  • OldManMtn

    Agree. Coburn is a disgrace.

    Also disgraceful, is Rhode Island Senator Whitehouse (D). This piece of trash is using yet another weather event and tragedy to push the global warming agenda.

  • If some of you would let your blind hatred subside (who said liberals were open minded and tolerant?), you might be able to see the logic behind this by looking back at the Sandy disaster relief bill. That bill was loaded down with earmarks and pet projects that were added by congressmen and senators, many of which had only a peripheral connection to disaster relief and not even applicable to the Sandy disaster. What happens is that these reps have their staffs create a wish list of earmarks which sit around waiting for the right opportunity to be attached to legislation. So when something that is emotionally charged comes around such as a disaster aid bill, those amendments magically appear. Now nobody wants to go on record as being against the disaster bill, so everyone looks the other way and votes for it, carrying along all those unrelated earmarks. This is a rather underhanded way of getting pet projects funded, but just look at these comments to see what happens when someone stands up against the practice.

    • Actually, the original Sandy legislation wasn’t. This was used as an excuse at the time and was found to be a lie.

  • katherine norton malek

    Here’s a blatant, sad, disgusting attempt to rain down on Pres. Obama, him his very own New Orleans Bush disaster , with American victims caught in the cross fire. The State & district who voted this little Hitler into office must be illiterate or they’re all his relatives. Next Rep. scandal – we’ll find out he really isn’t human afterall but an alien life form that took up residence in the man’s body.

  • The count is now 51 dead, 29 children. I have the news on right now. This asshole doesn’t need to be in office. It is anti American to deny help to people using only prayer and thoughts. Do something real. If I had a way to Moore I’d be helping, my mother lived there as a child and her school is gone, my cousin’s house is gone with the fortune she is still alive. Oklahomans, stand with me and get him out of office.

  • prigsby2

    “we help. PERIOD. I don’t give a crap how much it costs.”
    You must have run the city of Detroit at some point.

    “What kind of sick and sad human beings are you catering to when you
    score political points by playing politics with people lives?”

    Where were you when liberals like yourself, maybe even you were calling for the leaders and rank and file members of the NRA and their wives and children to me murdered by gunfire before the Sandy Hook children were even buried? Maybe there are some Republicans demanding that liberals and their family members be murdered because of their strong belief in the First Amendment, but I don’t think so.

  • This man doesn’t deserve the title of Senator OR man, he’s a disgrace.

  • Sandy Smith

    your link to his speech where he says this doesn’t go to it. Could you fix please.

  • “When things get tough,we either turn TO each other or we turn ON each other.”

  • The first thing to cut is his salary, piece of human waste that he is. And if the people in OK were smart, they would not rehire him. But unfortunately, they prove over and over, they are not very bright when they hire people like this to look after their best interests. You would think they would learn.

  • ACE

    I am a republican and I am as shamed at this moron as anyone. He is the main reason people now HATE politicians and see how they are out for themselves and not their constituency. This ass needs to be gone and a REAL HUMAN BEING needs to be put in place , someone who REMEMBERS THEY WORK FOR US. Placing politics before human life or safety is a shame and his own family should be ashamed of him. Get this guy OUT. DONT VOTE HIM IN AGAIN BECAUSE HE IS NOT A REAL AMERICAN, REAL AMERICANS DONT DO THIS.

  • beyond disgusting… wow… unbelievable

  • He’s not saying we shouldn’t help…he’s saying we need to find the money by cutting somewhere else. This is much more common sense than thinking that money will just drop out of the sky and appear…

    • It’s a pity that you obviously don’t understand the economics of countries.
      1) money “appearing” is pretty much entirely the cause of the 2008 crash. The de-regulation of the banks led to them being allowed to lend out money they didn’t have, and devaluing the currency themselves.
      2) even without that, countries with their own currency (and this is one of the problems that Greece faced with the Euro – the fact that the fiscal policy of the currency wasn’t theirs to control) can print more money to pay off their debts. Doing this has other negative effects – inflation and the devaluation of the currency, but in some cases, there are positive effects that can be gained by doing this (which is the arguable Keynes economic theory).
      Sorry to shoot your apparent “common sense” into the ground.

  • Nate

    Coburn is as low as they come, but nowhere has he stated he’d require offsets for this specific disaster. In fact, his record suggests he will gladly take the fed money for his constituents but continue to demagogue elsewhere.

    I’m embarrassed to call anyone who plays this loose with the facts a progressive. There are absolutely enough real things to harangue the GOP over without resorting to making stuff up. The first paragraph alone is a complete and total fabrication.

    • Nate

      Never mind. His office has made it official. Appears I overestimated him.

      Fire away, then.

  • Mandy

    I guess his home is fine, and everyone in his family is alive. I
    absolutely Hate Politicians who act like this. They take a tragedy and
    use it and the people hurt to get what they want politically….. He’s a Bum,
    Vote Him Out ! I hope all victims of this tornado recognize him for
    what he is, a Parasite on the neck of humanity !!

  • Benny

    I’d like to think this might wake some people up to who they have elected. However. Every single county in Oklahoma voted for Romney in the last election. Every single county voted for McCain in the one before that. It’s the only state in the nation with such a perfect record of idiocy. They elected this asshole over and over and deserve what they get when he shits on them.

    • Most of Okies were Democrat until LBJ killed Kennedy and our boys in Nam. If Demos would stop killing the baby human, I would be a Democrat, cuz they care, right oh!

