A Perfect Example of Conservative Hypocrisy and Ignorance Found in Kentucky

57b51b0f8cf1e1d72a487732eb3970af35f206adTwo common traits that I encounter when dealing with conservatives are hypocrisy and general misinformation about the world around them.  Watch Fox News for a few hours and you’ll see why many of them are this way.  When almost all of the information these people get comes from a blatant propaganda machine for one of the nation’s largest political parties, it’s not surprising that the “facts” they believe often don’t coincide with reality.

After all, it’s indisputable that the more education someone has, the less likely they are to be a Republican.  That stat alone speaks volumes.

An article I ran across on Yahoo! News was perfect example of what’s wrong with conservative voters and what I constantly encounter when I deal with these people.  The article featured Jim Feltner, an impoverished Kentucky resident who lives off disability checks and $105 a month in food stamps.

Now you would think being that one of President Obama’s main focuses in combating income inequality that Feltner would be a fan of the president.  But he’s not.

“I will vote for anybody against Obama.  I don’t care who runs against him, I’ll vote for him. I don’t care if it’s a Democrat, a Republican, an Indian, a Pakistani, even a Frenchman!” said Feltner.

He blames Obama’s stance against coal as one of the primary reasons for his opposition.  You see, a large part of Kentucky’s economy is based on coal.

“Here’s what he said about the coal business: ‘go ahead, build your coal-fired energy plants, we will shut them down,'” Feltner alleged.  “Is that something for a president to say?  He’s got a problem with the poor people.”

I’m not quite sure how President Obama being concerned about the health of our planet means he has a problem with poor people.  While I sympathize with people who’ve lost their jobs because we’re trying to move away from coal and more towards greener methods of energy, I just can’t endorse this belief that we should continue to destroy the only planet we have simply because some jobs might be lost.  Because if you really want to see a real “job killer,” let’s see how life is like on this planet when it’s not suitable for humans to live on it any longer.

Another resident of Kentucky, Eric Miller, also spoke out against President Obama.

Miller said, “I guess Democrats just worry about money in their pocket, what they and their friends are doing.  They’re not worried about us small people.  The Republicans, they are the ones that know – raised up like we have, you know.  Know what it’s like, what we need, what shouldn’t be taken away.  If there weren’t government programs, it would be a ghost town,” Miller said.

See, this is the real problem with conservatives – they don’t have a damn clue.  Here’s an individual, surviving because of the benefits he gets from the government, seemingly unaware that the party he says represents people like him is constantly doing everything they can to cut those benefits.  Meanwhile Democrats, the ones he says don’t care about the small people, are the ones who are constantly fighting to fund programs that help people like him.

But then there’s the real reason behind why so many individuals similar to these two men often vote Republican.  As Mike Bryant, chairman of the Breathitt County chapter of the Republican party said, it’s “the three biggies” – abortion, guns and gay marriage – that drive many people towards the Republican party.

And those issues are honestly the main reasons why the Republican party has any kind of power at all.  They’ve made social issues the core of their party.  I’ve met so many people who rely on help from the government, who would benefit from so many policies Democrats support, yet they vote Republican because of abortion, guns and gay marriage.

Basically these people seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable to live in poverty, calling a broken down shack a home, as long as their politicians love guns, oppose abortions and hate gays.

And that’s why tens of millions of conservative Americans continue to vote against their own interests.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


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  • wildwildwest

    So very true: the Republicans are experts at getting folks to vote against their own best interests.

    • mhamm

      Keep people scared, under-educated and poor. It’s the oldest trick in history to control a population.

      • Isidis St Claire

        Which is the real reason behind the GOP assault on public education: they want THEIR kids to get educated and can pay for it. But want people like the ones in the article to be ignorant so they can be manipulated.

      • Arekushieru

        And that seems to have been proven true once again when Wendy Davis lost her race.

      • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        OMFG I miss Governor Richards so very, very much. My kind of lady!

      • Joe Greiber

        you got it.

    • CHT

      wow… so are democrats. Although i agree with the contents of this article, you speak as if the two are different. The political spectrum isn’t as simple as you have been taught to believe. They just use different means to the same ends. It is a masquerade.

      • Cathryn Sykes

        I’m not going to say that Democrats are perfect. But if you can’t see the very real differences between the two parties, and between liberals and conservatives, that only points out your very real lack of both knowledge and understanding.

      • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        You’re suggesting that Democrats and Republicans have the same political platforms? Where have you been, lately? The Republicans in the House just voted FOR discrimination against LGBT folks (which did pass by 2 votes), breaking the rules by stopping the clock to twist arms and votes, while the Democrats yelled “shame, shame, shame!”.

  • Eric Weeber

    Incredible, and you base this on people from Kentucky, wow. Come to Michigan and interview the thousands of food stamp recipients who did vote for Obama. The third generation welfare familys who think its normal to collect a check from the Government and that it is their God given right in some cases to never have to work. One of the poorest articles I have read, based on little to no research whatsoever.

    • hthrsllvn

      Yet, you voted in a republican governor who has resisted as much federal aid for created exactly that reason? Uh, ok…

      • Danielle Kilbourn

        Exactly I live in Michigan and we are moving out of this cesspool of a state. There is nothing here, jobs are about non-existent. I live almost in Grand Rapids and unless you want to work in a low paying, unskilled job there is nothing for jobs. I have been to the employment agencies and on monster. The perspectives are sad. Either work like a dog with little to no benefits for a low wage or have a four year degree and still work for way less than you deserve, I am working on my bachelors and already have an associates cannot wait to get out of here to a state with real growth and a decent economy.

      • fairness_rules

        This is a result of our “service economy”. When this country decided to allow our manufacturing to go overseas to maximize profits with cheap labor, it doomed our economy which was a manufacturing based economy. It will not improve unless we bring our good jobs back with a living wage,

      • strayaway

        Maybe if white liberals didn’t have such a penchant for buying foreign cars, the employment situation would be better in Michigan. Buying a foreign car is about the most politically regressive way to spend money in this Country. Back to Eric’s point; all the Detroit, Camden, and Gary’s in this Country are testaments to generations of voting Democrat. But I guess that Mr. Feltner, in the article, should be soooo grateful for the crumbs off of Master’s table like people in Detroit who keep voting for Democrats. If President Obama is successful in implementing the TPP, amnesty, and increasing the number of legal aliens, US workers will take huge additional hits.

      • robingee

        When American cars work better I will buy one. I have owned 5 American cars and one Honda. The Fords and Pontiacs broke down every few months and had chronic problems. My Honda has been running for 12 years and all I ever needed were brakes and tires.

      • strayaway

        Why don’t you buy a Volt? It has very good reviews, doesn’t use oil purchased from our enemies, and even received some seed money blessings from Obama? I have a Chev and a Ford that don’t give me many problems. Your logic is that of the Manhattan Indians who paid a little extra to buy the finest imported beads that could be had in North America. I suppose they were savvy consumers but history doesn’t have such a high regard for their purchase. Your money put blacks out of work in Detroit and maintained the glass ceiling for women in Japan. How progressive was that?

      • Son_of_Gloin

        Jumping in: I personally haven’t bought a Volt, and never will … a) because I occasionally need to transport more than four people … b) because IF transporting anyone in the back seat, they would almost have to be double-amputees (have you ever sat in the back seat of one of those?) … c) because there’s VERY limited storage space for luggage and such if making a lengthy trip involving several days away from home … d) because the price, even with “incentives” is WAY out of my reach; about $7000 more than the newish car we now have … and e) because I am not at ALL “impressed” with the idea of getting UP TO 38mpg with PREMIUM gasoline on lengthy highway trips; not when I’m regularly getting MORE THAN 50mpg with REGULAR gasoline on such trips in my ’08 Prius.

      • strayaway

        Sorry it took so long to get back to you. i wanted to gather some info.
        a) If you only have one vehicle or all your vehicles need to transport more than four adults, the Volt is not for you.
        b) I have sat in the back seat of a Volt and have not had any problems. It isn’t as roomy as a full size car but I was comfortable enough.
        c) Totally disagree. The Volt is a hatchback with a large rear opening capable of hauling fairly large objects and more volume than most trunks.
        d) I know of someone looking for a Volt. This is what he relayed: His best price is a deal at Raymond Chev. near Chicago for $23,495 after tax credits for a 2014 Volt. Consider that gas stations are a thing of the past so there won’t be as many pesky $40 fill-ups. The Chevy website also has 2014 Volts leased for two years for a non-refundable $2,679 down and $269/month.
        e) The national average price for regular is $3.64 and $3.99 for premium gas. So, in terms of cost, 38mpg on premium would cost the same as 34.7mpg on regular. Most cars can’t even beat that. This is, of course, after driving 40 miles for pennies on electricity.

        No car is for everyone but the Volt is great as a commuter car and getting around town for most people. For long trips and lots of passengers you would probably do better with a van if fuel cost isn’t such a big factor. Volts received the 3rd highest consumer satisfaction rating our of all models after the Tesla S and the Porsche Boxster.

      • some guy

        Oil purchased from our enemies? You realize that oil is a globally traded commodity, and that about half of the oil used in the US is domestically produced, right?
        I drive a Toyota. Built in the US by UAW workers. It’s more American than your big 3 piece of crap.

      • strayaway

        Yes, Oil purchased from our enemies. They aren’t all our enemies of course. We do buy oil from Canada. With friend like Saudi Arabia and Iraq though who needs enemies like Venezuela? Iraq and Kuwait will continue to be our friends until China outbids us or we lose interest in shedding blood to defend their oil. if you want to get into “oil is a globally traded commodity” then any oil we buy helps Iran.

