A Perfect Example of Conservative Hypocrisy and Ignorance Found in Kentucky

57b51b0f8cf1e1d72a487732eb3970af35f206adTwo common traits that I encounter when dealing with conservatives are hypocrisy and general misinformation about the world around them.  Watch Fox News for a few hours and you’ll see why many of them are this way.  When almost all of the information these people get comes from a blatant propaganda machine for one of the nation’s largest political parties, it’s not surprising that the “facts” they believe often don’t coincide with reality.

After all, it’s indisputable that the more education someone has, the less likely they are to be a Republican.  That stat alone speaks volumes.

An article I ran across on Yahoo! News was perfect example of what’s wrong with conservative voters and what I constantly encounter when I deal with these people.  The article featured Jim Feltner, an impoverished Kentucky resident who lives off disability checks and $105 a month in food stamps.

Now you would think being that one of President Obama’s main focuses in combating income inequality that Feltner would be a fan of the president.  But he’s not.

“I will vote for anybody against Obama.  I don’t care who runs against him, I’ll vote for him. I don’t care if it’s a Democrat, a Republican, an Indian, a Pakistani, even a Frenchman!” said Feltner.

He blames Obama’s stance against coal as one of the primary reasons for his opposition.  You see, a large part of Kentucky’s economy is based on coal.

“Here’s what he said about the coal business: ‘go ahead, build your coal-fired energy plants, we will shut them down,'” Feltner alleged.  “Is that something for a president to say?  He’s got a problem with the poor people.”

I’m not quite sure how President Obama being concerned about the health of our planet means he has a problem with poor people.  While I sympathize with people who’ve lost their jobs because we’re trying to move away from coal and more towards greener methods of energy, I just can’t endorse this belief that we should continue to destroy the only planet we have simply because some jobs might be lost.  Because if you really want to see a real “job killer,” let’s see how life is like on this planet when it’s not suitable for humans to live on it any longer.

Another resident of Kentucky, Eric Miller, also spoke out against President Obama.

Miller said, “I guess Democrats just worry about money in their pocket, what they and their friends are doing.  They’re not worried about us small people.  The Republicans, they are the ones that know – raised up like we have, you know.  Know what it’s like, what we need, what shouldn’t be taken away.  If there weren’t government programs, it would be a ghost town,” Miller said.

See, this is the real problem with conservatives – they don’t have a damn clue.  Here’s an individual, surviving because of the benefits he gets from the government, seemingly unaware that the party he says represents people like him is constantly doing everything they can to cut those benefits.  Meanwhile Democrats, the ones he says don’t care about the small people, are the ones who are constantly fighting to fund programs that help people like him.

But then there’s the real reason behind why so many individuals similar to these two men often vote Republican.  As Mike Bryant, chairman of the Breathitt County chapter of the Republican party said, it’s “the three biggies” – abortion, guns and gay marriage – that drive many people towards the Republican party.

And those issues are honestly the main reasons why the Republican party has any kind of power at all.  They’ve made social issues the core of their party.  I’ve met so many people who rely on help from the government, who would benefit from so many policies Democrats support, yet they vote Republican because of abortion, guns and gay marriage.

Basically these people seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to live in poverty, calling a broken down shack a home, as long as their politicians love guns, oppose abortions and hate gays.

And that’s why tens of millions of conservative Americans continue to vote against their own interests.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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