  • As my granny used to say….you’re just too mean to live, Tom Coburn. Even if this is your “policy”. NOW is not the time to push it…you unfeeling bootlicking POS bastard. Quit kissing corporate ass and take care of your constituents in Oklahoma.

  • you in Oklahoma keep electing these heartless scuz buckets. so pay for your own mistakes…

  • TW

    Apparently the people of Oklahoma like him since he has been in office at least as far back as the bombing in OK City. I hope that more Oklahoman’s find out how he feels about immediate aid for people in need and remember it the next time they go to the polls.

  • Shidank

    this is what you get when you vote for a side of the aisle and not the
    candidate. You get a fucktard who happens to agree with you on them
    “gawtdamned queerosexuals”.

  • Hey, at least he believes the bullshit he spews. After the explosion in West, Texas, Governor “No Taxes, No Big Government” Perry was the first in line for Federal assistance.

  • krlymc

    Senator Tom Coburn, I hope you rot in hell!

  • Good for TOM COBURN… A realist. Stinking Progressives… Stinking Communists! We will help and heal with GOD, and Real Americans pitching in… NOT THE effing GOV’T!

    • polliwogg

      Your invisible sky fairy isn’t going to help these people rebuild.

    • Nate

      The same God that sent the tornado in the first place? That asshole?

    • I assume that this is the fire-and-brimstone God of the Old Testament, then? You must be less than about 25, and not remember what real Communism looked like, either, if you think that anything going on anywhere near Washington DC bears any resemblance to it.

      Perhaps your wonderful Tom Coburn would give up his own salary and benefits (some $250kpa and free health care for the rest of his life) to help offset some of the costs?

  • falstaffsmind

    I guess it’s morally wrong to send aid to tornado victims unless you cut some program that feeds poor kids. Because you can bet any cuts won’t come from tax breaks for oil companies.

    • Agreed. And of course the irony is that cutting food stamps means cutting benefits those who lost everything would need to survive while they rebuild their lives.

  • betsy44

    Why when the people need help now, he wants to offset it with spending cuts elsewhere, when we had two wars, and the prescription medicare drug program, (which we will be paying for forever with interest added on) he and the Republicans were no where to be found? Total hypocrites!

  • drdanj

    So this will be cranky: Everyone in OK who voted for this guy and anyone anywhere else who voted in reps like Inhofe, Ryan, Coburn, et al. should give up their access to emergency relief when it happens. Put your actions where your policy is. Refuse help. Enjoy your Ayn Randian insanity, but do it on your own dime. Floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, I don’t care, be true to your values. Do not take aid. People hurt, people dead, homes lost, hey, live true to your beliefs.

    • Nice boat drdanj

      • drdanj

        She’s an original ’83 Catalina 36, a “good old boat.”

  • Wow. Way to misconstrue what Coburn said. What he said was he will ask his colleagues to sacrifice lower priority areas of the budget to help Oklahoma. He said the same thing for Hurricane Sandy relief. And if you morons weren’t so stupid, you might realize that the current $17 trillion in debt is never going to be paid if we just keep raising the debt. Surely there is something in the budget you can think of that we don’t need so we can help the victims of this storm. That is what he is saying.

    • Sure…I can think of something in the budget they could cut…corporation tax breaks.

      • Nazer

        No they’ll want cuts to education, medicare and Social security. Then they will pay for the tornado aid and have more left over to dump into the military industrial complex to build more tanks the pentagon doesn’t want.

  • Most of you people are amazing! bash anyone not like you, never actually look into a story…just spew your hate because you like to….LOOK into things before assuming they are true…blame the Repubs, blame Bush….The whole system SUCKS, 80% of them are NOT out to better anyone but themselves….time to be a Republic again.

  • Dr. Coburn has saved more lives than Allen Clifton. Hey feds, we DONT need ya. If Homoland Security would sell their Billion bullets and donate to Salvation Army in Oklahoma, more would be “saved” spiritually as well as physically.Okies are resilient, except for the yellow dog democrats/marxist weenies that live here.So Allen, glad your momma didn’t have an abortion because you are so fun to debate.

    • cjmarley

      If ya don’t need the feds then why donate to your Salvation Army. It’d still be fed money no matter where it’s sent in your state.

      • No I do not need the feds. Salvation Army is for the souls. They will take your help, not your money. Come down to Moore if you have first responder skills and not too busy on this blog. I’m going there now after I pick up my kids early from Catholic school.

      • cjmarley

        Believe me…if I had the resources I’d be there in a heartbeat. I did my part in helping with Katrina relief. I have no problem pitching in. And I do donate to SA when I’m able to since I’ve received help with food from them right after my husband passed away. So yes…they will take your money as well as you physically helping them. And I’m quite okay with that. It takes money to provide assistance to those in need.

        Anyway, you are the one that said for Homeland Security (gov agency) to donate money to SA instead of bullets, hence…government money donated to SA which in turn goes to help the citizens. So it’s still federal money helping those affected no matter which way you look at it. Do you really think those in OK will not be able to restart and rebuild without any kind of assistance? Are you going to donate your own money to help some family get a new home? Because that takes money too. Are you going to feed a family out of your money? That also takes money. If not you or your fellow Okies…then who since you don’t want any federal assistance?

  • miserableoldfart

    There are at least two dozen GOP in the two houses of Congress that qualify as one-man or woman freak shows. BOTH Oklahoma Senators qualify.

  • together we stand devided we fall PERIOD!

  • There is a time for political consistency and intellectual honesty and a time to help those in catastrophic need. Flinty Republicans (and one Democrat) who voted against Sandy victims on fiscal grounds leave themselves open to obvious accusations of hypocrisy when there is catastrophe in there own locales.

