Peculiar Podium Seeker Caught Ripping Off Her Channel Subscribers

sarah-palin-channel-christmasFor those of you who might not have heard, our favorite half-term governor and podium seeker Sarah Palin started her own online channel a few months ago, charging subscribes $9.95 per month to have access its content. Though I have no idea why anyone would pay almost $10 per month to subscribe to an online channel hosted by Palin. And I’m not saying that because I loathe the woman (I do), but because I have no idea why anyone would pay that much per month to just hear the random ramblings of this woman.

Anything worthwhile would almost certainly be covered in the media (for free), and she’s charging about the same per month as Netflix or Hulu for a channel that provides a fraction of the content.

Well, that is if she actually provides content. You see, apparently Palin has been basically ripping off her subscribers as of late. There have been two periods in the last two months alone where she’s gone ten days or more without updating anything new.

Think about that for a second. Her subscribers are paying $9.95 per month to have access to content on an online channel that isn’t providing new content for a good portion of the month. These two minimum ten day spans where nothing new was updated constitute about one-third of the last 2 months. Which means she’s quickly heading toward a full month where she didn’t upload anything new – yet people are still being charged full-price for their subscriptions.

Now, is this a huge deal? Well, yes and no.

Nobody is forced to subscribe to her channel, so anyone paying to do so is free to cancel at anytime. So on one hand if someone continues to pay for this joke of an online channel, that’s their business.

But at the same time, a business, entity or person trying to make money from something can’t simply get away with swindling people out of that money because “they can and nobody is forcing them to pay.” Just because people are willing to pay for something doesn’t mean the business or person they’re paying doesn’t have a responsibility to those customers. And it’s clear Palin is taking advantage of the fact that she’s a big name in conservative circles so she knows people will pay this monthly fee because of who she is – yet she’s not fulfilling her end of the deal.

Meanwhile, she seems to have more than enough time to travel around the country making an absolute fool out of herself.

While I wouldn’t call this channel an out-right con, it’s pretty close. She’s clearly using her public profile to lure in subscribers to a channel that she’s promising to maintain and update – except she’s really not doing that. And the sheep who follow her are too ignorant to realize that they’re basically being duped out of this money every month.

Because while I’m writing this article to call out the fact that she’s basically ripping off her subscribers, they are the ones who should be upset. But then that would require them to come to the realization that the tea party queen has been conning them out of their money, and we all know how many of her faithful followers aren’t big fans of thinking for themselves.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • Teresa Groves

    Well, on one hand, if someone is stupid enough to shell out $10/month for the All Palin All The Time channel, they deserve what they get. On the other hand, if a subscriber decides not to pay, will she go after them for payment? Hope so!

  • Eg Kbbs

    Not only the point in the article, but this sounds to me like a politician is charging you $10 a month to get their press releases and other political mailings.

    Can’t think of any politician who would last long if you had to pay to get their newsletter.

    • Wiley

      Palin-obsessed liberals seriously need to GAFL.

      • BPMM

        Have you tried to get a refund of the money you’ve spent on the Palin rip off channel? Moron,

      • DukeAJuke

        Another post in a liberal forum basing Palin? it seems you are at the top of the obsessed list..

      • Vanessa Mitchell

        Please Quit now…. you can’t win.

      • Dianne Hornick

        …Says a troll who has no life…pitiful…Bless your heart…

      • Wiley

        Thanks. I am certainly blessed.

  • Dianne Hornick

    “There’s a sucker born every minute”…David Hannum, in criticism of P. T. Barnum

    • Wiley

      Yes. In particular, sheep liberals who come here every day to read the four same articles on whatever someone said on Fox News the day before.

      • BPMM

        Wiley….you must be a subscriber of the Palin rip off channel. Must be difficult to be that stupid. GFY,

      • DukeAJuke

        Yet you are also here, participating in the conversation. I hope you see the irony here…

      • Wiley

        That’s not irony, Juke. Irony is you thinking it is when it’s not.

      • Dianne Hornick

        You must be one of the “suckers”…Yet, here you are, trolling a liberal site. What a sad life you must lead.

      • Wiley

        It’s a very good life, Dianne. I’m just a keen observer of liberal hypocrisy.

      • Dianne Hornick

        Nothing else to do, huh? Funny, I don’t troll any conservative sites…What a waste of time!

      • Wiley

        Is it your opinion that repeating the same thing everyone else does about Sarah Palin and has repeated for the last 7 years is a productive way to spend your time, Di?

        Be honest.

      • cardiaccards

        Show me on the doll where Rush Limbaugh touched you as a child. Poor bastard

      • Wiley

        The doll you keep under your bed?

        No thanks.

  • Cemetery Girl

    Is there any statement that there will be a minimum amount of new content available in a time period? She has made content available, so unless there is a commitment of a certain amount of new content in a given time she probably hasn’t technically provided a channel that would be considered defrauding customers. I sometimes question why I bother with Netflix because I’m annoyed with the lack of content, can’t imagine paying for a channel that content rarely gets added.