        The Volt is a better car according to Consumer satisfaction surveys than anything built by Toyota. A high percentage of black workers build them in Hamtramck. Anyone buying a Ford or GM product hires more blacks, doesn’t put a glass ceiling on women in management like Toyota does back in Japan, and keeps more profits in the US. Do you mean your Toyota was manufactured or assembled in the US? Mazda, it think, makes models that have as high of domestic content as Fords and GM cars although its management and profit is elsewhere. Others vary from a fair amount of domestic product to importing all their parts and assembling them here. It involves a lot more work if hundreds of engine parts are cast and stamped here using metal and coal domestically produced than connecting an imported engine to a imported transmission and calling it “built here”.

      • miketothad

        `White liberals buy foreign cars…?
        As if the article didn’t already expose you folks as hateful ignorant WT.

      • strayaway

        miketothad, Isn’t calling someone “WT” sort of hateful like using the N-word?

        Had you Googled an article such as (“Study: Political leanings drive car choice” -Washington Times) you would have discovered that I am right about liberals buying foreign cars.

        “Blue-staters on each coast, from Los Angeles to Seattle and from Boston to the District, are the most likely to drive foreign cars. Domestic brands have their highest levels of market share in the mostly conservative interior of the country.

        In some blue states – where a Democrat has won at least three of the last four presidential contests – foreign cars have as much as 60 percent of the market, as measured by vehicle registrations. It is mostly in red states – Republican strongholds – where domestic cars have 74 percent of the market or more.”

      • miketothad

        Play the victim all you need, Jethro. What I’ve read is that your politically illiterate/ anecdotes-as-political-discussion “conservative” base is 90% white, and functionally in support of tax breaks that 95% of you don’t even qualify for…. to the socioeconomic detriment of mostly white people. “Washington Times”… smh. Go learn what a newspaper is, dumbass tool.

      • strayaway

        Calm down. No need for all the hateful rhetoric. You are a bit short on facts and have been proven wrong but if you opened the article, you would have found that the numbers were Gallup Poll driven. From another 2012 source, MSN, come the following statistics further proving my point which seems to so upset you.

        “• Among Republicans, the Ford Mustang convertible was the most popular car, followed by Audi A8, Mercedes GL-Class, Ford Expedition, and Ford F-150. Republicans also favored large SUVs by a wide margin (76%, compared to 5% of Dems).

        • Among Democrats the top choice was the Honda Civic Hybrid, followed by the Volvo C30, Nissan Leaf, Acura TSX Sport Wagon, and Ford Fiesta.

        • Large SUVs were favored by 76% of Republicans compared to 5% of Democrats”

        My problem is that I can’t understand, despite the pro worker rhetoric, why liberals vote with their money to betray US factory workers. I suppose unemployed workers, like the unemployed coal miner, are supposed to be happy instead with welfare benefits.

      • miketothad

        Your juvenile argument is hinged on gossip about “white liberals” and “welfare benefits”. Your problem is that yo have the mind of a child. I suppose an unemployed coal miners might have learned some lessons on voting Republican, as they do, overwhelmingly, in WV.

      • strayaway

        Again you persist in name calling as a substitute for facts to back your opinion whatever it is. What was your point anyway? That white liberals don’t buy a higher percentage of foreign cars than conservatives? Blacks, who vote 90%+ Democrat tend to buy US built cars. That is why I cited ‘”white liberals” and produced polls to support my claim.

        Coal miners and West Virginia used to vote Democrat. From 1928 through 1996 WV voted for 14 Democratic and only 3 Republican candidates. It’s called a learning curve. Union coal mining jobs gone. Union meat packing plant jobs gone. Union construction jobs going. It’s nice though that Democrats still claim to support unions at election time even though they are working with Republicans to pass the TPP.

      • miketothad

        Please provide supporting data for the uptick in coal mining jobs in WV since 96. Please provide ANY supporting data for the loss of union data in any state that would point directly to Democratic policy. Please provide ANY supporting data suggesting that the Democratic party is anywhere equally in support of TPP. It’s called right wing logic: gossip.

      • strayaway

        I don’t know that there has been any uptick in mining jobs in WV since 1996. I never claimed that. With automation, I doubt that there has been any uptick of mining jobs. It’s more to do with being beaten over the head by Democrats’ policies hostile to the coal industry such as Obama’s statement in 2008. ” “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that (Obama’s proposed Cap and Trade tax) will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.” Setting up policies to bankrupt the users of coal doesn’t get votes in coal country. Plans to build new coal plants have been largely scrubbed.

        As already mentioned, support for trade agreements sending our jobs abroad as well as tolerance of allowing illegal aliens to perform 9M jobs here and growing quotas of legal aliens allowed to work here create a labor surplus and consequently depress US worker wages. It’s called the Economic Law of Supply and Demand which I realize is a bit foreign to many Democrats. To the extent that any Democrat or Republican supports any of these three things, unions die because their workers cannot demand better anything. Obama supports all three of the above so union membership continues to decline under Obama as it did under Bush.

        It’s easy to to find articles on the internet linking Obama with the TPP. You could go to the Washington Post for an April 23 article titled “Why almost everyone hates the trade deal Obama’s negotiating in Japan”.

      • miketothad

        So if you’re peddling the assertion that job loss is due Democratic policy, you should be able to provide data proving that GOP policy remedied the situation… at least in part. You’re only able to go on and on about the scary Obama. No better than the average right wing illiterate Bush amnesiac. Your GOP voted against a bring jobs back to America bill. Coal should be on its death bead in 2014. And Cap & Trade is an idea introduced by Republicans. Trickle-down dipshit.

      • strayaway

        Detroit is an example of decades of democratic policy. Obama is trying to institute policies, I’ve listed a number of them, that will continue the slide nationally and specifically in the coal fields. I’m under no obligation to prove Republicans remedied anything and , in fact, I’ve made a point is stressing that many Republicans share the same amnesty, increased legal alien quotas, and trade policies as Obama. There is a difference in coal policies though which brings us back to this thread and why Kentucky coal miners have shunned Democrats. I don’t know what the Bring Jobs Back to America Bill was but if immigration isn’t reduced, NAFTA scaled back, and the TPP killed, the happy sounding bill won’t help US workers appreciably. Again, Republican Party leaders are aligned with Obama and the US Chamber of Commerce on such policies. Trickle down doesn’t work but has been kept alive under 13 years of Democratic presidents even with Democratic congresses. Both parties now own it. You are correct that President Bush I signed Cap andTrade after it was passed in the Democratic House and Senate.

      • miketothad

        Detroit is not an example of policy, stupid. It’s yet another right wing finger-wag at minorities. You’re under obligation to discuss policy, and you’re doing nothing but squirming at this point. You stand for nothing but hate.

      • strayaway

        Again, you resort to name calling as a substitute for facts. Detroit has voted Democrat for decades. Mayor Cavanaugh, a Democrat, was in power during the 67 race riots when Detroit was majority white. He handled the situation poorly resulting in most stores in black neighborhoods being burned out or closed. Other things were going on at the federal level too. A decision was made to let in Japanese cars with less of an import tax mark up to boost the Japanese economy to shore up that Country as a ally although I don’t remember which party was responsible for selling out US auto workers that time. In both cases, the fault was with a white mayor and white leaders in Washington. So no, this isn’t about just minorities. Your racism card has been overplayed. Again, you fumble the facts.

        You entered this conversation with “`White liberals buy foreign cars…?” I showed you that was true and since that you have been all over the place; everywhere but referencing this article. Next, I will have people here complaining that I monopolizing this discussion which isn’t my intent.

      • miketothad

        You entered the conversation yapping about “white liberals”, Detroit and welfare. Bagger please. The race card is all you ignorant Bush amnesiacs ARE for 40 straight years, along with tax breaks 95% of you dipshits will never even qualify for. The fact is Mitt Romney ran on a platform that insures multimillionaires like him continue to pay a lower tax rate than his idiotic supporters, and he knew they’ll swallow all the lies the real GOP country club feeds them (like Chrysler moving to China), as long as they (you) are fed a steady supply of hate speech.

      • strayaway

        You have been set straight about the demographics of foreign car purchasers, a bit of Detroit history, and Obama’s involvement with promoting TPP. You have been reduced to playing the race card (yawn) and otherwise ranting. Checkmate.

      • miketothad

        You’ve parroted gossip about Detroit, gossip about “white liberals” and cars, while pretending the Democratic party and the GOP support TPP equally, in the comments section of an article about GOP base ignorance. Congrats, Jethro.

      • Ron Beyer

        And Mayor Cavanaugh wanted the National Guard brought in days before it happened because Governor Romney did not think it was necessary.

        As far as the demise of Detroit it wasn’t just the Dems that caused it as there is plenty of blame to go around.

        Americans in general caused themselves eventual economic hardship by buying too many foreign goods, automobiles just being one example. What ultimately hurt us more though was when the tax codes were changed to encourage our manufacturers to move abroad in order to obtain cheaper labor and less regulation.

      • strayaway

        Don’t forget that Mayor Cavanaugh made the tactical error of announcing that since human lives were worth more than property he had ordered police not to shoot looters. I’m not arguing with his sentiment but it was foolish to say so publicly say so with looting going on. Within hours of his license to loot, looting greatly expanded. He should have just passed his pronouncement down police channels. Dems were in charge. This is what happens. Exhibet B is Obama giving hope to would be illegal aliens that if they make it here soon, they will be deemed dreamers and receive amnesty. They don’t learn unless, that was the intentional outcome in Obama’s case.

