Paul Ryan: The Ultimate Hypocrite

paulryanThough many politicians disgust me, Paul Ryan holds a special place with me as the ultimate pile of garbage.  That may seem harsh to some, but let me tell you why I feel this way.

This is a man who constantly rallies against big government spending, and champions himself a “true small government fiscal conservative.”

Only, he’s completely full of crap.

Before I cover a few items from his political career which proudly display his hypocrisy about government spending, I’d like to give a little background on the man himself.

You see, Paul Ryan had the unfortunate fate of losing his father as a teen—a teen who attended a public high school.  However, this tragic event led to a 16 year old Paul Ryan receiving Social Security benefits until his 18th birthday.  Ryan then saved these Social Security benefits (yes, that same Social Security he has called a Ponzi scheme) to help pay for his education at Miami University (a publicly funded university by the way).

Though he worked summers during school as a salesman for Oscar Mayer, his entire career has been spent as a politician, or working for one in various jobs or internships.

Yes, the man who has built a career preaching small government went to public school, used Social Security benefits to pay for his college degree and has spent his entire adult life working for the government.  The man who champions the greatness of the private sector, and beats his drum on the evils of government, has never really held a job in the private sector—but has made quite a life for himself as a government employee.

Now, I know what Republicans will say, “But President Obama has never worked for the private sector either!”, and that’s mostly true—but he also hasn’t made a career preaching about the evils of government like Ryan has.

Now, moving on to a few items from his career as a politician.

First, let me destroy this ridiculous notion that he’s a “fiscally responsible hero.”

Paul Ryan:

None of these even touch the roughly $1.8 trillion in defense spending he’s supported during his time in Congress.

This man is the definition of a hypocrite.

A man who went to public school as a minor, used Social Security money to pay for his college degree where he went to a publicly funded university, has made a career as a government employee and voted for bills that have added trillions to our national debt—championing himself as a “small government fiscally responsible hero.”

All while pushing for a budget which would cut taxes even more, calls for $554 billion more in defense spending, guts many programs which help the poor and would turn Medicare into a voucher system (that would essentially destroy Medicare completely).

His hypocrisy in supporting massive spending (well, until Obama got into office), while claiming to be a man for “small, fiscally responsible government” is well established. Even beyond that, however, lies the contradiction in his worship of both Ayn Rand (an atheist who preached selfishness and considered religious people to be fools) and his claims of being a devout follower of Jesus Christ.

How Ryan can say he models his life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, while supporting the social economic ideologies of a woman who preached the exact opposite, is a true testament to his ignorance and hypocrisy.

Paul Ryan defines what the Republican Party has become—a shallow entity built on propaganda, hypocrisy, thriving on ignorance and lacking any true substance that supports their rhetoric. Perhaps the saddest part of it all is the fact that he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Madd Sassafras

    Mr. Clifton: you get the TruthSayers George Carlin Award for today. And, unfortunately, all of the comments and replies to your article are on FB. Many likes and definitely plenty of ignorami proving that they were and are the butt of the joke.

  • Nancy OBrien

    This man is so blinded by his own ambition, that he doesn’t see the contradictions and hypocrisy of his thoughts, views, and actions.

    • Or, more likely, could give 2 sh!ts less!

  • Bonnie Lill

    When Paul Ryan’s father died, not only Ryan receive survivors benefits, he continued to recevie those monthly benefits AND get his education paid for until he finshed colleege. He didn’t have to squirrel away his monthly checks in order to pay for colleg – that was an extra “benefit.” I know this because my younger sister received this after our father passed away – she & Ryan are a year apart in age.. He’s a piece of work alright…

    • Cringa

      And how many other people do that every day?

      • Randy Hyle

        And then turn around and bitch about “big government” and want to gut Social Security? Not many. And if there are some, you can bet they are Repuglibaggers

  • Robert Hill

    Relying on Social Security as a child does not disqualify him from helping reform it as part of his duty as a congressman. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that younger generations are paying into SS with little hope of seeing a return when they come of age. Putting money into a fund that immediately returns the received money to previous investors is by definition a Ponzi Scheme and accurately describes the current state of the program.

    I do not understand why Ryan’s belief that the government is too large can be discredited by his career in politics. If government officials are deemed hypocrites for appreciating the burden they place on the hand that feeds them (normal citizens) how can they keep an objective perspective on government’s role in society?

    Paul Ryan voted for spending bills…..and thus cannot criticize other spending? If Paul Ryan can vote for spending than Democrats should be allowed to spend as well? I do not understand the criticism for voting for spending bills, it is impossible to operate reasonably without doing so. If anything, the fact that Paul Ryan isn’t afraid to vote for bills that seem reasonable him, even if it is in contrast to theoretical “no government spending” idealism, should be an endearing trait.

    Does the writer of this article completely mirror all of the opinions of everyone who has influenced him in his life? Is it possible to receive inspiration from different people/institutions that oppose one another on many issues?

    • Nancy Jo Wilson

      Very well said. You show a level of intelligence I am not seeing from others making comments. Thanks!

      • Judith_Priest

        “Just let me praise and kiss the ass of the OTHER stupid Conservative on this thread! That way, it looks like lots of people agree with our mutual stupidity!”

        — Nancy Jo

    • Susan

      I don’t understand why the critics of this article are in favor of cutting programs for the poor and the elderly before going after U.S. Corporations and wealthy individuals that are evading taxes by stashing money offshore. Although this article uses a $60 billion figure, I’ve seen even higher estimates.

    • susabella

      Why Robert…because he still believes in those wars and is willing to fund more on the backs of all Americans who oppose them and relishes spending cuts to programs which provide basic needs to many. This in itself…..after all he WORKS FOR US…is the reason he is so disliked.

    • Hi Robert,
      Here are some other points of view to consider, in response to your points (as you requested).

      I agree that benefiting from social security as a child should not consequently discourage Ryan from criticizing the program now. However, that fact should inform his views now. Social security was intended to fight poverty among the elderly–and as such, it has been wildly successful. There are common-sense proposals that would address the short-term issues social security faces: among them, raising the retirement age (in recognition of the fact that statistically, we are all likely to live much longer than our late 60s) and subjecting ALL income (no loopholes) to the social security tax. In other words, try to keep the program the way it is, rather than gutting or destroying it.

      If someone is convinced that government should play a limited role in society, then it seems reasonable to expect that such a philosophy would be applied across the board, no matter which party is in power, and no matter which industries are lobbying for corporate welfare. I think what people are noticing is that Ryan–like every other politician–is owned by Corporate America; he panders to a certain section of the electorate, but his voting record would suggest they are not getting what they voted for. To me, this labels him as a hypocrite–although assuredly, he has lots of company.

    • AlwaysLefty

      Mr. Hill, I’d like to respond specifically to the Social Security question you pose, as I have some experience in that regard and a personal interest in Sen. Ryan’s opinion of “entitlements”.

      My mother died shortly before my 19th birthday, so my father visited Social Security to see if I qualified for survivor benefits as I was a college student at the time. Of course, I didn’t, since I was legally an adult at the time of her death. However, the wonderful woman he met with informed him that because I and two of my brothers were still minors when he reached SS retirement age, we were entitled to some benefits. The three of us each received funds based on the number of years we were minors after our father hit retirement age. Like Sen. Ryan, I used my money to pay for college – mine community college and a decent car to get me there & to work safely. As another commenter pointed out, until he reached 18, Ryan’s checks would have come to his mother’s attention. It sounds like she saved them for him. But at 18, as an adult, he chose to use those funds to pay for college. I personally believe that was a wise decision.

      He’s stated that he used those benefits to better his situation; that is exactly what Social Security survivors’ benefits are meant to do. But Sen. Ryan has then gone on to deride social programs that are meant to do the same thing, better the situation of those who need it in order to go on and improve their lives. To Ryan though, these “entitlement” programs just make people complacent and lazy. You give the man the fish, he’ll never learn to fish himself theory. Ryan’s own life tells a completely different story! He wasn’t a hypocrite for using his SS benefits to attend college. He’s being hypocritical now by insisting that allowing others access to programs like the one that helped him will only lead to a society of freeloaders – oh, I’m sorry “takers”. Apparently, he’s the ONLY exception to the rule. Bullocks.

    • Jan Civil

      You should look up ‘Ponzi scheme’; this is preposterous “rhetoric” (in this case one might use the term dismissively as you do subsequently but be accurate, it’s argumentative but it doesn’t really address the issue. It’s intentional distortion as if to cloud the thing and load it to your opinion, which is bizarre reactionary nonsense.). The premise is that social security should be a venture with risk, for it to be framed as a Ponzi scheme? That’s insane.

    • Jan Civil

      The point you are desperately seeking to blot out is that all along Ryan has voted for precisely the things that bloated the budgets and now his posture is austerity. It is not difficult at all to grasp.

      Either you are hopelessly incompetent, and I mean intellectually deficient, or you are just dishonest to the core with this absolute bullshit, this ridiculous tack.

      You complain later of ‘rhetoric’ as if you haven’t been understood properly. It’s clear to anyone that can read that doesn’t remotely resemble what went on here. The empty type of rhetoric lies with you and these gestures. As if to frame people that say sensible things as the uncritical ideologues, deflecting from what you evidence so glaringly.

  • Apparently some people are willing to look the other way no matter what (re Robert Hills’s comments).

    I’d been suspicious of the guy for quite a while but his claim of a sub-three hour marathon time sealed the deal for me. I was actually in that same race that day and I never, ever would’ve considered claiming a time I didn’t actually achieve. Trust me, a sub-three hour marathon doesn’t happen without a lot of time spent pounding the pavement and there’s no way you make such a claim if it isn’t true without knowing you’re telling a lie.

    He lost his hometown of Janesville, WI twice by 10 points in his runs for Congress. That should tell you something.

    • Robert Hill

      @Kevin G It’s hard for me to appreciate your response that I’m “looking the other way” when I think I brought up pretty reasonable counter points to the charges in the article. I would honestly appreciate you (or someone) addressing them, as I think that instead of mirroring the angry rhetoric from both sides my points were from a more practical standpoint.

      I do not understand the marathon timing incident either.

      • Robert Hill

        Will someone cut through all the BS on this thread and respond to me please? I do not understand the left’s rhetoric but I know there is a reasonable argument in the details that I would like to see composed against my points. I know there is some push back in our country against my previously stated thoughts but I’d like to hear them in the same manner that I provided my own thoughts.

      • larry

        are you sure you have rational thought?