    I think Coburn is wrong, wrong, wrong on his philosophy, but I respect him for his honesty, consistency and good intensions. He is a Republican actually trying to make government work well (according to his clearly stated principles). Show me another of those.

    I bet Coburn is pilloried a lot more by Oklahomans who voted for him to exercise precisely the principles he ran on, because it is now their gored ox. The other congressmen and senators who voted against Sandy and now are happy to receive federal help will fare a lot better. They are just run of the mill
    Republican hypocrites, the typical type.

    • Taylor, Tom Coburn is leaving the Senate. He ran for office to try to change some things, which he did and he preaches fiscal discretion in all matters. He actually thinks that the House and Senate should AUDIT all financial bills. Many of the representatives in both houses and both sides of the aisles are planning on supporting this if they can get the approval of Grover Norquist, the Koch Brothers, Rush Limbaugh, and the Tea Party.

      • Bullshit, Don!

        If he was a real fiscal conservative, he’d be for raising taxes. As he’s not, he’s a sham artist. It’s a front. Has he voted away his salary, pension or healthcare benefits – the ones supplied by the government. Has he voted away the tax breaks for oil companies and voted for them paying for cleaning up their messes?

        In this era of low taxes (and yes, they’re lower than they were under Ronald Reagan, and let’s not forget that he had to raise them back up again) and expensive wars, the budgets that should be cut are the defence and prison budgets (the US has ridiculous and very expensive sentencing for non-crimes), taxes should be raised (both directly and by loopholes and breaks being slashed).

        If you’re more than a “fiscal conservative” and actually rational, evidence-based and sane, then you also start investing in things that will pay back in future, such as education and preventive healthcare.

  • we could use the trillions used for black opps programs “51” at this point ya think!
    oklahoma needs help and prayers

  • Landomando

    Coburn and most republican reps are scum, they will hold hostage the American people at every point, even when those people are suffering.

  • This is just hogwash! The democrats have to try and spin off on something. Everyone knows that help is already in progress. It’s all of the wasteful spending and outright thievery that always takes place after such a tragic happening. This bullshit goes on way to much, and needs to be stopped. You and I know that there will be billions of dollars needed in the Tornado Relief. I kind of believe that the best thing to do. Would be to give every City and County the money that they need. So that it could be distributed to Their People. After all They would be the Ones that knows Who needs what. Because FEMA damn sure doesn’t! Fema is the largest wasteful spending organization that the government has ever came up with. And if You think that I don’t know what I’m talking about. Then just ask anyone that has lived through a Tragic Disaster After FEMA was set in place. But the good thing that happens in times like these. Is the out pouring of People Helping Other People in times of need. God bless this Great Nation and It’s people that We call AMERICA. And keep the Government out of it!!!!

  • All that comes to mind is–“What a douche he is”. Refuse aid to your own constituents??

  • Jswift

    I’m wondering why everyone isn’t demanding that government cuts waste. Dr. Coburn’s website documents it very well. It’s our money. Wouldn’t you want it spent wisely?

  • Where’s the dislike button?? I unliked your page because of this stupid post.

  • southside mike

    at least he’s a consistent hater!

  • viktork

    What I find fascinating is the length that people will go to defend EITHER of these corporately controlled parties. The D’s and R’s have both had their turns in power over the last 30+ years. The ONLY people who have prospered are the 1% at the top who have become more wealthy and powerful. Bush provided immunity to the telecom execs who illegally wiretapped American citizens. There have been NO bank execs charged in the real estate collapse under Obama. Keep voting for the lesser of two evils, people. That is exactly what you will get. Kick them ALL out!

  • dana5570

    You know, we all need to just move past politicing at this point. There are children dead. We can’t blame Oklahomians for who they voted for, and we certainly can’t withold aid for children who did not vote and have nothing to do with their parents beliefs. I’m a Democrat and I could care less what color this state is and who they voted into office. They need help, let’s help them. I’m a taxpayer and this is what my money needs to go for and I don’t care if they are Republican or Democrat. And I would hope that if my state was hit (blue state) that other voters would feel the same way.

  • How does he feel about defense spending? Maybe we should just bring every American back to the United States and not have any relationships with any other country. This way jobs are all here wages are all spent here, and if not made here we do not want it.
    Any natural disaster show be taken care of those affected, no national assistance. Only local control no state, or federal bullying.
    Oh by the way No Senators!

  • Isn’t this the guy suspected of leaking the edited text on the Benghazi emails to AP?

  • Apparently?

  • One thing about this HITLER-ITE , Every time he makes a statement like this Pres. Obama’s Approval rating goes up Insuring that Hillary Clinton will kick some righty-but come 2016 . They have already lost alot of Republican votes in New Jersey over the way they handled relief after the Sandy Storm .

    • Les, you are dating yourself. Not many people remember Hitler or think of this homicidal, genocidal maniac as “. . . just another right wing fanatic…like some TEA party members.” You are right, of course, Obama has been over 50% favorable to the American public since he was elected.

  • wiredpup

    This just in: The Tea Party and Fox News irate that President Obama hasn’t publicly come out saying the tornado in Oklahoma is an act of terror. Lindsay Graham calls for war on Mother Nature. Darrell Issa claims the National Weather Service knew ahead of time tornados were coming. Rush Limbaugh calls Mother Nature a slut. NRA Vice President Wayne Lapierre says, “The only way to stop a bad tornado is a good guy with a gun.”.