        I agree with your last paragraph. There was also an attempt, by Congress, in the 70’s to strengthen our Asian allies by sending them work but at the expense of US workers.

      • Politician

        Since 1928 the Democratic and Republican parties have essentially switched positions on civil rights and social issues.

      • strayaway

        So Obama isn’t trying to pass the TPP?

      • justsaying

        I would assume that the dems choice in vehicles probably had something to do with fuel consumption, either cost of gas or care for the environment

      • strayaway

        I think it does in part have to do with fuel consumption but I remember that during the McGovern presidential election a poll was taken about makes of cars and how people voted. it turned out that 94% of Saab owners voted for McGovern. Saabs had decent gas milage but choosing a car is also a fashion statement of sorts. There is no way that 94% is a random number. What I’m trying to figure out is why Prius owners haven’t moved en masse toward buying Volts and Leafs. At least I haven’t read anything to support it. Volts owners, at this point, tend to be IT or engineer type guys. If it was mostly about fuel consumption, I would expect Dems to be flocking into Chevy dealers to pre order Volts but they seem, so far, to be remaining loyal tho their Asian and German nameplates.

      • Madeline Bishop

        The next generation Prius is going to be built in the good old USA. I just read that on a Toyota website.

      • Politician

        Or, reliability. Or, features not available on big three cars. Or, attention to fit and trim, and customer satisfaction.

      • Brian O’Connell

        Hate to break it to you, but at least 75% of domestic cars are manufactured with imported parts.

        Ford’s auto lines are made primarily by Mazda. All those Geos? Suzuki and Toyota. Plymouth Colt was made by Mitsubishi and Toyota prior, and so on and so forth, So if you bought an “American” car over the last 30 years, chances are it was made in Japan, or in part Canada and Mexico (yay, NAFTA!).

        Now one thing I always found funny, is how the right wingers whine on and on about NAFTA, even though it was Reagan/Bush’s baby, and much like they are now with TPP, issued not one peep while it was being planned in secret.

      • strayaway

        All US cars, not 75%, have some foreign parts. I should point out that we have a special arrangement with Canada which pays similar wages, There are no import taxes either way to the extent that an equal value of cars imported each way. Import taxes are imposed beyond that though. I would support a similar agreements with Korea, Japan, and Mexico.

        Even though US cars have foreign radios and other parts, they still have a higher percentage of US parts and labor. In addition, the profit and management stays at home and there aren’t, for instance, the glass ceilings for women found in Asian car companies.

        When you say (yay NAFTA), in this case, you are saying yay to no African American workers, no to the UAW, and yes to a glass ceiling for women. Those are reasons why I would suggest that buying a foreign car is one of the most regressive economic-political things you can do with your money.

        Clinton signed NAFTA. Obama is trying to get the TPP fast tracked. They get their campaign money from the same puppet masters as leading Republicans.

      • Politician

        I traded my Honda, made in the US by American workers, for a Chevrolet, made in Mexico, by Mexicans.

      • hthrsllvn

        Every dem in my family buys USA cars. Even go so far as checking before buying to be sure. Every republican in my family has foreign market vehicles. Over generalizations and assumptions are what gets you into trouble.

      • strayaway

        Good for your relatives. They are economic patriots. My statistics came from Gallup poll though. Arguing with their numbers would get either of us into more trouble than basing things on our anecdotal experience. My family, by the way, voting slightly blue, buys only US made cars except for one prodigal son who leased a Japanese car. Years ago when I was a student, I had a VW bug and a Datsun sports car so I too am less than perfect.

      • hthrsllvn

        I agree. My instance is rare. In today’s global economy though, there are very limited manufacturers using strictly USA parts even if assembled in the USA. Only when we have American parts for American cars that succeed in standards for today’s consumers will we have ourselves on track. We can make American cars, but if no one buys them, we are no better off.

      • John Levy

        Citing the Washington Times to make any point shows how wrong you are.

      • strayaway

        How lame. How about the NY Times then ”
        Your Car: Politics on Wheels”? Or do you only consider what are presented as facts in something feeling more secure like the Daily Kos? No matter the source, purchasing an Asian car at least runs profits out of the US to a company that has a glass ceiling on promoting women. Purchasing a foreign car will almost assure that your car will not employ black Americans. Purchasing a foreign car will guarantee that more executive decisions are made abroad and that profits will go abroad. In every way, purchasing a foreign car is a grossly regressive personal act and cannot be atoned for by voting for Democrats who pretend to represent US workers. Next time, consider a Volt or Tesla. They are greener and have higher consumer satisfaction scores than imports for good measure.

      • ClemCadidlhoper

        “Foreign cars” are only foreign because the companies are foreign owned. Toyotas are built in the US, and I am sure the parts, like those for “domestic cars”, are shipped in from all over the world where labor is cheapest.

      • strayaway

        Domestic content is a better term and measures what percentage is built in the US. We have an outstanding agreement with Canada trading equal numbers of cars duty free. I wouldn’t mind that with Asian producers. Be careful not to confuse assembled in the US with made in the US. Assembled in the US might mean the entire drive shaft is made elsewhere and much smaller number of parts are produced here. Made in the US might infer that even the iron ore and coal used to make the car are mined in MN and WV; lots of work even outside the plant. The less domestic content and foreign name tags mean fewer US workers are employed, profits go abroad, management jobs are lost, and if an Asian name plate don’t expect many women in management. In short, buying a foreign car is a regressive personal act.

      • Blair Schaan

        You want an honest opinion from a foriegner as to why America has no jobs and no job plans and never will? Because you people dont buy what American companies make, you bring up foriegn cars how about foriegn appliances LG and samsung Korean, all electronics Japanese chinese or Korean, all steel needed for manufacturing goods, imported all textiles we buy and use imported go to wal mart , K mart Toys R US HOme Depot, and many other chains,and look at the labels tags and boxes and try and find something made in America, all you find is made in China., its so F**king bad all your flags you use and fly when a dead military mans brought home or at military and other events are ALL MADE IN CHINA FOR CHRISTS SAKE, you dont even make your own flags and those little star and stripes lapel pins, again made in China.

        In 2011 the United states of America purchased or bought 68% of the chinese economy and you wonder why you have no jobs>???

        Ive asked folks for 2 years why dont you buy made in America or USA goods, and they all say” wed love to but its too expensive we cant affrord it” well yes its more expensive because American companies are supposed to pay their workers a living wage thats why what they make is costing more ,but instead of supporting American people working and companies you say “screw you” I like those cheap goods from china and then come onto social sights like facebook and scream and holler why we have no jobs.

      • Brian O’Connell

        Don’t worry, please wait on the line and soon there’ll be a right winger popping up to blame unions and in all likelihood tell you how you’d be speaking German if it wasn’t for us.

        Unless you already speak German, in which case they’d say you’d be speaking Russian.

      • strayaway

        I agree. One part of that is electing politicians on both parties who support trade agreements like NAFTA and the TPP that profit the middlemen at US workers’ expense.

      • fairness_rules

        Many “foreign” cars are now built in the US and US cars are built in Mexico or Canada.

      • Brian

        Oh bull. Countries all over the world buy American cars. Hell, Buick is one of the most popular middle class cars in China. The problem isn’t who’s buying what. The problem isn’t social programs in Michigan. The problem is that the people in charge of the corporations doing all the manufacturing decided that sending all the labour to China, India, and Central America would maximise profits and American jobs be damned.
        Where the hell are the jobs all that bail-out money was supposed to create? Why isn’t the cash trickling down? Don’t give me crap about social programs or laziness. Tell me why trickle down economics and offshoring jobs isn’t working.

      • strayaway

        Why are you trying to skate around my referenced point that liberals are more likely to buy foreign cars and thus betray working Americans with their personal spending than conservatives? The Buick/Gm point you brought out was good. In fact, GM has been making huge overseas investment in China since receiving bailout money courtesy of our taxpayers. I calculated that more than half the money spent in Obama’s Cash for Clunkers program purchased foreign product. President Obama is also promoting the Trans Pacific Partnership program supported by many Republicans that will make trade matters worse for American workers. Regarding your point about trickle down economics. No, it doesn’t work. It only makes the rich richer. Odd though, isn’t it, that trickle down has survived two Democratic presidents who even had Democratic congresses. When Bush’s temporary tax cuts for the rich expired, Obama made half of them permanent.

      • Brian

        I’m not skating around anything, you’re creating a strawman out of completely irrelevant and ridiculous points and then blaming Congress’s acts on the president for no particular reason.
        GM still exists and is doing great. Why the hell isn’t Detroit then? Because all the jobs are gone from there. It’s nothing to do with “liberals buying cars”. That’s a bloody strawman and you know it.

      • strayaway

        Yes it does have to do with liberals buying foreign cars. Their money goes to Tokyo instead of Detroit as does the work. Tell me that the President isn’t trying to fast track the TPP. Tell Saturn, Ponbtiac, and closed GM dealership employees about how GM is doing great in China investing Obama’s bailout money.

      • Brian

        Strawman. Nonsense. You’re a joke.

      • Daddycool67

        Most “foreign cars” … (which apparently are now only bought by liberals) … are assembled right here in the USA. Many of the parts are manufactured here too.