      • lindylou

        Robert: challenging SuperRyan’s marathon story is NOT rhetoric. Challenging WorkerSalvationRyan’s misrepresentation of the Janesville factory is another example that is not RHETORIC. Interesting that so many people wanted Mother Theresa to videotape Obama’s Hawaiian birth but swallow Tea Party swill without a question.

  • MK

    Well said… plus he looks like Eddie Munster!

  • GBarnes

    Hey dunb ass Brian, you didn’t even try to dispute what the article said maybe because you can’t prove the facts wrong. Keep it up blowhard, the country isn’t going back to Republican rule any time soon all thanks to people like you. Keep it up!! Thanks

  • Annie

    How low, how sad. Millions will be remaining on parental insurance plans b/c of OC. Does this somehow make their later campaign against OC a hypocrisy? The logic escapes me.

  • Al

    Allen, I am a die-hard conservative. But. . .
    I sincerely welcome what others believe. Reading your article, and others like it, make me think. They broaden my view, and help define what I believe. Although I may disagree with you, please keep writing. There are reasons for your believing what you do, and I need to know them.

  • Tom

    Mr. Clifton – what have you done? Did you lose your father? What was your journey? “The credit belongs to the man who is in the arena, doing the deeds.” Critics, easy to throw rocks, to sum up a life in 3 paragraphs. What have you done? What do you know?

  • David

    For those who disagree with the comments made, you have a right to your own opinion. My Opinion of Mr. Ryan, is that he is one of the legal crooks in our country. In other words, he is in government for his own back pocket, making policies, that put the money in his back pocket, and has forgotten how to be a Servant Leader! What all of our government elected folks need to be talking about are the “entitlements” they enjoy!

    • Kleptocrats!

    • David, no offense, but I do not think he ‘forgot’ how to be a servant leader, I’m pretty sure he never had a clue there. Otherwise spot on!

    • Dr_MJ

      he is a libertarian.. the philosophy is that one should always behave in a way that only serves ones personal self interests. His political hero Ayn Rand,,, who argued that to be a capitalist one must only serve ones self interests and to be a christian means you are immoral because you must take others interests before your own. so anyone who is altruistic is immoral and that is his political hero……

  • JB

    So, you’re critical of him for using the safety net as a 16-year-old to stay on his feet, work, go to school,a and become self-sufficient? What if he had chosen to see himself as a victim, continued to draw federal support, live off others? I’m certain that Paul Ryan would support the same system that helps those unfortunate people who lose a parent, lose a job, find themselves facing one of the many difficulties we face as people BUT not as a permanent way of life. I also know that his family and church were a great source of encouragement and support as a youngster. It is good to have people like Paul Ryan in Washington who understand the appropriate role of government. I hope he has the support to thoughtfully dismantle the machine that Washington has become and return the authority to the states and the people.

    • susabella

      HIS CHURCH?????? He is Catholic which preaches (having been raised in Catholicism myself) the complete opposite of his theories. As a teenager and then as a politician he has been on the public dole since 16. Why don’t you add up how much the taxpayers have paid him throughout his political carreer and how much MORE we need to pay him in pension and benefits as he schemes to deprive the majority of the same.

    • JB, And I’m sure you are full of it! He’s trying his damnedest to destroy ” the same system that helps those unfortunate people who lose a parent, lose a job, find themselves facing one of the many difficulties we face as people.” And Ayn Rand who he seems to so admire? ATHEIST! So much for the ‘church theory’.

    • Bernadette Koziol Roden

      Ok, he needed the safety net not to become destitute? Really how clueless are you. A. Did you see the house he grew up in? and B. Do you know that his grandfather owns a very large corporation for which he is, for lack of a better phrase, Heir to the throne? He was NEVER EVER in danger of being knocked off his feet. How about the kids of the people who died in the wars he voted for? How about them who lived off a paltry military salary and then lost their parent. Or better yet, the kids of the ones who lived but can’t live normally. You know, those ones that should be supported until they come back and actually need to be.

    • Randy Hyle

      No, we’re critical of him because he used the safety net and came out alive and well, but now he wants to take it away from others who may fall and need it. How hard is that for you to understand?

  • marco

    Please note: we push all the chain and send this deposition outside the human world.

  • katherine norton malek

    Great article. ALL true whether ppl criticize it or not, its ALL true. Before his infamous photo op at a soup kitchen, he never stepped foot in one. I doubt he’s ever read Atlas Shrugged at all. He Just chose a really long book in attempt to look intelligent.

    • JoeD

      Didn’t the have an “Atlas Shrugged” coloring book out in the 1980’s ?

  • Chester

    I am sure that the 18 months of social security payments after his father’s passing paid for his education at Miami. Get a clue, it might have paid for a couple of classes, not 4 years.

    • Bill

      I notice you cannot refute anything in the article, and even now make an assumption based on information you do NOT have.

      No wonder you’re a pubbie. You believe in magic thinking.

  • Patrick

    You are an idiot. This is ridiculous. I can’t believe I wasted time on reading this or replying. Miami University is public, but not free. He saved money instead of buying a car. He likes an author, he doesn’t “worship” her. I’d like to throw you a proper beating, but it would just be blamed on Republicans in general. You’re an embarrassment to both parties and America in general, dumbass.

    • Toni Gianelli

      ACTUALLY HE DOES WORSHIP HER. he is on record saying that Atlas Shrugged was REQUIRED READING for anyone on his staff. He has said he based his life on her teachings. You cannot rewrite history just because you do not like it.

    • U mad?

    • Seriously Patrick, why is Ryan allowed to get Social Security benefits but I’m not? That is the big question. I’ve paid into social security since I started working at age 13, why does Ryan get to cut my benefits when he got full benefits from his father’s death. Just answer that.Without threats please.

  • Steve

    Why would he only collect Social Security benefits until the age of 18? Full-time students received benefits up until their 22nd birthday if I am not mistaken.

    • b korang

      To receive benefits, the child must:

      be unmarried; and
      be under age 18; or
      be 18-19 years old and a full-time student (no higher than grade 12); or
      be 18 or older and disabled from a disability that started before age 22.
      The rules were changed back around 1979 about college students receiving SS benefits.

  • rkossik

    When Obama became president, Ryan whined ENDLESSLY about how the ideas in his extensive health care reform proposal were being ignored by the Democratic majority, plans that he never said ONE PEEP about during 8 years of the Bush administration!

    I knew then that he was an opportunist and charlatan.

  • Dah Best

    Quite a few logical fallacies in this article. For one: arguing for small government does not mean arguing for no government–so your criticism of him being a politician is irrelevant. Using social security for two years is also irrelevant–as he isn’t arguing for no social security for minors who lose their parents. He isn’t arguing against all government spending, only some–so him voting for the bailouts/etc. cannot be criticized because they are a bailout–they can only be criticized because they were foolish (an easy argument to make retrospectively, but its a shame we can’t always see the consequences of our actions until later). Your criticism of his following Jesus is also illogical. He is not praising the person on the basis of their religious beliefs, but on the basis of their economic beliefs. To be a follower of a religion, you do not only need to support those of the same religion in all things. Pretty silly article, and your arguments are mostly invalid… Ad hominem at its finest.

  • Dale

    This is a perfect example of the hate that divides us as a country. He doesn’t give one concrete example of hypocrisy. Supporting bailouts under huge pressure and specious claims caused many fiscal conservatives to go against their convictions to “save our economic system” because we were in uncharted waters economically. That is not hypocrisy. Simply rallying against bigger government is not necessarily an admonishment of government and Social Security, which Ryan has offered a real plan to make viable. UNLIKE the Democrats, who ONLY attack, and won’t put forth a real budget or plan to make it solvent. NOW that is hypocrisy, saying that you are a leader and you care for the “little guy”, yet won’t do anything but attack your opponent. Allen Clifton voicing this biased hatred is exactly what is wrong. Democrats should be at least acknowledging Ryan has had the courage to formulate a solvency plan, even though they may disagree. Being a fiscal conservative from MN, I often was encouraged by Wellstone’s leadership (as MANY conservatives did) even though I completely disagreed with him. Progressives need the integrity to recognize and do the same.

    • Andrew

      You gotta be joking. Not one concrete example of hypocrisy? Did you even read the article before writing this response?

    • Bubble logic! Clearly didn’t even read the piece.

  • Nancy Jo Wilson

    Love Paul Ryan. Despise your dribble. All the criticisms without any new ideas. Just the usual name calling from “progressives”.

    • Jennifer

      Amen to that!

    • JerryBall

      Why? Because he has purdy eyes that belie the Ayn Rand ideology of athiesm?

    • Dale Hopson

      There are many reason his nickname is Lyin’ Ryan!

    • Michael

      Agreed. Ryan may have had some advantages growing up, but, at least now he understands the problems of government – something Obama embraces (while looking at himself in the mirror, of course!). Rants from liberals – yes, liberals, nor progressives – like this are hilarious and exhibit a jealousy found frequently among frustrated radicals who are afraid of the truth.

    • Keith Piper

      Rachel as usual has nailed it. I think the public has become inured to hypocritical practices of many politicians, hence Nancy Jo Wilson’s comment. Ryan has, like most right-wing reactionary Republicans has no new ideas. He is deep, deep in to propaganda which on the street would be considered ordinary Bull Shit.

    • Jeff

      but he also hasn’t made a career preaching about the evils of government like Ryan has. – No..but Obama has made a career of preaching about the evils of the private sector including vilifying those who earn a lot of money, money he feels they should just fork over to the government because it belongs to Obama and his cronies first.

      • Cheesy

        Not evils of government. Evils of overreaching government that violates Constitutional principles. Evils of government that terrorizes citizens. Bush was part of it. Obama is 10X worse than Bush was.

    • Salaminizer

      Exactly. I can’t believe I wasted my time reading all of that.

  • tjw66

    Obama is a socialist and has no respect for this all seem to think he is so great yet you refuse to open your eyes to the truth,and see what he is.I am so sick of all the cover ups for every thing he does.when the truth is put right in front of you its all lies,you people cry and wine about fox every thing they say is lie’s yet when your called out on it you find a lie told ,cbs nbc cnn doctors up news feeds but they are never wrong I guess and I guess that is ok that Obama is an ex drug user or so its said ex .The fact is Obama is and will go down in history as the worst president ever

    • Dale Hopson

      “The worst president in history” was in the Oval Office BEFORE President Obama…

      • Michael

        Wow, never going to give up that tired, old blame game, huh? When will Obama ever take responsibility for anything?

      • Jeff

        When has a Statist ever taken responsibility for anything? They just need one more law, one more tax increase, just one more (pinky swear!) term and everything will be great! And when it fails, they just tell you how bad the last guy was and how they need…wait for it…one more law, one more tax increase. Our little emperor put forth yet another tax hike he wants to slam us with. Everyone of these liberals, even on this site, seem to think I and you work to satisfy their wants and needs. You know..slaves.

