Paul Ryan Has Quickly Skyrocketed to Becoming the Biggest Scumbag in Congress

ryan-pit-of-prosperityWhile I’ve written plenty of articles about the ridiculous exploits of Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and even the quitter Sarah Palin (though she’s not an active politician – you know, because she quit) I’m honestly shocked I haven’t written more about the biggest scumbag in Congress – Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan.

Most know him as Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012.

But since then, Rep. Ryan has really cemented his standing as the ultimate hypocrite.

While most Republicans don’t support policies which help the poor, Ryan almost seems to go out of his way to vilify and attack them.  In almost every budget he proposes there are massive cuts to programs that help the poor, and he’s become infamous for his repeated attempts to turn Medicare into a voucher program which would almost undoubtedly kill the program.

This is a guy who seems to oppose any and all government programs that might help the poor.  Which is extremely hypocritical of him considering he used Social Security benefits he received, after his father unfortunately passed when he was young, to help pay for his college education.  An education he received at a public university which is, of course, largely funded by tax dollars.  In fact, outside of a short stint with Oscar Mayer, he’s worked for the government his entire career.

Nothing quite like someone constantly speaking out against government programs, and frequently talking about the evils of government, who’s essentially where he is today thanks to taxpayer subsidized education, Social Security benefits and a career either working for someone in government or being a politician himself.

Then let’s not forget the story he plagiarized at CPAC about how even children don’t want free lunches.  The entire “point” of this story essentially being if a parent doesn’t personally make their children lunch in the morning, they obviously don’t care about them as much.

Now we have his attack on “inner city men not working” as his next legislative target.  Which, considering most inner city men are African Americans, it’s essentially Paul Ryan targeting one specific race as “the real culture problem” that’s dragging our country down.

Paul Ryan doesn’t even give us the courtesy of hiding his contempt for poor people and minorities.  He seems to proudly showcase his disdain for these people.

And it’s absolutely embarrassing that in the world of Republicans, he’s one of their shining stars.

To me (and most people with any decency) he’s one of, if not the, biggest scumbags in Congress.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • John Stigall

    They are not hiding their shame anymore.

    • real_world_truth

      The problem, John, is they have no shame. Nor simple human decency it would appear.

      • moe/larry & curly keys

        its all about money and power— ” the big game”

    • CM

      when they discovered their false *proFit* ayn rand’s bibles that said out loud that it was okay to be a narcissist that was all it took!

  • js121

    People just cannot understand that we are being taken over from within, I guess. Koch’s Birch Ideology and their Constitutional Republic is sweeping throughout the USA NOW! We already have Constitutional Sheriff’s in Michigan. What part don’t you get..people? Our Democratic Republic is under attack and no one knows it!!!! Cant help’s in your states…you just don’t want to believe it!

  • Sunny Ray

    Whatever comes out of his mouth smells terrible.

  • FD Brian

    I feel if they cut programs for the poor, you might as well start building prisons and the right is probably going to push for those prisons to be privately run and I’m sure the corporations who build and run those prison will be huge contributors to campaigns to people like Ryan.

    • moe/larry & curly keys

      that’s the game plan,,,,,”privatize” everything ( IE: republican mantra)

    • ellid

      That’s already happening. Google “prison-industrial complex” and you’ll see what I mean.

    • Paul

      Private prisons are one of the #1 growing industries in the United States. If you follow the support group for this industry, follow the money, you will get my reason for not supporting the Republican’s.

    • ProgressiveInNewYork

      Already done. The private prison industry in this country is The growth industry. Many states have contracts with them that if they don’t maintain a certain capacity, there are penalty clauses. Why do you think there is a war on drugs? Why do you think the majority of prison populations are people of color? Why does the US have a larger prison population than ANY OTHER industrialized nation in the world. PROFIT> and now they use the prisoners basically as slave labor.