  • Mary Gibson

    Oh yes, the GOP wants to change how Americans perceive them. They wan to be seen as more compassionate to Americans’ needs, and Colburn goes and says this after the horrific tornado damage with lives lost. Yes, my fellow Americans continue voting GOP. They will move us forward.

    • Shaun Chapman

      whats wrong with asking them to cut other spending to cover this disaster? Maybe the Government shouldn’t have spent that $250 million on Egypt 6 weeks ago. OK could of used that $250m

    • In much the same way that the 300 Spartans moved forward, Mary?

  • Tornado must have hit a Democratic district…

    • Scott, not many districts left in Oklahoma that could be called
      Republican. You should visit Oklahoma for one of your lecture tour stops.

  • chipsdad

    and he keeps getting re-elected. so sad .compassion should come 1st .. maybe he could cut some of the congressional “entitlements” – retirement funding , health care – security ; senate dining room funding . … maybe staff is a good place to start.

  • Truly sick to see someone using a tragedy to attempt to score political ideology points.

    • Shaun Chapman

      I don’t understand the problem with someone trying to budget “our money”. Every dollar in relief has to be paid back by tax dollars. We already borrow around .40 of each dollar from China. Why not ask the Federal Government to cut some of the planned expenses to cover this emergency. Everyone on the board has to live within a budget.

      • Shaun, most of our huge federal debt is owed to . ..guess who?
        Ourselves, not China, Saudi Arabia, etc. But the money for treasury notes keeps pouring in …..because we are the richest country on the planet and the most dependable for paying people for financial claims. If you stripped away all of the rhetoric and nonsense from our financial condition, you would soon learn that the HUGE DEFICIT that was built up by the tax and spend Republicans will be paid off again by Democrats. Obama has already reduced it by over 30%.

      • lol…Deficit paid off? We cant even balance the budget. Last time that happened Clinton was in office and the Republicans controlled Congress.

        So you are talking about the “tax and spend Republicans” that have been fighting Obama for 4+ years to not raise taxes?

      • This is a wonderful bit of cognitive dissonance. First off, the deficit is actually not the same thing as the debt, but the amount by which the debt grows year on year. The deficit – the difference in tax revenues vs spending is affected by two variables, tax revenues and spending.

        The Republicans have no real interest in changing the deficit, because if they actually did, they’d work out a way to increase tax revenues (both by increasing rates and removing loopholes, and possibly even removing tax cuts and tax breaks entirely) and spend less – a two-pronged approach being better than just one. As it is, “not raising taxes” is not actually particularly helpful for dealing with the deficit, if that really is what you want to do, as Paul Ryan’s budget found.

        The Democrats, on the whole, follow a more Keynesian approach, which is that the tax revenues are based on the flow (effectively the taxes skim off at various stages of said flow) of money. Spending more by the government (in the right ways, obviously) gives people at the lower end of the spectrum more spending power, which means that there’s more flow in the system, creating demand for products and jobs to make those products, which, in turn, increases tax revenue. This is what “tax-and-spend” actually is.

  • Chauga Bill

    Make your private donation. I am not sure why any disaster is the Federal governments job to relieve. Plus every bill for disaster relief always includes money for some legislators pipe dreams. If he stands against disaster relief for his area, at least he is showing something no liberal progressive has Principles.

    • Chauga, you got it exactly right. Every bad outcome has somehow become the Federal government’s responsbility, and if anyone dares question that or even try to assure that the govt. can afford to pay for it, that person becomes the subject of the kind of comments seen here in this thread. It is as if acting responsibly is horrible.

  • gurukalehuru

    This will not play well with his base. Voting against disaster relief in New Jersey is one thing. Denying aid to your own klahomans is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish.

    • Shaun Chapman

      U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma
      wants federal aid for victims of yesterday’s tornado in his
      state to be covered by cuts elsewhere in the federal budget, his
      spokesman said today.

      “He believes we should help disaster victims by directing
      aid from less vital areas of the budget,” John Hart, an aide to
      the Republican senator, said in an e-mail.

  • Russell C Lewis

    So, ummm, this guy DOES realize the hurricane was in Oklahoma… as in the Oklahoma he represents, as in the Oklahoma, where the victims will remember 2 things come election day, the hurricane and the jackass who voted against helping them with aid money?

    • Shaun Chapman

      LOL…what vote? He’s talking about Federal not State Budget.

      What wrong with cutting spending on say companies like Solandra or giving it the countries that hate us?

      “U.S. Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma
      wants federal aid for victims of yesterday’s tornado in his
      state to be covered by cuts elsewhere in the federal budget, his
      spokesman said today.

      “He believes we should help disaster victims by directing
      aid from less vital areas of the budget,” John Hart, an aide to
      the Republican senator, said in an e-mail.

      • Perhaps you missed what happened recently when certain bits of the federal budgets were automatically cut during the sequester. Lots of aid programmes couldn’t cope, and the cuts to the national ATC (via cuts to the FAA) had to be reinstated, because it was delaying flights… So those that have continue to have, and those that have not will become worse off. Nothing to do with Solyndra (it’s better if you spell it correctly – makes your point more reasonably), PBS or “the countries that hate you”.

      • Shaun Chapman

        You just made my point. They Gov didn’t cut spending that was automatic if they couldn’t come to a agreement. Also, they didn’t reinstate the cuts to the FAA. They moved funds already in the budget to that area…same as Tom Coburn thinks they should do for OK Tornado.

        “The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Friday
        to allow the Federal Aviation Administration to move about $253 million
        form airport improvement funds to the air traffic control system.”