      • Jacquie

        We WOULD NEED JUST ONE MORE, if the 1% were even willing to pay the same percentage as the single mom working 3 jobs so she doesn’t have to ‘suck off the system’. and why in the hell do we allow tax breaks for shipping our jobs overseas?

      • Jacquie

        YES YES YES!! While we tanked the surplus Clinton left us searching for a man in Iraq when he clearly wasn’t, but boy sure did scare us enough to go to war so sonny boy could protect his, Cheney’s, and Rumsfelds oil in Iraq because daddy couldn’t take care of it the first time around. Now we have the Koch brothers buying elections and the Supreme Court is allowing it. And has everyone forgot Civics class? The President doesn’t have as much power as the damn Senate you morons! It’s the Republicans holding us middle class hostage, but I’ve yet to see one of them turn down their fine government benefits and health care.

    • Richard

      You keep drinking that FAUX NOIZE KOOL-ADE!!!

      • tjw66 doesn’t ‘get’ that Faux Nooze was SUED because they were making anchors lie on air, the ‘journalists (a few) didn’t want to, so they sued. The judge determined there was nothing IN LAW that required “news” to be the truth, so now they are free to lie with impunity and DO SO!

    • Bob Tierney

      Just plain wow. How can somebody be so deluded…..

    • Since the DOW and NASDAQ have broken record profits, under his watch he’s the worst SOCIALIST ever! And BUSH was both a former drug and DUI type of alcohol abuser, you have fits over that???

  • RDouglas

    Wow Stephan, loved it!!! It’s funny how people attack others because they are totally miserable with their own life!!!

  • Bill Foreman

    If this amateur attempt at an article isn’t a perfect demonstration that a leftist’s fundamental motivation is self-hatred, I don’t know what is. Allen, you need therapy.

  • Mitch Mabee

    Ryan is a disgrace to conservative politics. This article said nothing remotely noteworthy in the first half. Trying to call Ryan hypocritical because his dad died and he received a couple of SS checks has backfired on the authors intentions big time. But Ryan supporters are the greatest insult to the right wing. You’re not even paying attention. Get it straight I am for small govt and less spending which is the polar opposite of this twit. What’s sad is that I still don’t see why they pick on Ryan? How is he different then other Republicans? Don’t all Republicans demand increased police, more prison, more spending, more weapons for Israel, more wars, more spending for defense even more then the dept asks for and all while denouncing big govt? Of course, they all do. That’s why the Republican party is dead, its not because of the palatability of their message to the youth, ITS BECAUSE THEY OUT SPEND THE LIBERALS, THEY EXPAND GOVT MORE THAN THE ONES WHO SUPPORT EXPANDING IT. A party who’s action are the polar opposite of their words, is dead. Period And Republican actions always result in less liberty. They want to metal in other peoples bedroom affairs, they feel its their business who somebody loves and they insist woman not do anything with their bodies without first asking a man’s permission . I’m libertarian who hates conservatives because fiscally they’re more liberal than liberals.

  • Chris

    So Paul Ryan doesn’t have a right to attend public schools like every other American citizen. He shows the American dream of coming from nothing and building yourself up in something that you love so you don’t need such things as Social Security and other government aid. It’s not like he’s still living off that aid and not producing any result from it like many on it now.

    • Woogerman

      Do you even have a clue about this guys backround? He came from “nothing and built himself into something”? Like his family didn’t start one of the largest road building companies in WI. His father was a lawyer and after the father passed away Ryan’s mother went back to college. How financially secure do you think he was? He was eligible for Social Security Survivor benefits and he collected them but he wants to cut yours and mine. Social Security in case you are unaware is NOT
      government aid but rather a program we the working people of this country pay into our whole working lives. It is not an ENTITLEMENT or some form of government aid. Get a clue, read a book. And as far as the results of his prodigeous production in Congress let’s look at that.
      He has put forth an astouding 2 bills that have been enacted. One was to name a Post Office and the other was to exempt arrows from a minor tax as he is an archery buff. Yea, that sure is one hell of a list of accomplishments. And if you think he is so great, why do the people of his own home town not feel the same as they have not voted for him in any numbers that he would want to brag about. When you can’t carry your home town, what do they know that others should know?
      As to whether or not he should attend public school, no one is saying that he should not have but rather why is he for cutting aid for public education which he benefitted from but now wants to decimate.

  • Tyson Woods

    He went to a public high school, the nerve! Paul Ryan has done ten times more with his life than you, loser

  • John W Bletsch

    I once heard a great analogy on how to tell the difference between a Democrat and a Republican politician. First you insert your index and middle fingers of your right hand into your anal cavity, you then remove them and smell them. You will notice they smell exactly the same. I rest my case.

  • Mark

    Neither has Barry.

  • E Cary

    This article is rubbish! Where the hell do you get off SMEAR CAMPAIGNING a man who made his way using the system that WAS MEANT FOR THIS PURPOSE? He CONTRIBUTES TO SOCIETY. You accusations are totally false and you should go hide your feeble underdeveloped head under a rock with shame. Yah, that’s right. Be gone. There still ARE some educated Americans around. Yes, I went to public school you ASS. And yes I pay out the nose for your loser freeloaders to vote for ofama. Little o intended.

    • EsperothVIII

      That’s part of the point Cary. He’s fighting to destroy the same system he used that helped lift him up from a single parent family unit and assist him in being as successful as he is today.

      THAT is why he is a hypocrite or don’t you get that?

      • Oh they get it, and they used it too, they themselves just don’t wanna pay for it also. It’s that Ayn Rand Selfishism. “take what you can and give nothing back that doesn’t benefit yourself”

  • Keaton

    Whoa. Is being a progressive about calling people names and not having anything positive to say? I thought progressives didn’t like hate speech…

  • Eight Major Causes of $9.2 Trillion U.S. Debt Increase as of 2012

    Debt as of 12-2000 = $5.6 trillion

    Debt Factor: Addition to Debt / Percent of $9 Trillion Debt

    1. Iraq~Afghan War Spending = $2.1 trillion / 22.9%

    2. Bush~Obama Tax Cuts 2001-12 = $3.15 trillion / 34.2%

    3. Bank Bailouts and TARP = $900 billion / 9.8%

    4. Bush~Obama Stimulus = $1.896 trillion / 20.6 %

    5. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan = $450 billion / 4.8%

    6. Inflation Costs for Medicare-Medicaid = $180 billion / 1.9%

    7. Lost Tax Revenue and Federal Expenses Accrued due to Economic Downturn and Prolonged Unemployment = $255 billion / 2.7%

    8. Interest on the additional $9 trillion debt = $270 billion / 2.9%

    $9.2 trillion = $9,200,000,000,000

    Debt as of 12-2011 = $14.8 trillion

    Debt added between 2001 and 2009 (Bush) = $6.1 trillion
    Debt added between 2009 and 2012 (Obama) = $3 trillion

    A Note on the True Cost of the Wars –

    According to the Cato Institute, one of the most politically conservative think tanks, the cost to date of the Afghan/Iraq war in terms of our debt is $4.4 trillion and rising due to interest to be paid on all the “loans” taken out to pay for the wars. And this number does not include future expenses such as dealing with the care of the casualties, payment of GI Bills, funding of the VA, etc. These “loans”, in the form of treasury notes, were how the wars had to be financed as a result of the Bush tax cuts. Bush is the only President in U.S. history to go to war and cut taxes. That is the root cause of much of our debt mess.

    Sources and Notes –

    (1) Office of Management & Budget historical tables & BLS for CPI change;

    The $2.1 figure is actually very conservative, since it does not include additional long-term indirect war costs associated with military construction, department of energy, veterans benefits, and the like. It also excludes arguable defense costs in the military and counterinsurgency elements of spending by the CIA, FBI, NASA, State Department, Foreign Aid, and Homeland Security.

    (2) Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, June 28, 2010, based on Congressional Budget Office and Joint Tax Committee of Congress data;

    The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities adds an estimate of another more than $1 trillion for 2009-10, plus the two year extensions of the Bush tax cuts agreed to by Congress for 2011 and 2012 costing about $450 billion more. These are also conservative estimates, since they don’t include major oil and energy industry corporate tax cuts enacted in 2004-05 by the Bush administration. Nor do they account for the $1.2 to $1.4 trillion that multinational corporations are hoarding in cash in their offshore subsidiaries today to avoid paying the normal 35% tax rate in the U.S.

    (3) U.S. Treasury, TARP Report;

    This factor includes the three main Bush and Obama fiscal stimulus packages in 2008, 2009 and 2010, which together amount to $1.89 trillion in tax cuts and spending that have failed to date to bring about full economic recovery. They include Bush’s April 2008 stimulus of $168 billion; Obama’s February 2009 stimulus of $787 billion and subsequent $84 billion in supplement spending and tax cuts in 2009-10; and Obama’s December 2010 package worth another $857 billion, of which a massive $802 was tax cuts.

    (4) (5) Medicare Trustees Report for 2011;

    Escalating health care costs, consisting mainly of unfunded Part D of Medicare and the excessive inflation in health care services well above the average national inflation rate contributed approximately $630 billion to that $9 trillion US debt run-up from 2000 to 2011. Most of that $630 billion was the $450 billion in Congress’s failure to fund the Part D prescription drug program, requiring the program be paid totally out of deficit spending. The remainder cost is attributable to the excess inflation for health insurance and services directly impacting Medicare and Medicaid costs.

    (6) Wall St. Journal, New York Times, Economic Policy Institute, Center for Budget and Policy Priorities articles and analyses;

    Another $255 billion is from lost tax revenue due to chronic unemployment. Before the recession began in December 2007, there were 7.1 million unemployed. During the recession that number peaked at 25-26 million without change, or an increase of about 18 million. Assuming a median annual earnings of $47,000 for the 18 million, an unemployment period of 6 months on average, and an average income tax rate for the group of 20%, the total lost for the three years from 2008-2011 in federal income tax revenue is $255 billion. And that does not count lost payroll tax or corporate income tax revenue associated with the layoffs. So long as unemployment continues above 8 million persons this number will continue to increase significanty.

    (7) Federal Reserve Bank, Flow of Funds Report, July 2011.

    The final item, interest on the debt is calculated based on a simple assumption of non-compounded interest over the decade, which comes to $270 billion for the $9.2 trillion.