        While many of the “American cars” are full of Japanese parts. Especially where the electronics are concerned.Wheels and tires too.

        What you don’t understand is that the people who are making the cars are doing so because they want to make money. They’ll do whatever they NEED to do to make MORE money. It’s all about them and their profits. Auto manufacturers are multinational, meaning the shareholders of the companies come from all over the world. It’s not about being loyal to one country or another. And it’s not about WHO buys their cars.

      • strayaway

        Not “only bought by liberals”, but rather bought in larger percentages by liberals as indicated by links I’ve provided. Your last paragraph completely misses my point that liberals tend not to be loyal to Detroit auto workers and UAS workers in general when purchasing cars.Today a Lois Lerner email emergedI in which she expressed her disdain for the masses. Liberals predilection to buy foreign cars similarly expresses a disdain for working American. Liberals support for bringing in cheap foreign labor also hurts US workers. I see a pattern.

      • Diva Ex Machina

        Well, the Kia Optima is built in GA. BMW’s plant in Spartanburg, SC is the sole global manufacturer of the X-series SUVs. In fact, BMW just announced that it will be investing $1 billion to expand the plant further, making it BMW’s largest. They will also be adding 800 jobs. VW has a plant in Chattanooga. Yeah, those foreign manufacturers are killing us.

      • strayaway

        They are certainly better than nothing. But compared with GM or Ford products, what percentage of executive jobs are in the US? In the case of Asian manufacturers like Kia, how many women are in management compared with GM or Ford? Are these plants you mentioned union or non-union? The best determinant is the % of domestic product in the vehicle, Bringing in a completed drivetrain and installing it is ‘assembling’ the care here rather than “building” it here which would more likely also employ Kentucky coal and Minnesota iron ore miners, The Mazda actually had a higher domestic content than some ‘domestic’ cars.

        My point remains that buying foreign cars is a regressive behavior. White liberals are more likely than conservatives and blacks to to indulge in such societally regressive behavior.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        “But compared with GM or Ford products, what percentage of executive jobs are in the US? ” Ah and herein lies the rub! The executives are the ones making millions and also millions in bonuses. To hell with paying the workers what they are worth as long as those at the top continue to suck the company for all they can.

      • strayaway

        It isn’t just overpaid CEO’s. Its the engineers, office workers, and usually a higher percentage of non-domestic content reaching all the way back to mines and smelters. Also, the profits go to the owners. Why do you want to punish women office workers in suburban Detroit and car designers in Los Angeles because you want to punish overpaid executives. So when you start your foreign car up tomorrow morning, or your neighbor does, think about the unemployed auto workers in Detroit, the unemployed iron range workers in Minnesota, the empty floors of GM offices and realize that not only are there fewer good paying jobs for black Americans, but Asian companies have a lower glass ceiling for women so you are voting for discrimination against women IF you buy an Asian brand car.

      • FBI_van_six

        Foreign cars? Honda, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Suburu, BMW all American made. American cars are a joke. How many American cars have been recalled?

      • strayaway

        American made? Their profit goes to Japan and S, Korea.Their top executives and main offices are in Asia. Domestic content is probably the best indication of how much domestic blue collar labor goes in on every model. If you want to buy a car where the profit goes to Asia, a glass ceiling keeps women out of top executive positions, and a higher percentage of either Asians or non-union whites build or assemble your car then by all means buy a Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, or Subaru. You must be one of those savvy consumers like the Indians who traded Long Island for European beads. Americans beads were a joke.

      • Eric Weeber

        Lets see, highest deficit in the history of this country, medical costs sky rocketing due to Obama care or as a result of said care. My costs have tripled in the last year alone. Vets and Americans being killed in foreign countries and conservative parties being targeted by the IRS. I could continue to go on for a few days but I have little time today. Hows that hope and change going for you…so what, you automatically assume because I dont see eye to eye with Liberals that I am a Republican. Take a look around you and do a little research, you will find things suck all over, still. I am just amazed you didn’t pull the race card as so many of you liberals do when faced with someone who thinks this regime is a joke. At least Clinton had a surplus when he was president. This guy is spending us into Oblivion…..

      • nice try

        The deficit is falling faster than it has in decades and is currently half of what it was in 2008/2009 (last bush, first obama). Health care costs are not skyrocketing, while it is still rising, its rising at half the percentage it was under bush. I dont know what type of plan you had previously (if any). Vets and Americans being killed, let me guess…. Benghazi?. Did you forget about the 13 benghazi’s we had under bush or how many Americans have died fighting bush’s wars. WMDs, the ignored bin ladens going to attack memos, Sadam harboring terrorists lie, etc…. IRS targeted tea party groups, gee you think that the irs is not going to check into anti taxpaying political groups trying to misuse tax exempt status to get out of paying taxes?.. Yep, Clinton had a surplus, what happened to it? republicans happened to it… poof gone. And I love all the people now that say I dont like either party, I’m a libertarian. Libertarian is just people who are too embarrassed to call themselves republicans anymore. We dont need to pull the race card.

      • Eric Weeber

        How do you know who i voted for? I didnt mention who I voted for in any thing I wrote…..wow, wrong. Nice try though..

      • hthrsllvn

        Your right I don’t know who YOU voted for but the “you” I was referring to was your state. Your state voted red in most every election and yet you can’t grasp that states rights have more impact on you (& your state) than any federal laws passed, yet, you blame Obama for all your woes. That, sir, is the epitome of a conservative mindset. Thus, I can only assume who YOU voted for.

        I also find it ironic that in your original post, you were trying to make the point that the author did a poor job in writing the article because it only focused on one state. Yet, in your rant about the dismal MI economy, you actually prove the authors point. Still a red state. Still an industry in turmoil, though, instead of mining, it’s the auto industry. Still poor economy. Still poverty. Still unemployment. So, the article is actually pretty spot on based on your own observations.

    • CherMoe

      Have you ever thought about how much your own family is doling out for CORPORATE WELFARE … tax cuts, tax loopholes, tax evasion and bailouts? Your contribution to the Food Stamp program is $3.00 a month. Your family’s contribution to corporations (in addition to what you spend to provide their profit) is something like $4,000 – 6,000 per year) according to statistics. This is why people need some education instead of listening to the claptrap on Fox “news.” By the way, we’re STILL waiting for the JOBS Republicans campaigned on in 2010. So far, they still have their heads so far up women’s body parts, they haven’t come out to work on the problems of our country.

      • Eric Weeber

        Hmmmm didn’t I hear Obama say he was going to get us back to work….just sayin….

      • robingee

        Hmmmmm you didn’t? And he hasn’t created jobs? Hmmmmm maybe you need to read more.

      • Brian O’Connell

        Yeah, how about each and every single jobs and infrastructure bill that the traitors in congress have been shooting down, while wasting 50+ million dollars trying to repeal Obamacare, cut benefits for their constituents, causing a government shut down, shouting “You lie!” at his state of the union address, letting it be publicly known that they were determined to undermine his presidency since he was elected.

        This, kids, is what is called a temper tantrum. Time to get these whiny babies with diapers that leak out of office and put some grownups in charge.

        At least when their precious little snowflake Bush was criticized, it was either in private, or “free speech zones”, riiiiiiiight?

    • Karen Hayes

      Well, he did get it straight from the horse’s mouth!

  • cetaami

    Somehow, I think another biggie is left off this list. Racism.

    • Bonta-kun

      Don’t worry, Donald Sterling has that angle covered.

      • Don has a cot in the back.

      • Tololololo

        But, Donald is a life-long Democrat

      • Andy Kinnard

        No, he’s not. He made ONE donation to a Dem decades ago. He has been a registered Republican for years.

      • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        Andy, I don’t know where you get your information, but find another source. Yours is wrong. Really wrong.

      • Andy Kinnard

        Prove it.

      • Sam Graham

        Nothing like making a dumb ass statement that is demonstrably false.

      • Captain

        Nothing like spelling “trolololol” wrong. You can’t even troll well…

      • STEVEN


      • TK003

        The Donald belongs to only one political party…his own Ego. He doesn’t give a crap about anyone except himself.

  • CherMoe

    These people are so sadly deluded, it’s pitiful. Republicans don’t “care” about them … they care about PROFIT from their investments in the coal industries and the MONEY THEY GET from the fossil fuel industries. They are beholden to their corporate paymasters. The only thing Republicans know how to do is “market” their wares, which are lies. They use racism, abortion, birth control, gay issues, etc. to distract southern voters from the real issues that affect their families. That’s one reason Republicans are AGAINST education. Educated people don’t vote Republican because they KNOW Republicans are out to screw everyone. EDUCATED people know the truth. It is sad that there are so many stupid people left in America.

    • Cathryn Sykes

      They’re not stupid. They are scared and they are poor and they are being lied to by the best liars money can buy. They don’t have money for the internet, or for cable, so what information they get, they get from their local FOX broadcast station, from their NRA reps, from their strip mining employers. Their jobs are in coal; they’re being told that if coal dies, their jobs are gone. Don’t call them stupid; educate them!

      • robingee

        There are also plenty of people who have cable and Internet who vote against their interests.

      • CAPT Skip

        I’m pretty sure any TV that gets Fox News also gets the PBS News Hour, and they may also have a local NPR station it’s just laziness and the fact they see themselves as better than others.

        One of my high school friends is posting on FB that “marriage is between one man & one woman” and “every child deserves a mother and a father” while raising her child, had out of wedlock. And after two failed marriages rants about liberals’ lack of “family values.” Perhaps what these folks need is a mirror.

