Paul Krugman Crushes GOP: Trump the Exact ‘Kind of Person the Republican Base Consists of’ (Video)

paul-krugmanIf you would have told me one day I would be writing multiple stories about Donald Trump being a leading GOP presidential candidate, I would have thought you were out of your mind. Heck, even now I still can’t come to grips with the fact that he’s not only running for president – but surging in the polls.

The thing is, when I really sit there and think about it, Trump might just be the perfect Republican candidate.

Apparently economist Paul Krugman agrees. During an interview with Bloomberg TV he absolutely crushed the Republican party by saying that the reason why Trump seems to be resonating so well with the party is because he’s such a vile and offensive human being.

“He’s a belligerent, loudmouth racist with not an ounce of compassion for less fortunate people,” Krugman said. “In other words, he’s exactly the kind of person the Republican base consists of and identifies with. It’s clear that the very things that Upper West Side New Yorkers find detestable about him are exactly what endear him to the Republican base, which is basically people who see in him everything, even the big red face and the yelling, that makes him their kind of guy.”


Though as harsh as that might sound, he’s basically right. Heck, he said what I’ve been saying for a couple of weeks now. That is, while some people are acting as if they’re “shocked” Trump has become a legitimate GOP front-runner, Trump’s really just saying some of the same exact things I’ve heard Republicans say here in Texas my whole life.

The only difference is he’s the first big-name Republican presidential candidate to actually say these things publicly. Typically the Republican party likes to subtly pander to racism and bigotry while denying either are rampant within their party. And what’s ironic is that he’s not only not apologizing for what he’s been saying the last couple of weeks, but he’s been doubling down on his racist rhetoric, and it’s actually making him even more popular with many conservative voters.

Krugman did go on to say that he doesn’t see Trump maintaining his place as a leading candidate very long, alluding to 2012 when practically every candidate spent time as “the leader” – only to see Republicans go with the safest candidate, Mitt Romney.

“In the end, they nominated Mitt Romney, who on substance was not that different from the others,” Krugman recalled. “And probably, the same thing will happen this time around, with Jeb Bush playing that role.”

While Trump is definitely getting all the headlines now, it does feel like it’s only a matter of time before even he pushes things a bit too far – which is truly saying something considering just how far he’s pushed it up to this point.

Watch the video below via Bloomberg:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Thunder Panus

    We believe ILLEGAL aliens need to be sent home.They are here in violation of federal law.What is so hard to understand about that?Remember Kate Steinle always and from this day forward.

    • Chris Isner

      But we celebrate welfare for illegal aliens every year. It’s a national holiday: Thanksgiving. Your ancestors didn’t get permission to come here from the natural born citizens that had been here fir thousands of years. And what with all the white men out of work, I’ve never seen one waiting for work outside Home Depot. Maybe it would be better if all you fat, stupid, lazy, willfully ignorant, white anchor babies were deported and leave the hardest working people we have alone. Hmmm??

      • Charles Vincent

        What part of illegal eludes your intellect Chrissy poo?

      • Sunnysmom

        What part of American history and Colonialism eludes your intellect, Charles?

      • Charles Vincent

        The whole of his argument is specious. We are a nation of laws and if you come here do it “legally” just like the immigrants from the melting pot era. Learn to distinguish bullshit arguments from facts.

      • Steve King

        It’s a 22 year wait to do it “Legally”. Did you know that? I just took a seminar and was educated to those challenges. If your child was hungry, drug gangs killing people in the streets, WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Wait 22 years?

      • Charles Vincent

        This is not the argument for what you are talking about. I favor a system like we had when the melting pot immigrants came here and jumped on the citizenship track right off the boat. The problem is now we have a welfare state and that makes doing so incompatible with how it was done then. Moreover the so called free trade treaties( NAFTA and GATT) have done nothing to promote free trade in other countries like Mexico/ central and South America. In fact all they have done is to create a permanent low skill worker class who gets paid even less than they would have previously. The answer still isn’t come here illegally Caesar Chavez proved that they could change the system, and it can be done now, but we must eliminate the welfare system for this change to work.

      • Charles Vincent

        On a side note you’ve constructed a dandy little moral high ground argument.

      • strayaway

        Native Americans went on to lose control of their nations. Their cultures were replaced. Is that what you are suggesting we do? Your characterization is a bit rusty though. About one third of illegal aliens overstayed their visas, most 9/11 crew members for instance, and are not standing outside of Home Depot.

        Americans will do any and every sort of work but not necessarily for illegal alien wages. Supply and demand determine wages. Bringing in large number of aliens to compete for jobs brings wages down for Americans. Is that what you want? Do you work for the US Chamber of Commerce? If not, you are acting like one of their sock puppets.What will you do for an encore to hurt American workers; purchase a foreign car?

      • Steve King

        Seen many “American Boys” up on the roof working? They won’t do it. They want a job in A/C and air conditioning.

      • strayaway

        Americans will do any sort of work but not necessarily for illegal alien wages. In areas of the US without many illegal aliens, roofs still get replaced. Where illegal aliens are in abundant supply, they get the jobs because they will work for less. It’s all about supply and demand. Bringing in a lot of cheaper foreign labor, legal and otherwise, drives down wages and destroys unions. Why hire an American worker to do roofing at $20/hour when you can pick up someone at Home Depot who will work for $12/hour? Of course, the $12 might go as unreported income and the taxpayer is then on the hook to provide social benefits for both the foreign worker who didn’t report his cash earnings and the unemployed US worker.

    • Steve King

      If you kicked them all out expect to start paying through the nose for your groceries. American youth won’t do hard labor. Just visit a construction site. Did you know it takes an average of 22 years to immigrate legally from Mexico? 22 years. Fix that first.

  • der spud

    Spot on Alien Red Queen. Hope spring eternal similiar to diogenes in search for an honest republican. My support for THE DONALD, admittedly, is in a shadenfreude sort of way.