    (8) U.S. Department of Treasury: Historical Debt Outstanding – Annual 2000 – 2012

    A chart from the U.S. treasury showing increase in the debt over the years 2000-2102. I left off the numbers from 2012 as they are still being revised based on new economic data dumbo will not be firm until the end of 2013.

  • Jerry Wilegus
  • You, Allen Clifton, are a fool! Cong. Ryan didn’t pass the SS program that helped him go to college or helped his widowed mother.

  • Randy Heinen

    Interesting. I came to this website because I wanted to learn more about progressives, what they believe, and why they might deserve my consideration. This just happened to be one of the first articles I read. After reading it, I want absolutely nothing to do with partisan progressives.

    I’m independent. Paul Ryan is one of the few Republicans that has earned my respect. Not because he has a flawless record. Quite the opposite. (Hell, under Bush, a lotta Republicans fell for that neo-conservative crap.) I like him because he’s one of the few people that is at least willing to take a stand on an issue that everyone knows is a problem, but won’t acknowledge it. The fact that he benefited from SS and now wants to reform it doesn’t make him a hypocrite; it makes him more qualified than most politicians to know how to save it for future generations. He’s been there.

    So go on, then. Plug your ears, close your eyes, and scream as loud as you can that your opponent is a moron. It’s all you partisan wanna-be political figures are good for, left or right. In the meantime, I’m going to look for someone that is actually willing to fix the issues rather than ignore them.

  • Bob P.

    So you are saying he turns your stomach because he is too Liberal.. I have been saying that for years now.. Welcome to the club. We are trying to rid the GOP of these liberals. Thanks for your help.

    • pii

      Here’s the thing: If Ryan could CHOOM like Obama did in college, the progressives would treat him with more kindness and tolerance < you know they way they identify to voters. After all they forgave Pelosi for asking for a jumbo jet, paying consulting fees to her husband, and transporting a planeload of friends on the taxpayer dime… and they forgave Harry Reid for rewriting history when he tried to blame GOP for Southern White Democrat discrimination during civil rights days, and for his rumor mongering from the Senate floor…. oh and Charles Rangel who WAS Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee but who didn't know if he should pay tax on his foreign real estate–so he didn't (until he got caught) and some other NY violations were presented. Timothy Geithner–US Treasury–he was be trusted with your money but Turbo Tax did him wrong by taking an illegal deduction… oops– an unexpected documented deduction.
      AH -if only Ryan could CHOOM– he would find much more tolerance with this page.

  • Stu

    Wait so you said he worked for Oscar Mayer and then a few words later say he only ever had government job. Nice hack journalism.

  • Roger McKinnis

    This journalist is one of those pathetic liberals. Life ain’t all about rainbows and lollipops!

  • MIKE

    Obvious hack job. Who paid? Or are you just not a happy fellow?

    Did it occur to you that Ryan’s dead father paid into Soc Security his entire life, just in case of such an unfortunate event? Would you have rather seen Ryan use a pell grant?

    Ryan is a wonderful father and husband, a great leader and exactly the kind of guy we need in our representative government!

    • You Republicants have missed the point all together. The man who received those benefits, was entitled to them, (no one has argued differently), somehow thinks you don’t have the right to receive them. Has only received benefits from the Federal Government his entire working life and will until he dies, thinks government shouldn’t work for you. Are all of you a dimwitted? He loved the taxpayer supported schools, the benefits from SS, he loves the fact that he has insurance and will until he dies, but he does not want them for you.

  • Emma

    I am literally dying at…

    1) How poorly this article has written. Did you ever learn grammar?

    2) You criticize a man for going to public school which is mandated by the government., but if he went to private school you would have slaughtered him as well.

    You just sound like a really retarded person.

    • karblaze

      @ Emma
      1) Look at your own first sentence before you criticize another’s writing.

      2) The point about “public school” is he went on tax payer’s dime, yet he does not want to allocate money for public education. He then used
      Social Security $$$ to go to a “Public Funded” college. More tax payers money that he is against allocating any more money for. Since then, he has collected tax payers’ dollars for a career, yest says he wants smaller government and lower taxes. So quit! There ya go! Government fat trimmed.

      3) Your use of the “R” word in a negative and insulting manner is

  • Gail Onasch

    Forward progressives means, write as many lies as you can so no one can find the truth. Like Obama keep moving and avoiding so 3 dead in Libya will be forgotten, like Obama speaking in front of any group will say what that group wants to hear, like Obama when he has no answers says that’s a big problem never having any solution other then let’s tax the rich more that will solve everything. Hey journalist who wrote this write something TRUE about the Obama administration the fact there is no budget from Obama and he closed the Free tour of the White House due to his own incompetence.

    • Jacquie

      took Obama to get Bin Laden though didn’t it?

  • snow

    journalist is an idiot

  • snow

    This journalist is very stupid it makes me sick

    • Michael

      You must be a conservative. Only a conservative can be confronted by undeniable truth and still deny it. Maybe Jesus can help you.

      • I think he may be beyond even Jesus…. there’s
        not a cure for stupid or deluded.

  • snow

    where is my comment about journalist being so dumb?

  • Peter

    This article seems to leave out a lot of “recent history”.

    Paul Ryan has authored and passed Budgets which alter the trajectory of our spending and deficits. He has penned REAL SOLUTIONS for SAVING Social Security and other entitlements that the left sees as sacred. He has been a consistent voice for reform.

    He voted AGAINST Obamacare and the non-stimulus “stimulus” which included over $ 400,000 to study “how to correctly use a condom”.

    You can find “hypocrisy” everywhere you look. It is a condition of humanity. But, it is a lifestyle of the left. Instead of simply denigrating ideas liberals don’t like—here is an idea—DEBATE THEM.

    • Michael

      Peter did you notice that his budgets don’t balance until 2025 and that they assume the most rosy picture of economic growth? Maybe you should try reading the congressional record a little more closely. He may have voted against a VERSION of the stimulus but he still voted for the final version and lobbied for stimulus funds for Wisconsin.

      • Peter

        Michael: I don’t know what “version” you say Mr. Ryan voted for, but he voted AGAINST the so called “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009” as did every other Republican.

        Now, while you can criticize him for helping a constituent—-that is a part of his job isn’t it? Even if I vote against pile of “poo”, you might as well try and have it do something…..ANYTHING that is constructive in ones district. As far as his own budgets go: I concur. I doesn’t balance soon enough nor is it aggressive enough in dealing with government growth. I would take spending back to pre-stimulus levels, and institute a spending freeze. Pretty radical eh? But, that would take us to a place that NO ONE argues was extraordinarily “frivolous” and would–with some pro-growth policies, lead us out of this deplorable “new norm” that it would seem we just have to accept.

      • Jan Civil

        that’s just blather completely empty of meaning.

      • Randy Hyle

        Did you even READ the article?

        * Voted for both the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan

        * Voted, and publicly lobbied, for stimulus bills while George W. Bush was in office

        * Also voted for the $152 billion 2008 stimulus package passed under Bush

        While publicly condemning the 2009 stimulus passed under President Obama (which he voted against) HE THEN PRIVATELY SOUGHT FUNDS FROM THAT VERY SAME STIMULUS FOR HIS DISTRICT

        Voted for the Medicare Part D plan passed under Bush, which will end up costing tax payers trillions

        Voted for the Bush Tax Cuts, while voting for both wars

        Voted for the $700 billion TARP (Wall Street) bailout

        He voted for the auto bailout as well

        Of course he was against the the 2009 stimulus, as was every other Repug, because it was a Democrat proposing it. They sure as hell didn’t want to help him out since their only stated goal was to make Obama a one term President.

    • Janet

      You are a true Peter, Peter. Put a condom on that, if you know how.

    • Excuse me as I laugh uncontrollably at your inanity. Ryan’s budget failed the sniff test in every sense of the word balance. He pilfered the needy and elderly to give to the wealthy. You obviously did not follow the last election. His budget was a laughingstock as are you.

  • Lily

    This article was written to try to convince me that Paul Ryan is the “ultimate hypocrite,” and yet it only convinced me that the author is incredibly biased and one-sided. Next time you choose to point out the flaws of one party, please take into account the flaws of the other as well.

    • Michael

      And what does the flaws of the other party have to do with what mischief Ryan is up to? Are you four years old? Do you think stating “but the other guy is doing it” means shit to any one that is affected by what he personally is supporting?

    • susabella

      He is disliked in his own community. Enough said

  • Lory Bresina

    When a person receives Social Security as a minor because his parent died, it doesn’t go directly to him/her. In Paul Ryan’s case it most likely went to his mother. Only if Paul Ryan turned 18 during high school would he have been given Social Security directly, starting the month after his birthday through the month of his high school graduation. Mr. Ryan does not purport that government is evil or has no legitimate purpose. He believes that it should serve the interests of the people in a fiscally responsible manner. He just wants it to have a sustainable budget. The more that our country pays in interest, the less we have to benefit those who need a helping hand. When a writer uses expressions such as “pile of garbage” and “full of crap”, I put him in the credibility and maturity category of a name-calling bully who hasn’t learned civility and respect. Public debate and discourse are necessary, but mud slinging does not advance any useful ideas. We need to seriously look at our fiscal situation, admit that our course needs to be altered, and then propose helpful solutions.

    • Michael

      Thats not necessarily true. And if so his mother saved it for him or he did doesnt really make a difference now does it? he still used money from the same government program that he wants to dismantle for everyone else to fund his public education.

    • susabella

      Dear hoodwinked Lory….Ryan is one of the sheep who followed Bush’s every whim and voted for fiscal items (such as 2 wars!) which we can not afford. READ girl….he helped cause the mess and wants to lay the blame and the deficit on the Dems and the elderly.
      Public debate and discourse? Where have you been for the last 4 1/2 years? The repugs have chosen to do neither so that Mr. Obama will not have a successful presidency. Where are the repugs helpful solutions? Ryan’s budget would cause the deficit to balloon whicle it abandons the sick, poor and elderly….at least one of which you are liely to become.
      I wish people would not comment unless they know/UNDERSTAND the facts.

    • Lory,,, the mere fact that he benefitted from the Social Security program.. but want no one else to benefit the way he did shocks me.. he is a selfish money grabbing man with NO respect or consideration for his district or his constituents.. he is a bought and paid for lobby politician who is part of the problem and not part of the solution..

    • No offense Lory, but does the phrase “you’re full of it” or “get a F^@&!#@ clue” mean anything to you?

    • Juergen

      Good for you Lory…the only thing unfortunate about all this dialog about Ryan is that it sounds like the dialog between Palestine and the Jews….it goes absolutely nowhere. In that case it’s been going on for hundreds of years………save your breathe. The opposition only answers you with…..Don’t confuse me with the facts, Lory, my mind is already made up!…Save your breathe.

