Pathetic Republican Senate Candidate Compares Families on Welfare to Wild Animals

bosworthThis is one of those moments where I run across a story and I really don’t even have the words.  All I can do is shake my head and contemplate what kind of pathetic human being would say something like this.

South Dakota Republican Senate candidate Dr. Annette Bosworth literally compared people who are on welfare to wild animals when she made a post on her Facebook page.  She used the National Parks Service telling people not to feed the animals as an example of why the government shouldn’t provide welfare benefits to families.  You know, because feeding poor people makes them dependent on the government just like feeding wild animals makes them dependent on humans.

Bosworth shared an image that reads, “The food stamp program is administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  They proudly report that they distribute free meals and food stamps to over 46 million people on an annual basis.  Meanwhile, the National Park Service, run by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us ‘please do not feed the animals.’  Their stated reason for this policy being that the animals will grow dependent on the handouts, and then they will never learn to take care of themselves.”

Then on the bottom in concludes with a big bold caption saying, “This concludes today’s lesson. Any questions?”

Again, that’s a Republican Senate candidate comparing people who rely on welfare (which includes children, the disabled and the elderly) to wild animals.

Calling this post ignorant doesn’t even do it justice.  The utter disdain and hatred one must have towards those who rely on welfare to survive is appalling.  I think it goes without saying that Ms. Bosworth has never lived in poverty.  It’s something that, unless you’ve lived through it, you really don’t know what it’s like.

I do always love how Republicans lump every single person on welfare in with those who do abuse the system, yet the GOP almost never condemns big corporations which are rampant with unethical and immoral behavior.

If you want to talk about creating dependency, let’s talk about all these giant corporations that are exploiting our tax code, successfully avoiding paying billions in taxes.

But this is just another example of someone within the Republican party boastfully displaying their disdain towards the poorest among us.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    Did she mention how she would handle the kids who were going to hungry as well? Didn’t think so.

  • Gary Sneed

    Did she mention that the old on ss are going hungry because they don’t get enough from as.

  • Mrs_oatmeal

    Comparing people to wild animals would also absolve them from clothing the naked and healing the sick. Hope no one she cares about falls into those categories.

    • Edward Krebbs

      Not only absolve them from their responsibility to their fellow people. Throughout history dehumanizing a population has repeatedly set the stage for their mistreatment and even genocide. (One could even make the case that dehumanizing the other side is a component of war)

      Just look what dehumanizing those practicing Islam got us in Abu Ghraib and extraordinary rendition / torture. Or 70 years ago the publication of Juden Rausch.

  • Edward Krebbs

    So she is known for a picture of her holding a Bible and serious looking pistol. Yet she says THEY are animals ?

    Not to mention that her poor analysis skills should make her disqualified for election. Specifically, her reasoning on feeding wildlife is extremely incomplete. She seems to ignore how many animals loose their fear of humans and then pillage the campsites and turn on humans. Also seems to not understand that animals can be more successful than humans when it comes to foraging for their food.

  • The argument is emotive (which means it’s effective on people who lack any critical thinking skills – e.g., the Republican base). However, like all other policy positions of the GOP today, this meme fails to answer, or in any way address, the original issue. Candidate Bosworth, DO you, or do you NOT want to help more than 40 million Americans who are at this very moment too poor to feed themselves? Just answer the godam question.

    • James V.

      If you say it Polite. I’ll bet you get beat up a lot, eh, Girly Man?

  • Pipercat

    Wow, she’s a doozie. Apparently, she rattles on about fiscal responsibility; yet, her campaign is in the red.

  • Eliseinalaska

    The park service posted the sign knowing that some of the animals, including baby animals, will starve to death. Is that the goal?

    • lindylou

      Often the starvation (frequently of deer), is a result of loss of habitat and natural food sources – which can be tied directly to the rampage of human selfishness.

  • sohillsgal

    She does NOT represent ALL of us in South Dakota. My household will be voting against her and anyone of her ilk. As a physician, does she treat all her patients equally or do the ones on Medicaid get treated differently? After 60 years as a business owner, my father & his wife ended up applying for heating aid and food stamps after an extreme medical condition wiped them out financially. In their 70’s, frail & in crippled health, she would expect them to go get jobs to feed themselves? The family helps where we can but it’s not always enough. Sad part, my dad & step-mom probably tithe at least 10% of their SS check to her church & would send money to her campaign if asked.