      • Lori Norman

        Laws in states with contracts with private prisons demand prison capacity be between 80 and 90%. If the capacity drops below 80-90% the state must pay the prison a penalty.

    • Barry

      Prisons make good jobs for all the boys out there! In America, prisons are our most important product

  • Dave

    He is a walking stain!…and unfortunately…my rep. If it weren’t for MASSIVE gerrymandering, he would have lost…..he did lose in his home town.

    • deanne

      It really says something when the people closest (geographically at least) do not support a local politician running for bigger office.

  • Scaramongus

    Ryan is certainly a scumbag

  • jim

    I think you have identified the real “culture problem”.

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    isn’t he the QB for the packers??? :))

  • gthorne


    he’s still a worthless bag of crap.

    good to know.

  • bfryer


  • Hawkroad

    They’re privatizing the national lands and destroying the Endangered Species Act so they can strip mine, clear cut, shoot animals out of helicopters, dump chemicals, and frack wherever they want. The world is their playground and we’re just the vermin that are in their way. They’d prefer we all died, except for just enough workers to serve their drinks.

  • john smith

    yeah, but that boy can run world class marathons, lmao!

  • sherry06053

    I am surprised you haven’t written more about him, too. It’s not like he hasn’t been around for a while. His budgets are horrible. He IS a heartless scumbag, and I can’t help feeling that something happened to him in his past that made him so bigoted and hateful. Someone should look into it…hint…

  • JanMutcher

    I always wondered what they planned on doing with all of the poor, homeless, elderly, disabled, starving people after their programs are enacted. Surely they don’t want to walk among them! In reading the preceeding comments it seems clear to me that they will expect us (who are marginally making a living) to pay for prisons to house all of the lazy riff raff. This because they certainly couldn’t ask the Kochs or anyone else of obscene wealth to help pay for incarcerating the unfortunate victims of their policy changes because after all, they will be the ones benefiting by getting larger tax breaks paid for with the discontinuation of said policies.

  • RINOVirus

    This is just the tip of the Ryan hypocrisy. The Right likes to make a big deal about Obama’s lack of private sector experience when Ryan doesn’t have any either. For some reason people seem to think that he got elected into office on the Tea Party wave of 2010. Ryan was elected way back in 1998. He has been serving for 15 years which makes him what the Tea Party hates: a career politician. Obama also had more legislative success in his two or so years as a Senator as only a handful of the bills that Ryan has proposed has become law.

  • Marilyn Olsen Scheffler

    I just don’t know how folks like him can even get up in the morning at look themselves in the mirror! What a hateful, selfish, self-absorbed creep!

  • Shane Mayfield

    Comparing social security benefits to welfare,food stamps and medicaid are like comparing apples to oranges!

  • And on the list of scumbags in the USA, Mr. Clifton, you’re near the top of the list.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      just under your white trash regressive small dicked self

  • Paul_in_RI

    Ryan is, was and always will be one of the biggest scumbags in Wisconsin and in Congress. Janesville is a great city, and he besmirches it every time he votes in the House.

  • Rolland Hand

    The Tea party wants all programs cut, so we can have a Great Depression. Then they can turn us into India. They don’t understand that once the consumer is dead so is their golden goose.

  • Rolland Hand

    With 100% turn out at the polls, the gerrymandering would not do their work.

  • Les Hall

    I agree he is one of the biggest scumbags in congress but not the only one, I just read of another from a southern state who was hurt in a car wreck and his medical bills were paid through medicaid and the state. Now he like hypocrite Ryan wants to take away from others. There are so many hypocrites others and I have known a few got medical assistance through states, took advantage of food shelves and whatever was available. So they know THEY F%%king KNOW that people who work also need to get help to make it. Yet welfare is bad go figure!!

  • Don Boyd

    You’re painting w/a wide brush when you say”the biggest” in Congress. So Many right wingers are scumbags they ALL rightfully deserve that title, not just Scumbag Ryan…