  • Potsy Webber

    Bigot Hater, who died and made you Big Chief Billy Jack? Take your “I’m 1/32nd Native through my step-mother’s side” and stick it up your heap big ass.
    I hate that ‘I identify with the Native American because I like wearing shitty beads around my neck, and my El Camino smells like an ashtray’ scene.
    The only thing that has been taken away from you is the functionality of your liver, you shit kicker.

  • Reynaldo Ortiz

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    this boy was incredible.

  • The REAL Keith Barnett

    I was on a great economic path when I was in jail. One night, woke up all of a sudden when some of my cellmates threw a chest of ice on me that was kept in the cell for drinks. One of the inmates told me to give him a blow job. At first, I refused to do what the inmate was telling me to do, but then he grabbed me by my hair and kicked me while another inmate held a knife to my back. I decided that I had better do what he wanted in order to save my life — I was already bleeding from the knife.
    Later that night, several of these inmates tied me down to the frame of a bed in the cell with strips of a blue towel. I tried to fight them off at first, but a large inmate choked me until I passed out. When I came to, I was choked again. There were at least a dozen inmates around who saw what was happening. Three of the men said they wanted me to give them oral sex, but they were afraid that I would bite them, so they masturbated onto me instead. This nightmare only ended when an inmate kicked me off the bed I was tied to because he wanted to go to sleep.
    As the next night came, I was really anxious. I had not been able to speak with any jail officials, and I was so afraid that my cellmates would attack me again. That night, three of the inmates — all large men — anally raped me. With no one to help me, I laid down on the floor, bleeding from my injuries, and terrified about what would happen next. My cellmates continued to orally and anally gang-rape me in the whole time I was at OPP — sometimes in the cell, but often in the showers.
    It happened so many times I lost count. Many times, I had to give oral sex to several men at once. When they anally raped me, they would stuff a rag in my mouth and hold me down or tie to me to the bed. They also tried to shove a broom handle inside my rectum. On one occasion, some of them wrapped me in toilet paper and set me on fire before peeing on me to put the fire out. The guys who raped me laughed at me while they did this stuff. The attacks — and the constant fear that I could be raped again at any moment was awesome. Soon after, I was released from jail, and voted for Mitt Romney and that cutie pie Paul Ryan.

  • Curt Stillwell

    The Republicans have lost their direction. Their whole view has just become sour lemons.
    Get back to true Judeo/Christian values! No more sour lemons!

  • At least we were spared from having this hypocrite as our VP. Thank God…

    • getreal

      Instead we have a baffoon!

      • lindylou

        Disagree: Joe Biden rocks!

      • Prairiepat

        After you learn to spell, you can work on a logical and reasonable message.

      • Rusti

        I’m with Prairie Pat on this one!

      • Kate Sannicks-Lerner

        And in case you weren’t sure what Prairiepat and Rusti were referring to, that would be B-U-F-F-O-O-N. =)

      • At least Biden can get things done. Paul isn’t even close to being in Biden’s league.

      • A L Vee

        You mean Dick Cheney? Total buffoon – and a war criminal too boot.

      • Cheney is not a baffoon. He is the devil incarnate. Nobody has as many heart attacks and lives without being Satan.

      • J.D.

        Cheney is actually the Devil’s side kick, Rumsfeld IS the devil.

      • CherMoe

        Believe me, you wouldn’t even have the right to say that if Romney & Ryan occupied the White House. You also wouldn’t be able to afford the internet!

      • mimilissy

        You gave me my comedy for the day. Why do you think Romney and Ryan didn’t come close to winning? A majority of people could not stomach their hypocrisy and buffoonery. Romney showed his moronic capacity to stick his foot in his mouth at every turn on simple matters. Ryan is the definition of hypocrisy and a slimeball. Republicans will never win the white house because people blame the republican party for the trainwreck in the legislature.

      • doyIII

        Baffoon? What the hell is a buffoon? Typical, ignorant.

      • What is a baffoon? I suspect it’s a balding old guy with church bells for testicles. Thank God Biden is there as VP and Obama as President. Weeding out the Reicht through coronaries caused by incessant rage is a wonderful thing.

      • Kevin Koehler

        Why is it that the tea party can NEVER spell?

      • A L Vee

        Because education is for commie FAGS!

      • Joe Scott

        What’s a “bafoon”? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      • Larry Wasnesky

        No we don’t, Bush left office 6 years ago.

    • nitridr

      At least one small thing to be thankful for.

  • Phil D.

    Very informative article about a man I knew little about, me being an Aussie! Thanks.

  • just a thought

    how is it hypocrite when you are only using the system that is in place?
    The social security you speak about was from the service of his father, should he not have taken advantage of this and furthered his education?
    To vote for or against is the right of every citizen. the approval process is not from the millions who vote, but if congress decides to follow those votes.
    now he has a chance to fight the very system he grew up in and promises to help others to succeed if they choose to apply themselves too… If you are living in an oppressed system, would you not do the same?

    • MiserblOF

      He isn’t living in an oppressed system, and he is a hypocrite and a menace.

    • You miss the whole point. Don’t condemn the system which allowed you to grow and be successful.

      • jim philips

        Ryan isn’t condemning the system. He is condemning the way the Democrats and liberal Republicans have let it get out of control. If the public sector were run the way the private sector is, its fat and lazy employees would be out on the street, and that would be the majority of them. They are over paid, over compensated, and half as productive as employees in the private sector. There is no credible argument against that. The sooner that is realized the sooner we can make significant spending cuts… by firing public employees instead of trying ways to keep them on the payroll.

      • I’ve worked both private and public sector. Is the pubic sector workplace perfect? No. Is the private sector some model of efficiency? Fat chance. There is always somebody’s Uncle Ernie hanging around doing pretty much nothing. I’m not sure where you got this perception of public employees, but I’m sure the firefighters, cops and teachers in your community must just love you.

      • Judith_Priest

        I, too, spent much of my work life working in middle-management positions for large corporations.

        I have also worked for the public sector.

        The Large Corporations were the most inefficient and wasteful systems I ever had the misfortune to witness. It was all about Battling Fiefdoms and the top dogs rewarding themselves and stiffing others. Always.

        The public sector was FAR more accountable in its spending.

      • susabella

        Wow…you sound bitter. Perhpas you should walk in their shoes before commenting

    • jim philips

      Thank you.

    • Low on reading comprehension or something? He’s not fighting fraud and waste. He’s not fighting the system. He’s spending money without bothering to figure out where he’s going to get it from. He is proposing tax cuts for the wealthy, and his proposals would raise taxes on lower incomes.
      Yes, the approval system is from the voters. He and Romney lost. The vast majority of the public does not want the things he espouses, most believe social security should be left alone.

    • susabella

      Because ho opposes them now. Clear and SIMPLE

    • No I would not do the same! That’s called biting the hand that feeds you. You evidently don’t know what hypocracy is. Republicans have brain cells missing.

      • I think they have whole sections of brain missing, the math part, the irony part, the humor part, the truth part, the recognizing and comprehending reality part…. kinda a strange mix of sad and scary.

      • I think it’s brain damage from religious indoctrination…

    • It’s ok that he used it. It’s not ok that he wants to take it apart so that no one else can use it. The house republicans now want to cut benefits and reduce payments. And Ryan is one of the loudest voices asking to cut social security. He got his now screw everyone else. Even those of us who actually paid into it. Which he didn’t. That’s what makes it hypocrisy.

    • When he tries his best to destroy the same program that permitted him going to school… that’s pretty much the definition of hypocrite. God, did you just forget to put ‘basic reasoning skills’ in those you made Republican??? They seem unusually dense in a serious way, I know you do not make mistakes per se… but really?

  • MiserblOF

    Ryan is truly disgusting, but Cantor is in the same class in the House, with about 100 or more others. In the Senate, The douches from Oklahoma, Kentucky, Texass are all in the same league. This country will not survive unless the crippling power of these traitors is smashed by voters, and I sincerely doubt that the voters of Amerika have the brains to do it.

    • jim philips

      Maybe not, but overall, I doubt the have less brains than you.

    • I couldn’t agree with your assessment more! They’re not the problem. The problem is the drooling idiots who elect them.

      • No, it’s the billionaire kleptocrats who fund the crazies to run for office.

      • I think it is a pretty good mix of both… a populous of eager sheeple running to slaughter and greedy corporations all to happy to do the slicing!

      • Judith_Priest

        “populace” is the noun.
        “populous” is the adjective.

        “We live in a populous state. Our populace numbers in the millions.”

      • Thanks 🙂

      • Mase

        Geez thx for the grammar lesson. Any thoughts on the article?

      • Judith_Priest

        Agreed. Good point.

      • jonnieboyagain

        That’s the first time I’ve seen the term “sheeple” used in a way that makes sense to me. Until now, I’ve only seen it used to cast a blanket of general aspersion over any Obama supporter – as such, it’s meaningless and useless
        But people as lambs being led to the slaughter, by a corporate culture they’re too complacent to question? Hey, “sheeple”. Yes.

      • Nicole Lenz

        Thanks, it doesn’t happen every day but once in a while I come up with a good one! LOL

      • Ryan won only because his district was heavily gerrymandered after the 2010 midterms put Repukes in charge of all three branches of state government. Had Lyan run in the old district he would have lost. He lost his home town of Janesville and Rock County. Lyan is at the apex of his political career.

      • Andy Pennell

        Stepford lemings

    • jksd123

      Both are pricks !

    • TexASS? I like that…

    • XCellKen

      Go ahead, keep trashing the South, not realizing that this article is about Paul Ryan, who was elected by the fine folks of Wisconsin, which last time i checked wasn’t in the south

      • But we are becoming Mississippi North

      • Shirley Williams

        Well, Rick Perry is no better than the Wisconsin bunch. I care about Kansas too, but I know my politicians are a bunch of idiots and very bad for Kansas.

    • XCellKen

      How about those douches from Wisconsin that elected Ryan and Rick Scott? Or the douches from Iowa that elected Steve King? Or those douches from Minnesota that elected Michelle Bachman? Or those douches from Pennsylvania that elected Dick Santorum ???

      • Sad thing about that is Wisconsin’s criminal Governor managed to cheat and change the voting district is what kept Ryan in office. The city in which Ryan lives in, yeah he didn’t carry that city. They know him and didn’t want any part of him.

      • Lost his county too.

      • cweeks

        Even his neighbors can’t stand him. I live in Janesville,WI. Ryan is the biggest liar. We wish we could get rid of him.