    • Sandy Greer

      Make sure you speak with them.

      Even people with little income like to be able to tithe their churches, and share with others what they can. In fact, I’ve found that those with the least are the most generous of heart. To their credit.

      But I’m sure they’d disapprove that photo of her holding the Bible in one hand, and gun in the other. Not Christ’s message, at all.

      Thank you for doing what you can for them. I’m sure it’s a worry. I wish you the best.

    • katherine norton malek

      Thank heavens there are ppl in S. Dak. who do not need to embark on a journey to Oz, to get a brain & a heart. Well said sohillsgal. I was about to diss So. Dak. Your comment made me stop & think there are ppl there who would be insulted by the scathing comment I was about to post. I too have friends & relatives who’ve worked thei whole lives onky to have the rug pulled out from under them through no fault of their own. And if not for the safety net programs we have in this country, we would reduce the poor & disenfranchised to debtors prisons like back in the day. I do not mind being taxed to support those who need it. There has always been and will always be, ppl who fell through the cracks or never had the opportunities others had. i’d like to hear how this bioche explain how ppl w/developmental disabilities & life-long illnesses are supposed to go out & get a job. Indeed I know an autistic young man who brings in the carts at a grocery store. He works! He works hard. But it’s not enough for him to live on!!

  • Lan

    Yet most of the states in the Top 10 for Food Stamp usage are Republican states.

    • Nick


    • sambubrad

      more often than not, because their policies are in such a way to make it easy for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer, and the middle class falls too. that leads to more food stamp usage in their states

    • Ian

      But they’re told that it’s the lefty democrats fault and if that fails to convince them then there’s a wealth of hellfire preachers telling them it’s all the fault of the gays and a lack of religious belief that’s keeping them poor.

  • SDBlue

    Allen, there is an even bigger issue with her candidacy. The South Dakota Attorney General and Secretary of State (both Republicans) have proof she falsified her nominating petitions. She swore an oath she witnessed signatures in South Dakota when she was actually in the Philippines. The AG and SOS are playing hot potato, saying it is not their job to investigate the fraudulent petitions. She committed a felony and no one is holding her accountable.

    • lindylou

      It would be excellent to allow her to be on the ballot, waste the votes and campaign donations, and THEN EXPOSE HER, ruining her chances when it’s too late to regroup.

      • SDBlue

        Our primary is June 3rd. Her name is on the ballot. She is not expected to win the primary. I believe she is in last place among the five Republicans running for Senate here. Dr. Boz is basking in all this national attention. Anyone who disagrees with her is banned from her Facebook page. Her response to the negative press is she is being “attacked by a left wing group”. Bottom line, she committed a felony when she swore an oath she witnessed signatures on her nominating petitions when she was actually in the Philippines. She should not be on the ballot. She should be facing criminal charges.

      • Michala Wright

        She is a typical teabagging moron. She’s demonstrating the same kind of self-aggrandizing clap trap as Sarah Palin. Losers, both of them.

      • lindylou

        Wonderful. And, I wonder how her practice is going, I expect that she won’t be getting more patients, but of course she has presumably already not agreed to treat those with medicare, etc.

  • Tim Coon

    This evil fucking cuntbag needs a bullet between the eyes.

    • Cathryn Sykes

      I loathe her too, Tim. But let’s lose the term cuntbag, please, and a bullet between the eyes? No. How about a bout of amnesia and a six-month stay, without credit cards or ID, down under the nearest overpass with the rest of the hungry, homeless “animals.”

  • Cathryn Sykes

    People like her truly do not think that the poor are human. I’ve love to take everyone who thinks that way and drop them in the middle of a big city, without money, cell phone or ID, unable to talk or write, dressed in dirty, shabby clothes, and let them see what it’s like to be poor, for say a month or so. Cities run by people like this are now passing laws to forbid homeless people being in public with “possessions”….a ragged blanket, a few old clothes….and are taking their things and telling them they have to pay a fine to get them back. And I’m willing to believe that those kind of people are the ones who go to church each Sunday and profess themselves followers of the man who said that the way to heaven is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, take in the stranger, tend the sick….in other word, help those who need help. NOT call them animals!

    • Michala Wright

      They would not last two days.