    • Same message, Russell. Tom Coburn is leaving the Senate. What happened in Moore was a tornado, but I was born so long ago that must people in Oklahoma called them cyclones…..
      So if you want get any help from Congress don’t call them hurricanes, even though Oklahoma does get a lot of rain storms from hurricanes out in the Gulf of Mexico.

    • Russell C Lewis

      My error, I called the tornado a hurricane…
      Awww, hell, I’ll just use the Republican mantra… I misspoke.

  • I would say your political point of view is very clear. You lambaste republicans at any opportunity while you are pro-baby killing. Hypocrite.

  • Diana Reichardt

    Now they want to hold help for people in need to blackmail the American public to get their(Republican) way!! I would love to get my hands of these jerks. If I was a younger person I would love to start a revolution. People are going to start yelling enough is enough!!

  • Miguel

    This is the same person who put a hold on funds for relief in Haiti AFTER THE FUNDS HAD ALREADY BEEN APPROPRIATED! His reason? He didn’t like the person in charge of the relief effort.

    If you look up POS in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Tom Coburn.

  • When I was 12 a tornado came through our neighborhood. I watched it head toward my grandparents house through the basement window, but instead of it hitting us it veered north and wiped out a housing development just to our north. After the tornado we had many friends and schoolmates who lost their homes. What I remember about that is that nobody was calling on FEMA for help, the people who were in greatest demand were the Red Cross volunteers and the State Farm insurance adjusters. We used to be a country that could take care of ourselves. We used to band together to help each other out and not rely upon the federal government to bail us out. What the hell has happened to us where the day after this tragedy all of you are expending so much energy on the comment of a US senator instead of sending donations to the Red Cross?

    This disaster is only temporary. The people in Oklahoma will rebuild with or without Federal help. But there is a much larger disaster looming over the horizon; the impending collapse of the US debt house of cards. When that happens we all will feel the pain. Is it so unreasonable to ask that when emergency disaster relief is sent to OK that this nation finds out where that money is going to come from, instead of just creating it out of thin air? That is an incredibly rational and responsible thing to do.

  • VampireLiebchen

    wow you people are taking it way out of perspective. He just doesn’t wanna be like the government and just take money and blow it and shit. He wants to budget things out and make cuts to cover the costs.
    You don’t just blow money then try to figure it all out later how to pay for that kind of spending.
    All of you and your ignorant comments bring a bad name to all those against the GOP and people wonder why we are never taken seriously. Stop being all headstrong and take a moment to think before you type.

  • VampireLiebchen

    (last comment might get removed due to that S word so here it is again without it)
    wow you people are taking it way out of perspective. He just doesn’t wanna be like the government and just take money and blow it. He wants to budget things out and make cuts to cover the costs.
    You don’t just blow money then try to figure it all out later how to pay for that kind of spending.
    All of you and your ignorant comments bring a bad name to all those against the GOP and people wonder why we are never taken seriously. Stop being all headstrong and take a moment to think before you type.

    • Here is an idea that you may have never thought about. How about concentrating on people who really ARE trying to work hard for their favorite lobbyist, squander tax money on personal projects etc. but not because they are Republicans or Democrats etc.
      Another idea, there are good guys and bad guys on both sides of the aisle in Washington and Oklahoma City.

  • Pibald314159

    Allen, you’re a bright man with a college degree. So how come you misuse the expression “begs the question”? Hmm?

  • disgusted

    Goodbye, Senator. You don’t deserve the title and the good people of Oklahoma will take it from you next election. You do not possess one shred of human emotion; to be telling your constituents this even before all the human and physical damage has been assessed shows your total lack of compassion.

    • Guess again! He is leaving the senate and legislative activity. He probably got tired of having people who don’t have a shred of human emotion criticizing him constantly and accusing him of having “no compassion”…..
      But I doubt that!

  • Smash

    This guys reporting is awful. 24 official count of the dead so far. The guy that wrote this is just ridiculious!!

  • You want cuts first..fine…lets start cuting your free medical for you and your family for life, that the victims of this disaster paid for it would cover at least half the cost right off the bat

  • Let’s start by cutting this guy’s wages and pension to zero.

    • Wonderful idea, Carol! He is one of the many millionaire legislators who serve to make a point about how to improve our government and taking away his senatorial salary will possibly cause him to have to forego a trip to Las Vegas……

  • olmon

    Mr. Clifton, why don’t you get your BS straight before you write an article with no basis in facts?

  • Can’t someone start a donation relief funding with votes?

    • Moore will get financial aid for the tornado. Don’t believe everything you hear even if it is on the honest and truthful INTERNET!

      • Oh, I know it’s far from truthful. I meant to have typed “without”, not “with 😛
        But, I really thought this article was implying that only government action could allow for relief funding.

  • Clark

    I live in his district, and I always have voted against this man. I have no clue why he keeps getting elected.

  • WTFOver

    WTF happened to “objective journalism” – I don’t agree with his position, but is it really good for a journalist to write an article calling someone a “pathetic excuse for a human”

    • Yes, throwing out pointless insults validates our ability to write well and deliver our ideas to others….even when you don’t know WTF you are talking about.

  • The voters of OK elected him and elections have consequences. will they remember this when he is up for re-election?

    • I hate to give you bad news, Shane, but he won’t be back. He is not running again. He came to the Senate one last time to try to derail some of the craziness that is happening now. He writes books on the legislative process, how to have good, honest government and, believe this or not, a lot of uneducated people who own keyboards can’t wait to attack him. . .call him names and heap their invective on him. . . but soon he will be GONE!
      Good luck with that. . .