      • Robyn Kern

        Get you people out to vote next year so he does not get re-elected!

      • Bobby

        Trust me, Steve King is an embarrassment to moderate and liberal Iowans. the far NW corner of the state seems to be peopled by RWNJS who have kept this douche in office, but he’s going down in the next round.

      • Rick Scott? Don’t you mean Scott Walker?

      • lindylou

        I had detected a real problem with the name “Scott”. My apologies to nice Scotts everywhere but the awful ones keep getting elected and creating huge damage.

      • ChiMeng Chang

        Well Florida’s Republican Gov Rick Scott is also a piece of trash! Vote him out come 2014

      • Shirley Williams

        Scott Walker is the elected Governor of WI, Rick Scott, FL. There’s no difference in their character, but the guy in WI has hair and the guy in FL doesn’t. They are all equally rotten.

      • Jane

        The guy in Wis. has SOME hair.

      • Jane

        That’s Scott Walker. Rick Scott was elected by the douches from Florida.

    • You called it exactly……..Twin brothers for sure….

    • Cherie Fleming

      We might have a good chance in KY to unseat McConnell with Alison Lundergen Grimes but not sure about the eye doc. Tennessee will likely keep their morons too. Sad. I live right on the border of these two states.

    • papaduck

      Lets not forget the redrawn gerrymandered districts in republican states like michigan and several others that reward republicans with majorities in congress despite losing the popular vote.
      voting them out becomes an uphill climb when they cheat.

    • mimilissy

      you forgot slimeball Issa. What a scumbag. Read the bio on him.

  • Mary H

    And his wife lobbies for UPS in an effort to take down the postal service.

    • MiserblOF

      But the lords of USPS sign contracts with UPS to handle parcel deliveries that cost too much for UPS to bother with. So the people who are supposed to be taking care of the service and promoting it are selling it out from within. Then the supervisors try to intimidate the employees into doing the “drop and go” with parcels, instead of the job the way it is supposed to be done. The postal service has to cut top pay back to around $200K and get rid of the plants in top management that are helping ryan’s ilk drive the service out of business.

      • jim philips

        The UPS will be completely obsolete in 10 years. Better to phase them out sooner than later.

      • susabella

        Our Constitution demands a public postal service

      • Not true.

      • I have a business, we get checks, by mail, can’t email my money, I need the usps, plus I ship everything with them, can’t stand fed ex, never use ups much, I still need the post office

      • Jim.. you are so off base.. do you know what the USPS represents? This is the ONLY government agency in this country that touches the people.. communicates with them.. watches over them and SECURES communication for them.. 12 states and out of country Americans use the USPS to vote in this country.. also your acknowledgement of it being obsolete just confirms to me your lack of knowledge about what the USPS really does.. it drives costs DOWN.. The cost of delivering a letter private and secure in this country is under 50 cents.. NOW you cannot get UNIVERSAL delivery from anyone else in the WORLD.. Think Jim

      • falconlady

        Seriously? I’d rather spend 46 cents with USPS on a letter than $7.50 with UPS or FedEx. Those that would like to see this country totally run by corporations need to be stopped. Some things are best run by government. At least you can elect other people if you don’t like how things are run. If corporations are running this country, mmm, not so much.

      • LongPlay

        The USPS is struggling to make payments required by congress, which is to PRE-PAY retiree healthcare benefits for 75 years into the future. That is pre-pay for benefits for employees that aren’t even born yet. UPS hasn’t been required to do that, nor has FedEx. Besides, congress also controls the amount of USPS postage, and they keep USPS rates the cheapest in town, not to mention the free franking privileges congress reserves for their own propaganda mailings.

  • John

    He still works for Oscar Meyer and its still Baloney he sells.!!

    • MiserblOF

      It’s the same old right wing baloney, and it stinks as well..

    • bologna

      • Nico HerTeddybear Thomas

        Bologna is a meat by product usually consumed at lunch time on a sandwich. Baloney is another term for malarkey…or bull$hit.

      • Andy Pennell

        Either spelling can be used for this hypocrite

      • a1newt

        Let’s face it all politicians are hypocrites!!

      • Prairiepat

        And how interesting to know you speak bullshit fluently!

      • nitridr

        Is that for the bologna that john boner gives him each day?

    • bjoy

      Another Weiner

      • CherMoe

        I have no use for Weiner, but at least he didn’t have fantasy sex with hookers while dressed in a diaper and sucking a baby bottle like a certain Republican Congressman we know of, who didn’t even have the decency to RESIGN.

  • John

    He has never had to defend his country or had a real job where he had to EARN money to live!! No skin in the game. Poor politician, with a public sector job, with a taxpayer pay check.

    • Judith_Priest

      Just a brown-noser, like he was during his school days. Pathetic ugly creep.

  • Kay Frances Scott

    Thanks, Allen Clifton! I knew I disliked this creep instinctively, and you have shown the facts that led to my dislike.

  • MrRubble

    You left out his present triangulations; denying his hero Ayn Rand while continuing to spout his hypocrisy of eliminating the programs that bought his education and his current attempt to expand his voter base by altering his position on adoption to same sex couples while maintaining his position on same sex couples. And you thought Tom Delay was scum.

  • If we had to lift a congressional monument the character more sordid, hypocritical and abominable, the choice would be brutally-fought and would last more than the time it involves reading “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo.

    To all nominated as candidates, before being accepted as such, they would review its background, just matter of bureaucratic forms as insurance, extensive handbooks’s credited to spare.

    Ryan would occupy, as appropriate, the place of the letter R in the considercion listado.Y by those who have the limitation of dyslexia, those involved in organizing the election, would put a footnote aid: R, rat, rare.

    The site of the monument …, yes, the place would be another matter to resolver.Se me that a good location would be The Bush Museum.

    The prize would suggest would be a one way ticket to the world of “Neverland”.

    Each contestant would lead a nickname, which would eliminate involve their family.

    For Ryan it strikes me that we could call it: “Il Mantenuto” (on hold)

    Ganaria the hero of my comment?.

    I leave the answer to the wisdom of reality, showing the scorpions so they hide under a huge gold nugget.

  • Where did these nutcase go to school at because it look like they get dumb anddumber everytime they open there mouth

  • susabella

    But you forgot to say that his daddy was a doctor who reaped in the cash. He also live in a very large house if not a mansion by Janesville statndards. This guy is total shit….and so is his lobbyist wife

  • raptured

    Still powerful in blocking all things progressive. Its a cryin’ shame.

  • If we had to lift a congressional monument the character more sordid, hypocritical and abominable, the choice would be brutally-fought and would last more than the time it involves reading “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo.

    To all nominated as candidates, before being accepted as such, they would review its background, just matter of bureaucratic forms as insurance, extensive handbooks’s credited to spare.

    Ryan would occupy, as appropriate, the place of the letter R in the considercion listado.Y by those who have the limitation of dyslexia, those involved in organizing the election, would put a footnote aid: R, rat, rare.

    The site of the monument …, yes, the place would be another matter to resolver.Se me that a good location would be The Bush Museum.

    The prize would suggest would be a one way ticket to the world of “Neverland”.

    Each contestant would lead a nickname, which would eliminate involve their family.

    For Ryan it strikes me that we could call it: “Il Mantenuto” (on hold)

    Ganaria the hero of my comment?.

    I leave the answer to the wisdom of reality, showing the scorpions so they hide under a huge gold nugget.

  • Debbra Treat

    It is utterly unbelievable to me that so many people can be so blind to all this hypocrisy and support this man as a “public servant” He obviously serves no one but himself and his rich buddies. Isn’t it about time that “WE the People of the United States” take back our country from these hypocrites and place the power back in the hands of the people that this government is supposed to serve?

  • Funny how you libs feel justified in personal attacks against the opposition candidates, especially when every charge leveled is as true for dem senators & congressmen. Do you really feel you have made a difference, or even a contribution to the US with this article… Or is it just “red meat for the troops”

    • lindylou

      The blood from the red meat was just drooling down my chin while I chewed on the lies he told on the campaign trail: his olympic quality running (I will never let anyone forget the stupid hat) and all the other boasts about his prowess. Only a chump would believe anything he says.

  • Reminds me of Obama. Who said it was irresponsible to ask for the debt ceiling to be raised while Bush was in office. Said it was ok and needed while he is president.

  • tlcmom

    Social security benefits do NOT go to the child. They go to the surviving parent. And, 2 years worth of benefits would never be enough to fund college tuition. This article is spewing hate, not social commentary. Look into the early lives of all politicians and I’m sure you’ll find crap in all of their pasts.

    • Michael Cattelino

      That is the part that I am puzzled with in many of these posts. People are pointing at him for accepting SS money when he was under 18. Would he have any say in that decision? I believe not. Going to a public university is bad practice for a conservative? What is cheaper, the private or public universities? Fairly simple math and that would make the decision a conservative one wouldn’t it?

    • JennJennM

      You are correct. I am a few years older than Paul Ryan, and I lost my father while I was in high school. A child’s portion of SS survivor’s benefits is only a few hundred dollars a month, not nearly enough to pay for four years of OUT-OF-STATE tuition, plus room and board. I had a full-tuition state scholarship and still got Pell Grants to help cover room and board. I haven’t heard Mr, Ryan brag about receiving a y scholarships, so I’d wager that he used federally funded grants and loans to help pay for his college education.

  • Save the Planet

    “Lyin Ryan” – I like that one! Haven’t like him from the beginning…..and he kept losing in his own district….tells you something doesn’t it!

  • I didn’t like any of the candidates that ran, which is why I voted 3rd party. The Romney/Ryan camp was just plain scary, I never trusted either of them, especially after the 47% video was released. Why would anyone trust a man who who has such a low opinion of the people he’s supposed to be leading. Ryan was way too agreeable to Romney’s evil plans. Yeah no.

    Obama has become scary in his own right. I can safely say I didn’t vote for the guy, so it’s not my fault. Sad thing is, this is a mess that it is my problem and I didn’t help create it.

    When people realize that the two party system isn’t working, then maybe we can start cleaning up this crap.

  • Jude

    I don’t particularly like Ryan, but have you ever actually read Ayn Rand? She believed that selfishness was a good thing, to prevent the kind of social spending that goes on these days. She believed that everyone should work at a job, be it the janitor or the president of the company, and do it to the best of their ability. I’m tired of going to work every day (and being darned happy I have a job) and the seeing people begging on corners and knowing they take home half again what I make at my good job. I’m very tired of illegal immigrants marching in the streets, carrying Mexican flags, to protest the US Immigrations policies. I know they don’t speak the language, but shouldn’t someone tell them this the US, not Mexico? I served my country for four years, on a voluntary basis and I get shit for that service. But I do not, will not, ever complain after watching what the last few presidents and Congresses have done to gut the military and shit on the veterans of the United States. Spend more on defense? If we don’t stop the drawdown, or at least slow it down, we’re going to be sitting here, fat dumb and happy just as we were on December 6th, 1941. And on September 10, 2001. And the winds of war will surely bring us grief, again and again.

