Person Threatens Wendy Davis’ Life with ‘.50 Cal Head Ache’ on Greg Abbott’s Facebook Page

davis-abbottI’ve never been a violent person.  Now I’m not saying I haven’t been involved in an altercation or two when I was younger, or I don’t suffer from the occasional bout of mild road rage, but the vile hatred and disgust I’ve seen many people display as political commentators has been nothing short of appalling.  And trust me, it’s more common than you think.

Maybe the internet gives people “online courage” to say things they wouldn’t say in person (which is completely believable).  Hell, I get a few threatening messages every week.  Usually I print them out to show off to friends as a “badge of honor” of sorts, and to show them the kind of insanity I deal with every day.

That being said, internet or not, nobody has the right to levy a death threat against anyone — period.

But that’s what happened on Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott’s Facebook page when someone who went by the name “Johnny Bones” made a death threat toward candidate Wendy Davis.

Here’s the screenshot from the post:

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 2.01.43 PM

I think it’s probably safe to say that “Johnny Bones” isn’t this person’s real name.  Which tells us just how cowardly this individual really is.  Acting big and bad, making death threats, and thinking a fake Facebook name guarantees anonymity.  Cowardly and stupid at the same time. 

But then the entire post tells to this person’s ignorance.  Though sadly, minus the death threat, the tone of this person’s message is pretty much the same as many of the ones I see every single day.

Then, as this person threatens Wendy Davis with a “.50 cal head ache,” I can’t help but think to myself, “This person is probably legally allowed to own guns” (well, maybe not once the FBI finds out who they are).  This is why the “mental health” argument, while valid on some levels, doesn’t really tackle the problem of gun violence.

This person, if they do own guns, is probably legally allowed to do so — until they break the law.  Most people who commit heinous acts of gun violence were probably legally allowed to own guns before those acts were committed.

So how do you tackle the issue of “mental illness?”  Confiscate guns from people we feel are mentally ill?  Oh yeah, that’ll go over well.  “I’m sorry sir, your neighbor feels you might be dangerous, we’re going to have to remove your guns.”  Let’s see how well that goes.

But that’s an argument for another day.

If you dislike a particular candidate that’s fine, but under no circumstances should anyone ever make a death threat toward one.  Even if it was just done online.  I just hope the law enforcement authorities find this idiot quickly and ensures that he sees the inside of a jail cell.

Allen Clifton

Allen Clifton is a native Texan who now lives in the Austin area. He has a degree in Political Science from Sam Houston State University. Allen is a co-founder of Forward Progressives and creator of the popular Right Off A Cliff column and Facebook page. Be sure to follow Allen on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to his channel on YouTube as well.


Facebook comments

  • jonjstrine42

    Are you kidding me? Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if those on the right call him a hero and true patriot. Even if this guy does get arrested, Fox “News” and the rest of the right-wing echo chamber will just label him a “political prisoner” and start a fundraising drive for his bail and attorney’s fees.

    • iamLittleone

      Hell, they’d give him a talk show.

    • An American

      This guy is an ass- that needs to be arrested. But let’s not pretend the only assholes are on the right. The left has assholes too. The venomous talk of individuals on both sides needs to stop. I am a conservative. I do think the govt waists too much money. I do want smaller govt. But come’on – do you really think I’d want to make this guy a talking head for me?! That’s absurdity and insulting. If you remember correctly -When Bush won the first election, the talking heads said it was so close because there was not enough of a difference between the Democratic and Republican candidates. Well – they’ve certainly tried to fix that – and now we have football politics. It’s all about rooting for your team and HATING the other. Nobody even wants to listen to each other. I have liberal friends. Turns out – we aren’t that different and want similar things for the country. We don’t necessarily agree on the policies of actually getting there but we can always find common ground. Our politicians are succeeding in dividing us for they can remain in power. It has to stop. And it has to stop with “we the people” first and foremost.

  • Some.guy

    The dumbass hasn’t bothered to change his FB account name or profile picture. He’s pretty easy to find.

  • Keith

    Typical right-wing psychopath. I swear they are some of the angriest people in the country with the nasty stuff they say and write. Really scary, that most of them have guns.

  • Reynard Vulpes

    “Most people who commit heinous acts of gun violence were probably legally allowed to own guns before those acts were committed.”

    Please get yourself informed. Research shows that law abiding gun owners, using CCW data, shows these people in fact have a far lower overall crime rate than the entire population.

    And it also shows clearly that most gun violence is done by those already criminals who are legally proscribed from owning or possessing a gun, felons.

    You are cowards and liars for blocking me, by the way. Shame on you.

    • Shadow Diver

      99% is this is by legal and upright guy owners. The conundrum is that they are legal and upright right until the moment that they kill people and then all you NRA types disavow them and throw them under the bus. Your little fact is a red herring.

    • Eli Cabelly

      People block you because they don’t want to listen to you, not because they are cowards or liars. Get a clue.

