Paul Ryan Gets Crushed After Chris Wallace Exposes GOP Lies About Obamacare On Fox News (Video)

paul-ryan-fox-news-obamacareI’ve always been a casual fan of Chris Wallace – especially his interview skills. He’s typically anchored Fox News Sunday with somewhat of a “right lean,” but he’s never been on the level of somebody like Sean Hannity or Bill O’Reilly when it comes to over-the-top conservatism.

Wallace is probably the one individual on Fox News who I’ve seen go after Republicans and ask them legitimate hard-hitting questions on a fairly consistent basis. That’s something you rarely see from anyone who works for America’s most watched conservative entertainment channel.

Well, yesterday morning Wallace brought on Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and absolutely crushed him when it came to the Republican nonsense surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

It was obvious from the start that Wallace’s main point of this interview was to get Ryan to offer some details on what Republicans planned to do if the Supreme Court ruled against the ACA here in the next few weeks, which would strip away subsidies for millions of Americans.

The problem is, Ryan refused to offer a single detail – not even one. Instead, he just spouted off one prepared talking point after another, completely refusing to answer any of Wallace’s questions.

“For all the complaints, we’re five years into Obamacare and Republicans have still not come up with a coherent plan that will ensure that all of those millions of uninsured people will get coverage,” Wallace said before Ryan cut him off, saying Republicans are waiting to “see the details of the ruling” before commenting. Nice cop-out.

The truth is, Republicans could fix this right now if they wanted to. This entire court case centers around the wording of the law, not the intent of the law. All they would have to do is pass a one-page bill fixing that wording and millions of Americans wouldn’t have to worry about losing their subsidies and possibly their health insurance in the process.

Of course, Republicans won’t do that. In fact, they’re hoping the Supreme Court rules against the ACA because they see this as their golden opportunity to get this law repealed.

But perhaps the best part of the interview came after Ryan repeatedly said the law was a “failure,” only to have Wallace put up a graphic showing the successes of the law:

  • 16 million people have obtained insurance through the ACA.
  • Health care costs have risen at their lowest rate in 50 years.
  • 129 million Americans can’t be kicked off their plans for pre-existing conditions.

Naturally, Ryan pretty much ignored those overwhelmingly positive numbers to continue  to spew his obviously pre-rehearsed talking points. Basically no matter what Wallace asked or showed him, Ryan’s response was the same: The law has failed, we have a solution (but won’t tell anyone what it is), and we’re waiting to see what the ruling says.

During the entire interview, I just had this anger grow inside me listening to Ryan’s propaganda. Here he was, on the most conservative news network in the country, and he basically got humiliated because he flat-out refused to answer a simple question: What is the Republican plan if the Supreme Court rules against the ACA?

But the truth is, Republicans don’t want Americans to know their “alternative” because they really don’t have one. Their entire “plan” is predicated on the Supreme Court ruling against the ACA so that they can try to force through legislation that would essentially repeal the entire law. To them this isn’t about making sure Americans have health insurance, it’s all a political game.

Though at the end of the day, all the rhetoric in the world isn’t going to save them if millions of Americans lose their health insurance because Republicans finally got their way.

Watch the interview below via Fox News:

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Frank LaDonna

    If the people win and the ACA stays the GOP loses, if the ACA get knocked out again the GOP loses. This is a no win for the republicans to anyone with any logical thinking.
    “The law has become the Republicans’ great white whale. They will stop at
    nothing to kill it,” but the whale wins.

    • Michael Davolio

      There you go again with that “logical thinking” BS. We’re talking about Republicans here, and you want to bring up “logical thinking???” WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU????

  • Ellen H.

    Every time I ask my republican representative what her plan is to replace the ACA, I just get a bunch of talking points that really have nothing to do with what I asked. If these people don’t change, the republican party is going to die off. It seems to be the party of let’s take everything we can and give it to the rich.

  • dsadlowski

    Trade deals means that America is trading something what is it that we are exporting in these deals. What PRODUCTS are we trading in these deals.

    Weapons and exporting our JOBS

    • Michael Davolio

      Here’s a prime example of a “change the subject” FAIL.

    • CE Lee

      Wrong thread. This is about ACA.

      • TK003

        You obviously didn’t watch the clip. The first half discussed the trade deal

      • CE Lee

        The subject/headline of THIS particular article is about his and the GOP incompetence in governing when it comes to the ACA regardless of whatever else is on the video. Trade deals is a separate topic.

  • amersham46

    Koch Kare ,,, the GOP will provide details at a later date

  • noah vail

    will ryan ever tire of sucking (up to) koch?

  • Jay

    Ryan is a lying, hypocritical chump


    In Wisconsin the U.W. DID a study on Paul (Eddie Munster) Ryan insurance plane when he was running for V.P. It was called Paul Ryan HIDDEN AGENDA AND THEY CAME UP WITH A voucher system ,and that’s probably what he has in store now .SCARY !

  • DudleyDoright

    Please GOP move onto something else. Quit wasting your time and my money on this loser. Reminds me of the rhetoric from the right when social security was implemented.