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        I agree with that! I too have friends that spout the Jesus talk all the time, cheat on their wives and husbands, go out drinking on Sat night and to church on Sunday. They hate blacks, gays, Jewish, Muslim or any other religion than their own. They blame Obama for everything, none of which he had anything to do with. They watch FOX, Limbaugh and Beck and would swear to God that they are the only people who tell the truth. It is shocking to find out that people you once thought had some intelligence has none at all.

      • Stephen Barlow

        REDS watch SOCIALIST TV??????

      • fbear0143

        Well . . . they have been sold the idea that public broadcasting is too intellectual for them and is also “liberal.” Little do they know that PBS is coming more and more under the thrall of Koch money. I just hope NPR can escape a similar fate.

      • Stu Johnson

        Nope.I listen to NPR almost all day.Most of their shows are “made possible through a generous endowment from the Koch Foundation”.

      • fbear0143

        Thanks, I don’t live in the US anymore and rarely listen to NPR on the Internet. I do know from some other AlterNet articles that PBS has discreetly decided not to run certain documentaries, from time to time, because of the heavy influence of Koch money. Probably to maintain the illusion of balance, more frequently there will be “sins of omission,” rather than blatant bullshit, FAUX news style.

      • Country Crock

        I was in a discussion about marriage equality several years ago with 4 friends who were against it. Two were ministers and one was a church youth pastor. Between them, they had nine divorces and seven marriages. Yet they accused ME of redefining marriage.

      • Libby Serkies

        Nailed it…!

      • Brian O’Connell

        Fox News (the cable network) differs greatly from Fox’s affiliate networks. Being more local (and without as much of a budget for big names), there aren’t as many opportunities for them to pontificate.

      • Stephen Barlow

        Or fraudulate

      • fbear0143

        But they ARE ignorant, thanks to the rethug propaganda machine, so well organized and funded.

      • 1EdMeadows83

        Well said, Cathryn.

    • Frank Dissinger

      Yeah, and they all voted for Obama!!!!!!

      • DoctorButler

        No they didn’t. DId you not read her comment?

        Or are your reading comprehension, and cognitive skills just very poor.

      • JenniferM0782

        Proof that this article is dead correct. So sad.

      • Captain


    • Actually, Republicans are also pretty good at starting wars.

      • Stu Johnson

        Being a left leaning independent, I’d like to agree with you but I see no evidence that the left isn’t bought off by the military/industrial complex. If Hillary is out next president, this will become clear. Elizabeth Warren for President 2016 is the answer to this problem!!

    • fbear0143

      Exactly. This is why the GOP promotes cuts to funding for public education, why they promote charter schools and vouchers for schools whose motives are suspect at best and hard line religious at worst. An ignorant population is easier to manipulate.

    • DAV

      Not stupid, ignorant. The difference is that stupid people are incapable of learning or changing and ignorant don’t know any better. Most of the poor “conservatives” are under educated (thanks to the Republicans) and simply don’t know any better. They believe Fox News because it is television news and they think that the news is unbiased and truthful (Walter Cronkite was). All other news sources, according to Fox are contaminated by “the liberals” who are the enemy of everything “American”.

  • Two words…cognitive dissonance.

    • Leigh306

      Exactly. in 2012 I was sitting in a room, with 2 poor Republican people who had just used public health care to have a baby, homeless living with a friend, when Obama won the election, complaining about the ACA and then about the fact that the baby would continue to get free healthcare, but the mom would not. I guess this was just before the ACA was implemented.

  • RD350C

    The reply to Feltner’s “War on coal” statement demonstrates how clueless progressives are as to what matter to these people. Feltner’s dad, or uncle or brother probably had a good paying job with the mines and what he sees is the aftermath of federal policy. No one will tell him that coal production was UP during Obama’s first term, or that the mining companies have switched to less labor intensive extraction processes like mountain top removal and long wall mining. Although he depends on government programs to survive, he blames progressive policies for putting him there.

    If this is how you plan to get support from this demographic, we are doomed.

    • strayaway

      Coal exports are UP. Reduced domestic demand for coal as US coal power plants are gradually phased out makes coal cheaper for China to buy. China then has one additional manufacturing edge to make things like Buick engines cheaper and sell them to the US. But you are right about more labor intensive mines being the first to shut.

      With regard to his proposed cap and trade tax, Obama said, “So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they’re going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.” -1/17/2008

      • Andy Kinnard

        Then, we need to stop socializing the costs of all the shipping involved in getting that coal to China. There’s no reason that benefits the People to do that. Once those costs become part of the price of that coal shipped all the way across the world, China will choose a different source of power.

      • Brian

        No they won’t. China has nothing to switch to. All their attempts at researching alternative fuel sources only delayed the inevitability of it becoming a wasteland.

      • Andy Kinnard

        Even if they don’t, it would put the price of those costs where they belong (instead of the US tax payer).

    • DoctorButler

      Jobs won’t matter when the country is flooded, and the air is toxic.

      And shifting focus from one energy source to another is, by definition, going to create jobs, because it’s establishing a new industry.

      And here’s some food for thought, why do these guys blame Obama for closing down coal mines, but have no problem with, Wal-mart and Target and Ford closing down factories, and sending American jobs to China.

      Hmmmm… it’s almost as if somebody told them who to be angry at.

      • southsidemike

        they think in the here an now, live in the past and do not care about the future!

    • KyDem

      It doesn’t matter what you tell those people. I never argue environment with them — only economics — I still get labeled a “tree hugger” because I tell them the coal is running out and we need to develop different industries here to replace the jobs.

  • Hanhnibal

    Prior to the last presidential election, there were huge billboards throughout SE Ohio that proclaimed “Stop Obama’s War On Coal!!” The poverty rate in some of the counties there is 30%

  • Cathryn Sykes

    Talk about the Affordable Care Act and people will say, “I hear that’s a pretty good deal for sick people.” But start the conversation with “What do you think of Obamacare?” and you’ll get “That’s socialist! And it’ going to kill all the old people, with those death panels! ” The right wing can afford the best propagandists money can buy…..we need to fight them with the truth, whenever we can.

    • Cathryn Sykes

      And remember, these people are poor. They don’t have access to the internet, they don’t have cable, they listen to what their pastors tell them about the ungodly Democrats, they hear the propaganda of the NRA reps at their local store, they hear the lies their coal industry employers spread, they are struggling to survive and they’re scared. We need to educate these people, not treat them with contempt.

      • Carol Lynn

        Two more words – Dunning-Kruger. They do not know that they are ignorant and so do not know they are being misled.

      • johnbuoy

        It’s hard, if not impossible, to educate people who will believe anything that supports their skewed world-view, and nothing that threatens it.

      • Mary Lilred Gaworecki

        As I stood in line to vote last Tuesday, the lady in front of me proudly produced a card that was given to her to tell her how to vote on the amendments. She said, “I have no idea what they mean, but I have this card here that tells me how to vote.” unbelievable…..

      • Cathy Baumgardner

        That is illegal. First of all I don’t think she would be allowed to carry that into a voting place and if someone at the polling place gave it to her it is really illegal.

      • Skye Whitney Moshier

        I am a Kentucky girl with a BA in English and a sociology minor. I know many people that are very conservative but there are also a great number that are not. We get lumped together all the time and I know that is no one’s fault because stereotyping is a common practice. However, it infuriates me how we have kept our region in the dark ages and that not as many people, as I would like, are for progress.

      • KyDem

        Like you, Skye, I’m from Kentucky and have a BA. I am an allied health professional, and I am not by any means a conservative. However, I am surrounded on a daily basis by people who haven’t the first clue what’s really going on because they don’t want to know. They watch Fox News and refuse to believe anything that doesn’t conform to their own narrow world view.

      • KyDem

        Don’t kid yourself Cathryn. These people aren’t ignorant because they can’t afford to be informed; they’re ignorant because they want to be. I see them every day, talking on their smart phones while they pay with food stamps. They have cable TV, or more often satellite, and most have access to the Internet, even if it is at public libraries. They are willfully ignorant hypocrites.

  • A.J.

    this is sad, what a shit way to start my morning reading this.

  • Nita

    Did you ever consider that there will always be people that think very differently than you? It is possible that conservative people felt exactly the same before Fox news. It’s also possible that their beliefs are as genuine as yours based on their feelings and observations. I mean really? Everyone preaches tolerance in our world today but they just want you to tolerate their personal beliefs. I’m so tired of the left and the right. I’ve always fallen somewhere in between and I question anyone who is extreme in either direction.

    • SophieCT

      Tolerance doesn’t mean encouraging or placating ignorance. It means not torturing, imprisoning, or murdering people who are.

  • GHDJ

    I’ve found, and yet often forget, that trying to argue reason with conservatives is like a Kafka play. They don’t want actual reason, they’re conservatives cheering for their own chosen team, right or wrong.

  • mandee

    It’s sad that we have to endorse either party based on our social stance on these issues. What happened to being moderate of any kind?

    • miketothad

      Today’s “moderate” tends to be just as legislatively illiterate as the average dipshit bagger, and in need of attention more than information.

      • Jeremy Cothern

        Mike, your command of the English language is highly impressive, if not downright godlike. It is very obvious that you are much more literate than a average “dipshit bagger.” Though I can’t be sure because I’m not positive on what a “dipshit bagger” is…Is this, akin to the old lady who sacks my groceries at Kroger? Nah, it couldn’t be that…it’s probably more like the nurse who swaddle wrapped you in the hospital as an infant.