  • Ryan is nothing but a pathological liar. He has sucked off the system since he was 16 yrs. old. through his father’s SS went onto college through it and has been employed by the govt. ever since and we all know how much they work about one third of the yr with a $200,000 paycheck and all the benefits. He is nothing better than an anchor baby or a taker as he has been doing it just about all his life. I can’t stand the lying piece of human waste and he deserves to be voted the hell out of office. he is a USER AND A ABUSER.

  • It’s all about getting elected. Nothing at all about actually doing anything to benefit the citizens of this country, with the exception of himself. Totally about keeping his government job.

  • Why is it, in the realm of public discourse, that so-called “progressives” can’t seem to avoid ad hominem attacks?

    I.e: “Though many politicians disgust me, Paul Ryan holds a special place with me as the ultimate pile of garbage.”

    It’s fine to call Ryan a hypocrite, if that’s what he is, but calling someone an “ultimate pile of garbage” doesn’t advance an argument . . . it just shows that you can’t debate fairly or effectively.

  • Military Mom

    They are ALL hypocrites!

  • Betty

    This is not true!!! Look it up!!!! Not my choice either, but don’t post untrue items…..That is what is wrong with this world. No one looks to see if it is the truth………………………….

  • The entitlements: welfare, medicare & social security are NOT sustainable. Do we deal with it now, or wait until we go bust?
    Is it moral to pass this on to the next generation?

  • goober Mcgilicuty

    Don’t worry socialists with Ryan’s new love for the homosexual movement his days are officially numbered as a Congressman, and you can forget the Presidency. Should make all of you happy!!!

  • This does not surprise me one bit.

  • betsy44

    The redistricting here in Wi. in which Republicans were asked to sign a secrecy form, is what keeps people like Lyin’ Ryan in office and the people who will vote for anyone as long as they have an “R” by their name, it doesn’t matter to them how hypocritical or dishonest they are, the same thing with our Gov.. Ryan would like to privatize everything, get rid of SS and Medicare, yet he is there with his hand out when it benefits him.

  • Dorothea

    If you remain in school, you receive SS benefits until you graduate. Did he continue to collect after HS?

  • He’s a beauty.

  • Ryan

    Understand Ann Rand’s philosophy, and you will understand Ryan. I disagree with Rand and Ryan, but they do have philosophy, albeit a very flawed one.

  • quaiI

    As long as Paul Ryan attended college right after high school, he would recieve monthly SSI benifits until age 22. At least that was how it was when I was growing up, in the early 70s, after my own father died in 1965.

    • quaiI


    • JennJennM

      That rule was changed in the early 80s shortly before my own father died.

  • Cranky_Yankee

    Paul Ryan is sort of like the PUBLIC school administrator who sends his/her kids to PRIVATE school because they don’t think the public schools are good enough for their little tax deduction. And the worst ones are the ones who want vouchers to send their kids to private schools, and I know plenty of both. HELLO! If you’re an administrator (or a teacher, for that matter) and you don’t think the schools you work in are good enough for your own kids, YOU DAMN WELL BETTER BE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR because YOU’RE part of the PROBLEM. Paul Ryan is exactly the same way. He grew up being spoon fed the fascist republican propaganda that “government=bad, business=good.” Whenever a government, in ANY country has gotten out of control, it has been because the OLIGARCHS (can you say Koch?) have seized control and are using it to enrich their own coffers at the expense of the people.

  • Dave Pavlatos

    I unfortunately live in WI. and he is my rep…..he lost the election by the popular vote, but won due to gerrymandering….he is a piece of crap that is only out for his own self interest and political goals. He has done NOTHING for his district except rename a post office and get a lower tax on hunting arrows. He is a hypocrite beyond belief and should be removed from office just on his lies alone. I wouldn’t trust this guy to go buy me a newspaper….he lies and doesn’t stop, he just doubles down on these…plus he is OBSESSED with rape (don’t forget, he was right there with Todd Akin) the man is a walking turd!!!!

  • Howard Matthews

    You just used this poor sod to describe most politicians.
    I’ve only met and spoken with about a hundred or so politicians of varying levels from Governors on down, but I’ve never met one yet that was honest and very few that had enough brains to keep their legs moving while they shook hands.

  • Larry

    It is amazing that so many are coming down on Paul Ryan. While I am sure he is in no way the perfect guy we would like him to be, we have a President now, that really needs some shaping up in more ways then one, but maybe you guys just do not want to hear that one.

    Sure is a good thing in this group of people that already posted we do not have any hypocrites in here. Keep up the good work folks we need more perfect people.

  • Derek Pryor

    The man is scum.

  • james stone

    how the hell do people like this get into office

  • corsair82

    I agree that he is a hypocrite, but is it really necessary to call him a pile of garbage? Ad hominems are not really the sort of thing that strengthen one’s argument.

  • Donny Peckering

    fuck all you libtards

    • Nexus926

      Ah, yes. The keen intelligence of the rightwing loon on display.

  • user xyyyz

    yeah but what do you really think of Mr Ryan ;- )

  • getreal

    Actually, I keep telling myself to stay out of these petty
    little democrat vs republican, left vs right, liberal vs conservative &
    racial inciting sideshows. They are doing exactly what they are designed to do –
    create division. And I’m sure the NSA is confirming that from shit like this. All
    these sideshow…”phony scandals”, (that’s funny)… Trayvon vs Zimmermo…Paula Dean
    before that… what’s next? In the meantime, let’s forget the imperialists action of our
    government as the US is once again supports al Qaeda in Syria and ignore the
    beheadings and atrocities. Yea remember
    al Qaeda? We supported them in Afghanistan vs USSR…then they took down the WTC
    a few years later? That al Qaeda? And
    sending fighter jets to the Muslim brotherhood, who hate the USA as much as al
    Qeada. And let’s worry about global warming (that I don’t deny) while we ignore
    the entire US agriculture (USDA & FDA) is headed by corporations that want
    to push their GMO shit down our throats, literally. World biology, at the DNA
    level, is on the brink of changing to a mutated unreversible course and we’re arguing
    about this? Oh yea, lets bitch about Ryan receiving SSI after his dad died at
    16. But It’s good to know there are no hypocrites in the Democratic party.

  • yumster

    Indeed, Ryan is the real definition of hypocrite.


    I think Paul Ryan should be praised by real americans, I appreciate his blatant, obvious, over-the-top, supply-side at all cost drive. Consider that even during the crash of markets in 08′ and during a bush tax cut on cap/divi’s gains to 15% costing a budget busting 3.7 tril from 01′ to 08′ alone, he wanted a lot more. According to the cbo this tax cut benefitted the top 2% more than the bottom 98% combined in ports, real estate sales etc., and the Ryan budget was already calling for the elimination of these tax’s, further the cbo stated with the Ryan budget the % of gdp going to debt alone would be at 15+% and a debt of 20 tril by 2018.There simply aren’t enough spending cuts available to make any fiscal sense to their plan. With the repeal of these bush give away’s to the job creator class, cutting them back to Clinton era levels, were already at record monthly surplus’, even though boener warned this would be catastrophic and further lose jobs, tax revenues and infact drive the deficits up. The Ryan budget was and is no more than a ‘Bain business model ruse, where they acquire struggling co., drain all asset’s, charge fee’s,max leverage,charge more fees, default on loans,charge more fee’s,file bankruptcy, charge fee’s, run with any liquidity long since stolen. If that’s not a blatant enough march towards plutocracy and doesn’t wake people up, they’ve been programmed to not see whats happening to themselves and their country. Paul Ryan should be praised for being so honest, so outright obvious and completely straight forward about his and the gop’s contempt for America and anyone that not in their little private club.

  • ChiMeng Chang

    I always hypothetically wonder who would be the worst GOP VP running mate – this P90X hypocrite or Brainless Caribou Barbie? Either one would have brought the US into oblivion.

  • Terry

    What else would expect from a right wing tea party republican . It’s always about them and screw the rest of he country. Vote em all out.

  • bjoy

    What’s so crazy is someone said he was a genius on the budget??? That was repeated so often by the media that people actually believed it. I was reading the other day that at their townhall meetings that are to speak on a 4th grade level. That says a lot about what the think of their voters. Sould get Sara Palin in to give the lessons.

  • Dr_MJ

    ummm and of course says Ayn Rand is his hero, but yet he is a Christian???? how does that work???? she argued that christian had a psychological disorder????

  • Squanto

    Don’t forget the “small business” his family has…road construction.

  • Julia Williams

    ask him about all his ALEC perks/cash

  • dogluver42

    Do you ever wonder how close we got to the ultimate Romney/Ryan debacle? Frightening…..

  • Michelle Mills

    I’m a constituent in his congressional district, and it bears mentioning that he isn’t even welcome in many businesses in his hometown of Janesville, WI, where unemployment has skyrocketed since the shut down of the auto plant there. He also voted against the help necessary for those displaced workers and as such, a retail or fast food job is now about as good as it gets there. He lives in the former Parker (as in Parker pens) mansion with his family while his local constituents are begging for extensions on unemployment and public assistance. Grrrr

  • Desertmer

    McCain has the same history. Born on the public dime in a military hospital spent his childhood being supported by taxpayers, went on his fathers coattails not his own merits to the US naval academy which is funded by your tax dollars, went in the military – paid by your tax dollars entered politics as a congressman paid by your next dollars and then finally into the senate – paid by your tax dollars. He has not spent one minute of his life OFF the public teet and will die on it. It takes a special kind of balls for him and Ryan to call for small government.

  • Justin

    Obama actually has worked for private sector. He taught law at University of Chicago which is a private university. A top private university.

  • Michael Glynn

    good report, he is the epitomy of hypocracy, got to get rid of this tea party crap and get the country back to business.

  • JennJennM

    Paul Ryan attended a public university in Ohio as an out-of-state student from Wisconsin. His tuition, room and board would have easily cost at least $15,000 a year back in the late 80s. His portion of the monthly survivor’s benefits paid to him mom would have totaled a few hundred dollars a month. The math doesn’t add up. I wonder if Congressman Ryan paid for part of his college education with Pell Grants and Guaranteed Student Loans or Stafford Loans, two programs he blames for rising tuition and therefore wants to cut.