  • Senator Coburn and nearly all elected officials from Oklahoma have always preached that states should take care of themselves and the federal government should “get out of the way.”

    Now, Tom Coburn is saying wants federal money and someone else’s benefits should be cut to pay for it? Maybe it’s time Mr. Coburn put his “tough, independent cowboy” philosophy into practice and DECLINE ANY AND ALL FEDERAL AID for Oklahoma’s tornado victims? We’ll see how well that works out!

  • DatDudeKJ

    But you can bet your bottom dollar he won’t support reprinting in tax breaks for his rich cronies

  • CaseyO

    Maybe, just maybe….

    He believes that we should have a balanced budget, and that going deeper in debt will hurt more people to a greater degree in the long run.

    We have something called FEMA. FEMA has a budget. If we are going to declare FEMA needs to take care of this, it needs to be in their budget. But Liberals don’t want to worry about WHERE the money comes. Not now, not ever. They just assume it will be there for them to spend however they want. SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and the answer is not “borrow more.”
    This isn’t political grand-standing. He isn’t trying to score political points. He is standing on principle. I understand that this has become somewhat of a foreign concept to the progressive movement, but this is what it looks like. Standing by your beliefs, even when they are unpopular and un-beneficial to you, individually. This is his HOME STATE. Do you really think he doesn’t want relief for his own constituents? He desparately wants money for his people. But the money has to come from somewhere, we cannot just print more. That is part of the problem with America today. We’ll just print more! And the dollar gets weaker and weaker in the world, and less and less stable.

    • Actually, you can just print more. And just what do you thinks the banks were (and still are) doing? Do you think their lending has nothing to do with the devaluation of the dollar?

      If he really sincerely believes in debt and deficit reduction, then he’d be trying to raise taxes as well as spend less. But he’s not, so he doesn’t. It’s posturing, and since post-sequester, the spend will come from things that affect the poorest in this country, the ones without a voice, then he’s a hypocrite, plain and simple. He doesn’t care about the rebuilding, he cares about his cronies and his lobbies.

  • Cut back on the subsidies the oil companies receive. They’re profiting more than ever, they don’t need their subsidies anymore. Plus they’re a part of our climate change anyway.

  • Whoever the yellow junk yard dog is who attacked Tom Coburn, please be informed that, a scholar and thinker does NOT fill their writing with useless and degrading vulgarities that say more about YOU than the subject at hand.
    Tom Coburn ran to try to help straighten out some of the disparities, idiocies and other distractions that have become the marks of present members of the legislative bodies. He will not be running for another term so you can turn off the threats and insults that have identified you in your post. If you read any of his writing on the legislative body, you would understand that he looks at the process from a philosophical view point. You can also learn a lot about him from CSPAN and political news pages.
    The sooner we move away from the junk yard mentality, the sooner the legislative bodies may be able to do the job we asked them to do.

    • This would be the job they’ve been failing to do pretty solidly for the last 4 years because they were too concerned with “Making Obama a one-term President”? Which junk-yard mentality were YOU talking about?

  • B.

    I guess he didn’t like the idea of paying for some pet projects of some other politicians when the focus should be on disaster relief – just like he didn’t support fixing roads in the US Virgin Island and fixing the roofs on some buildings in Washington DC with the Hurricane Sandy relief bill that was written by a democrat who added riders for people who bribed him.. sorry, contributed to his campaign and gave him lavish gifts.
    You know, the normal way of politics – scratch my back and I scratch yours bullshit.
    Oh, and just to let you know, I live in Oklahoma, and am only about 2.5 miles from the worst of the devastation. I can see the carnage as I go to work in the mornings (because that actually survived).
    After living through the May 3rd, 1999 tornado that leveled my neighborhood, I can say with all complete honesty I would rather see aid that comes from the government that is only for the victims to get them back on their feet, rather than see our money wasted for some dickhead’s pet project of planting a new garden in California to give some fucking yuppie community a way to grow green, organic produce in their neighborhood, as well as other shit that has NOT A FUCKING THING TO DO WITH DISASTER AID. Fuck off.

  • Scott

    Here’s an idea….offset the costs of emergency relief with eliminating the unnecessary tax breaks for oil companies. WHAT????? Force the oil companies to pay their fair share??? What was I thinking? Never mind. Let’s reduce the budget for education instead.

  • Please vote these people out.

  • DoverInJersey

    Because he tried to screw the mid-atlantic shore after Sandy he has really boxed himself into a corner…

  • hapahowle

    Personal attracts on anyone do not gain my favor on most issues.

  • hapahowle

    If congress would make the necessary cuts to a bloated liberal workforce and bring the budget inline… perhaps we’d have a surplus for such disasters and funding would be an automatic GIVEN… no questions asked… no backroom deals.. just send in the Guard and FEMA (if it worked).

    • This would be the kind of bloated liberal workforce that they had to reinstate when they found out it would delay their flights, would it? Or would it perhaps be the kind of bloat that earns $250kpa with travel allowance and free healthcare for life and works around a third of the year. Those are not all liberal, many of them are conservatives, and they reside in the US Congress.

  • There’s no way in hell that we can spend money rebuilding other countries and ignore our own citizens. These Republicans have lost their stupid minds.

  • t. coburn: Sick anti-Christian, anti-American, RIGHT=TRASH CORPORATE COMMUNIST…this pos will cut of it’s penis just to piss off it’s old lady…tea-billies SHEESH!