      • miketothad

        Jeremy, 50% of the GOP base doesn’t even know what GOP means. When I refer to the dipshit bagger and his close relative, the “moderate”, I refer to their civic illiteracy. I hope this helps you.

      • Robert

        GOP..Generally Old People.

  • JustTheFactsMa’am

    My 74 year old mother believes Obama is to blame for everything wrong with this country. And then I point out what the current Republicans have been doing and her eyes pop open and she fusses about them. 10 minutes later – it’s all Obama’s fault again. That’s 74 years of living as Republican…

    • fairness_rules

      I am surrounded by this kind of thinking! I have to face it every day and it is lonely. I just don’t some people are capable of thinking for themselves or even considering arguments contrary to their “beliefs”. It is so sad and so damaging to the country.

    • Ron Beyer

      I think we’re experiencing something very similar to what thinking Germans did when Hitler’s propaganda was vilifying Jews and others that were different from the norm. What happened there proved that even intelligent people can be convinced of an alternative reality, one that ultimately proves to be against their best interests as well as against the ones being vilified.

      • jamey

        Well put

      • fbear0143

        There is no doubt. If you google it, you can find an on-line copy of Hitler’s MEIN KAMPF. Just go to Chapter 6, on Propaganda and you will be able to read the rethug playbook, right down to the last crossed T and dotted I.

    • Johnny A. Wendell

      It’s a cult. Period.

  • John Bottomley

    Republican debating tactics 101 :
    Put words in your mouth and then argue like you said them.
    Say something so otherworldly and flat-out wrong it would take ten minutes to undo before the actual point could be discussed.
    Use extensively cherry-picked ‘facts’; dismiss the source of any contrary fact.

    • John Bottomley

      Forgot one: Take two non-connected things and proceed if they are causally connected, usually with an absurd condemnation (“Liberals kill puppies so that illegal immigrants can have anchor babies”).

      • Gilgamesh

        Then post a Brietbart/Infowars link as evidence, call all other articles to the contrary falsehood of the “liberal media”, then call your opponent a racist.

      • John Bottomley

        Or veer quickly into making the debate about the other guy. “You are wrong because only a (mis-spelled insult), (mis-spelled insult), (mis-spelled insult) would believe (insert farsical nonsense here).”

      • Pamela Parker Ricer

        Or when your opponent cites multiple sources proving your talking points completely wrong, blame it all on a huge, divergent, worldwide (liberal, Muslim, terrorist, communist, socialist, fascist,, illuminati etc.) lying conspiracy,

  • Sad—just another case of a misguided citizen voting against his or her
    own best interest..I’m sure O’s race plays a factor, if not the major reason for his low approval ratings as well,

  • WVfem

    I grew up on Coal River, WV. When I graduated from college, I returned there in the early ’70’s. Even then, I could see how coal was destroying the region. It’s the same now, only exponentially. People who derive their income from the coal business do not care about the environment, or even the fact that their region, next door to them depositing coal dust on their homes, destroying their steams and their health, as it impacts them and their health. I suspect, though I don’t really know, that the majority of these people listen to FOX News exclusively. Fox is responsible for a perverse propagandizing for the benefit of big corporations. Poor people, and even educated people I know, listen to Fox 24-7. I have a dentist who was espousing this to me as I sat there getting a filling. I have a teacher friend who has FOX News on all — ALL day long, even in her car.

    • fairness_rules

      The Fox propaganda machine has been and is breathtakingly successful! Nearly all the GOP-Tea party support is a result of their successful misinformation campaign. They are masters of their trade!

  • Mark R. DeMist

    And that’s why we are fast becoming the STUPIDEST nation on Earth. People vote against themselves out of ignorance and hate.

  • Betty Ann Manock

    Wow! These people are so entrenched in their beliefs that they wouldn’t change no matter what was right before their eyes. Thinking that Republicans are their saviors is so ludicrous. The Republicans are strictly interested in profits and making more and more money, both for themselves and for their cronies. If these people don’t change their thinking, they will always be dirt poor and work in ungodly conditions.

  • Brian O’Connell

    Question: Where’s the right wing outrage about those two coal companies that thought it would be a laugh to dump their waste into rivers? Or that town that was basically buried under coal slurry?

    • miketothad

      They’re far too dumb to connect those dots.

  • Jeremy Cothern

    I find it quite ironic that the party who preaches understanding and compassion for all peoples, is the same party who is actually full of hateful, name calling, closet bigots. Who in many cases despise their own race for whatever reason, and have no problem calling those who prove them wrong names, as soon as they are beaten in a debate with facts. This article is such a joke, and full of so many generalized insults that it isn’t even funny. I am from Kentucky, I have a college education, as do many, many people in this state. Sure we have our idiots just like any other place. I suppose ignorant people from other areas, get a good feeling, when they are able to fool themselves into thinking that their state is better than mine because we are just a bunch of dumb hicks. Well, I would venture to say that there is an equal distribution of idiots nationwide. They are just labeled into different stereotypes by morons like the person who wrote this article and many who commented here. You people are the ones being fooled, though I might ad that many Repubs. are as well. Your propaganda machine has filled your heads with just as many fallacies as “ours” (not mine, I vote republican by default until there is another viable option that has a chance to win…they are the lesser of the 2 evils that is D and R) You all seem to think that all of us Republicans are watching fox news. I can’t speak for everyone else, but my family and I do not; in fact, we don’t watch any of the mainstream media channels because they all have an agenda one way or another. You all seem to think that we all are in regular contact with the NRA in some form or another. Again, this isn’t true…I own lots of guns, even several “assault rifles” as they are erroneously labeled. I have never in my life been a member of any gun organization, and I am definitely not in contact with a “NRA Rep.” (@cathrynsykes:disqus ) In fact, I would love to know, just what is a NRA Rep. In addition to this, and as I said before I do not even consider myself a Republican. I only vote for them because the other option is a fraction more treacherous than the Repubs. We are all ignorant for falling in lock step, no questions asked for this 2 party system. Both sides are playing “we the people” like a fined tuned instrument. It is by design, that we all remain divided. If you don’t think democrats and republicans are actually different heads of the same monster, then you my friend are the one who needs to get educated. Stop generalizing people, we all know that there are ignorant, racists and bigots…of all colors. If you don’t believe me then look for a KKK video, then look for a Black Panther Party video, then look for a Christian video, then a muslim video, etc. etc. Ignorance and hate exists in all races, sexes, and forms. Not just in the minds of us “dumb hicks” 🙂 So get off of your high horse democrats and republicans, and lose your holier than thou attitudes, because we are all fools for allowing this sham of a government to continue on year by year. I’m not saying we need to “overthrow” them…I am simply saying the American people being pitted against each other, and falling for it hook, line, and sinker has gone on for to long. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!! We are allowing an elite class of several thousand people (both dems and repubs) give us the shaft year after year, and then we are blaming each other for it. We are all on the same side, a good and honest politician, who has the best interests of the people in mind should be on our side as well. Finding one of those in our current group of losers is about as likely as Kim Jong-IL finding that unicorn he keeps talking about. Stop being so small minded folks…look at the bigger picture…End of Rant.

    • miketothad

      Sorry, dumb hick.
      Your “conservative” base is 90% white.
      It’s already clear that you politically illiterate hateful Bush amnesiacs need to claim “both sides” and try to drag others into your cesspool of dishonesty and misery.
      The bigger picture is that you’re nothing but reheated low-IQ Confederate soldiers – easily exploited for your vanity and paranoia, and standing for absolutely nothing but foolish pride and another man’s greed.
      You’re nothing but the help.

      • Guest

        Wow Mike, what an intelligent and well thought out response.

      • Jeremy Cothern

        Wow Mike, what an intelligent and well thought out response. Now which is it, I can’t be both “the help” and a “confederate soldier” Thanks for proving my point though Mike, you have a good day.

      • miketothad

        “Thanks for proving my point”… smh
        That’s original.

  • mickey

    the repubs———-the party of Gump

  • Stew

    This is a joke. Just because someone disagrees with gay marriage doesn’t mean they hate homosexuals. It’s a personal opinion they can choose to have. As for the first man from Kentucky, if coal-related businesses have the ability to create more jobs in this dismal economy, and the president gets in the way of that, he’s effectively taking jobs away from americans. I get it, we want to clean up our act so that we have a healthier planet in the future, but right now WE NEED JOBS!

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      screw coal,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wind and solar will make many many more jobs; not just the scumbags in wva who lose theirs.
      tell them to go pray to their invisible impotent “god” for salvation

  • Alierias

    Yep pretty much

  • Joshua Allen Hanks

    Anyone who thinks Obama or democrats are on the side of the working class is an idiot. Both parties and 99% of politicians are on the side of big business. You either have to be very wealthy or know wealthy people to get elected in this country. Obama spent a record-breaking $1 billion on the ’08 election. So we need a new party, a new system, of, by, and for the working class. Then we won’t have to choose between jobs or clean air, we can have both. No more shacks for people to live in. And truly universal healthcare that doesn’t coerce us into enriching a bloated insurance industry, like Obamacare does.

  • Karen_Dedosenco

    The Republican party wouldn’t exist as it is today except for the support of naive, less-educated, indoctrinated and misinformed voters.

  • Equal respect for republicans

    Sad. You really don’t have a clue.