    • Fred

      That’s why background checks is important. Also most child killing by children is due to you ‘law abiding gun owners” not keeping your toys locked up out of the reach of children. Girl killed playmate when she found rifle under the bed, for example.

    • Judy Jackson

      The man who shot up Wedgwood Baptist Church on September 15th legally bought at least one of his guns at Trader’s Village. No background check that MIGHT have shown a long history of unemployment & mental illness. Seven people, 4 of them teenagers, died that night & 7 others were wounded. Nearly every “accidental shooting of a child by a child” has been committed by the child of a “responsible gun owner” who had a bucketful of lame excuses as to why their child had access to a loaded gun.

  • Robbie Newall

    I wish we could hang corrupt politicians in public; to set examples of what we the people will not tolerate

  • Rudewaitress

    Conservative mentality…Fear and intimidation is an old Nazi tactic!!!

  • David welsh

    His comments are gone. Johnny bones appears to be a ” stage name ” . Pretty sure he is John hooks.

  • surfjac

    They won’t even bother looking up to see if the guy has a facebook account let alone launch an investigation. I don’t see it happening as he states “SOME FOLKS” are waiting with the head ache, not him, more cowardice sure, but more than likely nothing is ever going to happen to this schmuck. What a pity!

  • Michael Hill

    Another shitty TexASShole.

  • openlyblack

    More from Texas … America’s own theme park dedicated to the 19th century.

  • moe/larry & curly keys

    typical of small dicked regressive rightwing “Christian” thought— me? I think palin is an idiot but I would never shoot her: I would rather sex her yummie body!!! I think wendy is sexy also but as she is a progressive I will allow her to win and enact CHANGE in that atavistic state of texxxxx-ass

  • lebaby

    This bs needs to stop, something needs to be done about these people threatening people’s lives. Animals.

  • Shadow Diver

    Unless he is on a public computer this guy is very easy to find. My website had a threat out of Quebec. We got the IP address and tracked the guy to a one block area, at which point the police entered the guys house with a search warrant, took the computer and later charged him with a felony.

  • Paul O

    death threats
    against a public servant should be enough to incarcerate then remove his rights to own a gun,,, then he can become someone’s prison B, and find out what it really means to be brave,, LOL

  • Ramona LeBlanc

    They’ll all contribute money to his fund for freedom of speech and he’ll get rich. Can someone tell me, “Do Republicans really think that it bothers liberals to be called “libtards”? I know this is just a parroted word because these people could not possibly come up with a word on their own but, really?, really? couldn’t they come up with something better or at least different?

    • Judy Jackson

      The use of terms like libtard & repuke prove that the people using them aren’t capable of rational thought or conversation.

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Nothing new. Just you’re average, typical right-wing idiot who can’t debate because he’s too stupid, can’t use his real name because he’s coward, and threatens violence because that’s the only way he knows how to deal with things he doesn’t like.

    No need for the FBI, he’s going to enjoy is lifetime career of flipping burgers and talking trash behind his flimsy little computer screen like the rest of these e-tough guy, gun loving losers and has-beens.

  • MissKryss

    The real reason these ultra-right wingers are so angry and violent is because they know their days are numbered. Their opinions are quickly becoming outdated and shunned by mainstream society. Like hounds backed into a corner, they lash out with hatred. But they’ll be banished into the obscurity of the past soon enough.

  • karlleuba

    Making public threats is idiotic. It has the effect of putting the intended victim on guard, while exposing the intent of the threat maker. It also is an enabler. Those who believe that force is an effective tool for control tend to believe, more strongly, that it will actually work.
    Making threats is a crime.
    The legal definition of threatening words is, “Causing an immediate fear of harm.

    The difference between a criminal act and a lack of courtesy are
    the specific violent nature of the threat and the creation of fear in
    the threatened person. The proper word for such a crime is “assault,”
    which can be defined as an intended but unsuccessful battery or an act
    that creates the immediate apprehension of harm. The latter of these two
    includes a verbal threat.”

    There are definite and specific penalties for making any threat.

  • dagobarbz

    I finally had to unfriend a guy on FB with whom I shared an interest because he started posting pro-gun garbage nonstop. Like on the same day there was a school shooting and a shooting in a theater, a guy tried to rob a strip club and an armed patron stopped him. I’m sorry, a bunch of innocent people died in the other two shootings and he’s holding up a friggin strip club robbery as a defense? Well, his argument, repeated ad nauseum, is this: If someone wants a gun they can get one. Guns are tools, guns don’t kill, people do.

    So my argument, “Cars don’t kill people, drivers do,” would be responded to with “Anyone who wants to steal a car can get one.” So really, there is no reason for drivers’ licenses, is there? I mean, why regulate guns and cars when people will steal them to break the law?

  • Avatar

    Johnny ‘Coward’ Bones literally taken down his Facebook page. It’s evidently he can’t withstand the gauntlet of mockery from all over the Facebook world.

  • Avatar

    Even worse Greg Abbott won’t deplore the threat acts against Wendy Davis.