  • if Jesus ran as a Dem, and Satan as a republican, some people would still vote for Satan..its gotten that bad

  • Bryann

    Allen you nothing but a misleading, misreporting progressive. Senator Coburn said that we have to consider offsets because as during Hurricane Sandy, the government has been known to load bills with pork. Check your numbers, less than 2/3 of spending for the hurricane made it to those in need. The rest was pork barrel.

  • Ronald Louis Ramsey

    A Conservative Christian right, don’t they know, that is actually is an oxymoron. Who could be more left than Jesus? Feeding the poor for free, hearing the sick with no co-pay or any payment at all, supporting taxes, giving relief to those that suffer from disaster and many more left concepts. So who could be more liberal than Jesus? Most definitely not the Jesus that Conservative Christians worship, most of all pathetic Oklahoma’s Sen. Tom Coburn, on his personal judgment day in front of the Lord what kind of answers he will give to the Lord. I want to see his face in the Lord says, cuts will have to be made in his group, and not all will enter our father’s kingdom who considered themselves as Conservative Christians

  • Brenda

    OMG, people stop it. This story is about Tom Coburn, the POS who is vowing to deny relief to the victims of this unspeakable tragedy. This issue has nothing to do with Bush or Obama — Nothing at all. The focus needs to be kept on Coburn and his outrageous attempt to politicize human suffering.

  • towns

    Progs miss the point or maybe they don’t maybe they just want another opportunity to help take down this Nation. That is the Mans point, Oklahoma doesn’t need the federal governments help in this situation it doesn’t need or want to put any more burden on this Country, that is more important to him. The federal government doesn’t have the money to pay its debt now, what’s it going to do borrow more from China to help Oklahoma. It would be real big of you to take some money out of your own pockets like the majority of good people so often do in a crisis and drop your looser anti productive agenda. Oklahoma doesn’t have to pay anyone back this way, except maybe to return the same blessing to your neighborhood someday. It’s called a gift. And Lollar, last I checked your group is the one supporting killing children.

  • YAWP

    That’s a republican for ya.

  • Stay independent

    Mr. Clifton should use the critical thinking he ought to have learned getting his political science degree and reconsider how much of this vitriol comes from the gut.
    Coburn may or may not be a decent human being, but that he’s done this consistently should make one stop and consider why.

  • Conservatives hate Obama more than they love America…

  • john

    In a statement, Coburn said that “as the ranking member of Senate
    committee that oversees FEMA, I can assure Oklahomans that any and all
    available aid will be delivered without delay.” He later told CNN
    that it was “insensitive to even talk about” budgeting for relief
    funding now. “It just shows the crassness of Washington versus the
    sensitivity that we need to have,” he said.

  • He is despicable.Politicians don’t see human suffering. They only see their own agenda. I lost my brother in the tornado. He died of heart failure. It is real to me.

  • JBinNC

    Before everybody gets worked up, try getting a different perspective on this story. Read something else. Learn why he says what he says. This isn’t exactly a good place to get your news. Opinion, yes, News, no.

  • DWD

    While I disagree with this Senator and his partner from the state, Sen. Inhofe, almost 100% of the time, the one thing that can be said is that he is sticking to his convictions and beliefs.

    The good people of Oklahoma have elected and re-elected him to his position. They have endorsed his narrow view of what being an American is all about. They have allowed him to go on his tyrannical spree against aid to Americans in trouble in the past (Hurrican Sandy). And while it hurts to type this, they made their bed, now they can lay in it.

    If they have now had their come to Jesus moment, then prove it, and stop re-electing this moron. I hope they do realize that we are all Americans and that, as good Christians do, we come to the aid of any who need help, we don’t filibuster that aid.

    While I will contribute to the Red Cross and other relief efforts to help those hurt, I hope he sticks to his convictions and proves what a heartless, evil man he truly is.

  • Back on topic, this man is an ass… Dont care whos president, who was president, who got a bj in office, we are talking about helping peoples lives that were destroyed. Get rid of one issue at a time and right now, its this jackass.

  • Lisa LeBlanc

    You have to wonder how ALL these guys got to be so mean-spirited and jaded.

    Folks Down in the Trenches do their very best with the tools they have at hand – their time, their skills, their money. Volunteerism and donating to a particular disaster are noble qualities that set us apart from the Body Politic. The only problems there: WE have to work to make money, and volunteering is not only costly to the volunteer but frowned upon. What employer in this day and age is going to cheerfully give you the time off to help those vicitimized by disaster? And a goodly portion of money ordinary citizens collectively earn goes straight into the federal hopper – never to be seen again, to be fought over and administered by the mean-spirited and the jaded.

    Every time one of these bozos makes a declaration on how he’s gonna fight/propose legislation/author a something-er-other that, overall, pokes a stick in the eye the Ordinary Citizen, it presents us with an opportunity to actually ignore these fools and their idiot games. With a little selflessness and sharing (and boy, do I know how corny that sounds!), we help alleviate the misery of the people who survive tragedies like the Oklahoma tornados, the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Hurricanes Sandy & Katrina, et al. While those folks waited (and some continue to wait) for Public money out of the Public budget, ordinary un-elected or un-appointed people were providing care, clothes, food, shelter and support for their neighbors.
    Making fools like Mr. Coburn, in those moments, utterly unnecessary. Perhaps a little more ‘us’ and a lot less ‘they’ would serve to tip that scale. It isn’t socialism; it’s simple human compassion and ethics – characteristics sorely missing Up There in the clouds.

  • readinman

    Guess none of Mr. Coburn’s relatives have been in need of assistance. If so,
    I’d love to be at that family reunion.

  • Denise Campbell

    Tom Coburn is an ass. Give me a break… people are really suffering here and he’s playing politcs.