  • Mark McRoberts

    Holding up a gun and a bible and speaking about shiftless poor seems like a funny Onion posting. Except that this is reality and that is so sad that there is a deluded cruel person who is a Dr. running for and office. Shame on her.

  • Mark Robert Jones

    What a joke this “article” is. There are millions of welfare bums out there. And by bums I mean those who will refuse work or personal betterment to just take the handout. Obviously there are millions who really need this assistance. But I know that there at least as many who actively cheat the system. You know it and I know it. The difference is you accept it and encourage it. I don’t…..

    • lindylou

      Not millions. Yes there those, like that that shitbag governor of Florida who raked in millions, but most people of one form of assistance or another really need it. You are really really creepy. At least you don’t claim your overwhelming Christian heart, because Jesus said “feed my sheep” and I bet you don’t know what that means.

      • Mark Robert Jones

        I worked for the state for 10 years in this field investigating fraud. More than 70% of the cases that I personally investigated were outright cheats and at least half of those had been doing so for more than 5 years. One for over 20 years! That is nearly 4000 cases btw, just the ones I personally conducted and there are many others who did the job I had. I left this position after realizing that the state and federal government just doesn’t care that much if they are robbed or not. That’s unacceptable to me. Millions is not an exaggeration by any means….

      • Lynnie

        That’s because the cases you were given to investigate were already suspected of fraud. You didn’t get the normal, everyday cases of poor people who do need help. Yes, there is some fraud but there are so many more people who really do need help. If my job were investigating fraud, I’d also tend to see the fraud more than the need. But I worked as a welfare worker for over 20 years and the numbers of fraudulent cases were very small compared to the numbers of people who really needed the help.

  • Mac McLellan

    And people STILL wonder why I chose to leave the USA…

    I was born there, served honourably in it’s military for 4 years, helped everyone and everything I ethically could, and when I needed help, was told they didn’t do that…

    Not EVER going back for ANY reason, but if Obama ccould run for a third term I would STILL vote for him (via postal ballot) rather than ANY republican. The Republicans are just as prejudicially stupid as they always were.

    • lindylou

      Too bad he can’t run a third time, by law, and as a scholar he knows that, despite what the creepy Tea Party thinks.

      • James V.

        Gruber had you pegged, Progressive Welfare Queen.

      • lindylou

        Says the donut hole who is still responding to 9 month old stories. Go out and polish your Hummer. BTW I have been gainfully employed for over 30 years.

      • James V.

        I’ll let you polish my humma-humma, nasty Liberal Skank. Lena Dunham your hero, b****?

        As a Hooker?

    • James V.

      You left because we took away your Freebies, slacker.

  • Todd Jensen

    Come on, really? Don’t pretend you’ve never heard this one before. The voters that she is targeting agree with her, that’s why these jackasses continue to say this crap.

  • Mary Kaye

    Is she a practicing physician??? If she is I worry for the proper care of her patients .If her critical thinking skills in medicine are equal to her emotional IQ on humanity and the needs of the poor … then it is a shame she wasted her years in school . Apathy has no place in medicine or politics .It requires flexibility and thinking outside of the box. She is pandering to her base and they do not realize she is insulting them in the process!

  • Jamie Quinones

    She is talking about a good portion of her base and they will eat it up and still vote for her. being that in their minds she is obviously referring to so-called minorities and not deserving white folks like them. These idiots have no sense at all and the cognitive dissonance is just mind boggling.

  • Dennis W Engley

    As a disabled American veteran with a 100% compensation rating due to a head injury incurred during the Vietnam era, to see or hear something like this forces me to wish upon them what I myself received where I am called disabled, then I would like to hear and see what they say then.

  • Mea Dunford

    it doesn’t even matter, animals often herd together to help provide resources for the group among their own race. They protect their weak. Ducks migrate together, bison roam together, wolves hunt together. The more intelligent an animal is the more cooperative group care there is. The argument by the parks is that we are interrupting what for them is their social order. We have built a sociaty that does not revolve aroudn the ability to hunt and gather our own food. Money is an integral part of that process, and those resources are being horded by the “pack leaders” When this happens in an animal society other animals challenge them to keep the distribution of gains at least slightly fair. We humans aren’t allowed to go wrestle what we need to survive from our “superior” when they are being unfair with our resources (money) that we use to procure goods and advance society. The implications here aren’t just unreasonable, but drawn from two unnassociated things.