  • Jim Bean

    “After all, it’s indisputable that the more education someone has, the less likely they are to be a Republican. That stat alone speaks volumes.” Yes it does. What it says is that the longer someone is influence by people attached to the government teat from cradle to grave, the less comprehensive and accurate their perspective on the rest of the world is.

    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      the give us some of your yirning ( yes; that IS spelled correctly) perspectives james—
      starting with job creation/spending/ dead American soldiers/NON equality for those here in America who are minorities and gay and women
      slam me with some factual perspective jimbo…….

      • Jim Bean

        OK. You’re spelling of ‘yirning’ is correct. You’re spelling of ‘then’ however, is not.

      • giankeys luvs shemale porn

        and THAT ladies and gentlemen is jimbo giving us his perspective relating to his prior jejune bavardage
        james; tell the people—WHY o WHY are the regressive republican states always in the BOTTOM (federally) of education/ healthcare and incomes?

  • Jim Bean

    Also, the more successful you are, the more likely your a Republican.

    • RK


    • giankeys luvs shemale porn

      still struggling with proper spelling/English; eh james?
      successful? jimbo bay-beee: explain to my dumbass why O why O why the poorest( see: successful) states are REEEE-publican!!

  • Mamajoy2013

    This man is just so incredibly uninformed and ignorant. It is frightening that he believes the very people that want him help are the enemy. Well, when the foodstamps are gone, the welfare is gone, the unemployment is gone, the jobs nonexistent and low paying, guess he will still think the GOP and the Koch bros are his friends. Very sad.

  • fairness_rules

    It’s really hard to fix “stupid”!

  • Terri Hemker

    There is something ironic about the words, “Breath{e}itt County” and the idea that they’re ticked off about people trying to save the planet so we can breathe ….

  • Susan M Mozgai

    It is interesting that the GOP is basing their campaign on “social” issues. They are moral and ethical issues not “social” issues. And ones that government really doesn’t belong having a say or legislating. The real social issues have always been a concern for the democrats. GOP is trying to swing votes on emotion and it has worked on the gullible. Not logic as we here in the USA would like to think actually happens. There is a shift in logic, education and literacy and folks who don’t know any better will go with what they wanna be “a rich republican” and not working on the foundation of what has kept them where they are, the very principles of the GOP they are promoting. Irony at it’s best!

  • Ezechias Nieves Sr

    This ignoramus morons only believe one thing…OBAMA IS BLACK nothing else,idiots.against equality,but love incest.go figure.

  • giankeys luvs shemale porn

    white trash regressive NON educated religious scum,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    owns guns/ prays — and TITHES– in a TAX free church.
    HATES gays and minorities ( especially them “coloreds”) and KNOWS where a womans place is
    any questions?

  • southsidemike

    typical Re”bubba”ican

  • Bill Rubin

    Those who continue to defend the examples provided as NOT being stupid–think again. The reason so many poor but conservative/religious Americans vote for the GOTP is because of racism (stupidity), homophobia (stupidity), birth control and abortion (amusement for men since it doesn’t affect them at all, stupidity for women since the poorest and most religious are the ones not using birth control and thereby unable to afford the children they create), and guns (legitimate arguments until you get the rampant stupidity against any gun control or sensible regulations whatsoever). There is inherent stupidity involved here, and pretending it doesn’t exist or preferring to call it something less offensive doesn’t mean it isn’t stupidity.

    There is stupidity amongst Democrats, please understand. But the ridiculous proportion of Republicans who consistently demonstrate their stupidity is mind-blowing (forgive the pun). Religious ideology trumps all science and factual evidence, economic ideology trumps all facts and historical evidence, and fear of difference trumps everything. These are owned by easily half to two thirds of the Republican voter base if recent polls are any indication. Stupidity rampant.

  • Aim4TheFace

    Point of this article: STAY IN SCHOOL

  • I saw this coming 30 years ago when Fox started buying up all the local T.V. stations. Their entertainment value is raunchy and geared towards the uneducated masses and once they are captured by the entertainment, it’s pretty easy to feed them their own brand of ‘fair & balanced’. This machine has been in the making for decades.

  • James

    He was born there will never leave there and will not retrain for a better job

  • Shelley Caster Ross

    I run across this everyday and it still confuses me. When President Obama said he wanted to make the rich pay equal taxes everyone around here said they’d rather pay more taxes themselves even though they can’t afford the taxes they already pay. I just don’t understand how anyone can follow so blindly.

  • John Hines

    Racism!!!!!!!!!!!! #1 reason

  • Andy Sprouse

    This is what ive been ranting for years. Its widespread. Poor people who vote against their own interests because Republicans claim to be the party of Christians.

  • robingee

    The Republicans care about the little guy! ROFL!

  • Andrea osuch

    education would help, but not the home schooled kind

  • John Michael Hutton

    So sad. They are uninformed. Faux Noise lies 82% of the time. Why are they still on the air?

  • Stephen Barlow

    Even Forrest Gump knows “stupid is as stupid does.”

  • John McCready

    Does this yo-yo realize that Obama is NOT running for anything, and WILL NOT run for anything? Not too knowledgeable about when a 2ND TERM PRESIDENT’S term expires is he?

  • camperben

    If you’re a Republican and NOT a millionaire…you’re voting against your own interests. Period.

  • MaDonna Clem Williams

    This is soooo stupid and sooo not true. Most republicans have no idea what is really going on in the real world.Most I am saying not every one.I have always believed ( because of what I saw first hand ) that racism is the biggie that has fueled people’s hate of this president and anyone involved with him.Since he was in office,I have heard some of most stupid comments and beliefs about him and anything he trys to do.The most stupid is one I heard a few days ago right here in my own home town.Which was,that the president was in secret the head of a new world order. His plan was to take over the whole world.He had a plan to implant chips into people’s brains so that they would be under his control.Another crazy one was to not sign up for Obama Care because they would implant devices under your skin to keep track of you and what you were doing.He is also rumored to be the true Anti-Christ.
    Well,I know several people right now that had no way of getting health insurance untill Obama Care came along.My own son was most recently enrolled in it.He is on several different medications to control his high blood presure,gout and high cholesterol problem.There is no way I can afford to pay for all of his meds out of pocket.Now,all his medications,tests and Dr. visits are paid for.I thank God that Obama Care came along….It was sure a life saver for me and my family.

  • Doy Bowers

    Well as we all know the poorest states/counties in America are all in Red States/Districts. Kentucky is no different. Reich Wingers are Poor, Dumb and Happy to be so. Then of course the so called “Party of Personal Responsibility” is never “Responsible for Anything”!!! They’ll blame anything and anybody to divert attention away from themselves. The real problem is these TEAbilly Clowns are taking the rest of us down with them. I really wish the American Hating TEAhadist would hurry up and “Secede” from America and do us all a favor.

  • fbear0143

    Oh yes, and the fourth reason they vote against their own interests is that their favorites just LOVE Jesus!!

  • kelly

    Yeah, but the guy said he needs government assistance because the mines are closed. You expect him to champion welfare? Just because he is forced to need it? In his mind voting republican gets the mine back open, and spits out this, ‘climate change nonsense.’

  • Dianne Hornick

    “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” ~
    LYNDON B. JOHNSON, 1960, remark to Bill Moyers, “What a Real President Was Like,” Washington Post, 13 November 1988

  • DannyEastVillage

    When they stop his food stamps I wonder who he’s gonna blame it on.

  • 1EdMeadows83

    These people are in a very bad place. To be truthful, they are hated by both political parties – by the Republicans because they are poor and uneducated and a “drag on prosperity”.
    Democrats hate them because they are poor, dependent on government “handouts” yet are still Republicans.

    • Traditional Logic

      Would love to compare degrees and GPA’s with you. Einstein. There is no way you ever contributed anything to prosperity. Socialism is a step into the domestic animal world where you allow someone to control your life, dictate what you eat, how much you eat, when you get up,when you sleep, what car you drive(if you drive) And the poor and uneducated myth has been proven wrong numerous times, but then the only thing you have to say is the same old liberal talking points we’ve heard time and time again.


    I’m praying the Republicans cut off all the health care,food stamps,and disability to these rubes. I’m tired of paying for them.

  • Arbie Bonfatti

    if everyone voted their interests, things would be better for everyone

  • agr8wrld

    There’s one very important angle the writer didn’t address and trust me, it’s important. MANY of these people vote Republican because their parents and/or elders voted that way. You’d be surprised how often that’s the case. I grew up in a family loaded with Republicans. When my mother found out I have been a progressive all my life I thought she was going to have a heart attack. “How on earth can you vote for Democrats??? Didn’t we teach you better than that?!?!” That was the actual response. What she didn’t know was my oldest brother is also a progressive. We actually have minds to think for ourselves. Imagine that. lol

  • Wicked Red

    I grew up in Eastern Kentucky. Coal has been in decline for as long as I have been alive. The anti-environmentalist mindset defeated Gore in 2000 because he was going to “hurt coal.” Well, the truth is….”coal” hasn’t *helped* that area in at least 40 years! The economy is so wrapped up on that one thing that no efforts were ever made to diversify at all. It has reached a point now where it feels like residents are just refusing to do anything except wait for the rest of the world to decide to start mining coal again. But they will vote for McConnell–who has spent 30 years doing nothing at all to help them and they will feel justified in doing so despite his wife actively shutting down those mines they say they want. Cut entitlements, as long as it isn’t my disability. I remember as a child when people were die-hard Democrats in the area. I can’t quite remember when the world turned upside-down.