  • *sigh* Ok I have read enough.
    What the libs, demos, me, etc…are simply saying is , WHY THE HELL NOW? Can we please take some time and think of others for one damn minute?
    And please dont act like racism isnt a factor. It is very real. All of the slick racist remarks, ugly pictures of te FLOTUS dressed as a slave, monkey with a noose and a banana, questions about the presidents children being on birth control is proof in the pudding. But thats another fight for another day. Our ONLY concerns, black, white, republican, democrat, gay or straight is the health and well being of the victims of this natural tragedy. No matter how you read or interpret his remarks, now just isnt the time.

  • bg

    To get back to the article I can’t see why Oklahomans don’t through this ahole out on his ass. I mean these are his own constituents.

  • ok

    Cite some sources? If he doesn’t care why was he in Moore, OK today?

  • Sarge

    If you think about it, for just one millisecond, folks, Coburn had no CHOICE but to take this position, having taken it previously on other natural disasters, and his position on other natural disasters is consistent with his general views on federal spending. There is nothing wrong with being consistent. The fact that he would remain consistent with previously stated positions is in his favor. How could he request offsets for other natural disasters, and then when one occurs in Oklahoma, HIS State.. flip flop and change his position, and not look like and BE, a total hypocrite?

  • Questionable Motives

    Just wanted to add that “sorry excuse for a human being,” and “pathetic excuse for a human” used in back to back paragraphs really detracts from this story’s message. Ad hominem attacks should be saved for the playground or facebook posts. How about attacking the actual issues and things he’s said instead of stolid comments about his state as a human.

  • Julie

    This isn’t true. There is not 51 confirmed deaths. Also there are not 20 children confirmed dead. I don’t believe a word of this story since the reporter can’t check his simple facts. This is just ridiculous. Both sides of government are beginning to get out of control. Do a little research people? Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.. Come on!

  • Seems I remember the GOP saying “No Matter What” they would never cooperate with Mr Prez Obama. Now I am none too fond of some of his choices, like the NDAA(a GOP deal) or really messing with our constitutional rights but to lay the mess this country is in on him is just ignorant or just plain STUPID. Maybe if the GOP had cooperated in the 1st place this mess would be pretty well in hand. But NOOooo!! The House GOP is filled with a bunch of moronic sycophants that have a mentality equal to a tomato and the same amount of EMPATHY. The Senate no better. ON both sides. Quit pointing fingers at who did what and get your asses to work for WE THE PEOPLE not Wall Street and make the rich and Corporations pay their share and there would be no deficit. I understand giving those under 75.000 a tax break but those earning more should have never rec’d it in the 1st place. Maybe they should have adjusted their standard of living to that of the rest of the 98% of the country instead of just getting another 8000ft home or a yacht. Get over yourselves cause you’ll die and be naked just like the rest of us and ya can’t take it with you. AND OKLAHOMA!!!VOTE THAT FOOL OUT. He is not there to help you but to take advantage of you and seems to be doing a pretty good job.

  • radsenior

    First, cut Tom Coburn out of office and all other combative TEA-types without a heart. Pass legislation benefiting the middle class and suspend all loopholes for the Oil Patch, Wall Street and big banking! Remove all obstructionist who voted down the background checks on gun purchases, then clear out the backers of “Gun Show” loopholes. It is going to take a concerted effort to clean up the House and Senate. Are you up to getting it done? If you are, get registered, be sure to vote, and get out the vote!

  • Jim Norman

    So, Oklahoma, if you’re not ready to puke over your Senator, I suppose you’d understand if the rest of the country told you to support strengthening of the social safety net, priming the pump to get the economy going, investment in green energy and scientific progress before you get tornado relief, right? Maybe it would just be easier to dump your disgusting senator.

  • Besides the fact that your exaggerated numbers, which you as a good human being so obviously were hoping would go up to justify even more government, actually went down because of double counting, what I found most interesting here was the way you, again as a super duper good human being, can, in so many passages, judge the way that others fall short of being human, telling us that, say, someone you disagree with is not just wrong but actually not really even fully a person. Just a pathetic excuse for one. I’m so glad that on the Left we have so many people willing to tell us which among us aren’t fully human or which are simply the poorest excuses for being called human. The sick and sad excuses of humanity need people like you to tell them how, as you see it, they aren’t as human as, say, Democrats and their voters. Some people may say there’s a downside to quite literally dehumanizing your political opponents, but I for one can’t see it. I think once we all see, as Allen Clifton does, that Republicans and those who vote for them aren’t actually human beings in any real sense, we can proceed accordingly. And by “we,” I of course always mean the state, since it’s impossible to imagine people acting in any other way collectively.

  • former Republican

    I think you may have misunderstood his intention. He said that FEMA presently is funded to take care of this Oklahoma situation and no action by congress is needed. What he is against is another spending bill like Sandy relief where pork barrel politics allowed everyone to attach pet spending projects to it and ballooned the price to over 60 billion in cost. I totally agree with his thinking in this case. That SHOULD NOT happen in the Oklahoma relief package and he will not vote for it if that is how it is handled. Tom Coburn is one of the clearest thinkers in the Congress and is trying to get a handle on excessive spending to reel in the deficit. We should applaud him and not castigate his efforts.

  • Kawika Mac

    If Coburn wants federal spending cuts before he will support tornado damage relief, then he should choose which federal spending in Oklahoma he wants to cut.

  • save America

    Good for Sen Coburn. Government doesn’t have the answer to every problem. Take a lesson from the Cajuns in Louisiana after Katrina. Let the private sector take the lead.