  • Peni Stimpert

    Don’t forget that he had the unmitigated gall to state that Wisconsin is short of workers, that we need immigration reform because Wisconsin doesn’t have enough workers… Um,, tell that to the thousands who can’t find a job!!!! Nothing like throwing your very own people under the bus!!!

  • David Chavarria

    the fact is that you can blame the officials up in Washington for whatever reason. The true fact is this, WE elected them to Congress. Now they have stayed there for years, because with our two party system, people are loyal to that particular party. When this occurs,people go to the voting booth and pull the almighty lever and vote for everyone in the party, no matter what they stand for and what they are being elected for. Oh he is Republican and I am a Republican so Ill vote Republican. We right blames the left for being sheeple, the left blames the right for being hypocrites and not being sensitive to the people. Guess what? we all drink both parties Kool-Aid. Who is the sucker? everyone. I dont care who you are, this is the truth. If you are going to stand there and tell me that the Republican or Democrat party is right, You are wrong. They both are out to outdo the other, at the sake of You, the voter.

    Promises are made, and We suck them up like a vacuum cleaner, but in the end all we get is dust bunnies, and maybe the dog turd that got sucked up in there.
    We as the voters need to wake up. Our own government has been giving us and telling what we want to hear. Are we willing to sacrifice our daily lives, for the sake of our country? Most people wont. We are so set in our own ways, that we are not willing to do anything to change it. We fear change. We don’t like it.
    I truly believe in term limits, but congress does not. Why? because many of them know that they would already be out of job by now. The life of a politician should not be a career. The life of a politician should be of that of sacrifice for your country. Do you know how much these people get paid a year, plus whatever other under the table benefits they receive? Not including health care? They give themselves raises for goodness sakes. People on Social Security cant vote themselves raises, so why should they? Who pays for it all? at the pace we are going, my great-great grandchildren are paying for it, and they are not even born yet!
    We need a whole new set of rules, in our country. The way for us to begin any type of change is for us to set term limits. We know congress wont pass it, but if you read the Constitution, if we propose legislation to the Constitution, 2/3 of all States must ratify it for it to pass. Now do you believe this can happen? I can almost believe that it can. The people are tired of being raped and taken advantage. But most of us are just good at pointing the finger at the other guy.
    Something must be done, now!

  • alstong1951

    if you think Joe Biden is a baffoon look in the mirror .No he’s not perfect but he does have more experience than t this prick.

  • John Cross

    Here’s a guy who climbs the ladder of prosperity, but cuts the rungs as he climbs up…

  • Dee

    Pls don’t call me picky…..but….How can we trust a guy that has rooster lips and a turkey brain? What is he trying to prove??? I hope Ryan will not run for preseident in 2016. He sucks!

  • Kris Becker

    I wonder if paul ryan had food stamps when his dad died too.

  • tsubow

    He’s against “Obamacare” for the masses–yet, he and his family get Obamacare now. He won’t give that up. He also will get a lifetime pension from the government he hates so much.
    Ayn Rand also took advantage of every government benefit she could get her hands on before she died. Talk about a hypocrite.

  • emmy

    Paul Ryan is a MORON. Why are there no term limits? Why are these people permitted to spend their lives living off the American taxpayers while stabbing us in the collective back? WE NEED TERM LIMITS! We need them now! Enough is enough!

  • myrnafaye

    To quote Jimmy Cagney in one of his movies: He’s a worthless piece of slime.

  • Add to that the simple minded smile that Paul forever wears and it just becomes too much…way too much.

  • Paul Baswell

    what is the sum of a man if he looses his soul in the end. not to sound religious but my God how do they live with themselves. is any cheat lie or manipulation ok? they cant in there harts believe they are doing a noble thing. i don’t think for a second they really believe that. and if they are as religious as they say how do they justify to God what they do! taking food out of the mouths of Children! lets hope that even in these heavily gerrymander districts that the truly morally considered see how beguiled they have been and take action towards these Vagabonds of disrepute and prevarication.

  • Angelina Iglesias

    Actually Social Security benefits for dependents of a deceased parent last until you are 22 if you are attending school full time, which he did. So he really sucked off of that “Ponzi Scheme” for 4 more years than you attribute to him.

  • dd

    What can we expect from an Eddie Munster look alike

  • Ann-Marie Heschle

    How can you trust someone who looks like a grown up version of Eddie Munster. He is just creepy!

  • Sharedliberty

    Your points about collecting Social Security and attending public schools are completely ridiculous. If the mob collects “protection money” from your small business are you a hypocrite of you then ask them not to trash your store.

    Just because you think government shouldn’t steal your income, doesn’t mean you have to martyr yourself and refuse the pittance they throw back to you. Paul Ryan’s father spent his working life paying into Social Security. Rightfully, it’s Paul Ryan’s money. There is no hypocrisy in taking it back.

  • sally

    Not a scientific or even a rational observation, but Ryan smirks instead of smiling, while his eyes are cold and staring. Same with Ted Cruz. These two creepy men are not what they pretend to be.

  • Steve Saunders

    No Doubt…He is what he is

  • Paulie P

    There is a SPECIAL place in HELL for hypocrites like Ryan.

  • curious

    wish Joe Biden/Obama had read this and talked the exact same things in the presidential debates – he would have completely nailed Paul Ryan ! – wish some future democrat president candidates made notes of this

  • ANT

    UM is a private school #factcheck

  • Bob

    Again, Miami University is a private school

  • Carol Crismer

    This information brings to my mind the simple phrase, ” the universe is made up of 4 basic elements, (not 3) Protons, Neutrons, Electrons, and Morons.”

  • Keith Jenkins

    Ryan doesn’t rise to the level of deserving the adult insults you aim at him. He’s just an obnoxious, smug, whiny little twerp.

  • Dimocrats Rule

    A hate filled site!

  • mgoodri

    After reading this article, how DUMB do you have to be to still support this ass? His supporters are so DUMB, they shouldn’t be able to vote! There is no excuse for such stupidity! M O R O N S !


    The statement “President Obama has never worked for the private sector either” is FALSE! President Obama was a Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago – a PRIVATE university!

  • Paul Eure

    I know I’m a little slow, but I just want to get this straight. Paul Ryan is a hypocrite because his dad was taxed year after year by putting the money he worked for into social security, and when dad dies, his mother collected that money in order to take care of her kids and send them to college? Clifton is an idiot by making that assertion. Look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary you mindless sheep. He’s also a hypocrite for driving his car on a street that was publically funded after asking the government to not wreck the future economy of the US by wasteful spending.

    • Michelle Rhoades

      No, he’s a hypocrite because he wants to deny other people the ability to do the same.

  • Helivet

    Ultimate hypocrite? Only for a short time; the GOTPers are competitive and none of them want to be in second place. Ryan has only raised the bar for another up and coming hypocrite to surpass.

  • John Hastings

    The man is scum. I worry much more about people like him then about any other terrorist group .

  • He paid for four years of college with less than two years of Social Security benefits? That’s nonsense. His father was an affluent attorney. His father’s family owns a large road construction business. It’s the big lie of all middle class or better college graduate to claim to have “worked” through college. It’s just another deception from the douche who could have been Vice President.

  • Kathryn Champagne

    Allen, you NAILED IT right on the nose about Paul Ryan. He is the epitome of hypocrisy! I live in Wisconsin and he lives in my sister’s former neighborhood. He is arrogant, self-indulging, and a selfish little man. Thank you so much for speaking the truth about a politician who needs to voted out of public life forever!

  • taylor

    Paul Ryan is a poisonous snake in the grass to the working person.

  • J.d. Baird

    I see the spelling police are in full force tonight…

  • Cynthia Padley

    Wisconsin here…… gets worse…..they even have the case workers telling people that it’s Obama’s fault they can’t get medical,it’s Obama’s fault your food stamps were cut !!!!!!!!! I hear this all the time from the people here, they blame the POTUS for everything that has gone wrong with their lives, and then they vote GOP………..blows my mind how IGNORANT they are !!! We have 2 of the biggest HYPOCRITES in the country here….Paul Ryan, and Scott Walker !!!!!!!!!!! There is another one who is trying to take us back to the 7 day work week………funny how they only work a few days a year, yet now they want to make poor children work for their food, and allow companies to force people to work 7 days a week, while they take the weekend off !! I worked for one of these companies…..Mr Walker came to visit during his recall mess, why???, because they weren’t union !! He wasn’t there to speak to the employee’s, he was there to speak to the management, only ! They treated us like shit !! If you don’t like the rules ……..there’s the door… !!! With no union, this company would change your hours at the drop of a hat….one day you are working 7-3, the next, your new hours are 3-11, sorry if this doesn’t work for you, child care, spouse’s schedule, transportation……that’s your problem!! They do all this under the guise of Christian Family Values……………..yeah right !!!

  • gailillly

    I absolutely hate Ryan, he is right up there with GWBush and Cheney in my book. He has sucked off the govt. all his life just about and so did his mother and it was all ok for them, but now he is against everything that would help a kid go to college, a mom working not making enough money, he is against eery program for the poor and I HAVE BEEN PREACHING ALL THIS BULLSHIT AGAINST HIM SINCE HE CAMPAIGNED FOR V. PRES. hE IS AN EVIL SOB AND WILL one of the biggest TAKERS IN THS COUNTRY.

  • Floyd Vara

    I can not stand the man at all, I seem to see right through him. The Real Question here is, “Who are the People that Vote for them???

  • Don Gugliuzza

    Also we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that his idol, Ayn Rand, collected Social Security, the very same program that he wants to destroy. Of course he wants to destroy it. He doesn’t need it because he’ll get a much better retirement that he pays nothing into and is fully funded by us taxpayers. His rich benefactors don’t need it because they, thanks to his and the Republican generosity, have insured that they will have more than enough money to live on for the rest of their lives.

  • Shirley Hays

    If memory serves me correctly, a student such as Ryan could collect Social Security benefits until age 23, as long as they remained in school with a passing GPA. Might want to check that out.

  • bat boy Ryan is an embarrassing sh!t stain on our national landscape. He should leave Congress and get a job he is proven to be qualified to do, like washing already clean pots and pans.

  • Raji the Green Witch

    He climbed the ladder of success which was Generously available to him throughout his life and now that he is “There” he wants to PULL That same ladder up behind him so that no one ELSE can follow in his footsteps. In other words, he is a typical 1%’er. “I got mine so screw you for yours.”

  • AlbertCat

    I dunno…. “Biggest hypocrite in Congress”….. those are some mighty big shoes to fill.