  • PamB1

    cetaami has it right…..these low class individuals have no one to look down on but the black man, to make themselves feel better about their own self…..

  • rossbro

    Repubs know how to lead the uninformed and ignorant into voting against their own self interest. A shame.

  • Kim Serrahn

    sad for the puppets.

  • tjshire

    Abortion and guns, yes, but I’d be willing to wager that the gays are beginning to fall off the radar screens of many rank and file Republicans. I suspect they are coming to the realization that they have lost that issue. Republicans will be more than happy to replace the gays with their next favorite scapegoats – immigrants and Muslims.

  • Ignatius Myosurus

    Perhaps the Democrats should stop looking down on poor, uneducated rural people – like the tone of this article – and start actually campaigning in places like West Virginia and Kentucky. Instead of letting the Republicans be the only voice these people hear, and then calling them stupid for rejecting a party that isn’t even talking to them, except to occasionally insult them.

    And while they’re at it, offer some proactive alternatives to the region to replace coal, instead of just saying “Coal sucks, so it sucks to be you.” They don’t like the coal companies. The coal companies have used, abused and impoverished the whole region, and they know it. But they are now being offered a choice between bad jobs and NO jobs. And the only thing right now worse for them than the coal companies are NO coal companies.

    How about the Democrats propose a public alternative energy program that operates IN coal country, and gives the region energy jobs that AREN’T coal? Yes, the coal companies and Republicans will scream, but Obama has nothing to lose.

    And please – stop insulting the rural poor. Democrats are supposed to be on the SIDE of the poor, both urban and rural. Yes, right now they aren’t voting for Democrats. But they used to. And you’re giving them even less reason to.

    • secondlook

      Perhaps you can get we look mostly down on those in charge of the republican brand for this. They’re the ones that lie to these folks non stop and lead to this. I find this suggestion that the democrats find alternative industry laughable. Solyndra comes to mind. At what point will republicans own they don’t want us finding new energy do you suppose? They used to, but now they do not.

      • Ignatius Myosurus

        >>>Perhaps you can get we look mostly down on those in charge of the republican brand for this.>>>

        This article is not aimed at those in charge of the Republican brand, it’s aimed at that guy living in the shack.

        First rule of comedy: punch up. As long as you keep insulting the guy living in the shack or the trailer, he’s not going to believe that you’re the one with his best interests at heart.

      • secondlook

        Sorry. Try again. We care about the poor. You are the ones saying they’re all lazy.

      • Ignatius Myosurus

        Me? Are you under the illusion that I’m some right-winger because I don’t like the way the left talks about the rural poor?

        I’m as liberal as hell. Which is why it pisses me off when rural poor people are belittled. Hell, sometimes we even call them “trailer trash.” They aren’t trash, They’re poor and living in the only thing they can afford.

  • Linda Willard Haydon

    What you say is true. However all Instances you share are Kentuckians. I am from KY and a true blue Democrat. Everyone paints the same picture. Try West Virginia or some other state for a change. Not everyone in Ky lives in a shack snd loves Republicans.

  • Charles D. Collier

    Mr. Clifton, please get your facts straight and do not repeat right-wing propaganda.
    “A large part of Kentucky’s economy is based on coal.” Is not factual and is a pervasive lie.
    Coal is very important to some of the poorest counties in Eastern Kentucky. Counties that would never vote Democratic or progressive anyway. If Lyndon Johnson’s spending under “War on poverty” and Appalachian Regional Commission programs did not sway entrench, Rethug thinking and memes; nothing ever will.
    However, State wide, according to statistics from Kentucky’s Department of Labor, less than 1% of all jobs in Kentucky are within the “Extraction” industry which includes not only coal but also oil and gas, stone, etc. In addition many coal mines in Kentucky are owned by out-of-state companies; so aside from wages paid, very little of the revenue generated by King Coal stays within the Commonwealth.
    However, it is a common mistake. I have to correct Kentucky progressives on this issue a few times every month.

  • Freddy Miller

    This is pathetic that they always come to Kentucky and find the most hick part of my town and interview those “folks” not everyone here is educated obviously, but there are educated people here and those are the people that need to be interviewed articles like this makes me sick for the fact that you pick the not so educated people to interview just to make us look bad, next time you come to interview look for a house with grass cut and no cars half burried under junk and interview them and see how bad you can degrade those folks….

  • Mylez Edward

    people who would vote hate, deserves the idiocy they live in, however, they are screwing it up for the rest. Time to make a difference, who knows how?

  • Andy

    Hahahaha this is such a load of BS….these people are worried about the important issues morals …..they vote for the party that they believe will try to make laws based on morals because most believe in GOD and what HIS Word says about the issues and what our Constitution says about them ..this line “one of President Obama’s main focuses in combating income inequality ” is one of the more laughable ………did the writer stop to think there are more important things to worry about than money …If you get the morality right then the rest will take care of itself !!!!

  • Johnny A. Wendell

    What nonsense–it isn’t abortion, guns or gay marriage–what that coward won’t admit is that the GOP is the White People’s Party and is essentially marketed that way.

    Democrats–whether there’s a black president or not, do not have “white people’s interests (ie privileges) as a priority.

    The rest is noise.

  • Jeff Schmidt

    This article strikes me as an exercise in the author missing the point. I admit I am doing some interpretation of the quotes – the author certainly did, I think I am entitled to offer variant interpretations:

    Those people very well might be upset with Democrats because they don’t want government handouts, they want JOBS. Perhaps not – again, this is interpretation, but the quotes as given in this article are ambiguous enough to be open to interpretation, and based on what they did say – one was clearly upset about the loss of coal jobs. I can fully understand his anger at the loss of those jobs.

    In much of Appalachia, mining and timber are about the only economic value of the land – it’s too stony and steep for farming, building office complexes, factories, shopping malls, distribution warehouses, etc. There’s too many people for hunting and fishing to “live off the land” – the game would all be quickly depleted.

    It’s a very tough problem.

    But back to my main point, people would rather have a job making $40-60k/year plus benefits like health insurance from the employer, than get $8k/year in government handouts. I don’t think in reality that Republicans actually have a great track record on job creation, but I don’t think these guys actually blame Democrats for cuts to government programs (or think Democrats will cut such programs), but rather, they think Democrats kill jobs.

    That is the number one thing Democrats need to work on and campaign on – jobs. Put to the lie the claim that Democrats kill jobs. Make sure everyone hears it.

  • NewPines

    No coal exporting to China! Not through Oregon or Washington, that’s assured.

  • Riley

    I’m a Kentucky Hillbilly that wants to know one thing. What’s the difference between the Koch brothers funding the Republican Party and Michael Bloomberg, Eli Broad, Jon Stryker, Steven Spielberg, and Dirk Ziff funding the Democratic Party? The Democrats are just as guilty in spreading lies.

  • casnyder6200

    All politics are local.

  • Matthew Thompson

    We should be careful not to blame the victims here. Being poor makes every aspect of life harder. Many of them don’t have the time, access, or education that it takes to compare ideological outcomes. Also, maybe a bit nitpicky, but coal accounts for less than 1 percent of ky’s employment and only contributes about $600 m to the state economy (including indirect revenue). If politicians didn’t give it so much lip service, the coal industry wouldn’t mean much.

  • br7332

    Amen! I live in southeastern Kentucky and hear this ridiculousness every day! Most people here honestly will believe anything they hear. I have heard people seriously convinced that Obama is the anti-Christ!

  • Katie Bossetti

    I’m a liberal and I don’t really think these people are being hypocritical. They seem misinformed, for instance thinking Republicans grew up like they did or have different opinions like on the coal mines. But they aren’t doing one thing and saying another. Also it’s a blanket stereotype to say they’re republican based on abortion, gay marriage, and gun rights; those were never mentioned.

  • Cathryn Sykes

    The GOP uses the ploy that has worked throughout human history….fomenting fear of “those people.” “Those people” being the blacks, the gays, the illegals, the non-Christians, the feminists, the tree huggers….in other words, anyone who might be likely to vote Democrat. The GOP tells it’s “base” that all of their problems are due to “those people”…..because “those people” don’t believe in God, they hate America, they hate whites, working people, families…the list goes on and on. And the real pitch is “Everything would be fine if it weren’t for those people. Everything would be great. They are the ones who are making your miserable.” From the contempt of the Egyptians and Romans and Chinese for “barbarians” to the blaming of all Germany’s woes on the Jews, the intellectuals, the gays, the “non-Aryans” this has been the tactic beloved of the real tyrants…those who will lie and lie and lie to gain money and power.

  • Chiennoir

    “If there weren’t government programs, it would be a ghost town.” He’s right — those very government programs the GOP would love to shut down to feed tax cuts for the rich. As long as the conservative spin machine keeps their scare-words at the forefront (abortion, guns, and gay marriage), these people will keep voting against their own self-interest.

  • Jim Bean

    The author seems to be suggesting that people who have been plunged into poverty in order to advance a faith-based Left-wing ideology should be grateful to the politician who gave them the opportunity.

    That is an intriguing concept.

  • Keith

    Working class people that vote for folks that are not interested in us, are voting against their own best interest.

  • Marti Lofton

    Billboards..lots and lots of billboards…. but use really simple one syllable words. Put them in the poorest towns and maybe they will get the message that reps want to keep them uninformed about how they are screwing them..and smiling all the way to the bank….

  • James Schrauth

    The Nazi Republicanism is turning people into
    Zombies !!!